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Umineko, Higurashi, Ciconia, and all that jazz.

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2000 view on my booru:https://erikce.booru.org thanks for the suppirt is a free booru so be free to post your memes,fan-art or screenshot about erikantrice

the first moment i saw kanon i thought that he was a woman and when i discover he was a man i was shocked but in many anime i saw tomboyish femaleS dress as man soI thought that kanon was beatrice and she was pretending to be male.
i discover umineko solution from the first chapter

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With or without the tights?

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Dlanor A. SS

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I have been writing the gayest fanfic ever recently.
Would you guys read it and critique it when I finish it? It'll be soon.

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Define "gayest"

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Not yaoi.
I mean cheesy and romantic and stuff.

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Oh. Then yeah, sure.

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File: 248 KB, 1200x709, __ryuuguu_rena_higurashi_no_naku_koro_ni_drawn_by_hinamizawa_hina_sawa__56bf79fb480623e2dc32e80aa0f050c2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I-Is it safe? Can we finally enjoy a bit of ass without *him* showing up?

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shit, that's rough to watch

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I was expecting something fun so it really caught me off guard.

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you better watch out

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Erika's erika's

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A nice and reasonable size. Not too big, not too small.

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Silly anon, they are ATLEAST a D size, just take a look and see for yourself

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Hmm... I think I'll need the detective's authority in order to elevate this to a passable truth. You never know what could be the result of unexplained pad X.

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meta-erika=big tits during marriage like in yasu fantasy in order to please battler
real world erika= small tits according broken woman yasu body

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I wasn't asking you.

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in last thread some shkanontrice-anon told to me that artist of >>22926825 knew umineko truth from ryukishi so if there is difference between the same character design there must be a reason

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>knew umineko truth from ryukishi
of course they did. Shkanon was no longer a secret by that point. That doesn't mean the artist is infallible.

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Big titty Erika gives me life.

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I wouldn't really consider Tomoyo a kuudere.

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not a full kudere but she is silent like kanon and the most of kuudere just is more strong than usual.

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She's a C at best.

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So are Bern and Lambda just womenlets instead of lolis?

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Womenlets aren't capable of making my dick feel the things they make it feel.

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They're shortstacks

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What if Hanyuu is the real culprit of Hinamizawa?

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Which girl is the best fuck when infected with Hinamizawa syndrome?

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either sonozaki twin

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File: 125 KB, 1000x1412, __houjou_satoko_higurashi_no_naku_koro_ni_drawn_by_nemu_nebusokugimi__9b9ac291d5470245af00b82c6b8b15c8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Satoko's fear and resistance would make the fucking so much more exiciting.

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that's a dangerous thing to get excited about

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Satoko is for wholesome lewds!

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someone can post umineko saku link?

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how about you search for it on nyaa.si?

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plz i'm dumb

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I had a link at some point, but I've lost track of it. I'd need to look around for it.

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Thanks anon

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Found the link, but it's dead. Next step would be trying to look for the file itself on my old computer and uploading it myself, which is a pain.

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literally just go to nyaa
search "umineko saku"
and download one of the results

Every goddamn time someone asks for an upload in these threads the answer is the exact same. You dont need to find a link, because the torrent on nyaa is right there. You dont need to upload a file to a file host, because the torrent on nyaa is right there. You dont need to go through the trouble or pain because its right fucking there.

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Funny how Rika's mom being virgin mary is diseased level crazy, while Miyao's mom being virgin mary is just the canonical truth.

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Rika is carrier of nipah virus
Higurashi and Hinamizawa syndrome was just Ryukishi's way to warn us about nipah virus

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>uploading it myself,
You are the best anon
I fail

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>no erikantrice
discord is really shit

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>come back here after a while
>retards still talking about erikan-schizoshit
These generals were a mistake.

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>come back here after a while
>post about erikan-schizoshit

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What are you talking about? The amount of Erikantrice posts are toned down. They are much better than humiliating posts.

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all the discords banned his garbage

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Miko Miko Ange

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smarter than the mods here

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name one (1) (I) reason for umineko to not have a version without the magic bullshit and just having it be pure crime

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It already does. the official truth doesn't use magic for the crimes.

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ep 6
erika , a stranger, without no reason killed 5 people then try to accuse battler of these crimes......why?......in the official solution she must be aware of meta

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>name one reason why this story that you like shouldn't be written in the way that I like

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And? Being aware of meta doesn't make her actions fantasy. Erika has always metagamed, and in Episode 6 she was specifically going in with the purpose of destroying the gameboard itself.

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He's just going to say that it's unsatisfactory just because he doesn't like it. Erika is Ikuko's avatar to fuck with the game using OoC knowledge like a Mary Sue would. If you don't like it, that's okay, but I guarantee that this anon is just going to complain about it instead of offering any argument why it's either A. wrong or B. bad writing.

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>Erika is Ikuko's avatar
game 6th wasnt written by ikuko she said that
so battler\tohya insert ikuko in the game for destroy his own gameboard?
battler could be such a incompetent
but at least we agree that bernkastle is a pwan of erika

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*Bern's avatar

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I wanna BE Ange!

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>Punishment of a reader who can't read
Please extrapolate. What does that one mean?

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What are the best translated console arcs? I've only just now noticed how many were translated.
I started reading Tsukiotoshi but I couldn't help but notice how out of character some of the writing was. I feel like that's probably a recurring theme in the extra arcs.

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What would you do if you were?

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Give paizuri to all

>> No.22943597

Then I want you to be Ange too.

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It means being a goat

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Someutsushi and especially Kageboushi are good. You need the former for the latter, but the latter is better. Most of the characters in them are new so it's less jarring. That being said, I liked Tsukiotoshi, so YMMV.

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>At last, the most famous and strongest 07th Character Leo has taken the stage!

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Happy Nipah Day anons.

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post a theory that proves Natsuhi's innocence
Natsuhi is pure and faithful!

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Miotsukushi is fantastic and IMO a better finale than Matsuribayashi, and it's already translated and in the process of implementing, but it will take a bit longer because it's fucking huge

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Satoko is a kid! What a loser!

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Don't worry, I can make her into a adult!

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Has anyone actually played Ciconia, or is that just me?

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Anon, I played Ciconia! We all probably did, why are asking such a dumb question??

>> No.22955185

I just thought is was weird everyone was talking about the older games, and not the one that came out last year.

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It depends, but it's probably because
>There's not a lot of theorycrafting you can do since it was mostly establishing/introduction episode/chapter/whatever the fuck you want to call it
>There's simply more content to discuss with Rykushi's other works
And also
>This general kinda sucks, like all generals do
you should have been here when it came out, it was like 99% WTC 5 discussion then it died out because we talked about everything we potentially could

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I'd love to discuss about the walls of peace.

>> No.22956799

I played it. I thought it was gay. Very underwhelming. Because of that, I'd rather focus on the other stuff.

>> No.22958180

Sure have. What would you like to talk about?

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>Muh fuck off erikantrice-anon you ruin the thread
>get banned for 3 days
>thread death without me

really fuck off
now discuss and not make this thread die!!!!

Question for everyone:
Why for you erika cant be kanon?

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Don't act like you didn't drive off old posters with your shitposting.

>> No.22960580

Who are those old posters? People who want to discuss circonia theories with underwhelming material? It's not like Italian_Anon's fault only one phase of Circonia got released.

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thanks anon
anon for 20 threads i try to reduce the number of my post and everytime i do that the thread died.
cmon stop the hate against me and accept the real truth......"""this generals were controlled for years by discord trans and i liberate its"""

>> No.22960914

finally a worthy hero to liberate us from the tyranny of cruel tranny overlords.

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since the thread is dead i won't feel bad about asking stupid questions.
So when kinzo started to get loans from the loaners so he can get funds, he gave one of them a gold bar to basically prove that he can pay them off if he wouldn't have any returns, but when kyrie sees the gold she says it's worthless because it's unmarked. basically in it's current state it's worthless why exactly did it work for kinzo ?, if the gold was worthless in the state it was in why did it get accepted as a compensation for the loaners

>> No.22961195

The gold would never be "worthless", but the difficulty liquidating it would make it very hard to use without proper connections. These big-name business investors that Kinzo talked with probably had the connections needed to liquidate some mystery gold.

>> No.22961225

okay that makes way more sense, i thought it was worthless as in ,,nobody in their right mind would accept it,, not even the shady types

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Umineko is shit.

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it had it's moments anon

>> No.22961262

It started nice as a murder mystery, then went meta with Battler and Beatrice, and then went even more meta with Bitchkastel and Rule34, and then it turned to shit.

>> No.22961282

Metafiction is a major part of the story, just like the fantasy elements.

>> No.22961290

And I hate it.

>> No.22961299

Then read something else?

>> No.22961306

I already read Higurashi. The VN.
AND the manga. AND the anime.

>> No.22961311

Higurashi was nice honestly, but i stopped after like ep 3 or 4 (the next ep i was supposed to start would tell more about the dam, but i just didn't feel like starting it) is it okay if i'd skip it or does it have anything that might make it interesting ?

>> No.22961366

there are plenty of other vns to read. Or you can pick up a book. Don't be afraid of trying new things, anon

>> No.22961382

Only book I have here is the civil code. I'm not desperate enough to read that.
And other VNs are hard to find if you want to stay legit.

>> No.22961412

Satoko is a kid! What a loser!

>> No.22961434

we all were kids though

>> No.22961500

>And other VNs are hard to find if you want to stay legit.
I may be wrong but as far as I know it's only illegal when you upload something to the Internet. So it would be illegal if you were using a p2p network like BitTorrent. If you only download it from a website like erogedownload, for your own use and not spread it any further then you are not commiting a crime.
If you will have remorse about it then you can always buy the game later, when you have money.

>> No.22961868

I do have the money, the problem is finding something I like. I tried that game, Kara no Kyoukai, I think. Despite being a murder mystery, I hated it.

>> No.22962297

Italian, how long do you plan to keep spamming your theory?

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until my theory will become the truth.
until that we can discuss about it.

>> No.22962415

You hated Kara no Shoujo? That's something. I was even going to recommend it. First person I've seen that hated it, worst I've seen is some that thought it was alright. Everyone has their own taste so whatever. Any other vns you like? Hard to think of anything to rec going off of just higurashi.

>> No.22962434

you can try finding something on vndb

>> No.22962534

I like mystery, but Kara no Shoujo was just too gore for my taste. And also, the h-scenes seemed to come out of nowhere. Like
>go to the place with dead bodies
>you fuck the doctor
I doubt you can find anything I would like, but I also enjoyed Danganronpa. Maybe it's just mystery I like, without the whole "oh yeah and they got tortured and she got her face sliced open and LOOK NOW, IN SLOW MOTION".
I could stomach it in Higurashi and Umineko because it was told but not showed, but in Katawa Shoujo, just no.

That's a good idea. I'll try that later.

>> No.22962892

that's 4, it's the shortest chapter and definitely the worst. it's not really that important, but it does set up a critical part of the ending to the series.
you probably could skip it but it's like half the length of the other chapters so if you're gonna dedicate 80 hours to something you may as well read it too.

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Anyone have any cute gifs?

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File: 89 KB, 75x77, Rena cute.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Umineko was really fucking gay as well and yet here you are.

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then let it die

>> No.22965274

I find it funny how the only time Mion gets L5'd is in a beta version of the story
I know everybody is very different here but somehow this is the biggest standout to me

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I'm reading Rewrite right now, and it's interesting to see the themes of Ciconia and Haworthia in Lucia's route. It seems like Ryukishi has had these ideas in mind for a long time.

>> No.22966556

What is the basis of theory that Hachijo is Sayo?

