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If the next Touhou game had artwork done by a real artist, would you all be happy or would you miss ZUN's drunken scribbles?

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drunken scribbles are like the best kind of scribbles known to man!

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we wouldn't get these anymore


I'd be inconsolable.

Honestly, the ZUN art is charming.

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Incidentally, this is one of the most delicious of DFCs I've ever seen in SFW stuff.

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I like ZUN art.

And how dare you imply he isn't a real artist.

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I've pictured this, and I really do think that I'd miss his art, for some reason.

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If you take the bullet patterns as art, Zun is awesome.

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And if you take hot, wet turds as art, dogs are fucking geniuses.

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By the way, which Touhou game is this hot bitch in?

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don't make me remember about "ratemypoo.com".

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Imperishable Night and Phantasmagoria of Flower View.

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ZUN is a real artist.

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I actually like the ZUN art.
Okay it isn't perfect, but it has its charm.

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ZUN art is fine.

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But that's not ZUN's art.

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Oh god, it looks like someone ate loads of paint and then jumped off a skyscraper.

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I can't have you speaking poorly of my waifu's budding breasts or personality.

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>budding breasts

They can't be budding if they haven't grown for 1000 years.

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I think it's like the "Lucas Effect". He's surrounded by brown nosers so he has no idea how shit he is at certain things.

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She's only 1300 or so.
Though this size is quite nice.

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I don't mind ZUN art and it's not like I play the games for the art.

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Flat is the best. Like, not even slight mounds, just a proper 9-year-old flat chest.

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ZUN art is an inspiration.

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Let zun do the drunken scribbles. What i wonder is why hasn't anybody commissioned a touhou artbook with several high profile artists doing their take on the universe? Akira toriyama's take on reimu, Araki's take on sakuya, Oh! greats take on cirno, Tsutomu Nihei's take on Reisen etc etc. I'd so buy that shit.

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And I don't go outside for the smell, but if it stunk of vomit and shit, I'd be somewhat put off.

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>Akira toriyama's take on reimu
Would look like Videl.

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I doubt she has lived for so long, Aniki.

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Tony Taka's take on everyone. fapfapfap

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ZUN's drunken scribbles endear me to his creations, because I'm also drunk often and scribble with a pencil when I am, so I can relate.

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We shall be forced to disagree then good sir.
While not as terrible as a girl without shapely hips, a girl without even the beginnings of breasts simply looks malnourished and skeletal. That's not soft and inviting at all.

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>has never seen a naked 8- to 11-year-old girl.

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OP here. Weirdly enough, I was actually going to say "a real artist, like Tony Taka" in the first post but I didn't because then I thought we'd just get into an argument about hentai artists.

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This would be cash.

Oh god this.

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This is the first time I've heard of a healthy fan who likes Tewi.

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Reisen would look like killy, tewi like cibo.

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It doesn't even have to be hentai. Even his worksafe stuff is great.

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Maybe it's because I've never seen any non-porn stuff by him, but that looks really good, and in that style that most of the Touhou characters would look good in.

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Tony taka's art is awesome but he suffers from SAME FACE DIFFERENT HAIR STYLE/EYE COLOR syndrome. All his stuff looks the same wiht minor variations in hair and eye color.

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There's so much more than breast size to like about a character. And I the entire A, B, C cup range. D cup and beyond, and 'isn't seeing my entire ribcage sexy?' need not apply.

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Having a flat chest doesn't mean the ribcage will be visible, although it's true that artists do normally at least hint at that.

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toi8 would be pretty awesome imo

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Well you could be A cup and be a total fat fuck. There's a reason why cup size and body size are recorded in two separate measurements, e.g. 34B.

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He has extensive experience with flat chests, too.

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Hey, the shape of breasts is there. Not much, but not little boy ribcage.
Besides, Tewi is almost always drawn with thicker thighs and a big ass for her body. She is deliciously soft.

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Speaking of Tony Taka, why does he keep fucking feet up?

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It's not that common, though, since fat tends to be distributed evenly throughout the body.

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Does he? I hate that. I'm no artist, so maybe I just don't get why feet seem to be so easy to screw up when drawing.

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You'd be surprised how many chubby and fat girls there are with a cup size that can be commonly found on normal-sized girls.

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He just draws them the wrong way around, as in, left foot on the right leg and vice versa.

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You mean how he misplaces the big toe and such? You'd think an experienced artist would be able to avoid that.

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I don't see how you can confuse either of these for a boy's chest. They clearly are girls.

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Have some more deliciously soft and pinchable Tewi.

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I don't see how you can confuse either of these as a boy chest. They clearly belong to girls.

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How could I not recognize the characteristic uneven rectangular pitch black nipples of a girl?

In other news, more deliciously soft Tewi.

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Is that supposed to be an example of a bad foot? It looks right to be, just seen from kind of an odd angle. I'm going to use the word isometric, but I am not sure that is correct.

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It's not like I can post nudes here.

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Don't use emoticons. It makes us look uncool.

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>thinks irony is an alloy

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As long as it isn't ribcage or pecs, it is generally okay by me.
I still like them soft enough to sink your fingers and teeth into. Tewi's thighs in this picture related.

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it's an element, moran

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Iron is an element. Irony, if taken at face value, would be something like iron... As in, this is a bit irony.

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I was going to eat that carrot...

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Okay last delicious soft Tewi picture for now. I'm going to do something else.

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>implying language is to be taken at face value.

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Before it was a disgusting root vegetable, now it's covered in an 8-year-old's pussy juice (inb4 "4000 years old" or whatever).

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Oh god, that was the whole point. You, or the other Anon, didn't get the obvious irony. The sort of aspies twat who needs everything spelled out for them can't read between the lines, hence the alloy "gag".

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But I love carrots...

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Does anyone have that scene from 1000-year old virgin?

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Tewi is a slut.

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