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guide shit: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/

high quality vocab cards: animecards.site

previous: >>25185450

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ram > rem

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fuck me in the ass

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gay lol

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yea i ram rem alday rryday u jelly??

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i want something that sounds like this but in japanese:

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nice album dude i also like effigy of the forgotten and ofc king of br00tal nickelback hell yeah

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- the screaming

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new thread, new opportunity to laugh at jamjar and the dekinai crew
/djt/ civil war when

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elohel hes gonna be real angry i already know

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dk bro ecel shiz aint my war

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you dont need to link so far back

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便座 mined

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you must care a lot about the documentation of the eceleb wars

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shisuwa did i getit

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this is gayer than... gay porn

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yea hes an ECEL lollll

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wtf thats literally all me

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of what
or what

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I hope jamal's stream will go like this:

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What is the name of that game?
I need it to ..learn Japanese from

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djt's theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSs2C4WMcaU

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he said itll be family friendly

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i do 1 new card a day on anki

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i actually like to count days per card but w/e

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it literally says it on the website if you click the link.

I'm more interested in this game though, looks fun:

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does anyone have matt-sensei's jlpt tango sentence deck?

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wtf is that just read

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>matt sensei

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finally did my 5 minutes worth of anki reps, thanks for the encouragement guys.

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if how to write every word is unknown how can I read, I watch 8 hours of unsubbed anime/hololive a day but that doesn't translate to reading ability

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why not? just add some common words and keep going it's not hard.

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I will try once more... i will be back in a week

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matt-sensei's jlpt tango sentence deck

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It's knight scoop time again.

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i do 4 new cards a day takes me about 25 minutes a day to do reviews because i write each word i review 3 times each and then i write the example sentence too with kanji

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just immerse without posting on djt this time please

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they are vocab cards but the example esntence is on back of the card

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it's not very useful to do things repetitively like that as you strengthen your memory from active recall. writing the same thing over and over is not doing that. this is why taking notes or rereading something over and over doesn't help as much as something like anki. all studies basically confirm this. active recall is the only important thing.

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writing is a different skill than remembering definitions
you only get better at writing kanji by writing them repeatedly

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muscle memory

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I'll only post if it's cute or something fun.

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please do a little bit of research for yourself. i'm not going to continue to preach because it's clearly falling on deaf ears.

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writing is muscle memory

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muscle for you

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i think hes talking about kanji handwriting quality not kanji recall

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yes and being able to quickly write sentences containing words with kanji

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Excuse me based anons is 傷物語 a wordplay on Deflowered girl and story just like Bakemonogatari? Or is it simply Wound Story?

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yeah that needs practice by physical repetition has nothing to do with memory or srs/anki

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baseball is shit and i refuse to learn all vocab related to it.

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just watch touch and crossgame and youll acquire it naturally, good anime even if you dont like baseball

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Preach it!

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fuck jamals canadian ass

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wotd: 禿茶瓶

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finished anki in 69 minutes again today
time for 15 hours of immersion

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what does that mean

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typical jamal cryptic shit dont bother

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can't wait for your epic english vn stream.

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remember 11 is probably the hardest on that list so i wanna see that

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lame, too mainstream

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i feel the exact same way about muramasa

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yoshi, gonna watch すのはら荘の管理人さん now.
been on my backlog forever.

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i just dont want it to be hanahira why tf u include that one

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i read hanahira in one sitting because its a meme
would have been way better if it was 18+

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how do I have more yaa tanoshikattaze moments in my life bros?

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all of these are lacking fun

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had forgotten 覿面 even though i had it in anki

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post the dollman

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nelly and kelly lol

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after watching matts patreon q&a last night i've already noticed huge improvements in comprehension just doing the few little tips he said to do, it actually feels like night and day compared to before

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so this is the nihongo power of an miatard
its senmonka bro

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can i get fluent in japanese by just watching matt videos and listening to them while sleeping?

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depends on if you're a patron or not

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i did 10 hours yesterday i got this

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not good enough to understand japanese but good enough to get no use out of matt's videos


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say jamalの鉄則
it's cooler

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be careful though, don't use up all your dopamine.

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homosexual weeb

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protip: if ure esl or efl, dont ever speak garaigo like japanese do
they expect you to speak english words like a gayjin, if u try to speak those kinds of words like japanese do theyre gonna think ur a phony or a chink


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that was pretty unnecessary dude

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im downloading 彼岸花の咲く夜に from nyaa and the 1 seeder stopped when I was at 99.8 percent fml

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>actual member of DJT
>actual member
i didnt know we needed to sign up for membership here on djt

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bruh moment

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anon, I...

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what is the hardest anime to understand?
matto claims its fate zero and he says even natives have trouble with it what do you guys think

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i think hxh guy might like this anime

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zipang maybe?

btw i watched ubw and it was just normal japanese, is fate zero that much harder than it?

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jamal have you ever actually been to japan

>> No.25216995

god how is jamal always right

>> No.25217014

>why do all that when u could just record ur response and blow me out super hard idgi
not that guy but that's funny coming from you bro

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i don't think you know nippongo

>> No.25217047

id like to see jamal on the spot

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娘 入るーー。パパのデカちん入ってきましたー
父 相変わらず膣中はきついね。そんなにパパがすきだな?
娘 好き!大好き。パパにはらまされてもらって幸せです。もっとズコズコされたい

i gave up after this

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gonna shadow jamals stream

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literally a million dollar idea. fuck you

>> No.25217538

only people*

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victory hand

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the loss off the koohii forums is the greatest tragedy to befall the japanese language community

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well that one's easy, but if you get something like んだ there's three different possibilities. also the whole point of reading is that you need to have that recognition be as instantaneous as possible. there's a serious chance when you learn an obscure verb that your brain is looking at the suffix in the same way that it's subconsciously analyzing all of the radicals and such.

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ka ka: can you do the can can, can you do the can can

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saw this in a doujin and was surprised

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like tears in the rain

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The naughty (na) nun is praying in front of the cross, asking for forgiveness of her naughty ways.

>> No.25217669

yea it doesn't actually make any sense lol the ending is there to be read how can you get confused

>> No.25217674

if you use this mnemonic you're going to be fucked once you do rtk and get to 歌 because that horny old fuck heisig uses it there too

>> No.25217678

>1- nothing is wrong with me

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I want to improve my reading ability but I'm really not sure how to start. I'm having a hard time just getting my foot through the door with it.

I have several volumes of manga at home to practice reading, but I'm unsure how to look up the kanji if I don't know the reading. Should I even bother sentence mining since the majority of sentences are going to be 2T+ sentences? How often should I be looking up words?

I'm just at a loss on exactly what I should be doing and frustrated with my reading ability, so any help would be absolutely amazing.

>> No.25217717

i'd say go digital in the beginning because you have way more tools to look stuff up on the fly, and as for how often you should be looking things up that really depends on the person because constantly looking shit up might burn you out

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Usually this kana is pronounced with an "f" (fu) in hiragana, so we're going to go with that. However, this kana does look a lot like a hula dancer too, so keep the "hu" in mind as well. If you want, you can think of this hula dancer as a "fu-reaky hula dancer" to remember the fu.

>> No.25217740

maybe stop being a faggot first

>> No.25217756

rtkfags would unironically make fun of these images not realizing the irony

>> No.25218042

im so much smarter, ive conceived all the possible replies to this thread already.

>> No.25218927

cute yui figure.
i have a mio with shimapan.

>> No.25219486

go to a メイド喫茶 lmao

>> No.25219492

quiz does

>> No.25219923

if even 1% bought thats still a fuckton of money for a 17 minutes video
hell if even 0.01% bought its enough money
i really need to get myself a pretty gf so i can make her cosplay and shove dildos up her cunt so we can make a lot of money

>> No.25219925

i actually respect them for conning the absolute fucking retards who'd pay to jerk off

>> No.25219929

shouldn't you instead find polling on nip opinions on drugs and how that's changed over time rather than some ytb comments

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lol you dont even need to be a pornstar and fuck other men on camera to make money
there are girls like belle dolphine who have never shown their cunts and are making 6 digits/month

>> No.25220005

god her face is pretty and she's overall super hot idk why people on 4chan say she's ugly (and post that fake pic) i guess they're just being contrarians

>> No.25220007

major respect
getting buffoons to cough up a sum total more than they'll ever make

>> No.25220011

yeah it is

>> No.25220027

yeah i find her very attractive but she probably looks like a different person without the pound of makeup she has

>> No.25220029

the feeling i get when i go back to shit that crushed me earlier is very good

>> No.25220030

holy shit im o fucking jealous you wouldnt believe it im crying in anger i want to bash her skull in so she can never make money selling her body again

>> No.25220044

money wont make you happy anyway

>> No.25220047

im guts

>> No.25220081

that wouldnt make you happy either though

>> No.25220088

spoken like a true idiot

>> No.25220097

i feel like it would

>> No.25220137

if i had more money i could work on my home server

>> No.25220194

t. braindead poorfag

>> No.25220196

Help. My keyboard, or rather Japanese IME has gone crazy and when I push A S D in that order, the hiragana comes out as ちとし. I've tried restarting the computer and then reinstalling Japanese keyboard. Any clues about this?

>> No.25220198

i can confirm money does not make you happy, i was much happier living in a rundown apartment with 4 siblings and stealing food from safeway than i am now making 230k/yr

>> No.25220350

>i honestly would rather have an office with my co-workers instead of an empty office at home
yeah and i'm saying you're absolutely braindead

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what do you mean loses?
it isn't intended to be sexual in the first place.
it's just a cute girl reading something.

calm down your libido.

