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New Higurashi anime announced.
It seems that it will air this year? Maybe a Tsumi standalone adaptation judging from the promo art? Or a remake? Studio is Passione and Producer is Infinite

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Everyone ready for the PASSIONE memes?

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send your opinion and feedbacks i will use that for improve my manifesto!!!


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Going by the trend, they better not fuck it up. Snowflakes have contaminated the corners of the medium and now you can’t show full on guts and gore anymore.

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>Higurashi getting even more shit while Ciconia just gets put off forever and ever

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How will Ooishi look in Akio's style?

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My personal ideas for it are that its gonna be a new arc, will have the possibility of exciting Hanyuu's antics, possible addition of the console arc ideas. I'm. Just giving it all unrated hope, Higurashi is import to me with all my life. Just hopes Ryukishi and the team doesn't harm its production.

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Is this what Ryukishi was hyping?
I hope they're creating a complete different scenario and ending, or else it would be pointless. If they end up adapting the same arcs then I'd rather replay the original VN again than watching this anime.

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Large as usual.

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>New Anime announced
>Thread still dead
I hope it's just because everyone's at the /a/ threads.

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discover the real solution of umineko

READ THE MANIFESTO:https://pastebin.com/XVrRMWqS

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sorry wrong thread
MODS delete

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I really like that guy art style, and I'm kinda hyped to see some Higurashi characters in his style.
It's Passione really that memey?, I've never seen anything by them, I only know that they did Citrus.

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>It's Passione really that memey?,
Not really, no.
Maybe he's drawing a link between OH DESIRE and Passione or something like that.

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join the erikantrice fan server 7mmVNP
italianon himself is in this server

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Anyone seen any anime made by PASSIONE?

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I saw Hinako Note and Rail Wars which were both mediocre. I've heard great things about Joshikousei no Mudazukai though I haven't watched it myself

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Rail Wars!
Hinako Note
Joshi Muda

Looking forward to Ishuzoku Reviewers.
It's very funny.

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jannies keep deleting my post look in archive for invite to erikantrice discord server

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Bless the janitors.

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Replying this anon here. Disclaimer: I'm not the guy you first replied to.

This is one of my major gripes with this story. Don't get me wrong, I loved Umineko and all the meta commentaries are great. But there's only one problem, while I find it ok to not give a clear definite answer about the murder mysteries themselves, not giving a concrete answers about the lure and the meta is simply disappointing. Specially because how you interpret the meta can make the conclusion of the story either much more sad or happy.

Also, the epilogue sucks. The ending would be perfect if Tooya didn't exist (or at least if he recovered his memories). It was just a further humiliation for Ange

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>not umineko chiru anime
is umineko that unpopular? only pixiv seems to think otherwise.

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>So was all the meta fake? Was it all just Tohya's books? I don't think I like Umineko if that's the case.

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Because nobody cares. Despite being shit, the deen anime still exists. It adapted the whole story, so all it can be is either
a) same thing again but better
b) console arcs
If it's a, whats the point? If it's b, who gives a shit?

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A better anime would be kind of hype desu.

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More anime also means more exposure, which means more potential for fanworks and online discussion.

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fat and smug

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Italian anon, I must say you have my gratitude.
I discovered this place not so long ago and decided to stay for Higurashi discussion. However, I did a mistake by lurking here before reading Umineko. Of course I tried to avoid spoilers but lost my cautious few times and ended up knowing things I shouldn't know.
Meanwhile you were spamming your theory in every thread causing long discussions. There were some many things mentioned by you and other people in the discussions that I lost my perspective on the story. Now I don't know what is canon, what is your theory and what are fact exaggerated and distorted just for sake of mocking your theory.
In other words I don't feel bad about 'spoilers' that I read because I don't know if they are even true and I easily forget them.
Because of that I can happily read Umineko in peace.
Thank you Italian Anon

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nothing my friend i will always help my friends
umineko is the best fiction opera ever and if i made you read happily it i am very very happy.

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I was just implying that passione will have Deen levels of quality.
It hopefully won't, but makes for a good meme.

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My pal is going to write a story based on one of these, oh boy

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How much of a trainwreck the Umineko anime was kinda doomed any future adaptions for it.

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Finally done with Ciconia, that was a long ep. It has its slow moment but that ending really got me. Okonogi was pretty fucking based.

Also holy shit I get it.

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I watched rokka no yuusha. Made me think they could have done something great if the mystery was better. Felt like they did a good job but were limited by the story. They actually took their time which would be a positive for a reboot of Higu.

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Very excited for Rika and Keiichi fanfic.

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Not ready..

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higurashi anime was absolute dogshit too though? don't see your point.

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It wasn't that unpleasant to watch

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Tho terrible, as a mostly atmospheric sol with occassional horror and gore, there's not much you can do to make a new adaption all that worth it. It's not like with the original Deen F/SN anime where theres so much that could be done visually *and* story directing wise. Higurashi is more limited, the difference just wouldnt be enough to set it apart from the first adaption. Something like Umineko would be more fitting though.

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The difference is that Higurashi at least is adaptable, albeit likely necessarily rushed for time and budget contrains.

Not even Umineko's manga could possibly adapt it without missing a whole lot of the narrative nuances from the start, since it isn't necessarily convertable to a purely audio-visual medium unless Lynch was directing the whole mess.

Hell, even if they tried to adapt the manga for Umineko instead, the adaptation was so difficult to do that some of the monthly chapter literally had to have from 60 to almost 80 pages at times in one go, full of text. try adapting that in a 20-24 minutes timeslot and see how well it will flow and just how much content and pacing it will ruin.

Unless we are talking about an irregularly timestamped OVA release for Umineko (like Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu), I don't really see it happening.

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Apparently it might be a re-telling with a female MC instead of K1

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you prob meant "audio OR visual mediums" there, but yea, I get your point

but the manga didn't really have perfect stopping points for each chapter even then, so I don't think following it would solve any of the anime's problems, might as well just stop midway of a lengthy manga chapter and call it a day

I've seen worse shit separating weekly releases before anyway, and their adaptation never follow suit with them, like any of the adapted stuff from Gantz' author and his terrible ass chapter transitions that don't end

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Ryukishi's waiting for the actual WW3 to happen in order to gain ideas for ep2.

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apparently he is predicting a lot of it, he doesn't really have to

let's be real, Higurashi is just more relevant every single time, it's like his Fate series in his ryuuverse.

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If they gender bend K1 that would be a fucking meme

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It's not a good adaptation, but it's probably the best horror anime out there.

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As long as she keeps the same personality K1 has, it will be weird but watchable.

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So why didn't you make Maria a culprit in Bern's game?

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i must use same culprits in all the game,
think about it
if in the beatrice you can choice different culprits from george and kanon
berkastle could have created a game with battler family as culprit instead of tricking battler and beatrice.

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Nevermind. I just saw Kanon's purple said how the corpse are placed.

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what you mean?

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i think stan gave me hierophilia

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That's how they have found corpses and how Kanon avoided suspicion from the other servants

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>Shannon: All of us servants were together the whole time.
>Kanon: All of us servants can prove an alibi for all of the other servants.
shannon's truth should have implied kanon's truth this means that even if they were all together it was not possible for the servants to control the position of all the others.

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No I meant another matter. It was possible for Kanon to kill both while the servants waited outside, he could have moved them away in a way the servants cannot look at the corspses.

I know it's a weak argument to visit Krauss/Natsuhi in a group and manage to kill them directly while avoiding the everyone's gaze. Being together is a broad desciption. Maybe about 1 to 10 metres radius?

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sorry anon i reread it the narrator said in white:rauss-sama and Natsuhi-sama lay sprawled on the floor inside the room so its red truth.

well this point is the more delicate for kanon and george culprit.
for solve all the game i can simple say: the accomplices of george were eva and hideyoshi but i dont want this is like and half defaut.

shannon truth can be destroyed in 2 ways:
>kanon isnt a servant is the head of the family
>were toghether can mean in the same house

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This made me hard, I want to fuck Rosa and Maria.

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humans create witches
a witch is formed by the union of stories, rumors, beliefs that humans use to explain something they can't explain.

Beatrice 2:was created by the union of the ancient legends of rokkenjima, the story about the blonde lover of kinzo and the mysterious facts that happened on the island.
beatrice 2 is innocent because the facts that were attributed to her were just forgetfulness of the servants who rather than admit their mistakes accused the witch.

Real Beatrice:was created when Yasu impersonating the witch began to scare the servants and throw them down the stairs when they insulted the witch, people began to be afraid of beatrice so she went from the innocent witch who played tricks, to a monster.

Eva-trice:for the public eva was the only one to survive the rokkenjima massacre so it was natural that stories about her guilt began, this stories created eva.beatrice.
maybe before the 3rd game tohya \ battler discovered that eva had survived and began to suspect her so ikuko wrote a story where eva seems the culprit for made battler understand that to find the truth he was supposed to go beyond appearances

Maria-trice:because of the influence of yasu maria began to seriously believe in witches and this put her in embarrassing situations at school, the other classmates began to spread rumors about how she was really a witch to bully her.
This created maria-trice

Angebeatrice: same situation of maria.
lassmates began to spread rumors about how she was really a witch to bully

featherine: the witch hunters since her stories seemed original began to believe that she was really a witch.


Bernkastle:after the discovery of the illicit affairs of rudolf and kyrie people started creating stories where they 2 were the real culprits of rokkenjima.
so, as in the case of evatrice, barnkastle was created from these stories.
I'm not 100% sure about this because bernkastle also appears in higurashi but there are many clues to that:
>kyrie and bern personalities are the same.
>after erika dies bern disappears into the world of abandoned pawns and only when ikuko calls her does she come out of there, so we understand from this that bern is a pawn of erika so a pawn of yasu.
>bern wanted to make people believe that the culprits of the eighth game were the battler family, after everyone accepted that bernkastle got enough power to implement his plan.

lambda:lambda remains a mystero for me.
She's always helped Battler and Beatrice, but I still haven't figured out how to classify her.

How you all think about that?

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EP4 seems to contradict this, both in the actual narrative and if you take the red truth as applying to reality.

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In ep 4th everypne who lied had a motive
Gohda:limited amount of bullshit didnt said nothing of magic so genji can force him do said that
Krauss:same thing as gohda
Jessica:she choice to die in the test so lied according with her test choice
kyire:kanon said to her that she was battler's real mother , the shock + want to save battler life made her lied

Red truth are valid only in the game
Didnt exist no red truth in reality!!!

