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Blue Dragon Wang edition.

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Rosa is made to be lewded

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Incredibly based, cursed drawing and stole the first post from italianon

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i am italian anon and i post this
(i am writing the chapter 7 of mine manifesto so i cant post but i wanted too the first post so i post this)

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Just don't post here anymore, it's fine.

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nice samefagging

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nope anon

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I just want to fuck Italian speaking Erika, is it so hard to ask for

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I can't believe it's not shkanon!

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Just finished Ciconia and now I am searching for the threads with the discussions/theories but I can't find the one thread before >>22191426 .
Does anyone have it? I have searched every thread from Sept15 to Oct5 and I still haven't found it, can anyone help me?
I am mostly searching for theories about the clock, the numbers, the 4th Miyao and the factory with humans.

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Was sakutaro ending up here ever explained without magic?

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Maria left it behind on the boat.

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I wish there was still some ciconia discussion in current threads, for some ungodly reason this general is still 95% umineko

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so in the prologue of Onikakushi, who is talking in the very beginning? Is it Rika or Keiichi

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There just isn't enough to go on about at this point, unless someone randomly discovers something new

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Sakutaro isn't a handmade toy, it's something that Rosa just bought and said it was handmade.

Beatrice, believing Maria's story that Sakutaro was something handmade by Rosa, claimed that Sakutaro's vessel would never be able to be remade to it's original form, and therefore couldn't be resurrected by magic.

Kawabata had another Sakutaro doll in his room full of knick knacks and fabrics.

Thus, Ange is able to present the new Sakutaro doll to Maria as a 'vessel' to resurrect Sakutaro into. By lying and saying it's the same one she is able to use magic. Beatrice can't refute this point, because by denying the method Ange used she would deny her own magic.

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The red truth wasn't a believed lie. This would break the basis for the red truth. Maybe Maria/Sayo hadn't acess to the doll's remain. However I can't decide whether Ange found a brand new one or found the old doll. It was hinted in Dawn Rosa and Maria could have gotten up and Maria united with Sakutaro.
I wouldn't apply the broken vase magic on the broken doll magic too readily. Maybe it's because Ange had the chance to find the old Sakotaro. The chapter Ushiromyia Ange the resurrection magic of Ange was shown in a different way. Also, Beatrice spoke of (red) 'That ' in the scene which indicates the doll was indeed the old one.
Maria remembered everything from the doll. Maria did so much with Sakutaro, like eating which would leave marks over time.
Anyway, I believe that Ange found the old one and didn't brought a new vessel.

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I have a theory. If Miyao is a girl, then Yasu is a girl too! Why? Because of Hempel's paradox! What do you think, everyone?

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Yasu is indeed a girl.

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Probably not a lot of discussion because it was shit. It was just Ryukishi telling people to dilate and a gay WWI reenactment
It's Keiichi. The sound affects, the implication that he's doing the swinging, the mention of romantic feelings, all of it points to his point of view.

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Of course Yasu is a girl, a biologically male one

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Beatrice's red truth:
"That is a special stuffed animal! Made by Rosa for her daughter's birthday, and in the entire world, the only-"
How do you explain this?

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Notice how she can't say it.

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But she said that Sakutaro was made by Rosa. You're cut off at the part that isn't true, as shown by Battler. Beatrice can't say that there's only ever been one Sakutaro doll because Rosa made a new one.

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>But she said that Sakutaro was made by Rosa
It was? It was made by Rosa for Maria's birthday.

This doesn't preclude her from making others later or having already make some for selling.

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Rosa fixed sakutaro after the mental break down.

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This is a lot of hoops to jump through. Why do we have to assume that there are multiple other unshown Sakutaro dolls with no evidence when there's a much simpler solution where Rosa made one, destroyed it, then later made another? How does this benefit the story?

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Because we are show them clearly in the PS3 ports and the manga.

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File: 111 KB, 516x850, __ushiromiya_battler_and_black_battler_umineko_no_naku_koro_ni_drawn_by_sousui_hani__e77cbf9c2b0b669723632364c91af5eb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is he so hot?

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That's also a valid solution. I'm just pointing out that the red truth confirms that a Sakutaro doll was hand-made by Rosa, and thus the doll Maria had was not mass-produced.

I see. It's unfortunate that it wasn't in the original. I have no idea why he would change his intentions like that. I don't consider anything that appears in ports or manga relevant to the story as originally intended.

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>I see. It's unfortunate that it wasn't in the original. I have no idea why he would change his intentions like that. I don't consider anything that appears in ports or manga relevant to the story as originally intended.
It was pretty obvious in the original too, everyone already figured it back then because Rosa is a liar and selling plush toys is something she could do given her job.

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Of course I understand the reasoning. There's nothing saying the Sakutaro doll CAN'T be mass-produced. But the red truth here doesn't directly confirm it, and nothing in the source material did. It's an assumption that the reader has to make when there's a much simpler line of reasoning: Rosa remade the doll.

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who is this imposter, original battler is x10 better

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>no ciconia

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How do we see the Chiester's as bunny girls based off of Maria's bunnies if Battler's never seen them?

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Because Chiester's are guns at the same time

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That's Wayne's spoiler outfit.

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That doesn't answer my question. EP3, written by Tohya, is where we see rifles portrayed in the same form as Maria's bunnies. Why?

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It's still something unique. I dunno why people keep saying Rosa bought the stuffed animal, it was made clear in red truth Rosa made it. Maybe they failed to see Rosa's remaining love for Maria. Typical for the black-and-white mindset they refuse this and made up some strange logic that allows to lie in red truth with hearsay.

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I am watching Ikuhara's Mawaru Penguindrum, and i found a lot of theme and idea from Umineko. Although it might be a coincidence.

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She couldn't say it's the only one in the entire world. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to mean that Rosa's company or whatever ended up making a bunch of them. The one Maria had was handmade by Rosa but then it started getting mass produced or something. Or maybe it's not even mass produced, she just handmade a second one for some reason. There's no reason to conclude that Rosa didn't hand make it when it's literally said in red that she did.

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It's the same with Virgillia/Ronove/Gaap etc.
I doubt Tohya/Ikuko had the chance to see Maria's diary (Maria came up with most demon names). But the woman got her hand on Eva's diary. Maybe the fantasy-layer of the forgeries were written differently. Maybe they found more message bottles. Who knows?

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I thought that it's possible Beatrice told Battler those things. But there's no reason for Maria to tell Battler about her bunnies, for them to have that strong an impression, and for him to relate the bunnies to rifles for some reason.

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Yes, that's what I've been saying.

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>That doesn't answer my question. EP3, written by Tohya, is where we see rifles portrayed in the same form as Maria's bunnies. Why?
A lot of things that are portrayed are things no one could know, life Ange's private life for example, or stuff about Kasumi. More so, we don't even know how much the forgeries match what we see, it's actually ver unlikely it's an 1:1 scenario.

One of the point of Umineko is anyway no one knew what the fuck happened that day.

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Ange's private life is presumably told from Ange's point of view, with things from 1998 being told by an omniscient narrator. But this isn't as acceptable when we know that everything not in 1998 is explicitly fiction based on memories.

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The fact that Ange even has a private life is just mindblowing! She's so proud, and yet she has private secrets! Lewd!

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i want to taste lingji's royal cunny

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too old

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the lst true chapter is out,guys only one chapter left i am crying.
now i solve all the 6 games without violate any red truths so my theory is completed miss only few bonus parts.
this chapter was very difficult to wrote and maybe there are many grammar error so pls send reports.
thanks for all your support my erikantrice knitgs.


for those who do not know erikantrice here is a little summary in 4 points:
1) in all the games the culprits and accomplices are the same.
kanon(yasu)= the true culprit\mastermind(can kill)
george=culprit\co-plotter(can kill)
nanjo,kumasawa and genji=accomplices(cant kill)
2)game 5th and 6th are solved with Erika=Kanon
this is why erika didnt saw kanon's body in the closet
3)yasu isnt a tranny, she is a CUTE TOMBOY so Battler isnt gay.
4)yasu=ikuko so all umineko is the magic version of ikuko wrote mystery novels on rokkenjima so battler could solve them in the hope that his memory would return.

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Reading Higurashi for the first time was such a nice experience. Wish I could do it again.

>> No.22541588

Quick question before I put the rest of the VNs on my wishlist, did the MG translation ruin Higurashi or Umineko in any way? I've stopped trusting Mangagamer.

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Anyone know where I can find the OG Matsuribayashi?

I mean original sounds, music, art and no translation.
Just the game as it was when it was first released at comiket, unchanged, out of the box.
I already checked out 07th Universe and Nyaa, but the former only has an english patched verison, and the latter has zero seeds.

I just want to read in Japanese and with the original art, but unless I'm just retarded it seems like there's no way of doing that?

>> No.22542574

>I've stopped trusting Mangagamer
Your first mistake was trusting them in the first place.

"Ruin" is very subjective, so yes, they did ruin it. By mere distinction of it being Mangagamer, they ruined it, as they ruin everything they touch.

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It could be much better, but it isn't absolutely garbage like before.

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>English patched version
Higurashi never got any English patches except for the first two arcs. You must be talking about the fucked up Mangagamer version.

>> No.22543423

Yeah, but I can't find a Japanese Matsuribayashi.

>> No.22543482

So it's shit but less shit than the old fan TLs?

>> No.22543524

Have you checked https://nyaa.si/view/589268? It's the original comiket releases.

>> No.22543580

The Umineko fan translation was good. The new one is more polished but changes some iconic lines from Erika and uses the shitty Mangagamer engine that pastes rain drops onto the backgrounds instead of having a proper rain effect. It hurts the atmosphere a bit.

Higurashi never had a proper fan translation, but the very early ones that got cancelled when MG acquired the rights were really good. They covered all of Onikakushi.

>> No.22543591

Are they the Original and Kai bundles of 4 arcs or the literal separate arcs? Those are a pain to deal with.

>> No.22543616

Bundles of 4 arcs.

>> No.22543924

>Higurashi never had a proper fan translation
Are you sure? I'm certain that I saw someone play a fan TL of Higurashi all of the way through to the final arc.

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Saku trad when, I'll be fluent before it comes out at this rate.

>> No.22544205

Does anyone have the original Mangagamer release of Higu ch1-4, with their music but OG sprites and backgrounds? I remember getting it from a Nyaa torrent years ago, but I lost my copy and can't find the torrent. If someone still has it lying around, please upload. It's the first version of Higurashi I read and I want to keep it around.

>> No.22544329

I should rewatch. It was good. A lot of themes from Murakami too.

>> No.22544334

Someone in the Hinamizawa Discord apparently started on it last month or something

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I have another stupid Ciconia theory!
Humanity is just going around planet to planet destroying it and leaving, it is "inevitable" and the cyclical destruction and rebuilding of society tries to delay it, maybe some things play out the same in these "world histories" and the historical interference (taking out the book of revelations from the biblical canon) is a play from either the group that keeps delaying the end of the world or some other group that wants to stop the cycle of destruction.
The factory we saw was inside a spaceship directed to the current planet, it safely preserved the brains before reaching the destination.
At some point they'll open the door that leads to the future and try to bait us into thinking that the world and humanity is dead, but that's not the case, because new planet and new history!

>> No.22545316

That was MG's slightly more godawful old translation. Still official.

>> No.22546035

How come Satoko has an arse? Where is her dignity?

>> No.22546183

Do you think Hanyuu has an arse? I'm having doubts about that.