>> No.25220399

sounds better than my basement tho

>> No.25220411

>i personally feel nothjing cuz im gay tho
not gay but asses just do nothing for me, wouldn't consider them sexual ever.
i think it's how some people are into feet, just not for everyone.

>> No.25220414

have you done both? i have. i know what's better. maybe for your type of job you don't have to actually do anything so you can just watch anime at home all day but for me i know i liked it better in an office

>> No.25220425

sounds scary im only 5'10

>> No.25220430

can't imagine working to be honest, sounds really terrible

>> No.25220432


>> No.25220460

>i know what's better
nah you're just wrong

>> No.25220487

i'm not around family though, i'd fucking hate that

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hidori rose is the only female whose feet id lick and worship

>> No.25220509

i don't have to have experienced something to make a judgment

>> No.25220521


>> No.25220569

thread sucks slightly more than usual, be back later

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you guys need more philosophy in your life.

>> No.25220697

not having a kid because by giving birth to a child ur sentencing them to death. what kind of parent could do that to their child? wtf. if you're never born you don't have to fear death but for us living there's no escaping that shit. fuck it

>> No.25220700

anti-natalism is kind of dumb since you're never going to convince people they should all die even if you think the neutrality or positives of life are outweighed by their negatives. basically only mentally ill lefties entertain the idea.

>> No.25220704

Someone needs to translate this into Japanse.

>> No.25220726

pretty virgin thing to say bro

>> No.25220729

having kids in general is the ultimate cuck.. if you have kids your specific genes will be washed away in a few generations anyways and its not like your genes are rare as we all share 99.999% the same genes so another one of you could pop up somewhere else in the world anyways, and the multiverse is probably littered with different shitty versions of you, AND not having kids is the nicest thing you can do to the planet. i thank god every day for my two abortions and a miscarriage in my younger days.. im sure theres parallel universes where im miserable trying to watch after them

>> No.25220733

death isn't that bad, it's just a return to normal

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File: 89 KB, 1125x839, leftist depression.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

keep your mental illness in check. how you view misery and suffering is going to differ from others.

>> No.25220759

ok with less makeup, she probably doesnt look that different with none on

>> No.25220764

I think people with no children are happier on average actually. Also I think the best reason is to fashion a carefree guilt-free life for yourself, rather than trying to make a judgment about all life on earth.

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File: 2.15 MB, 4669x3504, 1428645454085.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25220770

yea were basically all trapped in a nightmare we're trying to pretend doesnt exist

>> No.25220889

watching it now

>> No.25220895

what anti-natalists don't get is that we're on the cusp of a genetic engineering revolution in which we'll be able to select for happiness and intelligence. and hey it'd probably take a more intelligent and cooperative worldwide population to actually agree to a mass suicide right? so your dream world is only possible with genetic engineering or some black swan 1 in 1 billion years natural disaster that would destroy humanity.

i'm basically saying that i accept your assertion that childless families are happier but that what you said has nothing to do with what i said. you fucking retard.

>> No.25220899

yea i do
and if we all have european blood here then we all share recent common ancestors which is kinda cool.

>> No.25220910

the second i see a buzz word i just block out the rest bc i know its some sort of trickle down talking point

>> No.25220939

POOP thread

>> No.25220950


>> No.25220951

think im perfect

>> No.25220962

your feelings are influenced by a specific set of genes and environment and we could prevent people like you from being born in the future so only those who would be happy living in a world with other "perfect" beings would be born.

>> No.25220967

wanna drop this log across her forehead

>> No.25220968

i'm not some ubermensch with genes necessary for the planet's survival or something dude
good luck with that though

>> No.25221004

called it. bunch of mentally ill projecting freaks.

>> No.25221019

u dont end the chain ur just a dead end on it unless u came from a long line of only children

>> No.25221024

whats the point of being happy when youre just artificially happy though
if you look at it theres literally no reason to be happy. and if those genetically engineering beings are perfect theyll probably realize that and reach to the conclusion that suicide is the only answer
as theyre perfect they will have the courage to do it so theyll commit mass suicide and the world will end

>> No.25221031

my body is perfectly capable of acquiring Japanese and that makes me very happy.

>> No.25221036

>/pol/-/leftypol/ dogfight

>> No.25221049

>everything is american politics
anytime one of you retards posts everyone here cringes

>> No.25221058

reminder that leftist has just as much meaning as racist nowadays

>> No.25221060

only a new matt video can save the thread

>> No.25221072

i bet most people here don't understand the grammar of this sentence lol

>> No.25221074

>when youre just artificially happy though
>if you look at it theres literally no reason to be happy
there's no "reason" to feel anything in some objective sense. it's all a clash of genes and environment.
>and if those genetically engineering beings are perfect
"perfect" doesn't mean anything. all i originally said is that we could select for intelligence and happiness. bunch of smart happy people. what they choose to do with that, who knows. but my guess is they won't choose genocide and suicide to save sentient creatures from suffering.
also please refer back to this:

>> No.25221081

efilism is more than just anti-natalism, it argues that all life is bad and we have to reduce suffering as much as possible until the universe dies.

>> No.25221114

it's not nearly as powerful a word as racist is and only centrists and rightists can fix that, by using it in a derogatory manner. also racist isn't meaningless it's a signal that someone must be excommunicated.

>> No.25221120

well i was hoping someone would try to explain in incorrectly first so i could come in and own them with an actual explanation

>> No.25221126

muh regurgitated sean last talking points

>> No.25221127

>bring up "study" and uphold it as fact
>call the other side's "study" flawed in every way whenever challenged
glad i have no interest in this bullshit

>> No.25221144

i think the world is perfect right now and it will never be better. we know the future is fucked and the past was already, but right now its a world of blessing and miracles but most people are too pussy to enjoy it, also “Most human beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted.”

>> No.25221146

oh i remember this ugly fuck when i watched his videos like 10 years ago. too bad morality is subjective so all anti-natalists (oh sorry efilism) can do is appeal to sensibilities, sensibilities only shared by disproportionately mentally ill leftist freaks.

>> No.25221147

it's 和歌山弁 and means のほうが there goes your fun

>> No.25221169

happy skidding bro

>> No.25221174

wow you stole that from the top comment like i did way to ruin my fun faggot

>> No.25221179

politics is just another form of escapism for some people when they can't just pursue an individual solution
then the evangelism starts

>> No.25221225

wow jamal is a buddhist

>> No.25221229


>> No.25221230


>> No.25221287

>and that something will go on after we die and merge back into it
unless we're just in a simulation being ran on a quantum computer that we build in the future

>> No.25221291

but everything is political. maybe you're too privileged to understand that.

>> No.25221305

no reason to simulate the past

>> No.25221342

i think we were put on this planet by aliens as life stock and they will come with their gantz like spaceships to harvest us sooner or later.

>> No.25221390
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wonder if nuke can read this

>> No.25221404

yes someone with privilege would be bothered by people disrupting the status quo. the status quo is favorable to you after all.

>> No.25221434

i cant read it cause i forgot if 梅雨 is heiban or 露 is

>> No.25221436

>muh privilege
Get fucked, faggot.

>> No.25221521 [DELETED] 
File: 141 KB, 1600x900, exasperated anti-white leftist.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Earlier someone brought up Japanese drug policy and used it as an excuse to attack /pol/. I tacitly endorsed this.
Later someone associated anti-natalism with leftism and mental illness. That angered me. How can I punish the latter for expressing their view and not the former without looking partisan? Oh I know.
>Good for you, but not everyone enjoys this braindead left-right bullshit being pushed fucking everywhere. The fact that I even have to specify both sides regardless of where I am is fucking ridiculous, but if you don't, your point is immediately "refuted" by some dumbass going "hurr durr well you're a mentally ill (insert other side) here".

>> No.25221541


does this mean "total bitch" or "totally sweet"

>> No.25221543

shut da fuck up

>> No.25221545

aight now lets see what the janny thinks of this

>> No.25221547

What are you implying?

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>> No.25221654

Sure thing.

>> No.25221664

you could write the name あいらぶゆー with 好 if you want

>> No.25221668
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yoshi, time to learn how to make omurice.

>> No.25221713

screenshot the entire page, then read that.

>> No.25221967

it doesnt

>> No.25222027

horrible retention

>> No.25222037

if he hates anime and it's related mediums so much why is he surrounded by it.

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getting 3x the immersion points per minute with this

>> No.25222215

but i'm black and you're having something to do with me right now

>> No.25222218

there was a vtuber news channel posted here a while ago and i forgot to subscribe.

>> No.25222269

pretty relevant to the conversation the other day

>> No.25222308

lol its really weird that only the eigo parts are incomprehensible here

>> No.25222323

i have like 3 decks, for random stuff, my vocab deck and my writing deck
and after finishing the reps in one i usually tab out and check what's up
but while doing the reps for each deck i do it in one go

>> No.25222350


>> No.25222358

>and after finishing the reps in one i usually tab out and check what's up
can't stay away from the big djt cock huh

>> No.25222365

i only tab out to talk to my friends once in a while. (you guys)
i try not to distract myself from reviews too much

>> No.25222396
File: 72 KB, 847x573, cabinFever2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thanks, anon kun. Now during vacations is when i can spend all day studying jap.
Gonna read the news and that will be the day for today (already at night here).

>> No.25222397

umm yo shimi i think

>> No.25222406

what is the kanji before 銭

>> No.25222441

thank you i keep forgetting the reading

>> No.25222451

yea i forgot it there too it took me like 20 seconds to remember it

>> No.25222477

quiz keeps crying about "rude" posts yet theyre indistinguishable from his old writing style

>> No.25222494

watched 10 episodes read 3 chapters and played 4 hours today

>> No.25222505

i guarantee you it's because no one has seriously engaged with him yet

>> No.25222508

>noooo people aren't allowed to improve ever
everyone would cringe reading their own posts from years ago.