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Beatrice, on the game board, has a direct conversation with Battler where she's checking if he remembers her and his promise. After she realizes he doesn't, she walks away and leaves them both to die in the explosion.

The problem with this is that unlike the message bottles, written by Yasu alone and assuming that Battler never remembers her, EP4 is written by Tohya and Ikuko. This means that this conversation needs to have at least some basis in reality. Either Ikuko or Tohya must know about Battler's promise. If Battler is the one that knew, then why is he playing dumb? If Ikuko knew, what is she trying to do here?

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O sorry i didnt understand well your message.

6 years ago battler met a shy girl who loved mystery novels like him.
Battler could not return to the island next year so send a letter for her love but george destroyed it.
Battler fell The same feeling of betrayl of yasu.
In every yasu mystery battler never remember her, remeber jessica, shannon ,kumasawa , the temple, the garden but not her.
Yasu accept that no miracle could made battler return and the same thing was thought by battler.
This is why she always wrote that but
battler never return to rokkenjima before because he was scared to meet her ,hiw can her met again the girl who first stole his earth and then destroyed it.
All thw story is a great incomprension creates by goerge envy.

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EP4 wasn't a Yasu mystery.

>> No.22741336

Ep 4 was written by ikuko
This conversation could be made by battler and ikuko in real world.
Sorry for the grammar here but is the 3am and i wrote it with phone

>> No.22741342

Ikuko is yasu.
I think ikuko to write these stories use the memory of the old herself.

>> No.22741344

They couldn't have had that conversation in real life because then it wouldn't make sense in EP5 where he finally remembers. She'd basically be admitting everything to him. Battler in EP5 would contradict Tohya's knowledge.

>> No.22741352

Ikuko goal is made battler remember.
If all umineko is a counterpart in real world, here ikuko could not endure anymore and left the game, problaby tohya discover end of the golden witch and thanks to it remember everything

>> No.22741370

But that's impossible because we know that Ikuko wrote EP5.

>> No.22741404

Why not?
I think the story was:
Yasu tried suicide ,battler save her and lost his memory.
Yasu dedice to not die until he will recover.
One day his bottle message was discover so yasu become ikuko and triwd to use these story to made battler remember her.
Ep 1-3 were used for that but after ep 4 the pain of guilty of ikuko become too much and left the game.
Battler discover ep 5 solve it and gain his memory back.
Battler start to wrote dawn to made ikuko understand that he discover everything but mean while he is writing it made a logic error because he didnt understand that erika is kanon.
Then ikuko found this incomplite book and made ange read.
After that ikuko finnally discover that battler remember everything so decide to confess everythinf and die.
If ange choice trick ending ikuko during the press conference confwss wverything instead with magic ending she acceot the pain and continue to live for battler

>> No.22741416

Because Erika is Ikuko's character. And it's directly said that Ikuko wrote EP5. She couldn't have given up on writing before EP5 because she wrote EP5.

>> No.22741435

If erika is the detective maybe but not if she is the mastermind.
If ikuko is erika why she didnt check the bldies even if thwt had the same type of fake death in 10 little indians?
Why didnt check if someone is hiding in hideyoshi closed room?
Why didnt found strange that kanon or shannon wasnt in mansion parlor room when she said that everyone was here?

>> No.22741562

None of that is my concern because we know for a fact that Ikuko wrote Erika into the game. That means that Ikuko wrote EP5, and didn't quit after writing EP4.

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>> No.22741740

From a meta perspective, Erika seems to exist to force Battler to find the culprit instead of playing pretend with Beatrice and saying he's the killer. Erika being Battler's character wouldn't make sense because he'd be poking holes in a story that he knows is fictional because he wrote it.

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Is there an archive of every humiliation anon post?

>> No.22742090

Who do you think is a good composer for the new Higurashi anime? I doubt Kawai Kenji will be returning because he's inactive and his OST on DEEN's Higurashi was pretty shit, the only standout track from the OST was the main theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuofG8a7EEk

>> No.22742102

>Not appreciating the kino art of the Higurashi anime
I bet you play WTC with the puke-inducing PS3 avatars or whatever nu-art they keep implementing in the releases.

>> No.22742314

Beatrice want Umineko Chiru anime to happen.

>> No.22742402 [DELETED] 


Ohara want Umineko Chiru anime to happen.

>> No.22742418

a-at least the writing was good though

"No!" The writing is dreadful; the story was terrible. As I read, i noticed that every time a character talked about war, the author wrote "to support the walls of peace".

I began marking on the back of an envelope every time that phrase was repeated. I stopped only after I had marked the envelope several dozen times. I was incredulous.

>> No.22742485

>I doubt Kawai Kenji will be returning because he's inactive and his OST on DEEN's Higurashi was pretty shit
bluepilled deafposter

>> No.22742494

Is there an archive of any of them? I wanna read em again

>> No.22742608

Every plotholes become all according to keikaku with erika=kanon and ikuko wrote ep5
In ep5 wrika is fucking dumb
Worst than a 3rd class detective made too many errors
Why for you ikuko do that?

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Guys i am reading forgery of the. purple truth.
I wanted to solve this with erikanon and george as culpruts but this time is difficult so if erika isnt kanon is obvious that the culprits are erika and kanon (different person)

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>Yasu tried suicide ,battler save her and lost his memory.
>Yasu dedice to not die until he will recover.
While that is coherent with what is shown, there is really no need for such contrivance. We know that whole boat scene is fantasy. There is magic everywhere, Beatrice is physically present, etc. Then it should be taken metaphorically.

The easiest way to interpret this scene is that Yasu decided to let go of her Beatrice persona after it all went wrong and unwittingly led to the death of everyone. There is a strong undercurrent that Yasu feels extremely guilty about what really happened in the island, but still loves Battler more than anything. She decides to stop the witch-stuff right there and "drown" Beatrice under the waves.

Metaphorically, Beatrice is killing herself at that point.

Now we know since EP 1 that Battler is shit with boats. Utter shit. Thus he falls off the boat. Yasu believes he's dead, and charitably, metaphorically, that can be seen as him dying at the same time as Beatrice killing herself. Both are joined in death and Yasu's plagued by guilt.

It could even be that the choice of "killing" Beatrice was not made exactly at that point, but retrospectively, after the fact that Battler died.

Only for Battler's body to be found several days later with no memories of anything. Yasu, quite the roller-coaster of emotion, decides to help him remember by taking yet another persona and prodding him and serving him.

>> No.22743005

>Metaphorically, Beatrice is killing herself at that point.
Really good point, i never think that can really be this but the boat scene was literrally one of the best scene of umineko made me cry i really want belive that this magic moment was real.
Yasu try to kill herself was really a strong part , said that only beatrice personality kill herself is a really nice interpretation but this also mean yasu could live with this guilty pain.
I dont like battler fall because he is shit with boat, ruin everything, ruin the magic moment when battler ,didnt matter if yasu create the murder plan that allow george to kill his family, he forgive her and sacrificed his life for his love.
Like kinzo and castiglioni they survive at boat battler died,in term of personality, again yasu made someone died for her, she could not endure this painfull thing called life anymore but she resist for battler she must resist until he recover his memory then she will end the her life.
This explaination is nice and i think have love.

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>dicksword filename

>> No.22743060

Ange took a deep breath to steady herself. Her roommate had snuck out of the room about fifteen minutes ago, enough time for Ange to be certain that she wouldn't be back any time soon.

There was always a risk of being caught, in a dorm room with no locks, but over time, Ange had gotten used to the ebb and flow of activity in the school. There wouldn't be another room check for another few hours, and this wouldn't take THAT long.

She moved her hands down to her underwear and started light, short strokes through the fabric. She was sensitive, and touching herself directly usually brought more pain than pleasure.

After a few seconds of only fluttery hints of arousal, she grimaced in frustration. It was proving hard to keep hold of a titillating mental image tonight.

Ange didn't usually waste time thinking about other people's situations, but it was times like these she envied her roommate having a boyfriend. It must be easier with two people involved, she couldn't help but think.

"You called, Ange-sama?"

Ange jerked her hand back like it had caught on fire as her eyes flew open. There, hovering just a few inches above where Ange lay on the bed, was Mammon.

"M...Mammon?! What are you doing here?"

"You summoned me," Mammon said.
Her tone was perfectly in character for furniture, but her face was another story. Her grin made Ange feel even more embarassed.

"I didn't summon you!" she retorted.

"There's nothing to be ashamed of," Mammon said, moving even closer. Ange froze, torn between moving back and moving closer. "A lot of witches use their furniture for things like this."


The only other witch Ange had met was Maria, who seemed a little too young to be using her familars as sex toys.

"I'll make you feel good, just like you want. It does feel better with another person."

That whisper made something deep within Ange throb. Any reservations she had left were gone, and she hesitantly spread her legs.

Mammon paused, taking in the sight of Ange wearing nothing but a pair of panties. Ange's chest moved up and down in shuddery, aroused breathing as Mammon did nothing but stare for the longest time. Her nipples hardened in anticipation.

"You'll have to concentrate, Ange-sama," Mammon finally said. "I don't have enough power to manifest completely."

"W...what should I do?"

"Close your eyes, and don't open them no matter what. It will aid your focus if you don't have any other distractions."
Ange did as requested. It seemed like minutes rolled by without anything happening, and Ange was just about to open her eyes again and ask Mammon if it was working, when she felt a puff of breath against her right nipple.

The sensation was so sudden that it hardened ever further, jutting from her breast in a way she'd never achieved with her own fingers. She heard Mammon laugh, a high pitched giggle.

"So you're sensitive there, huh?"

Before Ange could respond, a mouth closed around it, sucking hard. She gasped.

"Ah...aaaaah, that's..."

She felt Mammon's hand against her left breast, squeezing and pinching her other nipple into similar hardness. Ange flushed, panting her arousal.


"Please what, Ange-sama? You have to make your orders clear if you want your furniture to follow them."
The mouth left her nipple and licked a path underneath her breast to the other one. Somehow, Mammon seemed to unerringly know all her weakest points. Ange writhed in pleasure as that demonic tongue attacked a point right underneath her left breast while Mammon's hand switched to her right nipple and began to torment it just like she had done the left one.