>> No.22546573

No, this is far too simple. Ciconia is about God and how ancient alien theory buttfucks religion. Ryukishi says fuck religion and that you should stop being a fag or else aliens will cum and spread the sprouts of war. The three kings are actually a bunch of Christian incels obsessed with the teaching of Jehovah's Witness. They are the real aliens and by masturbating to the words of God through the bible, they will finish what Mario started and bring dignity to the world. The next great flood will be a flood of semen that will repopulate the earth and give it new life. The sprouts of war is a metaphor for this!!!

The factory is representative of how Mangagamer handles their translations. They butcher everything (like the factory), take a long ass fucking time to complete the process (like the factory), never listening to the outcry of the fandom (like the factory). Ryukishi is based as fuck for giving us this elegantly hidden commentary on the shittiness of the localization process. Fuck mangagamer, the factory, and Meow because I want to make her my cumdumpster. Only speed reader fags would deny how absolutely based this line of reasoning is. Get on my level anon.

>> No.22547284

please tell me he leaves once he finishes his braindead """theory"""

>> No.22547326

>changes some iconic lines from Erika
So it maybe ruins one character who doesn't appear until the final half? That's not so bad.

So it's a retranslation? Interesting.

>> No.22547380

Where do I get umineko with the original sprites?

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Why should Satoko be ashamed of having one of those?

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Hanyu fucks?

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Nope anon i am here
I complete the 7th chapter but nobody want discuss about it.
Very sad

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cute little fangs

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Just ignore him. Look better this thread is once he has no one to talk with.

>> No.22549623

Ryukishi there desu.

I can't publicly support the factory = mangagamer translation theory. I am bound by contract. I am sorry. I can only say that it is a worthy and reputable theory. Thank you.

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Ryukishi what you think about erikantrice?

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>the retard start posting

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erika ,the bernkastle master, lost and died so berkastle disappier with her.
then ikuko take her back from the sea of fragments

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Only acceptable ship.

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Both best girls in Umineko, Erika just got cucked there

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He accomplished everything he wanted. You guys pretended to be Luigi and yet Italian Anon won while you did nothing.

>> No.22552100

Hu, I don't recognise that one. Is it from the second half of Umineko?

>> No.22552407

Satoko is super nude!

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It's simple, anon. The answer is magic.
The metaworld is separated from the forgeries/the "real" word from 1998. The coincidences between forgeries and gameboards are incidental and partial.

>> No.22553606

Rika's miis were translated as meep by MG God knows why

>> No.22554173

Still not as bad as mii/nanodesu getting translated as "sir" in the manga.

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>Erika is the height of an average high school girl. Dlanor is closer to that of an elementary school girl. However, since her physique has grown to adulthood, rather than a loli, she gives the impression of a short highschool girl.

>> No.22555342

Oh my god they're askong for second season as of the first one shouldn't be remade instead...

>> No.22555384

I think most have rightfully given up on an Umineko anime by this point.

>> No.22555449

the human condition of Ushiromiya Aspie

>> No.22555453

Dlanor cucked by battler when?

>> No.22555492
File: 87 KB, 1000x750, __dlanor_a_knox_and_ushiromiya_battler_umineko_no_naku_koro_ni_drawn_by_nori_senbei__74dd802432feead7dcf1fb0267314ae4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Could just as easily be Erika getting cucked.

>> No.22555494

Dlanor is just a KID though

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File: 213 KB, 698x1000, dlanor battler christmas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's just a shorty with childish tastes.

>> No.22555529 [SPOILER] 
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A kid with boobs
That's all Battler needs.

>> No.22556014


>> No.22557373

Please God

Last time. Please!

>> No.22557451

Getting cucked by a kid is even better.

>> No.22557833

t. George

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So is the red vs blue shit in purgatorio in the forgeries tohya wrote? I always that he (or yasu) wrote that shit too

>> No.22558693

If Yasu created a personality that loved Maria, what would it be like?

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File: 554 KB, 800x1117, __beatrice_and_ushiromiya_maria_umineko_no_naku_koro_ni_drawn_by_ichigo_kocha__9d10da4d5813613fa353a0fa44743d63.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yasu already loves maria, just not in a romantic way.

>> No.22559173

But what if it was romantic? What sort of persona would it be?

>> No.22559574


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File: 1.33 MB, 1920x1080, 20181005_142514.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've seen a lot of rankings of Umineko episodes in order of best to worst, but I've never seen people rank the Higurashi chapters. How would you rank them?

I also have never gotten why episode 1 and 2 of Umineko are consistently ranked at the bottom. I loved those episodes and have probably reread them the most. I hear pacing mentioned a lot but those are the closest to your typical mystery novels in terms of pacing and structure. Do the majority of umifags just have adhd or autism? Cant handle not having constant attention grabbing ramp-ups?

>> No.22561275

Okay, I'll bite. Why did you black out Satoko?

>> No.22561683

Matsuribayashi is the only chapter I have concrete complaints about, but I still rank it above Himatsubushi because I like it's high points better.
>I also have never gotten why episode 1 and 2 of Umineko are consistently ranked at the bottom
I didn't really get that impression. I feel like everyone agrees they're pretty good, meanwhile for other episodes they have more extreme 'love it or hate it' stances.

>> No.22562219

Tsumihoroboshi > Meakashi > Onikakushi > Minagoroshi > Tatarigoroshi > Watanagashi > Maturibayashi > Himatsubushi
I don't know about EP1 and EP2. I suffer a litle each time I have to go through Shannon and Kanon stuff at the beginning of EP2 I guess, but EP1 is perfect.

>> No.22562270

Mina > Tsumi > Tatari > Meaka > Oni > Matsuri > Himat > Wata

>> No.22562364

>Meakashi second

>> No.22562554

I personally enjoy both episodes quite a bit, but I feel like for the most part, the addition of "attention grabbing ramp-ups" doesn't at all detract from Ryukishi's ability to tell a good character drama, so it's all uphill. Also I'm not sure I believe that, I think most people would put Episode 8 at the bottom

>> No.22562781

So, why did Yasu know Ange wasn't going to come to the island during that day when she wrote legend and turn?

>> No.22562798

ange was part of mariage sorciere so its possible that in the 5 years when ange went to rokkenjima yasu befriend her and order her to stay at home during the murder

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>So, why did Yasu know Ange wasn't going to come to the island during that day when she wrote legend and turn?
Unknown. In the sequence in the manga in which she murders all the Ushiromiya she straight up doesn't even bother mentioning Ange.

>> No.22562851

Sounds unlikely (Ange didn't believe in Beatrice, why would she obey an order like that? When would have Beatrice told her even? She didn't actually plan the murders until she knew Battler was going to come in 1986. And if she didn't even spare Maria (who was kind of essential for half of her plans, I admit) why would she care about this child?) and there's no clue pointing to that at all

>> No.22562879

She doesnt mention any of the cousins in that pic.

>> No.22562884

she does later

>> No.22562885

remember when maria said to ange ."you cant be part of mariage sorciere" then ange start to cry and get mad to maria.
so what if beatrice said to her:"do you want be part of mariage sorciere? next year don't come to this island if you do then you'll officially be a member of the mariage sorciere"

>> No.22562896

Ok but why and what part of the story points to this at all

>> No.22562902

She does in the later and earlier sequences, they are her beloveds.

Ange never meet Beatrice, if she did the half of the game wouldn't happen and Ange unlike Maria doesn't have autism and doesn't tell people by behaviors. Also why would she do that anyway?

>> No.22562905

>yfw Ange doesn't actually exist and she's just the Ushiromiya souls' delusion to finally rest in peace

>> No.22562936

in the game there is the discussion between maria and ange, and this makes us understand that ange is has knowledge of the mariage sorciere.
from this we can guess a possible motivation on why ange has stayed at home, no part of the game confirms it but it is the only alternative solution has is all luck.

> Also why would she do that anyway?
to save ange life
>Ange never meet Beatrice
it does not matter.
ange only wanted to enter the mariage sorciere, yasu could have sent her a letter or contact her via kanon.

>> No.22562967

seems like a long winded way to say r07 is a hack

>> No.22562987

Yes, Ryukishi forgot is unironically more believable than this. Ange not appearing in EP1-2 is more likely either a clue for something bigger or just Ryukishi's plothole than something requiring as much assumptions as this.

>> No.22563026

Do we know how detailed the messages in the bottles were? They would have only been a few pages long at most, so how much was actually told in those messages? What we see is the book version that Tohya wrote, so perhaps what we see is whats written to match the results?

Or if Sayo didn't specifically kill Ange in any of the message bottles and left her fate to the bomb, then would her name be mentioned?

>> No.22563066

messages in the bottles= different ways of murder planning
if ange wasnt in these message mean yasu was sure that ange wouldn't come to the island.

>> No.22563112

For Higu I loved arc(s) 1 3 and 6 equally. I had way too much fun with arc 3 especially, god that shit was CASH
Umineko's first two episodes are the better half of The Question Arc, where are you getting these shit rankings, twitter? Discord? Fuck off with em either way

>> No.22563170

>to save ange life
??? From what. Murder wasn't even a thing in Yasu's life. It was Battler's coming back that triggered her.

>> No.22563171

Why is Yasu okay with killing Maria but not Ange?

>> No.22563194

Could be reaching with this one, but we know the message bottle were thrown just a few days before the incident, so could it be possible that Ange had been sick for a while? Perhaps Ange was sick for say over a week, and during that time Sayo wrote the plans knowing that Ange most likely wouldn't make it to the family meeting.

>> No.22563202

Ange doesn't go Uuuu-UUU-uuuu

>> No.22563227

Maria's life was literally a nightmare
but her innocence didn't make her notice this.
yasu knew perfectly the pain felt when one understands the truth therefore the death of maria was an act of piety

>It was Battler's coming back that triggered her.
yes when yasu found out that Battler would be back she planned the murder without including ange

>> No.22563272

there's absolutely nothing wrong with going nopan

>> No.22563290

Well, I admit not knowing how much similar the message bottles or the forgeries actually are to the gameboards makes this possible.
Not impossible.
Still I find these are kind of contrived explanations for a "mystery" the games don't even adress to. The fact that no one says nothing about it is what makes it problematic for me. There are comments about the strangeness of Eva dying in the messages even when she ends up surviving if I'm not mistaken. But nothing about Ange.

>> No.22563404

What makes >>22563194 not possible? To me it seems the most grounded and plausible.

>> No.22563540 [DELETED] 

I was thinking about Umineko : Gold Edition and I found that all the songs played in the Sound Novel, might be translated and sung in english.
I mean, the opening of the edition is the one from the anime adaptation sung in english.

>> No.22563550

I was thinking about Umineko : Gold Edition and I think that all the songs played in the Sound Novel, might be translated and sung in english.
I mean, the opening of the edition is the one from the anime adaptation sung in english.

>> No.22563586

Execute all dub fags
Fuck off

>> No.22563627

The lyrics of each song have clues. In addition, this edition aims to be read by anyone. It would be a real shame if they are not translated, imo.

>> No.22563651

I said "not impossible" anon, meaning that it is indeed possible

>> No.22563660

Ah, I misread, I apologize.

>> No.22563900

>and Goha, because....er...because.

>> No.22563917
File: 133 KB, 800x850, __ushiromiya_ange_umineko_no_naku_koro_ni_drawn_by_gm__01c3209c44d41cf253f228e65c86b81f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22563998

Easy. The message bottles are fake. Legend and Turn were written by Toya.

>> No.22564204
File: 854 KB, 988x705, it's close to midnight.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

On re-reading Umi, I think that Maria's witch personality probably wasn't just an unwitting accomplice in Beatrices ritual, but knew exactly what was happening. Maria wanted to die and go to the golden land, so that's the role Yasu have her in the message bottles.

>> No.22564256

>Easy. The message bottles are fake. Legend and Turn were written by Toya.
Except they are not? We even see her throwing them into the sea.

