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ZUN suddenly contacts you and asks if you have any suggestions for the plot of the next Touhou game. What do you reply?

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no u

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small army of idiots end up in gensokyo simultaniously, incident begins while one half tries to get as much human tech as possible and the other half tries to lead the outsiders out before the nearby city has a notable dip in population

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Everyone turns into futas! They never actually solve the problem and the game ends with everyone getting along like usual!

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sorry im dont play 2hu im into other threads here

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an all-trumpet soundfont

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Touhou 5.5: Mima fucking dies.

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Sanae, a rookie of the MORIYA special operations unit. She is sent by her superior Kanako Yasaka to the fortress in Gensokyo known as Scarlet Devil Mansion, with the goal of finding the missing squad member MORIYA and investigating a weapon known as Spellcard Gear. However, after Sanae unexpectedly completes his goals, Kanako is revealed to be the leader of SDM which she has created as a place for fairies to fight free of any ideology that he believes has been forced upon them by spellcard rules.

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CtC becomes canon

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It weeds out the weak

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teamup game

reimu / yukari
marisa / okina
tenshi / kasen
clowpi / heca

Final boss is Rajin + Fujin

Game takes place mostly on stormy seas

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suika / kasen*

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something interesting happens

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Something something playable Reisen

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This but unironically.

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Unironically leave /jp/.

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boobhu incident

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whatever as long as it is in gensokyo, you did worldbuilding since years yet almost every game ends up in another bullshit alternate dimension

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Protagonists invade the moon.

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This but also unironically.

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hina for extra stage

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Alice gets a speaking role.

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Buzz Aldrin

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Eternity breaks into the shrine and sets Mima free.

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Stage 1 boss: Feethu
Stage 2 boss: Shotahu
Stage 3 boss: Futahu
Stage 4 mid: Lily White
Stage 4 boss: Smellhu
Stage 5 boss: Unwashedvaghu
Stage 6 boss: Diaperhu
Ex boss: Rumia, as a vorehu

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Playable Misa.

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My bad.

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An incident turns all the characters into yukkuris, and they have to solve it while struggling against their drastically reduced intelligence and compulsion to do nothing but take it easy.

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Sounds like a solid survival game

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After years of continued neglect and domestic abuse that made his older sister leave her family behind years ago, Marisa’s little brother snaps and goes on a rampage, burning down the Human Village.

Having studied, obsessed, and learned the same magic that captivated his sister when they were children, he aims to exact revenge against Marisa for having abandoned him when he needed her the most.

He begins his edgy quest for vengeance by stealing powerful artifacts such as Gungnir, the Sword of Kusanagi, the Miracle Mallet, the Rod of Remorse, and the Hourai Elixir to become strong enough to destroy Gensokyo.

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I would make my marriage canon

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Aah sorry, I no speak Japanese, yes, see you later.

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Fuck that, I want a new CD.

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Space Zin CBTouhouverse made canon

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It's only been a few years, maybe next year.

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I'd tell him the only thing I want is another robot Touhou, hell maybe a make it steampunk, modern, futuristic doesn't matter just make a robot Touhou
It sucks Ruukoto is the only robo Touhou in the series

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The border between playful bro banter and pure faggotry has been weakening and many couples of old friends in Gensokyo have gone FULL GAY after getting their manliness stolen.

Reimu, Marisa and Sakuya follow a trail of teared men underwear to an old gym to find all the ruckus is because someone very special is about to revive.

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good post

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The player is an obese, unwashed NEET unexpectedly dropped into Gensokyo, and he must locate, catch, and inseminate Luna Child.

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Some faggot on the internet made a template thread using your face. I ought to fucking shoot him.

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a touhou old xcom game.
you (reimu) and your friends (marisa, sakuya, sanae, youmu etc) arrive onto accident locations to exterminate fairies and other youkais.

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>suggestions for the plot of the next Touhou game.
How about NO?
He lost his talent long ago. Time to face it and let it go.

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18+ VN about Reimu and Genji's relationship.

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Bring Letty back as a misboss for another yuki-onna character with more traditional Japanese clothing

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touhou: battle royale

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The technological advancement in Gensokyo is rapidly increasing!
And by that I mean for some reason there are a bunch of Outside World gadgets and trinkets found in people's house, apparently swapped with something of theirs. Since many of it still requires expertise, and in some cases electric, to properly function, it's more or less trash.

Reimu went to investigate after her prized sake was changed with a bottle of soda. Marisa found her cauldron turned into a rice cooker, went to Kourindou and trade it with something else, THEN went out to investigate.
[Insert third or maybe fourth character]

Prime suspect, aka first stage boss: Yakumo Yukari.

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Reimu for Smash

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A pack of wild niggers wanders into Gensokyo fathering hundreds of mongrel nigger fairy children and then making Marisa HIV positive after a particularly brutal session of rape.
Reimu seething with hatred against the accursed race of nigger apes goes on a murderous rampage even daring to ask for help to the Moon folk to deal with this blight.

Playable characters:
Reisen(BBC curious)

Marisa is not playable since is on a sick leave, she'll make an appearance as extra stage mid boss to tells us she's also pregnant of triplets.

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Dive into the realm of Egyptian Mythology.

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Yeah, that's a good start for Marisa's scenario.

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This makes me sad.

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Yumemi and Renko

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2hus get transported into japan where they are immediately attacked by the people and they must fight to survive.
Their magic doesn't work so they must resort to building their own underground mafia, gather arms and destroy earth, starting with Japan.

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Okina accepts some esoteric reading of her divinity and now claims to be the God of Rematches. You fight one boss rep from each Touhou game so far, who had various reason to challenge you again. Oh, and everyone you faced again got a new fucking artwork, because it's about fucking time.

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is ZUN autistic

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I'm not obese, got it?

