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Guide and resources:

Advanced Anki guide:

Discord: https://discord.gg/5K5jQjG

Last Thread: >>22410331

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it's impossible to learn japanese.

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cant miss the chance to have a furry op djt senpai

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I had to be quick lest someone steal the pleasure from me.

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u just posted cringe bro

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thanking the heavens that i didn't came here too early

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get rekt you disgusting unfunny retard.

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i got owned becuz a jannie is a fag who is racist against furries
but get fucked
i am still gonna colonize this thread

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furry is not allowed per rule 3c

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why is DJT such a shitfest lately

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i dont get this board outside of djt, wtf are all these threads even about

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a proud lord said

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just feel it

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breaking news
>jannies are trannies

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yeah the furry is already raping its dead body

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who is worse kanafag or furryfag?

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>is does not
lmao kana dude is infectious

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dont you mean, *genuflecting*
*wink* *wink*

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wtf bro >>22414666

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you got outed lol

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i wouldn't call saki a sol tought

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damn i cant stop imagining your cute small hands on my 肉棒

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but dont i need the theorics that are in the guide?
>if the vowel before the る is /e/ or /i/ then it can be a ru verb, or it can be a u verb
seriously i love the language but the grammar of this language is disgusting

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namori is a hairy scrotum, not a real woman

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new game no life? but that's not on your mal.

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you need to add every grammar rule to your mind palace and then pull it out like a book from a bookshelf whenever u need it when reading

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why is yomi so fucked lately, its recognizing
食べない as  食べる

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I do that when masturbating because that's when I get so sweaty keeping my pants on would be disgusting

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>For all other う-verbs: Replace the u-vowel  sound with the a-vowel equivalent and attach  「ない」
>Example: 待つ + た = 待たない
how does this make sense
isnt the つ ''a'' equivalent つぁ

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you're done furfag get outta here you've been busted

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>at some point your entire room will be full with little texture bits
that is my room, but i also like seiza on my chair and shift around a lot, but i don't care i will throw away the chair in like a couple months anyway. also wy do you refer to it as "texture bits"" sounds quite unnatural, are you an esl or something?

>I am a healthy weight
lol over 20 bmi is disgusting

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in case this is not a shitpost
>isnt the つ ''a'' equivalent つぁ

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not for me, when i hovered over conjugations it would voice the conjugation not the base verb

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wait i have a hypothesis
does it not include combinations?
so since without combinations tsa doesnt exist the closest one would be た?

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completely stuck bro

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great now i know that im a noob masturbator

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a i u e o
あ い う え お
た ち つ て と

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we are posting legs now i’m out in the hallway come find me djt

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I see the texbooks etc for N1-N4 in the guide, but how difficult is N2 and is it possible to go from N3 to N2 in less than a month? Asking for a retarded friend

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the fuck is the jamal method

>> No.22415041

here's the "ready for scanlation" translation so u know what it looks like
well, yeah. it was in the middle of a super weird night. like so weird, if people were talking to each other weirdly ... it wouldn't even have been weird, i guess.

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i can't even tell when something is ready for scanlation in a joking but serious way. i'll never get good.

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jamal read hatsusaku and post results I'm curious how you'd react to the end of the first route

>> No.22415082

desu i think you just think it's more awkward than it is lol

>> No.22415093

i live vicariously through him tho

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>? do you know what された means
>its to have something done to you
it says 自分がされて, not 自分にされて

>> No.22415154

its the golden rule with aって to indicate someone said it to her
>b-but thats not a translation
translation is worthless as we fortunately both agree, lets skip the part where you say im wrong and i say where and you say nothing

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literally unrolling the kana like a paper clip then tying it round their neck

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seems like only i can save this fucking thread

>> No.22415173

i said take them from the grammar guide dummy
you're right about the first part but don't be a dick there are ways to reverse it
i mean most people waste their precious teen years being secretly depressed and hanging out with people they hate anyway

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(i was told that) it's ダメ to do things that i wouldn't like if someone else did them to me

>> No.22415211

btw didn't somebody say they were gonna whip out a big deck using sentences from imabi?

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ugly wodt: 峠

>> No.22415288

that it's not good enough if you're still not guaranteed to not struggle with shit like >>22414241, which often pops up in light novels and visual novels

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made 27 anime cards today

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feel like rewatching K but i know its shit so i wont

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do u have a script that pings u whenever someone mentions u or anime cards lol

>> No.22415315

how do i make a script that pings me and maybe even brings up a windows alert when a certain string appears on a thread

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collect the stuff that falls out of your ass when you're on the toilet and put it in your mouth

>> No.22415339

but i don't wanna

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Is there a way to turn light novels scan to a digital version ? It's so much better to use Yomichan than to struggle with scan

Pic very much related

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those I don't know not those you don't know it doesn't make any fucking sense

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Couple anime cards as requested

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read this
*takes off shirt exposing the results of years of hard labor under the sun and moon*

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you don't need 10000 hours of eng subs in fact I bet it cripples you terribly

>> No.22415544

people talk about it as they read all the time
Discord supports spoilers so if you say something spoiling something just spoiler your message with a warning on what chapter you are

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seeing words

>> No.22415590

anyone know any good nihongo stations on radio garden?

>> No.22415606

no but seriously, how do you join Quizz reading group ? Sounds like a good idea to me

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which is more useful for learning japanese, masturbating or rtk?

>> No.22415615

ok guess I'm not ready then, too bad I really wanted to do it the Quizzie way

>> No.22415616

im nauseated as fuck. do i still do reps? pls help my life is on the line here.

>> No.22415617

how many points on the quiz to join your clique?

>> No.22415618

pass at least the n2 quiz

>> No.22415635

If you don't do reps today you'll regret it tomorrow. Skipping a day is literally the worst thing you can do.

>> No.22415647

wait what happens when it dies?

>> No.22415649

this is fucking terrible
2.1 is so much worse than 2.0 especially how it fucks up rendering cards

>> No.22415654

fuck this is the day i stop learning わけだ?

>> No.22415655

well at least that's some kind of a deadline lol

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>> No.22415702

this is it
this is the final year for anki drones

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measuring my e penis is the third most important thing in my life so this feature is 不可欠 to me

>> No.22415747

idk but im getting weak from my knees

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>> No.22415761

lmfao here you deserve more

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It's not about being sentimental
it's about two things
1. shitty design choices making how anki works and look worse as one example, getting rid of the sync and stats button to have 5 identical clickable text fields floating on top of the screen all the time or not being able to export your stats as an image
2. the entire card rendering engine being redone for the worse
it fucks everything up, images render slower than the text, fonts are fucked etc etc etc it's just fucked
but I suppose we no longer have a choice let's all welcome the ""future"" hooray

>> No.22415832

what are 'filtered' words?

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>> No.22415863


>> No.22415868

this is an extremely easy thing to figure out though?

>> No.22415869

i already told you im not feeling you guys today
really makes me think why

>> No.22415883

its unthinkable for basically everyone
her face skin seems filtered/artificially smooth. obviously id still fill every conceivable orifice she has with my nut

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this picture makes me go funyafunya

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stupid fucking shit didnt put my checkmark between the [ ] fuck everything in this gay fucking world

>> No.22415915

i'm glad quiz doesn't attack moe anymore we're all trying to get better we don't need to be hostile

>> No.22415932

Namecunts from reddit have taken over.

>> No.22415944

how is this "drops mic" worthy you fucking goon

>> No.22415945


>> No.22415946

ok hold on yea i'm a frequenter of reddit but that's why i know how bad the average redditor is

>> No.22415949

*shits on the mic*

>> No.22415958

I can't tell what kind of body parts those are or what kind of animal it is.

>> No.22415964


>> No.22415968

it's just my left leg crossed over my my right. and u better hope im human otherwise your mom will be into bestiality on top of being a rancid whore lmao

>> No.22415983

>don't offer enough of a variety of sentences to train a person to read japanese novels.
They're not aiming to. That would be nearly impossible for a single guide.

>> No.22415984

qm you caring is so obvious that it could be written in the us constitution under the truths held to be self-evident lol

that was lame as fuck but im posting it fuck it

>> No.22415987

I have never been on Reddit man.

>> No.22415989

You're not meant to start with novels, dick head. Did you practice your English by reading James Joyce when you were 4 years old?

>> No.22415990

based retarded uppercaser that always comes into the thread and individually replies to old ass posts

>> No.22415991

it took me the longest time to find it that it wasnt a pic of a man with man titties

>> No.22415993

/r/ing a pic of your quads and glutes if possible

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i never actually read, I just do my reps and watch anime all day

>> No.22416000

kek <--

>> No.22416005

heres a free (you) for everyone

>> No.22416008

Sorry bro no clue what you are talking about.

>> No.22416016

what I've noticed about this thread is that it doesn't revolve around jamal anymore. It doesn't really matter if he posts here or not, he may have "inspired the culture" here but let's not kid ourselves, he's inconsequential now. if I stop posting here then all of you guys are left without any direction.

>> No.22416018

who are you

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there u go dude kinda a shit pic but i dont have much definition in my quads since i stopped lifting anyways. no ass pics thats too far tbqh.

>> No.22416027

Why does everyone in this thread type lowercase and why do they bully those that don't

>> No.22416029

this but unironically

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>> No.22416034

I don't actually remember anyone bullying me for posting normally

>> No.22416035

at first i typed in lowercase cause i was too lazy to properly punctuate my posts especially considering how trash they are but then i noticed a correlation between head-in-ass levels of retardation and uppercase posting so i've abstained from it just in case it's contagious.

>> No.22416038

because we are cool like that, also newcomers stick out easier

>> No.22416039

shut up

>> No.22416040

simply not true. when you left the thread there were a few shitposters who cried about it but we carried on alright. when jamal was gone for a weekend this place was just dead.

>> No.22416058

come on the quiz and show what you got

>> No.22416061

I'm right here bring it on

>> No.22416062

cause i dont derive my self worth from what u shitbirds think of me? nice self own though lmao

>> No.22416066

poo in loo

>> No.22416068

it's the lack of jamal that removes all meaning from this thread which is why it dies when he leaves.

>> No.22416072

You first.

>> No.22416074

Does everyone in this thread have some sort of mental illness

>> No.22416087

That's only because he scared away all the Japanese learners when he invaded
when he leaves a vacuum will be created because most of the posts are his
but that vacuum will be filled by productive contributing people with the desire to learn Japanese

>> No.22416088

Wasnt talking to you I was talking to>>22416058

>> No.22416091

Gonna train my cpm really hard during 2020. Will prolly defeat this thread and the discord with my 420+ cpm during holidays 2020.

>> No.22416096


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im white though
nah i can see it fine with 0 strain, probably better for my eyes cause im further away

btw last pic i promise

>> No.22416101

ok t*rk no one from reddit is white

>> No.22416105

he does make up a plurality of posts here but he also generates the most discussion so when he stops posting the thread slows down to an even slower crawl than you'd initially expect. the thread would improve in quality if he left though.

>> No.22416109


>> No.22416118


>> No.22416119


>> No.22416120

trips of truth

(yosh time to go make anime cards)

>> No.22416121

>find good anime that i've not watched yet
>it's less than halfway subbed

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imma flip this card. future (you)s won't count towards this post

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didnt think anyone had stats that were as ass as mine lol

>5/9 matures after getting 9/10 yesterday
just like that my hope was extinguished

>> No.22416162

doing my part

>> No.22416203

You were saying?