>> No.22564296

According to Bernkastel in EP4 (and Ange says nothing to contradict this), Ange only became sick the day before the conference. It's unlikely Sayo could even have known about Ange's illness, let alone have written 3+ message bottles with that in mind.
This is Umineko. We can never be 100% certain that what is being shown is what actually happened.

>> No.22564329

Then what about TIPs? I suppose those are blatantly lying about everything too.

>> No.22564353

>This is Umineko. We can never be 100% certain that what is being shown is what actually happened.
Oh yeah, the manga made up to clear shit is intentionally lying.

>> No.22564416

Her murder plans were extremely malleable. There were several contingencies depending on how everyone reacted and moved around the island. They didn't have to be extremely specific in regards to personal actions either since the bribes were mostly faction-based going by Kinzo's children and their direct families. All Ange not being present would have done is free up Rudolph and Kyrie a bit since Yasu would have wanted to keep them together to ensure no retarded child shit happened.

>> No.22564443

she recognized ange as best girl

>> No.22564910
File: 94 KB, 721x960, yasu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

BEATO: We wants it. We needs it. Must have the precious. They stole it from us. Sneaky little Ushiromiases. Wicked. Tricksy. False.

SHANON: No. Not master George.

BEATO: Yes, precious. False. They will cheat you, hurt you, lie!

SHANON: Master's my friend.

BEATO: You don't have any friends. Nobody likes you.

SHANON: (with his hands over his ears) Not listening. I'm not listening.

BEATO: You're a liar and a thief.

SHANON: (shaking his head) No.

BEATO: Murderer.

SHANON: Go away.

BEATO: (mockingly) Go away? (laughs)

SHANON: I hate you. I hate you.

BEATO: Where would you be without me?
Yasu. Yasu.
I saved us. It was me. We survived because of me.

SHANON: Not anymore.

BEATO: (shocked) What did you say?

SHANON: Master looks after us now. We don't need you.

BEATO: What?

SHANON: Leave now......and never come back.


SHANON: Leave now and never come back.

Beatrice growls and bears his teeth

SHANON: Leave now and never come back!

There is silence and no response from Beatrice

SHANON: We told him to go away. And away he goes, precious. (he jumps and leaps about) Gone! Gone! Gone! Sayo is free!

>> No.22565301
File: 38 KB, 350x450, B28665B4-7556-4F39-B943-F931F39C421F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has there ever been definitive proof the metaworld exists?

>> No.22565462
File: 28 KB, 512x512, bernkastel paint.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you got it wrong, only meta world is real

>> No.22565466

Only if you believe Bernkastel from Umineko is directly connected to Higurashi and not just a nod.

Bernkastel is the Rika that gave up in Rei most likely. The Umineko manga explicitely shows panels of Higurashi with Hanyuu when Bern is mentioning her past and the game she was locked in. That connection means the meta world actually exists within the universe of WTC and isn't just a cool story telling device for Umineko or just a part of Tohya's/Ange's mental journey.

>> No.22565839

im here to announce my lust for evatrice has not went away

>> No.22565874

any news on the episode 9 translation?

>> No.22565974

very cute Bern. can you make on with Lambda too? the world needs more Lambda.

>> No.22565984
File: 534 KB, 700x1189, Evatrice swimsuit idea.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have you neglected in your daily tribute of semen?

>> No.22565986

Yeah, I think she did know they were all going to die since the beginning. She just also thought that wasn't a bad things since they'd just be reborn in the golden land where they'd be able to rest in peace in eternal happiness.
And she was kind of right

>> No.22565997

>According to Bernkastel in EP4 (and Ange says nothing to contradict this), Ange only became sick the day before the conference
I see, that's a good point. Then Ange's absence in the bottles is still problematic.
On the other hand, if I remember correctly, Ange was given one of those bank cards with money just like Nanjo's and Kumasawa's sons, wasn't she? Wouldn't that imply Beatrice knew she was going to survive then?
Unless she just sent the cards on october 4th after being sure who was going to be on the island and who wasn't. Which isn't impossible I guess.

>> No.22566004

It's both. Maria is playing along because why not? Dying doesnt matter, it just means youre going to golden land. So why feel sorry for the others dying? Why be afraid of dying? Why not just play along with Beatrice and do what she says? She's an unwitting accomplice in so far as she doesnt know the true consequences.

>> No.22566027

>let alone have written 3+ message bottles with that in mind.
The impression I got was of a murder mystery fan who was so fucked up in the head that they spent months and months and maybe years devising scenarios for every possible contingency. I think there's plenty of room for 3-5 bottles of "Ange got sick", as long as we accept a hypothetical two or three dozen other "Ange didn't get sick" bottles, along with "George got sick" and "Maria fell off the boat and drowned" and "Rudolph's car broke down" and so on.

>> No.22566032

Umineko makes it pretty ambiguous I think. You could think the metaworld doesn't really exist but you might just as well say 1998 is as fictional as Beatrice's catbox.
I believe that, at the very least, insisting it's 100% fake and just an entertaining way of showing Tohya/Ange stuff is kind of... extreme. Not to mention it impoverishes the story. First of all, it doesn't even really "fit" as well as some people make it seem. And it makes a lot of metaworld development that hardly has an actual parallel in "real life" pretty much pointless. Like, what's the point of Bern and Lambda at all? Or Beato's death and rebirth? Will and Lion? Erika and Dlanor?
I find it easier to believe the metaworld "exists", meaning that it exists as its own thing and at the same time has parallels to the "real world" and indirect connections with it. That's the reason Ange's interaction with it is so erratic and Tohya/Ikuko seem to have something to do with the developments. Although how much is hardly confirmed.
I think umineko ramblings (not sure if that's what it was called in tumblr) has a post trying to figure out the levels of reality and umineko and defending the existence of the meta.

>> No.22566070

Its states that the bottles were abanonded just a few days before the incident. I doubt she spent years, let along several months writing tons of these mini mystery novel fanfics and then tossed dozens of bottles all at once. She was planning for this one upcoming occassion, so she most likely just wrote up a couple scenarios of how things could go down. When she resigned herself to a course of action, she tossed the message bottles (3 were found including confession, we know there are at least 4). They were her last will and testament if you will in the form of a nod to And Then There Were None. They contained who she was.

Might as well say she saved up hundreds of message bottles. One where she fails and gets killed herself. One where battler commits suicide. One where Rosa got married to a guy with his own children and they came too. You can make up all kinds of dumb bullshit all for the sake of trying to ignore that r07 is either a hack, forgot, or came up with Ange later.

>> No.22566146

I think I'm thinking of the following lines. I may have found the wrong lines when looking for what I'm searching for, but this is Beatrice speaking to Ange

>"What a shame that only two of them made it to shore...! How sad that `Land', my greatest masterpiece, was never seen by human eyes."
>"As I was working out the details for my game against you, I began creating those tales along the way. Once I realized that I could create endless different tales out of the same game board, it really started to get fun...!"

and then, Bern mocking,

>Hey, are you watching? Clair? ......You wanted to hide this truth too, didn't you? For fun, you wrote several cat box tales...and planned to seal them in message bottles like the end of a mystery novel you loved.

That doesn't sound like there are a small number of message bottles that contain someone's personality. It sounds like somebody who made lots of plans, and then realized the planning was at least as interesting as the execution.

>> No.22566154

>You can make up all kinds of dumb bullshit all for the sake of trying to ignore that r07 is either a hack, forgot, or came up with Ange later.
Oh, I'm somebody different. I agree that it's very clear that Ange was not handled correctly in the beginning games, and there's really no way of correcting it (the bottles being scattered before Ange's illness was known kills that). I just think that one specific part of the narrative, the part about the number of message bottles, is ambiguous.

>> No.22566221

While we're on the subject, I was really pissed off by "The fifth curse was me" in Higurashi. Whenever I tried to come up with a tentative explanation, I couldn't figure out how the later parts of that made sense. Even knowing the truth now, and assuming that a shadowy organization follows Keiichi around and makes everything come true to preserve the secret, why leave him alive?

There's plenty of other bullshit in the answer for Higurashi, but at least there's effort spent in the narrative for most of it. This is just pure coincidence.

>> No.22567031
File: 428 KB, 950x411, 1571293817929.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am italian anon.
Why mods delete erikantrice link post?

Here the link:https://pastebin.com/XVrRMWqS
Chapter 7 is out.

>> No.22567825

>This is just pure coincidence.
Did you forget that the characters have deja vus of previous worlds and that influences their actions?

Him having encounters with annoying people he ends up wishing dead in his paranoia is a bit of a coincidence, but the methods he chooses make sense because he subconsciously remembers hearing about Takano burning to death and things like that.

>> No.22568105
File: 1.68 MB, 1116x834, stakes ange bath.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bath time.

>> No.22568132

>the methods he chooses
Are you forgetting that, at the end, he's a doddering old man? He can't possibly be responsible for all the deaths.

>> No.22568953
File: 103 KB, 1280x720, mer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ciconia is literrally when /pol/ cry

>> No.22569600

>the bottles being scattered before Ange's illness was known kills that
When do they say that the bottles were scattered? I don't remember if its mentioned in the manga or the novel, but I always had it in my head that the bottles were scattered during the conference, not before.

>> No.22569762
File: 187 KB, 728x1062, 1544816002046.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since it's the day before the conference, it could be argued that she only scattered the ones that didn't have Ange on it, or that she made minor adjustments to what she already had.

>> No.22570241

Do you guys think Sayo has nice feet?

>> No.22570403

It must feel terrible for Ange having to constantly concentrate even while in the shower or risk snapping her back.

>> No.22570433

A small price to pay for such splendid assets.

>> No.22570455

The stories in the bottles also know about the storm, right? So if we assume Sayo finalized the bottles the day before the conference, everything makes sense. She heard that Ange was not coming and included that detail in the stories along with the storm.

>> No.22570554

Ryukishi draws ange so cute but she doesn't translate well into other art styles. She ends up looking incredibly generic.

>> No.22570623

she had this lost kitten look about her in the og sprites
every other style makes her look like a slutty stuck up bitch

>> No.22570639

I'm not even talking about sprites. Its like universal in general fanart.

>> No.22571359
File: 111 KB, 640x479, F944C4B3-23E8-4560-B31D-CA8BF6534FAD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think about umineko before the answer arc, before yasu and before rokkenjima prime and I start crying cause I enjoyed battler and beato playing ace attorney together with virgilia and ronove showing up sometimes the most out of the whole vn...

>> No.22571414

I wonder how would you guys do it any different? Like, after episode 3.

>> No.22571472

Featherine a shit

>> No.22571789

Probably just add in another episode or two of Battler vs Beato and then following Ryukishi's route. The extra games would just be filler I guess, but like that other anon said, Battler and Beato playing Ace Attorney was really the most enjoyable part of the VN. Along with seeing what new meta characters would pop up each game, learning more about the seventeen piece's backstories, and trying to figure out how each murder could be done alongside Battler.

I'd probably also make sure to show what 100% actually happened on Rokkenjima (for brainlets like me), as well as what really happened on the military base, since the end of episode 7 implied Kinzo was lying to Leon and he wanted to get the Italian's gold, but that would have to mean a bunch of other events went down differently too, right?

>> No.22571824

no one has read ciconia because the (((merchants))) set the price too high

>> No.22571887

Stop insult beatrice-MILF

>> No.22571917
File: 122 KB, 936x586, Featherine manga face 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the most powerful MILF

>> No.22571995

Good. I feel bad for anyone who payed for it. Feel bad for those that torrented it and wasted their time reading it.

>> No.22572102
File: 1.62 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2843.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22573069

I want to finger Ange.

