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Guide and resources:

Advanced Anki guide:

Previous thread: >>22044051

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Fuck Chinese and sinophilia

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Nihongo words of the day:

Remember: you have to know how to write these by hand.

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i know tuna, it's "good fish"

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stop posting multiple new words

btw are these your hands depcited on your site, qm? they seem really soft just so you know

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u don't even know 鱂

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Yes, but now I'm going to anki it. Thank you.

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well fyi i found it in it's kana only version good luck seeing the kanji form in the wild outside of dictionaries

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If you never buy 魚介類, it is sure useless for you.

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Yes, perks of being vegan.

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Practicing writing it feels nice.

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>writing chicken squiggles feels nice

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M**t is it you?

Eating fish but abstaining from meat is actually more rational because our ancestors lived near rivers and fished a lot.

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there are none

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our ancestors didn't eat fish full of heavy metals tho

>> No.22052108

My ancestors discovered farming.

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t Türk

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Lmao die eating your poisonous radioactive fishes

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It’s your existence which is useless. Go eat a fish and die.

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word of the day : 纜

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>Advanced Anki guide:

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have you actually checked the guide? it's actually pretty good

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It might get more use if there were a standard deck to accompany it.

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>using anki and genki shit
No wonder you guys suck at japanese

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Imagine for a second something called a premade deck. You share it and others rate it on how good or bad it is.

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Probably one of the worst languages in the world. It only has large stolen lexical library to boast but then again we all know how bad English language is for coining words.

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rip chrome users

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>i had japanese in school
wtf, what kind of school was that

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Sorry, I don't like kanji at all.

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Which country?
I imagine it's a whole different level if japanese is your primary language though
Imagine finishing junior school but still be unable to read most random shit on the street
In contrast we were able to read pretty much everything by the 3rd grade, even if we didn't understand it, we could atleast make out the sounds in our head

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german middle school, regular public school
there was a choice between french, latin and japanese
we used minna no nihongo in class
i don't recall if we finished even the first book in those three years

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stop using ocr noob

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i'm not using the ocr itself it's just all the subs available for opm on kitsunekko used ocr i think.

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oh i was looking at meiryo UI

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The dopamine is the one that spikes with porn retard

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as the creator of jav cards, i'm sad to inform you that no it's not fine unfortunately.
i recommend switching to hentai cards, i believe that they won't ruin your dopamine as badly.

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so what is the optimal 禁欲 duration before i can consume jav again?

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No shit, but dopamine runs out and then you get dopamine depletion. I can't believe you're so retarded you didn't know that and then were retarded enough to think I didn't know what dopamine was after talking about endorphins and serotonin. Truly next level brainletism, congrats.

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It's been 2 months.
I'm afraid to open Anki.

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i use nazeka because it pops up slightly faster than yomichan
that's the only notable difference for me, i don't mind the look of either and they both work fine

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Is there such a thing as making cards too early?

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sounds like a hayai guy type of thing

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>Although why bother when yomichan works
This is a stupid argument.

Nazeka has the former: >>21176338
The implementation is better too since you can choose between the normal version and a version with the example sentences stripped out to save space: >>21164556

Wareya is supposed to be adding support for all the popular dictionaries at some point (I think his intention is to do at least one more in the near future), but I don't know what sort of progress he's making towards that end.

Now he's been mentioned, he might appear and answer.

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yeah i was aware there was something in progress
hoping for daijirin support soon
might try it out anyway because yomichan is so fucking slow

>> No.22052911

I don’t have anything against it I just prefer Chrome myself

>> No.22052954

How do I install Axanael? It keeps crashing...

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fuck the whole time i've been adding new kanji to anki i've been learning chinese instead of japanese

>> No.22053020

this is ur test to begin ur nihongo career u must pass it on ur own

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i lost interest in the vn i was reading but i dont like giving up so now im just watching unsubbed anime every day instead of reading

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i forgot about bird guy

>> No.22053100

why would censor card/deck name

>> No.22053110

just realised i dont have a 宿る card even tho i have all of core10k im surprised it isnt in there

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you'd know it if you read enough eroge

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i still dont know nihongo so mada mada

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ive been doing the mia passive listening method where you listen to episodes of anime you've already watched because i need something to listen to when i leave my house. i wonder if it'll help.