>> No.22416205


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>> No.22416211

i hope the real quiz didnt post this

obviously not a troll they were very clear in their criticism

>> No.22416213

lol heres a you

>> No.22416217

u know i was just thinking quizler is basicaly kokoro chan from milky holmes lmfao

>> No.22416218

for the filling (RIP Francis the dog). i add hot sauce and sweet chili sauce to the filling cause it's too bland otherwise. also grated ginger, cant remember if they add it in the vid
wrappers. if you can get the premade ones do it because this is such a massive pain in the ass to make. i never did because i could only get them online and they were too expensive.

>> No.22416223
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>> No.22416224

based and gyoza pilled thanks

>> No.22416225

never watched boruto but didn't this little shit just learn to discharge nukes from his hands or something

>> No.22416229

rip my nigga francis may he bow wow with lil bow wow in heaven amen

>> No.22416230

much like how u discharge shit from ur mouth

>> No.22416234

lol owned

>> No.22416235

really hurts the soul man i watched that fucking dog for like 5 years

>> No.22416236


>> No.22416237

holy shit the virgin mary just got raped #epic

>> No.22416239

all insults targeted @ qm have so much less impact now that qm has demonstrated he knows the most japanese itt

>> No.22416244

I have evolved. No one can stop me now.

>> No.22416247

relax in 6 more days ill send him to the yaminosekai on pay per view

>> No.22416249

it's yaminosekai

>> No.22416252

so haram

>> No.22416253

oh shit dude how about jamiroquiz


>> No.22416258

is there a tier list of all tripfags, namefags and "__ guys" on djt

>> No.22416261

her name is kyouko
i called it, i guessed it

>> No.22416264

theres no need for a list being a __guy is a very what have u done for me lately kinda gig

>> No.22416265

why don't you just leave
honestly I am wondering, what are you even coming on this thread for

>> No.22416268

for the drama what is your prob

>> No.22416273

even qm doesnt lack self awareness to this degree u phony

>> No.22416279

haha good one

>> No.22416287

*puts foot down*
enough trash in my thread

>> No.22416295

what do you mean

>> No.22416297


>> No.22416300

me when attempting to acquire japanese

>> No.22416303


>> No.22416316 [DELETED] 


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>> No.22416325

you have to see them AND recall the right sounds and meanings for them AND string them together to form something meaningful

if you can’t recall the right sounds and meanings use a dictionary or do some anki practice or both

>> No.22416331
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fuck my dopamine!!!!!
thanks to girls like her i can never live normal life again, wtf is point of living if you dont have gf like that

>> No.22416358

i wouldnt want a girl like that more than a day honestly unless somethin special really happened

>> No.22416362

yeah you have to at least clear the n2 quiz to participate in the vn challenge
if you can't do that nobody can reasonable expect you can even read Japanese

>> No.22416367

imagine gatekeeping ur english discussion abotu visual games u barely understand with a rote memorization quiz that doesnt require knowing any japanese to pass lmfao

>> No.22416368

well you see women are whores and bad so youre life is better off

>> No.22416371

bro obviously shes going to be nice too and knows how to cook

>> No.22416372

I understand 100% of the games bro

>> No.22416374

quizmaster if you write an autiobiography i'll translate it to japanese someday should you happen to die

>> No.22416376

cant but i mean its his club so he can include anyone
*reads manga*

>> No.22416382

idk dude ud do good to not make assumptions about fatshit sluts who overvalue themselves for being a walking tit clown

unless that was the point of ur post just in sarcasm haha

>> No.22416384

manga isnt reading

>> No.22416391

yo just noticed that qm's 9/10s and 8/10s line up quite well with reddit and mal's favorite anime (monogatari, opm, klk, jojo)

>> No.22416393

your wife is ugly and this is cope

>> No.22416395

i want that girl’s big boobies on my face

>> No.22416396

chancesa re the first time he watched anime he hit up a reddit chart for recommended anime lmfao

>> No.22416398


>> No.22416399

imagine if japanese women actually had some form of nice thighs they would be crowned as ichibanmesu

also gonna kms tonight if qm doesn't know what 土手 means

>> No.22416405

>reddit chart for recommended anime
this doesnt exist

>> No.22416409

my mal list (ksesef4)

>> No.22416410

I have watched quite a few anime before in English
but I stopped watching Anime in 2014 and pretty much forget about everything I watched
so when I start learning Japanese and decided it was time to watch some shows again I just sorted by most popular on MAL and watched random things
nothing wrong with liking popular things btw I don't get this idea as if monogatari and klk aren't good shows come on

>> No.22416415

i dont really feel that way about either of those things

>> No.22416417

or maybe it was the imgur/9gag flowchart

>> No.22416422

>monogatari and klk
these are good but stuff like hxh isn't

>> No.22416426

this is not a whole lot better

i dont think monogatari is good and i mean i watched all of klk and i think it had some good in it but also some really fuckin terrible so its a wash to me

>> No.22416427

well I thought hxh was quite flawed myself even though I enjoyed it and it was overall a nice show
don't know why you confront me with hxh anyway I was never really that behind it

>> No.22416431

klk is just as bad as hxh, to be frank

>> No.22416432

i dont mean exactly her, but girls with body like hers
bro youre supposed to draw a line right there, you never take shot on other mans wife or kids

>> No.22416433

hey guys

>> No.22416448


>> No.22416449


>> No.22416468

how's Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch been, moe?

>> No.22416471

if u dont remember making fun of this op dont @ me


>> No.22416477

that shit's 10 months older than me, jamal.

>> No.22416490

i like that it feels like theres a lot of stuff moving all the time for my retarded brain to stay entertained unlike these faggot 2010s animes that arent animated

>> No.22416493

imagining moetard just screaming yes this is what ive always wanted this is real anime at the screen while watching bubblegum crisis tokyo 2040 lmfao

>> No.22416496

jamal it's so easy to hear from your voice you are in your 20s this age roleplay really makes me cringe

>> No.22416501

all ur doing is constantly reminding me that age is just a number it fuckin rules honestly

>> No.22416509


>> No.22416547

man I am so tired of it all

>> No.22416558

love being alive and looking forward to the future https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFj2Hjcn2LE

>> No.22416562

wish I was happy I honestly don't want to be a doomer

>> No.22416563
File: 85 KB, 1532x994, 1535987672802.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

barely care enough to wake up everyday

>> No.22416572

the amount of non standard "readings" for words that contain 和 is both cool as hell and disgusting

>> No.22416575

super based!

>> No.22416576

stop fapping you dopamine junkies

>> No.22416578

breathed a sigh of relief when i saw klk has an 8.16/10 rating on mal. there's no way that wacky garbage comes close to hxh.

>> No.22416580

daily reminder there is no such thing as kanji readings

>> No.22416584

how do I make myself stop
I have tried already

>> No.22416588
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>> No.22416589

get a gf to do it for you

>> No.22416591

why did you think i put the word "readings" in quotation marks

>> No.22416592

this i will agree with u on

>> No.22416603

i think you'd like it for the fanservice since that's basically all it takes to entertain you.
klk's secondary characters have more characterization than ttgl's but they're still wacky boring dumb fucks so it's not really an advantage.

>> No.22416604

yah the only good chara in ttgl peaced out after like 8 episodes or w/e

whereas klk had makochan the entire time so its pretty hands down there

>> No.22416605
File: 1.06 MB, 677x1000, 1566912496111.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thoroughly enjoyed this. holy shit i forgot what an anime not written in the most shallow boring generic way possible for idiotic zoomers felt like.

>> No.22416608

btw if u caught both references msg me on discord i will put u at the top of the list of vip discord consideration

>> No.22416613

yah that 1 was good i liked it also

>> No.22416614

u dont know me

>> No.22416619

generic women/fag/tranny/nigger hating 4chan lolicon incel

there i just summed up ur entire being

>> No.22416621


>> No.22416641

sure but it's just a best guess after i watched a couple of the shows you've rated highly. and klk has yuri-ish moments so yea i think you'll like it. in fact i think you'll give it a 9 or higher. feels good giving that lol random shitfest a 6 though.

>> No.22416647

dropped klk literally 1 minute in after seeing the art style

>> No.22416650

i know that feeling i enjoyed dropping hxh after watching a webm of it

>> No.22416657

judging a show you haven't watched isn't analogous to anything i've done though.

>> No.22416660


>> No.22416663

i do but im not sure if u can handle it


>> No.22416664

oh also didn't you say you're enjoying that flip diaper show or whatever? yea dude pretty sure you'll love klk.

>> No.22416672

honestly i wouldve liked flip flappers more if it didnt have like the most generic tokusatsu esque setup

>> No.22416679

none of you likes good animes

>> No.22416687

lets be honest

>> No.22416688

the stuff u like is akin to opening ur eyes when ur head is dunked in a septic tank

>> No.22416695

that's rude.

>> No.22416696

I will not masturbate ; I will read this VN and learn Japanese

>> No.22416699

>tfw falling asleep to glorious templar chants

>> No.22416702

falling for no fap is low iq

>> No.22416703
File: 383 KB, 1462x1102, behold.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you were saying?

>> No.22416705

i only like the best animes


>> No.22416708


good point justin.

>> No.22416713

absolute devastation lmao

>> No.22416714

>3-gatsu no lion
opinion and existence disregarded

>> No.22416717


>> No.22416719

three gatsu no lion haha

>> No.22416723

i mean he said it himself he watches subtitles not anime


>> No.22416729

tfw cant read the title so i dont know what anime this is

>> No.22416730

maybe if you did more passive listening the so called incomprehensible japanese would become comprehensible niggerman behold ass immersion approach

>> No.22416733

moetard is a bot only parsing posts by big j

>> No.22416736

l,mfao its not ok to say the n word but i think this almost funny enough to pass lmao

>> No.22416737

can't someone just create an addon for 2.0 to update it with new SSL or whatever to it can't sync with ankiweb

>> No.22416738

you dont how to right click and click search google for image? it's seirei no moribito

>> No.22416740

were you looking for a reply to one of your posts

>> No.22416741

it's not a big deal just update and move on

>> No.22416744

it's really a big deal man you just don't get it

>> No.22416747

i get it the font rendering is fucked and there might be a bug or two but ultimately it just doesn't matter let's just move on

>> No.22416748

never experienced whatever the fuck issue qm has with images in 2.1 everything works fine

>> No.22416749

vocab cards ftw anime cards btfo

>> No.22416753
File: 39 KB, 584x336, 無題.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i have 5.5k vocab cards and zero anime cards

>> No.22416754

quiz try exporting your 2.0 decks and then do a complete fresh install of anki and import them into 2.1.

