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welcome home mastah

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>For another 2,000 yen (US$23) you could get the tsundere (TSUN-DAY-RAY) experience.

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n-no japanese... english okke?

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Jesus, even for 3dpd those women are ugly.

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me on the left corna

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okke okke

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is there a fantasy-medieval slave themed maid cafe where you pay a greasy ufb a one time large upfront fee for 'girl service' which lets the girls pretend you're a vip and act like you're the hottest shit?

of course it's still a very clean and straight business so you're not allowed to touch and the girls aren't allowed to touch you either. also topics pertaining to adult themes are prohibited. its really just girls roleplaying as a lowly slave with maybe the occasional "slave princess" type that acts high and mighty from time to time. you're also not allowed to be rude to the girls as they aren't "your property".

you're just there to feel like a smug rich noble and eat medieval looking food

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Is that it? retarded monkeys are just going to leave this?? Why aren't you reporting this shit?

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3DPD finally won. Incels gonna seethe forever

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What's the point of slaves if they aren't property? You want a hostess club though.

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hostess is gross contemporary 3dpd "charm" with more adult sexual excitement.

my idea is just roleplaying like in typical maid cafes but with slightly different and a more fun theme. i suppose there could be an ownership fee and the slave girls will pretend you're their master, but there's additional contracts and not all the available girls will want to do that in particular.

it may not be available so call first and set a reservation

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/jp/ is /v/ tier at this point just chill out and let everything you love to be destroyed by normalfags.

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i told you to call me Lord Death Busta!

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