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Nanjo is cute edition

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1200 views thanks guys
i finish to reread dawn so soon the Last true chapter of my manifesto.
i fixed chapter 6 by adding and change some parts so i will advice you to reread it!!!
as always i can improve my manifesto only by arguing with you i can improve my manifesto!!!
so send all opinions and critique.

for those who do not know erikantrice here is a little summary in 4 points:
1) in all the games the culprits and accomplices are the same.
kanon(yasu)= the true culprit\mastermind(can kill)
george=culprit\co-plotter(can kill)
nanjo,kumasawa and genji=accomplices(cant kill)
2)game 5th and 6th are solved with Erika=Kanon
this is why erika didnt saw kanon's body in the closet
3)yasu isnt a tranny, she is a CUTE TOMBOY so Battler isnt gay.
4)yasu=ikuko so all umineko is the magic version of ikuko wrote mystery novels on rokkenjima so battler could solve them in the hope that his memory would return.

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man, now that I think back at it
this magic shit is real fucking cringe isn't it
>muh anti-magic toxin

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Please summarize Erikantrice in 20 words or less for me. I'm a megagoat with no love.

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kanon and george are the culprit everywhere
battler isnt gay
erika is kanon
yasu is ikuko

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Yes, but Umineko is so well written that it didn't look like it.

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Erikantrice is ludicrous.

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at least said why is ludicrous

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Never in the history of the world has there been a theory this ridiculous.

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>rosatrice:Rosa reveals that she is the family head and then she and Nanjo take everybody hostage with guns.

nanjo 80yo take as hostage a martial artist champion and a boxer champion
cmon anon say what part of my theory is more ludicrous than this.

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It's magic lore thought up by a bunch of kids, duh

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erika have tits in meta world because Battler love Big tits.
in real world she use kanon's body so her tits are small

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Paizuri with every seacat.

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You know what must be done

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Which ones would be the most enjoyable? Would you experiment with different forms for different women, like clothed, horizontal, oiled, etc. And if so, who do you feel would be best for what?

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So how's the new novel, you know, the Strike Witches ripoff
I don't remember its name but I assume somebody has read it in Japanese already

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Paizuri with the little sister

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Superb taste. Ange's jugs ought to be properly wrapped around a dick. It's what Battler would've wanted. And as the last member of the Ushiromiya family, it's her duty to ensure that the denes she inherited don't go to waste.

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I like how the manga empasizes Satoko's pathetic loli arse.

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Boobs too.

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Erika ultimatively fails because this part of Kanon has no heart.
Claim: If Kanon went as "the woman from 19 years ago" in EP5 Virgillius appears on the island instead of Erika.
However: To fullfill Battler's expection of a perfect woman he decided against it and chose the wrong appearance on the gameboard. (no big tits). Maybe it was a test to see whether Battler was interested in big tit girls or not.

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>Maybe it was a test to see whether Battler was interested in big tit girls or not.
Well seeing as piece Battler never really hit on Erika I guess we can say the results are as expected.

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Neither he did in EP4 - the forgeries expect Battler to be a pervert especially in front of the cousins and Shannon.
In EP5 he was affected by Rosa's charming, a wink.
Battler being a breast sommelier and his preference of western women is only half of the story.

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Rosa look out! There are a bunch of imbeciles behind you! Don't get infected with stupid!

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>To fullfill Battler's expection of a perfect woman he decided against it and chose the wrong appearance on the gameboard. (no big tits

yeap for the creation of erika lambda use all the personality of beato except the love for battler , this is why in the 5th game she did not interest to have the perfect body for him.
but erika was beato in all aspects and she after the fighting with Battler ,like yasu 6 years ago,fell in love with him (always in her twisted way) that's why ,at the wedding ,she had big tits.
(remember erika said she would make battler forget beato once married!!!!)

> Virgillius
I think that ryukishi was doubtful to pass kanon, a man, as a woman so the first choice was Virgillius but then realized that erika was the best choice

> breast sommelier
all fake
battler does not like big tits but pretends it to maintain his appearance, in fact in front of beatrice he told the truth:
loli with small tits and black hair ,japanese blue hair mean black hair so erika is battler's sexual dream. what if kanon remove his shit hat?

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That's an interesting observation. It could be Yasue's perception of Battler affecting his piece's behavior. Although pieces can't act out of character, and he does still make passes in later Episodes.

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You can't just take an offhanded sarcastic comment and claim it to be the truth without further evidence. It's pretty clear that Battler's preference for busty blondes is genuine. There's even a whole side story about him going around trying to squeeze everyone's boobs.

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is there a red truth that confirms it?
in common life we all wear a mask to relate to others, our true personality is hidden we adapt ourselves to society by killing our true personality to get friends and a lover.
Battler was remembered by everyone as the classic arrogant guy and the part of wanting pretty girls with big boobs suited his mask very well.
in fact, in the 5th game in front of beatrice, when everyone had died when the company had died the shooting mask and battler finally spoke sincerely

> There's even a whole side story about him going around trying to squeeze everyone's boobs.

manga is shit change add and remove half of the story for made shkanontrice works!!!!

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i want to fuck miyao in his boyhole and watch his boy cock flop around

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Is there a red truth stating that Battler loves large breasts? Of course not.
But there's plenty of circumstantial evidence for it and zero against it.

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she fallen in love with yasu
a woman with a broken female body
with 0 tits.
without love you cannot see it
miyao is a cute tomboy and jayden love her!!!!

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Meta Battler fell in love with Meta Beato, whose bouncy boobs are made real. As for real Battler, he had a crush on Shannon as a kid, which simply carried over into adulthood.
Neither of which matters since love and lust aren't one and the same. You can fall in love with someone even if they don't fit your exact sexual preferences.

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>he had a crush on Shannon as a kid
that's what everyone thinks.
6 years ago battler met on the island a shy girl who was reading 10 little Indians his favorite book.
soon they fell in love each others but time passes quickly so battler battler had to return home but he promised her that he would write letters to her.
but he couldn't do that directly or kinzo would have discovered them so he asked for shannon's help.
he would send the letters to shannon and shannon would give them to yasu, so everyone would have thought he was in love with shannon (even the big boobs story was a way to value this lie).
Unfortunately for battler his plan worked too well and george really believed that he was in love with shannon.
George when found the letters of battler he destroyed them thinking were for shannon.
in the 7th game you see george distributing the letters of battler and shannon asked him if there were any for her and george answers no!!!.
the expression that shannon did at that time is not to be disappointed for not having received letters from battler but an expression like "yasu waited 1 year and battler did not send hem any letters Now how am I suppose to tell her that".

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Gonna be honest with you. I'm only using this argument as an excuse to talk about boobs. I don't really care about the theory stuff.

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Based anon bobs are the best
> I don't really care about the theory stuff.
sad why not? all umineko is literrally theory stuff
even theory on tits

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I forgot what I refered about EP4. When he saw Beatrice on the bolcony he chose to compare her with the Beatrice on the portrait.

Battler's view is indeed situational. Excerp from EP5:
>Normally, Battler possessed the good sense you'd expect of an 18 year-old man. However, it seemed that this reunion had brought him back to the mental age he had been six years ago. And bit by bit, Jessica and George realized that they were also returning to the way they'd been six years ago...

It was a pretty good guess how to see Battler is interacting with others after he left the family. Or it's his Battler-style of communicating. Battler admitted he came with his "perverted face" at Shannon also before that.

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>why not?
Because I'm already satisfied with the answer. It's far more productive to spend my time theorizing about the female cast's cup sizes than arguing over such things.

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> I'm already satisfied with the answer.
so you are satisfed with:
Battler is gay
nanjo cut a dick in a fucking isolated island
no one notice that kanon is shannon in 4 years.
everyone is the culprit in the 4th,5th game
eva culprit in 4 games but not in the 2nd
erika in the 5th games didnt inspect the bodies even if the cause of death was the same fake death in 10 little indians
Erika dint saw kanon's body in the closet.
ikuko isnt yasu knew everything because muh magic exist

really anon why do you stop think?

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Realism was never Ryukishi's strength as a writer anyway, those you mentioned are not even close to the most unrealistic shit in Umi

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I've got my answers, but I'm not about to waste time arguing them with you. I'd rather spend that effort pondering about which girls would give the best tittyfuck.

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erika said:only the mysteries of agatha christie deserve to be read.
is on a fucking island with bodies with the same fake death of the culprit in 10 little indian and shedoes not control them?
are you serious?
here we do not speak of realism but of the writer's abilities.
so or ryukishi is stupid and makes erika said sentences without a logical sense or erika didn't inspect the bodies because she knew they were alive since she was the accomplice of the culprit george

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Yeah, Shkannon cannot explain this but with the answer "Erika is incompetent, let's avoid the whole question". The plan of the adults and the mysterious man only depends on the "incompetence" of Erika.

Someone is screaming next door? Runs to the sealed doors and check the taped windows on the outside. Did she realized that would be the only moment Battler could commit murder? And how could Erika know that she heard Battler's snoring instead of George? Mmmmh.

Too bad most people are not ready to argue against these evidences - "Erika is knowingly involved"

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so all the people agreed to organize the plot against a person they met 4 hours ago on the certainty that she would be incompetent during the investigation.
is like if you organize an holiday to the maldives knowing that you will win at roulette.
as lambda said, if playing chess and bases your strategy on luck, or hoping that the your enemy make a wrong move, you're dead.

in the 6th game shkanon had a sixth sense and went to rescue battler.
how the hell did he know that battler was in danger, in my theory kanon was in the same room as battler but shkanon was in another building.
so shkanon was unaware of the meta-game but this is forbidden by knox's 2nd: "It is forbidden for supernatural agencies to be employed as a detective technique" but even erika, she killed 5 people so in other words you can't separate the game world from the meta one in shkanontrice.

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>in the 6th game shkanon had a sixth sense and went to rescue battler.
In defence of the common sense GM Battler allowed knocks, voices and the telephone line.

After the first love battle rounds the game is lost in meta. Even if it was GM Battler's plan to ressurect Beatrice the forgery itself lost its mystery element to boost the meta-love element.

>One shall be the resurrection of the love that was lost.
>One shall be to put the witch to sleep for all time.
Shkanon can only escape during the sealing of the guesthouse rooms. (because she believed the process is magic, no preparation is required and let's get careless with "everyone else" hurr durr). Again, it's because of Erika's "incompetence".

The "motive" of the logic error was lost, too. Erika wanted to frame Battler and explain all the "crimes" with him as the culprit. Battler escaped (and intended) anyway, and now? At first, the logic error was about "chain lock unset + Battler isn't in the guest room = Battler is the culprit". It obscures the real reason why Erika sealed the guest room. Also, since piece Erika should have no knowledge about Kinzo whereabouts, she risks her plan.

The red truth Erika used to confirm the victims death (without detective authority) make it pretty obvious she had an other weapon with her and the setup and the magic duel scene makes me think she used the 4th gun (the 3 others are hold by the men) to kill the victim instantly.

Erika saying the epitaph lines while shooting at the closet. Uhm. She is a fuckin' witch.

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How is it pathetic?

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Please don't bait him.

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I'm going with Jessica and Ange

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The scene paints her as such a cool character, and yet that panel focuses on her smelly, plump, stupid-looking human arse.

Satoko is pathetic! Her body is literally humiliating her 24/7! Lewd!

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Together, or one at a time?

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the shkanontrice problem is not the meta, even I admit that unlike all the other games in the 6th chapter shkanontrice really makes a lot of sense in the meta scenes especially the duel but it doesn't make sense without the meta.
if we consider the 6th game as a pure mystery then how would shkanon understand that battler was in danger, or why erika killed 5 people but above all why the 5 yes and battler no?
shkanontrice is obliged to accept that erika and shkanon were aware of the meta-world but this violate knox.

Well, let's talk about Kanon's body disappearing.
erika shot at the closet is empty.
if there had been shkanon then inside the closet there should be his body.
the solutions of shkanontrice:
1) kanon becomes yasu a character not present in the game so he can not see it.
battler saw yasu in the 4th game so the detective is allowed to see all the bodies.
2)kanon becomes shannon erika can not explain this fact and it is as if he did not see it.
erika is the detective and therefore saw the body of shannon
she knew that shannon was one of five who could freely leave the room and help battler.
so kanon came in + shannon in the closet = shannon is kanon
but instead she gives up. (but with the theory of erika is incapable this fact is explained)
but even more, she at that time was the detective could not have shot at the closet if there were people inside.