>> No.22416755

ok i was goin thru my list tryin to actually think for u and i think this is the best im gonna do


there were actually no vids i felt comfortable linking its a really good show and its long

>> No.22416757

wtf this removed the sys32 folder

>> No.22416758

way too much effort
it's not like it doesn't work
but 2.1 just makes everything worse including those image rendering problems

>> No.22416775

sounds like i'll like it (if theres a working torrent), thanks appreciate it

>> No.22416778
File: 29 KB, 736x314, 20383211.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuckin rip

>> No.22416780

wtf does とこうなる mean

>> No.22416784

imagine how many nihongo dreams have been lost since all this foolishness began

>> No.22416785

falling for this trading card scam is pretty low

>> No.22416793

i mean look at how much more nihongo u get per card dude

its just simple math yugioh cards leave all other card types in the dust just objectively

>> No.22416798

and think about it the srs is built in every time u play a new game : )

basically im going to patent this yugioh card method and completely kill this card shit once and 4 all

>> No.22416799

a 資料集 for any game is less expensive and gives you more text to read than those 遊戯王 cards

>> No.22416804

ok but 資料集 is gay

>> No.22416810

oh fuck i think i got it it's just:
と こう なる

>> No.22416813

whats ur issue

>> No.22416818

fu i didn't choice to be dumb

>> No.22416819

this is a subtle endorsement for sentence cards from jamal

quiz btfo

>> No.22416826

why do I care what jamal thinks when he needs to practice a week to read a page of kino

>> No.22416829

those arent sentence cards those are yugioh cards

lmfao idk why do u care to insta reply out of nowhere like that lol

>> No.22416830

good point but lets see how jamal responds

>> No.22416833

no u

>> No.22416837
File: 62 KB, 640x480, PQQfNH6l.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22416838

>quiz insta reply at the mention of his name

>> No.22416844 [DELETED] 
File: 192 KB, 960x1280, ECJHOpqU4AEyG4k.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22416850
File: 127 KB, 646x1149, OSyPHaE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22416858 [DELETED] 
File: 135 KB, 768x1024, 1162170851506003968_ECDcNahUEAA_6Pe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22416864

quiz himself has talked about these topics himself my dude

>> No.22416866
File: 187 KB, 900x1200, EHKwx5WUwAM7Cth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22416868
File: 183 KB, 1280x960, 1158855335811018752_EBUUyI1UcAABhVE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i have 50mb more of her

>> No.22416872
File: 620 KB, 395x534, 1571353295116.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i see u have issues as well my friend

>> No.22416876

is jamal a nigger

>> No.22416879

jamal is a white boy in his 20s and an intermediary Japanese learner

>> No.22416884

well shit wasnt too long ago u said i knew absolutely nothing now im intermediary im really workin my way up

>> No.22416892

time to come clean half of the jamal and quiz posts have actually been me okay sorry I wont stop though

>> No.22416894

Why does he have a black name then

>> No.22416895

yah playing with other ppls names in a less than obvious or not immediately funny way is dumb dude its really low level shit

>> No.22416897

wow thats crazy you just never know

>> No.22416910

check out my interview with matt vs japan

>> No.22416914

This is just me reading that one visual novel like three years ago. Why are you pretend to be me?

>> No.22416920

>kay i think i'm gonna stop here

>> No.22416923

I HATE niggers.
Thanks for your attention.
Please stop stealing my identity.

>> No.22416928

Jamal's pretty good. If only he weren't a nigger...

>> No.22416931

based analysis

>> No.22416934
File: 48 KB, 640x400, 31167_main1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22416940

jamal should be going to bed soon, or at least within the next couple hours.

>> No.22416942

lets cut out the toxic stuff

>> No.22416948

i dont go to bed i just step into my borg alcove and keep posting

>> No.22416949

Your mom toxic.
BTW Akari wouldn't like a guy like you.

>> No.22416959

wtf is your problem matt

>> No.22416962

I can take care of that frail Jewish nerd for you if you denounce the n word.

>> No.22416969

did you watch all 3 seasons of yuru yuri?

>> No.22416975


How to make an epic vocab card in only 8 minutes!!!

>> No.22416982

i'm starting to hate this thread.

>> No.22416986

wtf is wrong w. this ppl

learn nihongo with ur gut like a fuckin proper man

fuck off lil dyke lover

>> No.22416995
File: 775 KB, 1616x2048, 73531573525.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i dont believe in picking favorites

>> No.22416999
File: 430 KB, 900x390, mk-ninja-ranking-01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i dont blame u its like picking ur fave 1 of these

>> No.22417000

kyouko is sometimes not completely boring which you can't say for any other character in yuru yuri.

>> No.22417001

started watching anime with no subs at all and it’s a lot more fun surprisingly

>> No.22417003

the only character more dislikable than tinatu is that drooling angry piece of shit making every episode much worse

>> No.22417004

how often do u pause

>> No.22417006

cause you dont have to confront your lack of knowledge

>> No.22417007

dont be a hypocrite

>> No.22417011

u dont need any knowledge to understand tho

thats the beauty of it all

>> No.22417012

my opinions aren't really disagreeable except to a couple edgy 4channelers who have made it their mission to hate everything popular

>> No.22417014

sometimes it's more fun for me and sometimes it's not. j subs make it more comprehensible but i feel like i'm over-relying on them. and sometimes if i miss a word that i feel i shouldn't have, i'll rewind and listen to the line up to like 5 times before moving on and it's a draining process. listening without subs is freeing in a sense but then i feel anxious knowing i'm missing simple stuff.

>> No.22417016

yeah dude this is retarded if you do not have 100% comprehension with j-subs why would you turn them off
it's like not being able to walk with walking aids so you what do you do? you just throw them away and decide to spend your day lying on your face
makes no sense

>> No.22417020
File: 737 KB, 1536x1536, 20191112_233021.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22417023

walking aids found the new name for quizler lmfao

>> No.22417028
File: 182 KB, 1200x822, DrN_KjBUcAA7H6E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not having a strong degree of dedication towards one waifu is a sign of indecisiveness, not of any "objective" or "superior" viewpoint

>> No.22417030
File: 177 KB, 789x600, __yoshikawa_chinatsu_yuru_yuri_drawn_by_ren_kon__9e8bae90d025eb35c0bae30bf70fecbc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forbidden relationship.

>> No.22417032

i don't really hate klk and it's probably better than a 6/10 because it's better than kny. i was just in a bad mood and being edgy.

with j subs i'm worried i'm just training myself to read better rather than listen better and i constantly ask myself "would i have gotten that just now if not for the subs"? on the other hand if i just listen to shit raw then i don't see how i could learn to understand it anyway so i guess you're right. but i've seen some mia cultists who insist their listening got great and all they did was listen raw and read separately.

>> No.22417036

here I'll give you an epic guide on how to achieve what you need
1. watch with j-subs when j-subs are available
2. watch without j-subs if they aren't
3. listen to audio books on your phone or w/e when doing chores or walking
4. do anime cards
and you go everything covered

>> No.22417040

So I read through the thread really quick and this place doesn’t seem friendly to newbies but I will take a shot anyways. I am looking to be conversational so care more about vocabulary and grammar which I guess would be the tae kim or whatever the op said. Anywhere good to find someone to speak to? Should I still learn 2k kanji or is that not going to help. I visit next year and will be happy if I can at least speak as well as a 6 year old.

>> No.22417041

just came back from a 30min jogg sess

>> No.22417042

having a waifu is casual reddit shit you cant pick one in the show where theyre all the best

>> No.22417044

i already do anime cards but i should probably listen more when doing other shit.

>> No.22417046

Use sentence cards instead of Quizmaster's "anime cards" for additional contextual hints and a more natural understanding of words' meaning and usage.

>> No.22417047

not interested in subtitles personally

>> No.22417048

big j, how do i acquire a gf with a fluffy 土手?

>> No.22417049

>I visit next year and will be happy if I can at least speak as well as a 6 year old
got some bad news for you

>> No.22417053

...and become another causality among the millions of lost ajatt victims >>22416778
how did it go again, one is or two is a tragedy but million is just a number lol

>> No.22417054

being conversational means you'll need to acquire a lot of active vocabulary and listen to many hours of japanese audio

>> No.22417055

feel like qms iq has lowered by 10-30 points in recent months

>> No.22417062

hey moe I'm wondering why don't you come on and show us you clearing the n1 quiz

>> No.22417064

ur still lookin solid at about 120 from my judgement good job dude

for quiz we might be lookin at a 105 iq

>> No.22417065

idk dude just ask if shes got a nice a mound

>> No.22417068

theres nothing to prove its not even an achievement

>> No.22417071
File: 409 KB, 650x750, 1485837312892.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i do recall warning you that i would learn japanese

>> No.22417073

yeah sure but you are only in a position to say that when you can actually do it
it'd be really embarrassing if you set the timer to 60 seconds or something in your private chat, looked everything up and then posted the result here or anything like that am I right haha

>> No.22417074

you guys are kinda gay tbqh

>> No.22417078

quiz these posting arent serving you any good as it pertains to moe's judgement of your iq

>> No.22417081

this is true I did it and im a crippled retard

>> No.22417083

what do I care about what you perceive my iq to be

>> No.22417085

i did it but i dont really wanna prove it cuz i think it is below me to prove such a thing and i think its funny if people cope that i moenigger passed the quiz

>> No.22417087

don't use that post as an excuse to say the n word

>> No.22417091

wow this got really wack and before i even posted

>> No.22417095

well I don't know this is just an 汚名返上の機会 for you because you were fucking up the N3 quiz the other day
if you don't actually come on and show you can do it everyone will just think you cheated and that will leave you off and even worse

>> No.22417098

understood that word in an instant even thought i've never seen it before

>> No.22417099
File: 25 KB, 437x327, hmangasentencecards.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's how you do h-manga cards MIA style
Sentence in front, reading + definition for ONE word in the back

>> No.22417101

what does it matter what "people" "think"

>> No.22417104

if you don't care why did you post the n1 quiz results and say you can clear it
when that probably isn't even the case, so you are lying to make people think better of you
very hypocritical

>> No.22417110

it could be that he cleared it and only cared to post it without ever doing one with you?

>> No.22417115

i know people will doubt (cope) if i dont go prove it

its just a warning to get on my side before its too late

>> No.22417120

is this finally the moetard meltdown

>> No.22417122

no why

>> No.22417123

wtf can someone improve at japanese this is crazy moe you are nuts

>> No.22417124

that's actually the tokoro where you should defend moe, big j

>> No.22417125

nah the situation has been cleared up I'm going to give you an epic detective conan style revelation scene
moe never cleared the n1 quiz, being laughed at for failing the n3 quiz and not being able to take the pain of being a laughing stock for everyone he invited the bot to his own chat
there you can change the settings freely so what he did was just increase the timer to something really high and look everything up and faked him clearing them n1 quiz
and screenshot of which he shared on DJT to make people think he can do it when in reality he can't
and all we would need to do to get to the bottom of this is have him do it on the quiz channel where everyone can see it, but that he is avoiding to the best of his abilities, it's all very clear

>> No.22417126

the proof is only in the minds of me and my believers

>> No.22417127
File: 709 KB, 849x1200, 71074190_p0_master1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I believe in Yuruism

>> No.22417128

why would i defend anyone

were all adults here

>> No.22417130

this general should be nuked

>> No.22417132

ok NOW i understand where you are cuming from. at least your posts make sense to me now

>> No.22417133
File: 34 KB, 335x500, 41nvkwg1GCL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22417136

this very long post is more a projection of youreself and youre own mind than saying anything about me to be honest

>> No.22417138

moe isn't though that's the point

>> No.22417140

moe cheated the quiz?