>> No.22573146
File: 82 KB, 225x173, rika 22.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just finished Higurashi, finally.
What did you guys think of the chapter 8 ?
I loved the first part with the Fragments reconstitution but I'm not really conviced with the second part. It was okay I guess.

>> No.22573199

Imo the ending of ep8, while thematically justified, is too utopian to be emotionally believable. The characters have grown and formed strong bonds of trust with each other, and so have escaped the particular tragedies they previously fell prey to, but the more abstract philosophical problems of inherited sin, the possibility of unfortunate coincidences, failures and betrayals has not thereby been resolved.
Which is probably why Ryukishi wrote Saikoroshi-hen. The dichotomy between the broken worlds of Hinamizawa 1-8 and the "world without sin" Rika is given a chance to see serves to justify the imperfect as the condition for the possibility of deepening the connections between people and making their existence meaningful. Rika's choice is also a choice for the reader, to reject a utopian conclusion and make peace with the idea that Rika and her friends won't live happily ever after, that they will have new challenges and problems to overcome, and that these are trials they may very well fail, that the shared humanity they have gained is something they will have to continue to protect and renew.

>> No.22573714

EP3 is written by Ikuko, just like EP4. That's basic lore, anon. Very basic lore. I'm sure it's in the wiki somewhere, it has been explicitly told in EP6.

Now, as to why Ikuko knows about Maria's bunnies, she could be a witch and used magic for it, or she's Yasu. Unfortunately most anons firmly believe Ikuko is a witch that has used her magic powers to write EP3 and EP4, so what can you do. It's magic. Can't and won't explain shit. She knows of Maria's bunnies because magic.

>> No.22573794
File: 157 KB, 560x700, bebf5de17ec87b4e35138b647144fa20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Erika Erika Erika! I can't wait for my portrait of Erika!

>> No.22573858

ikuko is yasu

>> No.22574030
File: 37 KB, 440x500, e2261ff9c71b669ba0b4d0af5b63f565.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22574057

read Saikoroshi as true epilogue

>> No.22574059
File: 313 KB, 2048x1160, E82A6E76-BADF-46E7-8D7A-B262816BDD95.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I fully expected for it to end with battler going back in time to prevent any more Rokkenjima tragedies, kinda like in higurashi. How it actually ends is more fitting for the story and I am overall satisfied, but by the end of Umineko I couldn’t care less who yasu is, or what really happened in ange’s timeline, because I was more invested in the meta world and what battler and beato were doing

>> No.22574093
File: 2.35 MB, 1920x1080, tsubasa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anonymous please, you have to move on from the fantasy

>> No.22574187

Where is the point in the manga that shows Ikuko=/=Yasu? Confession just really shows that Ikuko defeats all odds and found a confession of the mastermind. But wasn't a confession against all her principles?
Ikuko wrote that, I am sure.

>> No.22574195
File: 44 KB, 147x134, Eri_a11_ikari1a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>in the manga
>in the manga
>in the manga
>in the manga


>> No.22574260

His arm is bigger than her whole head.

>> No.22574267

Haven't read the conversation you're a part of, but as a general rule of thumb, the manga is "more canon" than the VN since it was released long after and had several edits made to be more explicit with its imagery and characterization

>> No.22574295

the manga change,add and remove half of the story for made shkanontrice works!!!!!

we here already show that umineko manga is fake so is useless use it as proof anymore.

>> No.22574323

Don't feed the retard. He's mentally challenged.

>> No.22574324

Wow, it's almost as if the manga is an updated and final version of the novel!
Also the novel doesn't contain any ikuko yasu shit. It's purely fan-fiction material based on mischaracterizations.

>> No.22574331

His entire "theory" is a massive plothole based stretch. Don't expect him to have any logic.

>> No.22574341

I'm sorry, I couldn't tell it was italianon for some reason. The low word count of the post prevented my from noticing the usual telltale ESL gibberish

>> No.22574354

Yeah, same here actually. The ellipses threw me off.

>> No.22574372
File: 643 KB, 1575x2230, 1399551c57ae9659ddba5586ac11877e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To be fair, EVA is smol

>> No.22574407
File: 35 KB, 268x426, hydetrice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nope umineko visual novel is literrally different from the manga!!!!
/jp/ deny the manga validity time ago.
if you think manga is really well made you didnt read umineko at least umineko anime just cut things didnt add shit for """brainlets""".
my entire theory is based on LOGIC.
no red truth deny it.
what i literrally use my famous sentence that include "for" what is your problems?

>> No.22574408

I read the VN.
But people keep insisting I'm a dummy. I'm a dummy because I didn't read the manga. It's so obvious they put the answer in an other media than the original I had to hold my firehead: "How should I know?"
It makes so much sense - Ryukishi kept the answer because money was the answer all along. You just need to give things people were expecting and ta-daa they feel statisfied.
Ange should have written some random shit in a diary, put the label "Eva's diary" on it, sell it on an auction. That should have been the truest ending of all - the magic trick ending.

Magic trick -it surpasses every know trick in the human world and every know magic in the demons world.

>> No.22574459
File: 465 KB, 919x1208, 1569285812771.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm a dummy because I didn't read the manga.
you ,who have read 400 hours of visual novels with the original spites, are dummy while them ,who have read 1 hour of manga with images and where everything has been modified, are smart?

dont give a shit about them anon
you have rigth people who cant read umineko vn didnt deserve free speech!!!!.

> Ryukishi kept the answer because money was the answer all along
ryukishi confirmed shkanontrice for money ok but I think there's another reason.
he wanted us to solve umineko but we failed, the lie became truth and r07 like lambda in the 5th game confirmed it because a truth that cannot be found in a certain time has no right to call itself truth.

>> No.22574475
File: 15 KB, 225x225, 1550084026894.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22574483
File: 91 KB, 640x812, truth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

without love it cannot be seen

>> No.22574499
File: 181 KB, 1000x782, 1528443049703.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22574574

Remove the entirety of everything in the 1998 plot. Ange just wouldnt exist. Her entire existence is shoehorned and dumb. The baby switching, her not appearing in the bottles, nobody mentioning her till way into the vn, etc...

I'd remove the whole "It's just books" shit by removing Tohya. The meta is real, the gameboards are fragments of different possibilities of what actually happened. Ikuko, Bern, and Lambdawg want their share of fun. The cost of Beatrice becoming a witch is that she has to stop Battler from discovering the truth--and by proxy understanding her. If he wins, theyre both "killed" in the meta and her existance goes no further than it does in any of the fragments. It's hell for her. She has to become something that Battler hates, she has to hide herself from him. The best she can hope for is to enjoy their ace attoryney back and forth. If she wins? There is no winning. Winning implies an end. She's there to provide entertainment to Bern, Lambdawg, and Ikuko. As long as theyre entertained, there is no end. Who knows what theyll do when they grow bored. Will Ikuko be merciful enough to place them in a fragment before the incident takes place so they can prevent it and live happily ever after? Will the witches simply snap them out of existance? Will they come up with some other sick game for them to play?

>> No.22574642
File: 617 KB, 986x750, 26B89EE3-999F-4787-8C15-FD522B387008.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I specifically remember ange being mentioned in the first chapter, but not at all in the second

>> No.22574668

Should have worded it differently. Meant she's not mentioned outside of throwaway lines. She's irrelevant. But thinking on it again, it could be fun to have her not be sick and come to Rokkenjima in some of the fragments to change some things up.

>> No.22574740

Every time I think about that, I remember how they announced themselves over a year ago and fuckall came since then
Such a competent marketing project

Wasn't the baby switching actually Battler being the switcharoo kid? I swear that's how I remember it

>> No.22574758

>Such a competent marketing project
Did they ever announce what happened to what of their members? All i recall is that something bad happened to someone and they paused everything.

>> No.22574782

You're right, I'm just retarded. I got it mixed up in my head even though it doesnt make sense since Asumu died way before Ange. The baby switching is still retarded, just not relevant to what I was saying about Ange.

>> No.22574787

They kept tiptoeing around saying that they were getting ghosted by 07th, but funnily enough even if the official twitter didn't update since May, some people still claimed it's not dead, even as late as the end of October: https://twitter.com/EmilyJFajardo/status/1189750945909035008

>> No.22574825

The “battler is actually kyrie’s kid” twist is almost as worthless as the “satoshi is actually alive” twist

>> No.22574840

The Satoshi twist at least gives a bittersweet closure to Shion's arc, the kid switcheroo does nothing but add dramatic irony when Kyrie-Prime goes 'not my kid, recruit him or he gets capped'

>> No.22574850
File: 790 KB, 1200x1647, 13df5beda00bbb6d1aea3f08d4fb9f4f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Unfortunate. I was more than willing to drop several hundred of the on the project, but oh well I guess.

>> No.22574917

ange died a virgin

>> No.22574925


>> No.22574940

ange sold her body to old men

>> No.22575338

Maybe, now that Umineko Saku is out, they are waiting the translation of Tsubasa, Hane, Our Confession, Last Note and 07th Theater from Witch Hunt.
They also said that it will include Alchemist's sprites. Plus, we had recently an announcement of PS4 and Switch port of Umineko Saku with Alchemist's sprits, and the new arcs being voiced, here https://twitter.com/entergram_info/status/1196352701103165442.
We can conclude that Umineko Gold is just the english version of this edition.

>> No.22575408
File: 649 KB, 800x800, 0080CB9B-49E7-4A4A-8486-1258C0868FEF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I fucking BEGGED for satoshi to be alive but the story kept on insisting he doesn’t show any signs of getting any better even in the epilogue. This is an actual question, why keep him in a coma? Does he actually ever get better in a sequel arc?

>> No.22575460
File: 638 KB, 800x800, 1259697709293.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well when it comes to sequel arcs there's Saikoroshi, and he does show up there
Other than that nope, iirc not even Miotsukushi changed anything, ya boi gonna be a veggie for a while

>> No.22575511
File: 53 KB, 640x442, tttt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>why the hell is he here?

to kill people.
according with van dine A really fascinating crime is one committed by a pillar of a church, or a spinster noted for her charities.
George is the first person we see after battler in legend of the golden witch, the good guy who's a monster ,the perfect culprit for umienko.

>> No.22575547

George is the culprit.
He's a cannibal and he plans to just absolutely stuff his fat fucking face.

>> No.22575555


>> No.22575566
File: 7 KB, 185x130, 0021F9E6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not even Miotsukushi changed anything
What is pic related then? Anyway we have to wait for the translation to fully know.

>> No.22575572

Why are you so fascinated with George? Is he your self insert?

>> No.22575585

...Huh, I forgot about that CG, maybe it's different in the Kizuna version? Since I remember reading a summary of it, and not the original

>> No.22575587
File: 139 KB, 352x600, tumblr_n5d01scM9C1rvx5vvo1_400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because george is the only one who has love as his motive.
kyrie and rudolf money.
eva and hideyoshi money
With George culprit we can explain the crime that happened in reality with love as motive and this is beautiful.

>> No.22576608

A fucking shame because the Ushiromiyas are really good looking people.

>> No.22577111

autism flows through them

>> No.22577171

Battler and Jessica aren't autistic.

>> No.22577268

yes but both have a special case of the retard

>> No.22577293

I don't believe it's ever stated that Ikuko is the sole author of EP3 or EP4. I didn't think of it from the Yasu=Ikuko angle, but it still raises further questions. Maybe Maria did show Yasu her bunnies at some point, but why then did she choose to link them to rifles? And why do they only have a role in later episodes? Why were they not included in the earlier ones, where the stakes are also used? Guns were used in all games.

>> No.22577385
File: 388 KB, 1227x768, 17838767_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck one

>> No.22577453

Erika for Asanagi-style sex.