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>everyone is the culprit in the 4th,5th game
What is Murder on the Orient Express?

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>erika shot at the closet is empty.
>erika is the detective and therefore saw the body of shannon
At no point is it stated that the closet is empty. At no point is it stated that Erika looked inside the closed.
>she knew that shannon was one of five who could freely leave the room and help battler.
It is stated in red that only Erika, Kanon and Battler entered, and only Battler left. She doesn't understand shkanontrice, therefore when it is also stated that Kanon is not in the closet she has no rebuttal and thus loses.
If you're going to argue again shkanontrice, at least don't fixate on the stuff that was discussed to death.

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its incredible how much one autist can drive away nearly all ips in such a short period of time

>> No.22498556

>At no point is it stated that Erika looked inside the closed.
At no point is it stated that the closet is empty
she is the detective
she look in it and saw the raincoat!!!!
so she didnt saw nothing in it because kanon was inside herself.
>It is stated in red that only Erika, Kanon and Battler entered, and only Battler left.
red truth
Of course. Three people--in other words, three bodies--went in or out. Only you and Kanon entered, and only Battler left. It has already been said in red that all people can only use their own names. Therefore, the names Erika, Battler, and Kanon can only be used by those people.

where is the problem just kanon is a another name of one of these body even battler used this argument in the 3rd game!!!
then if she saw shannon in the wardrobe this theory become evident but instead surrend.

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Do I have to go to reddit to talk about Ciconia?

>> No.22498575

>she look in it and saw the raincoat!!!!
Literally what the fuck are you talking about? Mind showing me the line from VN?

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Actually you know what I'm curious, are you content with having destroyed the community for Ryukishi games on /jp/?

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why refuse?
because there are no one in the closet
go back to r\i cant argue
really 1 person destroy an entire community
on 4chan
on /jp/
about umineko
really fuck off then this community had no love
just a bunch of pests kept alive by lies
like kinzo.
I have only composed the requiem of this community, it will die yes but in the greatest of ways and then will be reborn stronger than before be sure

>> No.22498656

>why refuse?
Because if it's stated in red that someone is in the closet and Kanon is not in the closet, it becomes too easy.

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she looked in the closet and saw nothing
3 people enter 1 go away and only one left in the room.
this is what erika cant explaine this is MAGIC or maybe she understand the real solution but this solution deny her existence, because her is just a fantasy of a shy girl who loved mystery novel and dream to be a detective.


>> No.22498686

>I have only composed the requiem of this community, it will die yes but in the greatest of ways and then will be reborn stronger than before be sure
hahahaha how the fuck do you even come up with this shit

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Erika saw coat turn into gold butterflies and disappear. Therefore, magic exists. Check and mate, erikantrice.
Like a damn fiddle.

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she didnt saw no one in the closet and her mind accepted magic
and saw the butterfly.

>> No.22498708

Three people - in other words, three bodies - went in and out of the room. Erika and Kanon cannot be the same person.

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she now can accept her final truth
that she was kanon , a personality of yasu not a real human

>> No.22498715

Why not both

>> No.22498724

battler body=battler personality
yasu body=erika personality and kanon personality
kyrie head or another body=nothing dead didnt had personality
the goal of beato was trick erika by made her think that kanon was another person

>> No.22498726

is there another place to talk about ciconia?
any interesting theories come up in the last month?

>> No.22498729

>kyrie head or another body
The mystery cannot be solved using hints that were not provided.

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Koshka will literally get a new body in a coming game and she will look even better than she does already and she will be the new protagonist and she will convince Miyao not to let Jayden fuck him

>> No.22498751

erika said that cut the head of kyrie
erika said that there are bags in the kitchen that allow the bodies to be transported without leaving any blood.
bernkastle has confirmed that a body can exit the room through the bathtub

all clue are presented

>> No.22498752


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Woman with emotional issues repeatedly massacres fucking everybody while nihilistic autist bitches about fate for a hundred years only to take some responsibility at the last fucking moment.

What you think may or may not have been a dickless tranny kills everybody on a sketchy island that various guro obsessed cosmological entities may or may not have made their personal intellectual circle jerk.

A bunch of kids with rebellious attitudes and a vent chat are led by a closet gay with multiple personality disorder in an attempt to stop the book of revelations only to realize people are fucking retarded.

>> No.22498794

The problem is not the 80 IQ autist, it's the spergs taking him seriously and falling for the bait over and over again.

>> No.22498836

Bullied loli becomes a youkai and bullies bullies to stop bullying. She fails miserably and spends the rest of her days as a toilet ghost.

Hilariously OP dude saves an alliance of prostitutes from the mafia and the whores end up forming a brutal ultra nationalistic mafia themselves.

>> No.22499477

Ange and Jessica.
Ange provides the blowjob and Jessica does rimjob.

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But his arguments are solid. After taking a serious look at his stuff and his reasoning I came to the realization that it at least could be an alternative explanation. However he and known no more kinda missed the point with the meta scenes or how the story was thematically planned

>> No.22500008

I'm almost done reading Higurashi Chapter 5 and what an excellent chapter. The Rika/Shion scene with the music was probably one of the best scene of the vn so far, I had chills all along.
The whole Shion is in fact Mion is insanely good. I can't wait to read more tomorrow.
I'm just a bit reserved about Shion's brutal shift of mind. It was so blunt and quick, even when you think about Satoshi, etc.but overall it's so good I can't complain.

>> No.22500023

>his arguments are solid
The entire theory stems from him thinking Erika didn't see Kanon in the closet despite never being stated that piece Erika opened the closet.

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Believing oneself to be perfect is . . . often the sign of a delusional mind.

>> No.22500141

What is the logical explanation at this moment ? In the mystery world, what happened to Kanon body then ?

>> No.22500236

His body is still there. It's just the persona of Kanon that left for whatever reason, whether it's because it was killed off or Yasu switched to Shannon.

>> No.22500252

It's from some old Japanese blog I found a while back while searching for obscure Umineko lewds.

>> No.22500534

Ange's tits are good and all but why is there no Jessica paizuri art at all?

>> No.22500733

>his arguments are solid.
Thanks anon
>However he and known no more kinda missed the point with the meta scenes or how the story was thematically planned
What meta scene?
I think yasu=ikuko suits ver well
The entire theory is based on kanon and george culprit
Erika=kanon is sied to explaine the game 5th and 6th
Like i shiw in the screenshit
Erika shot at the closet and there is noone
If there was shannon in 5 seconds she understand that shannon=kanon
Instead her mind blow lost and her existence started to end.
>i accept the truth about myself
Kanon=erika explaine this sentence without erikantrice

>> No.22501068
File: 1.21 MB, 1071x850, Jessica lounging no nipples.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jessica as a whole is criminally underrated. Despite being a major character throughout most of the Episodes she gets only a modest amount of art and even less lewds. I wish Kujiran would've done a part 2 of his Umineko paizuri set featuring Jessica, the aunts, and Beato.

Just imagine Jessica blushing sheepishly while slipping her large supple breasts onto Kanon's lap, the soft flesh sinking under its own weight. She'd try and hide her embarrassment with a show of boldness, taking the lead while inwardly uncertain of her own ability.

>> No.22501346

so, what was the whole point of umineko? in higurashi it was the whole trust everyone and don't lie to your friends, but I don't remember anything from umineko.
don't make promises to a 10 year old "girl" or else she'll make a plan to murder everyone?

>> No.22501374

god I hate this fucking shit so much
kanon doesn't feel like kanon anymore so kanon doesn't exist now! umineko answer arc was a disgrace to VNs

>> No.22501388
File: 52 KB, 640x480, IMG_20191129_073610_913.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

in the 5th game everyone ignored kanon like if he did not exist except for erika!!! erika is the only person who talks to kanon during the game and in the 6th game erika never saw kanon .

>> No.22501401

You can simplify anything and make it sound stupid. In reality Yasu is killing off an entire aspect of their self. A persona that they'd built up over several years, whom they had considered living the rest of their life as. It's not as light as you make it sound.

>> No.22501406

why does it even matter? didn't shannon already decide that the island is going to blow up with her? i don't remember umineko very clearly

>> No.22501442
File: 249 KB, 869x1273, 04f370eb0073de89f2dc18e6ce609e631658a830_220593_869_1273.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shannon had reluctantly decided to kill everyone in a fit of self-hatred and despair. However, part of them still wished for a future where they could live happily, hence why they offered the riddle as a way of putting a stop to everything. Regardless, killing off a part of yourself isn't something so easy. Basically Yasu would be repressing/forgetting every part of themself that made them Kanon, whether it be their love of Jessica, their respect for Genji, their dislike for Gohda, etc.

>> No.22501813

>trust everyone and don't lie to your friends
That interpretation isn't just wrong, it's bloody dangerous. Rena had to save her home-life by exposing Rina, Satoko had to overcome her trauma and get out of an abusive situation by confronting Teppei and Rika had to find her killer. Trust in Higurashi isn't a universal good, trust is meaningful because of the process by which characters arrive at it (through reciprocation, by taking a chance on each other successfully again and again), and the "moral" is just that there's no alternative to taking that leap, which is very different from trusting everyone by default. Also, Ryukishi very much endorses lying to your friends by omission.
Umi is more concerned with exploring various family pathologies, "sin" being passed down through the generations. While in Higu the kids were basically the embodiment of the future, Umi acknowledges that children are, in reality, very much tied to the culture into which they are born. It takes the more "grown up", melancholic position that in some situations tragedy is actually inevitable and explores how humans come to terms with loss. Ange loses her brother and her best friend, Battler loses Beatrice when she gives up on Battler remembering. But at the end of the day, Umi affirms the same "moral" as Higu: that, even granting all that heartbreak, love is still worth it.

>> No.22502266

>It's from some old Japanese blog I found a while back while searching for obscure Umineko lewds.
Gonna need the uncensored version for research

>> No.22502385

Here you go. Now the real question is who would do a better job?

>> No.22502492


>> No.22502558

She does seem the most popular pick. And I can totally see her having practiced thoroughly for this day, probably using Mammon's stake as a substitute for Battler's member.

>> No.22503444

There is one problem with this. Because she couldn't really decide how it should be done EP5 happened. EP6 suggests the other survivors were killed by the bomb. The forgeries weren't faithful to the original. Though I decided Tohya didn't mind the rules,Confession was made up by Featherine to strenghten their point of their Forgeries or they intended to release the "unfinished Twilights" stories in full lenght with the inclusion of Rule Z (Battler's role will be reversedf at some point).
Kanon "killing himself" for Erika in the closet is practically useless because it doesn't matter for Erika who is on the killing spree other than a surprise.
"Kanon, what are you doing here?" or "Shannon, what are you doing here?" or "Who ARE you?". There is no relation to the manga which shows Sayo (as Beatrice) taking Battler to the military base.
The only good non-meta argument to make Kanon disappear is to confuse the survivors if they are going to check the guest room. (Erika won't touch the chain lock is stated in red)
Shkannon just makes sense in the meta (the metaknowledge thing). On the gameboard the move is almost useless because the rescuer is throwing his/her life away anyway. The survivors would immediately see through the Shkannon trick with the missing Shannon and/or Kanon, revealing the pitiful and dead form.
Erikatrice however can explain this as a setup for further crimes because the chain lock can repaired from the outside (making a untrue locked room), making Battler believe Kanon and Erika dissapeared from the "locked" guest room. This would be a really "perfect" closed room for the second Twilight.

>> No.22503773
File: 111 KB, 270x388, Warcat_Squad_Emblem.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone know if someone is selling Ciconia or general WTC patches online? Want one for my pack.

>> No.22503774

Yet the Erikantrice explanation has Erika bring in Kyrie's head just to fufill the red truth about 3 bodies entering, which has no non-meta explanation at all.

>> No.22503797

Jessica is so cute! And yet she's got a hairy 80s pussy! She does!

>> No.22503799

maybe erika put kyrie head to mock battler
maybe erika put kyrie body in theroom for improve the accuse of the murder.
maybe kanon take the head and put it under the raincoat for create a fake human figure

>> No.22503818

I want to lick Bern’s butthole

>> No.22505640
File: 431 KB, 800x894, newvisual.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

new visual for the port
what the heck happened to their eyes?

>> No.22505842

Beato is so pretty.