Wtf im unsubscribing from his patreon

>> No.22417143

i mean id defend moetard not being willing to play flashtards with ppl who dont know japanese but like he brought it on himself with tryin to pose

>> No.22417144

can't be because I am willing to quiz anyone with any settings, 5 second interval with calligraphy settings? np for me because when I see a word I know the reading instantly
that's just what it means to know Japanese I need no tricks

>> No.22417146

idk why quiz is trying to talk shit about ppls quiz results when he admitted cheating on the quiz himself months ago

>> No.22417147

wait what

>> No.22417149
File: 445 KB, 968x1200, 64882628_p0_master1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A liar would never claim to like this.

>> No.22417150


>> No.22417154

i believe in moe,

dont mess with the 10+ episodes of anime 2+ hours of reading every single day squad

>> No.22417155

yea he was caught red handed with his DLL injector on the screen in one his screenshots and had to admit it

>> No.22417158

ur not allowed to use that lol

>> No.22417165

dude i saw it he injected all the dlls and then he fuckin ran his opengl wrapper like what are u even doing

>> No.22417166

how come you guys don’t watch or talk about ドラマ

>> No.22417169
File: 151 KB, 1280x720, tyu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

cuz soap operas are for stay at home fuckin moms bro

id rather talk about these

>> No.22417172

you can't cheat at the quiz and it has never happened

>> No.22417175

densha otoko, my boss my hero what else besides those is there to talk about

>> No.22417176

i mean youre just projecting youre insecurity and the dishonest things to would do not to be a laughing stock lol its laughable to think i would feel any shame in the presence of these people

>> No.22417180

can't doesn't actually exist in the digital realm everything can be hacked or injected

>> No.22417188

you’re just dodging like a massive bitch, makes it obvious you’ve got no leg to stand on

>> No.22417190

come on the quiz and try to actually clear a quiz with that
you can't, it fucked up scanning half the words there

>> No.22417192

this made me have a good morning laugh thank you big j

btw why did qm make an all nighter with us?

>> No.22417193
File: 183 KB, 576x1024, 52489179_p0_master1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The only reason why I claim I'm learning Chinese is because China sounds like ちなつ

>> No.22417194

dont fuckin care

>> No.22417197

u better delete this ur startin to fuck up majorly here

>> No.22417201
File: 131 KB, 1100x1100, 1546415336946.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22417202


>> No.22417203

you seem to care A LOT actually

>> No.22417205

this is true

>> No.22417206

dont care what it seems like either

>> No.22417208

it was actually a 66.67% success rate in that video so yea can actually help a lot if you already know some stuff and do the quiz over and over again of course you'll clear it eventually

>> No.22417210

anyway please stop sharing the discord link in the next thread
I realized that only retarded noobs are joining and lowering the average level of the Discord
I hoped some people who actually know Japanese would join but I was clearly dreaming

>> No.22417211

moetards care o meter rn [:::::::::::::::::::::|::]

>> No.22417212

come on and try dude
I'm saying you can't

>> No.22417216

I'll have you know that there is a number of anti-OCR measures in place on the Discord quiz and you just won't be able to do it without knowing the words
and if you actually make a perfect OCR that does make it possible, if there is doubts we just turn on the calligraphy quiz and your OCR won't work on a single thing

>> No.22417229

i mean just look at all these fuckin noobs and qm coping that i beat the noob quiz

>> No.22417230

I was gonna use the OCR to cheat the quiz but I beat it the next try anyway so guess im amazing

>> No.22417235

you are correct about it being a noob quiz but the terrible thing is that you can't clear it despite it being a noob quiz lol

>> No.22417236

i just tested it on haaard got 8/10 thats pretty good

>> No.22417238

do it on the discord is what I'm saying
it has changed quiz settings

>> No.22417239

i was hoping we could move past this toxic stuff

>> No.22417244

yeah i know i did it on discord using someones past quiz history from earlier today and it scanned 8/10 correctly

>> No.22417246

i was hoping you’d stop coming here

>> No.22417247

okay so you are still incapable of clearing a quiz
are you aware that you need to do more than just getting your OCR to see the word
such as uh, inputting an answer?

>> No.22417250

u know there is a surefire way to move past all this toxic stuff do u wanna know what it is ?

kill ure self

>> No.22417253

somebody should beat qm's dumb quiz with an ocr so they can prove how easy it is to pass it.

>> No.22417254

whats so hard about inputting a word when it tells you what it is almost instantly

>> No.22417260

quizmaster is currently simultaneously arguing with people on discord and in this thread

>> No.22417262

come on the discord and do it then wtf

>> No.22417263

i cant kms when theres so much i want to do and live for and other people vastly inferior to me in every way are allowed to live

>> No.22417264

yuru yuri s1 had the best op.

>> No.22417266

nah i dont want to expose myself as the phone camera scanner guy you guys wont believe any of my future quiz scores if i did that

>> No.22417268

already did but without the ocr or cheating

>> No.22417273

you can do it on a guest account

>> No.22417277

i cannot cave to prove i did the quiz because it would validate those who tell me what to do

>> No.22417283

keep posting moetard

>> No.22417290
File: 271 KB, 591x258, wtf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what the hell? this is nice imagery. i wonder why the anime cut it out.

>> No.22417300

just a nice little treat for yourself that you get for being a primary source patrician

>> No.22417302

depends what i’m watching
SOL then 0 to 2 times
something more complex 5 to 10 times

>> No.22417307

nah i like animation and voice acting. i'm only reading scenes from the manga because the greatest shonen of all time deserves to be viewed through the lens of the original material.

>> No.22417311

100% sure that’s what he did

>> No.22417315

wouldnt it be embarrassing if you were so confident but wrong

>> No.22417319
File: 36 KB, 350x439, EJuc3hay4D.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22417322

that retard “reads” without even knowing the readings

>> No.22417323

moe is unstoppable

>> No.22417327

i read and dont look up every unknown word

>> No.22417333

unstopabbly autistic

>> No.22417335

hey bitch what server is that

>> No.22417341

my own private server

>> No.22417347

with the answer time set to 50 minutes :O ?

>> No.22417376

make /djt/ better by changing any one thing about it


>> No.22417377

Remove all smaller case posting

>> No.22417379

this has already been disputed as one of copemaster's copes

>> No.22417382

it hasn't be disputed and why would I cope when the N1 is baby easy noob shit for me
I just laugh when delusional retards think they know Japanese and then fuck up read baby 常用 kanji

>> No.22417386

go to bed and be better tomorrow

>> No.22417391

pausings not allowed dude

>> No.22417392

just disproved the ocr meme by doing it in calligraphy with default timer of course

>> No.22417394

more bullying

>> No.22417396

very nice, screenshot the chat logs please

>> No.22417399
File: 71 KB, 933x1000, 1546416374888.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22417408

wow moe I am honestly feeling sad for you right now
do you want to be acknowledged that much

>> No.22417409

lol moe is playing with quizmasters autism like a cat with a ball of yarn and its wonderful to see

>> No.22417412

go moe go!

>> No.22417420
File: 133 KB, 931x540, Screenshot_20191113-061812_Discord.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wow moe has been doing a lot of quizzing.

>> No.22417422

lol holy shit

>> No.22417433

should i watch One Piece

>> No.22417438

a piece of what ?

>> No.22417462


>> No.22417484

A piece of long shounen crap.

>> No.22417500

what does どっこいしょっと mean?

>> No.22417532


>> No.22417537

i swear imma die a legend

>> No.22417540

nice poo skin poo person lol

>> No.22417546

put ur name back on, Matt Bonder

>> No.22417556

>i run 130-150 km every month
wtf how do you do it i run 2 times each week and i total 30km every month what do you do?

>> No.22417575

this thread would be better if everyone was a 博愛者

>> No.22417586

i’m so mad. there’s a person in the discord who has been learning for just 7 months and passed the n2 quiz without even using anki. wtf

>> No.22417607

Can someone tell Matty that his food is ready

>> No.22417642

that person lied

>> No.22417662


>> No.22417666

why didn’t anyone in the discord call them out then, is it because they are all liars?

>> No.22417670

who do you mean?

>> No.22417671

its cause some of us havent used anki until recently :)

>> No.22417673

you just suck at learning and that person is doing it properly

>> No.22417674

how do you know

he is talking about the user called smellytoes

>> No.22417677

wtf i really just looked up 天候

>> No.22417684


>> No.22417687

how many new words per day do you actually do nowadays qm?

>> No.22417693

dont worry i didnt know how to pronounce 六日 until 10 mins ago

>> No.22417695

depends on how much I consume
and of course the more I learn the less cards I generally make for the same amount of input
but lately it's been very little >>22414741

>> No.22417698

Which of these phrases is more natural and common?
Doko ni Kara Kimashitaka?


O-shusshin wa doko desuka?

>> No.22417703
File: 46 KB, 448x522, 1298922.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Doko ni Kara Kimashitaka?

>> No.22417704

You probably thought it did when you hovered over a negative conjugation that is a "proper word" so it showed up as ○○ない and thought all verbs did it ok thats my best guess

>> No.22417709
File: 61 KB, 580x319, learned.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i'm sorry but i can't read that image. i'm talking about this metric here:

>> No.22417712
File: 82 KB, 645x334, 4380.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh okay. Don't know why you can't read the image it says how many. I didn't do today's reviews yet btw.

>> No.22417715

Oh you're right it does say so in the image. Well I'm awake for than 20 hours now maybe i should take a nap. Anyway thanks for the answer.

>> No.22417726
File: 384 KB, 1418x1080, kawauso.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look at this sweet lie 獺

>> No.22417727

Do core10k. All in one month. Sentence on the front.

>> No.22417738

how about you do core 10FARTS *spreads ass cheek and grunts*

>> No.22417744

that's what happens when you have low IQ so you can just read and watch anything.

>> No.22417749

And you'll need morphman to identify and remove already known sentences so that you don't learn all 10k.

You can do tango N5-N1 if you have the decks.

>> No.22417752
File: 21 KB, 350x492, 9b112bbebb7c91edaab24ad02bd9a433.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Never got around to looking up how these are called so i just did:
束髪 そくはつ

>> No.22417780

Thicc accent immersion (what happens when you don't know how to learn languages)

>> No.22417797

竍 竏 竕 竓

>> No.22417863

immerse this

>> No.22417888

What does /djt/ prefer; Genki 1/2 or Tae Kim?

>> No.22417927

>hey bro you gotta skim tae kim aqnd go get ur input
>btw you have to learn all these fucking vocabs and verbs and conjugations aand shit before getting ur input
fucking decide urselfs for fucks sake

>> No.22417943

ok thats enough for me i will stop asking for advices to anyone and just study this shit my way

>> No.22417952

go for it

>> No.22417962
File: 22 KB, 241x233, 1508711317745.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just too many opinions here
some say skim
some say learn all the vocabs

then kanji
some are cardfags others hate it
thats it this is the last u guys hear of me

>> No.22417964

I just don't get it, wouldn't it be more efficient to take your time reading Tae Kim and maybe take notes as opposed to skimming it, most likely barely taking anything in and having to go back to it all the time?