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for erikantrice is:

-the smug of ikuko is equal to beatrice smug
-ikuko know everything about rokkenjima
-ikuko helped battler without a real reason
-ikuko said :i never read something didnt written by me.
-during press conference is imply that ikuko wanted to confess everything.
image the scene:
>journalist: so who is the culprit of rokkenjima murder case?
>ikuko:the culprit is......ME

-then with ikuko is yasu we can total eliminate magic from umineko
all umineko is just the magic version of her wrote stories about rokkenjima to made battler solved them in the hope to get his memory back.

and the last thing with ikuko=yasu we have a good ending:
battler after years finnally remember her.

>> No.22968096

Is this an ingame CG?

>> No.22968803

Rich woman who loves mystery novels, is secluded from the world, is rich but her family is nowhere to be seen, decides to adopt Battler (instead of, you know, handing him to the authorities) and writes together with him mystery novels and then forgeries of the Rokkenjima massacre. It really does sound like Sayo, if you put it like that. More than that, a random character with all these characteristics is slightly dumb, knowing Sayo already exists (or existed). Not like adopting new personalities (and witches forms) is a new thing for her.
The supposed connection between meta stuff and the "real world" also implies Ikuko has to know the truth while Battler doesn't, since EP3 and EP4 include Shkanontrice, but Battler only reaches the truth in EP5. Manga has that Confessions of the Golden Witch stuff, but something that convenient, really?
Ikuko could had also written EP5 alone (hence Erika's introduction, who is the self insert of her cat), with Tohya reaching the truth after reading it (the tea party). Then EP6 would be Tohya's work alone, understanding who Ikuko is (was) and allowing her "resurrection".
Also, Battler "dying" but not actually dying and Ange "dying" but not actually dying, at least opens us the possibility of Beatrice "dying" but not actually dying, since they are the three MCs aren't they. The final scene (Battler and Beato in the boat) could be easily interpreted that way. Battler says he won't let her die, after all. The manga scene with Beatrice in front of a Battler without memories fits too well with Ikuko finding Tohya too.
There are some other circunstancial stuff anons point from time on time. I don't like italian anon's take on it in general (nor his nitpicking of screenshots), but I think he said something about how Ikuko says to Ange she never read something not written by herself. Which really fits with how, even if she knows a lot of mystery books, maybe "Ikuko", the new persona, never read something not written by herself after all.
Pros: the "real world" part of the story and its connection to the meta stuff (talking about Tohya/Ikuko's writing) is way more easily understandable that in other theories, it gives us sort of a happy ending, and it does has some clues pointing at it.
Cons: not sure how Featherine actions fit in all of this (although I guess getting to know so much about Sayo might be a clue too), and some people think Sayo not dying is out of character and ruins the message.
There's also the "weird timing" between Battler drowning and Ikuko finding him being already another person with a car and a mansion and all, but we really don't know enough about the circunstances, in my opinion. Battler could have been in coma for years for all we know. As for the money, it's not THAT farfetched that she had some properties or something already bought just in case as some people think. I mean, Sayo DID have a boat with gold in it as an escape route. Why would she need those if she wasn't at the very least considering the option of escaping together with Battler (or George or Jessica) alone? If it was just about someone surviving the explosion, Kuwadorian exists, after all.

>> No.22969060

Speaking of VNDB, what the fuck is up about it? Did the domain die?

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File: 2.63 MB, 1024x578, 1541789570187.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22969207

>implying it's even possible to enjoy ass without appreciating the humiliation it brings to the girl

>> No.22969246

> Sayo DID have a boat with gold in it as an escape route. Why would she need those if she wasn't at the very least considering the option of escaping together with Battler (or George or Jessica) alone?

to drown herself

>> No.22969327

Why would she need gold in it to drown herself? And you can drown yourself in the ocean just by using rocks.

>> No.22969335

Rewrite is fantastic. I hope you enjoy the rest of it. I didn't like Terra the first time I read it, but on a reread I thought it was an excellent conclusion. Lucia's route has some of the themes in Ciconia, but it also has that Umineko mystery feel, especially at the beginning. I see it as kind of a transitional work for him. That being said, I liked Lucia's route a lot more than Ciconia phase 1.

>> No.22969402

Do you really believe that is a sensible answer to the question?

>> No.22969419

Remember that eva escape in the 3rd game.
Yasu made an escape route for the winner of epigraph mini-game

>> No.22969435

>Introduces the "Adamatia", "Eldlich", "Eldlixir", and "Golden Land"
Golden Land written in red

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>> No.22969796

tldr, easier way to say it
high iq: ikushkanontrice
low iq: any other option

>> No.22969814

become an onahole to revive the ushiromiya family

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Is she, anons?

>> No.22971067
File: 285 KB, 960x960, Rosa breast grab.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i mean she's certainly not the smallest, there's dlanor,maria, and the seven stakes don't seem to be larger than her (but she's the smallest one compared to the aunts but she's also the youngest after all)

>> No.22971253
File: 11 KB, 250x300, 355.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Being the youngest doesn't really matter among the aunts. They're all finished growing regardless of age. I'd wager the stakes are at least a tad larger than her, but nor much, especially given how all the maids they were based off of apeared to have Shannon-tier busts in some versions.

In the end it's all a matter of perspective. By normal standards, Rosa would probably be considered fairly well-endowed. But among the rest of the cast, it's hard to say whether she'd even pass the "average" mark.

>> No.22971831

>Sayo not dying is out of character and ruins the message.
Well, repeating the same trick for 6 games and people still believe the magic ending is to take it literally. She left the gold and the witch at the bottom of the ocean, that's all. Otherwise she should have insisted to NOT escape with Battler.

>> No.22971906
File: 103 KB, 395x395, We do have sex.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Ikuko = Yasu theory just feels so unnecessary. An extra twist tacked on that would contribute nothing to the mysteries and only serves to give Battler and Yasu a forced happy ending together. Add in the fact that Ikuko has a different personality, looks totally different, has a pre-existing background, and never displays any indication of being Yasu. Just let Ikuko be her own character.

>> No.22972139

We reached the point where we can decide for ourself which theory is right or not. Why do you worry of other's opinion?

>> No.22972242
File: 1.71 MB, 1919x1079, 1575933559271.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The shkanontrice theory just feels so unnecessary. An extra twist tacked on that would contribute nothing to the mysteries and only serves to give a forced self-infert character shannon for tumbrl-shy-girls. Add in the fact that shannon has a different personality, looks totally different, has a pre-existing background, and never displays any indication of being Yasu. Just let shannon be her own character.

>> No.22972554

You're free to believe your own theories. But I'm similarly free to point out how shit they are.
Nice bait.

>> No.22972756

"brokenpromiseland" sounds like it could be in the umineko OST but it's a Bon Jovi song

>> No.22972839

Except it's not a theory anymore. The truth was outright confirmed years ago with the manga. Choosing to ignore it doesn't make it any less canon.

>> No.22972849

The truth was virtually "outright confirmed" in the VN already. You'd have to be the Usain Bolt of speedreaders or severely mentally impaired to not get it.

>> No.22972901
File: 99 KB, 1420x1272, 1579731785781.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>speed reader
the theory wasnt confirmed in the VN but in the manga and ryukishi gold truth.
so in a mystery for discover the truth you must use external source?

kanon and george culprit is the only theory you can discover by reading only the first 4 games in no way you can discover kanon=shannon without reading chiru (tell me where is love in gohda accomplice for money no riddle about that. we saw kumasawa and nanjo money, genji love for kinzo but nothing for gohda, just you need to put gohda for confirm rosa culprit theory in ep2)
then without erika culprit ep 5th and 6th arent mistery(o yes everything we so is a lie, so maria is the culprit, can be is all a battler's illusion even what the detective saw and said).

erikantrice is the only solution that respect all the red truth, give real love motive to the mistery and eliminate all the magic that can be discover by reading only the Vn

>> No.22972906

The part of my post you specifically should be quoting wasn't "speed reader" but "severely mentally impaired"

>> No.22972920
File: 29 KB, 350x450, Batora_Ushiromiya.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>severely mentally impaired
like yasu, like all umineko
thing outside schemes and you will find erikantrice.

all the culprits have motive that arent money.
all the character in the games arent aware of meta like in a real mystery.
all magic have a counterpart in reality

this is the real theory, surpass the magic limitation of brain and accept the absolute truth.


>> No.22975643

In my opinion, not only there are clues pointing to it, but also it's the only way I can totally make sense of the forgery writting stuff. At least, the details of the forgery making process being so vague invite us to think about it in detail, I think.
Personally, I find Ikuko=Sayo potentially fitting with the totally confirmed stuff, so I don't see it contradicting the "canon". This isn't Rosatrice or Erikantrice, and Ryukishi is purposefully vague about Ikuko, so I think most people who believe in this just think it fits and that it was just not a subject touched upon explicitly, like the (way more obvious of course) fact that Sayo is biologically male. Not explicitly confirmed, but everything points to it.

>> No.22975922
File: 47 KB, 640x480, photo_2020-02-13_00-34-13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

image be such a goat that refuse everything isnt in the manga.
if people admit that ikuko is yasu they must admit too that yasu is female.
image ruin a story for your fanatism

>> No.22975934

Huh, that was unexpected. Are all Umineko trannies actually like this? I hope that all of the replies to his original post were you bullying him into livestreaming his suicide, since I apparently missed it. I remember being here around that time, though.

>> No.22975950

nope we all try to save him.

>> No.22975970

he's alive lol

>> No.22976070

most people told him how much of an idiot he was, then he said he decided to not kill himself after all

>> No.22976464

Stupid question time

been a few months since I finished umineko, and I still don't get what the fuck the golden truth is supposed to be. does anyone have any explanation?

>> No.22976533

its literally just whatever you believe to be true
wiki says it can be stronger than the red truth, but I dont know how you can be stronger than absolute truth?

real answer: it's just some pointless bullshit that r07 thought would be narratively cool so he just threw it in

>> No.22976677

This. Rena is hella pathetic.

>> No.22976692

I thought the point was that the gold was absolute truth, while red truth only applied in the possibility it came from. Red truth is true only within a certain framework, while gold truth is always true. Hence why Kinzo being dead is in gold.

Now time for my stupid question: what the fuck does "without love it cannot be seen" even mean and refer to? The truth? In what way? Yasu's dick?

>> No.22976715
File: 192 KB, 826x1165, 1580357303892.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw that stupid ass is hiding under pic related's clothes

>> No.22976719
File: 236 KB, 682x1006, Screenshot_20200212-204814_Samsung Internet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That would work if that's all it was used for.

>> No.22976767

The golden truth is consensus. You can use it to announce the testimony of everyone present. It's golden because it represents the ability of the narrator to show scenes that never actually happened because everyone there agreed to it. It's why Ryukishi says that the golden truth is something that anyone could use if they know how.

>> No.22976864

It's trying to hide but is not that good at it

>> No.22976867

Experiencing the spiritual richness of humiliation is like finding out you can turn lead into gold but that lead is all you need and deserve and that it's precious in a way nobody else will ever understand.

>> No.22976890

This. Ange basically uses the gold truth to revive everyone at the end of EP8 after they beat the shit out of Bernkastel. She doesn't actually use any "gold text" because she doesn't need to announce it out loud to refute anyone. She doesn't care what anyone thinks, she uses it on herself.

That's why the gold truth can sometimes be inferior and sometimes superior to the red truth. Objective facts can kill your personal truths and beliefs, but you can also choose to ignore the facts and keep believing whatever makes you feel good.

>> No.22976944

This was my understanding.

>> No.22976947

Can we agree that Rethabile is best girl with Lingji a very close second?

She's also THE Beato expy.

>> No.22976968
File: 187 KB, 1024x768, 1579553374636.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What did she mean by this? Was she molested by one of her step-fathers and catched herself before she said "looks like two butterflies fucking" because she isn't supposed to know about that stuff? Is that why she changed it to something vague like "on top of each other"?

Satoko has a lewd mind.

>> No.22976990

Why the fuck isn't Ryu shilling Ciconia at all? I don't want it to fail and end prematurely. I want fandiscs and other fanservice shit. And a fighting game too!

