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Hi guys, I spent the last 3 hours making this mathematical equation because i'm sick of people fighting about who's waifu is the best

I will give some examples and I would appreciate if you gave me some more waifus with their respective values in P, K, A and S

Some help refining this formula would also be very appreciated

Really, I promise I made this

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So, Rem for example, I think these would be some nice values for her
P= 8
A= 8
K= 1
S= 9
So the final points would be 427.5 points, high tier waifu, but not perfect

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Ok so where's your mathematical proof.

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So, I originally used P for the size of the boobs, as the 2 squared was used for the area and balanced dividing it by 2, ergo, the amount of boos, but I realized personality worked just as well if not better with the same procedure

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The probability of the gayness directly divides the quality of the drawing, because as we know traps are gay and gay is no good in a waifu, finally it's all divided by the sex appeal, which is the determining factor of the smashing chance of a waifu

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show your work for partial credit

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You're a long ways from Q.E.D.

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Why is A on a scale from 1-100%
A maximum in quality would set Q to 50 at the maximum, not 500.
Unless you mean for A to be from 1-10.

Why does sex appeal/how beautiful she is lower quality?

Why would a lower probability of having a dick increase the quality? At a 1% chance of having a dick, this also sets the maximum quality to 5,000 (assuming A is supposed to be a percent), or 50,000 (assuming A is supposed to be from 1-10).

This isn't as well thought out as I'd've hoped. I think you should start from simpler, more grounded ideas.

For example, pic related is how you should approach this, in my humble opinion.

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Also why does the scale go from positive infinity, to 500, to positive infinity (again)?

The minimum value for Q should be 0.0005 (assuming A and K are percentages) or 0.005 (assuming they're from 1-10).

And the maximum values should be 5,000 or 50,000.

Not seeing where you're getting infinity from since you set the scales to be 1 or 1% at minimum.

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And you shouldn't call it a "waifu""meter" since I assume you're misusing the term "waifu" to be synonymous with "feminine anime character."
It's not "-meter" either since it doesn't measure anything, it computers a value from already measured results.

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Since we're talking about a biological system with a high water content, quality depends on temperature and pressure, for starters. Although some adjustments would be necessary to make quality values more appealing, as most gilrls would have a very low absolute quality.

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quality autism

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This isn't autism. This is a shoddy half-assed attempt at humor that took OP probably 15 minutes to make.

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unironically using word waifu

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Why is S in the denominator? When it's in the denominator you get an inverse relationship between S and Q. This means as sex appeal goes up, quality goes down which doesn't make a lot of sense. Shouldn't they be directly proportional meaning that if sex appeal increases, then so should quality? Also why isn't your leftmost infinity negative inf? Having an interval for Q from (-inf, inf) doesn't even make sense according to your limitations on the variables that Q depends on. Your interval for Q should be [0.0005,5000]. Come on OP, you can do better than this.

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A and S are fucking retarded.
Your list is asinine.
Why am I replying to bait.

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I think you meant to use A = 80. Multiply your result by 10 to correct for this.

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That would give 284, not 427.5, and >>22309203 explicity said that A = 8.

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You don't need a mathematical equation to determine that OP's Waifu is shit.

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OP, you coward answer to your crimes.

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E/a/ic m/a/me, /a/ro.

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>quality of the drawing
>how beautiful
>only very objective values
not well defined, try again.

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janni trannies fission yournamehere cygnus suck cock for a living

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