>> No.22417969

just read tae kim normally like 2-3 lessons a day its not hard

>> No.22417984

its honestly not the problem but the number of aproaches possible
and this is just to reading tae kim, there are other grammar guides
thought so as well but after thinking a bit it does make sense
>get everything on ur mind
>but short term
The most common cases will get the rules down on ur mind when you get input but there are other uncommon shit that you will end up forgetting
its better to just rush to read shit also to avoid burning out

>> No.22417996

So in your view, it's better to use input to remember things as opposed to reading it for a long time?

Like, it's better to rush, go read some easy manga, go back to TK if need be and it'll stick?

>> No.22418006

yeah, basically the same logic of anki.
i mean want it or not, even if you get EVERY line down on your head, it will be short term, it will end up being forgotten.
at least thats my opinion

>> No.22418056





>> No.22418078


>> No.22418094
File: 27 KB, 593x204, 1560138359270.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22418237

if a guide got missing in action that's a shitty guide

>> No.22418339

am i the only one that believes in moe and didnt think he cheated the quiz like a scoundrel?

>> No.22418494

i run 20 days each month for 7 km. it's really not much. but im feeling sad now cause it's so fucking windy that i cant do it at all so i have to use my stationary bike at home.

>> No.22418497



>> No.22418502

literally nobody says the second thing

>> No.22418519

it literally does not matter how much effort or time you put into pouring over tae kim. none of it will actually stick until its you see all the grammar many times and many contexts in native material. this is so fucking obvious and intuitive, i dont understand how struggle with this notion yet the entirety of reddit does.

>> No.22418527
File: 15 KB, 675x263, 1555056517880.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

whats even the fucking point of adding this shit then??

>> No.22418567

So I checked the guide already and it didnt have the answer to my question.

Newfag to japanese but I’m surprised kinoko is written in katakana. I assume the japanese already had SOME word for mushroom and it just got displaced when ‘kinoko’ became more common.

There any good resource for a mostly just English speaker to learn where katakana words were taken from? Knowing the history of a word helps me a ton with remembering it. And it’s just interesting to me.

>> No.22418578

how do people come up with such retarded time wasting shit? is your desire to avoid actually learning japanese that great that you wanna con yourself into thinking that investigating word etymology is somehow as beneficial as just reading fucking more?

>> No.22418590

okay dude ill level with u who fucking gives a shit about that retarded trivial shit like lmao google it later when you can understand the answer in japanese okay now just learn the fucking language by watching anime and playing some Nukige ok? have fun bro just dont be retarded ok i believe in u bud

>> No.22418620

>kinoko is written in katakana
It's obviously not. It's written as 茸. You can find dozens of words using this kanji, for example 榎茸 or 椎茸.

>> No.22418625

my 20$ xiaomi wireless earbuds arrived today and they're great lol thank u based aliexpress

>> No.22418635

they said when i asked tough, tough you guys are probably shitting on me

>> No.22418640

>tough, tough
god u are you amusingly retarded lmao get fucked u stupid furry shitbag

>> No.22418696

its wrong because?
Fuck off.
Also not the furfag stop this meme, even i wouldnt stoop this low

>> No.22418703

oh wait did a quick research.
Oh yes, english is a annoying language.

>> No.22418714

japanese is even more annoying so you better give up now

>> No.22418722

Actually i used to know the diference between these 4 terms but i rarely use them so i ended up forgetting.

>> No.22418727

English is tough but it can be understood through thorough thought though ;)

>> No.22418735
File: 94 KB, 285x355, 1572395451125.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>English is tough but it can be understood through thorough thought though ;)

>> No.22418746

>English is tough but it can be understood through thorough thought though ;)
As far as i recall this is basically one of the few times english has this kind of bullshit.
I first started english to read WoT so i never really looked in to these
>they look alike but are totally diferent
words because i usually could get the message from context.

>> No.22418766

its such a strange coincidence that you two are always in the thread at the exact same time hmm

>> No.22418791
File: 283 KB, 787x335, 1572397654312.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well i mean i am in the thread almost the whole day
to be fair i am in the thread
even when i am on college i am lurking the thread, i literally only dont post because for some reason 4chan sees my college network as vpn

>> No.22418800
File: 38 KB, 472x695, 76534.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why try so hard if you'll never find love anyway?

>> No.22418807

i do it for the sake of eroge, not for the sake of 3dpd.

>> No.22418809
File: 41 KB, 146x265, 1572407558814.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i know i will never get a asian gf
it makes me sad
like not memeing

>> No.22418813

wow its almost like everything works just do something instead of procrastinating

>> No.22418820

i am just shitposting cause i am gonna have to stop for one day or two
4 assigments each half the semester points(on diferent subjects) for next week

>> No.22418835

have confidence bro

>> No.22418843

probably cause you're a worthless furry retard

>> No.22418846

gambatte dogfucker-kun

>> No.22418847
File: 76 KB, 850x1380, mRtwaog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just bee myself

>> No.22418854

since when do i fuck dogs?

>> No.22418878
File: 296 KB, 439x650, dogpog.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whomst has summoned me

>> No.22418891

dogs are based i have a german sherpherd she is so cute

>> No.22418893

want a dog real bad, preferably a golden retriever but i cant get one till my life situation is more decided and stable

>> No.22418904

my mom's got a golden retriever, it's a fuckin totemo kawaii inu dude

>> No.22418922
File: 77 KB, 686x576, 1545693367964.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22418939

is there a series of these?

>> No.22418965


>> No.22418967


>> No.22418970



>> No.22419004
File: 53 KB, 500x333, 5089484.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




>> No.22419018

Hey guys, I currently have a bit of an Anki backlog I have created over the last few days. I have two decks with arounds 295 and 392 cards, is there any I can reduce the load over the next few days or do I just have to power through it?. I would kinda prefer to not be spending hours on Anki if possible

>> No.22419025

if you're on 2.1 there's a postpone addon

>> No.22419053

So now that Ebookjapan has moved to Yahoo, you are required to get a Yahoo JP account. But you need phone verification for that. Is there a way for filthy gaijin like me to bypass it or someway? Or do I say goodbye to the ebooks I've bought from there?

>> No.22419054

yoga is coming out with something brilliant on this within the next few months so hold tight until then

>> No.22419113


>> No.22419123

one piece has j subs but terrible pacing. one pace has no j subs but good pacing.

>> No.22419167

one pieces pacing is fine its just very long lol

>> No.22419202

i stopped watching one piece around episode 650 don't think ill ever catch up

>> No.22419215

dont think any story on earth is interesting enough for me to watch that many episodes

>> No.22419224

Have you ever felt like women just don't understand what a nice guy you are? You totally deserve their attention because you're such a gentleman, you'd never let them down, but they just care for jerks? If only they could understand love and dedication, but alas, they are cruel monsters who ignore you at best, and at worst abuse you while playing with your emotions?
If those thoughts seem familiar to you, then maybe this OVA is for you. Also, you might want to consider some different points of view to re-evaluate your life choices.
In what one has to assume a dystopian society, capitalism has found an answer for the lonely men described above: After mixing human and cat DNA, nekos were born into this world. While showing human intelligence in many cases, these cute catgirls will often remind you that they don't understand complex situations and can't act independendly. This is why they are kept as pets, owned by humans who they serve and adore.

One such human is the protagonist. He likes baking and seems to be a half-decent human being if you can say that much about someone who won't let his ill pet die. Other than that he has no character at all, it seems. The catgirls are walking, talking stereotypes. One is bubbly and happy-go-lucky, the other is reserved and cold on the surface - but of course both have a major crush on their "master". They'd do anything to support him, and anything to get closer to him - in more than one way.

To some people this apparently seems like something romantic, and to a certain extent I can understand that it's nice to imagine that someone depends on you, needs you, and wants you. But then again this is not a relationship, this is ownership. The catgirls are treated as people only when it fits, and otherwise are pets. It's basically slavery. Slavery with benefits.

This is the background upon which the story unfolds with its elevator music, sterile backgrounds (probably straight from the VN) and one-dimensional characters. And what a story it is - catgirls love master, master refuses them (for their own good, of course, because he's such a gentleman), but you know how it will turn out in the end. And while the OVA tries to present itself in a cute and romantic fashion, I feel like you have to look away pretty hard to not see the flaws in this blooming relationship. (It may be easier in the VN when you have some distracting H-scenes)

In the end it's a story about how nice it would be if a guy could have obedient, cute slave-girls who are completely dependend on him and love him unconditionally (probably due to conditioning). To me it just seems pathetic - is this really what all the hype is about?

>> No.22419237

i mean thats perfectly fine ur not obligated to watch 20 years of one piece

just watch it while u feel like it

>> No.22419279

didn't read past the first sentence but yea there's a lot of research showing more aggressive men (bullies, sociopaths in hospitals wooing female nurses, etc.) get more women and have more children.

>> No.22419293

>sociopaths in hospitals wooing female nurses
oddly specific example lol

>> No.22419295

ok, give me the name the premise is nice
obedient catgirls ftw

>> No.22419299

i mean
if you just look at the number of love letters serial killers get

>> No.22419304

in my experience single and even not single nurses/hospital workers are down to fuck all the time

>> No.22419341

Yeah I'm on 2.1 thanks anon

>> No.22419389


>> No.22419407

this was really nice, thanks anon

>> No.22419412


>> No.22419420
File: 18 KB, 480x360, tick tock suck my cock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22419425


>> No.22419439

wonder if there will ever be any japanese content that hits me straight in the soul like lotr did tbqh

>> No.22419440

kimetsu no yaiba

>> No.22419442

you are the best poster itt lol

>> No.22419443

you didn't get that feel watching berserk?

>> No.22419450

what we really need is a deck as good as VN Core but with more than 1250 words. Something with 2k-3k would be perfect, not too much like 6k but just enough to almost never use OCR for everyday words

>> No.22419455

wotd: 白兵

>> No.22419456

i hate rtk deck because appparently theres no pictures for after 2k fuck that

>> No.22419457

Why not read LOTR in Japanese?

Just kidding, katakana names are disgusting.

>> No.22419458

Ikr it's so dumb, you learn so much faster when you do your rep every day AND read every day. But people here are constantly debating about only reading or only doing your reps. It never takes me more than 20 minutes to do my reps and I'd love a 3k or 6k VN Core

>> No.22419459

have u tried the epic tale of the devil works at mcdonalds

>> No.22419461

i don't get why 日頃から means what it means

>> No.22419468

why ?

>> No.22419475

don't understand the kara part

>> No.22419480


>> No.22419481

it means that it's normally a shell, thanks me later kiddo

>> No.22419483

i read it as "always from" or i can see the kara being taken from 辛 but i'm not sure

>> No.22419496

nekopara lmfao

>> No.22419499

now that you mention it yea its the same with this word. i know the meaning but i can't tell what the kara part actually does.

