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This will be the story for Touhou 13

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definitely buying an ass spraying toilet the next time i get paid

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Plausible given ZUN's record so far.

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This is my fetish

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I'm sure I heard of toilet seat youkai before.
He can call her Sunoha Youhei.

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Touhou 13 will be a dating sim.

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If there's danmaku segments, I'm in.

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I'll take the flattest

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You get to graze your partner, if you know what I mean.

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You guide your sperm through her danmaku vagina to fertilize the boss egg.

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If it were some unholy blend of Lifeforce (that Konami shootan game) and Touhou I'd be on that like white on rice.

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hell yeah

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So much toilet humor around here.

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That vaguely makes me think of Aya's camera game.

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I knew my skill in flying into things would pay off.

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This is less stupid than squatting on it like a frog.

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reimu haet bidet

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