It seems that his novels only become popular if they get an anime, no matter how shitty. Otherwise, they all bomb and get ignored by even the fans.

>> No.22977033

>heavy emphasis on the culture of the town and their religious beliefs
>turns out the town wasn't full of murderous fanatics after all

>heavy emphasis on Beatrice's fantasy lore like the origins of all the demons and the fantasy worlds they come from
>turns out it was all Beatrice's fiction and there isn't really a heaven inhabited by the incarnations of mystery rules or anything of the sort, even if you take the meta world as real

>heavy exposition about the future technology and how it all works, making it all sound plausible and achievable IRL
>the entire world is probably a fucking server emulating the Earth before its destruction and 8MS is just the code that makes up this fake reality, which would also explain how miracle tech such as Selcom works so perfectly. They are all brains in jars connected to the matrix.

>> No.22977052
File: 252 KB, 377x283, 1580115338028.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I always liked how EP3's opening scene made you imagine Beatrice's backstory.

Like, it totally seemed like kid Beatrice was a young blond princess living in a fairy tale mansion with her grandfather (the previous king?) and several servants, one of which was a witch that helped her out. And this entire flashback was taking place in some random fragment where Beatrice was born, a totally separate time, place and UNIVERSE from Rokkenjima.

It made the sea of fragments seem even more endless than Higurashi made it out to be. It could also include fantasy realms and any sort of universe you could imagine.

>> No.22977086

>turns out it was all Beatrice's fiction and there isn't really a heaven inhabited by the incarnations of mystery rules or anything of the sort, even if you take the meta world as real
This always seemed obvious to me, I don't know why so many people took issue with Will, Dlanor, the Chiesters, the idealized and totally false "Lion", Zepar and Furfurt, etc, being trapped in the island with everyone else.

Sure, Lambda and Bern are their own independent beings. But just like Beatrice's backstory was made up on the spot by Yasu, things like Dlanor's "heaven", the factory where the chiesters come from or Zepar and Furfur's supposed long history of overseeing love duels... all of those things were part of the fiction. Ronove is suposed to have a long history of serving witches before Beatrice, but it's just fiction. In the end, he is nothing more than one of Beatrice's creations, given a backstory and life as part of the catbox. He isn't actually real in a meta sense, and neither are Will or Dlanor.

That's why those characters are trapped in the island in EP8, facing erasure along with everyone else. They are much less "real" than the voyagers or even Beatrice/Battler.

>> No.22977092

At the time I imagined the mansion being in the middle of a forest in a massive kingdom. And that's probably what you are supposed to imagine, before associating the mansion in the flashback to the real life Kuwadorian.

>> No.22977113

Fuck, I completely forgot about its usage in Dawn. Well, there goes my theory. I guess
>>22976767 is probably right after all.
Maybe Ciconia isn't doing so well because it was mediocre and overpriced. 40 USD for 14 hours is too much. Little Busters is 6-7 times as long for 35. If you want a more recent VN, Summer Pockets is 45 for about 40 hours. Both of them are highly rated, too. Maybe Ciconia will get great later, but the first episode was nowhere near as good as Higurashi's, Umineko's, or even Higanbana's.

>> No.22977125
File: 166 KB, 1141x1200, 1579594819775.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Remembering this stuff makes me wish the fanbase stopped trying to twist the intended solution with stupid theories and actually discussed the LORE behind Beatrice. Not her real origin or anything, but the things she wanted us to believe at first.

I wish the fandom didn't get so obsessed with searching for alternate solutions to an already solved puzzle and instead attempted to understand and make some sense of the fantasy side.

Sure, Chiru is all about the mystery genre and shit, which is supposed to guide you in the right direction and hint that this is all fiction within fiction, a mystery book written by Tohya.

But Beato's original 4 games had a charm to them that neither Lambda nor Battler could replicate. They were BELIEVABLE as fantasies and the magical world depicted in them made a lot of sense. When Gaap talked about shopping for clothes in Hell, I could imagine that and believe that such a place could exist, if the whole magic explanation Beatrice proposed was actually real. It wasn't that ridiculous, it was your typical fantasy fare involving demons and witches.

I really enjoy that stuff. Part of the reason Beatrice is such an enjoyable character is because she has this long thousand year old history where she traveled the endless fragments and had countless adventures before meeting Kinzo. That shit may be all fake, but it's just as important as her "real" backstory. It's what gives the character life and makes the fantasy believable.

Seriously, the fantasy in Umineko is pretty fascinating and it would be great if people tried to connect it all together into a proper lore, instead of arguing about the mystery solutions or the authorship theory metaphors for the hundredth time.

>> No.22977152

The first one is the least obvious, but I believe it means that, had the gameboard's story actually continued, had Kinzo's corpse been exposed to the family, everyone in the parlor would've "agreed" that it was Kinzo's corpse without requiring absolute proof. Either because they believe a corpose with six toes can't possibly be anyone else but Kinzo, or because they are all part of a conspiracy to frame Natsuhi with the help of Yasu, who would've told them the truth about Kinzo and how to use it to fuck with Natsuhi. Either way, they would all agree that it is indeed Kinzo.

>> No.22977216
File: 467 KB, 640x480, 1579613972335.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You could say this about Higurashi too. Every arc has its own "truth" at first glance.

For example, if you take Onikakushi as a standalone story, it's a creepy tale about a dude moving to a rural village and making friends with the local girls, who are secretly part of a horrifying village-wide conspiracy and are actually planning to murder him for knowing too much. Their friendly attitude was all a charade to hide their real intentions and get him to lower his guard. As soon as he innocently accepted an invitation to Rena's house or something, she would fucking murder him and the entire village would help hide the body. That shit is scary as fuck.

The same thing can be said of all the other arcs. The Mion in Watanagashi has a fucked up moral system and reluctantly went along with her family's orders to murder the victims of each year, ruining her life in the process because Rena and Keiichi turned on her. In Tatarigoroshi, Keiichi was actually cursed with a power that makes his death wishes come true, and he was also possessed by Satoshi's spirit and transported to an alternate Hinamizawa after disappearing in the night of watanagashi in the real world.

Each arc has its own "truth" separate from the real canon explanation. And those alternate truths often make for very interesting stories/scenarios. They deserve to be analyzed and discussed as much as the real truth.

Seriously, Onikakushi as Keiichi perceives it is fucking horrifying. Taking the events at face value and exploring the circumstances in which two teenage girls would be part of this murder plot is really interesting.

It reminds me of this short film:


>> No.22977239

When I installed the Meakashi patch it only gave me three options: a french language pack, the BGM fix and the SE fix. Before this chapter I always had another option to install a OST Remake.
Is this intended and the OST remake is not needed anymore in chapter 5 or did I fuck this up somehow?
I did a quick check and the msys01-30 (mystery music, club music, etc.) files are the same as in the earlier chapters.

>> No.22977240

How can you enjoy something as disgusting as "ass" without mocking and humiliating the otherwise cute girl it belongs to? That's the proper way to enjoy ass.

>> No.22977318

What about worshipping as a divine being?

>> No.22977338

>and only serves to give Battler and Yasu a forced happy ending together.
I don't know how in any way or form you can look at this theory and consider it to be anything other than depressing, at least from Battler's POV. The only person benefiting from this ending is Yasu, and it would contribute even more to the warped and selfish depiction that was painted of her character. That's clearly a poor fate. + of course Ange
lmao you again, I think I replied to you in the /r9k/ thread. Cope and cry more nigger, don't blame me because you were unable to stop and think for a second while you were reading the fantasy scenes Umineko, expecting to be spoonfed like the dumb goat you are.

>> No.22977364

>Seriously, Onikakushi as Keiichi perceives it is fucking horrifying. Taking the events at face value and exploring the circumstances in which two teenage girls would be part of this murder plot is really interesting.
No wonder so many people got hooked on Higurashi with such a great introductory chapter, may it be with the VN or the anime version. The premise of Onikakushi and the sheer amount of fear/paranoia Keiichi experienced while keeping the reader/spectator on the edge the entire time were entertaining in their own right. Perhaps this is also why most people didn't like Himatsubushi at first, since it doesn't really hold water when isolated from the story as a whole compared to the other chapters. Even if it introduces Akasaka, Rika as the real protagonist and the greatness of mahjong. Okonogi too, I suppose.

>> No.22977458

Answer arc sountrack is different from Question Arc's, and MG didnt fuck around with it like they did the Question arc's.

>> No.22977499

I feel the same, the fantasy aspects of the game are fucking great and the questions arc had a really unique atmosphere. But people don't discuss this for a simple reason: as Ryukishi, they're too fucking busy with the stupid metanarrative aspects with ruin all the fun in the game (Hey, look at these great characters. Lol jk, they're just abstract concepts)

>> No.22977545
File: 428 KB, 950x411, 1571293817929.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

6 years ago battler and yasu fallen in love each other but for not be caught by kinzo with the family battler said of love shannon.
George get envy and destroy battler's letters.
Battler and yasu thought that her/his love betrayl him/her.
Yasu get depressed so much that split personality in 2 kanon and beatrice.
Kanon discover that he was kinzo's son and his past.
Battler's cant endure the pain for yasu anymore and annunce to return in the island so kanon decide to organize the. crime.
Meanwhile eva refuse george the marriage with shannon and when he heard the return of battler he get depressed then kanon arrived and offered him 2 billion of yen to kill battler and eva, george accepted.
But the only thing kanon could not image happened,battler remember her so kanon wanted to stop the plan but george had different plan.
George start to kill everyone and in the end only eva,kanon and battler survive.
Eva made implode the island for preserve george reputation and kanon try to commit suicide for what he do.
Battler save him but lost his memory so kanon decide to not die until he remember again.
Kanon become ikuko and wrote stories about rokkenjima for made battler solve them in the hope to get his memory back.
(All umineko is the magic version of this).
If ange choice trick ending ikuko confess to be the culprit at press conference and then kill herself.
If ange choice magic ending ikuko didnt leave battler and in the end he remember her.

This is what happened in the reality.

>> No.22977700

The best part of Himatsubushi is Ooishi and his jazzy theme.

>> No.22977830

You know, if you're not going to ever fuck off, at least learn to actually adress the content of the post you're replying to.

They asked about the gold truth, not your forced meme of a theory.

>> No.22977869
File: 162 KB, 459x480, Feahuman_waraia2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>respect all the red truth
>give a real motive to everything
>didnt need any meta
>forced meme of a theory.
Gold truth is the witness testimonies.
is impossible deny a red truth(proof) but is very easy deny a testimonies just show proof but a gold truth is like a red truth when is true.
how can dlanor or erika could deny kinzo is dead when there arent proof that deny this.

>> No.22977884

Who are you quoting and why are you telling me? I'm not the one that asked.

>> No.22977887

>Who are you quoting
umineko vn and logic thinking
>why are you telling me
stop say forced meme theory and accept the truth

>> No.22977902
File: 301 KB, 904x1056, __cornelia_and_gertrude_umineko_no_naku_koro_ni_drawn_by_mekabu__e3d38cce0447c8a83cf2c415e8d54350.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I wish the fandom didn't get so obsessed with searching for alternate solutions to an already solved puzzle and instead attempted to understand and make some sense of the fantasy side.
Same. There's plenty to unpack and understand on the fantasy side.

For example, the manga mentions that Gertrude and Cornelia symbolize the receipt stuck in the door and the duct tape seals, respectively. The receipt trick was used by Eva way back in Episode 1 to seal Kinzo's study, while the duct tape seals didn't get implemented until Episode 5. This is why Gertrude is portrayed as a longtime veteran while Cornelia is a new recruit out on her first mission.

>> No.22977922

forced meme theory

>> No.22977928
File: 54 KB, 640x480, cee3447010d7468e737ce44bd88ea332e703807f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Real truth of umineko

>> No.22977998
File: 843 KB, 1031x1600, lambda shoulderless bust long28.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22978015

It's obvious you're the Erika-type.