>> No.25222515

watched 5 episodes and read 200k today

>> No.25222518

i understand it when it's that obvious but there are many other ways it can seemingly be used. i looked it up in japanese the manga way and there are like 8 different things it can signify that he lists

>> No.25222521

yea hes going to explode again at some point

>> No.25222594

i feel like i pretty much know japanese now but the rest is just building up 余裕 (which is gonna take years)

>> No.25222596

was on the archives the other day and i was laughing at this fool
little did i knew that fool was me

>> No.25222635

yeah but can you feel it

>> No.25222646

is bunkobon the new old qm because they whine in the same way or is it just because their both germans and their native language determines the way they speak

>> No.25222660

dno i thought those caps of his messages @ nuke were pretty rude, thats not how you talk to a 50 yo man

>> No.25222664

im not german though

>> No.25222666

who is that?

>> No.25222671

bunkofaggots german?!
yeah dropped

>> No.25222711

yea and not in a oh hes so cool way just the id laugh my ass off seeing this guy get owned way

>> No.25222720

thats probably the qm killer guy

>> No.25222735

which posts do you think are his because i dont see his posts as being "whining"

>> No.25222736

i live in denmark which is pretty close

>> No.25222744

germans are fucked in the head

>> No.25222764

saw a pic of illya and kuro and ruined my dopamine levels

>> No.25222765

how can you tell so good? also are you ciaran he seems to be good at recognizing me

>> No.25222774

unfortunate bro
lifes tough out here

>> No.25222797

you dont know radicals bro?

>> No.25222806

stfu u monkey

>> No.25222807

was thinking of the bitch accent guy >>25216928 but if he's not the same person then i must apologize for slander

>> No.25222818

thats me and im not german

>> No.25222822



>> No.25222824

you say that because you are unhappy :)

>> No.25222833

i know, just assuming that youre making moves closer to your target

>> No.25222839

what is this new meme

>> No.25222842

yea thats me, and i dunno i read every post in here and am pretty good at distinguishing posters just from picking up small bits of info it's a side effect of not having a life outside of this thread + japanese shit

>> No.25222845

lmふぁお someone edit a huge dick on that

>> No.25222858


>> No.25222859

twitter posts deserve to be instabanned

>> No.25222860

o yea he is bitch accent guy i kinda wish he'd just do the vocaroo though cause he is very good

>> No.25222861

damn the djt yakuza is on the loose

>> No.25222914

i feel like you probably are typing differently than usual just to throw me off so im not gonna try
im pretty sure most of the "guys" are already well documented

>> No.25222916

write in danish

>> No.25222935

ok so u run away when ur ability is called into question just like jmal

>> No.25222936

does matt pay people to come here

>> No.25222969

i dont even remember the last time i mined from n5 content like vns lol

>> No.25222971

>quiz has like 23,000ish cards
youre making it sound even more terrible

>> No.25222973

whats the last word you mined?

>> No.25222995

i mined 幸先 this week.
really surprised i didn't encounter it earlier.

>> No.25223000

>vn frequency 20075
maybe that's why

>> No.25223008

uhm not my proudest fap xd

>> No.25223010


>> No.25223019

i dont even remember the last time i had sex lol

>> No.25223022

unironically a thing from ifunny. disregard it

>> No.25223026

prolly comes with the age. this is why i dont trust anyone over 30 because they slowly stop being human

>> No.25223045

Quiz can you boot mikeD from the server he's a faggot normalfag

>> No.25223101

idk why but i always assumed bunkoboy and anime haircut dude was the same person

>> No.25223103

forget japanese. i think it's time you acquire english

>> No.25223144

a classic

>> No.25223147

no the other guy is from california or something

>> No.25223155
File: 112 KB, 907x960, 1596661546241.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.25223156

don't even know what a bunkobon is

>> No.25223161

are you anime haircut guy?

>> No.25223164

i mean quiz has been studying for a year more than me i think so i would hope hes better than me
he isnt when it comes to pitch though thats all i know for sure

>> No.25223273

i was trying to be as nice to you as possible and give you as much benefit of the doubt when it comes to ability..... also im 6k cards in and there are 80k cards in total
guess the pitch correctly for like 9/10 new cards though so its very quick

>> No.25223285

only losers say that lol suck my cock

>> No.25223294

okay i looked it up
turns out the conan and layton novels from 小学館ジュニア文庫 i bought are bunkobons.
i just referred to them as lns.

>> No.25223295

why'd you get so defensive over that?

>> No.25223311

hope i get good enough that i'm perceived as a threat and everyone attacks me for every mistake and then i write long blog posts contextualizing and justifying the mistakes and refer back to those blog posts every time the mistake is brought up

>> No.25223312

63k cards
less than i thought

>> No.25223332
File: 35 KB, 572x380, 1589638376304.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25223335

that's not what getting good means that's becoming a public clown aka an e-celeb

>> No.25223344
File: 449 KB, 510x638, majikayo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bro you didn't just go there ...

>> No.25223353
File: 188 KB, 960x1081, 0001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

personally, i hope i get good enough to be reincarnated as a harem anime protagonist.

>> No.25223354

dude you're wasting time on the kanji kentei instead of bitch accent and that makes no sense you need to work on your output it's way more meaningful to people than that gay little kanji test and note i didn't say prestigious or whatever i said meaningful and that's a fact

>> No.25223360

i think he was just responding to some people who were saying he was better and trying to settle

>> No.25223432

just counting calories and not going above 1700 for now. technically i think it's also low carb right now but that's just by accident.

>> No.25223445
File: 537 KB, 918x767, 56.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.25223449
File: 129 KB, 240x232, chrome_FCesYlpuIT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25223511


>> No.25223524

just bought a ホタルブクロ属 in 皓 and 紫

>> No.25223538

>外国人 一体。どいう意味?
just avoid the pain next time

>> No.25223546
File: 139 KB, 696x696, 2892306.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgot the pic

>> No.25223556

yeep keep up the mutt slur r00sian accent

>> No.25223564

when is the #5 stream quiz?

>> No.25223572



>> No.25223586

is watching with eng subs good for getting better at translation

>> No.25223599

probably not considering that all those translations are bad

>> No.25223604

only if you hide them. then you translate in your head then you reveal them

>> No.25223607

also watching english stuff with jsubs

>> No.25223618

i helped ciaran with a line that he couldn't make out in the english dub. then he was able to make out the japanese line.

>> No.25223619

I still can't believe marty was a weeb and went to live in japan

>> No.25223636

he said he doesnt like anime and manga

>> No.25223649

he's still a weeb

>> No.25223669

accent can be fixed but ive legit never seen a slurboy start to speak normal, i think its just genetic or smthing

>> No.25223676


>> No.25223697

use eng dub too and translate it to japanese in your head so you double the effect

>> No.25223698

one line at a time?

>> No.25223699

i don't think you know what that means

>> No.25223714

WOTAKOI great anime
i like anime that feels like i’m hanging out with cool otaku friends

>> No.25223727

great take incoming: i like anime that i like

>> No.25223731
File: 38 KB, 480x720, 1376331665008.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ヲタクに恋は難しい is perhaps one of the worst anime I've seen. It is normie pandering dogshit on the level of The Big Bang Theory.

>> No.25223737

idc abt that i just thought the fems in it were pretty and hot thats all i need

>> No.25223741

watching wotakoi raw for the second time

>> No.25223746

ok (溜息)who are you

>> No.25223752

fodder for my filter

>> No.25223760

why would you filter yourself

>> No.25223784

what's better: wotakoi or net juu susume? ignoring the crazy beliefs of the director of the latter

>> No.25223791


>> No.25223794

i addressed this in the summary post but i said for while i wouldn't stream and improve a bit more from the various feedback i got as well as try to read and speak more clearly so we'll see

>> No.25223809

oh my mistake, thanks for informing me still!

>> No.25223818

i read the manga and there is nothing wrong with it, just friends hanging out. sorry if you are a filthy weeaboo that thinks friends having fun is pandering to "normies"
filtered btw

>> No.25223819

take a shot every time quiz mentions or links another one of his own posts

>> No.25223825

this language is killing me. i don't understand why my progress is so slow

>> No.25223838

queefmaster and jabum are two examples of narcissists.

>> No.25223845


>> No.25223856

we don't 'ngmi' qm in this sure you ahondara

>> No.25223866

had two shots of vodka earlier
might have another one soon

>> No.25223878


>> No.25223886

time to slog through this eroge.

>> No.25223887 [DELETED] 
File: 51 KB, 640x480, 1376330042583.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, I haven't read the manga, but from what I recall when I watched the anime it felt like a bunch of normies roleplaying otakus to fit it. I remember there was an episode where they all hung out and played fucking Mario Kart, and nothing makes me more angry than Nintendo games so it triggered the fuck out of me. Plus, the shit tier attempt at romance made me cringe. The show is clearly made for females and I'm not part of the target demographic. I really dislike the whole roleplaying for image thing people, especially females, do in general.

>> No.25223891

hit that play button my guy

>> No.25223902
File: 89 KB, 1137x409, firefox_2020-08-05_16-58-54.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wtf is his problem

>> No.25223904

>waah waahh wahhhh why is a josei manga adaptation made for females

>> No.25223905

conjuthingies are starting to click, maybe ill make it after all

>> No.25223925

on ur way to quizdaddy

>> No.25223950
File: 92 KB, 576x768, pokechildren.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>nothing makes me more angry than Nintendo games

>> No.25223953

dude have you tried killing yourself off and on again

>> No.25223960

stop posting 盗撮 of 15 yos you fucking creep

>> No.25223962

i hope this is ironic

>> No.25223968 [DELETED] 
File: 240 KB, 1107x1480, 1376329380772.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Make me.

