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How ya holdin' up there /jp/?

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I used my onahole today hoping to edge for a while since I had the day off but came on the first wave

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playin' sengoku rance
good times

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Playing a prisma illya beat 'em up on 3DS

Too bad i can't read any of the dialogue and no matter how many times i read the neocities guide i give up quickly because my brain is too mush to understand

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Spent too much time watching MADs and doing fuckall like every other day for the past 200 years of my life.

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I read a ren'ai VN and played an old arcade game and a fairly new doujin game. It was nice.

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Literally me.

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I used to have trouble getting motivated to do work. Now I have trouble getting motivated to even slack off productively. Rather than playing a game or watching an anime, I find myself staring blankly at the wall or mindlessly browsing *chans. I just want to fade away into a peaceful nonexistence.

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I wish fags would stop making shit thread on /jp/

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just because it's there doesn't mean you have to care about it desu

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>I find myself staring blankly at the wall or mindlessly browsing *chans
Literally what I do as soon as I get home from wageslaving. Is this really what life is? How do normals cope?

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I wanna die, but that's pretty normal so I guess I'm doing fine. How about you, buddy?

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I'm about to leave for work. Just made $1,100 dollars. See if I can't make another. Also, last night, I busted it to a Touhou doujin.

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Why is it normal? ●︿●

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Don't let your dreams be dreams, anon!

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You could stop posting 3DPD idols and It would solve all of your problems.

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Not really 3DPD idols are the only thing that help me cope.

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OP wants to know how /jp/ is doing, not how non-/jp/ is doing. Please go back to your general and stay there instead of infecting an actually good thread.

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Go check catalog and look at all the idol threads we /jp/ now

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Everytime there's something nice you guys have to ruin it. Thanks, anon.

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Every board has been ruined, no problem boomer.

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those seiyuu threads count since most of them are idols anyways

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Not to be cynical, but the reality of this board is that half of the threads here are about idols... and the other half about Touhou, uh.

There's little to no /japanese culture/ besides for the DJT and other few threads dedicated to music or trains. You should just stick to those and ignore the rest. That's what I do, atleast.

Hope you doing well, anon.

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Based and idolpilled

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I can't get over how bad that thread is. Are they all just pretending to be idiots? Is it some ebin joke I'm missing?

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2who BTFO

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almost as if this board was made for touhou

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It wasn't.

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>You should just stick to those
Why would anyone stick to DJT? They just discuss some retarded eceleb.

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I used the DJT back when it was on /a/ but I don't know what the hell this current incarnation is. Most of the posts seem to be written by a particularly obnoxious bot.

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>but the reality of this board is that half of the threads here are about idols
The reality is that there are now 12 threads about 3D shit. 13 if you count virtual youtubers as pseudo 3D. Not counting the school uniform thread because they are original /jp/ culture. There are currently 148 threads on jay. So yeah you guys are not even 10% of /jp/. Please get your math together and now get out.

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Idols are japan culture. Wake up sheepy.

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From what I understand now most virtual youtubers are 2d now so they're fine in my book but otherwise this, 3DPDfags are just lying through their teeth to try and make themselves look better without understanding why no one likes them.

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This isn't the Japanese culture board though.

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And there’s a subsection of diehard otakus that worship their idols and basically fund the entire industry

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when i get depressed i just become awesome instead and im instantly cheered up

be yourself and be excellent to each other

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Hidden. Now you can leave idoltard.

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Pedos like you?

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fat and getting fatter

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idolshitter concentration camps when

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i finally joined the workforce some months ago
i'm struggling balancing between work and hobbies
fortunately my colleagues are kind
but i still miss the carefree time i had with jaypee the last 10 years
still, i know i have to move on
now i can see why nips reminisce about high school time so much

together or not together,
these are the last traces..

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i got a part time job and i work there once a week

i don't think my employer wants me there but he has no choice since the department is understaffed. at least i have lots of free time

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Stress mounting, anxiety mounting too. Hopefully don't have to keep up this pace for too much longer. I just wanna take it easy.

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I really just want to be able to take it easy, but I can't.
Money doesn't grow on trees, so I took up a part time job again whilst still waving through uni.
I wish I could tell someone that I really don't want to do this anymore, just find some random job so that I can stay afloat and enjoy my solitude.

