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Cannonball vs Lost Word

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kuso thread

>> No.22052474

nobody cares

>> No.22052504

Is there any actual information about Lost Word yet? Character list?

>> No.22053015

What great debate, we don't even have any info about LW, ya jit.

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/sp/ tier thread.

>> No.22056438

then why did you bump it

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Your gay as fuck

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I wish phoneposters weren't allowed to access 4chan

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Since we’re already here, what do you think about Yukari and Ran VA’s in Cannonball? I think they’re pretty good.

>> No.22056819

Better than Remilia's thats for sure

>> No.22056895

Ur sus and fucking gay

>> No.22056978

Alice is the weird one, I think. Not bad, just completely not what I expected.

And Futo, why did they have to make her squeal like that

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Can we have some doomposting going? I always enjoy some doomposting.

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Wait a minute. VA's? Oh no

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Touhou is reclining.

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The answer is no.

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*spends half of salary for touhou diamonds(tm)*
hmm.... so this is what doujin spirit feels like

>> No.22059274

Both. As long as it's related to Touhou I'll play and spend my girlfriend's money on it.

>> No.22059330

That's the spirit!

>> No.22059396

Weren't they supposed to get a sitewide ban unless they got scamme- I mean, bought a pass?

>> No.22059491

No, Hiro won't rid the site of its most profitable userbase.

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Taito is going to release a new mobage of Magic Pengel aka graffitin kingdom series.
The old character “Hakurei no miko” will appear in the new game, and there will be some touhou references, too.

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>The great debate
By whom? Casual quaternaries?

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Hardcore 2hu fans.

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girls are reclining...

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They are pretty good and really fit their characters.

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Not at all. All the VAs sound half assed and there's barely any emotion in their voices.

>> No.22083011

it's actually amazing how they got almost every voice wrong, you would think they don't actually want profit

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And they're reclining comfortably

>> No.22083394

According to whom, because I'm pretty sure no 2hu actually has an official voice.

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wrong as in not fitting the character
eg remimi's VA not even trying to sound refined

>> No.22088688

who are the seiyuus?

>> No.22088858

What is refined about wearing diapers and have stinky feet?

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