>> No.25223969

>wtf is his problem
doesnt he say it right there? hes growing old

>> No.25223982

the janitor will

>> No.25223994
File: 55 KB, 648x416, 2020-08-05 (2).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ya boy has finished 2k.

What do I do now?

>> No.25224002

just kidding now you can start learning japanese

>> No.25224007

now you jump off a bridge

>> No.25224015 [DELETED] 
File: 1.32 MB, 1920x2560, 1376329085382.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, the board with JAV, gravure and not to mention literal schoolgirl threads, will have a problem with posting Japanese girls on a board dedicated to Japanese culture.

>> No.25224017

meditate more

>> No.25224020


>> No.25224026

start a youtube channel give tips and open a patreon

>> No.25224032

how long you guys think this tripfag will last?

>> No.25224034
File: 21 KB, 386x359, 1530823012382.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.25224038

keep going ;)

>> No.25224039

my fukcing dopamine

>> No.25224050

longer than dunceman

>> No.25224054

he's a legit autistic retard so until everyone filters him

>> No.25224063


>> No.25224066

didnt last long, already filtered

>> No.25224079

i never filter anyone but i say i do to hurt people

>> No.25224092 [DELETED] 
File: 9 KB, 231x218, images.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25224099

filtered images.png

>> No.25224101 [DELETED] 
File: 81 KB, 480x640, 1376328116453.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You guys act like I haven't been posting on /jp/ since 08. Where do you think I got these images from in the first place? I've been fluent since the early AKB48 days, before this thread even moved to this board.

>> No.25224104

im here
i just dont know enough japanese to post sorry
hope youre having a good day/night

>> No.25224109

yea i dont think the janny will like this one

>> No.25224111

watch rezu

>> No.25224112

based idolfag dabbing on newshits

>> No.25224115


>> No.25224134 [DELETED] 
File: 11 KB, 320x310, 545-5456839_view-samegoogleiqdbsaucenao-onionboy-soyboy-4chan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25224135

trips of truth

>> No.25224140

filtered 545-5456839_view-samegoogleiqdbsaucenao-onionboy-basedboy-4chan.jpg

>> No.25224142

yeah i figured but how

>> No.25224147

cant tell if you newfags are trolling or not. do you actually think this is against the rules? yikes go back to /r/eddit

>> No.25224150

i'm a tachi tho, so ...

>> No.25224164

filter the md5 retard

>> No.25224168

no i forgot to put on my trip and made one post before
very embarrassing but im a dunce so to be expected

>> No.25224171
File: 38 KB, 1075x343, '.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

vocarooナウ should be easy for you right?

>> No.25224223

yeah havent aight

>> No.25224292

i always wanted to change my name to kai

>> No.25224307
File: 141 KB, 1029x779, ETtPkxrU8AE73d8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anon you actually won

>> No.25224377 [DELETED] 

anybody saw the beirut explosion?

>> No.25224444

probably jamal or ciaran

>> No.25224456

arent you married

>> No.25224479

one of the anons here finally unclenched

>> No.25224488

did 盗撮 pedo guy get banned or is he just still frantically recording that vocaroo

>> No.25224539
File: 317 KB, 660x523, untitled-11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's just my chips dude chill

>> No.25224568

It's a very interesting game, I've seen people call it "pretentious" but honestly it's just goofy and fun IMO with some neat imagery that you only really get in RPGM games. The ending was also extremely funny.

>> No.25224582


>> No.25224642

Yeah, that part really shook me up as a kid, it kind of blindsides you. I'll look into that vn anon, thank you.

>> No.25224648

dude have you ever had sex
just wondering

>> No.25224663

*taps positive vibes only sign*

>> No.25224665

>tfw scared to downloads vns from nyaa for fear of viruses
a mkv is one thing, but an executing file is scary.

>> No.25224668

stfu scumbag

>> No.25224669

you're a new ip stfu

>> No.25224673

so low iq its scary

>> No.25224677

>muh virus in 2020

>> No.25224681

just run it in a vm, or download from elsewhere, or spend money like a normal human

>> No.25224682

every file executes though idk what ur talken abt

>> No.25224683

Nope! I'll be 29 in September, and I'll probably die a virgin.

>> No.25224689

wait you werent invited to the djt meetup orgy?

>> No.25224701

>or spend money like a normal human

>> No.25224719

>opening a jpg is less sketchy than running an exe. unless i've been working under some serious misconceptions.

>> No.25224720

god who cares about that dude no one has sex anymore anyway just wait for sex bots

>> No.25224721

i have a 120 IQ and know 2 languages besides my native one

>> No.25224723


>> No.25224751

you had to go back to 2014 to argue your point

>> No.25224760

did his drunk father abuse her too?

>> No.25224762

crazy how you have to be a virgin neet narcissist to learn japanese past the surface level

>> No.25224769
File: 261 KB, 502x446, 198234asdf823d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If they don't look like this there's no point, man.

Probably, yeah. Fictional characters can get me going fine, though, so it might seriously be brain problems.

>> No.25224775


>> No.25224777

qm - not a neet
jabum - not a virgin
george - not a virgin
mutt - not a neet
no wonder none of them know japanese. wait but queeran isnt a neet and he knows japanese wtf

>> No.25224778 [DELETED] 

most probably raped her in some way i'm sure, thats the slav way

>> No.25224849

shame my report button isnt working since u just broke a rule

>> No.25224872

sure i did
but if i did i took some down with me so i am happy in the end

>> No.25224886

>no these jokes are too much bro!!!
the state

>> No.25224900

gtfo sickos this is a /pol/ thread

>> No.25224947

wasted my day socializing instead of working through my anime folder

>> No.25224952

this isn't funny

>> No.25224953

i never want a pet
shout out to the mahiru route in sayoosi

>> No.25224993

why doesnt matt make a working through your anime folder tutorial

>> No.25225027

8 days till i sign up for the n1

>> No.25225045

i thought it was canceled

>> No.25225051
File: 172 KB, 758x688, 1596477177818.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shit as ever, maybe even worse. There really is no hope of recovery for this place, is there? I'm more the fool for coming back, anyway.

>> No.25225068

what do you mean

>> No.25225079

you're too good for us tobira guy

>> No.25225104

just mined 夾叉

>> No.25225131

interesting how thats not even a word

>> No.25225132

ngmi if you keep posting eop imagines

>> No.25225180

already made it

>> No.25225181

溺れる and 畳む are heiban but i thought they were nakadaka for so long

>> No.25225187

based moe

>> No.25225204

tobira guy sounded fine when he read in that vocaroo so maybe textbooks are the way to go

>> No.25225248

nope i even googled it and concluded it wasnt a word

>> No.25225278

just mined 論駁

>> No.25225282

either everybody got banned or everybody is immersing because it's really quiet rn

>> No.25225285

is there a word in japanese that describes people who correct others unnecessarily over insignificant things

>> No.25225288

why does this remind me of that magi sensei webshite

>> No.25225314

nah i just stopped posting for a bit

>> No.25225352

just read chapter 1 again and again until you understand it 100%
good luck

>> No.25225356

u guys are such bullies omg

>> No.25225362

is kino no tabi that difficult

>> No.25225368


>> No.25225394

in terms of keeping my attention for more than 5 seconds, yes.

>> No.25225417

don't wanna

>> No.25225420
File: 196 KB, 651x610, キャプチャ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.25225449

i unironically love when a vn turns into voiced wikipedia for a while

>> No.25225534

might watch a real anime like katanagatari since im getting sick of these n5 anime that only have 1 word i can mine per episode

>> No.25225566
File: 772 KB, 1112x2343, ubunchu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based, freetards seething

>> No.25225568

None of the text hookers out there play well with age's engine.

>> No.25225571

sayooshi for sure

>> No.25225574

life is a joke that G'd laughs at

>> No.25225591

>no furigana

>> No.25225612
File: 359 KB, 300x446, 1571663033374.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

finished this. its definitely one of the most overrated pieces of media ever made but it's still pretty fuckin good tbqh. the animation, ost and voice acting is all superb. i enjoyed almost all of the episodic stuff too. the thing that sucks is that spikes story needed another 2-4 episodes to really flesh it out. the last 2 episodes were still very good but they lacked some impact because of the underdeveloped storyline. still had a great time watching it though.

>> No.25225613

gore screaming show
actually a good deal of stuff from black cyc

>> No.25225614

only for names and tard words

>> No.25225630

i don't think i've read a single bad lose, nitro+ or light vn

>> No.25225632

oh you remembered!
no i didnt try yet so sorry
i promise to do it on the weekend and let u know
but i am a quitter dekinai
so please dont expect much from a dunce like me

>> No.25225633


>> No.25225639


>> No.25225650

read maitetsu for train autism

>> No.25225655

read the damn filename 黒んぼ

>> No.25225658

>never thought shinto is still practiced seriously

Of course it is. Very seriously as a matter of fact.

It may have lost the popularity it once held (as all religions have in modernist society), but it continues to be intricately interwoven into Japanese society.

It is my theory that Shinto and the Japanese people are inseparable from one another. I don't believe the "Japan" we know would exist without it. The teachings trickle their way down into all the little quirky habits elves have in everyday life. This is visible in concepts of cleanliness, purity, discipline, reverence for nature and so on.

In a way I think that Shinto is in essence the spirit of the Japanese people, or a large part of it. And Japanese culture/mentality is an embodiment of its principles.

