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i love yuyuko!

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to eat pizza pie

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We need more yuyuko vore art

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I wish I could call her "mama" as she strokes my hair.
Thinking about the sloppy licking sounds she's going to make while she's sucking them into her mouth, swirling them around a bit, and then swallowing them has got me rock hard.

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calm down, my dude.

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Sleeping in the same bed as Yuyuko-mama and Youmu-oneechan!

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I watched an ad with a giantess when I was a kid, similar to these ones: https://youtu.be/-j0Gr9RiXrs
Together with the vore scene from Men in Black (https://youtu.be/kJ_78H2cvTE), they awakened some dark fetishes in my innocent mind.
>pic related

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Getting vore'd by a giant Yuyuko-mama and getting safely ejected from her system after about a half a day!

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It's dark, it's quiet, it's soft, it's warm, and as she goes about her day the movement of her body will gently cradle you. Sounds like the perfect way to just rest for a while, away from any distraction.

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Well, at least there is someone.

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every minute every second

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nows the time to buy into Yuyuko!

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NO! She’s going lower! You lose!

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The Prismrivers sure are a one hit wonder

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Sandwiching Yuyuko together with Youmu!

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damn, sanae sure must have bee tired in 2010

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i want big yuyu to come to my town

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I want Yuyuko to sit on me and fart while i’m struggling to breath

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While we're at this topic, I'd rather climb into her vagina and spend some time in her womb. Then I wouldn't have to move through her digestive system and could come out whenever I decided to, myself.

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>getting safely ejected from her system
I'm not sure about that, anon! It might burn a little!

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With that, you're free to leave whenever you want, indeed.
But why would you?

Despite how complex it would seem to adapt for living inside the womb with only one small ventilation slit, you'd be getting more nutritions than any's mother's unborn child.
Having fun poking her belly while she thinks it's her yesterday's overeating outcome!
You'd be holding tight to every crevice of her cherry tree while she comically tries getting you out with her fingers, ending it with gushing you with more of 'er love juices

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Eirin could probably do something about that and then you'd find yourself in a world of hurt!

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Giantess is amazing

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>you'd find yourself in a world of hurt
I don't mind Eirin-sensei being my obstetrician.

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Oh really, wat a co inky dink!!!

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I want to paint it black

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my wife looks beautiful in black!

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Your wife is /jp/'s paizuri slave

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Fuck you

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Yuyuko's ten desires:

1: To eat Mystia
2: To eat shark fin soup
3: To eat caviar
4: To eat sushi
5: To eat pizza
6: To eat meatbuns
7: To eat Kuroge Wagyuu beef
8: To eat Hakata Ramen
9: To eat pizza pie
10: To "eat" Youki

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okay thats a lewd yuyuko

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She's drunk.

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Yuyu got a hip and trendy accessory, but everyone keeps giving her strange looks when she's wearing it. Does it look weird?

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Yes it does, this silly ghost should clearly tighten it so it actually wraps around her neck!!

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Me too

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Sexy dead titties

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Her milk will go right through ya!

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Imagine the flavor

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Hard to imagine when Yuyuko basically eats anything that moves

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I want to fuck this ghost

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yuyuko need to be forcefeed

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With proteins!

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Can't force the willing

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Touhouvania Yuyuko is incredible.

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yes! being forced to sniff mommy ghost's stinky braps

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Why are Yuyuko's thread dying so fast ? Is it because she's the ghost princess or because this board doesn't give her enough love ?

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Youmu keeps pushing her off the board.

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But why ? I thought they loved each other a lot

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It's seems that she isn't very popular compared to other 2hus, i think we could change that

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carry the ghost?

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they do but youmu is just a servant

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Youmus BUTT

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Is there no end to her hunger? Poor Youmu.

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Why not yuyuko's butt?

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SMELLY, i know because mommy yuyuko forces me to sleep by sitting on my face every night!

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Youmu will protect Yuyuko and her thread !

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She's slacking at her job, mate.

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She's not doing a very good job

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sh-she's tdoing her best, okay ?

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Those are some fat tidders

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File: 510 KB, 770x985, __saigyouji_yuyuko_touhou_drawn_by_moisture_chichi__ee4422bcacff5e4af14c48732d0a8af3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

there is where goes all the fat of what she eats

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File: 215 KB, 1200x743, __saigyouji_yuyuko_and_yakumo_yukari_touhou_drawn_by_diisuke__d9f0134420e2ae9194a25774b82cd4c8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ah yes, the fat

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File: 544 KB, 631x938, __saigyouji_yuyuko_touhou_drawn_by_ebi_193__3928657bef3ca557d43def659cdb6e9b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

all turned into ghostly milk

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and yet, it tastes dry

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Sure that's not ectoplasm?

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I want to drink from both of her nipples at the same time

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