>> No.22507270

The eyes themselves look fine, but all of Battler's facial features look too small for that size of face

>> No.22507550

>Despite being a major character throughout most of the Episodes she gets only a modest amount of art
Yet she’s the only one alongside Maria and Shannon who ever got an official figure.

>> No.22507580
File: 455 KB, 751x1156, Jessica 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have the Jessica figure. It's not that great. I assume the Maria and Shannon ones are similar.

>> No.22507595


>> No.22507604

This beato really makes my heart go doki doki

>> No.22507633

I only have this one too for now, the mouth looked worse than on the promo pics.
I might get the Maria one soon but the Shannon one which interested me the most is fucking hard to find.

>> No.22507634
File: 237 KB, 1080x900, EKhsZrnWkAEGr3n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There was quite a bit of nice Beato art yesterday for her birthday.

>> No.22507758

Why is the quality so bad and why do they refuse to make them in the OG style? Higurashi did it and they looked amazing.

>> No.22508069

probably because the anime bombed so for a time nobody cared about the series. That means no merchandise.

>> No.22508103

Ciconia is dead in the water if these threads didn't already tell you that

>> No.22508139

It's just because there's only 1 phase out so far. You can't expect months upon months of discussion for what's essentially the prologue. It was the same when Umineko first came out. People talked excitedly about it for a while, then went back to Higurashi.

>> No.22508200

If Ciconia stays at the quality level of ep 1 and there's no merch for it I swear I'll just make the fucking merch myself

>> No.22508934

Maybe if the threads weren't 95% Erikantrice shitposting people wold be willing to visit them and talk about Ciconia

>> No.22508977

italian anon here
>Maybe if the threads weren't 95% Erikantrice shitposting people wold be willing to visit them and talk about Ciconia
yesterday i saw a ciconia thread on /v/ only 48 replies before die.

>> No.22509021

>on /v/
Fuck off back to your subhuman shithole.

>> No.22509038

>Fuck off back to your subhuman shithole.
rude anon.
/v/ have many more user than /jp/ so if a ciconia thread on /v/ take only 48 replies here will take even less of them.
ciconia is not like umineko , his mystery are more shounen tier,who is the evil man?,who is the traitor, ecc...
so we discuss all of what there are to discuss

>> No.22509883

no, his entire theory stems from jacking off to both beato and kanon and not wanting to admit you did it to a guy

>> No.22509889


>> No.22509932
File: 278 KB, 960x960, 1571437280066.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is a true story

the first time i saw kanon I thought he was a woman.
only during the school festival when I saw him in ninja version, i realized that according to the story kanon was a man he but I never believed it and I always thought he was pretending to be a man.
in fact I always thought that beatrice was kanon.

>> No.22510157
File: 1.52 MB, 1358x982, SPOILER_unknown-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Higurashi Daybreak went there.

>> No.22510165
File: 1.40 MB, 1365x808, Copy of SPOILER_unknown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22510319

what's the context for this?

>> No.22510364

There are two magic talismans: whoever holds the one becomes filled with lust for the other. I forget whether it's mutual or just one-way. Rena has one, but the other has been lost.

>> No.22510551

see >>22509021

>> No.22510803

>ESL is still spamming this Erikatrice shit
What the fuck
I leave this general for a month thinking he'd get tired but it's just gotten worse
Get a hobby dude, learn art or read a interesting book or just SOMETHING ELSE

>> No.22511177

sunk cost's a bitch

>> No.22511547

There must be nothing else in his pathetic life.
His posts about going to university and being some sort of genius are surely lies, there's no way anyone busy with coursework would have the time to be here 24/7 (seriously, is he EVER not here? It's like he never sleeps).

>> No.22512287
File: 392 KB, 640x480, EGfe74KXkAEA09Y.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

koshka is cute! CUTE!!

>> No.22512342
File: 181 KB, 960x720, 45b923a3eb3c10728261ef5f514f5fd6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ywn have a cozy life in a remote Gifu mountain village
Hurts, desu.

>> No.22512388

Maybe in the 80s, definitely not in 2020.

>> No.22512402

Rural Japan is pretty much the same as it was in the 80s. I've been many times, lack of conveniences, full of old people who don't even have computers or internet. The only thing remotely modern about it are the younger people on their smartphones, but reception is poorer in this types of places.

>> No.22512415

That's exactly why I said definitely not in 2020. I can't live away from good internet and the modern life.

>> No.22512422

Disgusting, but you do you.

>> No.22512974 [DELETED] 
File: 43 KB, 155x148, icona.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>read a interesting book
i read umineko
>I leave this general for a month
pathetic man are you a cuck?
explaine to me why my post make you so mad?
answare:i have rigth and you are afraid of it

>university and being some sort of genius are surely lies
i go to uni why i must lie about it?
i understand for 40 of iq like you ,university must be impossible to reach but here there are many stupid people like you so dont worry start to study and even you can enter in an university!!!!

>there's no way anyone busy with coursework would have the time to be here 24/7

do you know that an internet browser can leave open more than one windows so i can study and check this thread?

So 1BIT GOAT fuck off to r\muh safe place from intellectual discussion or star to argument:

>> No.22513373

>explaine to me why my post make you so mad?
Because they're barely readable, you disgusting ESL.
We're not on /int/, fuck off and come back only when you can write coherent English, you subhuman.

>> No.22513505

>Because they're barely readable, you disgusting ESL.

I always try to make myself understood at best with short posts and simple to understand, in my manifesto I tried to write at the best i can and my memes are very simple to understand
if you haven't understand the possibilities are two:
1) you're stupid and you don't understand anything (but it's impossible because you answer to my posts)
2) you are a nazi grammar so please subhuman you go back to plebbiit where you have post from 10 of iq but with a perfect writing for a middleschooler

>> No.22513849

Wait, when did Rena fall in love with a dog because of the talisman?

>> No.22513854

I'm sure ESL-kun is an agent sent by discord SJWs to ruin the only place where intelligent humans can discuss 07's works.

>> No.22513872

Why are you guys worshiping drawings?

>> No.22513894
File: 65 KB, 910x520, 8d8 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>erikantrice theory: kanon isnt a tranny but a cute tomboy so battler isnt gay.
>erikantrice sjw agent
>shkanontrice theory: kanon is a man with a cut dick that have 5000+ genders and battler is gay
>shkanontrice not a sjw agent

nice try mossad now go back on discord

>> No.22514006

SJW basically means a cuck who dislikes degeneracy and perverted shit these days.

Enjoying tranny characters doesn't make one a SJW.

>> No.22514022
File: 85 KB, 171x165, xiaolanrainbow.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lingji > Zel > Xiaolan > every single other 07thExpansion girl.

Too bad all chinks are dirty commies.

>> No.22514041
File: 84 KB, 1280x720, EJwHZ6vWwAUiGRX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.22514079

>SJW basically means a cuck who dislikes degeneracy and perverted shit these days.
>Enjoying tranny characters doesn't make one a SJW.
who do you think you're fooling

>> No.22514087

Why does you guys thread have the worst posters? That theory shitposter, the humiliation poster, the cagando guy, the weirdo who keeps making all those silly edits with the oddly spherical boobs.

>> No.22514119

>SJW basically means a cuck who dislikes degeneracy and perverted shit these days.
That's why they are hated and should kill themselves, but they definitely like to push tranny shit too.

Not that I give a fuck about trannies or hate them or anything. But a "SJW" isn't only defined by the things that make them abhorrent, like their puritanism. They are also defined by more neutral stuff like their tranny agenda

>> No.22514127

Humiliation anon puts more effort into his pastas than any of the others.

>> No.22514133

Chinese girls are basically Japanese girls except without the 100% guaranteed hairy pussy. They are inherently inferior.

>> No.22514150

None of those are as bad as the esl subhuman.
All of the others combined multiplied by ten don't post a fraction of what he does.
He ruined every single thread we've had since he started posting.

>> No.22514180

Humiliation anon is pretty based. That esl retard can go kill himself though.

>> No.22514192

Would you forgive ESL-kun if he's actually a cute Italian loli with elementary level English?

>> No.22514205
File: 132 KB, 267x258, bern_kino.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People getting trolled by Erikantricefag has become the most entertaining part of these threads desu. I'll take what I can get.

>> No.22514223

I like the edit guy, at least he's making and posting OC. I also didn't mind humiliation anon as long as he kept it to just a few posts per thread.

>> No.22514243

I want to discuss Ciconia but I feel like I've already forgotten everything. I might reread it if I have the time.
Has anyone else reread it yet?

>> No.22514251

He spent months shitposting his shit here, that's way too much for a mere troll. He legit seems obssessed.

>> No.22514259

Oh no, he's almost certainly legit, but that doesn't change the fact that people are getting trolled like fucking chumps.

>> No.22514261 [DELETED] 

>dislikes degeneracy
u fucking shitposter
SJWs defende degenerace abortion,gays,trans ,interracial ,zoophilie,polygami eccc
are the most fucking supporter of degenerancy u really a trumbrl shill.

>ESL-kun only u call me ESL stop false-flag
>muh italian anon spam the thread
>do 20 post by pretending to be a different people
i am not a troll i waste to much time here!!!
they are people who understad that my theory had sense and argue back to deny it not
>Muh i didnt read and u are wrong by default


>> No.22514264

How is it even possible to forget anything you've read once?

I wish my memory wasn't so good so I could read things fresh again.

>> No.22514271

I didn't say you were a troll. See >>22514259

>> No.22514277

What I mean by "forgotten" is that all the theories and things I wanted to talk about that I came up with while reading it aren't fresh in my mind anymore. Obviously I still remember what happens in the VN, but I can't pull discussion topics out of my ass anymore

>> No.22514291

sorry of that.
> but that doesn't change the fact that people are getting trolled like fucking chumps.
in which way?

>> No.22514307

Come on, Erikantricefag, you wrote an entire manifesto. You don't need me to explain to you what getting trolled means, do you? They get mad, and call you names as if that'll make you go away. It's entertaining.

>> No.22514340

>They get mad, and call you names as if that'll make you go away. It's entertaining.
well i think is useless
I am of the philosophy that for every attack you receive you have to pay back 20 times as much.
it is bad to see this thread ruined by people who insult me just as they are forced to respond and the thread is destroyed.
if they want to send me the fuck just destroy my theory but since they can't do it they are looking for a direct attack.

>> No.22514511
File: 516 KB, 2048x1292, 1570728149488.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want Ciconia news already
I want to know why the fuck Meow doesn't exist on sibling day
I want to know why Blue Miyao has a corresponding Blue Jayden
I want to know why Koshka is so fucking cute
I want to know how many dicks Gunhild has sucked
I want to know why Jayden is so fucking gay
I want to know what role Suparna will have in the story
I want to know how badly Lingji wanted to fuck Miyao's boypussy with a strapon
I want to know why Chloe is so lewd
I want to know why Tojiro is so fucking based

>> No.22514699

The fact that Naima has a super pathetic loli body is just mindblowing!

>> No.22514904
File: 101 KB, 700x990, 1562265980644.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wowowowow! Rude!

>> No.22515030

Did anyone make padoru characters from 07th expansion games yet ?

>> No.22515330
File: 175 KB, 600x675, F0927FBD-7321-4FE8-8EF0-B03E2388DE44.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22515821

Do you guys think there will be another WTC after Ciconia?

>> No.22516183
File: 802 KB, 2507x3541, EKjEenxUcAEHYUP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22516231

Ciconia is a failure so it probably will never finish

>> No.22516273
File: 266 KB, 2000x1903, IMG_20191125_005525.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22516290
File: 14 KB, 221x180, very nice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Beautiful, i wish someone would do rosa and maria but these are great

>> No.22516620

Phase 5 will be the start of WTC6. Welcome to ACR: When the monkeys cry. Featuring Rethabile as the surprise main character because she's awesome.

The twist is that they are were all brains in jars the whole time, which we already predicted in Phase 1.

>> No.22516634

I want her to be a fucking schizo with DID too, but at the same time I don't because there's a high chance that her alter will be either a disgusting murderer or too important to the story and take screentime away from Rethabile herself.

>> No.22516688 [DELETED] 

someone should make a 07th discord server with no trannies and sjws

>> No.22516701

Trannies are OK, the problem is that they all get brainwashed into becoming SJWs. Literally every single one.

>> No.22516897

One of the club members suggests Rena could possibly end up falling in love with a dog.
It happened in the original VN. I'll leave a link below.