>> No.22419503

yep thats a good one

>> No.22419504

what do u think the parts of どうして do

and why is it easier for basically anyone whos watched anime for 10 mins to conceptually get it more or less

>> No.22419510

btw dont answer that the results might shock u haha

anyway my dude ur から hangup is actually just u being crippled for real

>> No.22419511

i don't think these posts help at all

>> No.22419514

it means from

>> No.22419516

how do

>> No.22419522
File: 102 KB, 1326x702, feel the epic win.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im sorry dude if i had a good answer to just make this work for u id give it

the point is i feel like the issue is this is 1 of those things u need to just be unconsciously comfortable with and not think too hard about it its just the way it goes and u gotta feel it

>> No.22419524

u gotta feel it like the way u can feel dostedt

>> No.22419542

don't know why ppl question why shit means shit it just does bro that's it

>> No.22419551

its weird u acquire language but if u sit there and break it apart and try to think about the pieces logically u just start feeling really strange and get like existential crisis and start hyperventilating lmfao

>> No.22419553

its just a trait of people with 3 digit iq dont tire your cumbrain thinking about it

>> No.22419568

enjoy not understanding anything cuz the puzzle pieces don't fit together lol

>> No.22419575

its just the same way i cant explain why english has -al and -ally endings etc it just does and eventually u understand which 1 fits when and where

if standalone then u have to just understand them at face value or smth


>> No.22419609

the day this doesnt make me feel will be the day i know its over

>> No.22419614

Smart people understand that there is no greater meaning to the intricacies of a language but yes, there is a logic
unless its english because anglos are niggers

>> No.22419615

fell asleep to this last night.

>> No.22419621

fell asleep to this last night.

>> No.22419624

well theres a logic in that u know how it fits together intuitively but can u really explain it in a way that is of any real consequence to someone who hasnt acquired the language yet ? idk dude i prolly would have to go to clown college to learn more about that if i was interested

>> No.22419634

hxh guy ftw

this isnt what u fall asleep to its what u wake up to wtf

and i say u cuz i wouldnt babymetal is/was trash woulda been better w.o the shitty little girl idol crap

>> No.22419636
File: 582 KB, 888x642, 1557287145825.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well it was a good run while it lasted. anime is dead already but looks like its corpse is gonna get burned at the fuckin stake

>> No.22419638

anime was already run by jews now they just wanna make it official

>> No.22419657

looking forward to the anime adaptation of that movie that imagines palestinians as a ravenous zombie horde

>> No.22419666
File: 295 KB, 1004x547, 1572396866582.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you are the most
poster in this thread
seriouisly holyshit
you hate lolis
you hate idols
the fuck is wrong with you fuck outta my board

>> No.22419675

i hate the idol industry absolutely

but wrt to babymetal i just think idols shoulda stayed in their lane

anyway this is /djt/ not ur board so feel free to go any time m8

>> No.22419684
File: 30 KB, 736x491, N112_udewobatunisuru_R.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lmao owned

>> No.22419685

pointing out flaws in a show doesn't tell you whether or not it's good. a show could be largely flawless while simultaneously being completely and utterly boring because everything it does is run of the mill.

>> No.22419689

>run of the mill
sounds like a flaw

>> No.22419691

>spending time to learn japanese
>hates everything about japanese culture aside from shonen
not shitposting but why

>> No.22419693

thats right logic doesnt make a show good

what u feel does


>> No.22419699

flip flappers gives me hope anime isnt dead

>> No.22419704

also why looking at anime ratings is retarded

>> No.22419706

their only good song is head banger, and if you don't know japanese then jime dame is good as well

>> No.22419708

yeah bro totally agreed
the legend of korrah is a great anime btw

>> No.22419710

its ok to have shit taste

>> No.22419715

depends. some people like samey shit executed well.

>> No.22419717

shit taste
the og anime ended perfectly

>> No.22419720

the last airbender used to be on my 3x3 i would post on /a/

>> No.22419722

would you say rza is the leader of the wu tang clan

>> No.22419728

its 2019 there aint no more wu tang clan just a buncha old dried up niggas

>> No.22419731

what would happen if i fugg one the princess of the royal family of nippon

>> No.22419738

id be impressed what better way is there to absolutely own japan than to finally end the pure royal bloodline just fuckin blast babies directly into her uterus and bounce

>> No.22419739
File: 454 KB, 720x720, KyokoToshino.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wait guys i'm a little confused does quiz like kyoko or not

>> No.22419741

um shes like 5 so yes obviously he does

>> No.22419746

she is the best girl in that show

>> No.22419747
File: 915 KB, 1028x679, shonibu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yes he is a man of culture unlike you who is only into fat old hags

>> No.22419750

but she'd be even better if she like ayano back and they got into a relationship

>> No.22419752

huh well i hate yuru yuri but at least we agree on this.

>> No.22419754
File: 68 KB, 800x600, tyuu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

excuse me ?

>> No.22419755

wish anime was good

>> No.22419761

*profuse vomit ensues*

>> No.22419762

watch attack on titan the fucking animation is so dope

>> No.22419769

i am a incestfag but since my mom is not a loli i cant fuck her

>> No.22419770


>> No.22419771

dude pls

>> No.22419779

should i say the word out loud when doing reps


should i give a shit about pitch accent

>> No.22419786

i mean if you ever plan on going on japan
i used to think it was useless but japan is a nice place to visit
and i like to be respectful of the culture of the places i visit

>> No.22419794

do u bow to ur elders

>> No.22419799

>should i say the word out loud when doing reps
no, unless you use anime cards then the answer is probably not
>should i give a shit about pitch accent
do you want to speak, if yes then i say yes but dont go autistic on it or youll end up sounding like a gay rich toukyou nip

>> No.22419803

do it if your cards have native audio to imitate
i wouldn't get too hung up on pitch accent, just try to be conscious about when the "drop" occurs
definitely don't fail cards because you got the pitch accent wrong

>> No.22419822

*doesnt bow*

>> No.22419823

no cause it isnt my culture but it IS the culture of my country to ask for the blessings of ur mom/dad grandmother/grandfather
every time you see them, and i do so.

>> No.22419827


also wotd: 羊膜

>> No.22419833

>no, unless you use anime cards then the answer is probably not
I am, so I guess I will
Got it, thank you.

>> No.22419834

i still don't get pitch accent and never fucking will

>> No.22419837


>> No.22419839

can you hear the difference in the clip?

>> No.22419842

No, Brazilian.
It's not a part of the culture i am ashamed tough, to respect your elders is the bare minimum for a decent human being, even criminal respect their elders.

>> No.22419843


>> No.22419849

then you just got pitch accent, congratulations

>> No.22419850

i am domincan and we do that too
i just knew that you had to be from the south of the usa from your description

>> No.22419852


>> No.22419854

i mean that's the important part, just try to be aware of when to drop the voice in certain words
if unsure, say it flat without a drop because that's the most common one

>> No.22419861

got bored of kino no tabi on episode 8 and am too lazy to find another show with jp subs so not gonna do anything today

>> No.22419863


>> No.22419871

i wonder if i could get a japanese gf as a spic

>> No.22419878

yes just go fuckin do it just go stare into a japanese girls eyes till she cant take it anymore and falls in love w. u got dang it dude whats ur problem

>> No.22419880

are u also a manlet

>> No.22419885

idk but what i do know is that spic + nip is a match made in heaven in terms of offspring

>> No.22419886

pedro and tomoko fuckin match made in heaven invite me to the wedding jorge

>> No.22419887

did you guys hear the news? they copied the 3d models from the 3ds titles in the new pokemon game

>> No.22419889

people with eyes knew that months ago

>> No.22419890

wow u mean a japanese company cut corners in creating a product for the sole purpose of maximizing profit ? u dont say lmfao

>> No.22419898

Man I think I said this before but I think music may be one of the most destructive forces in my life. It just messes with my concentration and tires me out. The times I get through the day without opening a song in Youtube or foobar I just feel so much better and I am much more productive. I'll try to keep it silent from now on.

>> No.22419901

music distracts me and i don't like most music so i'm ok not listening to it

>> No.22419906

you'd be fucked if u had spotify premium shit is SO cash

>> No.22419912

i remember my kdr was way higher when blasting calm music in csgo when i was still playing it

>> No.22419915

*crushes ur soul*

>> No.22419916


>> No.22419919

How do RTK friends read 狩人?

>> No.22419921

this i just spend all day listening to babymetal

>> No.22419922

cant play cs with music dude footsteps

>> No.22419925

trust me i was really good

>> No.22419926

oddly enough i woke up today and wondered if ud say karibito or something else for hunter lol

>> No.22419928

You spelled Yui wrong you fuckin retard

>> No.22419930

i feel sorry for your loss

>> No.22419935

you can't be really good without using directional sound, you probably never got above gold nova or just played deathmatch/casual

>> No.22419942

sometimes I think that jamal might be a sympathetic fellow but his stupid advices to newfags and his love for fat old bitches remind me that he is DJT's cancer

>> No.22419943

stfu furfag

>> No.22419946
File: 159 KB, 543x394, cute(wolf).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22419949


>> No.22419952

hes not the doggo guy just the guy that says "stupid advices" and other misc crybaby shit instead of anythnig of any substance lol

>> No.22419956

for me Yui and Kyoko just isn't as good of a pairing man
Yui could very well get by with Kyoko but Ayano is totally in love with Kyoko and it is such a strong and pure love it just makes me wish it was answered and she found happiness
not to say Yui and Kyoko isn't good but it just lacks something that Ayano has

>> No.22419959

lol this dude bought a 4chan pass just so he could post twice in a minute and make people think it's not him wtf

>> No.22419962

seek help dude what the fuck is wrong with you

>> No.22419967

Honestly, I like both pairings, I just think that Yui understand Kyoko more than Ayano and that their relationship is deeper than just a one-sided crush. Anything except Chinatsu would be fine for me desu I hate her so much

>> No.22419968

destroyed again dumbass lol

>> No.22419969 [DELETED] 
File: 58 KB, 368x356, 1572398898258.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rent free
unlike you guys i am not a filthy neet
i have money to make and vaginas to fuck to spend my whole day here lmao kid :)

>> No.22419972

imagine debating which palette swap 12 y.o anime girl is better lmfao

>> No.22419976

You're dumb enough to believe this seriously thanks for the good laugh

>> No.22419977

we should meet and make a video of us dancing this

>> No.22419979

based reply, yuru yuri is trash
damn janny on this guys ass fast. you're gonna get banned soon lol

>> No.22419980

u should go back to ur gaybymetal and idol trash thread imo

>> No.22419988

stfu pedo

>> No.22419989
File: 379 KB, 753x1008, 76769610_p1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dont know why casuals redditors and scum of the earth dislike based china

>> No.22419992

>damn janny on this guys ass fast
yea jamal is on it today. based jamal.

>> No.22419993

i missed it what happened

>> No.22419996
File: 1.61 MB, 390x520, 1496493798186.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

damn i didnt expect mods to be such bigots
i am not even furfagging just posting beastars pics the fuck

>> No.22419998

cuz shes a fuckin obnoxious little turbo dyke and i hope she gets run over by a truck


>> No.22419999

i get so fuckin agnryh

>> No.22420000

it occurred to me since he was getting his hemorrhoids in a bit of a twist over furry kun
nothing just some banal nonsense reply with a furry pic attached

>> No.22420003

maybe u would do better posting beastards here >>>/a/ or here >>>/trash/

>> No.22420004

She's a selfish bitch who bullies Akari and tries to destruct the best pairing, which is Yui/Kyoko

>> No.22420005


>> No.22420011

wtf I love jamal now

>> No.22420012
File: 120 KB, 179x411, 1572397728562.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is literally just a reaction image, stop being so assblasted.