Sometimes it really does feel appropriate to thank Kami-sama for the animu we have today.

Of course, I'm no expert or great scholar and these are just my conclusions from my experience on the matter.

>> No.25225665

my inner chuu2 thirsts for sword autism vns
rec me some, brothers

>> No.25225673

Yeah, I talked about this recently with my sister. My bloodline on my dads side is fucked. It dies with me.
>Gay furry cousin
>Me, straight but autistic
>two younger girl cousins
The girls are the ones who are going to continue it probably, but I'm the oldest son of my grandfathers oldest son so the core bloodline ends with me.

>> No.25225677


>> No.25225686



>> No.25225698

>These meetings rekindled his passion for swordsmithing, and his special bonds with the girls grew stronger
i said sword autism

>> No.25225701

fate stay night

>> No.25225703

i was starting to like you dunceboss but i realized youre a liar, you lied to me and djtbros and for that i will never forgive you.

>> No.25225733

no fucking way a nip vn is going to have a spatha

>> No.25225743

there's a difference between combat and sword autism retard, get it right

>> No.25225744

i couldnt have said it any nicer, the truth needs to be put out no matter how cold it is.

>> No.25225757

nice list https://vndb.org/v5710

>> No.25225760

if you cant explain what you mean then go fuck yourself

>> No.25225769

he did tho

>> No.25225772

the kino no tabi anime is just alright but it has this really pronounced atmosphere that is very comfy

>> No.25225798

>sword autism
Pretty fucking obvious what he was looking for, mate.

>> No.25225820

>Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!!
is it actually good? i've seen it get shilled a lot on >>>/vg/vn/ but it looks kind of dumb
i think "[insert topic name] autism" means having lots of infodumping on a certain topic, as opposed to merely having it show up there. for example, bamboo blade has some heavy kendo "autism" (not sure if im using correctly) in the early chapters of the manga.

>> No.25225824

if you know what car and train autism are then sword autism is not that big of a jump

>> No.25225828

>studied 441 cards in 55.8 minutes today
sentence cards

>> No.25225839

that doesnt mean anything
just read a wikipedia page on swords then dumbass

>> No.25225866

they're alright
i'd say they break the tone a bit but i don't really mind

>> No.25225869

just skip them since h scenes are inherently boring trash

>> No.25225886

someone hasnt read saya no uta

>> No.25225892

if you skip h scenes you cant mark it as read on vndb

>> No.25225894

>sex scenes only work if you actually fall in love with the character
no, not really
i'd take it you haven't read saya

>> No.25225915

ぐっあんやめてあん気持ちいいあん主人公くん駄目あんんんんんんんんどぷどぷどぷ *repeat this for 30 minutes*

>> No.25225920
File: 81 KB, 1074x326, rtk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.25225923

i read it in english and dont remember anything special about them. wtf is your point? i jack off to doujins all the time with tags i like so vanilla stuff doesnt entertain me and i dont want to read a whole vn about things i enjoy fapping to.

>> No.25225928

how slow do you read lmao

>> No.25225929

wanna read hanachirasu but the screens on vndb are full of kanji i've never seen before so nm

>> No.25225950

>there is nothing special about [special thing]
not an argument

>> No.25225953

will i ever break the 250-300 cpm barrier

>> No.25225959

oh yeah dude vanilla scenes that look like just every other vns sex scenes is really especial especially with the great voice acting and writing lol

>> No.25225965

Another pleb filtered.

>> No.25225966

in all my years of erogaming (3) the only characters whose ero scenes i didn't skip a single bit in:
kotohona in school days
rin in sakura no uta
sana in tenshinranman

>> No.25226012

yeah moe is sometimes here

>> No.25226019

fuck erogay

>> No.25226021

puru puru puru rin pururin

>> No.25226024

yeah when u stop caring about it

>> No.25226030

wait i thought you said Konohana nvm

>> No.25226032

just read 田舎 as たしゃ

>> No.25226035

well said

>> No.25226040

when's the next global freeleech day guys
got a shit ton of erogay to download

>> No.25226053

your brain on rtk

>> No.25226056

show your list

>> No.25226061


>> No.25226071

im so glad it takes years to translate vns and some dont even get a translation so i have a reason to learn japanese

>> No.25226083

i feel like jamal's been growing distant guys
i miss vocaroos
i miss hearing him eat
i miss hearing ed, edd and eddy in the background
i'm sad

>> No.25226091

lol when i was new and playing baldr sky it took so long to finish that i just barely managed to clear the whole thing before it got its english release

>> No.25226098

got an email from google and freaked the fuck out

>> No.25226100

if muramasa had been translated i probably wouldn't have started if i'm being perfectly honest
fuck makoto and fuck jast

>> No.25226176

how many vns have you completed?

>> No.25226177

low iq

>> No.25226185

none why

>> No.25226195

yeah dude
just hearing him shovel that yogurt into his mouth brightened my day up a little bit every time

>> No.25226205

i'm doing more vocab cards now, the amount of cards that i'm churning out has made me realize that i'll never finish this thing if all of them are sentence cards. i'm just making sentence cards for interesting grammar points that i haven't acquired yet or ambiguous words

>> No.25226237

read it as konohara

>> No.25226241

No he didnt bro im getting very anxious

>> No.25226242

this is the average "person" itt now

>> No.25226244

Grammar study is awful.

Well, personally I really enjoy it, but it doesn't do anything for my TL, unless I girl-up and read it in Japanese. Grammar study eventually becomes totally meaningless unless you're interested in comparative linguistics or you fall to the dark side and start writing traditional textbooks.


... English grammar, whether traditional or transformational, has virtually no influence on the language growth of typical secondary students

There are some limited benefits. At high level you can use conscious knowledge of grammar to polish your writing.

And at low level, it can improve comprehensibility. Study and grammar references are more tool in the toolbox, alongside other tools like:

reading a series or at least the same author to increase repetition
non-verbal information like art and video
spoilers and parallel translated texts</wbr></wbr>

>> No.25226245

dont know whats wrong with me but no matter how many days i go between fapping
nutting never feels good for me anymore
can someone relate

>> No.25226276


>> No.25226277

never had friends but sometimes imagined cartoon or book characters being my friends

>> No.25226298
File: 404 KB, 778x402, dame.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

decline politely while tell him to scanlate this

>> No.25226300
File: 52 KB, 1280x720, kino.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no this is kino

>> No.25226325

oh shit pirate special crossover between all these franchises

>> No.25226330

tempted to buy all vinland saga volumes

>> No.25226340

is that even completed yet i dont buy unfinished manga unless theyre really fucking good like souboutei

>> No.25226345

Not a question or anything just wanted to share an awesome thing that happened. I'm pretty new to Japanese (mostly just learning how to read rn) but I actually was able to pick up on a joke that was a play on Japanese words in the anime I was watching! It was a play on the word Pan as in frying pan and bread so nothing crazy but it was so satisfying to just understand something without trying. Thanks for reading and good luck with your studies.

>> No.25226360

can quiz at least recognize that sentence cards are better for stuff like 勿れ

>> No.25226373

total badass

>> No.25226374

have this feeling that i cant reach out to anyone about my issues because then im just trying to be validated

>> No.25226398

where did you see that

>> No.25226405

jesus christ fuck off already

>> No.25226425


>> No.25226437


>> No.25226438

damn times are tough in the fan translation community

>> No.25226443

just got teary eyed listening to this

>> No.25226452

rtk kills

>> No.25226467
File: 56 KB, 500x320, idea no hi.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25226469

need to find a different show to watch raw, getting sick of digimon atm. i struggle a lot letting stuff i dont get pass me by which is why ive been watching digimon and yugioh raw since its so easy that that doesnt happen but im sick of both of them.

>> No.25226474

i appreciate you man. i feel like when you head out 1 day it will be like this https://youtu.be/gCAX4cgszCU

>> No.25226517

you microwaved a sloppa-shit from a box*

>> No.25226519

remember being so sad and angry that people had to sleep back when i was a kid
used to cry asking my mother why day had to end
if i had watched that as a kid i would have hit myself as hard as i could in the head thats what i used to do
if i

>> No.25226554

i never ate japanese food before i feel like a fraud

>> No.25226556

psa: if you aren't drinking 2 gallons of jap cum a day you aren't immersing

>> No.25226593

aesthetics is the most important part of any audio visual media (anime vns etc)

>> No.25226594
File: 240 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25226595

i wouldn't buy it out of spite for piracy so it doesn't matter

>> No.25226612

2/10 shouldve posted that with og anime animations

>> No.25226614

fuck translation
just wanna spend all day in my room reading eroge and lns

>> No.25226629

i'd do it to fuck with people like the fata morgana translation but ironically instead

>> No.25226630

got you, senpai

>> No.25226631

they're right

>> No.25226640

then why are books better than movies

>> No.25226642

wait wtf is the fata morgana translation bad or something

>> No.25226650

if not what do you think is most important
(please dont say plot read a book instead if thats ur answer)

>> No.25226673

thats kind of the #1 horror story ive heard, translators doing their thing and then "editors" and "quality checkers" going thru and just randomly rewriting shit and making shit up to make it "funny" or whatever

>> No.25226676

they replaced tsundere with fragile male ego, got the screencap somewhere

>> No.25226681

it's plot
>read a book instead
or watch something and enjoy the most important part (the plot) and visuals at the same time

>> No.25226687

because the best books have writing that is many times better than movies

>> No.25226691

there are many anime with bad visuals that are better than what you like

>> No.25226692


>> No.25226697

>please dont say plot read a book instead if thats ur answer
hate this absolutely braindead response
if i wanted a book plot i'd clearly be reading a fucking book