Mammon seemed to enjoy coaxing sounds from Ange's throat. She attacked mercilessly until Ange gave her the groan or whimper she desired before moving on to a different spot in her painfully slow progress down Ange's stomach.

She stopped between Ange's thighs. Ange shifted, aware that it was more than just sweat that had caused her underwear to cling to her skin.

"It looks like I've been more than satisfactory so far, Ange-sama." Again, she giggled. "Would you like to finish the rest yourself?"

>> No.22743063

Ange was tempted to open her eyes, to see the expression on Mammon's face firsthand. Was she looking at her with a greedy expression of desire? Or was it something softer, more loving? Instead, she clenched her eyes even tighter, focusing all her power on making Mammon corporeal.


"Please...finish me. Make me come!"

Mammon tittered. Ange jerked as fingers lightly danced where her thighs met skin.


It was a moan more than an order, but Mammon still stopped.

"As you command."
Ange swore she could feel Mammon's hair as she lowered her face between Ange's thighs, tickling her most sensitive spots and making her squirm. A hand moved her sodden underwear to the side, playing with the red curls that covered the upper portion of her cleft. Then, Mammon's tongue, darting in past the lips of her pussy to play with the inner walls, carefully avoiding her clit.

Ange groaned. Her right hand twisted in the bedsheets to resist the temptation to hold that mouth to her pussy tightly, to direct her to all the spots she wanted touched. Mammon added a finger, lightly teasing the edge of her hole, sometimes darting past the entrance, but leaving before she could feel full and satisfied. Wet sounds filled the bedroom.

"You taste delicious," Mammon whispered. Ange thought she heard her licking her lips.

Finally, those talented lips reached Ange's clit at the same time as she plunged two fingers deep within Ange's hole, curling them to massage Ange's g-spot. She sucked and nibbled with all her strength, working Ange's clit and hole simultaniously.

Ange convulsed with pleasure. She threw her head back and moaned wantonly, not caring if the girls next door heard. Her hips jerked in time to Mammom's movements. Deep down, she noticed that the wilder her thrusting and the louder her groans of pleasure, the harder Mammon worked.

The pressure built and built. Ange squirmed, half begging half pleading until one last thrust into her pussy undid her. She writhed around Mammon's fingers, juices squelching as she came. Then, when Mammon didn't stop moving, Ange threw her head back and panted as the second orgasm overtook her, thighs trembling with exertion.

With that, Mammon seemed content, because she stopped moving and withdrew completely. Ange's eyes fluttered.

"No, don't open your eyes. You've used too much of your energy to sustain me if you do."
The voice came from somewhere to Ange's right. It sounded like Mammon was lying right next to her, close enough to whisper in her ear.

"Don't you want me to..."

"Serving you is my pleasure, Ange-sama."

Unlike the laughter and teasing from before, this was low and tender. Ange felt tears come to her eyes unbidden.

She needed to see what Mammon looked like at this moment, lying beside her. She needed to see the love and devotion written on Mammon's face. Hearing it just wasn't enough. She needed to know, with all her heart.

Ange opened one eye, just a crack. Surely that wouldn't be enough to break the spell.

The space beside her was empty and cold. No other person had been laying there at any point in time.

Her fingers were sticky with her own juices.

Ange curled up and cried.

>> No.22743302
File: 54 KB, 656x518, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm playing the Umineko VN for the first time and, I'm wondering if I got a censored version somehow? Some people just died and their death was gruesomely described but no drawings.

>> No.22743369
File: 587 KB, 1702x1200, 1552503352495.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There are only descriptions in both original and updated art. Only manga has them drawn.

>> No.22744002
File: 199 KB, 761x1100, 246cf03d042dfda8ccf17b5fda067341.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Battler utter shittinness in regard to boats was heavily foreshadowed as early as in EP 1. As things such as Rosa being the best mom, Shkanon, incel George, and the sheer existence of Ange.

Battler falling off a boat, especially when the sea is not clear (as it is told in EP 8) is a perfectly reasonable conclusion. Beatrice killing herself and Battler jumping out for her in a suicidal move made of love and candies is a deeply romantic, aka magical interpretation. There's even golden butterflies to adorn the scene, just to tell you that's it's all magic.

My Yasu = Ikuko belief was literally born the very first time I read that scene. You can interpret it in many ways, but my mystery nose interpreted it as Beatrice ``dying'' and Battler ``dying''. Look at the finger quotes.

Now try to understand what exactly happened. Remember that Battler can't into sea. Remember that Beatrice is Yasu's personality, a character that is presently guilt ridden, love Battler, and just saw Battler jump off a boat. Try to connect the pieces.

What's the most surprising to me is that no-one in the fandom really thought about interpretation of the Ricardando il Passato scene. Yeah, Beatrice the witch killed herself, golden butterflies came by, Battler tried to save her and decided to give her life for her. It's all magical, much magical, wow. Now try to get the nuggets of truth from that. What was foreshadowed early in the story? What make sense?

In any way, that doesn't remove any emotional impact from the story. Yasu killed Beatrice. She saw Battler drown. She was deeply traumatized by the fact. Guilt, self-hate, etc. Just what was needed to make her care for the body of Battler for 20+ years.

>> No.22744097

The anime OST is pretty good.

It will always disappoint when compared to the colossus that is the VN OST, but it brought a whole new musical approach to the story. On its own it's very enjoyable.

>> No.22744428

WTC isn't a gorefest except in adaptations.

>> No.22744700

It was a test to make Battler understand his incompetence. We had gathered enough informations to refute "Natsuhi is the culprit". Battler couldn't do it and he had to present another theory that could possibly happen in the future of EP5. (no hints were given Battler could kill them)

>> No.22744832

Kanon read Higurashi. Because Miyo Takano was her spirit animal and wanted to include in her fantasy world but couldn't fit in this world Miyo became the witch Lambdadelta. Kanon created a mentor.

>> No.22745269

Rosa would totally let you have a go with Maria if you show her affection then threaten to leave. I couldn't stop thinking about that the entire time.

>> No.22745429

This doesn't explain anything. There is no plothole unless you assume that Ikuko didn't write EP5.

>> No.22745435

The boat scene can't be fantasy because Battler testifies to it by being there. It's more likely that the boat scene is the only real scene of Rokkenjima prime we get.

>Now we know since EP 1 that Battler is shit with boats.
The only evidence we have of that is Yasu's testimony based on seeing him six years ago.

>> No.22745508

> We had gathered enough informations to refute "Natsuhi is the culprit"
nope for do that u must duobt about erika.
people fake their death under a perfect detective sounds impossible?

lambda really helped battler and beatrice but above all she knows the whole truth, more than a mentor she is a person with whom beatrice could confide a friend.
this is a problem i know that higurashi exist and this game is called WTC4 but there in the game higurashi

did you belive in erika accomplice in game 5
if not u cant explaine erika actions

>> No.22745516

>Beatrice is physically present.
Yeah, that's called Sayo in a dress and wig.

Also what magic is in the boat scene? Theyre just in the boat, she drowns herself, and Battler goes after her. The fuck are you reaching for and why?

>> No.22745577

I'm not trying to explain Erika's actions. You still haven't addressed the most basic premise of my argument: If Erika is Ikuko's character, which everything points to her being, than Ikuko wrote EP5, and didn't give up writing after EP4.

>> No.22745716
File: 248 KB, 1040x1500, r.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

an older akio watanabe rena

>> No.22745864

> and didn't give up writing after EP4.
o this ikuko wrote END OF THE GOLDEN WITCH
before the give up or more simple didnt wrote it for battler but for internet.
now that i think about it lambda can be internet!!!

>> No.22746199

>So was all the meta fake?
>Was it all just Tohya's books?
>I don't think I like Umineko if that's the case. Feels like when a grounded book or movie uses "It was all just a dream" so that it can explore fantasy but then instead of staying committed it nudges you and says, "Or was it?"
>Having read Higurashi, I know the meta is real to some extent, but Umineko blurs that and has no distinction between the meta and the books within its world.
>Himatsubushi in Higurashi said Akasaka wrote a book called Higurashi When They Cry after Rika's prophecy and the incident. Now Umineko is souring my feelings of Higurashi, was all of Higurashi just a fucking book too?
>How much of Umineko is just a fucking representation of Tohya's thoughts and feelings and not actually a part of the meta?

Welcome to the more you know, the less you enjoy crowd. The journey was fun, but it’s hard to keep those feelings when you look back and realize none of its real and it’s all thrown under “this represents this” hundreds of a times. It just deflates the story and trashes everything you felt. The only time “this represents this” can work is when it’s real within the context of the story at the same time, the representation is supposed to be the icing, not the whole cake. For example, the chipped sword a character is holding can represent the weakening of his will all you want, but that mother fucker better be actually holding a chipped sword. Higurashi is at least safe from this for the most part, Akasaka’s book was just a wink, but the hallucinations galore is still pretty lame.

>> No.22746251

This is a dumb take. It was obvious from the very beginning that the magic isn't real. You get beaten over the head with the fact that the magic isn't real so much that I'm genuinely baffled that anyone could spend 100 hours reading Umineko only to be disappointed to find out that the magic is, in fact, not real.
I also don't see how you can read a work of fiction and be totally okay with that, and then flip your shit when there's a world of fiction within the world of fiction. None of it was "real" to begin with, it doesn't become any "less real" when it's a book in the story.

>> No.22746332

I think you're misunderstanding. The magic within the context of the game board is obviously fake. It's the magic outside of that, the meta as a whole, the back and forth between Battler and Beato, Ikuko, Bern, and Lambda as actual beings traversing the sea of fragments, etc... that wasn't apparent as being fake from the beginning.

Also when you read something, you insert yourself into that world and accept it all as real, and I'm repeating myself to drive this point home, *within the context of the story*. Fiction within fiction is boring. It's no different than someone telling you about something that happened to them, only for you to find out it didn't happen. But oh man! It sure was fun to hear wasn't it! If fiction within fiction doesnt matter because it's fiction to begin with, why would anyone care about anything happening in a story? Or about the characters?

>> No.22746384

magic is real

>> No.22746553

>magic is fake
I honestly feel like a highly enligthened being just reading this dialogue. It better be a ploy by someone even more enligthened who is just talking to himself to trick me.

>> No.22746614
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All of the posts in this thread are by me.

>> No.22746619

Bros, the Walls of Peace are crumbling...

>> No.22746646
File: 538 KB, 499x720, IMG_20191007_235655.jpg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

did somebody say WALLS OF PEACE?

