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22 days later... I am... forgotten...

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that's what it gets for being effortless gachashit with next to zero gameplay

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Is it really that bad? Do the Japanese still play it in droves?

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wait it launched? I expected a lot more noise around here when it drops but I guess nobody actually cared apart from shitposting...

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go back to /v/ you spamming autist

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There was a thread. The only people that cared were the ones that hated the idea of a touhou gacha.

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What a surprise that the only retard who still cares about it used /v/ memes

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fuck off /v/

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They shat in the game for how it isn’t even Touhou
They fucking decimated it and the people involved in its creation

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It’s a gacha and even looking at the footage it sucks. There’s reasons why people dislike it and I don’t blame them. Fuck aniplex and fuck fateniggerd

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It only has worth as a source of music and pictures, but you cant even force the game to download all the assets so the only way to actually hear all the music is to unlock it

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You can listen to the music on YouTube and look at the art on your search engine of choice.

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I was just thinking about downloading it...

I was blissfully ignorant.

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Speaking of, I'm pretty sure someone already uploaded most(?) of it to panda.

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But those are cannonball exclusives.

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And you're assuming nobody's ripped them already. Mobage or not it's still a game and people definitely have ripped the music to put all over YouTube for views and likes.

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/jp/ is a lost word board

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>lost word
Can you at least wait until it's out to shill it?

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If I wanted to play a gacha game for some reason, should I try this?

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