>> No.22978196

>I wish the fandom didn't get so obsessed with searching for alternate solutions to an already solved puzzle and instead attempted to understand and make some sense of the fantasy side.

That wish cannot be granted with certainty. Some people didn't have the experience to make their theories with every new episode. New readers are spoiled everywhere and are biased. They cannot understand other interpretations or alternate theories. Show them Jessicatrice and they call it dumb. Thinking for your own is more important than making sense of the official solution. Honestly, Erikatrice ala Italian_Anon or as a Shkannon expansion was a nice niche analysis for Erika. While everyone remembers her as a troll intellectual rapist it was a reason to download Umineko and read it again. Other's probably want looking for specific manga scenes to deny this.

>> No.22978236

Cornelia represents weak points of closed rooms where entry/exit is possible.

>> No.22978369

Theorizing out of intellectual curiosity is great, and it's something every reader should try. But touting an incorrect and unsupported theory as "the truth" undermines both the actual explanations and, more importantly, the ways they shape the story.

>> No.22978393

>Thinking for your own is more important than making sense of the official solution
True, but even more important than that is coming to understand the story, themes, and characters.

Interesting interpretation. that would make sense given how she's less capable of holding her position.

>> No.22978425

Doubt the window was really sealed but lambda stop her to say the red truth.

>> No.22979789

Damn. These interpretations are fucking boring

>> No.22979799

How so?

>> No.22980132

>what the fuck does "without love it cannot be seen" even mean and refer to?
Are you for real? You can't have read eight novels about it and not get it. It doesn't refer to a single subject, but it means that you need to be able to emotionally understand people to actually understand their actions, so the bare "truth" is meaningless as long as you can't understand their motives and the fact that what they could have done at some point doesn't summarize ALL of their lives. The Ushiromiya weren't good people and each of them did some nasty stuff, but they are all were more than JUST that: they were people with a lot of emotional baggage who had their good and bad points. That's something you can't see without love, without actually understanding them, just seeing them as one dimensional characters for creepy fanfictions.
The most prominent character in all of this is Sayo, of course, and in her case the quote is way more powerful, since you can't see clearly ANYTHING about her world without getting to know her. You'd have to emotionally understand her to be able to see her as who she really was, not just a wanna be murderer, obviously. But you'd also have to "love" her, to be open to understand her, to see what magic was for her, and that it served a purpose, and that it saved her life at some point (before destroying it), and how important it was, so even if magic doesn't exist, it does 'exist' (and can be seen) for her and those who love her. Even more in particular, it's Beatrice, her "true", magic form, who can't be seen without love: the fact that Sayo is more than just a servant (because she's the true heir of the Ushiromiya, but also because she's a person with a lot of problems the people around her doesn't seem to realize about). Kinzo crying for Beatrice in front in Kanon is a proof of his lack of love in EP2 (?) because he can't see Beatrice in Kanon, since he doesn't know about his love, so he doesn't "love" him (yet).

>> No.22980137

Satoko simply loves getting her arse _______!

>> No.22980139
File: 194 KB, 1127x1600, Chloe's chloes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kek, Choe and Koshka walk all over them

>> No.22980150
File: 2.99 MB, 1947x1440, ciconia_melons censored.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

8MS bras.

>> No.22980155

He could easily shill Ciconia while talking about the new Higurashi anime, it's his own fault if Ciconia flops at this point (although I think it's doing well in sales? about its popularity it depends a lot on the other phases).

>> No.22980196


>> No.22980217

>Ryukishi is purposefully vague about Ikuko
This, how come everything we know about such an important character is how mysterious everything about her is?

>> No.22980234

I want to BECOME Satoko and serve as a cumdumpster for old guys! Just like her!

>> No.22980413

Because she's not important. She's a mysterious, all-powerful observer. The fact that she doesn't age over 50 years should tip you off that she's not human, let alone Yasu.

>> No.22980514

>he fact that she doesn't age over 50 years should tip you off that she's not human

be an incest monster without puberty have their advantage

>> No.22980547

Rita can't hold a candle to Lingji.

>> No.22980631

Lingji may have a super lewd hairy pussy, but she's also a stupid commie chink.

>> No.22980658

Featherine/Ikuko is an exception to every rule. Appointing a GM who doesn't know the truth, retconning the plot on the fly, using red truth in real life, never aging in real life. She doesn't have to make sense.

>> No.22980826

>She doesn't have to make sense.
in a third order fanfiction
we are in a mystery everything have sense.
everything of ikuko character is explained with ikuko=yasu.
we can eliminate all magic, give a sense to everything without using magic or meta.
i dont know why you wanted so much magic is real but ikuko=yasu improve umineko even in shkanontrice.

>> No.22981225

Not saying you are wrong but
>She doesn't have to make sense
Not the best argument really

>> No.22982163
File: 161 KB, 1146x1280, 30166442805cf54acd64bdf442aad7b414593682.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is a basic difference between erikantrice and shkanontrice.

look how i solve natsuhi season, I do not surrender to the evidence of a red truth, I understand its true meaning and with logic I can find the solution hidden behind walls of illusions.
shkanontrice, on the other hand, if he cannot solve something, he simply says it is an illusion there is no need to think.

my solution restores dignity to the mistery, is it so absurd to want a solution that respects the love of beatrice and battler for this literary genre?

>> No.22982661

Pretty sure this solution was proposed in game too, and honestly it's probably the implied solution even in Shkanontrice

>> No.22982813

Not in the Vn ,i read it, maybe in the manga,i look the images and skip the texts, and then why shkanontrice must us this when the 19yo man is shannon?

>> No.22982910
File: 9 KB, 300x300, 4chaninterrogation.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so when is the 8th expansion going to happen

>> No.22982944
File: 492 KB, 491x572, 1527370091000.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get on your knees and find out uwu

>> No.22982989

wow very hot, I wish she 瞬間移動'd onto my lap so I could solve her locked room mystery ; ))

>> No.22983016


>> No.22983025
File: 2.03 MB, 1652x1467, fusion-trice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you like combining characters so much then just go all-in already.

>> No.22983145

Like everyone my first theory was jessitrice(until i discover that kanon was male but i still suspect jessica until ep 6).
My jessitrice theory was krauss is sterile so jessica is natsuhi and kinzo daughter or just adopted.
Battler and jessica fallen in love but battler never return on rokkenjima.
Gohda start to rape jessica. If battler had returned 1 year before than he could save her, if battler had returned 1 year later then jessica would be dead already of suicide, but battler return in the worng moment.
Could he love jessica again even if she was raped?
Jessica depressed by this thougt start the homicide.

Fuck this is was my first theory i formulate, good old times

>> No.22983447

>Hideyoshi is the most evil character on the island

>> No.22983509

Because they reject all the meta characters. Trying to reduce all the meta to metaphors and similes ruins half of the fun in the game

>> No.22983589

No it doesn't? It just adds a real-world aspect to them. Ronove being a representation of Genji doesn't make him any less of a character, does it?

>> No.22983609

Idk, most people seem to regard all the meta simply as a representation of real-world events and Tohya's inner struggles. I find this interpretation utterly disappointing. So I don't know what to think anymore, I always considerated the meta as a real thing, even more fundamental than the real world. Anyway, I find this meta aspect of Ryukishi's writing pretty over the top, episode 8 sucks in this regard. I'm not even sure if I'll read his other works

>> No.22983611

I always imagined that the meta characters ended up actually becoming real, just constrained to their own little fragment.

>> No.22983629

Higurashi is still great, and while it pulls the "that was just a hallucination" to much for my taste, the meta and existance of witches is real. Fags who deny all magic and disregard the meta completely are those who have only read Umineko or those that get hard at the mere thought of believing in a theory that isn't canon and twist stuff to support it.

Ciconia is disappointing tho, wont miss anything by skilping jt.. Then again, only phase one is out so there's not much to go off of.

>> No.22983632

The fact that Jessica doesn't want to die is just mindblowing! She's so cute, and yet she hates the idea of being killed because she wants to remain alive so she can keep eating, drinking, masturbating and eventually take Kanon's dick! Lewd! Pathetic! She enjoys life's pleasures so much, she'll actually defend herself with violence if her life is threatened! What a pig!

Not wanting to die is pathetic, especially if you are a cute girl! Whenever Jessica gets all pissed at the culprit who is killing everybody, she is indirectly admitting that she enjoys living in her ridiculous human body!

>> No.22983643

Only autists would interpret Umineko as if the meta was ONLY a representation of other stuff, and not its own thing as real as the "real world" stuff, while obviously being connected to it. Just like only Umineko-onlys or Umineko-firsts would think magic isn't real in the WTCverse.

>> No.22983647

Don't get me wrong, illuision, dream sequences are fine. We have something similar in Fata Morgana and it's great. The problem is when they do this with half of the game. I can't help but feel that Ryukishi's fanbase is almost religious and he's a bit overrated, even though I love this game

Would you recommend Higurashi anyway? Is the ending another sugarcoat bullshit with meta stuff?

Ciconia on the other hand actually seems great, I like political/war stuff.

>> No.22983648

>"that was just a hallucination"
Is that ever the case? As far as I remember, everything they see is actually happening but their brains just connect dots that aren't there or perceive harmless words as scary threats.

I don't think they ever hallucinate an entire scene or anything. Let alone words from someone's mouth.

>> No.22983657
File: 31 KB, 442x298, IMG_20180126_224718.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

more of this

less this

>> No.22983660

Oh, I see. It's nice to know that then. I'm a Umineko first so I got pretty disappointed. I still hate the sugarcoat ending tho. Ange's fate is depressing and the game want us to think otherwise. And there's a clear bias towards the magic ending

>> No.22983666

First example would be how the needle in the riceball was a hallucination--it was just spicy. Then he didnt really get an injection, and so on.

>> No.22983672

Meta Battler and Meta Beatrice are meta copies of Battler and Sayo. The originals are dead but these meta clones get to live on, thinking they are the originals.

It's like how Bernkastel became her own entity before Rika even started to take life seriously. Except in this case, there is no way for the originals to revive or try again.

>> No.22983688

That has always been my own interpretation as well, thanks :) I still don't like all the Tohya/Ikuku meta subplot but I can live with this

>> No.22983702

Those were creepy things he imagined vividly while zoning out in his paranoia and mistakenly believed he saw them IRL. And then looked back at those moments as if his imagination was something he actually saw.

Then again, he never really hallucinates any dialog. Creepy shit just comes to mind and his brain convinces him that all of his baseless suspicions are true. And when people talk to him, he perceives their every word as a threat.

>> No.22983704

I'd really like the trick ending to be more of an actual ending, but it's just normal Ange would be more "happy" (as in, in peace with herself and able to open up to other people again) understanding "magic" than insisting all magic is a trick. Trick implies she would keep on not believing not only in magic, but also in people, after all, since her family was full of monsters (the obvious conclusion after rejecting "magic", as in, understanding people are more than a selection of their worst aspects or actions), how would she be able to trust in anyone ever again?

>> No.22983741

I love the Higurashientire Kai OST, but I like the question arcs OST just as much, if not more. Not every track is that good, but the best ones are better than anything in Kai.

I hate how they keep fucking with the OST in every new release. Wasn't it royalty free? Just leave the damn thing alone.

>> No.22983760

Exactly. His bias is pretty obvious. There was never an option to choose the ending we want, the trick ending is more of a "what if".

>> No.22983773

My problems lies with that it's always one or the other, never a combination. Some would fit certain scenes better than others, but those same songs would feel out of place in a different scene where the replaced song would play. Someone would have to go through the entire script and flag the songs accordingly.

Another problem is they'd have to be recomposed with instruments to match the Kai songs better, because MIDI would feel out of place.

>> No.22983777

Trick ending is End of Evangelion.

