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So I'm sure you all hear the news that oyp is in a bad place so to lighten things up a bit let try to make our own yukkuri story. I will began. It was a cool October and a young man was walking down the street but from behind he heard a sound

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"Yu! Chake it eajy, da je!"

It was barely audible, but the man was certain he heard something. But what on earth could it be? It seemed like... a voice, one faint and childlike. But no matter which direction he turned, he couldn't figure out whom it belonged to. The man stared behind himself for a good fifteen seconds, but just as he was about to go on his way--

"Down hewe, mishter!"

The man looked down and saw what appeared to be... a disembodied head? It was so tiny he could barely make it out, but it resembled a blonde witch with a pudgy baby face. It looked up at him, its golden, enormous eyes beaming with awe and wonder.

What the hell...?

As would any reasonable person, the man began to lose his mind. His brain immediately shifted into an existential crisis and fired off a flurry of frenzied questions.

What the fuck is this thing? Where did it come from? What does it want from me? What am I even looking at? Is any of this shit even real?

"Chake it eajy!!!" yelled the head, louder and shriller than before.

It was difficult for the man to comprehend such childish enunciation, but none of what was said even mattered. Having recently recovered from a crippling addiction to angel dust, the man was no stranger to hallucinations. However, this was unlike anything he had ever experienced before, and he wondered what he could have done to deserve it. The man was shook.

No matter what was going on, the man didn't want to be a part of it. He decided he would head home and question his life choices. Without saying a word, the man spun around and immediately scurried away.

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stomp it

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What happened next?

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The man goes home. The end.
But what comes after that is up for other anons to decide, as at its core this is indeed a collaborative effort!

Make it come true!

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Why she so fat?

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So you can stomp the fat out of her.

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Would that make her happy?

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i'd say so, every yukkuri strives for the athletic mister body.

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post scary pics

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and they all dieded

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