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>that one doujin where scarlet devil mansion becomes a baby factory
>The only one not under the spell is meiling so she becomes master of the mansion
>She eats the sons of all the girls who are sex slaves in order to become the strongest youkai and gains immense power
>Ends with her going to challenge reimu so she can eat her and become the most powerful entity in all of gensokyo

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This is a little difficult to search for can I get some help

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me on the cake

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Wow, Meilingfags are truly the most pathetic bunch on /jp/

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Pretty sure that award goes to the furri--I mean the people in the ``monster girl'' thread.

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紅美鈴?頭ぐるぐるパー? Take a guess where this is from.

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I want Meiling to sit on my face!

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gatekeeper paizuri

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haha wouldn't it be funny if you tried breaking into the Scarlet Devil Mansion but Meiling caught you and sat her sweaty ass on your face and forced you to be her personal chair haha.

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who'd want that haha?

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Extend Part 3 by Takaku Toshihiko

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Don't abuse the quotation function.

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smelly FEET

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go back

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Whatever happened to that scanlator tripfag, anyway.

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Wow Meilingbros truly are the most BASEDEST bunch on /jp/

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is this vorehu thread

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what a stink

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Jesus christ, go away.

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I want Meirin to eat me while she wears sexy lingerie!

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why would you hold a cake like this

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Thats meiling

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okay, maybe the gatekeepers are right

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I want to feel Meiling's muscles!

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No muscles where that cake is going.

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Chinese meat buns!

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Any cool fangames where Meilings the main character?

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Is that what they call an oxymoron?

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You're an oxy!

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