>> No.25226710

>audio visual media

>> No.25226712

pretty whack but not enough to completely ruin it i guess... ugh

>> No.25226728

writing doesn't magically stop mattering in visual media
but this distinction is meaningless

>> No.25226741


>> No.25226743

>the most important part (the plot)
jesus christ

>> No.25226772

it matters way less, the appeal to books to me is my brains interaction with the concepts presented, which can sometimes lead to euphoric results, but in visual media its not my brain thats building the scene

>> No.25226773

i probably didnt word my post properly
what i meant was that within audio visual media aesthetics is 一番

>> No.25226779
File: 79 KB, 600x584, 3VXHc41DbB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah, here
i'd absolutely love doing this purely to fuck with people

>> No.25226783

>it matters way less
still matters the most though

>> No.25226789

fuck ever17 for making you read pretty much everything twice just very slightly different
hoping the two perspectives split in a meaningful way tomorrow

>> No.25226794

when someone says plot doesn't matter then you find out he's the kiss x sis retard

>> No.25226806

noone said plot didnt matter tho

>> No.25226866

the anime i like (the best anime) happen to have best visuals yet that isn't why i like them

>> No.25226867

that part with yuu and the shounen in the power room was good

>> No.25226879

that scene gave me chills

>> No.25226882

berserk, legend of the galactic heroes. in fact their animation is utter trash though they have good visuals. they are inferior to countless other shows visually. but plot wise it's hard to find better.

>> No.25226893
File: 128 KB, 597x607, pIjOOKiIUp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that's the thing i fucking hate about localization
i don't know about anime but i expect the average vn reader to be familiar enough with the medium and some parts of the language
the bullshit excuses they pulled were even worse

>> No.25226899

why are they good

>> No.25226902

is this motherfucker for real lmao

>> No.25226905

the plot? idk look up an analysis

>> No.25226908
File: 221 KB, 1267x1165, homophones.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck this homophonous language fuck this homophonous language
fuck this homophonous language

fuck this homophonous language

>> No.25226910

lol retard berserk has amazing audio visual presentation

>> No.25226911


>> No.25226930

the cartel and these types are what pushed me to acquire japanese
thanks moogy
thanks kastel

>> No.25226972

yea im thinkin its time for 【djt translations】

>> No.25226980


>> No.25226981

honestly that's a good translation idk what you guys are complaining about

>> No.25227010

never read a translated thing so yea dont care about some twitter tranny

>> No.25227015

i'm complaining about the fact that braindead localizer hacks feel the need to project their supposed issues onto their work instead of pushing out a translation
read the vn and you'll get it, that translation really isn't good both in and out of context and jacopo's actions show that

>> No.25227016

I think since "tsundere" is a modern Japanese pop-culture concept, it makes very little sense to use it outside of either/or/both a modern Japanese setting or the Japanese language. Frankly, I am a little surprised it's used in the original.

>> No.25227019

doesnt matter at all if other anime have better animation, stop with the disingenuous argument, animation isnt even an important aspect for most anime besides movies

>> No.25227043

berserk is the best manga because it looks the best

>> No.25227066

uh oh looks like you're too fucking stupid to understand. berserk is not only beaten in terms of the fluidity of the movement. i'm saying visually - overall - it gets demolished by plenty of other shows. interesting how you only talk about berserk and not logh. yea i'm thinking story matters way more haha.

gonna watch disney's hercules so no one respond to my posts anymore i'm tired of seeing (you)s from people who just don't get it. fact is berserk and logh prove that the story matters the most in anime

berserk is great first and foremost because of its story the great art is just a bonus and later becomes more of a crutch as the story gets a bit worse and other manga with way better stories demolish it

>> No.25227140

anyway anime sux read manga instead

>> No.25227143

manga aint no reading doe

>> No.25227149

yea replace golden age's art with one's art and it'd still be one of the best manga stories of all time

>> No.25227160


>> No.25227190

how hard are you clenching rn lol hes not gonna mess up like you

>> No.25227193

dude didn't you used to say that multiple times a thread. what happened?

>> No.25227195
File: 44 KB, 395x295, medaka's bonks.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not gonna go find a higher res pic but i think this lil scene proves you "wrong"

>> No.25227213

name of vn?

>> No.25227224

?? i'm just legitimately curious
i have the feeling though that he isn't going to read blind like me but pre-read which is why he doesn't want to do more than 2 hours

>> No.25227226


>> No.25227239

didn't make it yet is completely retarded

>> No.25227244

>i've matured guys really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you're the same as ever mary

>> No.25227246

why didnt that guy list hxh with logh and berserk as the best anime wtf??????

>> No.25227263

yeah but i mean you see the top games already well whatever doesn't rly matter

>> No.25227312

nobody wants to see you read a visual novel, jamal

i started studying japanese like 3 months ago and already read a ton of vns with the help of parser

we want to see you play REAL video games

we want to see your retarded decision making and terrible gaming skills
with visual novels we would only see that once every 3 hours when you have to make a choice

>> No.25227318


>> No.25227364

also his reaction times are prolly garbage at his age

>> No.25227370

those games suck but its the only multiplayer games nips play these days on pc

>> No.25227402
File: 55 KB, 250x250, 2618128.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.25227410
File: 92 KB, 1128x1132, 197.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25227428


>> No.25227467

>getting all input from anime
nah youre just retarded

>> No.25227474

play gabriel knight

>> No.25227478

phoneposting redditors aren't gonna make it

>> No.25227479

i got 190 too eventually by trying to guess when the green would show

>> No.25227482

um quizbros???

>> No.25227486

my percentile is 37% for reaction time i'm so fucked

>> No.25227490

>tfw 300ms
>not even 30 yet
bros im literally gonna die young wtf

>> No.25227491

your reaction time isnt bad, but ur decision making is so bad u probably hear enemy steps behind you and dont even turn around

say the game and time
gonna crush you

>> No.25227493

love how jamal trashes yet another fool
he truly is the sure banchou

>> No.25227494

I got some manga and video games too. Sorry forgot to mention that besides English subbed anime I do those

>> No.25227497
File: 41 KB, 854x562, chrome_2020-07-11_19-02-48.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yosh time to repost

>> No.25227522

quiz talked mad shit about jamal and got trashed

>> No.25227524

>69wpm is 79th percentile
wtf how

>> No.25227546
File: 8 KB, 366x259, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

post typing speeds
i better be seeing 100% accuracy

>> No.25227551

why the fuck is jamal so much better than me guys...?

>> No.25227586

ask one of your discord friends to dm you when jamal starts streaming plus don't worry i'll download the stream

>> No.25227587

why do you want to log off bro itll get so lonely here

>> No.25227590

what region you in

>> No.25227593

>i'm considering logging off for a longer period of time
you won't
he won't

>> No.25227598

the boys are going to bed. i can finally crank my hog. spank the monkey. beat my meat. jack/jerk off. can't wait to cum

>> No.25227629

we got too cocky, quizbros...

>> No.25227678

oyasuminasai jamal-ojiisan
mata ashita ne :3

>> No.25227721

is japanese media anti-war because of what happened to them or because of the misery they inflicted on china

>> No.25227726

its called an autobiography

>> No.25227785

dam i wanna watch 2 bros being intimate

>> No.25227799

i wonder if there is a yaoi manga with threesomes

>> No.25227804

all human beings should be anti-war

>> No.25227805

meetup with ciaran

>> No.25227820

cmere bro

>> No.25227826

quiz whats your youtube channel

>> No.25227830

i agree in an ideal world but people can have selfish or altruistic reasons for being anti-war

>> No.25227839

he privated everything like an insecure bitch so nothing on there

>> No.25227880

i have all of quiz's streams downloaded

>> No.25227927

don't really care if i decide to big my target audience will be weird otaku not 40 year old and normies like m*tt

>> No.25227943

good luck we can all just accuse you of photoshopping them. i stand by my boy quiz

that's the spirit

>> No.25227951

rude. i'm a big quiz fan, and i'd like to believe i'm well adjusted

>> No.25227986

imagine how many actually good shows you could watch in the time it'd take to watch all of one piece.............

>> No.25228096

political refugee and infamous anime card inventor quizmaster flees germany to america after getting caught with 70 full loli onaholes

>> No.25228110

wrong you can't prove it's him and since when the eff has any european country with hate speech laws convicted anyone based off 4chan posts

>> No.25228113

theres nothing to challenge youve already wet your diapers lol what a delusional retard
go suck your dads cock for money or something

>> No.25228116

when i was a total fucking scrub i used to hate tanaka from gaki no tsukai
then after a year of learning i realized hes the funniest and cleverest comedian in the group, you just cant grasp his style of speech if ur a scrub

>> No.25228171

theres your answer

>> No.25228172
File: 1.48 MB, 1599x896, char_select.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

quick djt post your taste

>> No.25228203

really hard pick but ill go with sera

>> No.25228205

no male option 遠慮します

>> No.25228273

didn't you see the dude that was fired from the tucker carlson show from a top job because of the shit he posted in an obscure forum. that happened in america, land of with total freedom of speech and they couldn't prove it was him either. he got caught anyways.

i wonder if it's even worth if I were in his place. make myself known and attach some bad shit to my name killing all possible future real jobs that i could have all for some dick-measuring contest with jp-learning ecelebs

>> No.25228376

idk who that is dude

>> No.25228402

*land with
*if i were in his place i'd consider if it's really worth it

>> No.25228436

join the discord then

>> No.25228438

well he'll be jobless either way with his langlisticks memedegree so yeah i dno looks 50-50

>> No.25228504

stop projecting ur insecurities on quiz fellas

>> No.25228578


>> No.25228580

that's* even

>> No.25228603

well i managed it (although i didnt actually close out the he thread until >>25222973 because im weak)

i actually had a hard time making it thru the last few pages because i had to bawl my eyes out. really great book probably one of the best ive read in my life actually. also first time ive ever cried to a book and its been a while since i cried at all so すっきりした心持ちになった

>> No.25228607

they’re watching baseball in the 教務室 right now and i hate baseball so i am looking away

>> No.25228635

lol his channel would get shutdown so fast
also a quick look at djt shows he has lots of enemies who would go to great lengths to sabotage him, wouldn't want to mess with a crowd of angry autists who have lots of dirt on you

>> No.25228718

good job i am proud of you

>> No.25228724

lol you're not tough and complaining about his posts wouldn't do anything stfu

>> No.25228733
File: 130 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.25228748

just dropped a +1 on to-heart lets goooo

>> No.25228771

dno what it is
gimme a quick rundown to convince me to vote for it

>> No.25228793

still dont like jap humor after 2 years of learning

>> No.25228809

i don't care about stupid stuff like this to do anything of that sort dude, i'm only pointing out an obvious thing

>> No.25228810

which one should i vote for if i dont want jamal to play something super easy

>> No.25228811

how are those sounds coming from this woman's mouth?

