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I mean it’s not great. Alphes is great, I’ll admit but ZUN’s art…it’s really cute. It’s got character. I think, if anyone else did the art for Touhou, it would not be the same. The game as a whole I think. I’m just kinda sick of people bitching about how the art looks in this game. Hmmm…

What do you think about ZUN’s art? Dislike? Like? Love? Who is your favorite character in their game form?

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ZUN's art is cute but Alphes art is fappable.

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Why are there so many ZUNart threads today?
Anyway, yeah, I like the art too because it's unique. A bit QUALITY, but unique.

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I like ZUN's art. It may not look like something that belongs in a game but it actually works with Touhou.

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His art is horrible, but it's what Touhou needs.
Pretty much what everyone above this post said.

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It's not like Touhou would suck if his art was better.

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I like ZUN's art in the context of the games. The character concept design is really interesting, even if dependent on accessories.
But what's really important is that it drives a lot of fanart. It's as if there was a collective mind thinking that such designs shouldn't go to waste and try their best to surpass each other.

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Ryuukishi art > ZUN art
nuff said

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I hate ZUN's art, but I love how fan art ends up being more enjoyable than ZUN's.

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You haven't seen bear hands?
They are actually at the same lvl to me.
ZUN design better dress and hats though while Ryukishi characters seem more varied compare to ZUN.

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Bad anime art is better than good anime art

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Yeah its ugly as fuck and not good to look at

I did like his Mountain of Faith Marisa though, that was pretty good

then in SA he does her all ugly and retarded again

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What ZUN is superior at is character design, not art itself.
His designs are God tier above all.

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I like zun's art. It has heart.

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I don't particularly care one way or another. I don't play STGs for the art. I do like some of his character designs though.

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Indeed, where you find all of those?

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Zun's art => lots of fanart.

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let see closer :D

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leaning tower of marisa.

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These are images from zun's gallery and old top art from his site. I liked them strange as they were. (I've been into touhou before it got popular in the west, back when EoSD was first released.)

He seems to have completely removed them from his site in embarrassment or something so you have to use some internet archive to see them. I think I used the wayback machine to find these.

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I like this one the best, strange as it looks

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That pose looks pretty Jojoish

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Post them all

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His art would be awesome if he'd just learn basic line dynamics, color theory, and use guidelines.

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I didn't save them all but they're not hard to find. I'll post whatever is archived.

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This is fanart but I find it funny.

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Some of the oldest ones aren't found anymore, and I never saw them anyway.
you can see them in thumb form if you look at the oldest entries.

more ugly fanart

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inb4 zun teaches drawing

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..huh I never noticed ZUN eventually changed his old motto thing.

Older one on top.

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now this is actually artistic

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ZUN's art is for drawing what "In the Aeroplane over the Sea" is for music.

Enough said.

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...you lost me.

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I don't mind ZUN art, in fact I think it gives Touhou an unique look. But if there is something I would complain is his lack of consistency. Good damn, if you give your character red eyes in one game, then stick with it.

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While in ZUN drawn games they look like chubby annoying kids, in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and Immaterial and Missing Power they look extremily slutty
I stay with the slutty design

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They don't look slutty.

Well, maybe Aya and Boat-tits do.

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I thought every bit of consistency vanishes away as soon as you read the dialogues but, ok.

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I've grown to like it.

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Mhhh... I love ZUN!

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I love Touhou, period.

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Me too! Touhou is awesome!

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well, sluts for me

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eh, he can draw better'n me

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I love ZUN's art, it's cute.

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If it wasn't for ZUN, we wouldn't have faces like this.

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He's not so great with coloring, but his drawing style is actually pretty cute.

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