>> No.22746676
File: 71 KB, 359x391, 15344059712220.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah, I've lost my dream for SHAFT adaptation...
Maybe one day...

>> No.22746760

What exactly is wrong with Passione?

>> No.22746771


>> No.22747004

they are lead by a teenager

>> No.22747701
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07th Expansion 2020 in a nutshell

>> No.22747765
File: 106 KB, 636x510, fuck this shit, I'm rewatching Higurashi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22747785

Is Umineko the Tsukihime of 07th Expansion?

>> No.22747843

no, Umineko is the Umineko of 07th Expansion

>> No.22747932

can't find the manga chapter with the fanservice extra where Battler is ordering the aunts to do lewd things for him, anyone know which one? or have screenshots of it?

>> No.22747991
File: 703 KB, 1536x2048, Image071.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tsubasa volume 1

>> No.22747997

thank you thank you

>> No.22748608
File: 3.80 MB, 1280x1443, Blue girls.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does this guy not see them as weird blue people or something? He's acting like they only 'feel' weird but otherwise look like girls, when they are clearly weird blue people

>> No.22748977

THANK. I'm feelings the same, as I said in my previous response:

It's hard to deal with the fact that the characters and scenes that we love may simply not exist

>> No.22748985

I think all the bad things I feel about the ending would be cleared if we eliminated Tooya and all this "the meta is not real, it's all about Tooya's boks" story

>> No.22749213

Did you guys not care for the film The Princess Bride since all the events are actually an in-universe a book? Because, by that logic, The Princess Bride would be necessarily much worse, since Umineko never tells you that the meta isn't real and it's still very much open to interpretation.

>> No.22749258

I feel the difference is the clear separation. The scenes where he's reading the book to the kid are just a device and completely separate from the world of the book. Meanwhile in Umineko, there is no clear separation. The world of the meta blends with the "real" world too much, especially with Ange and in later episodes. If it was cut and dry "these are books written by Tohya, and here is reality"--they never intertwined with the real world, there were no metaphirocal representations, etc... then the comparison to Princess Bride would make sense.

>> No.22749370

I just feel like the two interpretations existing simultaneously is the point. You're supposed to be unsure whether the meta is real or not, because it's the logical extension of the original magic debates during the episodes themselves. The fact that there is an answer for the whole thing, literally every part of the narrative which can be explained in a way that doesn't rely on magic is essential. Could R07 have handled it better? Definitely, since the manga does at least for EP8. But, personally, does the idea of the meta not being real effect my enjoyment of the story? No, because had it been separated in the way The Princess Bride was, it wouldn't have been as compelling because I feel the initial ambiguity helps it rather than hurts it.

>> No.22749447

I don't care about ambiguities regarding the fragments or even the crimes, but I really don't enjoy ambiguities about the universe and the lore itself... Not having a clear cut answer whether some of my favorite scenes were "real" or not, such as the trial scenes in EP 5, is a bit... disturbing

>> No.22749562

I guess that no matter how long we discuss it, it wont really change your opinion because there's no right answer. There's something to consider though: even during the middle episodes, there were plenty of people who thought that the meta scenes were just extended metaphors and still enjoyed it nonetheless. Similarly, there are still many people who love, discuss, and make art for meta-only characters such as Erika while knowing that these things are perhaps not even real. Fiction within fiction is controversial, but I don't think it's objectively a sin which makes everyone not care.

>> No.22749576
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Someone fix my Tomitake, he keeps going flat.

>> No.22749584

Tomitake, please, just work on losing that weight. The photoshop edits are obvious.

>> No.22749791
File: 297 KB, 672x372, iwillneverapologizeforthis-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon there is some hero that know japanese that can post erikantrice on 2chan?
Now that my manifesto is completed is time to invade japan!!!

>> No.22749802

Just post it in english. It'll be the same as if you posted it in japanese since everyone will still think you're retarded, and any replies will go nowhere. You also don't need japanese to post your forced memes and booru link.

>> No.22749816

Nope, what if they wanted to discuss about it?
Before posting the link the anon should start with kanon and george culprit in all the games.
After a while he should say that shkanontrice is impossible because erika didnt saw shannon in the closet and when they ask how is possible solve logic error in my theory then say erika=kanon
With this the shock value will be more powerfull.

>> No.22750287 [DELETED] 

Give us link to the thread once you post it

>> No.22750331

Give us link to the thread once you post it

>> No.22750541

Higurashi had a much more satisfying conclusion for that reason. Matsuribayashi had a TON of problems and is my least favorite Higurashi chapter, but at least everything is clear. In Umineko it felt like R07 had his head too far up his ass to realize that having a clear conclusion is a good thing. The second half of Chiru became pretty preachy and pretentious as a result.

>> No.22750587

I just finished reading EP7, time to remind everyone that George didn't give the letter to Shannon.
Why the fuck should Battler write a letter to his sister who still can't read and just came visit him? That was clearly Shannon's letter.
I hate this faggot incel.

>> No.22750594

Battler isn't the Detective of EP 8. Listen to yourself. Battler isn't the Detective of EP 8, that's a given. Beatrice appears and is recognized by him. He can't be a detective. That's one of the most basic idea behind the very concept of detectives and stuff.

Ultimately, I think many people are too low IQ to understand why the Yasu = Ikuko theory makes sense. They don't really understand the underpinning of Umineko. They start saying stuff like Battler is the detective of EP 8 or Erika is Yasu. Or god forbid, the Rosatrice theory.

>Also what magic is in the boat scene? Theyre just in the boat, she drowns herself, and Battler goes after her.
And then the magic and butterflies and golden magic and stuff appear, for fuck sake. That's perfectly impartial detective scene, right there?

Low IQ, as I said.

The very fact that Yasu is called Beatrice in any scene is a proof that the characters present aren't impartial. If Beatrice (or Yasu in a dress) appears and is recognized as Beatrice by Battler, then Battler isn't a perfect detective, by definition. He's not an objective viewpoint. That's Umineko 101, Jesus.

I want to be sympathetic, but really that's the issue there. Just like people who didn't understand jack shit about Ciconia and believed Jester was Toujirou's ex-wife, because they didn't read the original material with the presence of mind of anyone that isn't completely brain-dead and they skipped over the important information while doing so. Then they stubbornly stay on their theory because they don't want to listen.

A lot of the irrational hate for the Yasu = Ikuko theory comes from people who didn't really understand. They doesn't really understand what constitutes a detective and when, they doesn't understand that Battler recognizing Beatrice don't make an objective detective viewpoint like in EP 1-4. And they're woefully, wilfully, almost crazily ignore the issues with Ikuko.

Same old questions, goats:

How does Ikuko know so much about what happened in Rokkenjima? So much she wrote entire books showing skilfully she had perfect understanding of Beatrice's mindset and the happenings in the islands? (ep 3-4)
Why is Ikuko the heir of the confession of the Golden Witch in the manga?
Why did Ikuko protect and nurse Battler for decades while publishing works aiming at making him remember?
Is there another explanation for the meta layers than Ikuko trying to make Battler remember his sins?
Why are the episodes published by Ikuko focusing on Battler's sins?
Why is Ikuko so much alike to Yasu, with a love of detective mystery, a large amount of money coming from seemingly nowhere, and a mysterious past?
Why is Ikuko a freaking witch? The ultimate witch of Umineko?

>> No.22750598

*AHEM*...yasu (kanon) letter hide as shannon letter

>> No.22750770

>erika ia yasu
Wtf you didnt belive in it?
Erikantrice support yasu=ikuko is the fundamental piece of my theory that allow me to destroy all the meta.
Then if you belive in shkanontrice the manga deny this.

>> No.22751111

In the vn the aunts had different outfit, I was disappointed when I saw the manga version.

>> No.22751194
File: 1.11 MB, 1250x703, heart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22751416

Oh? What was it like in the vn?

>> No.22751514
File: 460 KB, 640x480, 1285408570397.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Umineko had a lot of issues, not every one being DEEN's fault; a lot of people read 'sequel to Higurashi' and expected more of the same, but the only murderloli of seacats is inconsequential; not helping were the fans hyping up certain scenes, even when it was obvious DEEN would not deliver; also, the main axle of the story - the meta - is a muddy subject even for VN-readers, and it is hard to entertainingly present two people standing around and arguing - you can do it short-term, but if it's a huge part of the story it becomes harder to not make it stale
that said the last one is on DEEN, as is the fact that the audience couldn't empathize with the characters - even if the cast was much bigger than Higurashi's (17 humans + at least 5 magic characters in questionarc alone vs 6 major charas in Higu)
and that's not mentioning the QUALITY, censorship, wonky sound direction and other problems
Higurashi wasn't great but it hit a goldmine with its horror vibe and """gore"""", in Umineko the former flies out the window by EP1's Tea Party and the latter is just lackluster as we don't see the kills, only the effect (plus the victims are 50% boomers and not cute girls)

Rokka is really underrated as an anime, the only thing that sucks balls there are the ending (and the rest of the source material) and the somewhat obvious identity of the villain - the pacing was really nice, though some more ADD folks would find it slow and overdrawn
It got fucked by launching when it did

obviously she does since she still has a ton of lines = a lot of yen to earn
also I think she really liked the role too

>> No.22751521

Hate sex between Beatrice and battler would be amazing

>> No.22751543
File: 840 KB, 1000x1000, Battler Beato breast grab.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Locked in a struggle for dominance as they both try and the lead.

>> No.22751570

Natsuhi have a school swimsuit, Eva a bunny girl outfit and Rosa a gym uniform.

>> No.22751612
File: 138 KB, 749x800, aunts cosplay.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah, that must be where this came form then.

>> No.22751962

Anti-magic fags actually believe this.
Featherine is Hanyuu--literally everything about her points to this. The manga only basically confirms it when Bern brings up her past. Featherine is so invested because this is the shit she does to stave off her boredom from living so long.

>> No.22751993
File: 367 KB, 700x700, fe2fe8d40cd997c59cd3b3ed0f56705b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks anon. I'm always starved for more Ange x Mammon content.

>> No.22752076
File: 417 KB, 413x548, 1555779502847.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is a very important post!!!

>> No.22752172

ikuko is yasu
in the ep of dawn of the golden witch she said:
"i never read a book not written by me"
so she wrote ep 1-5 but not dawn!!!