>> No.25228939


>> No.25228941

terrible awful anime

>> No.25228945

name 1 tripfag with posting history like qm whos EVER gone big without running into trouble

>> No.25228952

sounds like a low bar to beat
you failed
7 decides what I vote for

>> No.25229187

love cute chill anime

>> No.25229199

did u hit ur head hed never survive as a content creator dude would be instalynched

>> No.25229275

he does't know shit

>> No.25229286

one night in tokyo with a geisha

>> No.25229346

so basically you all will drag him down if he tries to become successful

>> No.25229358


>> No.25229453

i won't because i don't give a shit but it'll obviously will happen. it's not like it is even a secret that he is a 4channer so the moment he gains high numbers people will come out of the woodwork with 100 audios and 1000 screenshots

for example, before i started posting here i was reading the archives and i saw a lot of shit

>> No.25229582






>> No.25229612


>> No.25229658

why is this so funny with the hiragana

>> No.25229922

hes scottish theres no way he doesnt sound like a little rat

>> No.25229961




>> No.25229972

i don't give a fuck. did he or did he not

>> No.25230000

if this dude is right >>25229922 then just imagine this is him

>> No.25230082

why do you care so much

>> No.25230115

because i want to know if it works, u dunce

>> No.25230294

then why don't you go ahead and tell me, it sounds like you know

>> No.25230452

oh... i only know like ~5k

>> No.25230542

thats not me but i did coin morbido guy wish i thought of a better name for that kooky fellow

>> No.25230723

why would you try to cancel quiz
i would be bros with him if i knew his real name

>> No.25230731

i can hear a lot of new words when i'm in a good mood using eng subs but it's kinda tiresome because i have to be very focused on the audio and just look at the subs quickly

>> No.25230753

頑張れ quiz. dont let jealous anonymous cancel you

>> No.25230781

i stand with quizmaster

>> No.25230836

sorry for being a dick in the past

>> No.25230851

wtf i love quiz now

>> No.25230855
File: 215 KB, 821x977, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I also used to be a /jp/ tripfag in the past. People used to talk mad shit and say I would regret being a tripfag someday, they used to say something bad would eventually happen. Made over 12k posts with my tripcode and nothing ever happened to me.

>> No.25230979

if you're going to blogpost like that at least accept that it's attention whoring and dont act like a little insecure bitch about it

>> No.25231010

youre the ones that started talking about cancelling quiz because of things he did in the past
i was just trying to say stuff relevant to the topic

>> No.25231019

it's called skin in the game

>> No.25231047

what do you mean retreat into their anonymous shell? couldn't matt do that too?

>> No.25231088

imagine matt said in a stream "filipinos are like the niggers of asia". while that is something you could easily say while being anonymous, that is something that would get you cancelled forever as a public figure. he would definitely have a hard time.

>> No.25231128

also matt cant just give bad advice willy-nilly
his channel's comment section would be filled with smartasses pointing out how he was wrong in the past

>> No.25231145

matt is obviously a leftist thanks to his two gay dads though so he doesnt have to worry about being cancelled

>> No.25231202

this is not a buzzword, it's an effect that has implications in the real word. people lose their jobs and get shunned (some are too much but a lot of them deserve it, )

>> No.25231251

haha in burgerland "the land of freedom" people still get "cancelled' and lose their jobs, now imagine someone like quiz who is someone who lives in a country with hate speech laws. if someone REALLY wanted he could fuck his life real bad.

>> No.25231340

pretty much

>> No.25231652

not really a realization anywhere it's just that my behavior was and still is often very cringy and getting and angry and cursing at people is more like an impulse reaction rather than something i do/did fully thinking it through and people bring up like ancient screen caps of me being rude to people as if i fully stand behind them and it makes me a bit disappointed i wrote all this stuff, there are some people who deserve to be shit on if you really think about it but more often than not your time is better used working on yourself rather than trying to put them down at least that's definitely true for me

>> No.25231677

honestly the fact that midna and link don't end up together forever ruins this game, it's like yeah it's fun up to this point but then you finish it and you are left with nothing but a bitter after taste because nothing becomes of midna and link

>> No.25231767
File: 3.11 MB, 1920x1080, 1591666834605.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you just know

>> No.25231801

oh so you were angry at nuke huh? going off at a 50 year old man like a savage and publicly taunting and shitting on him
ngl thats pretty pathetic dude i unironically hate people who do that scum shit like that, putting down others to get cool points and approval

>> No.25231839
File: 742 KB, 2410x1654, black people.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

saying this for your own good quiz, NEVER reveal your identity, you said some unforgivable shit in the past
society would never forgive you for this shit you said
black people are literally treated like saints, if u mess with them u will get cancelled so hard

>> No.25231882

the stillborn post is jamal and idk if those other posts belong to me as they are not made with a trip and my memory is hazy but nothing in there is that bad

>> No.25232034

those posts were me not quiz desu famalam

>> No.25232074

How do i deeply immerse myself into a Japanese legal loli?

>> No.25232076

>people who do that scum shit like that, putting down others to get cool points and approval
truly the dregs of society
you're great at Japanese? good for you
no one's asking you to be a cancerous little shit running off his mouth at everyone else

i can understand being angry at peddlers and scamsters tricking people into paying them for pseudshit but some of this other stuff is just unacceptable and i dont need to give a fuck what anyone else thinks about that, i'll mark such a person as human trash

>> No.25232144

He is a smug little bitch on discord while being a passive aggressive manchild here. The kid acts like a two faced teenage girl, both faces being representative of an ugly personality disorder.

>> No.25232215
File: 42 KB, 400x400, 1593977314377.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He is a smug little bitch

>> No.25232241

kill yourself

>> No.25232468

making fun of people from our generation is one thing, they will likely get it but going for dudes in their 40s, 50s and above for no reason is just nasty

for some reason, zoomers don't understand this

>> No.25232510

instead of criticizing his methods you launched vicious personal attacks at him
it's clear you enjoy hurting and ridiculing others, like those people who kill animals on video for fun, perhaps it makes you feel accepted or cool or whatever and i dont know what kind of fucked up past of family troubles or bullying you had but the fact is you have no capacity to empathize, i doubt you even really understand the meaning of the things you say in your stupor

>> No.25232517






>> No.25232550

to be honest i think my ability to empathize is stronger than that of many others which is how i explain my very strong desire for justice

>> No.25232616

i think only 2 of those are me

>> No.25232774

no you just have some kind of hate boner which you dress up as justice/punishment
like what the fuck the guy who writes this shit says he has empathy? are you fucking kidding me or am i the only one insane over here
nuke's old enough to be the father of some of the people here
if i saw someone talk like that to an old man on the street I'd break his fucking jaw. that's my desire of justice, you feel that?

>> No.25232775

dno bro i think they are like equal

>> No.25232796

i already said i don't stand behind myself in that convo bro why do you keep bringing it up it's not what i was referring to anyway

>> No.25232843

do you think you wouldnt have read katte ni wrong if you didnt have such a large amount of readings being stored in your brain or you think it doesnt matter

>> No.25232851

wow you guys are fucked up i feel like a saint rn

>> No.25232855
File: 9 KB, 658x38, extremelyrude.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

god imagine if nuke had the link for this stream feels fukcin bad man

>> No.25232869

you've given no proof of this whatsoever and none of your actions show your empathy

you even routinely call noobs in discord retards how is that empathetic

>> No.25232870

nah it was just 1 second brain fart in the moment already explained it >>25179467

>> No.25232922

fuck it's such an obvious word i can't even go out of my way to spell it wrong

>> No.25232944

well i don't think those actions of mine are good and i'd strive to change them but to answer your question and how it fits the idea within myself about how destructive being called a noob in something you are bad at is just very different compared to how a lot of other people seem to view it hell it might even do someone good in trying to awaken a flame of competitiveness in them whereas i deeply look down on actually evil things like physical suffering or harming mentally disabled people which is something i've done myself and feel guilty about

>> No.25232985

why are all of these pros such jackasses
if i had to trade between my humanity and jp skill i'd choose to remain a dekinai my whole life

>> No.25232990

yo bros some of you really need to stfu. go watch anime or something

>> No.25232995

so by ignoring the post and still goingon about it, want do you want say, that i don't know it?
cuz i got like 50 anime cards with contexts that have it and read it a million times correctly before, i am objectively beyond n1 as evidenced by j-cat, can read more kanji than the average native and probably write more too but this 1 second of making a silly mistake after livestreaming myself reading out loud for 7-8 hours is supposed to be so revealing
just a really idiotic argument you are trying to make here