>> No.22516993

Wait a second, is this real? I mean, official, instead of fan created.
If it is, is there a translation?

>> No.22516996

>knox's 5th: (not included)
kek, ryuukishi is a cuck

>> No.22517002

They're all chinaman, the story would be invalid if it was a rule.

>> No.22517024

yeah but he could have changed it somewhat so it's not an ugly (not included) in the tips
still, didn't know knox was that based

>> No.22517032


>is this real/official?

>If it is, is there a translation?
not yet but soon

>> No.22517036
File: 153 KB, 1024x768, 1573359558984.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22517040

Why don't you make one

>> No.22517109

Not translated.

Someone posted a mega link a few threads ago.

Also, it's the ONLY time we see Genji's smiling sprite. He never smiles during Umineko, but he does in his small cameo appearance in this thing.

>> No.22517117

Chinaman refers to characters that clearly stand out from the rest, like the random foreigner that might have commited the crime for some bullshit religious or cultural reason that the author can pull out of his ass because the character is a weird foreigner with a different sense of values.

The rule is meant to prevent this crappy solution to the mystery, it has nothing to do with Chinese people.

>> No.22517282
File: 331 KB, 1920x1080, 20191005222816_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What gacha would you play with her?

>> No.22517314

Poketto Monsta.

>> No.22517599

to be honest i didn't like phase 1 that much but i have high hopes for phase 2
edit anon and humiliation anon are okay, i miss mistery anon tho.

>> No.22518100 [DELETED] 

https://discord.gg/FhHqEcs my Discord server, not a 07th server, but there's no trannies. Has been pretty inactive lately though

>> No.22518154 [DELETED] 
File: 3 KB, 108x125, 1574766504968.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Higurashi > RGD > Umineko > Ciconia > Higanbana

Umineko > Higurashi > Ciconia > RGD > Higanbana

RGD > Umineko > Higanbana > Ciconia > Higurashi

Higanbana > Higurashi > Umineko > RGD > Ciconia

Ciconia > RGD > Higurashi > Umineko > Higanbana

RGD > Ciconia > Higanbana > Umineko > Higurashi

RGD > Higanbana > Ciconia > Umineko > Higurashi

>Original art
Ciconia > RGD > Higanbana > Umineko > Higurashi

>Number of 10/10 girls
>Ciconia > RGD > Higurashi > Higanbana > Umineko

>> No.22518170
File: 37 KB, 128x128, EJW_1dTXsAU3W8p.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Higurashi > RGD > Umineko > Ciconia > Higanbana

Umineko > Higurashi > Ciconia > RGD > Higanbana

RGD > Umineko > Higanbana > Ciconia > Higurashi

Higanbana > Higurashi > Umineko > RGD > Ciconia

Ciconia > RGD > Higurashi > Umineko > Higanbana

RGD > Ciconia > Higanbana > Umineko > Higurashi

RGD > Higanbana > Ciconia > Umineko > Higurashi

>Original art
Ciconia > RGD > Higanbana > Umineko > Higurashi

>Number of 10/10 girls
Ciconia > RGD > Higurashi > Higanbana > Umineko

>> No.22518180

Umineko > Ciconia > Higurashi
Ciconia > Higurashi > Umineko
Umineko > Ciconia > Higurashi
Higurashi > Umineko > Ciconia
Umineko > Ciconia > Higurashi
Umineko > Ciconia > Higurashi
Ciconia > Umineko > Higurashi
>Original art
Ciconia > Umineko > Higurashi
>10/10 girls
Ciconia > Umineko > Higurashi

>> No.22518182
File: 184 KB, 1437x2287, 1572008158827.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maricarmen no arse!

>> No.22518219

These girls are built to be in doujins together.

>> No.22518412

already tried it once and 2 people joined

>> No.22518515
File: 158 KB, 751x592, 75275722_p7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22518744

As if we're getting doujins

>> No.22519004
File: 550 KB, 1250x857, 2010-12-22-355572.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying there aren't already original H-manga that could pass for WTC doujins

Loli Sayo with a dickpussy gets bullied and humiliated by classmates in front of a cucked Batora:


Rosa sells Maria's body to fat old men and they rape her smelly loli ass in front of Sakutaro:


Chloe is forced to expose her awkward big tits and hairy pussy in front of the entire school. The sequel is even more pathetic:



Bern and Lambda incarnate as two psychopathic 12 year olds and humiliate a fat dude (still incomplete):


Bern and Lambda's loli incarnations keep acting like cunts until they get kidnapped, raped, tortured and murdered by hobos for burning their dog alive:


Bern and Lambda come back as two different lolis and bury a cat alive. They try to blackmail an old dude for the kicks and end up meeting an even worse fate than before:


Some bully bitch from Higanbana gets what she deserves, which involves humiliation, torture, scat and being turned into a diaper-wearing quadruple-amputee before being sold into slavery:



>> No.22519212

The human condition of Ushiromiya Angste.

The fact that she shits from her ass despite having pride and dignity!

>> No.22519496

why the hell are people rating ciconia as a whole when we are after just one episode
at this time in higurashi we only knew that Rena and Mion are craycray killers and that there's some conspiracy around the Sonozakis, and in Umineko we knew that there are witches and Maria was right

>> No.22519609

I don't know, out of all the places you could shit from, shitting from your ass seems relatively dignified.

I've been trying to tell people this since the beginning. People are evaluating Ciconia EP1 against the whole of Umineko and Higurashi. Ciconia stacks up fantastically against Umineko and Higurashi episodes 1, at least in my opinion.

>> No.22519682
File: 122 KB, 398x309, 1539773911447.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you telling me you seriously don't shit from your ears like a proper person?

>> No.22520735

It's been a while since i've been here, but we still talk umineko theories right? Because I've been thinking more about Umineko is lately.

It has nothing to do with who the culprit is. My theory works neutral to that. It's more about the core themes of umineko, what the focus is and what Beatrice represents. Because even if Yasu is the culprit, I don't think Beatrice represents her, or any singular real life person for that matter.

>> No.22520908

What do you think? We see many different versions of Beatrice. We have Beatrice in EP1/2 who is Yasu's persona. We have Meta Beatrice who is Tohya's recollection of Beatrice combined with what he's seen in writing. We have the different Beatrices that are introduced as Tohya breaks down and reconstructs everything he knows about Beatrice, also mirroring the evolution of the Persona. But I believe we do eventually meet the real Battler and Beatrice when they ride the boat together in EP8.

>> No.22521390

Tohya's memories of Beatrice are like "at your service". This was from the manga, though. Hard to imagine Sayo would tell Battler how she kill the household. In the end the culprit Beatrice is a mere wish, a wanna-be, fictonal figure. However, because nothing of the original plan likeThen there are None didn't happened only the rule of Beatrice's Gameboard survived. It's controversal, because there are supposingly exceptions how the Game ist executed Like EP 3,5,6 and 7. Maybe Sayo intended to write "weird" Games like them. Confession is supposed to be one of these. Of course I do not believe this. Why would Sayo even do this? In that case Ikuko=Sayo makes sense.

>> No.22521396

What's the final verdict of Ciconia bros?

>> No.22521399

if you have something living in your head rent free you will hate it
if you don't you will like it

>> No.22521411

Frogs should stay at the bottom of the well.

>> No.22521480

You can't give a final verdict on something that's just started.

>> No.22521481

I'm a little sick right now so I can't write the essay length explanation I want to.
Here's the TLDR
Meta Beatrice, while using the killer/legends as a baseline for their appearance and personality, is more of a metaphor/representation of the tragedy and the mystery as a whole. Despite becoming Tohya Battler is still obsessed with the tragedy/Beatrice that changed his life.
His love is for Beatrice, rather than Yasu. And while Yasu might be part of Beatrice, they are not ALL of Beatrice. Even if he had feelings for Yasu, he did not nearly know them enough for it to be love. Despite wanting to live a new life Tohya was still forever haunted by Beatrice, the representation of the rokkenjima tragedy. Through writing about it for closure, he romanticized it.
I do not think Umineko is a story about Yasu. Even if Yasu was the culprit it doesn't matter. The rokkenjima tragedy could have still happened without them. No, not could have, I think it was inevitable to happen, Yasu or no Yasu. Why is that?
The entire family had the capability to do it. They all had the motive and the means. It doesn't even matter which one did it. Why? Because this isn't a story about Yasu or a single murderer. It's about the Ushiromiya family and how fucked up it is.
In my opinion both Battler AND Ange are the main characters. The two survivors dealing with the tragedy in their own ways.

>> No.22521772

How do you explain the ending where Battler is reunited with Beatrice if not a literal love for her?

>> No.22522008

Tohya is letting go of battler. Thus Battler is reconnected with his family. With the Beatrice/mystery/Rokkenjima he was so in love with. Joined together in Rokkenjima. He still loves meta Beatrice. Meta Beatrice just isn't ONE literal person though.

>> No.22522762

I find it harder to believe that Battler is fascinated with the Rokkenjima incident. He doesn't seem to like it because it forces him to think about his family being killers or being killed. Why would he try to fall in love with an illusion of an unpleasant event instead of forgetting about it? Especially since his message to Ange is to try to remember the good things but forget the bad?

>> No.22522882


>> No.22522888

Phase 1 is good, starts strong, it gets a bit repetitive arounds the middle, but then it picks up again at the latter parts. It's a nice set up chapter so I have hopes in Phase 2.

>> No.22522904

I see how you could get to this conclusion. Personally, though I do like Tohya stuff, I think it gets a more and more contrived the more you think about it, so a definite answer about the relationship between Battler/Ange and the EPs is really difficult.
That's why I refuse to believe the Meta doesn't have value by itself and I sustain it's its own story, as real as 1998 stuff, that has points of connections with Tohya and Ikuko writing but doesn't depend on it a 100%, instead both things influence each other and are its own thing at the same time, like two equally valid interpetations of the same thing

>> No.22523008
File: 129 KB, 380x474, Bea_waraib6up.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even though i disagreed with a lot of things, that's actually a nice theory/opinion thanks anon.

>> No.22523192
File: 2.76 MB, 2736x1824, Screenshot (75).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So whenever the opening for ciconia is about to start, the game just crashes? This also happens when the scene with battler and beato sinking together is about to start. The fuck is causing this?

>> No.22523196

Phase 1 was really good. Fantastic cast of characters and fascinating setting. Also plenty of room for interesting mystery. The pacing wasn't ideal.

>> No.22523378

>Because even if Yasu is the culprit, I don't think Beatrice represents her
Beatrice is a fusion of the legend of the rokkenjima witch, battler perfect woman body and her love for mystery.
Yasu create this personality to challenge battler.
>It's been a while since i've been here, but we still talk umineko theories right?
The truth is still truth even after 1000 years and erikantrice is this truth

yasu attempted suicide but battler saved her but lost his memory.
so yasu decided to live to make battler's memory come back and create ikuko to write mystery so that battler can solve them and remember her
But at the 4th game she could no longer bear the pain and she retired.
battler remained alone and he find ,thanks to ikuko's cat and (lambda I'm not sure who is her counterpart in reality) ,the 5th game.
He solved it and the memories came back so he chose to write dawn to made it read by ikuko.
ikuko never reads anything written by someone else so made it read by ange.here
the destiny split.
in this discussion ange can decide between trick ending and magic ending that will influence ikuko's decision. if she chooses trick ending ikuko chooses to confess everything (and maybe then commit suicide) if instead she chooses the magic ending ikuko decides to live for battler

>> No.22523401

I thought the whole erikatriceshit was a meme, are you telling me this shit actually fills these threads now?

>> No.22523419

Nope isnt a meme.
Is a true alternative theory (valid in the first 4 games) and is valid even if in the 5th game and 6th game.
So its the truth
Try to read the manifesto before judge
I bet you will enjoy it.

>> No.22523504

Oh God, it's another rosatrice tier tard, onlywl worse.

>> No.22523519

Nope rosatrice cant explaine the 5th and 6th game.
With kanon=erika as accomplice we can explaine chiru and why erika didnt saw kanon in the closet?
Why in the 5th game erika didnt check the body? Why didnt check the hydeyoshi closed room? Why didnt tell to battler about the sigil on kinzo study window?
Simple because her goal was to accuse natsuhi of the homicede!!!
Explaine if shkanontrice is true explaine why erika is so dumb?

