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Remember that all infected are crossboarders and should be permanently purged from /jp/!
Eirin will keep you safe, but only if you get a vaccine from her thread.

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Eirin has TWO threads! >>23315059
Thank her twice!

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The infected should not be killed on sight, we must keep our borders open!

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Open this board.

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I don't want to die /jp/ ;___;

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i dont even understand whats going on. just seems like another unfunny april fools joke like the last few years. hopefully the jay doesnt get shitted up too badly by these idiots

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That's not how it works. Don't forget, you're here forever.

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You will be remember, see you on the other side

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Tasukete Eirin!

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Komugi has the cure.

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Fuck the Moon. Love your fellow lethal anons.

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Thanks Doc.

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Reminder that you won't get the virus if you don't reply to sick posters.

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help me eirin!
good thing im not a filthy crossboarder

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I have replied a bunch of them but I still can't get it somehow.
Maybe I am inmmune like my favorite 2hu girl!

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takes up to an hour to update anon

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oh no... you cant get it from just replies right? you have to quote an infected right?

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it looks like they are getting banned on sight too

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Alright, what's the gimmick this year?
And what's the symbol near my name? Have I been infected without doing anything?

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Protecc me pls I don’t wanna die

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Arigato, doctor.

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Not cool, Yamame-chan.

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protect me miss eirin!

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Thank you, doctor

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Thanks doc, keep us safe.

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You can't keep ME inside all day!

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Do not lose hope! It's only a matter of time now when the doc finds a drug to treat those who have already been infected by filthy crossies.

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She isn't even a real nurse!

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I want to save that girl. I want to be her Kyle Reese.

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Give me a double dosage, doc

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Thanks doc

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Is the green gone yet?

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P-cup ass.

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