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Sealing Club game.
The real one.

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Fake call.
2hu games barely have any plot.

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An incident causes all the characters to regress in age and become lolis. The player must find out who is responsible for the incident, and ensure it is never resolved.

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One day, when exploring Gensokyo in her dreams, Sumireko finds herself seeing the faintest outline of a ghostly catfish in the pond near the Hakurei Shrine. At first thinking it just to be spirit or haunt, during subsequent visits it subliminally draws more and more of her attention, and when asked about by Reimu, the latter denies noticing anything.

In the real world, whenever Sumireko find herself near certain areas that seemingly hold no meaning, she can feel the creature's presence; eventually, she discerns that one thing all these areas have in common is that they contain the ichthys, the sign of the fish, either through graffiti, jewellery and intentional sculpts, bumper-stickers, or phenomena that just so happen to resemble it, which especially sparks her curiosity as it means the fish is able to maintain a kind of presence in the Outside World, prompting her to try and communicate with it during her next visit.

When she does so, it asks of her to preform a ritual to free it. She does, and it's revealed to be a an apparent catfish majuu, one that is interested in her goal of proving the existence of youkai to the masses. This youkai proves to have several abilities including water manipulation, the ability to perceive travel through several dimensions including the mind, and the ability to "see" out of any fish symbol in the world.

Naturally, an incident is started as the fish and Sumireko begin to gather youkai in order to prepare for "a most lovely show" "that will supposedly grab the attention of every human in the world. This peculiar gathering of youkai remains mstly low-key until Marisa stumbles on it for an unrelated reason and nudges Reimu to check it out, only to be joined by an Okina who is treating the situation with a far greater amount of gravity then either think is warranted and a Yukari who is treating it with less brevity but is tagging along to humor herself.

After plowing through the standard lineup, Okina/Yukari confront the fish directly, and to the former's horror in particular, learn that it's an ancient, powerful ex-servant of Taisui Xingjun that the sages originally sealed because he wanted to use "selective breeding" in order to slowly transform humans into subservient, superstitious cowards that would be simple for youkai to feed on and treat like lifestock, more then the human village, using their fear to expand youkai's influence until an invasion of the Outside World could commence, with intentions to use social media and other human innovations against them to teach an ironic aesop against the reliance of technology, the technology that it felt caused them to stop fearing youkai and was responsible for setting up the border to begin with, using discoveries in genetic engineering to refine the process in order to make his theoretical "youkai-friendly humans" even more pathetic. Yukari finds this distasteful, in spite of not really disagreeing with its other points, but the Fish's intentions to replace her as the head of Gensokyo and eventually rule the world as the savior of youkai (hence its adoption of the sign of the fish) turn her against it.

The heroines and sages uncover that the Fish was gathering youkai so it could use its dimensional abilities to send them out and begin mass-abductions without caring to make it subtle, both to spread fear in the Outside and to start gathering stock for "changelings" that it would send to the Outside to begin the replacement process, until it was superstitious enough to support more direct incursions. After its defeat and extermination, Sumireko learns that maybe there's a good reason that Gensokyo and the Outside World don't intermix too much.

A sub-theme of the game is surveillance. Not only does the sign of the fish feature heavily in stage designs and enemy motifs, but new characters include a Mokumokuren and a Nurikabe, and Yukari muses that she could probably match the Fish in surveillance ability, but isn't sure that she "wants" to. Playable characters would be Reimu and Marisa tag-teaming with either Yukari or Okina, each character having three different modes.

Fish is the final boss and revolves around a gimmick that warps its projectiles across the stage while hitting separate-spawning water pool danmaku, but has a larger hitbox then average like Evil Eye Sigma. Sumireko is the EX boss, fueled with forbidden knowledge by having the spirit of the fish embedded in her mind in the "true" ending that exterminates it for good.

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a touhou game about the hakurei shrine turning into a giant golem mecha and reimu gets to summon her shrine mech as a bomb attack. mima is the final boss where it is revealed she has her own shrine and it becomes a mecha like the hakurei shrine and reimu and mima both duke it out. the final boss is amaterasu and the final boss is izanami. marisa get's a earth/forest golem, alice gets a giant doll mecha, and yuuka gets a flowery golem. the bosses are a succubus, raiju, mummy, frankenstein's monster, and an automaton girl.

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scuse me, meant to say amaterasu is the ex boss and izanami is the "phantasm" boss

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The Hakurei God is(or are maybe?)The Dragon twins, mind >THE< so not just any. Making a story around that idea, bless us all again with your imagination ZUN-sama as you always have done better than any fan-made Danmakufu.
I'm just another pleb who faps furiously to all 2hu's, okudasai.

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Tenshi saves Gensokyo from an evil gap youkai and her minions.

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so basically PCB: Turbo Version [20XX release] with Yukari being Yukari, and Ran becoming free of Yukari's control, I could but I won't write an essay about it but basically:
Yukari / Yuyu and oh shit look, they can either come as GATTAI version or solo, works with your story.
Here is angry Ran evolved and about to slap some gap

Chen's occupation is still being a Ran's distress furball, but not autstic as she was before.

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Some outside ocean god accidentally expands the barrier to include part of the ocean and lets in some other Japanese ocean spirits and creatures.

Incidents ensue for a few games.

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Lovecraft-san please calm down.

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Didn't riverbed soul saver had you transported to R'lyeh?
That or the stage names are just cool sounding engrish as always

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Tiago Textaria

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Yukari reasserts her dominance as the ultimate Touhou and then goes to town on me with her sexy gloves.

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a vn where yukari is your mom and ran is your onee-san, youmu is your little sister who is stronger than you and can clearly dominate you if she figured out a way to see through your bullying techniques. yuyuko is your aunt and chen is your badass tomboy cousin.

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