Solitude really can get addicting. I don't even feel like "going out there" and socializing any more, that has been ruined by the place where I have been put in...

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Got a job and actually enjoy it.
Please let me die of Karoshi!

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Holding up well. Still need to get a job but it’s still early in my college life

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My post was meant to show how bad /jp/ has gotten.

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Tbdesu you could've included the 2hu threads in there as well and you would've made the same point.

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Please refrain from responding to me until you're able to post with your own words, using your own mind.

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Op here. It's nice to see some of you guys are getting better and doing alright!

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I went outside for the first time in 7 years today, /jp/.
I still don't know if there's light at the end of this tunnel, but the sun was shining outside at least.

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Trust me, that's way better than using edging for 5+ hours and then being unable to cum.

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I want to blow thick hot loads into Sakura Kinomoto's and Tachibana Arisu's pussies, and afterwards have them attempt and fail to be doms by rubbing my dick with their naked bodies. Just thought you guys should know.

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Have you tried separating yourself from this place? It's worked wonders when I did, because of all the free time that used to be eaten up by /jp/.

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had a series of lucid dreams this morning
It was kind of tough, as when I made out with too many girls, or pulled down their clothes and felt them up it would result in me getting a boner and waking up in real life. So I had to pace it out

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The short of the long is that regardless of content, idolfags tend to be some the most obsessive posters on the site, and much like with bronies you're going to be better off giving them their space to shoot the shit rather than banning it outright.

I know both idolfags and idolfag-haters IRL, and it's less that being an idolfags determines your nature, but amplifies it. Idolfaggotry has a heavily religious element to it (it's literally idol worship), and with that comes a profound motivation to proselytize and assert a correct motivation. More so than other groups on /jp/, at least.
If you tell someone their 2hu is shit or mischaracterize them, few will give a fuck. Do the same with idols, and you'll get a stronger response, because it comes more like an actual slap in the face. This also means you get people like Sallyfag who consider anything below a dedicated thread to Sally whoever unacceptable.

However, most people aren't as motivated as Sallyfag, so they're not going to go through the effort if they have their general. Most people would rather just go to church than be a preacher.

You say that like its an insult around these parts.

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cirno go home
you don't even have a dick

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I had another dream with Bern last week where she brought me into a witch's game as a piece (she said that she does that a lot since I agreed to let her use my likeness as a piece so long as she visited me every once in a while). This time she showed she had been using me on a series of serial killings at a resort to try to figure out the mystery. I remember getting close to figuring it out before getting dismembered and she was satisfied enough that she visited me. She says that if I figure out the mystery she'll let me rape Erika a couple times.

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You can't rape the willing, anon.

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That's what Bern said. She said that it would take some effort to find a fragment where Erika isn't willing. I completely forgot the part where Bern gave me her sweaty dress to jack off to with a look of moderate disgust.

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i'm not, someone end it

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reading ciconia
it's nice
think jayden might be a little gay for the male lead so that's real nice
wishing i had a friend to talk about it with but i realize i have been friendless for two years

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You know that saying that goes "any community that gets its laughs from pretending to be idiots"?
That thread is a living proof of it.

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That thread is living proof that if you let a single person post discord links without shaming them out of the thread every single time it'll go to shit. It's literally just a second place for them to shit up, only anonymously.

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>and then being unable to cum.
I hate when this happens. I'm getting old and it's like sometimes I WANT it but can't get it up.
Why must life be like this

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Tired, just got off from work and gym.

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I sometimes leak a bit even if I stop way before actual orgasm. I think I broke my dick with weird masturbation habits.

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Went to the psychiatrist today. A little afraid of getting put in a mental hospital if I start talking about how often I think about suicide and how much detail I go into. On the bright side the antidepressants got rid of my libido so I don't have to deal with the depression that follows fapping. I find pictures of Japan full of greenery quite relaxing, can't wait to get back to my PC so I can contribute to the threads. Been listening to city pop playlists on YouTube quite a bit too.

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Only job lead got shot down after being led on like they wanted me for 2 weeks. Now im fucking scrambling on what the fuck to do since im extremely stupid and have 50k debt and smoking habits

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Maybe your situation would improve if you stopped browsing tumblr.

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I really should stop. But im a fucking sucker for good ass art.

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Failed quitting smoking for the 5th time. Saying fuck it this time I enjoy my smoke and life pondering sessions too much to stop

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