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Can this be a thing?

My thoughts:
- It's the intersection of gambling and pinball I always wanted in my life
- I can't read Japanese so sometimes figuring out what I'm supposed to do is difficult
- My favorite machine is Symphogear (which I do sort of have figured out). Prefer 1/199 version to 1/99, just so the jackpots are a little more valuable (but also so it doesn't take all dang day long to hit one like at 1/319)
- I have to bring earplugs, those pachinko halls are dang loud
- I like the (few) non-smoking halls; Maruhan has a couple non-smoking options, one in Dotonbori and one in Shinjuku
- I tend to stick with 1JPY/ball, when I've gone 4JPY it just hasn't gone well. Most I've won in a single session was about 5500JPY.
- Other anime based machines that are fun: Nisemonogatari, Madoka, the latest Urusei Yatsura.
- I saw a Maison Ikkoku machine last time I was there, that's pretty different?!

Discuss amongst yoursellllllves

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Isn't that for old japanese men?

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honestly I'd rather do horse betting instead.
pachinko halls are loud and full of smoke.

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I like pinball, but pachinko doesn't appeal to me at all since they aren't even trying to disguise how they are just digitally controlled slot machines. It's good for anime franchises that are able to survive because of pachinko money and at least you have chance of winning something (unlike gatcha apps), but even as a hobby it sucks because of >>22394860.

If they were all analog like old school machines they would be interesting, but that would mean people with skill could win consistently and that doesn't cut for gambling operators (which is why Pajatso disappeared from Finland as well).

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pachinko more like pachinpo

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