>> No.22752541
File: 314 KB, 1600x2276, 814Fq2+AMPL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

May I ask who drew this Beato?
The artstyle reminds me of Kizuki Akira.

>> No.22752738

I'm claiming that the boat scene actually happened in the real world. Saying that Battler isn't the detective in a real-world setting is meaningless.

>> No.22752916

God I want to do Satoko so badly.

>> No.22752926
File: 94 KB, 640x480, 8a1b102994644fe7035da46f01b6c0bf86230d57.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Come here, sugar

>> No.22753007

finished chapter 2 of umineko
how much do i have left before i can try to put together the pieces

>> No.22753289

next chapter

>> No.22753346
File: 79 KB, 728x376, Ange Mammon daki bust.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Very nicely done anon. Lewdfics are always appreciated.

>> No.22753585
File: 11 KB, 213x237, 1550993392509.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>reading Higurashi after Umineko
>at Himatsubushi
>somehow completely slipped my mind that Akasaka's VA was Daisuke Ono
>didn't realize it until he started crying

>> No.22753598

When did Akasaka cry during himatsubushi? Did I forget something?

>> No.22753616

It was when he realized that he fucked up long after everyone in Hinamizawa had already died

>> No.22753977
File: 52 KB, 540x696, madlad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22754262

Rudolf, Kyrie, Battler, Eva and Hideyoshi killed everyone and only Eva survived in the end.
Shannon=Kannon=current Beatrice=incest baby

>> No.22754784

>So was all the meta fake?
How can anyone honestly hold this interpretation after reading eight novels of... well, Umineko?
I agree it's all made ambiguous (since EP6 anyways), so a conclusive answer is difficult, but it being "fake" is just not one of the options available.
Featherine (not Ikuko), Bernkastel (not her cat) and Lambdadelta (who is she even supposed to be? if you say something you're just guessing without any basis) are beings above both Beatrice's realm and the "real" world. How "real" is the real world compared to the Meta? Not much if we look at the many Ange's possible outcomes. Beatrice's realm is simultaneously the place were the souls of the dead struggle before reaching peace with themselves, a game for superior beings and a realm were popular opinion is crystalized. Does the 1998 game interfer with Beato's realm? Does Beato's games interfer with the thoughts of people from 1998? It's ambiguous. But one thing is clear: the connection is simply not linear. Just by that is ridiculous to simplify the Meta to the point of saying it's an embellishment of Tohya's writing, or thoughts, or Ange's suicidal reflections, or whatever.

>> No.22754797

>you prob meant "audio OR visual
No? Audiovisual medium equals TV, films, youtube videos, etc

>> No.22754874

Ya think Takano actually died instead of faking her death in Tatarigoroshi?

>> No.22755438

>wanting to get anywhere near Satoko's awkward preteen arse that she poops from

>> No.22755457

It's crazy how similar his original face and expressions are to Toujirou's. Alchemistfags are missing out on the visual connection.

>> No.22755466

>no pubic hair

>> No.22755480

>Maria didn't live long enough to become a teenager and beat the shit out of Rosa on a daily basis
I could totally see Maria physically abusing her mom in retaliation when she's tall enough to overpower her.

>> No.22755496

Is Rethabile factory born? How else would she be the 20-something in line to the throne and have so many fucking older siblings?

I bet the royal family owns a baby factory where they breed negroes with perfect genes to become part of their lineage.

>> No.22755504

>let you have a go with Maria
What would that even be like? Would Maria even know what she's getting into? Would she be all awkward and shy in bed or would she just freeze and let you do as you please?

>> No.22755523

That was a reasonable and sensible explanation. Thanks, really. I always considered the meta "real" in some sense, but I started doubting my own interpretations after reading some of the threads here, since the other anons seems to know so much and I finished the story just a short while ago. Not believing at least in the meta and the witches themselves makes this story too depressing (and it misses the point a little bit, imo)

>> No.22755531

Tl;dr: I wasn't sure if my own opinions were really grounded and coherent or just wishful thinking. But that's the beauty of this game, it make us think for real! I think I grew a lot as a reader after playing Umineko

>> No.22755553

I still haven't seen any convincing evidence that the meta is real.

>> No.22755561

This is meta reasoning, but the fact that Cairo squad and several others had so little screentime is proof that Phase 2 will be either a reset or a continuation of the disasters leading to moon tourist Jayden. They'll probably have a much bigger role and Cairo squad in particular will have some insane connection with Seshat. It won't radically change the setting of the story because it still needs to give half the characters screentime.

However, I totally expect Phase 3 and 4 to turn it all on its head and take place in a simulation 1000 years into the future or reveal that everything up to that point was a simulation and show us the real world which is all fucked up and everyone is a brain in a jar. This will change the status quo and every character will have their brain transplanted into one of those blue bodies to wander the ruined Earth and their entire backstory from the first half will not matter anymore because their life was all made up in the matrix.

Doing something like that before properly developing all the characters as A3W gauntlet knights inside the matrix would be a waste, so I doubt something that massive will happen as early Phase 2.

>> No.22755646

There's no plot left at that point. Just a bunch of kids wandering around complaining about their simulated lives? It doesn't matter.

>> No.22755647

Imagine one of Ange's bullies inviting her naughty loli sister to St. Lucia academy and having her fuck Ange in the ass with a strap-on.

Imagine Ange's humiliation as a literal 10 year old bullies her pathetic teenage ass and she can do nothing about it!

>> No.22755661

The plot doesn't matter as long as Jayden and his schizo gf get to live together on the moon as disembodied brains in blue organics automata bodies for centuries on end.

>> No.22755676

>cruel loli bullies from Higanbana spanking and kicking a nude teenage Ange that almost doubles their age
Lewd! How could Ange ever regain her dignity after that?

>> No.22755695

So then like I said, what is the plot? Nothing for at least one episode? Sounds like garbage.

>> No.22755901

She faked it.

>> No.22756830
File: 54 KB, 640x480, parlor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

LMAO erika is so dumb that didnt notice that kanon or shannon , all of these 2 alive , wasnt in the mansion parlor.

>erika said that only agatha christie books must be read, didnt check the bodies with the same type of fake death of 10 little indians,
>said that everyone except her were stupid,
give an alibi to everyone for 1st twlight murder then waste 1 hour with nanjo to discuss about mystery novels making natsuhi the only one without an alibi.
>seal everything except kinzo window(how can cornllia had the closed window red truth without a detective seal?).
>the 19th year man made natsuhi be the only one without an alibi for hideyoshi murder, caged her in a closed room and erika didnt inspect if someone is hiding in the room?(george was hiding too so she could not open the closet).
>knew what was natsuhi room without a map(that she used in ep 6).
>solved epigraph without knew of taiwan(lambda confirm that was impossible discover kinzo native land in the game)
>when she read natsuhi secrret diary nanjo and kumasawa, payed by natsuhi for confirm all bullshit natsuhi say, they confirm all erika's bullshit.
>erika even when battler show that natsuhi cant be the culprit because kinzo was death, she instead of find the real culprit change her theory in a pathetic way for not admit that natsuhi wasnt the culprit

CMON ANONS 10 years and only me discover that erika was the culprit|||

>> No.22756864
File: 266 KB, 750x1134, THEY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Call me crazy, but I think when she's referring to "them" she might be either referring to aliens or robots from the matrix. Either way it's pretty clear that it's whoever was harvesting humans during Miyao's gruesome prophecy.

Also the frog app might be monitored by the Jestress I think as she was "showing off" to Toujirou that she was monitoring him after he met up with Miyao.

Also, even though it feels like Toujirou and Seshat is working against the 3 kings, when Toujirou and the Jestress met up, it sounded like he was working for the 3 kings. And the Jestress has her own agenda of taking down the 3 kings or something along those lines.

>> No.22756883

Also I'm getting this feeling that the Jestress is actually Toujirou's wife, but a different personality. Not much grounds for this one other than Toujirou hitting on the Jestress, her saying
>doesn't this count as cheating?
and his glasses fogging up and fade to black.

I feel like that would be a very sly move by Ryukishi

>> No.22757382

>>22756883 well IMO jestress have 34 young body 34 faked her own death that burned body wasn't hers she uploded her
consciousness into the VR or whatever and put the program jesstress(something like the program "blue miyao /evil miyao" that wants to delete miyao u know who i mean ) in her body to infiltrate the 3 kings

>> No.22757444

Is there a lower IQ answer than this?

Battler isn't the detective in ep5, you dumwitted fuckwitt. That's canon, by the way. Not only is that canon, but it's also well understood patterns anyone that isn't <75 IQ can understand. Battler isn't the detective in ep6, or ep8. Battler isn't the stamp by which we can all agree on the truth always: and, particularly, when he isn't truthful, that goes with Beatrice being acknowledged by him (ep 2 and 4).

Now you are obviously in that lower range of IQ. That's sad. I need you to listen in order to advance.

Battler was present in the boat scene. He also saw magic butterflies, acknowledged the existence of Beatrice, was willing to say that girl was Beatrice, was willing to forget her Yasunesss. That's big red flags, you utter morons.

When the utter corrupt non-impartial point-of-view acknowledge the existence of witches and says that a witch is dead, then the narrator isn't impartial. By definition. For fuck sake. It's literally Umineko 101. How to recognize what's real from what's not.

Don't get me wrong: I want to talk about the Yasu = Ikuko theory with people able to deny it. Now, don't get me wrong, there are several theories that can answers most questions, but I won't help you in that endeavour. The key point being, is you being able to deny it. Aside from Rosatrice, some bizarre and stupid low IQ arguments about Battler being the detective of a game he obviously isn't the detective of, and some Erikantrice, I still didn't get my answer for the core mysteries:

>How does Ikuko know so much about what happened in Rokkenjima? So much she wrote entire books showing skilfully she had perfect understanding of Beatrice's mindset and the happenings in the islands? (ep 3-4)
>Why is Ikuko the heir of the confession of the Golden Witch in the manga?
>Why did Ikuko protect and nurse Battler for decades while publishing works aiming at making him remember?
>Is there another explanation for the meta layers other than Ikuko trying to make Battler remember his sins?
>Why are the episodes published by Ikuko focusing on Battler's sins?
>Why is Ikuko so much alike to Yasu, with a love of detective mystery, a large amount of money coming from seemingly nowhere, and a mysterious past?
>Why is Ikuko a freaking witch? The ultimate witch of Umineko?