>> No.22523567


>> No.22523596

Don't talk to him, it'll make him think his shit is actually valid and not straight retarded. Just ignore his posts.

>> No.22523603

What about this work that makes people so autistic?

>> No.22523611

>Don't talk to him
Anon really you forced people to not talk with me.
What are you? A communist leader?a bully of school?his mom?
This is 4chan here there is freedom of speech stop forcing people having your idea and go back to r/mental enslavment

>it'll make him think his shit is actually valid
So even for you my theory is right but you still belive in shkanontrice even if you know is wrong.


>> No.22523637
File: 306 KB, 528x297, clap_clap_clap_rika.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love how by telling that anon not to talk to him you caused exactly what you were trying to prevent. lmao.

>> No.22523649

The italian's autism is simultaneously an unstoppable force and an immovable object. We can't win

>> No.22523650


>> No.22523894

Assuming these are just prerendered videos, your Windows installation is probably missing media features or they're fucked somehow.

>> No.22524034

Is Rethabile the Beatrice expy?

>> No.22524735

Still waiting for the remaining Erikantrice chapter(s). I hope you will explain EP7+8 from you own view, too.

>> No.22524807

>Still waiting for the remaining Erikantrice
I promise chapter 7 in this week
>ep 7 and ep 8
Well there are no mystery here so after chapter 7 i will explaine bern's game with kanon and george as culprit and what happened in reality (from 6 years ago to tohya ange meeting).

>> No.22524926

Explaining the logical aspects of the mysteries isn't sufficient Italianon, you're also obligated to explain the Yasu segments of Episode 7 from a thematic and character study perspective

>> No.22524959

I'd also like to hear this as well. I believe I asked once and the explanation I got was "Shannon and Kanon call themselves furniture because Eva called them that one time to make fun of them." (????)

>> No.22525021

>explain the Yasu segments of Episode 7
This is inside "what happened in reality" part.
This is a manifesto where like Williard i must explaine all the games to solve umineko, the meta-part need an interpratation and without red truths i cant be sure of it , only ryukishi can confirm it.
In my manifesto there is only things that you can confirm by reading umineko.

>Shannon and Kanon call themselves furniture because Eva called them that one time to make fun of them

I think forniture is a person that cant love.
Even genji call himself a forniture (i didnt belive that genji is a personality of yasu).
Shannon was of a different social class (Ikuko said that a forniture can mean social class and furfur said that anyone think that be from different social class didnt matter in love is a idiot )
kanon body is female so cant love jessica,but her female body is broken so cant love battler
genji help kinzo to rape his daugther so he thinks he doesn't deserve love anymore or more simple genji love kinzo, but kinzo love beatrice.

>> No.22525091

I think that Shkanon come to their usage of furniture in a different way than Genji. Genji saying that he's furniture likely means that an ideal servant should embody furniture: be there to assist the family, do your job, otherwise stay out of the way. Yasu would instead take the word to mean that they are also inhuman, like furniture, because they can't have sex or reproduce.

>> No.22525139

then why who win the duel become human?
Killing the other personality will allow them to have children?
In my theory the golden brooch is the card with 2 billion yen.
In this capitalist world money can allow you to destroy social classes , eliminate the barrier between the sex and why not treated with hormone therapies a broken woman's body.

>> No.22525193

An additional part of "not being human" by Yasu's standard may be that pretending to be multiple people with separate lovers is impossible. I'm not saying the love duel makes total sense, but when you've got an amnesiac man writing a story about magic to explain why an insane murdering crossdresser with multiple personalities thinks the way they do, illogicality is expected.

>> No.22525257

And that also leads me to ask a follow-up question: If Erika is a personality of Yasu, why did she not take part in the love battle? She's even shown to be interested in Battler at the wedding, so why is she not competing?

>> No.22525348

I admit the duel is the strongest part of shkanontrice.
the dialogues interpreted with shkanon seem perfect, but even here there are contradictions.
First why did george win?
if george was the most important person for shkanon then what is the point of all the murders he committed to battler? in kanon it was enough to run away with money with george.
second clearly kanon made shannon win, for what reason would he do it?
then the talk of fur fur on the social classes if he said them there must be a reason.
and finally one of the most beautiful parts of umineko.
I am giving you my love for Ushiromiya Battler.
You must become the kind of woman Battler likes.
Take the golden hair he likes.
Take the blue eyes he likes.
Take this personality that matches his.
And then, ...... you must love him in my place.
And then, if possible, you must be loved by him.
I ...... can no longer love him.
From this day forward, you will no longer be me.
From this day forward, I will no longer be you.
The two of us will split apart to single soul and share it.
And though, of course, neither of us will have a complete soul ...
I'm sure they are more numerous than humans.
Let us be blessed ......
My dear ... Beatrice ...
No one will be able to see your form.
However, I alone can see you.
And if you are loved by many people ...
I'm sure that everyone will be able to see you someday.
With love, they will be able to see us ......

how can you not cry after reading this?
but if you look carefully, it says

From this day forward, you will no longer be me.
From this day forward, I will no longer be you.
The two of us will split apart to single soul and share it.

"2 of us" is talking about 2 personalities, not 3.
to simply say that all this is the result of Battler's inability to understand his beloved is disparaging towards umineko.

> erika duel
because erika was created by lambda without the love for battler but after fighting with him, she fell in love as yasu did 6 years ago (always in her twisted way).

>> No.22525470

>First why did george win?
Because Battler was out of the battle(r). You should stop theorizing if you can't follow a simple logic that is already explained by the game itself.

>> No.22525474

>kanon body is female so cant love jessica,but her female body is broken so cant love battler
Wait I thought you said yasu wasn't trans.

>> No.22525481

I mean, it's not what you believe, it's what happens. A sperg deciding he wants to shit on these threads daily with some retarded theory 8 years later doesn't change that the story is over and the misteries done.

>> No.22525492

Yasu is a female
When she discover that her body was broken she create kanon a male personality.
>battler was out what? Explaine i didnt understand what u mean?
I didnt want shit these thread
I think that discussion with anon was good.
8 years pass and everyone stop thinking everyone except me

>> No.22525526

>Why does Kanon lose?
I get the impression that Kanon is considered lesser than Beatrice and Shannon.
1. It could be that Yasu is more comfortable with being female, either due to their body or their personality. Every personality except Kanon is a girl.
2. Shannon's relationship had the most urgency. George could propose to her at any moment and require a decision immediately. Kanon could string Jessica along for years and Battler may not even remember Yasu.
3. I think Furfur's social class speech is also targeted at Kanon. If he's going to be the man, he has to be the breadwinner for millionaire Jessica. George already loves Shannon despite her social class and he's capable of providing for her. His parents may not like it, but the love already exists.

>Why 2 of us
Because Beatrice is talking to Shannon. Kanon is already gone. And again, Kanon seems to be a lesser personality.

>> No.22525615

to say this is not to consider that kanon, unlike shannon, has a main part in the murders. in every game he disappears and reappears, he is the central point because he should not be for yasu.

> Shannon's relationship had the most urgency. George could propose to her at any moment
but yasu had planned to kill everyone and die with battler, shannon and kanon seem to be on the same level but george wins
> George already loves Shannon despite his social class and he's capable of providing for her.
fun fact in the sixth game during the discussion between george and his mother, eva crying said that she would take """"care"""" of Shannon, certainly for george, her mother who said that she would kill shannon if he married her could be considered a social barrier for him.

> Because Beatrice is talking to Shannon. Kanon is already gone.
this sentence doesn't seem to me pronounced after the duel but it seems to me in flashback of when the personality of beatrice was born

>> No.22525684

Falling off a cliff as an infant isn't quite the same as snipping your dick off as an adult for feticism.

>> No.22525770

>kanon, unlike shannon, has a main part in the murders.
This is only true in your theory. Shannon and Kanon never technically "do" anything in Shkanontrice because they can just switch personalities to Beatrice. Kanon disappearing is actually evidence that he's the least important. Kanon is the personality who most often simply disappears. Yasu never dies as Kanon. Shannon is more important.

>but yasu had planned to kill everyone and die with battler
Yasu also wanted to be stopped. In Shkanontrice, this could've been done by Battler, but who knows, there may have been another way too. All of the things Yasu wrote are just dramatizations of ideas in their head. We don't know if they even had the guts to go through with it. Maybe the Shannon personality won in reality and everyone died for another reason. This is Battler's story, speculation. He doesn't know absolutely everything about Yasu.

>certainly for george, her mother who said that she would kill shannon if he married her could be considered a social barrier for him.
I agree. I'm just saying that George being the man and also being rich puts Shannon in a unique position compared to Kanon and Beatrice.

>this sentence doesn't seem to me pronounced after the duel but it seems to me in flashback of when the personality of beatrice was born
Then Kanon isn't mentioned because at that point Kanon didn't exist.

>> No.22525868

>Yasu never dies as Kanon. Shannon is more important.
But this is a big clue for my theory!!!
Why die as shannon if shkanon body was male and her tits were fake?
What if battler do the real detective and inspect her body? He would notice the fake tits.
I think for her was dangerous die as shannon

>Maybe the Shannon personality won in reality and everyone died for another reason
So the beautiful scene of beatrice and battler in the boat?
Isnt real?
Was a beautiful moment

>> No.22525930

If Yasu actually died, I don't think they'd care about whether or not Battler discovered their fake tits. I'm just saying it's significant that Shannon has died as an actual corpse while Kanon has never had a corpse. I believe this is because Yasu doesn't care as much about Kanon.

For the boat scene, I do think it was real. I made a mistake. But we could have a situation like this:
>George proposes to Shannon when Battler arrives and doesn't remember her.
>She says yes and abandons the Beatrice and Kanon personas.
>George goes crazy and kills people but is then killed, either by someone else or the bomb. Jessica is also dead.
>Battler is the only remaining love interest, so Yasu stops loving George and becomes Beatrice for him.

Shannon technically "won" the love battle, it's just that George was evil and died.

>> No.22525933

Anyone doing christmas hat requests or have images of Dlanor with a santa hat?

>> No.22525965
File: 508 KB, 2000x2000, IMG_20191203_104941.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I found more!

>> No.22525967
File: 115 KB, 1300x1233, IMG_20191203_104959.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22525978

>I don't think they'd care about whether or not Battler discovered their fake tit
Battler discover the fake tits
Battler understand that shannon is a fake identity.
So battler discover that she is the culprit.

The missing kanon body can mean another solution:
Yasu never die in any game before the bomb explode
In which mystery the culprit die?
Is unfair against the detective
And yasu cant see the disperation of battler if she die before him.

>George was evil and died.
So now even for you george is the culprit in reality?
Based i am happy of that
George as culprit fit very well and explaine why eva made explode the island.

>> No.22526008
File: 115 KB, 813x1200, Dlanor santa snowball.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's one.

>> No.22526012

But Yasu has no reason to care if Battler knows that Shannon was a fake if Yasu is dead. In fact, as R07 says, Shannon didn't even care when Battler wanted to grope her because she was fine with being found out.

>In which mystery the culprit die?
>Is unfair against the detective
And Then There Were None, a mystery story from which Umineko takes a lot of inspiration.

I'm not saying that George is absolutely the culprit in reality. I'm just saying that George being the culprit could explain how Shannon can win the love battle but still have Battler with Beatrice at the end. But I think George or Hideyoshi doing something bad is a likely reason for Eva lying about what happened.

>> No.22526071

>genji help kinzo to rape his daughter
I'm dying from laughter right now, thanks italian anon

>> No.22526082

Or maybe the solution already exist and you are retarded.

>> No.22526083

>Shannon didn't even care when Battler wanted to grope her because she was fine with being found out.
This is a strange fact
in legend of the golden witch when kanon meets battler for the first time we see that he is uncomfortable, does not look into his eyes, does not speak to him, is embarrassed and when battler moves away he whispers words as in every cliché about not remembering instead shannon speaks quietly with battler and almost makes her touch her tits. kanon here acts as yasu would have done.

>10 little indians
The culprit was the last who die
The detective was the woman
She fail and die before him.
One of the few mystery where the culprit win

>I think George or Hideyoshi doing something bad
This kyrie and rudolf culprit didnt explaine why eva made the island explode.
Instead if she didnt made it explode the police would discover the real killers and eva reputation would be clean and all the gold would be of her.

>> No.22526093

Nothing i always help my fellows erikantrice knights

But my points are very strong and the official theory points very weak and many of them destroyed in my manifesto
So i belive that i can have right.