Magic ending is CONGRATULATIONS.

>> No.22983780

Forgot to add: Dancers7 can eat shit. It ruins the fucking mood every goddamn time it plays and the song itself is nauseating.

>> No.22983787
File: 73 KB, 885x214, r07.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is easily one of R07's worst creative decisions, IMO. His choice of increasing the number of magic scenes because otherwise "people would get bored" was pretty stupid as well. Too much ambiguity is cowardice

>> No.22983795

Have you read the Episode 8 manga? I think it improved a lot on the story.

>> No.22983807

Because trick ending is what happens when you go against the story's theme, ignoring the moral lessons and going full intellectual rapist.

>> No.22983811
File: 2.58 MB, 1795x1980, based eva.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22983819

And that's the problem. Ryukishi and most of the fanbase think "oh, the readers who disagree with me are probably intellectual rapists". Both outcomes are underwhelming. Trick ending is edgy and magic ending is fucking reddit

>> No.22983841

Umineko and Higurashi took place in the real world, just adorning a few real life mysteries (Marco Polo bridge incident and nazi gold) with their own explanation to serve the story. The world history itself is the same as in the real world. If Ciconia is the next WTC, it probably follows the same pattern.

According to Seshat, one of the books of revelation was erased from history "as if someone hit the delete key on a keyboard and erased all instances of the word". She has one of the only copies left, but the book itself has been officially lost for more than a thousand years.

Doesn't this heavily suggest that they are in the matrix, considering other WTCs take place in OUR world and therefore that book shouldn't be lost? The book is probably just a normal and well known part of revelations in the original Ciconia world, but whoever put everyone in the matrix deleted it from the simulation's past history because they wanted to follow it inside the simulation and didn't want humanity to predict and prepare for the disasters.

>> No.22983856

Because picking trick in that situation IS edgy.

>> No.22983866

I like it a lot, but it's probably a bit of nostalgia on my part.


What the fuck is wrong with this version, though? This is NOT how it sounds in the original. Is this the infamous "fixed" version that removes the audio clipping? Because it loses all impact somehow.

>> No.22983870
File: 359 KB, 564x865, Eva open blouse 4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is she so perpetually sultry?

>> No.22983877


>> No.22983895
File: 196 KB, 627x352, 88.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The most erotic aunt.

>> No.22983928

I must admit that I can't help but associate that one track ( the one that plays while Ange gets stripped naked and devoured by goats in EP8 after reading the book) with humiliation.

It's the perfect mix of sad and pathetic, and it plays while Ange herself is emotionlessly describing how the goats humiliate her and devour her clothes. I just can't hear it anymore without thinking of humiliation. It's THE theme of humiliation.

A humiliation scene where the humiliatee herself describes her situation in detail and we feel sad for her but also kinda enjoy the trainwreck... is the best kind of humiliation. That track captures the emotions of such scenes really well. It sounds determined and dramatic but also pathetic and miserable.

It could easily play in a scene where a girl agrees to strip naked and humiliate herself in front of her entire school to save her little sister who is kidnapped and will be killed if she doesn't follow the humiliating demands. It really is heroic disgrace in audio form.

>> No.22983978
File: 98 KB, 640x480, 118017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw edgy teenage Ange literally ONLY exists because loli Ange got diarrhea and missed the conference

Isn't that pathetic? If Ange had gone to the conference, she would've died with her family. If the crime hadn't happened, Ange would've become a completely different person as an adult.

And yet, she became an angsty, grumpy emo girl who doesn't take shit from anyone. The kind of girl that would NEVER admit she does something as pathetic as pooping. She's too cool for that. Which is ironic because she only developed this edgy personality as a result of shitting syrup out her ass for a week straight when she was a loli. Pathetic.

Edgy teen Ange literally cannot exist without that event taking place. Her very existence is tied to a bad case of diarrhea that exposes her shameful human condition. Without that humilating past, Ange as we know her wouldn't exist and would instead be a different person with a totally different personality.

Across all the fragments, it's literally impossible for this badass version of Ange to exist without having gone through that pathetic experience. It is a requirement. She can't be cool and have dignity at the same time.

Not only that, but her bullies probably teased her about it too. It's a well known fact that this event ruined her life. And I'm sure the talk shows keep mentioning how Ange escaped harm because she was sick with diarrhea that day. EVERYBODY KNOWS.

>> No.22984000
File: 898 KB, 1006x1400, Eva lounging color 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's forever stuck in ara ara mode.

>> No.22984038

Nah, I doubt any of her stepfathers touched her. But I bet Teppei planned to whore her out to his friends.

I wonder how many tons of gold Satoko's ass is worth. Is she too mediocre of a loli or is Teppei sitting on a goldmine?

Don't call Knox on me because this stuff was hinted at in Matsuribayashi when future Akasaka infiltrated a child prostitution ring to arrest the foreign diplomat. Dude must have been operating for years, so he was probably active during showa 58.

>> No.22984053

I never understood that part, probably because I know jack shit about how diplomatic immunity works. What exactly did Akasaka do to justify arresting the guy, when they originally couldn't because he was a diplomat? Did the police simply kidnap him or what?

>> No.22984087

I always liked how Higurashi took its sweet time to get to the point and had us go through these long, mostly unrelated scenes.

Things like that one tip from Himatsubushi where Oryou is preparing to attend the funeral of a random ass kid who died in an accident and was the grandchild of a random ass business partner of the Sonozakis.

Or that scene in Matsuri where this elderly politician is suffering in his deathbed because his partners took advantage of his incoming death to blame him for all the corruption. Akasaka is there to reassure the wife that her husband's name will be cleared, but the poor guy will die feeling like shit before they can even begin to do so. And this is where he learns about the Irie institution's funds and remembers Hinamizawa.

His next works are much more focused, but I always liked Higurashi's random tangents. They took the story to really strange places and brought up situations and issues that I would've never been though about or been interested in otherwise.

>> No.22984111
File: 145 KB, 539x480, 069851828460d455ef26141b23994109ec05f61a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Sex ring diplomat hiding behind his diplomatic immunity
>Sakutaro literally uses the power of diplomatic immunity several times to win magic battles
>Sakutaro looks exactly like Satoshi
Does this mean Umineko is all a dream Satoshi is having while he's comatose and in the dream he's a super immature loli's stuffed animal because he regrets not giving his helpless sister the teddy bear? And somehow he wakes up and goes on to become the corrupted loli-fucking diplomat in all the failed Higurashi worlds?

>> No.22984138
File: 2.45 MB, 1920x1080, pure and honest.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22984163
File: 1.33 MB, 1000x1420, Natsuhi nightwear desample 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That sure is some pure and innocent cleavage.

>> No.22984196
File: 146 KB, 733x1000, addd0c4bf8375f0084112160ca502dfd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to knock up the pure and honest aunt!

>> No.22984212
File: 255 KB, 1069x1196, __ushiromiya_natsuhi_and_ushiromiya_eva_umineko_no_naku_koro_ni_drawn_by_mossu_anbooru__80127f6b08957fd4f047cfa4775b6724.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The things I would do to her.... even Gap would be taken aback.

>> No.22984220

Just look at the way her blouse hugs her chest. Does she even wear a bra?

>> No.22984238
File: 169 KB, 500x707, 6e2038cf92d973417b5343c3fc5af3e1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22984402

>Let's get a look at those melons shall we?

>> No.22984717
File: 1.39 MB, 1920x1366, Natsuhi stiff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22984878

Too bad the trick ending is downplayed by only showing the boat scene. It feels the Golden Land have everyone dying with no regrets is --- it's a problem Battler built himself that Ange wants to join the Golden Land. Bernkastel was pretty much a necessary counter to make Ange weighing her options.

>> No.22984978
File: 90 KB, 343x440, Ber_defa1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

kyrie culprit theory look so dumb

>> No.22985027

That's not a theory. It's just the reality of what happened in Ange's world. It has no correlation with the gameboards.

>> No.22985061

ange's life was ruined by kyrie culprit theory.
bern=kyrie culprit theory explain bern obsession for ange and why she wanted to destroy her.

the stroy we saw in ep7 is the real benkastle
>That this is all truth-
real mean this is all truth about myself.
bern 's game in ep 8 solution is just a version of kyrie culprit theory that include battler.

>> No.22985116
File: 235 KB, 1002x521, kaguya awful idea.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, that's dumb

>> No.22985133

I wonder if there are any waifufags for the Ushiromiya mothers.

>> No.22985134

argument why?

kyrie said that a MIRACLE KILLED ASUMU
what is bern? the witch of miracle
how you can become a witch?
by suffering for years kyrie suffer 18 years.
witch are created by union of stories, people after discover secret affair of rudolf and kyrie start to create stories with them as culprits and use this story to bully ange.
this explaine everything of bernkastle.

>> No.22985138

i love all of them but i am fat so for me eva is the best mom-waifu give me hope, even me with hardworking can found a big tiddy smart gf that love me.

>> No.22985144

Kyrie didn't kill Asumu so you're literally connecting nothing.

>> No.22985163

a MIRACLE killed asumu.
a miracle according with kinzo is when you realize something the odds are very low enough to be considered magic
so kyrie killed asumu with an impossible trick then made her belive that was a miracle.

>> No.22985165

I think the most interesting part is EP 3-4 where fantasy/catbox elements start directly interacting with the real world. I had no idea what was happening.

>> No.22985200

>killed asumu with an impossible trick
She literally says that she was just hoping that Asumu would die, and then she did. She thought maybe she placed a curse on Asumu and that was the magic/miracle.

Why the fuck would you attempt to kill someone with an impossible trick? That's not how you go about murder.

>> No.22985201

No. The whole point of the miracle was that Kyrie didn't have to do anything. it defeats the purpose to then say, "but it really was her after all"

>> No.22985205

Kyrie killed asumo in a way that no one could think about an homicide
So asumu was killed by a miracle and even kyrie started to belive it.

>> No.22985211

If Kyrie killed Asumu, then why would she think her death was a miracle? If anything was a miracle, it would be that nobody found out. Honestly don't know why I'm feeding your retarded ass, think I'll just stop.

>> No.22985215

You're not even reasoning at this point. It's more like you're deciding on answers arbitrarily and then forcing connections where there are none to try and justify it.

>> No.22985219

Kinzo literrally made billions of money with his abilities buy he belive was thanks magic.
Magic is just an embellishment of a real action but you have to believe it to make it happen.

>> No.22985224

>none to try and justify it.
You are not arguing about that
I just give an explaination to a fact there if my theory is wrong is only asumu die without sense.
In every fucking mystery the dead parent of the MC is always killed.

>> No.22985363

Reminder that R07 originally intended for Tohya and Ikuko to get married but his female staffers vetoed it.

>> No.22985448

>In every fucking mystery the dead parent of the MC is always killed.
That's why Battler sent Kyrie in her doom in Ep6.

>> No.22985477

Reminder that it wasn't because Ikuko is Yasu, but it was just to show you that Tohya really was a completely different person from Battler. The female staffers were only against it because they felt it tarnished Beato x Battler.

>> No.22986391


>> No.22987134

Based. It ridiculous how the game expect us to have empathy for Tohya given that the appears only in the epilogue.

The ending would be even worse lmao

>> No.22987999

Ciconia's characters being brains in jars and their world being vr is the main theory at the moment

>> No.22988006

which one is it exactly?

>> No.22988030

I want to fuck them all, but as to waifu them I'm not sure.

>> No.22988129 [DELETED] 

A very vaguely Umineko-inspired image cyoa.

>> No.22988658
File: 86 KB, 900x623, erika_furudo_lineart_by_intellectualrapist_d460fdx-fullview.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

guys is official, i am banned from ALL umineko discord server.
literrally butthurt mod that can only ban meanwhile i was offline.
disguting discord this is why hskanontrice fags use it.
but ok no more waste of time trying to made understand umineko to manga-only-reader plebs

>> No.22988787
File: 256 KB, 600x800, 1528764295153.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice, now if only the mods here did the same.

