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Umehara Daigo is holding a 17-step mahjong tournament (mostly fighting gamers, but also one mahjong pro) on his stream in few minutes.

The rules are the same as in Kaiji (mangan hand required, 3 minutes to build the hand).

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The stream seems to be late, so here's an archive of Umehara practicing on an app yesterday.

And to give some background why pro fighting game players are suddenly doing mahjong, Umehara, Bonchan, and Nyanshi (the boss of Topanga) met while working at mahjong parlors back when playing games didn't earn you any money.
Umehara also tried to make a career as a mahjong pro during between quitting fighting games and becoming a nurse (before getting back to fighting games with SF4), but he ended up quitting despite apparently being pretty strong. He is also a big fan of FKMT series, having read everything from Ten to Kaiji and Gin to Kin to Kurosawa.

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The stream started.

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I wish this was more popular on the jay

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Missed the stream, but I'll check out the VOD. Thanks.

Mahjong used to be bigger here; when mahjong soul came around it ended up moving to /v/, and now /vg/.

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Anyone go to the US Professional Mahjong League meetup in New York today?

I did and it was pretty neat, I got first place one game

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