>> No.22757770


>> No.22757926
File: 737 KB, 1120x600, uminekocompass.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22757967

Not at all in the long run.
First you do a remake of Higurashi, then they can go and make an actual Umineko anime a few yers later, and go over Ciconia after.

>> No.22758101

I feel like the "mistress" the frogs mention has to be whoever Miyao's mother is, which is presumably Jestress or Vier.
Also I was rereading the other day and I feel like the voice telling Miyao "you have to kill them" is different from blue Miyao. I guess it's obvious in retrospect but on my first read I just assumed that since blue Miyao told him he has to kill the 3 kings then that must be "them", and we didn't know anything about the phrase "my adorable Miyao" back then so I just assumed that was blue Miyao saying it. But I think that that must be related to the murder program thing and the "target" that blue Miyao was going to show Miyao that would supposedly make him realise he's a murder program. What even happened to that by the way? That leads straight into the factory scene and then we pretend like it never happens, even in the future "meta" scenes it's like Miyao forgot about that entire conversation.

>> No.22758149

Witches are real though so it was all real.

>> No.22758168
File: 702 KB, 974x1600, EN7uYNyVUAEQerW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Big Flauros

>> No.22758298

So people are finally figuring out ikuko is yasu? Man some of you are serious goats, God damn. It's obvious ikuko has to be yasu because she knows what happened rokkanjima even more then battler did who was there. Therefore ikuko had to have been there and the only other potential survivor is yasu as it is confirmed everyone else but those two died on the island, magic theory is trash, that is the truth of the matter, no magic or witches required, yasu by laws of deduction survived and was the one who saved battlers stupid ass and the one who saved him was stated to be ikuko who as I mentioned earlier had to have been there, or episodes 1-5 are completely meaningless drivel spewed in the heat of the moment written by someone who has no clue what was going on there. So unless you wish to fight the narrative of the story itself goats, ikuko is yasu and your only defense is death of the author.

>> No.22758404

Everyone knew Ikuko is Yasu, the real breakthrough is Erika is Kanon.

>> No.22758430

Say what you want. It doesn't change that your theory is retarded.

>> No.22758431

>Erika is Kanon.
That follows easily from Ikuko is Yasu.

>> No.22758446
File: 745 KB, 972x852, mind.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i am not him anon.
explain why?

>> No.22758473

That art somehow looks worse than fucking DEEN.

>> No.22758494

Maria already does that though, and not only she's 9 but she's also dead

>> No.22758516

Nah whether erica is kanon is irrelevant, the real spicy theory is black battler theory, with his accomplices being his parents and shannon.

>> No.22758518

I'm not against an interpretation of Erika being yet another mask of Yasu, but why insist in making her only Kanon and not Shannon too? The insistence on Kanon being nevertheless a "tomboy" and a natural born female makes me think the only reason Erikanon made his theory was out of pure homophobia (as if you could simplify Yasu and Battler's relationship with just saying they are "gay").

>> No.22758538

she learned from the bottles you fucking neanderthal, I've been over this like 700 times. there are far too many logical inconsistencies to be handwaved as lies in the narrative to force this. there is absolutely no physical way a suicidal Yasu with a brick of gold tied to her and who didn't plan to return could have survived and in better health than Battler moving as efficiently as possible to save her. it doesn't make sense for Ikuko to have actually received the bottles, which we know she did because Touya also saw them, then to still hide their prior relationship from him. it's a pretty fucking huge leap to assume she just happened to have a mansion prepared and came across him within a day after they were washed apart at sea, but only after he was hit by a car, which also means she wasn't directly following him after the incident. her personality changes massively and she's described as being an almost otherworldly level of beautiful, not to mention her attempt to reveal Eva's diary. none of these are associated with or consistent with Yasu's character even remotely. you're reading too much into the thematic implications of what her being an independent character means

>> No.22758539

Rosa'd just slap her until she gets into a semi-comatose state, in which you could rape her at your leisure

>> No.22758541

I think ericanons issue is yasu cannot be shannon, kanon and erica at the same time. She is definitely shannon if none of the others for sure, and somewhere in this mix is 2 separate distinct people, as erica is a distinct unique character but there's arguments kanon could be either way, which is why I said: >>22758516 it is ultimately irrelevant?

>> No.22758545

i meant to say young, that's kind of the critical disconnect

>> No.22758566

Thing was, she did plan to survive is battler wasn't a complete fucking retard though, that's actually apparent in the story itself. Why couldn't she have a backup plan? She was already the inheritor of kinzo's wealth and we don't know how long he was dead in the prime timeline. She very well could have set this up as the battler isn't a fuck up backup plan.

>> No.22758625

> pure homophobia
jessica is gay
genji is gay
kanon trans
ok tumboomer
Kanon female is explained by be an incest monster, her woman body was broken so for explain this create a male personality.
then looking ikuko yasu is really a woman

>not Shannon too?
" "Even if you do join us-" ""That makes 17 humans.""
red truth if erika=kanon=shannon that's make 16 humans ,ok if real furude erika exist the bodies are 17 but she is dead didnt count as human.

At the time the next room over was sealed, Hideyoshi, George, Kumasawa, Shannon, and Nanjo were in it.
red truth erika was out of the room

>> No.22758648

>implying she wouldn't wake up as soon as she feels my huge anon dick up her pathetic loli asshole

>> No.22758659

I'm lowkey excited for this.

But I'd prefer a RGD or Ciconia fighting game. That shit would be AMAZING.

>> No.22758666

I'd take a ciconia fightan game if it had mechanics of their mentally off in their cyber world and you can do SoL shit mid match to help a combo multiplier or something like that.

>> No.22758736
File: 529 KB, 533x746, 38921212_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A fighting game with all of Ryu's work would be awesome.

>> No.22758746

if Battler wasn't a fuckup, the mansion wouldn't have blown up in the first place and there wouldn't have been any reason to leave the isolated beautiful island and mountain of gold

>> No.22758996

Now someone has to make Italian:Anon's theory irrelevant by fusing Shannon with Erikanon.

>> No.22759031

Featgerine is living as a human so she can live a life and die. This is what she does to stave off her boredom. Now we know Ikuko is Featherine in Umineko, thats obvious. You can't say Featherine is just symbolic, a character of the book, etc... because so much points to Featherine being Hanyuu, and Bern only confirms it when talking about her past.

If Featherine is Hanyuu, this means that witches are real, and by extension magic too. So lets move forward with this in mind.

>How doesn Ikuko know so much....
I could throw a blanket "shes a witch" over this, but I wont. iirc, Ikuko was also trying to solve what really happened? She talked about how a theory was wrong I believe? But also keep in mind, it wasnt just her writing the books, it was her *and* Battler. There's a lot Battler knew subconsciously that he wasn't aware of, I'm sure Ikuko played off of both him and the message bottles to write the stories. I'm not going to go into how the episodes aren't entirely fiction within the universe; theyre more than just the book. (Why would they write a book where his sister jumps through the window to save him in ep3 and then the stuff in 4 when they dont know jack shit about her except that she exists?)

>why is Ikuko heir...
She found the message bottle? You can claim this is false and she lied, butt it's a devil's proof.

>why did Ikuko...
She's knew something was there, she wanted to know it. Let me ask you, why the fuck would Sayo? Especially since she didn't even reveal herself after he remembered? What would Sayo gain? It goes against everything she is.

>is there another....
It's more than just for him to remember, thats why it doesnt end when he does. Again, the meta layers arent just represenations of the books, theres more to them. At most, the books are just a framework for the meta, theyre not the whole script.

>why is Ikuko so much...
A lot of people love mystery, a lot of people are rich (especially famous book authors), and a lot of people have a mysterious past (especially if theyre witches who decided to live as a human to stave off the boredom. None of these point to Sayo, at most theyre a "Oh you like mystery books? Thats so wacky, me too!!"

>why is ikuko a witch
Because she is, unless you want to tell me that Higurashi is entirely a book too that Ikuko wrote previously?

>> No.22759105

I'm not going to read past the first line because you didn't address a single thing I said. I'm not saying Battler is the detective.

>> No.22759120

I imagine she wouldn't like living there, given its history.

>> No.22759613

I'm >>22758404 and I do mean that Erika is also Shannon.

>> No.22759852

Satoggo pushed Beatrice off the cliff and Satoshi killed aunt Kasumi.

>> No.22759888

shkanontrice seems too easy of an explanation imo, whatnot with there suddenly being a 19th person

>> No.22759892

I dare Wiru-san to find the "heart" behind Teppei's actions.

>> No.22760126

It's a cruel world. By abusing and neglecting Satoko, Teppei taught her how to stand up for herself, without her family's support.

He knew he couldn't show compassion at all, because the world doesn't do it. If he had, everything would've been for naught. Yet he managed to do it, he was her worst nightmare so that, once he was gone, nothing else in the world would be.

Truly the most heartful action one human being can do for another. Fuck Keiichi. Like Battler, he just saw things from his narrow point of view. Illusions to illusions.

>> No.22760183

Hopefully they adapt some of the manga-only arcs

>> No.22760217

Saku is gonna get translated and it's gonna shit on everyone's theory. It's gonna come out like "The meta is all that's real. Tohya and all that shit was actually the book, not the other way around. Witches are just fuckin' around, havin' a blast playin' these games and creating fragments based on them."

>> No.22760268

Based, I really hope so, my friend

>> No.22760339
File: 577 KB, 1718x1200, even more aunts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22760368


>> No.22760385

Now what did you mean by this?
Do you mean Shion (Mion)? Or Mion (Shion)?
Did you mean the original Shion who then became Mion? Or the Shion that the original Mion became?

>> No.22760456

shion shion

>> No.22760530
File: 172 KB, 790x1000, c864eb73024e8a76a689234d0ad46bd2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My Auntwife is so sexy!

>> No.22760603

Loli humiliation is addictive.

>> No.22760609

Saikoroshi Shion (Shion (Mion)) getting bullied at St. Lucia's for being a nerd who is into lame board games.

>> No.22760684
File: 349 KB, 600x850, __sonozaki_mion_and_sonozaki_shion_higurashi_no_naku_koro_ni_drawn_by_azuchi_ryou__d69e8e5da43fa3b7c01f398a132fee14.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shion bullies me with her breasts!

>> No.22760973

I got a riddle for you guys.
What's heavy and needs to be supported from both sides?

>> No.22760989

Natsuhi's breasts

>> No.22760993

I changed my number for a reason Jayden

>> No.22760994

Ange's bottom.