>> No.22988837

You were banned because you needed to condescendly discuss everything with everyone, anon, not because of erikantrice. I wouldn't had banned you just for doing that one day, I'll give you that

>> No.22988882
File: 92 KB, 343x440, Ber_niramua1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if you want stop me to discuss just say stop not ban in the back.

> I wouldn't had banned you just for doing that one day, I'll give you that

>> No.22988914
File: 104 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ban me in the back

>> No.22989002

The aunts only get attention because Umineko is lacking in lewd ass loli kids and teenage girls.

Sure, most of the magic characters are young girls, but the fact that they aren't 100% guaranteed to be pathetic flesh and blood humans makes them slightly less humiliatable.

>> No.22989069

That is a big factor. The fact that they're imaginary and just bend to their master's will makes them less appealing. They need to be corruptible, not just obedient. But a human? That quality alone increases the pathetic factor. Their de facto isn't being obedient to a master, so all their humiliation and lewdness is solely on them. If they serve a master, that's their choice, how pathetic! Imagine having Ange or Maria do your bidding. Telling them to do lewd and humiliating things. They'll tell themselves that they hate you and are disgusted with you, but they'd be the ones choosing to obey--it'd be themselves that they should be disgusted with.

>> No.22989120

Is humiliation anon back?

>> No.22989243
File: 702 KB, 1078x1218, Battler.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Banned right before you got to read Borges

>> No.22989256

sad about that i really wanted to discuss with you about it

>> No.22989284

Every cunnyseur should read Cortázar. "Los venenos" is literal loli NTR.

>> No.22989365

Was the concept of dignity only invented to make humiliation possible?

>> No.22989623
File: 1.46 MB, 1496x2129, x60.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22989760

How come Ange wears a skirt and makeup? Isn't that something sissy faggots do?

Ange is a faggot! She's hella gay!

>> No.22990579

It's not because of the theory. It's because you're insufferable.

>> No.22990613

Muh you cant post the truth of umineko and win every argument against it

>> No.22991001

Why was Bern so soft as the game master?

>> No.22991052
File: 166 KB, 833x1000, Bern bust ribbon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is Bern so soft?

>> No.22991079

Did you expect her to turn Ange and her cousins into a human centipede or something?

>> No.22991085

If you assume that Eva helped with the murders in EP1, her actions afterward don't make a lot of sense. She's really insistent on trying to make Natsuhi look guilty when she's not the killer. She even tells Battler to remember the receipt she stuck in the door to prove Natsuhi was lying when they all get off the island. It's also weird how she tries to be so friendly with Battler in general after supposedly killing his parents. Does Yasu really think Eva is this crazy?

>> No.22991166

>If you assume that Eva helped with the murders in EP1
Why would you? It's pretty obvious that she and Hideyoshi were bribed to help with a fake murder mystery set up by Yasu.

The victims really were killed, but they thought it was all fake. That's why Yasu killed them afterwards after she got what she wanted out of them. They were accomplices to what they thought was a prank.

Hell, Eva's behavior in this episode alone is very similar to her behavior in EP5. Very casual and unnatural for someone in the middle of a murder case. And in both games, she was participating in a scheme with fake murders (as far as she knew).

Rosa is clearly aware of the murders in EP2, though. She's probably the only sibling that would actually help with something like that. She just had to act out the whole survivor thing to avoid killing Battler and the others in front of Maria.

>> No.22991194

>She's really insistent on trying to make Natsuhi look guilty when she's not the killer. She even tells Battler to remember the receipt she stuck in the door to prove Natsuhi was lying when they all get off the island. It's also weird how she tries to be so friendly with Battler in general after supposedly killing his parents.
She was approached by Yasu and told of a plan to force Natsuhi to reveal her crimes. That's why she does the receipt thing in the first place. She has already been told the truth about Kinzo.

She plays detective with Battler and tries to get him to suspect the servants because that's exactly what Yasu told her to do. She wanted Battler to tackle the mystery and stop her, so she had Eva encourage him like that.

EP1 and EP5 are very similar, you could almost consider EP5 the answer arc to EP1.

>> No.22991209

The problem is that I don't think Eva can believe the murders are fake in EP1. Hideyoshi knows that the murders are real since he was in the toolshed. Assuming that Yasu didn't pay him solely to testify to a nonexistent body that Kanon and Nanjo could've done by himself, then I'm assuming Hideyoshi was asked either to help kill or move bodies. So if he was, we know that Eva was in the mansion. I find it hard to believe that Hideyoshi could be killing people or moving around bodies without her knowing. We also have testimony from Genji that Eva and Hideyoshi came back to the guesthouse shortly after midnight together. If he's lying to cover for them, then I don't know why he'd lie even further by saying they were together. The whole scenario doesn't make sense.

So Hideyoshi and Eva were told two different things?

>> No.22991225

>She has already been told the truth about Kinzo.
To further elaborate on this, Rosa in EP2 also "meets Kinzo" in the study. The bribed accomplice in each episode is always told the truth about Kinzo. I believe they are also told about Shkanon.

Notice how Rosa gets very agitated when Battler examines the hole in Shannon's forehead and tells him not to touch the corpses. She thinks Shannon is faking her death and doesn't want Battler to find out, because if that happened she would have to kill him right there in front of Maria and that would come back to bite her in the ass several years down the road.

That's why she goes crazy and runs to the sea when she realizes that "Beatrice" isn't alive anymore and won't let her into the underground tunnels to escape the blast. She really killed herself in Natsuhi's room, betraying Rosa.

>> No.22991291

They probably thought they were playing dead, with a lot of makeup on, or something like that. Maybe Sayo even talked about a "drug that makes it seem like you are dead", something about something like that was said during som episode at least, I believe. It's dumb indeed. But it's the intended solution, that they didn't really know about the actual murders. Otherwise how could they just talk about their future so happily during their time alone?

>> No.22991308

>The problem is that I don't think Eva can believe the murders are fake in EP1. Hideyoshi knows that the murders are real since he was in the toolshed.
They were told it was all fake. They just assumed it was really well-done makeup in the case of those with half of their faces gone, or even fake bodies wearing their clothes in the case of those with no faces. They were told that the victims would be in on it too, hiding somewhere for the rest of the day (which is exactly what Jessica and the others do in EP5, they hide away in the underground room).

>Assuming that Yasu didn't pay him solely to testify to a nonexistent body that Kanon and Nanjo could've done by himself, then I'm assuming Hideyoshi was asked either to help kill or move bodies. So if he was, we know that Eva was in the mansion. I find it hard to believe that Hideyoshi could be killing people or moving around bodies without her knowing. We also have testimony from Genji that Eva and Hideyoshi came back to the guesthouse shortly after midnight together. If he's lying to cover for them, then I don't know why he'd lie even further by saying they were together. The whole scenario doesn't make sense.
You realize that Genji is always an accomplice of Yasu's, right? He has every reason to lie about what his "master" tells him to lie about.

>So Hideyoshi and Eva were told two different things?
No, they were approached and the same time and are both in on it.

If you consider their characterizations, none of the siblings except Rosa would ever take part in an actual murder plot. But they can be bribed into agreeing to an outrageous "prank" targeting Battler.

Yasu's accomplices are always Genji, Kumasawa and Nanjo, but only Genji knows Yasu's true intentions. The others have no idea she's actually planning to kill people for real and blow everything up.

The only exception where Eva actually goes full murderer is EP3, where she argues with Rosa about how to split the gold, pushes her and accidentally impales her on the sharp fence. Then she is forced to silence Maria and goes fucking insane trying to cover up her crime. Meanwhile, Yasu goes around killing people herself and leaving stakes on the corpses. Kyrie and Rudolf were probably killed by Eva when they confronted Hideyoshi about Eva's absence during the time of Rosa's death. The guy was just covering for her while she discussed the secret gold issue with Rosa, he never expected his wife to accidentally kill Rosa.

>> No.22991312

I figured that scene fell under the rule that you can make up any scene you want if the people are about to die.

>> No.22991351

Sure, but the made up scene has to actually mean something. They probably weren't really doing what we saw, but instead celebrating and waiting for Kanon to fill them in on the next part of the plan. But deep down, they were fantasizing about how lucky they are because the illegitimate child of the Head just solved all of their money problems and will expose Natsuhi's secret as a bonus. Just for agreeing to do this, they'll live the rest of their life without working.

>> No.22991365

I see, I didn't consider that Hideyoshi might not know they were dead. But since he's always up for jokes, and he would believe that they were still alive and hiding, I could believe it. I was just assuming that he had to have known they were dead, like Rosa in EP2, so that was the problem. Thanks for explaining. I actually think it's interesting for the practical joke explanation, because that would really only work on Hideyoshi.

>> No.22991387

Come to think of it, this makes me think Shannon's death in a new light. Eva says in this scene that she believes Shannon is dead. Maybe in addition to being paid, Eva demanded that the Shannon persona be removed and George doesn't marry her. This would also explain why Shannon is the only person lacking a corpse: Yasu didn't expect her to be one of the six. They had to tell Hideyoshi just to pretend that Shannon was in there.

>> No.22991412

I like how EP3 seems more or less transparent (ignoring the servant ring) until Nanjo's death. Then it becomes really easy again if you know about Sayo. But then it becomes kind of weird again when you know anything you need to know, but the facts don't fit as clearly as it would seem. Like, did Eva really find the gold? Then, why did Beatrice continue with the killing instead of surrendering? (it's even reinforced by EP5 that, in her games, Beato would have actually surrendered if someone solved the epitaph). She didn't know she found the gold? The why did she gave her the bank code? Was she an accomplice since before who she promised to save (I think this is the solution, most likely)? But what were the terms of the deal, exactly? Because Beatrice kills George. But then she knows Sayo was the culprit. Why did she abandon Jessica and kill Battler? Also did Beatrice really intend to let her accomplices live? Other episodes contradict this.

>> No.22991424

You know, this is actually a good theory, anon

>> No.22991509
File: 289 KB, 2048x1152, EQvkodWW4AE5Eq_.jpg:orig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22991580

Rosa is a piece of fucking shit.

>> No.22991753
File: 77 KB, 340x191, 1579756977616.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you think about it, each Chiru arc is an answer to its corresponding question arc.

EP5 is an answer to EP1. The episode is all about Natsuhi. It explains the mystery of Kinzo's disappearance by revealing straight away that Kinzo was an illusion the whole time. Eva acts unnaturally in both episodes despite acting "concerned" when the situation calls for it. She sets up the receipt on the door in both episodes. She debates the mysteries with the detective (Battler in EP1 and Erika in EP5) in a dire situation where it's totally unappropiate. The way the "corpses" disappear from the guest house by hiding away in the gold room also corresponds with what Eva and Hideyoshi believed happened with the "victims" in EP1.

EP6 is an answer to EP2. It's all about Shannon and Kanon and how they can't love, and practically spells out the explanation for their strange interactions with Beatrice. The resolution of the mystery (that it was all a prank set up by the family) also hints at the excuse used by Yasu to make accomplices out of anyone in the past games, regardless of their moral compass.

EP7 is mostly an answer to EP3. It explains the number written on the door. It explains in detail who Ronove and Virgilia represent, explains the whole deal with Kuwadorian and hints at the solutions of some of the past games. In the Tea Party, while arguing about the gold, Eva accidentally kills Natsuhi and panicks, deciding to blow up the island to cover her crime. This is exactly what happens in EP3 between her and Rosa, and the motive for her actions after that point. In the same Tea Party, Rudolf and Kyrie suggest that Battler will prove fatal to them if he ever finds out they were the culprits, and are willing to murder him if he isn't fully convinced of their story. This hints at Rosa's motives for playing around with the survivors in EP2 instead of straight up killing them all with her gun. She didn't want to shoot anyone in front of Maria or do anything suspicious, because that could prove fatal to her if Maria ever connects the dots years later and calls the police.