>> No.22577458

Battler is smart and was playing 4D chess all the time.

>> No.22577460


Imagine Rena giving you directions

>> No.22577487
File: 885 KB, 960x1152, ange offering bust.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Incredibly tough choice, but I gotta go with Ange.

>> No.22577697

Because r07 didnt have the story fully planned out and decided to come up with new stuff as he went along.

I wonder how different Higurashi and Umineko would be if he wasnt so easily influenced by what people say online. He's said he'll read forums, see what people say, and change things. I wonder how much he's changed in fear of backlash or to cater to people, or how much has been scrapped.

If I remember correctly he even said that Ciconia having 4 or 8 phases depends on how people respond to it. How fucking weak.

>> No.22577702

Eva-Beatrice hands down. Her insults and laughs alone are enough to make me nut.


>> No.22577709

If I downgrade from full-on sex can I have all 3? handjob from Evatrice, blowjob from Erika, and paizuri from Ange.

>> No.22577719

sure but if you cum its over

>> No.22577735

But then that begs the question: If R07 makes changes in response to his fans, what was adding the Chiesters supposed to solve? EP2 introduced the stakes and immediately showed that they represent existing objects. If he's using them to imply that a gun was used in the murders, I find it hard to believe that such a simple idea wasn't conceived by the reader. If he's using them to imply that Ikuko is Yasu, then it's impossible to make this change in response to reader feedback since by EP3 the reader knows nothing about Yasu or Ikuko.

>> No.22577758

The message bottle and the gameboard are not the same thing and don't exactly correlate 1:1. The fantasy scenes are simply used to fill in the gaps of narration that the message bottle never depicted. Since Beatrice is the gamemaster, she is the one that is responsible for showing those specific scenes.

>> No.22577768

i like how you can only post this image because of how bad the other lewds of ange are

>> No.22577773

First, EP3 isn't a message bottle. Second, if the presence of magic isn't hinted at all in the writing that Tohya is reading, it raises a serious concern about why he's imagining that there's magic. And third, the fantasy scenes are directly addressed in Our Confession, where it's explained how and why the writer chooses to show them. All this points to them being real. I don't think the meta commentary scenes are in the text, but the fantasy scenes certainly are.

>> No.22577785
File: 2.07 MB, 2042x2400, Ange bed underwear 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are you saying? There are some other really nice ones.

>> No.22577789

Damn, I guess that's fair. Time to bind my dick then.

>> No.22577792

Yeah I meant to say forgery there.

The magic is there because Beatrice is trying to convince Battler that witches exist, that's the premise of Umineko. The fantasy scenes do serve a purpose, but it's Beatrice that is the one that is writing them, not Tohya.

>> No.22577808

But Yasu has no guarantee that Battler will ever read the message bottles. And that doesn't explain why Ikuko is writing them later.

>> No.22577812


>> No.22577819
File: 890 KB, 1400x900, ange oppai mouse pad thighs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel like this might just be bait to get me to post more Ange lewds, but whatever. I'll take any chance I can get.

>> No.22577888

The Beatrice/Battler dynamic in the meta world did not actually depict what Yasu thought was going to happen, but more so what she wanted to happen, I think. Battler working through the mysteries that she presented in order to come to the truth. A lot of stuff that is depicted which Tohya couldn't have known about can be explained by Ikuko having the knowledge from reading the confession bottle, as well as the meta layer blending in with what is written in the forgeries in the case of the fantasy scenes.

After thinking about it for a bit I actually do think that the fantasy scenes were in some form depicted in the message bottles/forgeries. I think you can tell that there's a difference between the way Yasu wrote some of her fantasy scenes and the way Tohya/Ikuko did theirs. I think the episode 2 fantasy scenes for the most part focused on Yasu and had a massive self-loathing bent to them which you never really saw as heavily in episode 3 and beyond. I think you could argue that was due to the authorship switch

>> No.22577957

>ange doujin just got translated two hours ago

>> No.22577970
File: 117 KB, 397x392, Erika's suggestion.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, you're right. Well, I feel like I'm obligated to fap to this now. I encourage you all to do the same.

>> No.22577973

The problem of what exactly the meta world is or how it comes to exist is really explained once we know about Tohya. I think the meta world is created by him as soon as he finishes reading the first bottle and realizes that he's Battler. And from a meta perspective, when we have Virgilia explaining to Battler why fantasy scenes are in the story, it can mean one of two things: Ikuko wrote the entire scene and is either admitting that she's Yasu or is just trying to get Battler to think, or Battler wrote the scene and is trying to figure out why Yasu wrote them. It's really significant that Virgilia only explains this once they start writing because it shows that it's there to help
Battler remember.

All of the meta scenes represent the internal struggle within Tohya.

Beatrice represents:
The satisfaction of solving a mystery
The motivation for the killing

Battler represents:
Reluctance to have bad memories of loved ones

Ironically this whole situation is basically a mirror to Yasu's own creation of multiple personalities to get through her life. In the end, Battler is able to synthesize these aspects of himself, remembering fully what happened but telling Ange that she's better off not knowing. And it's definitely true that you see Beatrice's character shift over the course of the story as the writer changes and Tohya's feelings and memories of Yasu change.

>> No.22577987

it inspired me to go look back again on the old doujins and evatrice in one invites you while calling you mr. minuteman
i love her

>> No.22578370

The Chiester's was introduced to represent loveless/heartless murder. Hence, 556's (kokoro = heart) death. That's why in EP4 they were used. Like, now that I think about it, Beatrice wasn't involved at all, in this Episode, beside playing Ace Attorney with Battler and Ange. She revealed herself only at the end.

>> No.22578392

They were also there to give hints about a military past.

>> No.22578476

I remember reading somewhere that EP3 was supposed to be way harder to solved than EP2, with the introduction of Virgilius who make intended false theory that looks valid. But then, Ryu realized by reading some forums, the majority of the readers believe in the fantasy part of the story. So, he make it much easier by introducing Virgilia instead who explained to us how to interpret the fantasy ; as he said, he just change spot light without changing the story.

>> No.22578951

>The “battler is actually kyrie’s kid” twist is almost as worthless as the “satoshi is actually alive” twist
It's obvious just existed for that twist at the end of ep 4 and 5.
R07 worst suplot

>> No.22578958

>Because r07 didnt have the story fully planned out and decided to come up with new stuff as he went along.
That's patently false if you replay the very first episode.

>> No.22578992
File: 79 KB, 571x550, 1365780330952.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Once he was in a quasi-comfortable kneel, he brought the fly swatter hard down onto her exposed cheeks. She yelped in pleasure, and pushed her arse skywards. Good choice, the fly swatter stays in the bedroom.

A few minutes in and Keiichi realised something.

The fly swatter. It swats flies, not just girls’ arses. And what do flies eat?

Dog shit. That’s right, dog shit.

Oh great. Now there’s second or third hand dog shit on her arse. Fantastic.

He brought the swat down again, making sure to avoid any areas his face might be later on. He wouldn’t want dog shit in his face.

But hang on, why not?

How unhygienic could it be, compared to licking his girlfriend? He’d lick her arse, in fact, he’d actively enjoy it and so would she. How much worse could it be to lick a dogs arse? Think about that for a second. People wouldn’t eat a cheeseburger that had been on the floor next to a dog turd, but they’d lick someones arse? No, no, there’s something wrong with that.

In the heat of the moment, people would do some disgusting things with each other, much worse than licking a dog’s arse. A dog’s arse would be… well it would be a walk in the park in comparison (though you may be barred from the park afterwards).

He realised he was on autopilot now, his arms stroking, spanking and teasing Rena, his erection long since gone, retracted up inside him like a cat’s claw. But he was wondering how much worse it would be. You’d have to lift the tail up, that would be an obstacle. But then they don’t have cheeks to contend with.

He shouldn’t have a problem with it, but somehow it repulsed him. Why? Why was licking a human arse not repulsive, but a dog’s one was?

But then you go down that rabbit hole, that question as old as time itself; how many human arses would you lick? Not many in all honesty, you have to be quite intimate with them and the mood has to be right — not circumstances that occur with a dog, really. But if it did, it would still repulse him. Why?

Is it the species thing? If he were blindfolded and licked an anus, without knowing who or what it belonged to, would he be able to tell? If the blindfold came off, and Satoko was in front of him pulling her skirt back down— it doesn’t have to be her, any girl he found attractive — he’d laugh, shrug it off. But if the blindfold came off and there was a dog, say a Border Terrier, with a young, disinterested woman holding it aloft and a guy holding it’s tail up, a guy of about 42 — clean shaven but with a look in his eye that suggests he’s had a rough life — well in that scenario he’d be sick. Why? What is it about an attractive human’s a…

“What are you thinking, Keiichi-kun?” asked Rena.


>> No.22579224

>If I remember correctly he even said that Ciconia having 4 or 8 phases depends on how people respond to it. How fucking weak.
If you're unsure, go and find the source. Don't spread rumors and insult someone based on them, you dick.

>> No.22579453

>The Chiester's was introduced to represent loveless/heartless murder.
I don't believe this. I agree about this military past hint. Their name "Chiester" may originate from "richiesta", meaning request. Dunno about Pendragon - I couldn't find a link to the King Arthur myth besides Merlin.

>> No.22579470
File: 31 KB, 607x305, FUCILE-WINCHESTER-CORTO-DA-GAMBA-extra-big-1008-058.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not winchester rifle
cmon anon

>> No.22579523

>as well as what really happened on the military base
Now that's totally unnecesary, the ambiguity makes it a thousand times better

>> No.22579532

I really don't get people who don't pirate games they won't buy because they're expensive, it's so easy to do it, and if you're not going to support it with money either way why not support it with your potential love for a work of art?

>> No.22579545

it was dumb because the problems were hardly "solved", the last world just happened to be perfect
hanyuu gaining a body is very dumb too

>> No.22579628
File: 46 KB, 400x545, 04ff72104e5fe9006abe34cf657d457e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you're very dumb idiot, if hanyuu doesn't get a body how are you supposed to lewd her?

>> No.22579645

When Ange met "Tohya" in EP6, who was actually either Ikuko alone or some sort of magical representation of both Ikuko and Tohya (EP6 1998 is really ambiguous), she said "Tohya" had written EP3-5, and "Tohya" presented her EP6 too. This really doesn't tell us anything about their process of writing.
The manga shows Ikuko having found Confessions. Now this has been discussed as Ikuko being Yasu and writting it herself, Ikuko not being Yasu but having "solved" EP1-2 and writing it herself, Ikuko actually finding it and showing it to Tohya afterwards, Ikuko finding it and now showing it to Tohya directly. These are all possible.
If we take EP7 as kind-of-the-truth, it's also easy to see in EP3-4 certain parts of Prime, mixed with Shkanontrice stuff. EP3 revolves around Eva being the culprit (partially), as Tohya probably believed after knowing she was still alive, and also probably what he thought at the island after watching dead bodies of everyone sans Eva. And then EP4 has the trial thing going on, and that's what Rudolf and Kyrie use to bait George and Jessica.
Thematically though, and I'm saying this as someone who really doubts the meta is just a weird representation of Tohya/Ange's struggles, it would be dumb for Tohya to already know about Yasu (by Ikuko showing him Confessions or telling him about her reasonings). If that was the case, he wouldn't need to understand Beatrice, so Meta Battler wouldn't have any reasons to fight, learn about the truth and make his own game to prove it. It's also been said in the manga explicitly that Ikuko is the one that writes, and in the novel they made together she wrote his ideas while changing some things.
Is it a stretch to assume Ikuko was the one who knew about Beatrice and Tohya was the one who knew about Prime and the Ushiromiya family, mansion, etc, so they supposedly wrote his memories while at the end Ikuko, by herself, ended up introducing Shkanontrice for Tohya to solve it? She then might have changed her approach to the problem, introduced Erika (remember the line goes Featherine -> Bern -> Erika, so Erika ends up being Ikuko's piece too) and so, Battler finally understood the "truth" in EP5. Of course, it wasn't actually the truth, it was just the truth about Beatrice. So then I guess Tohya wrote EP6 to "prove" he "knew" the "truth", but he of course realizing the cold truth is way more important than understanding Beatrice and his family and remembering them as the good people they sometimes were, being this the reason why Dawn was supposed to be a fake murder party. And maybe it was just that in Tohya's version.

