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If I'm a transfer student from USA to Japan, what am I in for?

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>what am I in for?
Pissing people off at train stations when you hold up the line at the ticket machine because you’re looking at a route map you don’t really understand and trying to figure out which fare to purchase.

And then pissing them off again by holding up the line at the exit turnstiles at your destination station because you ended up buying the wrong fare anyway so they won’t open to let you out

Which results in you pissing people off for a 3rd time by holding up the line at the fare adjustment machine while you’re trying to figure out how to fix your original fuck up even though you aren’t quite sure what you did wrong to begin with, much less how to rectify it with a ticket adjustment.

Just consider these as opportunities to practice apologizing, and to git gud with trains.

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Loneliness, because no one will be friends with you.

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I literally never had this problem, just use Google Maps and a SUICA. The latter works in most major intracity transport systems, and you just need to fill it up with yen.

Though if you're in the sticks with a oneman train, I can understand the frustration.

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