EP8 is obviously an answer to EP4, focusing completely on Ange and her future life. It finally explains Battler's birth, which was a big deal in EP4. And the trick ending explains what the fuck happened to Ange in EP4, including the full extent of Okonogi's plan. It also closes the Witch Hunt plotline, something that was introduced in EP4 too.

There is also Sakutaro, who is a big deal in both EP4 and EP8. It might not seem to be the case, since he's barely around in EP8, but Ange's story literally ends with her becoming a writer and making Sakutaro into a successful novel series, teaching children about Maria's philosophy and coping mechanisms. This isn't only Ange's life work, but also an answer to HIGURASHI's main villain. She tried to make her grandfather eternal through forceful methods and failed. Both she and Hifumi ended up being erased from the records in most worlds and became a footnote in Irie's article in Matsuribayashi. Meanwhile, Ange went about it with love and succeeded in turning Maria into a god. She made her fantasy world eternal and shared it with millions of children across the world.

This has to be intentional. Ange is kind of a counterpart to Takano in this situation.

>> No.22991781

I think what fucked Takano up was Hifumi's decision to commit suicide at the first sign of dementia. Something like that must make you feel like total crap, even if it wasn't your fault in any way.

>> No.22991918
File: 499 KB, 1426x2048, 1579491491711.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>did Eva really find the gold? Then, why did Beatrice continue with the killing instead of surrendering? (it's even reinforced by EP5 that, in her games, Beato would have actually surrendered if someone solved the epitaph). She didn't know she found the gold? The why did she gave her the bank code? Was she an accomplice since before who she promised to save (I think this is the solution, most likely)? But what were the terms of the deal, exactly? Because Beatrice kills George. But then she knows Sayo was the culprit. Why did she abandon Jessica and kill Battler? Also did Beatrice really intend to let her accomplices live?
I think Yasu didn't know the gold had been found (because Eva and Rosa kept it a secret instead of announcing it to the family). So she kept killing. When she eventually realized she fucked up because the gold had been found, George was already dead, so she left the number on George's door as an apology to Eva. Like saying "sorry, but at least you get to have the gold".

The other possibility is that Yasu KNEW the gold had been found, but she decided to break her promise because Eva fucking strangled Maria, giving her a cruel death that Yasu didn't wish for. That could be the reason she chose George as her victim, to fuck with Eva and make her suffer.

The third possibility is that Eva was an accomplice all along and never actually found the gold by herself, but was approached by Yasu and guided into the underground room to discuss the plan. I don't really like this solution, and it isn't really supported by the story except for two small hints: 1. Evatrice's ascension being all a charade from Beatrice, who was fully in control the whole time. 2. The manga solution for EP3, which suggests that Eva willingly murdered Rosa to keep the gold for herself. It isn't really enough to be convincting, in my opinion.

I think the real accomplices in EP3, if there are any, were Krauss and Natsuhi. "Our Confession" (both the original booklet and the Saku VN adaptation) show an unfinished scenario where Krauss and Natsuhi are made into accomplices, which requires them to be threatened with a gun and taken into the gold room. There, Yasu reveals herself and explains that she has control over the island by bringing up the shrine explosion, and blackmails them to do her bidding in exchange of sparing Jessica's and their own lives. Otherwise, she will activate the bomb or gun them all down with the help of her accomplices.

The same thing could've happened in EP3. They were threatened and forced to do things that helped Yasu's plan. When Krauss happened to notice Shannon's dead body through the parlor's window and decided to break it to check on her, it was probably all an act. He had been told about it beforehand and just pretended to notice it.

Yasu needed them to do this, otherwise her closed room ring would've failed. The closed room ring REQUIRES the survivors to discover Shannon's body first and access it by breaking the parlor's window. It being the first room allows Yasu to escape from it while they are busy checking the others and change into Kanon to "die" in the chapel. Without Krauss and Natsuhi pretending to notice Shannon through the window, some of the family members might have discovered the corpses in the wrong order (like going to the chapel and seeing there is nobody there yet, or breaking a different window to enter a different closed room, which would turn the impossible ring into something "possible" for humans. It's only impossible if only the parlor window is broken and the rest of the rooms are opened by their respective keys, leaving no room for any culprit to have escaped.)

>> No.22991926

Also, I think it's very fitting that Eva loses her son as a result of being a greedy bitch. Had she announced the gold's discovery fairly to everyone, George wouldn't have been killed.

>> No.22991943

Are you Keropoyo? Or is Keropoyo you?

>> No.22991977
File: 715 KB, 1001x709, 1579834784598.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think Yasu is mainly killing people as a show for Maria (to prove to her that magic was real after all). Without Maria to witness the impossible crimes that puzzle even the adults, or Battler to get curious and try to solve the case, Yasu wouldn't have done the whole ritual thing. She would've just set the bomb to explode at midnight without killing anyone.

But she also had another reason for killing them. Once she kills the first victim, she is already past the point of no return. She has just fucking ruined her life and the police will figure out she did it. Crossing this line gives her courage to kill herself once and for all and go through with the plan. Unless she kills someone, she will get cold feet and not even have the guts to let the bomb do its thing. She needs to intentionally corner herself and cross the line of murder, guaranteeing that her life is over and she can't go back anymore.

>> No.22992003
File: 200 KB, 1024x768, 1579470448123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This point of no return thing creates a really intense atmosphere in any story.

I remember being at the edge of my seat reading Meakashi, especially when Shion answered that phone call the morning after killing Oryou and pretended to be Mion. She crossed the point of no return accidentally, she never had the intention to kill the grandma in the first place. But she died from the stun gun and now Shion's life is fucking over. From that morning onwards, she's living on borrowed time, because she can't keep pretending everything is fine inside the house forever.

I think crossing this line (accidentally, ironically enough) is what drove Shion to go through with her revenge. She knew she had just ruined her fucking life and would get found out eventually, so she had nothing to lose and decided she might as well go nuts.

Seriously, I really don't think Shion would've done what she did if she hadn't killed Oryou by accident. She just wanted to do something crazy and question her about Satoshi's whereabouts while pretending to be Mion to the outside world, even if there is an unbelievable punishment waiting for her once she's found out and Oryou is rescued by the main family.

>> No.22992026

I mean, she's not wrong. Would Mion really help her get away with it, considering she was really close to her grandma?

>> No.22992034

The more I reread Meakashi, the more I dislike what the anime turned it into. It's a fucking travesty.

>> No.22992036

More like a best.
>I think Yasu didn't know the gold had been found (because Eva and Rosa kept it a secret instead of announcing it to the family). So she kept killing. When she eventually realized she fucked up because the gold had been found, George was already dead, so she left the number on George's door as an apology to Eva. Like saying "sorry, but at least you get to have the gold".
Not impossible, but kind of dumb imo that in this game in particular she decides to murder George and Nanjo in the 9th twilight personally even though she had no reason to do it anymore, she just had to wait for the bomb now. Also, if Eva wasn't an accomplice and she didn't meet Beatrice down there, she shouldn't know that there was a bomb nor that were was an escape route, so Sayo should appear to say her that, if she was truly sorry. In which case the number thing is kind of useless, she could have said it directly to her.
>The other possibility is that Yasu KNEW the gold had been found, but she decided to break her promise because Eva fucking strangled Maria, giving her a cruel death that Yasu didn't wish for. That could be the reason she chose George as her victim, to fuck with Eva and make her suffer.
Not impossible, but considering the importance Beatrice seems to give to her rules, seems unlikely to me.
>The third possibility is that Eva was an accomplice all along and never actually found the gold by herself, but was approached by Yasu and guided into the underground room to discuss the plan.
My take on it actually (even though I don't really like it storywise), though I already said the problems I had with it.

Not like there aren't any solutions, these are all possible, it's just that EP3 has this not-totally-solvable bits the other EPs lack, in my opinion, which makes it kind of unique.

>> No.22992058

dou kana

>> No.22992104
File: 54 KB, 214x230, 1580142862060.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The scene of Zombie Kanon playing with his wound in front of Nanjo and saying "Don't worry, this is nothing... This wound isn't deep at all... See? It's no problem" is actually really fucking creepy.

Yasu is being sarcastic and confronting Nanjo about the fucked up castration wound he is responsible for. Something he and Genji considered "the best solution", as if there was no problem at all with forcing a kid to live as the opposite gender with no puberty whatsoever and a botched scar of a peehole where his dick should be. They really thought the kid's life was worth saving because such a mutilation wasn't that big of a problem. It was nothing.

Imagine this eunuch dude whose life you ruined, confronting you about it and preparing to slit your goddamn throat.

>> No.22992132

exposed for everyone to see.

>> No.22992143

Some anon pointed it some time ago and it was really mind blowing when re reading the scene. Worst thing about the situation though is that they decided that for some reason it was okay not to tell her she was born a man until she was fucking 17. Were they planning to not tell her like, ever if she wasn't recognized by Kinzo or something? They thought it was okay for her becoming more and more anxious as she didin't develop one bit for the rest of her life?

>> No.22992152

Okonogi showed up in Ciconia, so where are Akihito and the ASHTRAY?

>> No.22992164

How about the one where Kanon whips out his non-dick in front of Jessica before killing her? Beatrice makes fun of his worthlessness as a man, which probably translates to Yasu feeling so much self-hatred and despair that he'd rather kill Jessica and go through with the ceremony. Those intrusive thoughts convince Yasu that Jessica will never love the real him and make him more willing to stab her in the back.

>> No.22992201

>Kanon whips out his non-dick in front of Jessica
His sword*
Jessica being stabbed by lust (he thinks she wouldn't love him if they couldn't have sex) and he by wrath (angry by those intrusive thoughts) also fits.

>> No.22992223
File: 189 KB, 1500x1386, 1579474322723.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's all Genji's fault. He's an old fashioned man who is also dead inside and has no tact whatsoever, on top of being unhealthily devoted to serving whoever he considers his master.

No normal person would drop all this unnecessary information onto the depressed bullied kid. Telling her she's a male eunuch, revealing everything about how her mother was imprisoned and kept ignorant of the world, casually showing them the underground room full of Italian corpses while saying "well, I wasn't here at the time, so Kinzo may or may not have murdered all these people for selfish reasons", handing them the keys to a fucking bomb just in case all this info makes her want to kill herself and then promising to obey her every order without question.

Seriously, Genji is a fucking psychopath. What's wrong with him? He's obsessed with serving his masters and tries to do the right thing sometimes even if it means disobeying them, but he also seems to be completely unaware of other people's feelings and doesn't even consider that these truths could disturb the fuck out of Yasu.

Ange tried to kill herself when she found out the truth about Rokkenjima. Same thing happened to Yasu. She learned too many unnecessary facts about herself and that made her think there was no escape from her situation.

Genji set it all up to make sure that Yasu would solve the epitaph and be reunited with Kinzo, to help Kinzo die without regrets. She was MADE to solve it. But because of it, she was fed all this information and put in an extremely unhealthy mental state.

Imagine if George hadn't been a beta cuck and actually tried to fuck her. He would've noticed that something is really wrong, confront her about it and reassure her that he still loves her no matter what. But because she was so worried and determined to hide the truth, to maintain the illusion of Shannon being a cute bouncy waifu, she would rather kill herself and everyone else than come clean and risk being rejected.

Genji is the real culprit here. Fuck him.

>> No.22992229

I wonder how Kinzo could die peacefully knowing that his beloved "Lion" is now a fucking eunuch raised as a girl. Wasn't he an old fashioned sexist dude who hated faggots and all that shit?

>> No.22992239

I also wonder if the real Kinzo's refusal to even acknowledge Natsuhi's existence was caused by the incident with the baby.

Surely Kinzo must have hated Natsuhi's guts for basically killing the last remaining trace of Beatrice. He just couldn't say it out loud because the whole thing was a secret.

