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>Ugly goat in the OP

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TAKE BACK NOW, also post retard

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retard dog


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Would you buy a book from these store clerks?

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Oh, yeah, I'd buy their books if you know what I mean ;) ;) ;)

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just creepiest cy8er

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Not gunna lie I would fuck the sloth if she was wearing that outfit.

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cute boy is confused

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cute boy is cute

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some people have different fetuses

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Holy fucking uggo

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me in the back waiting for her to shit on me

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Rin is hot?!!?

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flawless smiles and teeth

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That's very likely just a droplet of water or sweat.

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Could somebody post verified zenkimi leaks?

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Everything besides the BBQ favouritism and peachy pussy girl's Tinder addiction is all bullshit

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japanese idol eating potato

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i want to eat that japanese idol

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I want to fug mashiro

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four-month tour is over, so ayuni will be dry for a while. however, she left a lot of sweaty legacy

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That's actually not an idol anymore, it's an active Japanese female actor best known for its role in the live action adaptation of the Japanese manga Gintama

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^ uggo hatrick

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finally our queens

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Cute, Cute, and Cuter

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thread is saved

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based on deez nuts

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I don't understand this new meme, why do you keep saying "based" like it's a full sentence

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only thing you need to understand are deez nuts

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It's the way we pray to our Based God Lil B

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>not using 4chan(nel) lingo in real life

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nerozumím, but your photo is very cute and sweaty, thanks

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There are:

in this thread

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Now this is epic

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missed a few

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Go suck Muhammed's dick faggot

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We have to drive the SEAs out.

Two people posting in Finnish last thread

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That one ayuni poster.

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Damn what happened?

She got fat so quick

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Unironically based.

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But was it about posters in these threads only? In that case, I don't know and could be wrong, maybe the most cancerous ones are from Southeast Asia and I just don't know it. I don't assume nationality unless it's very clear.

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gave me a chuckle

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>We have to drive the SEAs out.
akaneposter is probably a sea fella and he must be protected

poor scrooge rejected goldie so hard he became an incel

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That's why they are called "alternative" idols

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Me on the left and Togaren in the middle after I get done fucking her backstage.

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Why the assumption that defending Southeast Asians automatically means I must be one? I'll defend anybody from being unfairly judged, and remind people that multiple countries and their populations cannot be discussed as if they were one. You wouldn't say "Asians are all the same" or "Europeans are all the same" or "Africans are all the same", and if you have any sense you'd consider them to be ignorant racist statements, as they are because there are vast cultural differences between different Asian, European and African nations. Yet, you'll say "Southeast Asians are all the same" as if they inherently shared some connection beyond geography. Do you not see how hypocritical it is?

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SEA fuming because no one likes SEAs, confirmed

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based wokeposter

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All Europeans are the same though. Fuck Europe.

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Finally something we can all agree on.

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canadians are worse

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Quebecois are tolerable tho

>> No.22867635 [DELETED] 

you're probably talking to an american anon, they can't name more than 5 sea/european countries don't bother

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>poor third world shitposters are mad because they'll never be relevant or have more than 5 numbers in their bank accounts

5 European Shitholes Without Using Google:
1. Argentina
2. Venezuela
3. Cambodia
4. France
5. Trinidad

Haha, fuck off faggot.

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When did /pol/ come into my /alt/ ...

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Also Colombians

>> No.22867721 [DELETED] 

I'm from SG tho.

>> No.22867732 [DELETED] 

Wah Lao! Dis guy Singlish si beh
hiong sia

>> No.22867735 [DELETED] 

but all SEA idol fans are pretty much the same

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Are there any /alt/ idols that actually made it big time besides baby metal?

>> No.22867769

for many of these girls, this is a part-time job with possibility to become huge. Most of those who burn out quickly don't have any big aspirations. Those willing to work hard usually have dreams of becoming something in the entertainment industry.

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they're the most major idol there is

>> No.22867799

Before they signed they did lives outside in akiba for like 15 people

>> No.22867803

They're still not /alt/

>> No.22867806

MomoClo did tours at electric stores and AKB48 did daily gigs for a dozen of fans in a tiny theatre.

Everyone starts somewhere before they get big.

>> No.22867808

yeah because they fill the tokyo dome nowadays (btw the 2010 performance is the best thing that ever happened)
if /alt/ were a thing in 2004 they'd 100% be /alt/, more than most of the groups posted here

>> No.22867823

Now they are, but not when they started, that was anon's question.

>> No.22867825

yeah basically pretty much every idol group is /alt/ at first, except when they already have a famous sister/rival-group

it disappeared because unfortunately their music sucks nowadays and no one cares (though they've never been as popular as nowadays in the west i think? i guess the nu-fans stay on discord/reddit or are too casual)
that's quite sad desu, i liked lurking there from time to time

>> No.22867831

BiSH did for sure. Even though they pre-date /alt/ MomoClo started out singing on street corners.

>> No.22867837

Only good thing Nakata has done lately was the collab with Shounan no Kaze

>> No.22867839

General died off when discord started becoming popular. They are peaking in the west right now. I don't think their music sucks but their last album was a letdown imo.

>> No.22867850

MomoClo being /alt/ is highly debatable as they were put together by a major talent agency.