>> No.22420013

gonna punch a wall

>> No.22420016

this: >>22420004
honestly she is just the most destructive bitch in the group with a shitty personality and she even looks dumb

>> No.22420024

i really am needing someone to lick my ass rn

>> No.22420025

yea the pink haired cunt irritated me from like the first episode but like jammie said they're all trash.

>> No.22420026

no fuck you, i need it

>> No.22420027

everyone knows china is worst girl and the redhead onee san is the best

>> No.22420028

just givin u some advice on how to further ur posting career u can do what u wanna do

>> No.22420029

people who post reaction images are usually trash humans

>> No.22420036
File: 58 KB, 535x711, EHvCG8MVAaAERzMC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22420038
File: 94 KB, 317x322, BggXQ7qQB9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22420039

don't think i would last more than 5 mins of yuru yuri or any sol show for that matter (before i get bored and stop watching because they're shit)

>> No.22420040
File: 73 KB, 173x217, 1573253405864.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22420046

must consume all sol shows

>> No.22420050

>oh no the bad!mods are going to ban me
>its literally too hard to reset my ip
>or to use a fuckin vpn
based retards

>> No.22420051

idk how ppl can get like obsessed with it and like talk about which of them they like and shit like when i watched it like every episode was just me vegging out for 20 mins w. some fluffy trash anime

jsut a nice way to pass the time

theres just not enough substance for anything in it 2 be a talking point ever

>> No.22420052
File: 1.21 MB, 754x1066, 三ツ星カラーズ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i agree but you are clearly in need of a good sol

>> No.22420055

the only thing that keeps me going is that i can understand a bit more every time but yea this shit is bottom of the barrel. so awful. a ton of shows have some aspect of sol to them so shows which are primarily sol are like those other shows but with everything interesting stripped from them.

>> No.22420059


>> No.22420061

ppl who talk about yuruyuri are basically the same level of retarded as ppl who talk about chiis sweet home

>> No.22420065

liked it when hamtaro rode his wheel after all

>> No.22420068

why would u be that much of a tryhard tho clearly ur posts are terrible if u need to do that so why not do something about that first

>> No.22420075

why are you trying to dictate what people should talk about man
this is the same as with masturbation and porn and most topics we talk about
you pretend to be this free dude who doesn't give a fuck but in reality you are the most authoritative personality in this thread who wants it all his own way

>> No.22420077

just dont think its youre place to call anyone tarded

>> No.22420079
File: 404 KB, 1278x960, 125b329360727971e52f0580447c365f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22420083
File: 328 KB, 1076x998, Screenshot_20191113-190614_Discord.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22420085

he didnt tell anybody what they should talk about just called them retards for doing so

>> No.22420087
File: 136 KB, 500x477, 1566616196966.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22420088

u misunderstand im not telling u not to do it

after all who would i shit on if every1 did what i liked

thats the beauty of it all

>> No.22420090

shitposting is a integral and important part of my daily life

>> No.22420091

is this unironic? sounds like something a literal child would say lol

>> No.22420094

i think within 10 years there should be a canon relationship

>> No.22420095

calm down qm, with your 即位 you have now the power to destroy anyone with a single post like that. use ur new powers wisely

>> No.22420097


u need to learn the art of the shit post yung grasshoppa

>> No.22420100

he's being serious i believe

>> No.22420104

lmfao https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAgi18qfm5Q

>> No.22420107

hunt person

>> No.22420108

wow and ppl in this thread used to complain how i write my posts

how can u even stand to be on discord w. this guy

>> No.22420109

you dont need to like it, in fact its good that you dont like since the art of shitpost is to shit on threads
if you shitpost hard enough to make good posters leave then u did a good job

>> No.22420113

not like i don't bully him for posting shit like that

>> No.22420114

akari is gonna be ok

>> No.22420115

I love this passage so much, people not understanding that it's bitter sweet humour are real retards. If Yuru Yuri makes you sad you're not just enough of an intellectual to appreciate how elaborate it is

>> No.22420118

nothing wrong with that post simply sharing my honest thoughts

>> No.22420124

imagine the state of qm's social skills lol

>> No.22420130
File: 452 KB, 1080x1424, Screenshot_20191113-191221_Discord.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i should have posted the full thing

>> No.22420131

Stop talking about SoL.

>> No.22420136
File: 679 KB, 1350x1920, ゆるゆり_14_026.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yea i think the same thing frequently

>> No.22420157

yah i really enjoyed the chips


>> No.22420198

if i see that nigga jamal in the street just know it’s on sight

>> No.22420207

thinking about inserting my penis inside a woman

>> No.22420212

thinking about having sex with my hand

>> No.22420213

it's cool to have dreams anon

>> No.22420227

at this rate it will only be a dream

>> No.22420236

remember to pay women for the emotional labor of having sex with you

>> No.22420239

>how can u even stand to be on discord w. this guy
aren't you both in your discord?

>> No.22420244

remember to repent and find Christ

>> No.22420253


>> No.22420258

lol quiz has never even seen a pussy in real life

>> No.22420262


>> No.22420264

you'd be surprised

>> No.22420265

neither did you, moe, or i

>> No.22420270

your mother doesn't count

>> No.22420271
File: 164 KB, 403x451, 8SIvFb2pMl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22420276

I'm not a virgin anon

>> No.22420277


>> No.22420285

i mean i wanna trust you but this being 4channel ...

>> No.22420286

>bar shows buffer 30 minutes out
>buffers at 5 minutes
how is this legal

>> No.22420290

did you have sex with a fat girl be honest

>> No.22420291

Sometimes I still think about this anon who was bragging a few months ago about his korean gf who made him ice coffee while he did his reps. I hope they broke up and that his life is as pathetic as mine now

>> No.22420293

this is the real issue i'm facing nowadays

>> No.22420296

I have nothing to prove

I have had sex with fat girls before

>> No.22420300

That's a shitty thing to wish for someone.

>> No.22420303

thats gross dude

>> No.22420315

even if that did happened good times are still good times even when they are no longer

>> No.22420324
File: 41 KB, 497x500, 1566279755435.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tfw no qt3.14jpgf who helps you acquire nihongo

>> No.22420327

honestly the best uppercase post in months made me laugh

>> No.22420330 [DELETED] 
File: 90 KB, 526x701, 1484159426265.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22420338

i guess technically but no1 talks in there so its not the same

sometimes u gotta fuck the fat chick so every1 can have a good time ive fallen on the grenade too my dude

>> No.22420347


>> No.22420348

being a furry is an acquired taste

>> No.22420354

yiff in hell furfaggot

>> No.22420355

alt f4 out of there at the 2s mark

>> No.22420359

lmao just the vid title is all that matters dont actually watch it cuz i didnt

>> No.22420364

yeah because you need to force your body to "like" that shit through expose
almost like alcohol

>> No.22420368

or eating ass

>> No.22420372

alcohol is for two digit iq peeps tho furries are hotondo 医者s and stuff

>> No.22420376

i bet moe has a crush on one of his high school classmates

>> No.22420378


>> No.22420381


>> No.22420382
File: 48 KB, 601x338, キャプチャ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ok i lied

i cant fuckin help myself


jesus cripes bros dont ever become this crippled plz

>> No.22420385

one more day and i've finally finished yuru yuri.

>> No.22420386

wish me and moe could spit roast his high school crush together

>> No.22420389


>> No.22420390

his the fake jamal who used to beat Quizzie-chan still posting in those threads ? He seemed to be the only one here to actually know japanese

>> No.22420400

the guy who knows japanese will be the guy that finishes 100 vinnies it's all routes tho so qm has to start from ichi

>> No.22420403

you mean makopi/jamal-fan?
he isn't posting here anymore afaik
btw I think you are overestimating him and maybe it's a bit rude but I don't think he was much (or at all) better than me in any metric except reading kanji in kanken level 1 and pre-1

>> No.22420407

knowing moe its probably some blond haired tanned
>white girl
lmao it would be so easy ill feel sorry for her and moe

>> No.22420409

there's nothing deep about japanese bro it's just a communication tool near- cavemen chinese were scribbling down almost the same shit on turtle shells 3000 yrs ago lmfao

>> No.22420410

yeah I was thinking of him. Didn't mean to disrespect you by saying that tho, you still know japanese more than 99% of the retards posting here, me include

>> No.22420414

>Didn't mean to disrespect you

>> No.22420415

if moetard is a self hating woman i claim first goaround line starts here boys u snooze u lose

>> No.22420417

yeah I just realized how retarded it sounds too

>> No.22420421

nigga 3 at a time gonna make that bitch airtight

>> No.22420426

sorry i dont do none of that u guys can do that after my turn

>> No.22420427

i'll claim second just so i can not touch her
but heal her instead, i'll turn moe into a nun instead

>> No.22420430

we're gonna make quiz eat your cum out of moes snatch

>> No.22420434


>> No.22420437

you'd have to stop him from doing that

>> No.22420439

wtf is quiz really into that shit

>> No.22420448

post the elf

>> No.22420457

he was talking on his discord on how he was having cuckold fantasies that ended with him eating the guys cum out of the girls pussy

>> No.22420461

meant to quote

>> No.22420466

same difference honestly

>> No.22420467


>> No.22420470

plz bro ur gonna take someones eye out with that shit

>> No.22420495


>> No.22420501


>> No.22420507
File: 609 KB, 828x1435, R7AqCX0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22420522


>> No.22420528

is that u quiz

>> No.22420529


>> No.22420534

when need a namefag who posts as much as jamal except only in japanese. it would unironically start a revolution and save this thread

>> No.22420539


>> No.22420540

this isn't the japanese thread it's the japanese learning thread take that dumb shit to /int/

>> No.22420546

no it wouldnt it would be effectively like a twitter bot every1 ignores

>> No.22420566

this already happened once but all it resulted in was revealing that nobody here knows Japanese

>> No.22420567

japanese just isn't as funny a language as english it's inflexible id never browse a jp community

>> No.22420575

yeah sure. only 5% of imoutos posts even get a reply
and of those 5% 80% tell her to stop using hiragana

>> No.22420579

wtf japanese is more flexible than english

>> No.22420587

lol imagining ppl trying to decide imoutos posts with a texthooker and selecting all the different options from the kana to find the words

>> No.22420591




>> No.22420593

thats exactly whats going on

>> No.22420595

u can't say im finna go hit a lick in japanese bro u can't say it's on sight u cant even say we about it

>> No.22420598


>> No.22420604


>> No.22420615

this is better

>> No.22420620

I've been reading every day for five months and the only words I truly learned are 下さい 忘れるare 冒険者 wtf you guys lied to me when you said that I only had to read more to learn new vocabulary, I learned at least ten words a day with anki while I just see words a bunch of time and don't memorize them when I read

>> No.22420625


>> No.22420627

if u watched ur 10000 hours of eng subbed anime like i told u ud be gettin so many words

>> No.22420632

use your brain differently when reading

>> No.22420633

you either haven't read enough or your brain needs to get checked out by a professional

>> No.22420637

Do esls understand black english?