>> No.25233003

damn that stream is brutal, they even pick on calvin https://streamable.com/0auij7

>> No.25233027

damn i didn't realize the mia team were such dicks, seriously thinking about cancelling my patronage now

>> No.25233031

>i don't know it?
you haven't acquired it
great job on your scrabble skills though, ganbattetene

>> No.25233043

>harming mentally disabled people which is something i've done myself
what the fuck
not going to ever reply to your posts again, go fuck yourself you're a garbage human being

>> No.25233045

ok i think that's a good realization, maybe you need to think about ningenkankei more from a perspective of the person in the other shoes, you seem to be set on self-improvement and that's a good place to start

>> No.25233070

the #1 thing that proves quizmaster has no empathy is he makes posts like this lol
he often makes it clear he is unable to fathom the concept of someone being unable to read "easy japanese"

>> No.25233074

well i didn't do it consciously i remember it particular incident where i was in a hurry and kind of stressed and some dude came acting wild and screaming at me and i told him to shut the fuck up and not come near me and shit like that and afterwards i realized dude no way that dude was mentally healthy i shouldn't have been so rough and just gone about my way and i probably made him feel terrible if he has any capacity to reflect on that kind of situation

>> No.25233100

Okay, I wonder what the fuck is wrong with you all? Why is almost everyone so toxic about learning a fucking language pretending that their method is the only way, tf Its not a fucking competition

>> No.25233113

?? that's not my post

>> No.25233115

my man yoga can't say 'authoritatively'? as an esl that surprises me

>> No.25233141

nothing wrong with anyone except arguably its not worth taking the time out of your day to put people on the right path who dont have what it takes anyway

>> No.25233155

im a fucking loser but at least i can soundly sleep at night knowing im not a terrible person

>> No.25233187

well you have made posts like that though i just cant find them. i distinctly remember you telling some guy asking a question about something "just read it its right there in plain japanese" or w/e

>> No.25233215

trying to gaslight my bro quiz? not cool

>> No.25233219

I'm a brazilian and i wonder if his accent is a product of originally having a carioca accent or something (i don't know if that's the case)
this crossed my mind because he pronounces s as sh in some weird places (i have heard that from some rappers from the south of the us but i wonder if that's normal) and that's a heavy characteristic of the carioca accent (people from rio de janeiro)

i heard him saying says "shtart" and stuff like that

>> No.25233236

*i'm brazilian
*saying "shtart

>> No.25233281

i actually look like matto except not bald and with a lighter hair color

>> No.25233321

I am also brazilian and also think that's it. him being a piece of shit human being is also a carioca characteristic

>> No.25233325

matt isn't white he is kind of the embodiment of the american mutt 56% meme

>> No.25233329

again confusing knowledge with acquisition
dont worry bro youll get it someday :)

>> No.25233350

oooof using the :) on quiz how'll he respond??!

>> No.25233391

a person that was born here:

>> No.25233397

what did i say that was racist though?

>> No.25233455

yes, referring to anyone's race as a mutt

>> No.25233460

the one at the bottom

>> No.25233475

i was just referencing a meme though not calling someone a mutt

>> No.25233476

dude americans arent a race you know that right like scientifically speaking

>> No.25233508

im probably more white than QM and im american

>> No.25233518

i didn't demean him i just said he really isn't white i mean look at his eyes and face and all that bro he just doesn't look white

>> No.25233561

these young japanese learners are so obnoxious.
i hate how djt tries to make them into celebrities "OH MY GOD LOOK AT WHAT ECELEB SAID HOLY SHIT"
Im almost 35 years old and have a PhD in IT but I would never humiliate one of my students if they made a mistake
nobody is perfect and being wrong is part of the fun of learning
I honestly should stop coming to this shithole

This community makes me so embarrassed

/jp/ wasn't like this 11 years ago

>> No.25233567

to be fair, the meme is punching up not down since it mostly targets caucasian americans who are pretty highly regarded around the world

>> No.25233611

this makes sense on a surface level but it doesn't if you analyze it deeper which is that american people are highly mixed and that's a reality i simply referred to with a meme where as you just brought up something non-existent to denounce the intellectual capacities of an individual think about that

>> No.25233616

just to be sure, are you talking about the "watch anime or you are gay"? thats so harmless, calling that homophobic is twitter level stuff

>> No.25233623

actually kinda glad matt is stealing all of quiz's work.
more people get to enjoy the benefits and quiz can fade further into obscurity

>> No.25233639

cant believe you are using the jamal method that you hate so much

>> No.25233663

look kid, you are not going to escape from this one with mere sophism, you saying that he is the embodiment of a meme who depicts non-whites as inferior beings.
a meme which puts high value in whiteness and makes fun of people who supposedly are not white and think they are white namely the americans.
it's an extremely racist meme and you used it not only you made a reference to it but you said that matt is the EMBODIMENT of it

>> No.25233668

true. i guess i always saw it as so divorced from reality that the racist part was more satirical, deliberately using white americans' own weapon against them

>> No.25233672

it's implying that being gay is something to be avoided. clear and cut homophobia.

>> No.25233674

a solid part of the most brilliant people in all of human history are german

>> No.25233751

is that image then saying that everyone country is full of brain-dead people?
because germany is on place 2 right there
and i'm pretty sure the american nobel prize winners from us are immigrants from those countries so everyone becomes brain-dead

>> No.25233756

fellas please dont take my lunch money but i never played pokemon what is he talking about

>> No.25233758

fuck this guy man

>> No.25233761

i guess so
but then homophobia is too broad of a term to be useful if its going to encompass something like that alongside inhuman shit like gay lynchings/stoning/crucification etc because there is absolutely no way those things are at the same level as that image

>> No.25233789

right so can you explain it to me

>> No.25233793

hope you guys don't have to fill out a captcha every time you post lol

>> No.25233800

holy shit calvin does not deserve this but what he said about nuke is still true haha

>> No.25233802

>on place 2 right there
reminder that it is impossible to learn a new language after you turn 12

>> No.25233813

After many months of quarantine, I've finished the following text/workbooks: Genki I and II, Minna no Nihongo Beginner I and II, Intermediate I (I'm on Intermediate II now), and Nihongo Sou Matome N4 (I'm on Nihongo Sou Matome N3 now).

I'm doing great with kanji and vocabulary flashcards and exercises. But I kinda feel lost on grammar. When I do reading and listening exercises, I would say there's a sense of familiarity but I never felt mastery. I feel I only score well because it's multiple choice.

How do/did you master grammar? I'm thinking of creating flashcards for each grammar point and then a separate set of flashcards for mined sentences. I'm not sure if it'll work but I want to know what worked for you!

+ I have Integrated Approach and Tobira ready but I don't think I should move forward yet without mastering grammar points from the previous books. What do you think? Master first before moving on, or move on to the next books while trying to master the previous grammar points?

>> No.25233814
File: 85 KB, 1280x720, a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the meme depicts 'mutts' (as you yourself used the term) as malodorous and deformed beings who are in denial of their own inferior race (according to the meme) and claim to be white. the meme makes it clear that "white" is the desired state and the depiction is the actual reality of the "mutt"
you agree with it since you used matt as example that fits the meme. you said that the man is the embodiment of it. you agree with the meme and even gave the embodiment of it (in your own words)

>> No.25233821

i don't see it like that but that image is really funny lol

>> No.25233850

starting to think qm hater is more autistic than qm

>> No.25233858

well that's your problem if you don't even what a meme entails before using it
adults who aren't mentally impaired are responsible for their comprehension of matters, as should you be

>> No.25233860

So I've been going through a tango n5 deck and after going through 800 cards I realized that maybe I shouldn't have had furigana on the front of the card... I now realize maybe the idea was to repeatedly fail until you remember the readings of the kanji, instead of just remembering the pronunciation to the word, if that makes sense. What should I do to fix this?

>> No.25233970

well you just said faggot in public does that make you homophobic ?
or are you going to tell me you only used the term to refer to people using the term despite fully knowing the implications that this term holds as evidenced by you mentioned the implications this term holds in the very post your used the term

>> No.25234104

you didn't use "faggot" like a curse word or something. you EXPLICITLY referred to matt's race and then made a reference to a extremely racist meme which depicts mixed people as deformed beings claiming to be white then went like "what do you mean?!?!?!?!?"

do you understand queefmaster? we were talking about race and then you EXPLICITLY went for the meme which says that brown people are inferior and said that matt is that

>> No.25234114

isn't the important thing your sense of how others will be affected by what you say, not the words? if you say faggot on 4chan maybe it's not homophobic because it's an insult used on everyone. but if you say faggot irl then gay people would think it's aggressive to them in particular

>> No.25234214

i used the word faggot because i personally don't give a fuck online on an anonymous inmageboard where it has no real implication nor consequence for me or for others as far as i am concerned

i should add right now i am not the anon you were talking to before in the chain

it is entirely irrelevant to my point >>25233858 whether using a term means you endorse the connotations of it
further I am expressly certain that context clearly indicates when someone is talking of the term as the object and when someone is talking about the connotations of the term as the target subject and applying them in real life, and I think this is abundantly obvious to you as well so I found your post very insincere and roundabout

my point is simply that you cannot use a term as an (hopefully) able-minded adult and pretend to be oblivious to its implications, as it is expected of adults to find out the complete meaning of a term to their full capacity before using it (something that can be done with a simple internet search in this uncomplicated case)

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