>> No.22579677

you lewd rika possessed by her

>> No.22579730
File: 466 KB, 2000x2500, eb6191bc70544027071bc39f65c7a6d5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not good enough

>> No.22579761
File: 67 KB, 710x700, 62816504-851C-4FBC-A024-7406139CB2E7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Favorite 07th expansion tracks?

Mine are:
-Golden Nocturne
-Tashou A
-Happiness of Marionette
-Umineko no naku koro ni
-Higurashi no naku koro ni
-When the invisible night scares you (for the rooftop scene alone)
-Rose guns days’ op whatever it’s called

>> No.22580185

I know that Anon. But the pun fits. They're always requesting. Double pun, maybe?

>> No.22580197


Underrated as hell.

>> No.22580205


>> No.22580222

This one is super weird because you expect it to loop or something, but it's actually 6 full minutes long and only gets more beautiful as it goes.

>> No.22580337

support with it free advertising by spreading the word that its good and others might buy it

>> No.22580381

Ikuko herself proposed the theory that the 1st Twilight represents 3 lover pairs. I guess it's her way to see the gameboard as a love story.

The love theories are really funny. It seems only "charm" matching pairs can work. They almost left out the appearance.

>George/Shannon - 2 telephone poles
>Battler/Beato - "hihi" people
> Jessica/Kanon - uhhmmm

Ikuko is a strange person.
>"...Please don't tell me that feelings of true love have sprouted from your murderous rivalry or anything like that, okay?" - Erika
Uhm, it cannot be unseen.

>> No.22580398 [SPOILER] 
File: 147 KB, 448x900, 1576264750884.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

100 years of maxing out

>> No.22580441

You're probably right, but I really thought episode 7 was going to be the "Here's what actually happened" part of the story, so I was kind of disappointed about getting more unreliable narration, despite it being really well-done.

>> No.22580457

damn rika

>> No.22580549

It's always so weird when an oldass doujin gets translated long after you forgot seeing it in original
Had that happen recently with a Danganronpa 2 one and with Kimigabuchi's Higurashi, both well over 5 years old

>> No.22580574

oh and just as I went to check on the latter I saw a translation of a FF7 one from 1997, how did they even get the raws for this one

EP7 was about 'what happened on Rokken during the catbox', as well as about the mastermind's identity - the origin of Kinzo's gold is ultimately inconsequential, even without R07's masterplan to have everyone figure shit out themselves
though in essence it's just like another trick vs. magic point, where you can either accept the fantasy version or try drilling and accept that you may find out Yasu was right about him

>> No.22580849

Absolutely pedestrian post. This is what happens when your education in philosophy and literary criticism comes from youtube videos and random pdfs instead of a formal university setting. Matsuribayashi is the ultimate pleb filter.

>> No.22580875

I'd also just like to add that Rei is NOT CANON and Miotsukushi is better than Saikoroshit.

>> No.22580911

The fourth episode is awful please tell me the answer arcs aren't all like this

>> No.22580938

which one

>> No.22580942

All of them, 5-8

>> No.22580948

i meant which game

>> No.22580953

Oh, Umineko

>> No.22580966

there is a shift and if you were only playing through the game to watch them die then yes you will dislike it

>> No.22581001
File: 160 KB, 910x1200, 1573667473554.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

answer arc is fantastic
best character in it erika

>> No.22581018
File: 380 KB, 800x955, 1531841618879.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't see how people dislike the answers arc, i loved how much I hated the witches and Erika during 5 and 6

>> No.22581036

Does Rena actually enjoy getting her arse spanked?

>> No.22581047

Most of them don't like the tone shift away from, "I'll definitely never accept magic!" to, "Magic is real and you should accept it."
Though frm what I've seen people who take a big issue with this typically don't seem to have a pretty shallow grasp of the story's overall themes, being unable to recognize that it was transitioning to that direction since way earlier on.

>> No.22581072
File: 470 KB, 640x843, 1587025D-F897-4015-80AB-C9784696B377.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess I’m one of those people. Can you please elaborate on how it was transitioning away from what it was originally about from the start? Cause I genuinely don’t understand

>> No.22581084

the best way to understand is to keep reading and stopping reading every post here mong

>> No.22581107

Battler's unwillingness to explain the murders using realistic options because he doesn't want to hate his family is no different from explaining them using a magical witch. Both disregard the truth to make the thinker feel better.

>> No.22581124

Imagine you are Hanyuu. You exist for hundreds of years as beautiful immaterial being and then one day you wake up as a human with human body. Disgusting human body with ugly, unwashed, stinky arse pointing out of your lower back.

>> No.22581165
File: 48 KB, 328x600, 64357.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22581187

Virgilia's lessons to Beato about magic in Episode 3, and again with Maria to Ange in Episode 4. Both show that "magic isn't just some evil force, but rather a way of coping with life's problems in a way to find happiness. Beato was showing sympathetic aspects early on, most notably in stuff like the north wind and the sun, but also in her interactions with Maria and in her talk with Battler about humans and empty promises. Jessica's talk about creating another self that lets her enjoy her life outside the mansion is basically her own form of "white magic" even if she doesn't put such a name to it. Battler's relationship with Beato changes drastically from Episode 1 to 4, with him going from pure hatred to a desire to understand her and end her suffering.There are several other examples but those are just the first few that come to mind.

>> No.22581195

Why are Ange's breasts so delectable? most of the females in Umineko has an amazing rack, but Ange's stands as one of the best despite not being the biggest or the most accentuated.

>> No.22581203

He is not wrong you know. Matsuribayashi kinda stinks.

>> No.22581205

The main gripe people have with 5-8 isnt the tone shift or the shift from deny magic to accepting it. It's the revelation that "lmao its all just books written by Tohya" It undercuts the emotions you felt and the gravity of it all. It's like an intense emotional scene in a movie that turns out to just be a dream. I dont give a shit what the scenes represent, the fact that it's all fake, even without the magic layer, the gameboards are all fake and nothing happened. That's why so many people are reaching and coming up with theories that make the meta real, that turn the gameboards into other fragments.

>> No.22581268

pretty much this. Erika and Dlanor are good ass characters, and made the answer arcs really good, but they probably aren’t real characters, which really fucking sucks. I respect that R07 was able to make both sides ambigous, but I just enjoyed the meta world shenanigans over the real world shit

>> No.22581280

Stuff like that just feels like people who can't appreciate a story with a lot of symbolism. They need things in the story to be "real," forgetting that a story is inherently fictional. Why does it matter if events within the story are later shown to be fictional when the entire thing is already fake? In my opinion, the stories being representations of Tohya's psyche give additional depth because it allows the reader to analyze absolutely everything they see from a new perspective that wouldn't otherwise exist.

>> No.22581284
File: 674 KB, 2000x1430, good end 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But the meta IS real. The fact that Battler's struggle can serve as a metaphor for Tohya's doesn't change that. The manga even shows the "dead" personality of Battler as the one that enters the meta world and battles with Beato, while the memories of Battler that Tohya regained remain as a separate entity until he finally lays them to rest. Stuff like Bernkastel and Lambdadelta can't be chalked up as something written by tohya either since they clearly exist outside the realm of the gameboard.

>> No.22581322
File: 98 KB, 600x600, 634.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22581330

There's always a middle point. Symbolism is nice and all but in a character focused eight volumes long novel like Umineko you are bound to get attached to characters, and of course people will feel bad if these characters are fictional even in their fictional world.
They'll be fictional either way, yes. But if they are just meta-fictional their struggles end up feeling not just fictional, but also shallow.

>> No.22581354

This. Since when one storyline serving as a parallel for the other means one of them is less "real" than the other?

>> No.22581386

I don't know, it just really feels like the sort of thing someone would say who's never read a story with an even partially unreliable narrator. And I know someone may break out Higurashi here, but you eventually learn the whole truth in Higurashi. In a story narrated by an imperfect narrator, the focus is always primarily on what you're told says about the narrator. How they choose to perceive things and inform the reader is an important aspect of the story, and arguably provides a greater richness than a story with an omniscient narrator. It can also be easy for a reader to fall into the trap of thinking that "everything could be unreliable = everything is fake." There are many straightforward scenes in the story that no one would have any reason to lie about, such as the scenes at the start of EP2.

>> No.22581421

I want to put my hand in there. Among other things.

>> No.22581422

>meta is real
wtf magic isnt real
all umineko is just the magic version of ikuko(yasu) wrote mystery novels to made battler solve them in the hope to get his memory back!!!!!

>> No.22581427
File: 146 KB, 750x650, 21527.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bing bing wahoo

>> No.22581440

And this interpretation is supposed to be more palatable how? That's exactly the sort of dumb conclusion >>22581205 was complaining about.

>> No.22581456

with this solution we can eliminate magic.
each scene of umineko has a real world counterpart

>> No.22581473
File: 1.82 MB, 2000x1430, Ange choice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eliminating magic isn't the ultimate goal though. You're supposed to understand the truth about magic and learn to appreciate it while still facing reality. obstinately going full anti-fantasy is a mindset from like the first two Episodes.

>> No.22581481

>You're supposed to understand the truth about magic
umineko is a mystery
the goal is find the truth
magic is just an embellishment of what happens in reality so a real counterpart exists and without ikuko=yasu we can't completely separate reality from meta-world

>> No.22581492

>umineko is a mystery
>the goal is find the truth
did you like read EP8

>> No.22581496

yeah and trick ending best ending
did you read it or just read the manga?

>> No.22581501

Italianon thinks episode 8 was written by mangagamer with a gun to Ryukishi's head

>> No.22581502

youve been arguing with someone who is in the middle of reading 4 and not liking it and now a shitposting autist who pretends to be italian

>> No.22581506

nope i love ep 8
erika returns
willard show that van dine rules are true in umineko by killings 1 bit goats manga fags.
and the best ending ever trick ending.

>> No.22581511

i read umineko vn 3 times
this is the 4th time for my manifesto so shut up

>> No.22581514

The fact that those are the parts you took away from it just shows how you failed as a reader.

>> No.22581519

you're pretty convincing of being an esl based on your 3rd grade reading comprehension there

>> No.22581532

as always you didnt argue
what part i must like?
berkastle game is based and confirm george culprit.
riddle games are fun but only 1 really good.
the part berkastler vs everyone was bah
ryukishi could do it better.
then magic ending is emotional and made me cry but didnt have sense for ange.
trick ending is the best for her.

>> No.22581538

>remove parts of the story you don't like
>interpret things incorrectly so that your own perception fits
>get to the point where it's impossible to reinterpret further, nothing makes sense anymore
>"No, it is the writer who is at fault."

