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A thread for the discussion of Dies irae, Kajiri Kamui Kagura, Pantheon and other associated titles belonging to the Shinza Banshou setting, written by Takashi Masada.

>Masada's official Twitter

Dies irae Song to the Witch fully translated: https://www.stuffiliketodo.net/work/dies_irae_song_to_the_witch_2781

>Avesta of Black and White
Prologue: https://pastebin.com/28tSNA8j

>Dies irae
Getting Started: https://pastebin.com/03KfVLZZ
Official Website: http://www.light.gr.jp/light/products/dies_portal/
VNDB: https://vndb.org/v548
Interview with Kaziklu Bey: http://www.light.gr.jp/light/products/dies_kaziklubey/
Steam Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/644540/Dies_irae_Amantes_amentes/ (>buying from steam)
Mangagamer: https://www.mangagamer.com/detail.php?goods_type=1&product_code=1041 (>buying from mangagamer)
Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/27WTzqYV
Random TL's and misconceptions: https://pastebin.com/9XgEAwTU

>Dies irae Pantheon
Official Website: http://dies-p.net/index.html
Website Translation: https://pastebin.com/g7rbqkTM

>Kajiri Kamui Kagura
Official website: http://www.light.gr.jp/light/products/kajirikamuikagura/index.html
VNDB: https://vndb.org/v5844
Torrent: https://sukebei.pantsu.cat/view/287261

>Other light titles
Senshinkan: https://vndb.org/v12455
Bansenjin Torrent: https://sukebei.pantsu.cat/view/1705703
Paradise Lost: https://vndb.org/v1951
PL Torrent: https://sukebei.nyaa.si/view/2577220


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First for lol EOPs.

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Second for lol JSLs.

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nha, japanese is shit, its only useful for japanese weeb shit, out of this is useless. and nope, im not an EOP

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Bet your native language is even less useful, spicaling.

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Second most spoken lenguage in the world, so, shut up.

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Both. In Briah it's derived from his craving.

If you mean empowering Legion as gods deal, it probably comes with being a Hadou God. Whether they choose to do it or not is probably entirely up to the character of the Hadou God in question.

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Since Rindou got Rein's relic, will Habaki get Ren's?

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Isn't his Briah so special that it's basically Aztiluth already?

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nice cope

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Not really, it’s special due to it’s unlimited duration and the whole “disconnected from this dimension” thing but the main difference between Beriah and Atziluth is the latter has no limits and (in the case of Hadou) will emanate endlessly and make the user a God with taikyoku.
On second thought I realized that one could interpret it as “Reinhard reached Atziluth when he ‘died’ but was disconnected from this dimension and had nothing to emanate over until the LDO ‘resurrected’ him”, though I never saw it that while reading the VN.

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I would say it's kind of an artificial spot between Briah and Atziluth.

Snek was leading him on a 'safe', controllable path to Atziluth. A road where he can have Reinhard take part in his opera script with less risks of the apoptosis awakening. By teaching Reinhard Ewigkeit and taking him in as his student, he's keeping his most dangerous adversary close and under his influence. Doesn't make them any less friends though, apoptosis attraction and all. He's still out to keep his promise to give Reinhard the ultimate fight.

Keep in mind that Ewigkeit as system is also heavily biased towards Hadou and Reinhard is kind of a model end product of Ewigkeit.

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gudou is shit anyway

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Could Reinhard absorb other emanating gods in his Legion?

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there is nothing more chad than being so autistic that you tell all of existence to fuck off and you start playing by your own rules and become your own universe

>> No.22226489

If he beats(kills) them into submission, maaaybe. Except for Snek.

>> No.22228429

That's actually a really good question.

Should Reinhard ever kill another Aztiluth level god minus snek, they should become part of his legion.

Though i'm not enterily sure how using another Emanation would work if he is currently Emanating his own law, unsure whether or not a legion emanation would interfere with his own one.

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