This explains why Kinzo didn't give a fuck about her even though she was so devoted (probably out of guilt) to the family head.

>> No.22992258

It's George's fault. What kind of faggot actively avoids fucking his waifu before marriage? Seriously. If he had what it takes to be a man, he wouldn't be dead now.

He also talks about Shannon and their future as if that was his whole life. He makes it sound like he'd fucking kill himself if his waifu disappeared or died. Let alone never existing in the first place because she was tricking him. This kind of obsessive attitude towards his waifu is what made her close off and be unable to come clean.

>> No.22992284

I would say he probably didn't know, since all clues in the VNs imply the one he suspected being Lion was Kanon (they went shooting together, it was not long after Kanon was "created" that the epitaph came to be, there's even this scene in EP1 where Kinzo insists for Kanon to try and solve the epitaph which could be a scene from the past intercalated in the story as to make it seem as if Kinzo was still alive), who he didn't know was also Shannon for all we know (he probably ignored her pretty badly, not suspecting anything from her after who knows how many years). The manga contradicts this with that Shannon scene in which he learns about her polydactyly, but it's so random compared to the natural progression of the Kanon version, and having also in mind the mangaka seems to fucking love Shannon and draws her whenever she can... well... I don't trust her in that point, really.
Not sure what to think about crossdressing his grandson as Beatrice though.

>> No.22992305

The entire diary is a bunch of illusions, though. It even goes as far as portraying Yasu as Beatrice and toying with Shkanon shenanigans. Clair is telling a very idealized version of the story.

Kinzo was probably on his deathbed by the time he met Yasu, barely able to move. And the scene in the gold room after Kinzo's death was probably made to look much nicer, without all the anger towards Genji we observed in the red guts scene.

>> No.22992325
File: 746 KB, 1280x738, 1579741700871.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, the manga's small details are just the interpretation of the author. The individual details are left to the imagination in the original VN.

For example, I think Alchemist fucked up when voicing the man from 19 years ago. Making him sound so obviously like Battler, barely even trying to hide it, was a mistake. It makes the solution way too obvious and also makes the man less scary because we are literally hearing fucking Battler.

But the VERY FIRST phone call (out of the 3), the one that takes place before the conference itself, is supposed to be from YASU. Not Battler. The text's description of the androgynous voice fits Yasu. Natsuhi's internal thoughts about the caller's uncertain gender also fit. And the gameboard's truth itself only makes sense if Battler was bribed during the conference or a couple days before. Not weeks before, which is when this phone call takes place.

They fucked up giving the man the same voice during the first phone call, because it contradicts Natsuhi's very description of it and makes no sense when you know the truth. This isn't Battler talking yet. It's Yasu.

Goes to show that this VN was never meant to be voiced. Too many scenes play around with the fact that we are only relying on the text.

>> No.22992359

>Goes to show that this VN was never meant to be voiced. Too many scenes play around with the fact that we are only relying on the text.
Really? There are many more? Actually just hiring someone for a neutral male voice or not voicing it at all, or even just putting some kind of talking-through-the-telephone-at-the-distance sound works well. I'm not even sure if Alchemist put Battler there because they thought it was supposed to be there, and not just as some sort of "neutral" voice.

>> No.22992406

Dumb stake trivia:
Kanon, being the bottled up feelings of anger of Sayo, gets pierced by Satan (wrath) in EP1 and EP2. Satan also pierces Natsuhi in EP3, maybe punishing the anger that made her push the maid with the baby into the cliff?
Belphegor (sloth) pierces Nanjo twice, EP1 and EP2. He did decide it was okay to do nothing about Sayo's condition, even though as a doctor he was the one who knew better about it. Then Belphegor tries to kill Rudolf in EP3 (he insisting in delaying telling the truth to Battler and Kyrie after all), although he ends up being killed by Asmodeus (no comment lol).
Asmodeus (lust) also kills Jessica, as you said, and... Eva, in EP1. Not sure about why Eva in particular would be lustful though.
Beelzebub (gluttony) just kills people related to food it seems. Hideyoshi in EP1 and EP3, Gohda in EP2. Nothing too deep apparently.
Leviathan (envy) pierces Kumasawa in EP1 and EP2. Was she actually envious of someone, Beatrice? Was she in love with Kinzo too, maybe? Does it have to do with her inaction towards Sayo? Then it tries to kill Kyrie, for obvious reasons, although the one who ends up killing her is Mammon (greed). Well, one can't say Kyrie wasn't greedy too.
Mammon also pierces Kinzo in EP1 (greedy about Beatrice), and Shannon in EP2 (was it greedy, pretending she would be able to become a human? Did she try telling George the truth and decided to kill him and herself after it didn't go well, maybe?).
Finally Lucifer (pride) pierces Genji in EP1 (proud of being furniture, to the point it ruins Sayo's life), George in EP2 (so proud of being a man now, but couldn't understand what Shannon was going truth) and Krauss in EP3 (his pride as the sucessor I guess? I'm not sure I'd call his 1986 self "proud" exactly, though).

>> No.22992586

They're using the broader definition of lust for Eva. She's lusting for punishment to Natsuhi, (which isn't considered wrath since Natsuhi is both guilty of Eva's accusation and Eva really isn't trying to punish her for it in an excessive way) for money, (again, not necessarily falling under greed since she isn't hoarding and she actually does need money) and for power over George and the family.

>> No.22992590

Also, I guess Kumasawa gets envy a lot because she's physically frail. While the story does she is actually lazy in some cases, she's often getting people to do work that she would have trouble doing herself.

>> No.22992614

yeap image hire accomplice just for cover a body, eva and hideyoshi after that didnt do nothing.
>Rosa is clearly aware of the murders in EP2,
rosa il cleary aware that the servants are the culprits when she discover that they cover kinzo body.
>It's pretty obvious that she and Hideyoshi
why? because made a sarchastic scene with battler , more like detective scene than a culprit.
then what if georgee follow eva and hideyoshi in the room?
yasu could not kill them, thanks to george she can commit th murders funny?
>EP1 and EP5 are very similar, you could almost consider EP5 the answer arc to EP1.
nope ep 5 is similar to ep 3 in these epiisodes eva and natsuhi seem the culprit so you must pass first impression and discover the real culprit.

>> No.22992630

>ike, did Eva really find the gold?
yes but not like we saw.
eva after killed battler ,thanks the numbers on mansion parlor door, solve the epigraph,take the 2 billion yen card,made implode the island for cover battler's murder and leave.
genji loved kinzo, but is love was impossible and when he save yasu his love reverse on her.
yasu for genji is like a daughter and he will do anything for her.

>> No.22992655

How would you explain the scene where Rosa and the rest of the adults go to the chapel, yet only Rosa survives? Note that stating that the scene is meta isn't a valid response. I already told you the scene is meta.

>> No.22992661

man every first twilight is made by roulette destiny.
kanon mix 6 poison and sleeping pills in the food.
the number of death could change from 0 to 6.
this is why every parents survivor said: i go to bed early.

>> No.22992705

That doesn't answer my question.

>> No.22992722

The victim of first twlight must be 6
Not 7 or 8 so rosa could not die.

>> No.22992804

Okay, let me repeat my question.
How would you explain the scene where Rosa and the rest of the adults go to the chapel, yet only Rosa survives?
This scene could've been written any way Yasu wanted. She chose to write it so that all the adults went, but Rosa lived. Yasu could've written it without Rosa being there at all. What did Yasu mean by this?

>> No.22992810

post more.

>> No.22992858

like we saw in the rest of the game rosa is the major character. in this game
like natushi in ep 1,eva in ep 3 and kyrie in ep 4 rosa have some important meta-scene.
naturally yasu could not kill rosa,but maybe she put her in the scene as an introdution to the fight between beatrice and rosa of the end-game.

>> No.22992899

So you're saying that Rosa being present in this scene where everyone meets Beatrice and dies except her has absolutely no bearing on her character for the rest of the story beside what happens at the end?
You're saying that Yasu chose to write it so that she purposely invited an extra person that she couldn't kill who then did nothing for the rest of the story despite knowing that six people just died?

>> No.22992922

yasu wanted to made battler feel something and even to a female parent who survive to the roulette destiny.
look rosa in the game, literrally hated by everyone and trusted by no one,like natushi in ep 1, like eva in ep3.
that scene was like eva-trice scene for eva in 3rd game, a method to made us the reader suspect about the evil mom who didnt trust people.
yasu wanted us surpass the apparence and find the real truth.

>> No.22992928

But piece Battler didn't know that Rosa was there when the adults died. This is meta reasoning.

>> No.22992954

this scene wasnt for battler-piece who didnt do anything for stop the crime.
but for us the readers, for meta-battler we resolve the crime, this scene was for us.

>> No.22992963

So what reason does piece Beatrice have to invite seven people to the chapel when she knows that one of them is going to live and remember that she's the killer?

>> No.22992998

>7 people go in a chapel
>6 dies
>1 survive
>muh i am the smart reader rosa is such a bad person,she is a rich bitch who didnt trust poor servants so if she is the only one alive she must be the culprit ,hahahahah easy i am a genious

>> No.22993006

That doesn't answer my question. Why is piece Beatrice doing this?

>> No.22993021

>piece beatrice.
because was in the plan to made people suspect about rosa.

>> No.22993025

But no one knows that Rosa went to the chapel.

>> No.22993050

how can you know that?
if gohda and shannon, saw rosa exit from the chapel then yasu could use this to made them suspect about her.
they would never confess of saw rosa in front her,but with other servants in servant room yes.

example:kanon appier in the servant room:
kanon:guys rosa in the culprit we must hide nanjo and kumasawa are old easy targets.
gohd and shannon:kanon have right i saw her exit from the chapel.
this is another solution of my manifesto for the death of nanjo and kumasawa, if the chapel scene wasnt meta then it works

>> No.22993877
File: 93 KB, 400x578, tumblr_pafbo3SEaX1x6qlwwo1_400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just gonna leave this here. Ever since I saw Higurashi for the first time it changed me. So I'm doing this, gathering all of Ryukishi's writing and making it into a Google doc. If anyone else has something like that maybe share? But I did this to thank Rena and everyone else from Higurashi and Umineko. Everything else is gonna be new like Higanbana and Ciconia.


>> No.22994654

>Why would you? It's pretty obvious that she and Hideyoshi were bribed to help with a fake murder mystery set up by Yasu.

Eva told George to go with his parents to the Guest Room. 2nd Twilight victims would have changed if George agreed. You could say it for every accomplice parents who would take their child with them "just in case".

>Very casual and unnatural for someone in the middle of a murder case
I refute. Ep3 shows that everyone is quite relaxed after the crime which has a real burnt corpse.

>> No.22994755

Nice. Thanks anon.

>> No.22994777

>Ep3 shows that everyone is quite relaxed after the crime which has a real burnt corpse.
Because they literally think it's all a bizarre prank from Kinzo and his servant. They discuss this possibility for a while.

>> No.22995501

some discord groups have literally the entire umineko script for download, likely to facilitate theorycrafting and overall discussion, shit is really really long after all.

>> No.22995556

Discord is shit
All backstabber faggots

>> No.22995623
File: 500 KB, 1536x2048, EQyJFIOXkAA5HrP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice one Lilja

>> No.22995636

I like Grinhild's grandhills

>> No.22995656

Your waifu is a traitor
And sold her body to AOU officiers

>> No.22995690
File: 1.25 MB, 936x1440, gunhild_2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gunhild flashing her hills at a rock concert.

>> No.22995760

it's amazing how can any character become a whore just by being 3D

>> No.22996052


>> No.22996068

wtf you talking about Eva is sultry as fuck that's why she gets the Lust-stick

>> No.22996146

>be me
>speak with lambda about nice book
>go to sleep

Fucking discord faggots

>> No.22996183

Gunhild has an arse that shits. How can she act so smug?

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