>> No.22761026
File: 2.84 MB, 1920x1080, 1570388778805.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maricarmen's Maricarmens.

>> No.22761029

God... I feel like I've heard the answer to this riddle hundreds of times over a short period of time. What could it be?

>> No.22761089
File: 786 KB, 800x1256, IMG_1463.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I prefer Eva, but Natsuhi is great too.

>> No.22761114

Eva-fags are looking for a wife.
Natsuhi-fags are looking for a mom.
Rosa-fags are looking for a gf.
Kyrie-fags are looking for a mistress.

>> No.22761127
File: 666 KB, 701x684, Mion shion inequality.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's a certain eroticism that comes with having identical bodies. For example, Shion could flash Keiichi as a way to mess with Mion, since doing so would be like indirectly showing him Mion's body.

>> No.22761143

What if Keiichi decided to rape Mion, but it was actually Shion, and she misunderstood, thinking that maybe Mion and Keiichi were in a relationship now. So she goes along with it and submits.

>> No.22761145

So does that mean Natsuhi is the most milf of the milfs?

>> No.22761169
File: 2.71 MB, 2648x2560, have a nice boing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sometimes I wonder if Natsuhi even wears a bra, given how closely the thin fabric of her blouse hugs the contours of her breasts. Also, reminder that Eva's are bigger and would require even greater support

>> No.22761189
File: 299 KB, 904x738, Mion shion bra watanagashi manga 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There are all sorts of hijinks like that which could happen with the Sonezaki twins. In reverse, what if Shion started hitting on Keiichi, only for him to misunderstand and start hitting on Mion in return the following day.

>> No.22761204

Keiichi having sex with Shion when all of sudden, "Hey, Shion what happened to your tattoo?"

>> No.22761219

The green-haired girl just smiling impishly as she locks her legs around his hips and playfully urging him to continue pounding into her.

>> No.22761362

those aren't books, they are message bottles

>> No.22761378
File: 545 KB, 1398x868, jessica shannon natsuhi measurements tl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There are conflicting sources. So long as multiple possible measurements exist, no truth can be established!

>> No.22761384

more especifically, EP1-2 are message bottles being interpreted by Tohya and Ikuko.

All the rest are forgeries by them or just one of them.

>> No.22761390

Ah, but is it? It says Aunt nasuhi is 91cm in this pic, but in the other pic it says 35in.
91 cm = 35.8 in
Perhaps he just didn't bother rounding up or using decimals in the original pic. I feel these only back each other up and a truth can be established!

>> No.22761488
File: 1.13 MB, 1920x1200, 3138c4215245905ae2fb3f27b7567f8b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22761532

So we all agree that Gunhild is the mole in AOU and that Chloe being a mole is a red herring right?

>> No.22761575
File: 1.33 MB, 1000x1420, Natsuhi nightwear desample 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sadly it's a conversion thing. The Japanese version has him saying Natsuhi is 88cm while Eva is 90. Though it's possible he undershot it, or that they somehow grew over the 12 years he was gone. I do think 91cm is the more appropriate size for Natsuhi in the end.

>> No.22761617

It's likely most if not all moles are alters we've never seen.

>> No.22761674

Alters? You mean like their other personalities? Because the 3 kings said that there's 4 moles in all of the squads one in each faction.

>> No.22761742

>the mole
Maybe if you're referring specifically to the Kings, but literally every character in AOU has some shady factional shit going on except maybe Koshka

>> No.22761794

I thought Gunhild was the red herring and Chloe was the actual mole. Why would Gunhild say "even people in my own kette are agreeing (with Miyao's chivalric order thing)" when her kette is literally Miyao and Jayden?

>> No.22761853
File: 341 KB, 1590x898, this.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Refer to the image
Four factions. 24 people. 1 in each faction from the "Ninth Prime Chivalric Order" which appears to be the tool of the 3 kings.

Well, it's kind of hard to say I think because on one hand at the end of the game you had what appeared to be Chloe disabling Lilja and letting her get hit by missiles or something, but on the other hand you have all this dialogue in the after game tip (14) with Gunhild which implies that she has a somewhat guilty conscience and a hate for humanity(15) someone sabotaged her (perhaps because she read the documents at the research centre(15)) and she also had a high level clearance in the research centre.

Also even though we saw Maja through Toujirou's eyes being a secondary secretary to old men, why is she documented as being deceased in the documents that Gunhild read?

>> No.22761866

We've been over this several times in previous threads. Jestress is vague when the Kings attempt to confirm if she means one mole per faction, and them even asking the question in the first place means they're more in the dark than her in regards to the specifics of the plan. There's also the matter of the Order being split into like 5 sub-factions which may each have their own agendas and spies. Jestress, Toujirou, Seshat, and Vier if she's a different character are all allies only conditionally and only with some of each other.

>> No.22761874

I see I see. I have been refraining from these threads until I read Ciconia myself, so I'm unaware of all the theories accumulated so far.

>> No.22761888

A puppet. With its strings cut.

>> No.22761889

Feel free to discuss more, I miss Ciconiaposting. Since we ran out of things to theorize about we've been stuck with posting Ange's tits and dealing with Italianon's retardation for weeks

>> No.22761891

What the fuck. Did Ryuukishi intentionally make a joke about the walls of peace because he predicted they would become an even bigger meme than the puppet strings?

>> No.22761895

Yes. I mean that these personalities are ones we haven't seen yet. No one outed their personalities except Miyao, but it was explained that it's likely over half of them have alternate personalities.

>> No.22761897

Rosafags want to pull a Lolita and end up with the autistic loli after Rosa dies in a mysterious accident.

>> No.22761900

It's kinda gay that they know how the other's unmentionables look. I ship them.

>> No.22761902

Where did puppet with its strings cut start?

>> No.22761911

Gunhild is secretly 20+, that's why she secretly has a higher rank than Okonogi and introduces her sister to Miyao and Jayden as a "friend". She didn't want them asking questions like how the fuck can her sister be older than her and have a proper adult job.

>> No.22761916

The king of sorrow is Lingji's grandpa.

>> No.22761925

EP7 Tea Party, believe it or not. That's when it got out of hand at leasf.

>> No.22761926

Well, for one I'm not convinced that the kings are as in the dark as you said. I just re-read the part where the "ninth prime order" is introduced, the jestress said that they have moles in all the units and one of the kings says that there's one in each, so it could go either way I think.

Also I'm interested in what significance the Maja story line has. It's probably related to Koshka seeing how Maja was written down as one of the test subjects for Pandora.

But I feel like there's so many individual players with their individual goals, it's hard to keep track of.
Toujirou apparently did some work for the 3 kings, yet he works with Seshat against the 3 kings, but Seshat questioned whether he still loves her ex who is clearly a big player, which might be the jestress but maybe not who also has her own agenda, and then there's Vier doing god knows what. Fuck man. It's all so much

>> No.22761935

I think Vier is really dead and everyone in the lab is actually a digital copy of the original person. The 1000 year door is a place to store people/programs from previous iterations in case the simulation is reset by someone.

>> No.22761951

>the royal family is corrupt and abusing their people
Sounds like that to me. They are producing royals with the best genes and intentionally using shitty genes with hereditary diseases to create average negro civilians.

>> No.22761977
File: 66 KB, 611x722, b3864fdab16c97daa0bf8438e4328a47e8a685c9_hq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Made for eachother

>> No.22762001

It's possible that Jestress is a clone of Vier and the only one that is actually alive (while the Vier in the virtual lab is a brain in a jar or a copy of her mind).

And both characters could be an incarnation of Lambdadelta in this universe. Maybe she got trapped in this life by Bern or some other witch and can no longer escape to the fifth dimension unless she beats the "game". Ikuko also had her own life, a family and a backstory, and was unaware of her status as a witch's human incarnation. But she was still a higher being's avatar in the human world.

Remember how Jestress was chasing a gauntlet knight at the very end, while flying over the sea? Remember how she said that she wouldn't let her escape no matter what because she's been doing all this to get a chance to find this person? And remember how the person she's chasing after is described as "determined not to allow Jestress to even touch her shadow" (imagery heavily associated with Bernkastel). And remember that weird composite gauntlet knight whose silhouette looks exactly like Bern's original sprite? Regardless of what parts of other sprites were used to make it, it's clearly meant to resemble Bernkastel.

So I think Jestress is probably chasing some form of Bernkastel.

>> No.22762051

How can she be so proud of being a royal, when she's still human and her smelly arse is no different from the arse of the average citizen?

Royalty is pathetic!

>> No.22762065

Her arse is full of fighting spirit and guts! You take that back you weakwilled panzy!

>> No.22762088

Her black butt cheeks are the walls of peace.

>> No.22762134
File: 246 KB, 518x563, france.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rethabile - She will take you by the hand and pull you out of bad times through sheer willpower. Will never betray you
Valentina - She wants spicy experiences and as long as you provide her with those experiences and show her that you're a smooth talker she'll provide you with some passionate lewd time
Girls of [Yeladot Shavit] - They probably don't have enough time for you or have to keep their relationship with you on the low due to their idol situation. Expect being neglected.
Sujatha - Expect a loyal obedient waifu strictly only for hand holding and making a prosperous family with.
Rukshana - A calm and subservient wife in public but the biggest freak in bed.
Lingji - Missionary only. Expect to keep up with her in terms of your social status.
Lilja - She'll pin you down and have her way with you.
Koshka - You'll have to pin her down and have your way with her. Actually kind of shy due to having no friends.

>> No.22762172

Imagine not being able to touch themself without being acutely aware that it's the exact same sensation as fondling their twin.

>> No.22762200

i know that for ep 1-5 is a weak argument but:
>ikuko made ange read ep 6
>ikuko said that she never read something written by someone else
>ikuko didnt wrote dawn

> message bottles
>All the rest are forgeries by them or just one of them.
so is impossible in no way ikuko ir tohya could solve the epigraph, so they could not wrote the number on mansion parlor door.
if ikuko is yasu yes but with ikuko=yasu we can completely seprate the magic world form meta-world, the whole umineko story is ikuko try to made battler remember!!!

>> No.22762207

Do you mean the Higurashi VN OST or the Umineko one? I'm only halfway through Tatarigoroshi but the OST is not very good in my opinion. There's no songs or melodies that standout like in Umineko. The only OK track is the spooky one. I am using the old OST before it was changed to other bgm.