>> No.22526101

Well Kanon sees Battler first. Maybe after that, Shannon calms down enough to act more normal. The Kanon persona is also pretty autistic anyway.

>> No.22526113

So, in your opinion, anons, what's the point of Beato "resurrecting" in EP6 but not really since she's still dead in EP7? And who's EP8's Beato? EP6's?
Have in mind I'm not talking about the Tohya part of the problem. I mean, even if the meta is a reflection of Tohya's writing or Ange's reading or whatever, it has to make some kind of sense on its own. If not it's just failing as a story.

>> No.22526123

>The Kanon persona is also pretty autistic anyway
Talking about Yasu's personas, am I the only one who thinks the Shannon persona is kind of a bitch? In her initial interaction with Clair!Beatrice in EP7 she's kind of mean for no reason, for example.

>> No.22526125

Beatrice is dead in EP7 because the whole point of that world is to answer the question, "What if Yasu never created the Beatrice persona and decided to kill everyone?" As for why she comes back in EP8, I suppose because Battler realized he preferred the magic of Beatrice to the cold reality of one of his family being a killer.

>> No.22526135

Beato is the representation of rules. when battler created the game he knew that kanon was beatrice but not that erika was kanon .
so to fit erika in history the rules have changed and beatrice was different.
after beatrice 2 and erika died at the end of dawn the true beatrice is resurrect

>> No.22526149

In your theory, Ikuko never tells Battler that Erika is meant to be Kanon? So she forces Battler to figure that out himself? That's interesting.

>> No.22526152

Possible but kanon do the """autistic""" even if in the others part of the games.
Kanon is always embarrassed when he talks to battler meanwhile shannon never. from this we can understand that if shkanontrice is true the personality of kanon is the most similar and close to yasu

>> No.22526165

this also explains the creation of the 6th game
probably battler/tohya began to write the story and then caged in the logical error because he didn't know that erika was kanon

>> No.22526171

No, there are also other reasons besides Kanon's general autism. Battler has never met Kanon before. Imagine the guy you've loved for your entire life comes back to see you for the first time in six years and you're crossdressing and pretending to be a different person. It would be awkward. Yasu is comfortable talking to Battler as Shannon because they've done it before.

>> No.22526272

>but not really since she's still dead in EP7?
It's a funeral to the old one.

>> No.22526278

>But my points are very strong
No they are not lol. They are just random rambling that throw random shit together.

>> No.22526281

So how these threads going to be? This moron posting his shit over and over? And I thought we finally got rid of Rosatrice shit

>> No.22526295

>They are just random rambling that throw random shit together.
Said to me why george and kanon cant be the culprit in all the games.
Tell to me why erika is dumb and didnt inspect the bodies,hideyoshi room ecc...
Why erika didnt saw kanon body in the closet.
Why genji lied when he said thay called the police about erika
Try to read my manifesto before judge.

>> No.22526301

Can you use a trip so people don't have to scroll past your retarded shit? Thanks.

>> No.22526316

He did that in the past, then got mad and stopped when he found out people were using it to filter him out.

>> No.22526322
File: 2.98 MB, 2000x1579, DSC_0413.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Made this for my college painting final.

>> No.22526512

How is Battler able to keep denying that magic exists and Beatrice isn't a witch? Isn't he in some magical tearoom watching himself go through these murders? Or is all of this just some hypothetical proposition by Beatrice and none of the drama is actually happening?

>> No.22526514

Sort of tired of people picking on the Erikantrice guy. It's fine if you aren't interested in what he's discussing, but if so, maybe you should start a conversation about something else. This thread isn't very active. He isn't distracting anyone. And if you're going to say he drove someone away somehow, again I ask, why didn't they talk about something that interested them? Just ignore him and talk about what you like, or check out another thread until someone else says something of interest to you.

>> No.22526533

The Battler in the tea room is dead. It's like the afterlife. They use the metaphor of a chess game to describe the events they watch. Battler is trying to figure out what's truly happening on this island that is now a game board where he and Beatrice are playing. It's all just a hypothetical game.

>> No.22526548

/jp/ - Otaku Culture

>> No.22526558

So even though he knows he's dead, and understands he's a meta specator, theres still ability to doubt that Beatrice is a witch, because he never saw the crimes himself. I think I understand now. So he cant see all of the character drama, and its all presumed out of sight of the game to serve as a story

>> No.22526601

I'm done reading Higurashi ch7 but the ch8 steam version will probably take at least 6months before releasing because MangaGamer are getting slower every time. Is there currently a way to play Matsuribayashi-hen on PC with voices? Found a ps2 sprites patch but voices seem non-existant. Kind of sucks that I'd have to let the voices go for the final, but I don't want to wait 6months ffs

>> No.22526623

So what are you actually trying to do here? The manga explains the actual solution, but you're ignoring that for some reason. Episode 7 is the closest thing in the VN itself to a "solution", but you're also ignoring that for some reason. So at most it would seem like you have an alternate explanation that could arguably made to solve the EP 1-6 mysteries in isolation (and even then only if you ignore the thematic and meta-world elements). Why are you shilling this as the one true explanation exactly?

>> No.22526803

No, you'll see later that Battler is aware of everything you see, even if he doesn't seem to see or react to it. It's all important. Everything you're shown exists to help you solve the mystery.

>> No.22527227

come on, anon, the guy is fucking insane and constantly replies to people's discussions with his retarded erikantrice shit just to bait people into giving him replies. he's a no-life troll that isn't interested in 'discussing' anything

>> No.22527729

>So what are you actually trying to do here
I am here to deny shkanontrice and show that erikantrice is the real truth
The manga change add cut half of the story foe made shkanontrice works and threads ago with other anons we show that manga is wrong.
>ep 7
I dont give a shit umineko is a mystery we cant ignore everything of the first 6 games for a meta-story, we must give an interpretation of it and i will do it in "what happened in reality" part of my manifesto
And i already show that all williard truth are valid in my manifesto.

Thanks for the support anon

>> No.22527750

Yeah but then the first Meta Yasu just kind of died (again) while her larping clon gets to live a happy afterlife? That's kind of sad

>> No.22527752

looks nice anon!

>> No.22527764

>This thread isn't very active. He isn't distracting anyone
He alone is like 30% of the posts and continues unabated no matter how much attention or lack thereof he gets. Believe you me, we have attempted every strategy humanly possible over the last three or four months and he still won't shut the fuck up or stop randomly insulting people. If you can seriously look at posts like this >>22512974 and think he deserves even basic human rights, you're part of the problem.

I do agree that we should all try to ignore him though, however little success we've had with that in the past.

>> No.22527766
File: 1.96 MB, 2400x1920, garden filtered 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks. It was fun getting to work on something hobby related for a school project. I used an image of the kyu furukawa gardens, which the Ushiromiya mansion is based off, to make my reference image.

>> No.22527801

Based digit.
Anon is perfect

>> No.22527899

9/10, it's not Beatrice

>> No.22527939

Believe me, I considered that. It's just that it would've been harder to sneak past my teacher. Plus painting people is hard.

>> No.22528332

I'm not the Anon who you replied to. But I gave you some advice in the past. No matter how you try it they won't debate with you unless Ryukishi tell something relevant to the topic. I'd say it's a thing set in stone until the creator will add new facts. Let's wait for Saku. If some new facts show up people will either decide it's canon or non-canon.
Until now I refuse to talk with specific groups of people who praises the canon solution and their back-up of interviews/the manga. They tend to bend the debate into their ways. Apparently, they have one-sided views on common things they might have not experienced yet. In a case of Maria and Rosa, someone pm'ed me how to treat a child and be a mother (I am male, though). Yes, I would hit a child under certain conditions. He or she didn't liked my view and told me what kind of person with mental disability am I. Kek.
So don't worry, even if you are autistic. I am certain most people are autistic, kinda, too.

You didn't want to change your writing style. So you have to bear others complains. If you want, you could use this arrangement of your text.
It's the Rosatrice transcript but KNM had made a good job presenting his theory in a comprehensive and comprehensible way.

>> No.22528334

Saku is already out moron. And the story is done, did you miss the manga and fucktonsnof interview that laid everything bare? Everyone moved on and won't bother with rosatrice tier shit

>> No.22528336

Damn a shame. It's really annoying because he keeps vomiting his autism all over the thread. We had some good years for a while after the original rosatrice shit head killed himself after shitting on every single discussion.

>> No.22528352

A guest lecturer said "words are like small bombs" today and I almost laughed

>> No.22528414

I remember you may sound strange but I followed some of your advice. But everyone tells me that I pollute the thread but, as you can see in this thread ,I only answered the people who had written to me, and discussing my theory with them is improved more and more so I think it's useful and fun to discuss (don't tell anyone but meanwhile i post on / jp / i have umineko open so I hear the music when i post and seem like i fight with others anon like battler).

more than umineko saku I wait for the theater of 07th
An anon some, time ago ,said that there are clues to george guilty in it.

>other anon
well there are people who insult without arguing but others who support shaknontrice by arguing and it is good and i fun challenging them by debate .
I only hate people who insult without argue.

beating children is necessary when they do something wrong so they will associate the pain to that wrong act and they won't do it again.

proud of being autistic it free minds from the slavery of society and makes me take good grades at university.

the poster is mine ,is something where I put myself ,copying the patterns of another person who has struggled to create them is not fair to him.

>> No.22528457

Saku wasn't released in English. Most people won't willing to buy a compilation for a small extra story and a new song.
I don't know what you meant about the manga and the interviews revealed everything. The interviews were mostly mistranslated (the "Say it in red" one is particular) in critical points and the manga had different text context in different languages. People were spreading false informations and you probably picked them up. Corrections were revealed later, but as you said, everyone moved on and most don't care about it.

>> No.22528712

>n critical points and the manga had different text context in different languages
Lol sure, keep telling yourself that. Imagine genuinely arguing Shannon isn't Kanon in 2019 and wonder why people don't take you seriously.

>> No.22528725

Can you please use a trip?

>> No.22528731
File: 87 KB, 323x1280, IMG_20191204_130638_887.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Lol sure, keep telling yourself that.

manga red truth:There is no means of locking the doors and windows of those six rooms without the keys.

shannon fake her death ,become kanon and fake her death again in the chapel.
the chapel door was closed but the chapel key was in the boiler room.
so shkanon cant closed the door.
so shkanontrice is fake in the manga!!!

explaine this before insult people 1BIT GOAT


>> No.22528801

The chapel door was never closed, you fucking idiot. Stop bringing up issues everyone solved 8 years ago and use a fucking trip so we can ignore your shit.

>> No.22528808

I think Umineko may be a bit too complex for you? Maybe work on your English and then reread it?

>> No.22528813

>All five master keys were discovered, each in the pocket of one of the servants! The individual keys were found inside envelopes alongside the corpses! In short, all keys related to the linked closed rooms were locked inside the linked closed rooms!! No key could be returned from outside the room using the crack of the door, the crack of the window, vents or any place of the sort!!

Red truth :all the keys all keys related to the linked closed rooms were locked inside the linked closed rooms

Chapel key was closed inside the boiler room so chapel is closed.
Nice try
Stop insult without know nothing of umineko and start to read the vn normie

>> No.22528816

>Saku wasn't released in English. Most people won't willing to buy a compilation for a small extra story and a new song.
If only we had a way to know Saku story was about.

>> No.22528819

Do you realize Shannon is Kanon and this theory is all in your head, right?

>> No.22528822

EP 3 closed room is a chain were the end and the beginning touch. It's OK if you don't get it, work on your English.

>> No.22528824

Do you relize that a person can lie and ryukishi is a person.
If there is an error in a theory the theory is wrong even if einstein confirm it

>> No.22528826

Why not? Do you like bring annoying?

>> No.22528828

OK, but do you realize Shannon is Kanon, right? Like, as it is Canon.

>> No.22528832


>> No.22528833

We are speaking about the manga
And in the manga there is this red truth
>There is no means of locking the doors and windows of those six rooms without the keys.

So you cant create a closed room if you didnt had a key
So manga is fake but maybe shkanontrice is true in the vn

>> No.22528834

Do you realize Erikatrice isn't a thing, right?

>> No.22528837

Kanon is erika this is why she didnt saw kanon's body in the closet!!!!!

Manga producer wanted a solution so ryukishi take the more popular theory and confirm it
But now he is still waiting someone who discover the real truth erikantrice

>> No.22528844

You realize this isn't true and it simply because she failed to understand Kanon is Shannon, right?