>> No.22581539

>grammar as argument
i reading very well i go to uni and i read many math books like the art of computer programming,rosen,ecc...

but i do this discussion 1000 times pls can you stop waste space in the thread for insult against me?
at least do ome argument

>> No.22581545

>>remove parts of the story you don't like
what parts?
>>interpret things incorrectly so that your own perception fits
with shannon different from kanon you can solve bern game in 5 seconds
>>get to the point where it's impossible to reinterpret further, nothing makes sense anymore
if u are too stupid for find a solution this didnt mean that solution didnt exist
without love u cannot see it, try to use love try to reread ikuko part of vn with love and you will understand that she can be only yasu.
>>"No, it is the writer who is at fault."
ryukishi is the greatest writer alive

>> No.22581546

i wasnt purposing an argument
you misread what i originally typed out

>> No.22581564
File: 1.54 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot (190).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>trick ending is the best for her.
Killing off her ability to trust and connect with others and going full intellectual rapist is better than her reconciling with her past and moving on with her life in order to find new happiness?

Also, the issue is that you treat umineko as a puzzle instead of a story, compromising story elements in whatever ways help push your solution. Yes, Umineko is a mystery and we as readers have an obligation to try and solve it. But it's also a story with deep themes and complex characters that you're meant to empathize with as you come to understand them. That, in my mind, is more important than solving the various closed room mysteries. Kyrie summed this up perfectly way back in Episode 1.

>> No.22581568

>what parts?
You have chosen to ignore any scene in the story that isn't witnessed by a detective. This is foolish because R07 included each scene for a reason, and even established the rules for how a fantasy scene can be portrayed. (You can't just show absolutely anything. Fantasy scenes can't be total lies unless someone is about to die.) These scenes give a deeper meaning to the story and inform the reader of things that the detective may not be able to witness, such as the thoughts of a character.

And I know you're going to say that "My explanation solves the mystery without using fantasy scenes." And my answer is that I simply don't care. Why should I care that your explanation solves the game without using fantasy scenes? How does that improve one's enjoyment or understanding of the work as a whole when it's totally understandable without using your explanation?

>> No.22581608
File: 206 KB, 415x604, 786857e6036e9b0d6b16f61c46ba3976.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no competition

>> No.22581611

>Killing off her ability to trust and connect with others and going full intellectual rapist is better than her reconciling with her past and moving on with her life in order to find new happiness?

ange accepted the family's death and grew up.
she realized that the only thing left of his family, the ushiromiya company, had been stolen and for her it's time to take it back.
so for you this is worse than
ange who loses all her heritage, continues to believe in magic at 30 or 40 yo, writes books for children and is alone without a husband.

>Also, the issue is that you treat umineko as a puzzle instead of a story,
completely agree but if i have to destroy the mystery part for the story then no.
history and mystery must coexist and in my theory they do it very well

>> No.22581627

>You have chosen to ignore any scene in the story that isn't witnessed by a detective.
ikuko:think that there are some who believe that it is not worth reading the words not in red

no I don't.
I understand very well the scenes meta and only because I can understand them thoroughly I found the solution.
my theory certainly solves all the mystery without fantasy, because it is the definition of mystery.
I completely separate the fantasy parts from the game and reality.
Fantasy is used to romanticize what happens in reality and without it you can not see the truth

>> No.22581644

>ange accepted the family's death and grew up
No part of the magic ending implies Ange hasn't accepted the family's death or grown up.
>she realized that the only thing left of his family, the ushiromiya company, had been stolen and for her it's time to take it back.
No part of the magic ending implies that Ange doesn't get the Ushiromiya assets back. In fact, she does get a large chunk of them, which allows her to live in peace. She just doesn't manage the business anymore.
>ange who loses all her heritage, continues to believe in magic at 30 or 40 yo, writes books for children and is alone without a husband.
If you believe that Ange, Battler, and Yasu literally believe in magic, you've fundamentally misunderstood the story.

Not all fantasy scenes are meta. A fantasy scene is simply one which the detective hasn't witnessed. For example, the EP3 story of Beatrice dying is a fantasy scene whose contents were later confirmed in red. It's still a fantasy scene. This scene is important because it lets the reader know information with certainty that Battler can't have. Other scenes, like the EP2 opening scenes with George and Jessica, and Natsuhi's conversation with Kinzo in EP1, convey truth even if the detective didn't witness them. The scene with Natsuhi is also very relevant to >>22581564 this poster's point. Natsuhi is simply imagining that Kinzo would trust her. But without this scene, we can never truly know what she thought. A detective can never truly know what a character is thinking. Even they would need the red truth to confirm it. By ignoring fantasy scenes that give insight into characters, you are ignoring the truth, which is a contradiction in your goal.

>> No.22581673

>No part of the magic ending implies Ange hasn't accepted the family's death or grown up.

i refer to trick ending
>so for you this is worse than
under this i refer to magic ending

>Other scenes, like the EP2 opening scenes with George and Jessica, and Natsuhi's conversation with Kinzo in EP1

as i said the fantsy,meta part are used to romanticize what happens in reality.
For example, for natsuhi without love we could call her a woman for whom reputation is everything and she is ready to do any kind of crime to save her reputation.
but with the meta scenes we can really understand how natsuhi is.
The task of the detective is not only to solve the mystero but also to find out why.
Will say it well.

>> No.22581687

Erika would give Battler the night of his life, every night. The rape fantasy in Episode 6 was hot and all, but just imagine the sort of sex she and Battler would have normally.

>> No.22581704

Then I no longer understand your position on fantasy scenes. First you're saying you can solve the mystery without them, and now you're saying you're supposed to use them. Which is it?

On this note, I'm just going to leave an example of why the fantasy scenes are important.
Imagine if we could ignore the scene in EP1 where George proposes to Shannon and gives her a ring. It's simply fantasy and has no relationship to reality. Now, let's fast forward to the first twilight. George asks his father if Shannon's corpse has a ring on her finger and he says yes. Later, George tells Battler that he proposed to Shannon, but Battler never witnessed it, so it's unconfirmed.
In this situation, it would be a valid theory to say that George killed Shannon because he proposed to her, and she said no, because she had already been married to someone else. He simply pretended that the ring was his to fool the rest of the family into believing that he would never kill Shannon. We see in this fantasy scene that George and Shannon genuinely loved each other, that George truly proposed, and that Shannon wearing the ring on her finger in the shed means that she accepted his proposal. But all of these events could be twisted to mean something totally different without that one scene that the detective never witnessed, but was confirmed via a fantasy scene.

>> No.22581712

>If you believe that Ange, Battler, and Yasu literally believe in magic, you've fundamentally misunderstood the story.
This. It's always been a metaphor for how one views the world rather than an actual act of fantasy. The whole point is that you're supposed to accept the truth without letting it control your outlook on life. For example, Ange must accept the truth that her family is dead, but she can take comfort in knowing that they would have wanted her to live on and find new happiness. She must accept that the ones who committed the murders were her parents, but she can still try to understand the circumstances behind it and continue to love the parents that raised her.

>> No.22581728

Why are you anons still responding to this esl/troll fag. Stop feeding it.

>> No.22581752

>First you're saying you can solve the mystery without them
I say this for two reasons:
1)for crimes it is not necessary for the pawns to be aware of the meta.
(erika a stranger killed 5 people)
2)You can only solve cases with red truths and what the detective saw.
but without the fantasy you can not really understand the motive.
Of course you can solve the mystery but not why it happened, the real reasons etc. ...

>On this note, I'm just going to leave an example of why the fantasy scenes are important.
of course it can be if there's only the first twilight.
a solution must be valid for the whole mystery not just a part.

jessica told battler that george and shannon loved each other. then eva's reaction when she heard of their engagement made battler understand that she was against the marriage.
I think it's enough for a moment but of course without fantasy scenes you can never understand the true meaning.

>> No.22581785

But it seems like the main purpose of your theory is to try to explain why Erika isn't aware of the meta. You're writing this as if Erika is an actual person with real thoughts and feelings. She is a plot device inserted into the story by Ikuko. This is what I mean when I say you ignore things you don't like.

>> No.22582037

Will he be able to restore Satoko's dignity after I'm done with her?

>> No.22582077

>Rika's choice is also a choice for the reader, to reject a utopian conclusion and make peace with the idea that Rika and her friends won't live happily ever after, that they will have new challenges and problems to overcome, and that these are trials they may very well fail, that the shared humanity they have gained is something they will have to continue to protect and renew.
I mean, Satoshi is being targeted by the police and Satoko will probably kill herself once she's old enough to come to terms with the fact that she murdered her own parents.

They are absolutely fucked.

>> No.22582106

fuck you Eh

>> No.22582133
File: 70 KB, 450x450, 1782032ba7028f80aceb93b8d57f51fa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is Erika even capable of something vanilla?

>> No.22582248

I never said vanilla. I just said that it would be normal as opposed to a rape scenario. There would doubtlessly still be a strong element of power-play involved in any intimate relationship they engage in. Whether it be competing to see who can make the other cum first, or trying to make the other give in to their base desires for mockery. Whatever it is, For example, Erika might dig her palm into battler's groin, her dexterous fingers slithering around to firmly grasp the bulge in his pants while laughing at him for being so easily turned on. On Battler's end, he'd bring one of his hands round the back of her neck before plunging past her neckline and down the front of her top. His large hand would quickly find it's way into one of the cups of Erika's bra, his fingers curling in between velvety fabric and soft flesh as he proudly grasps one of her bare boobs, tenderly kneading it as he snidely questions her about how it feels to be the least endowed woman on the island.

>> No.22582373
File: 47 KB, 600x660, 523.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22582382
File: 1007 KB, 1000x1399, __ushiromiya_ange_umineko_no_naku_koro_ni_drawn_by_melt_artist__8c650931ff8acbea83fed678c68a5656.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ange wondering whether or not Battler would like her choice in underwear. Such a considerate little sister, trying to take his preferences into account like that.

>> No.22582386
File: 40 KB, 278x400, 10798924-B093-420F-A5BE-F87172A18FFD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are people talking about ange tits but not ange ass?

>> No.22582404
File: 2.27 MB, 2237x2500, Ange ass 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because ever since humiliation posters started nobody can talk about ass without getting immediately derailed. It's a real shame, because Umineko has so many lovely asses, and Ange's is arguably the best of the bunch.

>> No.22582613
File: 146 KB, 641x481, 1528484515264.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

leaving two perverts alone together is a bad idea

>> No.22582660

Especially two who are as openly proud of their perversions as those two are. All it would take is a single spark to set them off. They'd both build off each others perversions, with things getting more and more out of hand the longer they're together. What starts as a trip to the archives to search for an Atlus soon develops into Erika sitting on Battler's lap with her skirt hiked up to allow her stocking-clad rear to rest directly on his hips. Meanwhile, Battler is holding an open book up to her chest as she reads it, his hands absently resting atop the modest mounds of her chest, sinking slightly into the squishy surfaces.

>> No.22582720

Big titty bern edit when

>> No.22582728

Nah she probably lost her virginity to Battler

>> No.22582782
File: 492 KB, 750x850, bern tits blouse bust up.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How big?

>> No.22582785
File: 205 KB, 1271x1326, Ange Battler chest face.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lost it? More like she begged him to take it from her.

>> No.22583145
File: 818 KB, 868x697, moron.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>large scale famine will make people calm down and not want to get violent

>> No.22583242

>But it seems like the main purpose of your theory is to try to explain why Erika isn't aware of the meta.

my theory born for regain dignity to umineko.
i cant accept
>everyone is the culprit
>eva culprit 3 times but not in the 2nd game
>no fucking one in 4 years notice that kanon is shannon.
all this are insult for the mystery but then the erika part with shkanontrice is absurd.

>muh i am erika the best detective ever, only agata christie books must be read!!!
in a fucking island she find 5 bodies with the same type of fake dead in 10little indians
she didnt check them.
she didnt check if someone is hiding in hideyoshi closed room.
she suspect of natsuhi!!!!!

if erika is the culprit, all these make sense but if erika isnt the culprit didnt have sense.
erika is just fucking stupid a idiot in shkanontrice.
>he is a plot device inserted into the story by Ikuko.
insert a fucking idiot as plot advice
wtf, why?

