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if you live in china get off this board right now

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I only play videogames, masturbate and watch anime, can I get a quick rundown on whats going on in China by my fellow /jp/sies?

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They are being a bunch of commies, as usual.

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Murder of innocent civilians. Censoring any opposing viewpoints. Police brutality. The usual.

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the ccp is promoting kancolle ripoffs

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4chan is probably blocked in china anyways

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I only know the bare minimum but there have been protests in Hong Kong due to the possibility of it being a part of China. Some winner of a Blizzard esport is from Hong Kong and said free Hong Kong as part of the protest and he lost both his esport job and his prize money and the people who were running the stream also lost their jobs are Blizzard because they couldn't stop him in time. Now people are raising a fuss about how Activision Blizzard is China's bitch. There are probably some details that are off but that's the jist of it.

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That and something about an NBA coach saying something about Hong Kong's freedom and they immediately apologized and kowtowed to China over it

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