>> No.22528851

There is no part in the vn where there is written kanon=shannon
You want deny my theory deny it.
If my theory is so stupid will be easy to do it.
If erika isnt kanon why she didnt inspect the body even if they had the same type of fake dead in 10 little indians

>> No.22528853

Use a trip.

>> No.22529144

>this theory is all in your head
Unthinking mangafag in the wild, would rather appeal to authority than to think and form his own truth.
This is the kind of things that fuels Erikantrice anon.
The manga truly was a mistake.

>> No.22529158

You don't need the manga to deny a theory that didn't even exist until 6 months ago and while the original work is pretty explicit and entirely devoted to Yasu's issues. Re read Umineko.

>> No.22529167

Of course you dislike the manga, it shows explicitly what happened in the novel and you didn't understand while shutting down stupid theories lol.

>> No.22529348

He is pwilling to deny Shkannon. If you leave out George as the culprit but insert Shannon to Erikantrice, you'd get a pretty alternate explanation but you'll drive him mad.

>> No.22529349

>Of course you dislike the manga, it shows explicitly what happened in the novel
>you didn't understand
No. I understand that Shannon is Kanon. I dislike the manga because it allows people like you, who don't want to think, to argue ab auctoritate. You and your thoughtlessness gave birth to Erikantrice anon and fuels him to go further, because you are exactly what he wants to combat. An unthinking baby who needs to be spoonfed the morale of the story.
He's pretty much Umineko's Don Quixote, proudly defending chivalry in a world where chilvary is dead, by fighting against windmills. He proudly defends finding your own truth in Umineko, in a world where thinking has been supplanted by mangafags thoughtlessly linking manga pages to each other, by constructing an absurd theory. He's stupid, but he's got heart, while you are heartless and stupid.

>> No.22529384
File: 828 KB, 760x1078, 066.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Measurements as listed in the OMK manga
Jessica: 87-59-80
Natsuhi: 91-63-87
Shannon: 94-60-85

>> No.22529486

Seriously, the chapel was figured out years ago. It wasn't locked. Rosa lied about it being locked. The only indication we get anywhere that the chapel was locked was Rosa alone saying it was locked.

>> No.22529497

>can shannon=kanon be erikantrice?
no that's make 16 humans no more 17

>can shannon be a different person and an accomplice of kanon=erika?
nope in the first game she die in the first twilight
in the 3rd game why krauss and natsuhi went into the garden?
in my theory george make them doubt about eva is the culprit, so made them reach the garden to prepare a plan agaisnt her and then george and kanon killed them.
who killed jessica,gohda,kumasawa ecc. in the 4th game?
shannon was in the prison could not killed them.
(the red truth said the 5th person were with kyrie group and kanon 9th victim, so excluding the 6 of the first twilight ,3 person die meanwhile shannon and kanon were in the prison. impossible for shannon but all is possible for a george kick in the head.)

george culprit is the best, george part make rosatrice so famous not rosa but george!!!!,
that was him to destroy battler's letters make so sense because this part is the only thing rigth of rosatrice!!!.

>> No.22529499

>I dislike the manga because it allows people like you, who don't want to think, to argue ab auctoritate
People like me what? That figured Shannon is Kanon in the novel and got a confirmation of that in the manga and accepted the story is over and moved on?
What do you want people to think? How Shannon is MORE Kanon? Newflash newfag, people aren't going to debate every poorly written theory when it goes against the most canon, explicit thing in 2019. It's just poorly written shit posting and spam.

>He's stupid, but he's got heart, while you are heartless and stupid.
Lmao he's the same type of reader R07 mocked in ep 5. He even calls him a liar who wants to trick the reader. He's another rosatrice retardedo who thinks writing a lot is the equivalent of writing something smart and everyone else is wrong. Oh and the author is lying of course, it's a common theme with his type.

>> No.22529502

We talk about the chapel in the 3rd game,the closed chapel is confirmed by the red truth.
In the second game the chapel was locked too.
Simple no red truth deny to give more envelops to maria!!!
So at noon kanon give an envelop to maria then after the murders put the chapel key in a new envelop give it to maria meanwhile she was sleeping and take back the old one.
All simple and logic.

>> No.22529504

>In the second game the chapel was locked too.
No, it wasn't

>> No.22529517

Without love for the story, the point of Erikantrice cannot be seen.

>> No.22529531

Ryukishi is not a liar
he was fuckinf disappointed by no one who discovered erika=kanon despite the 3000 clues in end and dawn. so since no one had found the solution he decided to confirm the manga because a solution that can not be found in a given time can not be called solution

>> No.22529551

But you called him a liar and are accusing him of lying even now.

>> No.22529557

Hard to find clues for a character that didn't exist until ep 5 or the original draft of the story lol

>> No.22529576

Yes he lie to goats in the hope that one day someone will find the true.
Is a good lie, confirm a theory full of insult to the reader would make people doubts about it.

The manga was relased after the end of umineko before that ryukishi never confirm it.
So (question arc time)+(answare arc time)+(manga time) fucking years no one discover the truth he gave up.

>> No.22529594

Oh, now he's a liar again.

>> No.22529611

Ryukishi is like lambda in the 5th game
He wished that the truth win but shkanontrice won the process so he was forced to confirm it.

>> No.22529639

The issue was that the manga totally forgot the certain red truth of the 1st Twilight/2nd game. The manga showed Kanon used the chapel door snib to lock the door. However, you couldn't unlock without the chapel key. The 1st Twilight/3rd game is an unfair mystery because every first-time reader would assume this lock could be only locked/unlocked by the chapel key because of the red truth. If an adult would have decided to lock the chapel again after inspecting, Kanon would stuck here forever (not very convenient to fake your death here).

>> No.22529641

The 5th game is the same one that mentions the trust between author and reader and mocks people like you

>> No.22529670

How are you pulling this fabrication out of your ass?

>> No.22529736


>> No.22530011

kek, chapter 6 really shits all over erikantrice, it's not even a fight

>> No.22530048

How can george knew that erika like chopstick?
Why erika killed the 5 and not battler?
Why dlanor smile when gaap said that kanon could save battler?
Why lamnda was so sure that erika would lost?
Why erika didnt saw kanon body in the closet?
Why erika after lost said: now i am ready to acceot the real truth about myself?
Why george win the duel if battler is the most important person.
Why after erika die the real beato resurrect?
Why erika tell to battler to said in red all the others instead of list the peoole of cousin room?

Anon i have a list of 50 of these

>> No.22530052

I mean, it's pointless to explain things to you if you can't understand simple things. Or even simple english.

>> No.22530057

The whole novel does, it's not even a "theory". There isn't even a character called Erika in the first four games lol. It sounds like something that someone who started with Chiru would come up with, but then you have Ep 7 and 8.

>> No.22530066

literally just read what ange's been trying to come up with the whole episode, it's actually really heavy handed if you see it from shkanon's perspective

>> No.22530069

>Muh bad english
Is not an argument pls read my manifesto and argue

In the first 4 games the culprits are kanon and george
Erika=kanon explaine the games 5th and 6th.
Chapter 7 is explaine with kanon=yasu and george envy of battler.
Chapter 8 is explaine with ikuko=yasu
And i can solve the bern's game with kanon and george as culprits

>> No.22530070
File: 53 KB, 372x340, 1408842652198.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, no one figured the truth but an autistic Italian on 4chan who can't even type in proper english.

>> No.22530079
File: 22 KB, 303x223, IMG_20191204_193158_038.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22530080

>In the first 4 games the culprits are kanon and george
Indeed Kanon is the culprit in the first 4 games. You got at least one thing right.

>Is not an argument pls read my manifesto and argue
It's actually an argument, you seem do not properly understand what is being written. No one needs to argue with your about your manifesto as the story itself proves you wrong. It's literally written in plain text that Shanon is Kanon at this point. Rosatrice-tier arguments rely on bombarding the opponent with random plot points no one can contradict because they are already explained by the plot or you can get out with the "author is lying".

I guess if you want to people to take you seriously you need to prove the manga is a lie and R07 has been lying to us all this time. :^

>> No.22530093

I read in italian
Pls Argument before insult i go to uni and i read many math books in english.

>argue with your about your manifesto as the story itself proves you wrong
Truly 1 Bit person
Read ciconia

>argue with your about your manifesto as the story itself proves you wrong
Pls stop using the manga as an argument i read the umineko vn 4 times.
So pls read it at least one time you will discover that is total different from the manga.

>I guess if you want to people to take you seriously you need to prove the manga is a lie
Already do it
Kanon cannot closed the chapel without a key manga red truth said this.

>> No.22530095
File: 349 KB, 900x1319, 19_38.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kek, I just realized the funniest aspect of this is that Erika herself realized Shannon is Kanon.

>> No.22530100

But when she saw shannon in the closet erika surrend.
Cmon erika surrend because in the closet THERE IS NOBODY

>> No.22530104

So she saw Shannon and then saw also Nobody. Nice.

>> No.22530106

We get it, can you use a trip? We love your wonderful theory, so can you please use a way for us to tell you from the shitposters?

>> No.22530115

I mean according to shkanontrice in the closet there was shannon
So erika must saw shannon didnt understand why shannon is here and surrend but in that image erika understand that a person can have more names so why surrend for her would be easy understand shannon=kanon?
Her surrend because shkanontrice is wrong erika become kanon ,save battler and retuen erika so the closed was empy and when erika open it she saw nothing and lost.

>> No.22530116

Yes, there was Shannon in the closet. But Erika thought there was Kanon.
What's so hard to understand?

>> No.22530123

That erika isnt dumb
Kanon enter
Shannom in the closet
Kanon is shannon
Why erika didnt understant?

>> No.22530124

>Her surrend
Her sue? Surrender? He sundue?
>because shkanontrice is wrong erika become kanon
Why did Erika became Kanon
>retuen erika
Who is this retuen Erika?
>was empy and when erika open it she saw nothing and lost.
What does this add to the story?

>> No.22530133

>That erika isnt dumb
Indeed, she isn't. But she doesn't understand the whole point of Umineko or the truth. Much like you, I may say.
>Kanon enter
>Shannom in the closet
There is no character named Shannom in this story.
It's actually 2 names for one person.
>Kanon is shannon
>Why erika didnt understant?
Because she failed to understand the truth about Beatrice's heart which is displayed all over the game and the central theme of the episode. Much like you, I may say again.

>> No.22530139

>Why did Erika became Kanon
Hot water hit erika she lost control of the body kanon personality take the control,save battle.

>What does this add to the story?
Explaine the last scenes of erika
Why she said now i am ready to accept the truth for myself.
Then if erika=kanon we can complitely separete the meta-world from the game world.
Why shannon in the room know that battler was in danger?
Why erika pawn kill the 5?
They must be aware of meta in erikantrice not everything can be explaine as a total mystery.

>> No.22530164

>Hot water hit erika she lost control of the body kanon personality take the control,save battle.

>Explaine the last scenes of erika
Explaine? You want me to explain it? You want the game to explain it? Why is Bern's fanfiction character that exists to mock readers like you so important to the story anyway?
>Why she said now i am ready to accept the truth for myself.
Because she realized she was wrong.
>Then if erika=kanon we can complitely separete the meta-world from the game world.
What? And why would you do this?
>Why shannon in the room know that battler was in danger?
No reason is given, Ep 6 gameboard is highly unnatural with people retroactively adding stuff like the duck-tape.
>Why erika pawn kill the 5?
Who is Erika pawn? Erika has "pawns"? Or is it her surname?
>They must be aware of meta in erikantrice not everything can be explaine as a total mystery.
This sentence makes no sense. Re-write it.

>> No.22530186

When wrika opened the bathroom door
Did you read umineko?

>Why is Bern's fanfiction character that exists to mock readers like you so important to the story anyway?
Because is a way where ryukishi make fun of shkanontrice fags.
If you didnt consider kanon=shannon
You can solve it easily.

>Because she realized she was wrong.
The real truth about myself
Is just be dumb? Cmon anon

>What? And why would you do this?
For have 6 mystery without need any of the characters knew about the meta-world

>Who is Erika pawn?
Erika in the gameboard
Did you read umineko anon?

>This sentence makes no sense. Re-write it
For what reason erika killed the 5, she was a stranger,no reason for killed them eccept if she knew about the meta-world and the game against battler.