Most groups posted here (Including BiSH) are produced by smaller companies with lesser connections in the industry.

>> No.22867857

avex isn't small tho

>> No.22867858

hoes wanna be popular
they want the male attention
they wanna be the next big tarento star

>> No.22867877

it's the yakuza 7 track right? it was decent indeed
i gotta admit i enjoyed kimi gaiine kuretara as a huge kyary fag, but that's because all the decent/good songs he makes nowadays are very kyary-like, everything else sucks (cf. future pop's chourairin/tiny baby, i.e. the only good songs of the album or the cy8er track)
if i were kyary i'd be pissed off that nakata gives all my songs to other people, but i guess she doesn't really give a fuck anymore

>> No.22867879 [DELETED] 

well said

Filipino and Indonesian are some of the most painful insane cancerous fans around. luckily most of them are into kpop and spread their cancer there, but some have noticed Japan and are horrible

>> No.22867887

>Worldwide sold out tours
>Headlining arena in the US
>Always doing the biggest metal festivals in the world
>Youngest ever artists to sell out Tokyo Dome
I don't consider them idols either, but they have made it big.

>> No.22867909 [DELETED] 

SEA Sakamichi/AKB fanbase is literally the worst.

>> No.22867926

You might not consider it recent since it's been 3 years, but the Mito Natsume album was fantastic.

>> No.22867953 [DELETED] 

>hundreds of people
bro, that aint /alt/..

>> No.22867955

of "/alt/" group? BiSH did it. Passcode is also doing O.A for mainstream group such as Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas or Sum41, and became regular at Summer Sonic.

YSM signed with Universal Music on friday, so they might have a shot at it.

>> No.22867963

Signing with a major label isn't "making it" in this day and age.

>> No.22867970

i agree, i had fuusen to hari on repeat for a while
i usually enjoy his collabs, coltemonikha has some awesome tracks

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Idols can! (almost)

>> No.22868042

>One can argue they aren't big time and are more niche outside of Japan
i mean we're talking about japanese music, what japanese artist/group can be considered popular worldwide? babymetal might be one of the most famous

>> No.22868081

It's a flash in the pan and Japan's music industry is an isolated oddity. That's why BM spends like 10 months out of the year performing at like 1500-3000 capacity venues in Europe and Mexico or whatever and then only does a few shows in Japan.

Manager-san wants to be able to fill a Tokyo Dome everywhere they go in the States and around the world, but they can't duplicate what they have in Japan especially Tokyo.

>> No.22868127

yes, but signing with Universal could give them access to their PR budget.

That's also what boosted Passcode in 2017.

>> No.22868176

and she's an alcoholic now, life sucks

>> No.22868179

Prove it, nerd.

>> No.22868184

most japanese people are

>> No.22868186


>> No.22868192

worse than being an alcoholic she's fat & ugly now

>> No.22868199

Being healthy is a good quality, fag

>> No.22868205

getting fat is the worst thing a girl can do

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>drinking problems

Tru alt, not even Katy is this hardcore.

>> No.22868222

Best. Also don't use the term "fat" it's derogatory.

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>> No.22868233

t. fat fuck

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the term is 'autism idol', it's empowering

>> No.22868298

I used to call pikarin autism idol, then she evolved beyond that into full retard

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is pikarin among the few idols that (almost) nobody dislikes on /alt/
her autism is special bros...

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>> No.22868383

however pikarin was not the first retard idol, ao was the original to gain that title. but she's gone the opposite direction and is now much less retarded than her 13 year old self

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this seems like standard pikarin behavior, not being able to bite her fans and draw blood from them she has to settle for the type of interaction between a chimpanzee and a 5 year old at a zoo.

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shitpost chan will probably turn on her when shitposting the other idols doesn't get him the (You)s he used to get but otherwise yes she is our girl

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Megumi-chan under a good angle.

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sweaty ayuni in foggy glasses

>> No.22868587

that's a stunt apartment

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>> No.22868657

Are we talking about her being autistic/retarded in the 4chan sense of the word, then yes she probably is to some degree. If talking about an actual medical diagnoses then I highly doubt she is.
As far as her room that could be what her room looks like or it could be a bit of kayfabe, she knew the cameras were coming.

>> No.22868686

Sexually aroused you are supposed to feel sexually aroused. If you don't then you are likely a homosexual, unless you are girl in which it would be the reverse.

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Brazil doesn't have a boyfriend. What are you talking about?

>> No.22868758

I don't doubt that she put on a show for the cameras and leans into that side of her, but I don't think it's a "character".
Like she doesn't dress up as a sexy devil or whatever in her everyday life she can dress normal and blend in, I think she does have a room full of otaku shit but it's just the one room like any one of us would have a game room - and some of us have an anime room of our own.

>> No.22868837

Put some stuff in boxes and put it out for the camera sure quite possible. 20 30 minutes and 3-4 decent sized storage bins can take a cramped Japanese apartment from a little cluttered to absolute chaos.

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I'm just gonna leave these here

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They were probably able to control themselves and not get aroused on set since they were Japanese and not SEA

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File: 577 KB, 720x960, 心鞠游(こまりゆう) - 圧倒的三等身【歩行編】-1221646272588726274.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22869287

Oh wait the typing style and seeking out young Japanese girls to e-stalk, is that you agua?

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