>> No.22420644

this is like the most vague answer ever

I don't have any memory problem tho. I can learn poems and quotes by heart and I didn't had any problems learning english. Also, I really remember well my vocabulary when I use Anki

I already watched a lot of anime and I know it won't help me with reading come on I won't guess the reading or the meaning of kanjis if I've just heard a bunch of japanese for thousand of hours

>> No.22420647

i doubt it, since it's not something that they are exposed to unless they live with or around poor black americans

>> No.22420654

4+ hours of anime 2+ hours of reading 2+ hours of passive listening/music or whatever <15 minutes of anki reviewing every day or you are gay

>> No.22420657

took me 8 hours to get through 1 hour of anime so no.

>> No.22420682

clicking that fuckin good news bunneh link right the FUck now

>> No.22420690

thats only half good news but thats the best ur ever gonna get in japan

>> No.22420693
File: 169 KB, 675x521, q.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tfw you will never take your daughter to see a bunch of bunnies, and see her smile

>> No.22420694

i just noticed, all the bad shit happens in tohoku

>> No.22420697

what about 1 hour of anime + 2 hours of reading + 10 minutes of anki + all the day listening to nip music

when i went to ny i could not understand black people at all. its like they speak with their mouth full

>> No.22420699

once again i gave my best to find it

>> No.22420701

i want to work for ann news and tell them what the goofy white ppl are saying lol

>> No.22420706

i just tried testing myself on n3/n2 kanji readings. 17/125 words either failed or left unresponded.
should i go back to grinding?

>> No.22420710

ive been to the bunny island it's nice

>> No.22420713

i dont think its that hard to do that

>> No.22420714

american cheese is shit

>> No.22420718

you need to find someone to have sex with to have a daughter

>> No.22420720

they're not legally allowed to call it cheese

>> No.22420724


>> No.22420725

are we not just pretending to be incels here

>> No.22420727

相手の尻穴もちゃんとたっぷり舐めないとnot gonna make it

>> No.22420736

training for the readings quiz feels 辛ful.

>> No.22420749

I thought we were all ugly and had no friends and that is why we have so many time to learn japanese

>> No.22420750

I put ketchup on tacos

>> No.22420753

wotd - 上海

>> No.22420754

i sometimes just cook some pasta and eat with with ketchup without any seasoning

>> No.22420757

i put miso paste & pecorino on oatmeal
it takes kinda like macaroni with cheese

>> No.22420759

wtf savages

>> No.22420762

oatmeal with cheese doesn't taste that bad

>> No.22420763

I put slices of cheese on top of my pancakes

>> No.22420764

eating a can of chef boyardees spaghetti-ohs w. meatballs and dunking a banana into it

>> No.22420767

theres nothing wrong with doing any of these and ur not quirky

>> No.22420768

lolis are necessary to build the contrast against the main dish called cows

>> No.22420770

anybody here eat 卵掛けoatmeal?

>> No.22420772

you are despicable but honestly it would be worst if you'd put ketchup in your kebab

>> No.22420776

stew squad
squad up!

>> No.22420779

i often spread marmite+vegemite on tortillas/naan

>> No.22420781

i put peanut butter on mine. ez calories

>> No.22420788

i love stew, but i hate spending half-an-hour cutting up vegetables

>> No.22420789

sometimes i buy some stew meat and a bunch of veggies and a big jar of gravy and dump it all in my slow cooker and eat like a king for a few days

then its back to top ramen and lunchables

>> No.22420798

oatmeal+frozen vegetables+a fried egg is cheaper than lunchables

>> No.22420802


>> No.22420804

im a big fan of the japanese curry packs you get. very easy to make a nice japanese curry.

>> No.22420812
File: 214 KB, 720x540, Detective Conan ep200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

only 759 episodes to go

>> No.22420814

cut the egg and you'd be health as fuck

>> No.22420817

quiet down we are talking about food

>> No.22420820

egg yolks have lots of vitamins (including b12, which can't be found in vegetables)

>> No.22420824

was dozing off so now im drinking a iced coffee

gotta do what u gotta do for ur japanese learning

>> No.22420825 [DELETED] 

every human produces b12

>> No.22420826

just make your oatmeal with oat milk. fortified with b12. ez.

>> No.22420834

absolute madman

>> No.22420838

eggs have brotein too, so i doubt i'd wanna completely cut that off

>> No.22420843

doesnt matter how healthy u eat after a point ur just gonna get cancer anyway

>> No.22420849

why not just nut in ur oatmeal that has oat milk for the extra protein if thats ur issue

>> No.22420862

wouldn't that be selfcest?

>> No.22420864

idk dude i just think its retarded if u waste ur own perfectly good protein

>> No.22420872

wow amazing joke and comedy dude just amazing

>> No.22420880

you should go vegan though. there's no moral justification for being non vegan in the west.

>> No.22420888


>> No.22420893

i love how i was eating some professional flan during this talk

>> No.22420895

why should I stop to do something I love ? And moreover, what will it change when there a billions of Indians and Chinese who are starting to eat meat at every meal to show their new wealth ? If you're thinking in moral terms then you're a dumbass

>> No.22420896

u can have some too dude if u want

>> No.22420903

why would anyone waste their time with pathetic human cum when horse jizz has way more protein

>> No.22420909

Read the OP before posting, please. This is the Japanese Learning Thread. I didn't sign up to watch your half-baked stand-up comedy gig.

>> No.22420911

>why should I stop to do something I love ?
so if i love raping babies i should think it's fine to keep doing it? we've moved beyond other animals as a species and no longer act on "what we love" alone. are you gonna start eating dogs too cause chinese do it?

>> No.22420926

if you're comparing animals with babies you're a complete retard. You can do anything that doesn't hurt any human or its property, so I can eat meat because I love it but I can't rape babies even in a situation where I'd crave for it

>> No.22420929

i mean if u wanna eat horse skeet more power to u i just settle for it cuz its the easiest choice like eating a lunchable

? write ur post in japanese so we can see some fully baked comedy amigo

>> No.22420931

raping babies isn't morally wrong in-itself
the reason why dogs aren't eaten in western countries is mostly a matter of habit.

>> No.22420932

i disagree but westerns really do need to cut down heavily on the cheap meat and eat meat good non factory farm stuff.
my family had a tradition back in homeland to get a hog from a local farmer and cook it whole for christmas, best meat i'd ever had

>> No.22420935

morality is subjective though.

>> No.22420939

Baki >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> horse excrement >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> shonen >>>>> naruto >>>>>>>>> HxH

>> No.22420941

>raping babies isn't morally wrong
yea you sound completely sane and reasonable

>> No.22420942

hume approves of this post

>> No.22420946

thats subjective

>> No.22420951

if dogs tasted good and were healthy then whats the problem

>> No.22420952

in comparison to what?

>> No.22420953

yea that's why talking about what's moral or not is meaningless we actually just don't know. even everything i'm saying in this post is meaningless.

>> No.22420958

>You can do anything that doesn't hurt any human or its property
eating meat contributes to climate change which will destroy our planet thereby killing off humanity, ergo you can't eat meat. qed. i recommend lentil curry bro

>> No.22420966

>which will destroy our planet
lol no it won't it'll just make crops lower quality and increase the cost of living in places.

>> No.22420967

>not understanding "truth is subjectivity"

>> No.22420968

if we ate the rich we wouldnt have gotten ourselves into this mess

>> No.22420977

nothing exists until a human deems it so

we are basically gods creating our own universe

pretty awesome stuff

>> No.22420978


>> No.22420981

>ate the rich
do you browse /leftypol/, jamal?

>> No.22420982

you're really retarded if you believe this. It's not the fact that you're eating meat that contributes to climate change, it's intensive livestock production. If you eat local meat, if you don't eat meat in every meal or if you kill and eat the animals that you raised yourself then it's fine. Also, most of the vegetarian substitute or tofu is destroying our biodiversity by relying on intensive croppings

>> No.22420983

i think you're underestimating the potential impact of global climate change if it continues at this rate.

>> No.22420986

>lentil curry

>> No.22420988

lmao he was right

>> No.22420990

thats really kantian bro

>> No.22420991

>if it continues at this rate
which it won't. so the worst that's gonna happen is worse crops and more parasites in certain places and other dumb shit that on the whole won't really matter.

>> No.22420996


>> No.22421001

destruction of our biodiversity matters tho. A lot of bugs and birds are dying and it's because of our intense production of food which is unnatural

>> No.22421003

idk who hume is but he's probably a faggot.

>> No.22421007

I guess you live in a big city then, I don't see why I shouldn't eat my own chickens or my own rabbits, or the fish that lives in my pond

>> No.22421008

for my next anime should i watch
kimagure orange
shugo chara
or kami nomi zo shiru sekai

>> No.22421011

lol i said in the west bro not bumfuck argentina or whatever shithole you live in

>> No.22421012

sometimes the earth suffers from mass extinction events and sometimes it suffers from minor extinction events like what humans are causing. not a big deal. this is just fear mongering.

>> No.22421013

だねwww (´・ω・`)

>> No.22421014

i wish we could go back to the moment that guy posted the bunneh vid

that was the most joy ive felt from these threads in weeks

>> No.22421015
File: 67 KB, 509x270, 3304.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

man today was terrible

>> No.22421016

1 and 3 are both good choices

>> No.22421023

dude the united states is made of country side, we don't all live in NY. Btw I live in France and it's one of the most rural country of the EU too. You've just proved how much of a retard you are

yeah but this one is not natural

>> No.22421026

>yeah but this one is not natural
why on earth is the distinction between what humans are causing and what the solar system causes relevant

>> No.22421028


>> No.22421029

actually humans are part of nature dude

it is unfortunately natural

theres nothing in this universe that is actually unnatural lol

>> No.22421037

except this guys japanese >>22420978

never smart mouth me again

>> No.22421042

Philosophically, human is not a part of nature because even in his garden he lives in an artificially arranged nature. You can't deny his impact like this

>> No.22421043
File: 3 KB, 181x89, 1549762419804.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lmao nice language goblin is a fucking verb

>> No.22421046

tfw cant tell why its bad

>> No.22421052

if humans not part of nature then why is it that when the planet dies the humans die

hmmm bet thats not in ur thousands of years old fairy tale book is it

>> No.22421054

>because even in his garden he lives in an artificially arranged nature
nature rearranging nature is still nature

>> No.22421056

just closed my eyes and imagined my dick getting sucked by a woman and i could actually feel it for a split second wtf is this sorcery

>> No.22421063

get a becky fleshlight and u will start freaking out when u do this

>> No.22421070

nah dude were gonna have so much space junk in orbit we will have trapped our idiot selves in

a demonstration of the most epic self own in the universe

planetes is a good anime

>> No.22421071

wtf i found moe https://streamable.com/agg20

>> No.22421075

you could take it further and develop a tulpa to fuck you

>> No.22421077

planetes is the best space anime for many reasons

>> No.22421087

no way thats what he aspires to be

>> No.22421112

wym, thats what he already is

>> No.22421114

oh no he looks like a friend of mine

>> No.22421118

im saying hes a gimmick a character but not really the way he seems

>> No.22421122

sick banjo music

>> No.22421124

moe is too much of a generic 4chan loser to be real

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