>> No.22530206
File: 191 KB, 1366x768, dsy13xrHJA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't believe it's not shkanon!

>> No.22530215

>miracle of magic
2 billion yen card
>kanon will leave the island as well
Explosion make your body go far away to the sky

>> No.22530219

you're not in the witch's game my man, no need for ridiculous reasoning like this

>> No.22530239

3 possibility
Battler and yasu used the 2 billion for their love
Yasu accept her new identity of kanon accept the love for jessica and forgot battler
Yasu decide to prepare the murder plan and give the 2 billion plan card to made george join (lmao this idiot pay me for do a thing i would do free)

This is why george win and battler was the first to lose

>> No.22530242

this is so retarded on so many levels... damn

>> No.22530247

Without love it cannot be seen

>> No.22530370
File: 74 KB, 400x566, fc95ae514ffad514d6da3525bb5ad1b9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22530381

>This is why george win and battler was the first to lose
??? The game explains why Battle loses and George wins. What are you going on.

>> No.22530405

The best part of the debate is neither side can prove the solution. Even manga Erika's solution is ambiguous and isn't 100% confirmation.
You people still insult Italian anon? It's not really effective.

>> No.22530413

>When wrika opened the bathroom door
>Did you read umineko?
Why would hot water trigger Erika's personality change? Why did Kanon devop an Erika's personality?
>Because is a way where ryukishi make fun of shkanontrice fags.
By writing the whole story around it?
>If you didnt consider kanon=shannon
This sentence make no sense. Also Shannon is Kanon.
>You can solve it easily.
Erika is not a character in any of the previous episodes except 5. She's also not in 7. How can she be a clue to solve anything?
>The real truth about myself
I think you need to re-read that scene and work your english.
>Is just be dumb? Cmon anon
This sentence doesn't make any sense. Rewrite it in proper english.
>Erika in the gameboard
Erika in the gameboard is a paw? You mean a piece?
>Did you read umineko anon?
Nowhere in Umineko they talk about paws. Unless you mean Sakutaru.
>For what reason erika killed the 5, she was a stranger,no reason for killed them eccept if she knew about the meta-world and the game against battler.
Erika is a fanfiction character that can do anything the writer wants. She's not the detective, ep 6 isn't even a mystery, it's a prank story.

>> No.22530417
File: 1.88 MB, 400x240, 1528929642627.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The best part of the debate is neither side can prove the solution. Even manga Erika's solution is ambiguous and isn't 100% confirmation.
Imagine being this delusional.

>> No.22530423

>??? The game explains why Battle loses and George wins. What are you going on.

anon in shkanontrice the duel is a representation of what happened in the mind of shkanon battler lost not because erika locked her in the logic error (and if you think so you have not understood anything about umienko), but retires is battler to have lost the chance to stay with yasu when he never returned to rokkenjima.

so why george win
if for shkanon george is the most important person why do the murder? just escape with george with the money.

>The best part of the debate is neither side can prove the solution.
I know but erikantrice is an mystery oriented thoery(MOT) if you consider only the mystery part my thoery is the only one who respect all the red truths and didnt use any meta-part for explaine the games.

>> No.22530430

This sentence makes no sense. Re-work in proper english.

>> No.22530434

>if for shkanon george is the most important person why do the murder? just escape with george with the money.
There are no murders in ep 5 except the ones Erika does.

>> No.22530446

>There are no murders in ep 5 except the ones Erika does.
Err, ep 6.
>I know but erikantrice is an mystery oriented thoery(
It really isn't. It's just your grasbing the straw because you dislike the dislike the idea of Shkanon.It's also not a theory, because it's purelly nonsense and contradicts most in canon text. It's like arguing "Kinzo is Genji" is a theory.

>> No.22530461

Yasu was a mystery books lovers everyone who read mystery make fantasy about be a detective erika is that fantasy
(This explaine why erika is so mary sue)

>By writing the whole story around it?
Yeap remeber that erika belive in george culprit
With kanon and george culprits is easy to solve but shannon die so even kanon so shkanonfags cant solve it
>I think you need to re-read that scene

I reread all dawn look this image >>22498709

>Ep 6 is a joke
Reread dawn anon
After this sentence your opinion didnt count

>> No.22530468

Not in ep 6 but in reality
> >>22498709
My theory explaine all the 4 games without errors so its an akternative theory
Than is full of clues about erika=kanon.

>> No.22530471

>Reread dawn anon
>After this sentence your opinion didnt count
Holy shit you really can't read english. It's actually amazing. You are stupid, so I'll write it in plain text: Ep. VI was a prank everyone decide to do on Erika after she started to act all smug and shit, except she wasn't the detective and killed everyone for real.

>> No.22530480

The eternal state of redditors
>muh english bad
>muh umineko is a mystery
The red truth state that erika is the detective during the logic errors
So even red truth are joke
Really pls red the vn and stop larping of a story you didnt read

>> No.22530558

Ahah, this is amazing.

>> No.22530568

>The red truth state that erika is the detective during the logic errors
No, it doesn't.
>Hi, pleased to meet you! I am Furudo Erika, the detective!! I may be an uninvited guest, but please, welcome me!!
This happens after the logic error. She's relaying her introduction. But she gets killed because she could''t guess the right number of bodies on Rokkenjima.

>> No.22530574

If Erika isn't the detective during the logic error, then everything that happened there is irrelevant anyway.

>> No.22530582

[Request: 'I am not the rescuer.']Of course!You are the detective, are you.
Red truth

>she cant get
She said i finnally acceot the real trith about myself so she get the solutiom but cant accept it because this solution deny her existence

>> No.22530597

lmao, you didn't even realize erika gave up the detective authority in Ep. VI and that's why she killed these people?
>then everything that happened there is irrelevant anyway.
Why the fuck would it be irrelevant? You don't need to be the detective to guess Shannon is Kanon, you need to understand Yasu's heart, which Erika failed to do.
>[Request: 'I am not the rescuer.']Of course!You are the detective, are you.
>Red truth
Ahah, nope. The detective part is in grey. It's probably too complex for you, so I'll explain:Erika's detective role is purely symbolic in Ep. VI, she doesn't have detective powers anymore, she's the culprit and there is no actual killer going around. Are these plot points clear enough? Or do I need to explain to you better?

>> No.22530612

I'm Italian too and I can assure you guys we are not all autistic or this stupid. My guess is that 1) He tried to read Umineko in english, but was too hard for him 2) Doesn't really like the idea of Beatrice being a transsexual 3) He's not very smart in the first place. He seems to have a problem contextualizing a bunch of stuff.

>> No.22530613

I read this game years ago. I don't remember everything. The problem is that if Erika isn't a reliable witness to what happens in the logic error, then there's nothing to discuss. You can simply say "Erika saw it wrong" and assume whatever you want.

>> No.22530616

>I read this game years ago. I don't remember everything. The problem is that if Erika isn't a reliable witness to what happens in the logic error, then there's nothing to discuss. You can simply say "Erika saw it wrong" and assume whatever you want.
Except if Erika had love she would have guess Kanon is Shannon and won the game, dumbass.
>if Erika isn't a reliable witness
There are no if, Erika doesn't have detective powers in Ep. Vi. She can't perform the super-human fears she performed in 5.

>> No.22530628

3)nope 160 of iq

>so I'll explain:Erika's detective role is purely symbolic
like flat earth
erika belive that she is the detective so the solution are 2:
or erika is dumb
or erika is the detective choice.

the 6th game is a cospirancy of erika and george against battler:

erika made everyone mad by insult them
george convince battler to create a fake murders case for BTFO erika
erika really kill the fake victims to accuse battler of them.

with erikantrice we can always find mystery solutions

>> No.22530636

>She can't perform the super-human fears she performed in 5.
everyone follows her orders of be caged in the rooms.

red truth:Furthermore, the chain lock was set at the same time I entered the room. No one could have left the room during the few seconds between the time I entered and the time I set the chain lock.

how can she confirm these if she isnt the detective maybe battler could exit meanwhile she fix the chaine.

>> No.22530644

So then my point remains: If Erika doesn't have detective powers, there is no reason to care about anything she says she sees in EP6. End of discussion.

>> No.22530830

>lmao, you didn't even realize erika gave up the detective authority in Ep. VI and that's why she killed these people?
It's an interesting point. Some posts ago someone contributed the Higurashi explanation of player and piece. However, Knox' decalogue mustn't allowed Meta knowledge. Even GM Battler shouldn't know what's the killing motive is but he somehow counted on that. But I think there is a point of Erika(n)trice) beyond the reinforcing of detective clichés and sticking on rules. What's the real point of Tohya/Ikuko to introduce a stranger who wasn't probably on the island, destroying her reputation and "accuse" her of murder? It's hinted that the Erika we see is indeed fictional istead of a possibility. And a fictional girl could be anything...like a "detective" or a witch.
Erika contributed more to the new Beatrice's birth than Battler.
Erika was chosen as an element to drive the story further because Battler needed a human rival and to reveal new (or confirm) facts.
I do not believe in coincedences in EP5 and 6 because Natsuhi was needed to reveal the "Who dunnit", Rosa cannot do this and the involved servants/Nanjo cannot be pressed.
EP6 is self explanatory. Logic error was introduced and retroactive moves were used to push the game in the right direction. Too much miracles. It's the point were the Piece + Meta character Erika lost all credibility to serve Battler as a catalyst to create the new Beatrice. It seems Battler already saw that in the end of End's ???.

>> No.22531013

you should have, maybe he was some kind of big umineko fan who was trying to identify others for a big project
like ootsuki, the goat college professor

>> No.22531059

>Kanon would stuck here forever
Not really, after the adults left there's nothing stopping him from just breaking the windows, it's not like anyone is going to return to the chapel

>> No.22531073

Hey Italian anon, I get you're not going to accept the manga as proof of anything, and that's fine. But tell me, you think Our Confession is somehow a lie too?

>> No.22531087

>Our Confession
what is?

>> No.22531122

>people are still trying to debate with this retarded schizo

>> No.22531128
File: 465 KB, 919x1208, 1569285812771.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

stop using reddit words anon say faggot

>> No.22531160

>schizo is a reddit word now

>> No.22531301

The teenage angst of Ushiromiya Arse! Lewd! She's so cute and yet! And yet!

>> No.22531801

why didn't Jessica just rape Kanon?

>> No.22532874
File: 364 KB, 750x531, A9DFFF81-1A2E-4F71-A293-EC6A9B89F50C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Assuming the meta world exists, would the series of events in umineko be the rokkenjima incident, and then chapters 1-8 and then tohya battler reuniting with beato in the golden land?

>> No.22533011

>So then my point remains: If Erika doesn't have detective powers, there is no reason to care about anything she says she sees in EP6. End of discussion.
And why the fuck is that? Are you stupid?

>> No.22533133

I'm not sure what you're asking. Are you implying I'm wrong, or asking why what I'm saying is relevant?

I think the story we read starts with Tohya reading the message bottle that Ikuko shows him and, at the Tea Party, remembering that he's Battler.

>> No.22533134

Also, please don't be rude, or I'm not going to take you seriously.

>> No.22533396
File: 101 KB, 342x478, PC_Gohda.Sprite_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

because gohda raped her

>> No.22533823

I think we should make two separate threads. A decoy one for the annoying asshole and a separate one for actual discussion once the retard starts posting in the other one.

>> No.22534102

You underestimate him. If you start an Umineko discussion in an unrelated thread on a different board, he'll find it in minutes.

>> No.22534120

The problem is not him, it's the idiot who keeps taking the bait.

>> No.22534178

I don't understand why Italian anon should even bother with 2nd thread honestly, if he just want to discuss then just do that with his own thread, no reason to bother with people who don't care abt that and just want to talk abt other things, one thread is enough for theory stuff

>> No.22534435

That's right.
Prime -> EP1-8 // Ikuko finds Tohya and they write forgeries (it's up to your interpretation how these two events intermingle) -> Tohya meets Ange

>> No.22534687

The reason is someone could check the "corpse". If the game is about love Jessica and George are the next canditates to check Shannon/Kanon. Well, Jessica did her best to avoid Kanon-kun.

>> No.22534772

what u mean?
maybe you respond to the wrong message
anyone can check a body but if you are not the detective you cant be sure at 100%
the only way for a not-detectvie to confirm a death is cut the head or destroy half of the face.

>> No.22534907

Yeah sorry

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