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Rie Takahashi thread. She just voices the best girls. I don't think there's a bad one among them!

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Meanwhile Ayana Taketatsu voices the hottest anime girls of all time.

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Imagine picking Rem.

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Is she pregnant?

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She just has weird fashion sense

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Yeah, Saito Souma is the baby daddy.

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Don't all Japanese do?

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>half elf
>best girl

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post her pantsu videos and end this shit already.

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That's most Japanese women. Walk around Tokyo and you'll see some... interesting fashions choices. And I don't mean Harajuku shit, but like this sorta of frumpy badly matched style of old lady but not really

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I can’t.

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Bros... the thighs...

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> tfw I will never get isekai’d to a world where a silver haired purple dyed hafu qt will let me lay my head in her lap

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Rieri is soo flat but a the same time soo cute.

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>I don't think there's a bad one among them!
ahem.. Emilia is a half elf nigger and needs die to make room for rem :)

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She certainly was great as Megumin. I can't imagine anyone else doing a better job than she did.
But for the other roles she didn't perform quite as well. Especially Takagi, something about her voice in that show just sounded odd to me.

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rate the sluts feet

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Mmmm. I remember just last month during that Re:Zero livestream thing where she slightly lifted her skirt a bit to show off her thigh. Never knew she was so lewd!

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Megumin is and always will be her best work

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Ummmm, LINK???

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The half-demon is shit, but all her other roles are best girls

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She voiced my wife

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imagine taking her virginity

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Taneda Mashu>Takahashit Mashu.

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Would she chant explosion while giving a handjob?

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no one makes more semen demons that this semen demon

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>voicing girl of the season and tapris

>moblia and 5head
yes most people did that's why moblia has a fraction of her art.

>stephanie dola
she is baste

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>Rias AND Mio


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Go on

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She is really cute i like her voice. Everytime i hear her i always think it's megumin voicing other character

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>Voicing both iroha and yotsuba
I like this seiyuu

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None of those girls are likable.

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Sorry but short hair.

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If you think that’s weird, you should see the typical girls in harajuku.

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Megumin > Tagaki > Katsuki > Eggplant > Emilia

I don't remember what Saito was like and I haven't seen top left or bottom right. Emilia just doesn't give Rie any good material to work with, she's a boring character and Rie can only save her so much. Megumin is perfect, Megumin is eternal, my love for Megumin will never die.

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Step aside children. The queen is coming through

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[高橋李依さんが演じた中で一番好きなキャラクターは? 2020年版]
1位 めぐみん 『この素晴らしい世界に祝福を!』
2位 高木さん 『からかい上手の高木さん』
3位 エミリア 『Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活』
4位 朝日奈みらい/キュアミラクル 『魔法つかいプリキュア!』
5位 直樹美紀 『がっこうぐらし!』
5位 マシュ・キリエライト 『Fate/Grand Order』
7位 エルネスティ・エチェバルリア 『ナイツ&マジック』
7位 詩花 『アイドルマスター ステラステージ』
7位 野田茜 『モンスターストライク』
9位 一ノ瀬双葉 『それが声優!』
9位 コバヤシ 『乱歩奇譚 Game of Laplace』

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based megu bro, if only aquafags followed your example instead of being annoying shitposters

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Yes Megumin is her best role.

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most people do

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Definitely her best role by far!

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Is it true that she voices Dawn in Pokemon Masters?

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what a fucking joke

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Okay, so more like her legs than thigh. But still the fact that she wanted to do that at all!


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Is that what Kazuma looks like in Chuunivision™?

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Well yeah. She's quite short so he IS bigger and taller than she is. Plus it's not like it's the first time he's saved or carried her either.

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I love this seiyuu. Also Yotsuba is a little slut. Love her.

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She isn't a virgin tho

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kys fatemonkey

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she is mediocre as ran.
her voice there is garbage.
In fact they should just delete afterglow as a band

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You have no say in saying these shitwords.

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the girl from listeners was pretty shit.

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I haven't even seen that one yet. Not worth watching?

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A clear example that that bitch can't carry a show by herself without being a slut.

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Modern anime and modern seiyuu are all shit.

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she is miles better than any girl in that show

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yunyun is the best girl with the best seiyuu

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>yunyun is the best girl
>with the best seiyuu

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Yes! So much Megumin love everywhere, but Yunyun is where it’s at.

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I wanna plant a haafu offspring inside her gut like ya wouldn't believe

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Where would Rieri's career be if the superior Risa Taneda hadn't've gotten sick and surrendered the original Mashu role?

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So if you fuck a seiyuu you are in essence fucking all of her characters at once?

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Weird knees

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I’d like to think so! Unless there’s one of these characters she just always sounds like. I haven’t seen them all but I’d assume they’re all just a tad different.

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>yunyun is the best girl with the best seiyuu

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