>This is what I mean when I say you ignore things you don't like.
you are ignoring everything happened in the games

>> No.22583248

I'm trying to play Umineko. When trying to install the English patch, I'm seeing what files I have downloaded to use. I have 「うみねこのなく頃に」EP4.mdf and .mds. But it seems the English installer won't do anything with these. Is there something I'm missing or that I have to do differently?

>> No.22583267

>everyone is the culprit
That is how Yasu chose to write the story. She believed that anyone in the family could be bribed to be a murderer because she viewed them all as evil people.
>eva culprit 3 times but not in the 2nd game
We have two stories by Yasu, and Eva doesn't kill in either of them.
>no fucking one in 4 years notice that kanon is shannon.
How do you know they didn't? Because Yasu wrote it? That isn't proof of what actually happened.

>erika is just fucking stupid a idiot in shkanontrice.
>insert a fucking idiot as plot advice
>wtf, why?
Because Ikuko uses her as a tool to force Tohya to try to remember the whodunnit. I've explained it to you before. Ikuko is trying to pry Tohya's memories out of him, even if he doesn't want to remember. This is why Erika is obsessed with mysteries, why she's cruel, and why she calls herself an intellectual rapist. She is literally raping Tohya's mind and forcing him to show her that he understands the truth. You are looking at Erika like a real character with real feelings. She is a tool to be used by Ikuko to force Battler to say who the real killer is. This is why she bullies Natsuhi. Ikuko wants Battler to say, "No, it wasn't Natsuhi, it was ...!"

>> No.22583288

For Christ's sake, stop feeding this guy.

Yeah your problem is that you didnt download the new official release which has a better translation.
the mdf is an image file, you have to mount it with winCDEmu (or other image mounting software) and then actuall install the vn before you can even think about applying the patch

>> No.22583296

Oh you mean the free Witch Hunt translation isn't as good anymore? That's a shame. Thanks.
And you need to install the Japanese game first? The installer says it'll do it without needing to do that.

>> No.22583308

> She believed that anyone in the family could be bribed to be a murderer because she viewed them all as evil people.
All of them chose to die for yasu and they're evil people.?
Anon anon the phone call between battler and kyrie where she understood that battler was her son and regrets the way she treated him.
How do you say that a bad person can do this?

>We have two stories by Yasu, and Eva doesn't kill in either of them.
1st game: eva accomplice kill with yasu the 6.
2nd game:nothing
3rd game:kill maria,eva,krauss,natsuhi and battler
4rd game: culprits like everyone
why dont make eva culrpit in all the games at this point?

>How do you know they didn't? Because Yasu wrote it? That isn't proof of what actually happened.
shannon die in the garden shed and her body was in the same room with kanon.
so everyone knew about that must be doubt of shannon death.

>kuko is trying to pry Tohya's memories out of him, even if he doesn't want to remember.
yeap she is yasu.
but in the 5th games ikuko gave up was battler alone with bern(cat) and lambda(idk what she is) to read end of thr golden witch.
then he wrote alone dawn of the golden witch.
>ikuko i never read something didnt written by me
>ange read dawn for her
this mean ikuko never wrote dawn so battler choice how to make erika.

>Ikuko wants Battler to say, "No, it wasn't Natsuhi, it was ...!"
yeap and if erika was the culprit this have sense.
so for you if natsuhi isnt the culprit, who is?

>> No.22583320

I mean the witch hunt tl is still technically good. The new tl even built on top of it. It's just a lot better now.

It's been a while since I've looked at the old witch hunt installer, but I'm pretty sure you need to install the game first. If you dont, it may just be that it only works with the disc image if it's in the .iso format.

>> No.22583325

Ange just changed her shell to present herself in society. Also, the Trick Ending only showed the moment after her choice. It doesn't mean Ange hasn't a comfy life after that. You don't believe it because it doesn't match the result.

>> No.22583364
File: 529 KB, 533x746, 38921212_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22583528

Yeah I mounted it and it worked. Thanks.

>> No.22583536

>All of them chose to die for yasu and they're evil people.?
>Anon anon the phone call between battler and kyrie where she understood that battler was her son and regrets the way she treated him.
This doesn't happen in 1/2.

>1st game: eva accomplice kill with yasu the 6.
No evidence of this. All that was needed was for Hideyoshi to lie about Shannon's body, and that doesn't even need to involve Eva.

>shannon die in the garden shed and her body was in the same room with kanon.
This only occurs in the story written by Yasu. Again, not evidence of it being possible in reality.

>so for you if natsuhi isnt the culprit, who is?
I don't remember.

>> No.22583655

what i think you belive in the manga story.
read manga part 7 the duel between willard and claire.
in the explanation of game 4th manga said that everyone is the culprit,you can see that everyone agree to die for yasu
so why bad people decide to die for yasu?

>Ikuko wants Battler to say, "No, it wasn't Natsuhi, it was ...!"
eva help yasu during the murder so is an accomplice like in 3 games but not in the second.
I say, if you do not want to use the same culprits in every game at least change them, but shkanontrice can not do it, can not give a nice explanation to the mistery, an offense to the reader is the only way to make it work

>This only occurs in the story written by Yasu. Again, not evidence of it being possible in reality.

but those stories had to be different ways of implementing the murders.
but let's assume it is true, the world outside read those stories, so they asked questions of the other servants, so for them, for all the other servants kanon and shannon were different people.
I find it strange that none of them said that kanon had never been to the orphanage and that one day it appeared on the island.

>I don't remember.
according with shkanontrice again everyone is the culprit battler included
is all a great plot against erika
tell to me the sense of choice to die for trick erika? a fucking stranger.
shkanontrice in the mystery dont have any sense.

>> No.22583691

>Eva accomplice
Not really true. It's hinted that Eva and Hideyoshi were capable to murder. Their plan backfired because the culprit surprised them in the guest room. You only followed Yasu's writing rules. It doesn't mean she is unflexible and didn't accept any offers of the bribed adults like helping to kill. Yasu has to silence possible traitors.
You must admit she should considered more reliable options and backup plans for some tricks. George was nice enough to ask if Shannon is among the dead people.

>> No.22583842
File: 95 KB, 1086x680, D39HeBQUwAEy2S0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where can I buy this?

>> No.22583851

Where is the Dlanor Padoru?

>> No.22583862

I don't care what the manga says.

>eva help yasu during the murder so is an accomplice like in 3 games but not in the second.
Yasu only wrote 1/2. Eva doesn't have to be an accomplice in 1 because everything could've been done by Hideyoshi. Eva doesn't need to be an accomplice in 2.
>can not give a nice explanation to the mistery
It does. You simply don't like the explanation.

>but those stories had to be different ways of implementing the murders.
According to Yasu. If Yasu decides it's possible, that's what they write, even if it actually isn't possible.
>I find it strange that none of them said that kanon had never been to the orphanage and that one day it appeared on the island.
Who? We don't meet any servants from the orphanage except Shannon and Kanon. We have no evidence to suggest how believable they are.

>> No.22583944

>I don't care what the manga says.
based anon i love you.
>Yasu only wrote 1/2.
even i belive so
1\2 yasu, 3\4\5 ikuko(yasu) and 6 by battler\tohya.
but here >>22583267
you say >That is how Yasu chose to write the story. She believed that anyone in the family could be bribed to be a murderer because she viewed them all as evil people.
so ikuko wrote game 3,4,5 for made tohya remember so why not use the real culprit?
why didnt create story with the "real world culprit"(idk what for you is the real culprit for my theory is george, for shkanontrice is kyrie but if you dont belive in the manga idw).
in my theory ikuko use kanon and george as culprit for made battler remember that george was the man who killed his whole family and kanon the woman that he loved.
use different culprits would made him only confuse.

police should have found out that kanon didn't exist.

>> No.22583991

Thanks. Even if we disagree on some things, I'm happy that I found people that dislike the manga.

Well, I'm still not entirely sure that Ikuko is Yasu. It's possible, but I'll have to see when I reread it. Assuming Ikuko isn't Yasu, she just wants Tohya to remember the murderer so he'll tell her. And assuming Ikuko is Yasu, then there are still some explanations. Maybe Ikuko actually wanted to make Tohya forget that she was the killer by leading him to the wrong answer. Maybe she wanted to create an interesting mystery for him to solve, so she also didn't use the same murderer as real life so that he couldn't simply remember who did it and get the answer. Or maybe she still holds a grudge against Battler and wants to punish Tohya by confusing him. These are just theories.

>police should have found out that kanon didn't exist.
Maybe they didn't think to confirm that Kanon was a real person before the orphanage closed. I don't think it would be a big priority for the police to find out the entire history of every person on the island. They may have just taken it at face value that Kanon existed until it was too late to investigate. Upon becoming the family head, it's also possible that Yasu used her authority to influence Fukuin to put Kanon into their records. Even if the police found records, no employees may have been left to testify.

>> No.22584060

>Even if we disagree on some things
this is the base of human civilization
arguing toghether made us discover new things.
i really think that arguing toghether inprove our theories

>so she also didn't use the same murderer as real life so that he couldn't simply remember who did it and get the answer. Or maybe she still holds a grudge against Battler and wants to punish Tohya by confusing him.
but there is an important thing the boat scene.
yasu tried to kill herself but battler saved her at the cost of losing his memory.
imagine the guilt of yasu after that, once again her actions had hurt another person.
she wanted to punish herself not battler, that's why it's unlikely she would lie to battler, she wanted his memory come back after that she would end her life.
The difference between the ending trick and the ending magic is that Ange manages to convince ikuko to forgive herself while in the trick ending ikuko confesses the murders and abandoning battler.

>Even if the police found records, no employees may have been left to testify.
all possible
but we're talking about the greatest mystery in the world.
the whole world tried to give an explanation and in the first 2 games kanon always disappeared.
he was the most suspicious, have been very strange that no one would seek news about him or questioned his colleagues

>> No.22584766

why do you hate these tr hrwada so much anon
why do you feel the need to brong everybody else's enjoyment down to validate yourself

>> No.22584977


>> No.22585099

>people are still taking the schizo retard seriously
Never talk to him. Always report, hide and ignore every single of his posts.

>> No.22585115

>always report
Anom yoy are literrally the buthurt poster meme
Pls go back in t/safe_space
This is a thread and here we discuss

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It's good to see the discussion became interesting again in this thread.

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I'd like to take this moment just to say ps3 sprites are superior to the original

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ps3 sprites doesn't have as many memes as original therefore originals are better

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you win this one

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What? I just want to talk with this guy. If you don't want to talk about it, maybe talk about something else? We all share the thread.

>The difference between the ending trick and the ending magic is that Ange manages to convince ikuko to forgive herself while in the trick ending ikuko confesses the murders and abandoning battler.
Is there any evidence for this?

As for Kanon, I really don't know. Maybe they did seek out the people from the orphanage and ask about Kanon, and maybe they did say that they can't recall a child by that name. But what would the investigators make of this? You certainly can't use that alone to conclude that Kanon is an imaginary person created by Shannon. It could mean anything.

>> No.22586210

>Is there any evidence for this?
ikuko wanted to confess, she couldn't stand the pain of murder guilt anymore.
the press conference where she wanted to reveal the truth about rokkenjima murder was actually the place where she would confess everything.
If ange choose the magic ending ikuko stops the conference instead with the trick ending ikuko confesses everything.

>you certainly can't use that alone to conclude that Kanon is an imaginary person created by Shannon. It could mean anything.
yeah i know this isnt a truth argument just is strange that nobody suspected kanon if there's no proof of his birth.

>> No.22586279

That's an interesting possibility.

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