>> No.22762308

The soundtrack prior to Kai is very forgettable. Kai introduces several new tracks that stick with you.

>> No.22762331


I'll just leave this here

>> No.22762664

Ikuko admitted she couldn't solve the Logic Error and told her theory that the first Twilight represent 3 pairs of lovers. Also she is very fond of love stories. So she knew about the content of Dawn.

>> No.22762710

ikuko admit that different social class can be the meaning of forniture.
then ange asked her several times if she already knew the story but ikuko always denies saying that it was the first time she read it.
>. Also she is very fond of love stories. So she knew about the content of Dawn.
her knowledge is of anexpert, she hasn't read dawn but she knows who beatrice is (she), she knows how the murders went in the other games so try to use this knowledge to guess the solution.
>Ikuko admitted she couldn't solve the Logic Error
was easy to solve the window sigil was broken so hideyoshi,kumasawa,shannon or george could save him,always assuming the seal on the window wasn't there even before dlanor confirmed.

>> No.22762996

Ryu is the Kanye West of VNs (don't ask me to elaborate on my stance on this)

>> No.22763021
File: 913 KB, 1920x1080, 1555682452577.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22764278
File: 2.58 MB, 1795x1980, based eva.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22764328
File: 898 KB, 1006x1400, Eva lounging color 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eva's the lewdest aunt

>> No.22765280
File: 190 KB, 1110x756, stab.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22765292

Eva sexually harassing Natsuhi

>> No.22765297
File: 14 KB, 93x101, 23e3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

put george in "would stab for marrying"

>> No.22765371

>Ikuko admitted she couldn't solve the Logic Error

I always thought the battle was strange. The author defenitely couldn't decide what to write about it. What exactly? Before Erika used her first retroactive move she could let Battler slip and still accuse him. But what was the reason that the narration AND GM-Battler call out the truth "Battler is the culprit" after that?
Battler already said he doesn't exist within the Guest Room but whether the chain lock is set or unset decides Battler's culprit status? Crazy, I think this was the true logic error.

>> No.22765374

I don't put cucks in my memes

>> No.22765380

Based, I love you Anon. This is cute and <CANON>

>> No.22765388
File: 53 KB, 640x442, tttt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>kill everyone for his waifu
if you kill everyone who had a bigger dick than you , you become the man with the biggest dick in the world.
george is a chad|||

>> No.22765398

Hm, you're right, that's smart. But have you guys ever thought about this? Genji lies about Yasu's Age (3 years down). So in the flashbacks she's 10, Battler is 12 and George is FUCKING 17 yo. He was jealous of a 12-year-old boy

>> No.22765431

Who wouldn't be jealous of a 12 year old boy? He gets to flirt with cute lolis without it being illegal.

>> No.22765437

this is why i said that shannon isnt kanon.
shannon 6 years ago had 14 or 15 years meanwhile yasu(kanon) was 12.
Battler fallen in love with yasu not with shannon

>> No.22765439

Damn, you're right again. I can't win against you, anon.

>> No.22765491
File: 724 KB, 1200x766, 4e993922ee628c2cb46f100e527e38b5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fat glasses man is so fat and so glasses.

>> No.22765516
File: 139 KB, 352x600, tumblr_n5d01scM9C1rvx5vvo1_400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The man you literrally called fat glassed in alliance of the golden witch literrally killed jessica by smashing her head with a kick.

>> No.22765883

Lambda should have supported George because he made efforts for Shannon. Shame on Shannon if she doesn't want to talk about adopting children. She would betray the Fuukin House and will be below Natsuhi who prayed to bear children (it wasn't her fault though). Shannon just think George would reject her because of her body but the real problem is she refuse to aknowledge she was the problem: she is unable to talk about their future because she is still longing for Battler.
Shannon is first and foremost the the guilty one. The manga is just showing "Wah I'll get body-shamed". She is absolutely not interested in George after Battler returned.

>> No.22765889

Incel George secretly hates Jessica for being a normie bitch thirsty for dick.

>> No.22765986
File: 268 KB, 400x455, tumblr_pc620tNHMJ1x4e2qzo1_400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>George would reject her because of her body
fucking normies think love is sex

>> No.22765995
File: 46 KB, 181x160, PC_Erika.Casual.Sprite_31.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>muh now beatrice i create you because i cant love battler anymore this is why i will give you the perfect body battler wanted.
yasu in shkanontrice is a fucking retard

>> No.22766067
File: 134 KB, 750x624, 17e9d425d8a86b7de38a531cee6a7011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22766103
File: 286 KB, 640x480, Wic_a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is Will so unpopular here? Because he is not a girl?

>> No.22766151

Wall of Peace!

>> No.22766164

Will is hot and based. I love Lion too. Their portrait is one of the best things in the game

>> No.22766177

i want jessica and shannon to do rough tribadism until one of them cries in embarrassment

>> No.22766195

Jessica has more dignity and pride because she's a tomboy. I bet she's cry bitter tears of humiliation if her wild hairy pussy and pathetic ass were exposed for everyone to see.

>> No.22766242

For Battler to see*

>> No.22766253


>> No.22766272

>see new umineko doujin for c97
>it's literally just erika on the cover

>> No.22766478


>> No.22766660

Gunhild is so smug, and yet she shits from her ass! How can she look at people in the face?

>> No.22767388

How should we interpret Erika's character in the real world? What's the analogy IRL for the Meta counter-part? Did she also die in 1986?

>> No.22767431

Erika is the kind of person that would expose the mall Santa and rip off his fake beard in front of all the children.

>> No.22767453

She'd record the parents buying the gifts and putting them under the tree and then show it to the kids.

>> No.22767468

From an authorship perspective, she's a real person that disappeared in the sea around that time and got written into End and Dawn by Ikuko to serve as a detestable mary sue detective. She probably made up her personality as she saw fit.

From a meta perspective, she was really an asshole wannabe detective all along and got the chance to become a supernatural detective in a witch's game when Bernkastel miraculously saved her life and made her into a piece.

>> No.22767552

Thanks. Also, Erika did nothing wrong. Ever.

>> No.22767653

In erikantrice erika is yasu, in real world she is just the yasu fantasy of being a detective

The question is exist a real furude erika?
A person that really fall from the ship.
Lambda with the red confirm that erika exist only in ep 5 and 6 world so not in reality.
So a real furude erika can exist in ep 5 and 6 but dead. (Even if erika dead tips said that she is only a witch illusion).

>> No.22768336

The Shannon persona existed while Battler knew her. Otherwise it wouldn't make sense for her to expect a letter addressed to Shannon from Battler.

>> No.22768796

Why do Americandies call Santa "Sena"? Can't they speak properly?

>> No.22768804

id rather discuss ange's tits than chloe's tits desu

>> No.22769221

Listening to "You" and drinking alcohol at 6am. I've lost control and maybe that's okay

>> No.22769477

so shannon=yasu
this is another probem of shkanontrice , battler knew shannon 6 years ago and remember that he liked her so battler didnt forgot anything only his love for yasu wasnt nothing for him.
where is love in all of that?
where is the greatest love story of all time?
a boy didnt fall in love with a girl and 6 year later even if this girl kill all his family he risk his life for her cmon.

if yasu yasu is only kanon this would make more sense.
yasu split in 2 kanon and beatrice.
beatrice:perfect body and perfect personality
Kanon:a body that battler hate and a personality that battler hate if yasu could not love battler anymore this is the perfect body

>> No.22770076

A huge problem of Shkannon's broken body motive was creating two big breasted women personas. Shannon's fear George won't accept her became unfounded when Yasu created Beatrice. And her words after George confessed his bad sides? "Sounds complicated"

>> No.22771029

This was not unfounded. George is an asshole

>> No.22771059

in ep 7 george said 6 years ago shannon didnt love him.
so after the new idenity creation , if yasu=shannon, she fall in love with george.
so at moment yasu create beatrice, she would had no reason for create a big tits personality if her goal was didnt love battler anymore.

>> No.22771704

you know island of giant insects got an anime recently right

>> No.22771924

Just finished reading Ciconia
I want to marry Rethabile and talk about the walls of peace

>> No.22771987
File: 995 KB, 1054x859, chad leo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

07th Theatre english

>> No.22771988

based anon i love you

>> No.22772316

finish it.
there is a next chapter? if yes when it exit?

>> No.22772341

I'm not the one who made the translation and it's finished, there's no more chapter.

>> No.22772376
File: 914 KB, 960x719, 3vuasnj7ubm21.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fake i find this screenshot
there isnt in the game!!!

>> No.22772426
File: 308 KB, 550x550, e360cf3b823ce36560158fdc54c6ddd772cc85a9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How did Hanyuu got away from punishment for all the atrocities she committed?

>> No.22772444

Why does the PS3 version give human pupils to the witches and magical creatures? Why does it give colored eyes to the humans? It ruins the aesthetic and their original vibe.

>> No.22772459

for normies
jessica,kanon,battler ecc... have blue eyes

>> No.22772796
File: 504 KB, 600x1000, bange.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys, did you know? In Leon's universe Battler survives with his memories intact and he fucks Ange every single day

>> No.22772907

Closest thing to a good end in Umineko. Battler survives and probably inherits the Ushiromiya Family Head and all of the money. Literally Kinzo 2.0.

>> No.22772925

AHEM....George kill everyone , say to police that the culprit was kyrie and take all the gold.
meanwhile everyone hate battler and ange for being kyrie children.

>> No.22773001

George doesn't have a motive in Lion's world.

>> No.22773076

image think that krauss,eva and kyrie accept lion as successor LMAO
literrally 3 different plan to kill lion at same time.

>> No.22773143

I love/hate how I was baited into thinking this was some kind of fantasy-mystery hybrid but in the end it was almost a Greek Tragedy. The more I think about it the more it hurts. I hoped for a good ending until the epilogue... Heck, even the Trick Ending is less sad

>> No.22773361

A bridge

>> No.22773540

>online discussion.
What is there to discuss about Higurashi?

>> No.22773800

battler wouldnt have to rape ange so he isnt fully kinzo

>> No.22773903

But Ange would certainly rape him

>> No.22774189

You are a man of taste.

>> No.22774471

He's cool but let's be honest here he isn't actually very important in Umineko. Neither he or Lion. And they aren't very interesting either, for that matter, even if they are cool. They are just characters functional to EP7, and nothing more.

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