>> No.22053150

Why not

>> No.22053163

i know i'll have to increase it eventually but this is all i can stomach for now.

>> No.22053173

lmao well luckily lamune is nice and good so no worries dude i think comin off beautiful life this is the pick me up u need

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>good alternative

Yeah, no.

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i switched to using nazeka from yomichan and it's definitely much better

>> No.22053189

nah it's pretty much the same except looks a lot worse

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>You might pick something else, but you really should only do listening practice when you can put your full attention towards it.
completely disagree with this
always having something running in the background allows you to focus on it whenever you have down time
even if you aren't paying attention a lot of the time, it adds up

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its prob better than nothin but i think listening to shit ive already heard all day would burn me out a bit and i wouldnt watch as much new stuff when i had the time which is a net loss
if u find it enjoyable and think that even after months that wouldnt happen to u then it might beneficial

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agreed, i feel like i get a shitton more listening practice now simply by having talk radio constantly playing and trying to follow what's being said whenever i feel like it

>> No.22053263

not in language learning lol

>> No.22053290

oh i forgot to paste the first link when i said "listen to this instead"


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Yeah of course you want to have video but only audio can also be decoded as there is various anchor points. Blind people can also learn language and learn how to speak. I did passive listening for a year with video outside of my vision and I would only occasionally look, my listening ability without video was getting good but the moment I put my attention on the video and audio I couldn't understand as much, pretty weird stuff.

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i have absolutely no idea what this is like definitely sounds like the effects of permanent crippling

watch that fuckin eng subbed anime squiddos it aint a joke

>> No.22053337

u lost the only fuckin remnant of his existence
thats fucked up

>> No.22053343

that ddue was so sick tho he was like hey guys im hella withdrawn from crack and ive not drank any alcohol for like 3 days with huge bags under his eyes and lookin like hes a fuckin shriveled raisin

>> No.22053365

i wonder how well hes stuck to new habit.docx

>> No.22053366

i found it at the same time as u
its too bad u didnt clip the agony
i mean that was fucked up but it serves as a warning

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it looks like the average japanese persons teeth

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The first time I attempted to use Anki was with a premade deck, and I immediately stopped.
I saw first cards like すみません with the answer as things like "excuse me", and thought that was way too simplistic. Even I knew it had multiple uses, and this answer provided no context

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based ben gary

>> No.22053445

what he did wrong was install anki

>> No.22053446

>sometimes my comprehension is 40-50%
>my listening is almost fluent

>> No.22053452

when i watch a show like FLCL and see suburban life/housing/streets i am envious. looks more interesting than what i have in midwest US and there's no brown people to pollute and to mug you when you walk down the street.

>> No.22053456

counter point: 広義

bonus counter point: 胴輪

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comment left behind by pervert tyler
>Also, in my 1 year, i said i had a ludicrously high level of comprehension which was bullshit. I think in reality i just dont gaf about not understanding so if something is way too hard to understand i just let it go by and dont even notice it was there.
i'm starting to notice a trend with ajatters and their self-professed comprehension after 12-18 months.

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there's not html in the fields

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i've heard rumors of corruption but look bug people are more peaceful on average than westerners it's just a fact

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>who gives a fuck about him
once he was the eroge guy and was fucking based
but really he only played demos and thats fuckin whack
times change and all ur heroes die

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to make it in japan as a foreigner u gottta be quite the rippana ass dude

else ull end up like all the shitters who just retreat to their gaijin hole where they bitch about japan together

>> No.22053515

really looking forward to hitting that 150 mark. that's only 10-15 mins of anki a day

>> No.22053516

i forgot to mention that pic in the screenshot is from one of the most polluted areas in japan where theres just factories everywhere and the government actually gives free medical handouts to ppl affected by the smog and pollution and goes well sorry u got cancer heres a couple bucks while throwing up their hands

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whoops forgot my pic

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is it just me or kimetsu no yaiba op a massive slapper

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this is better

>> No.22053581

theres nice aspects about almost anywhere i just am not a fan of the romanticism some ppl have with japan

u guys better start posting good ani songs or ill be forced to unleash my arsenal of tracks from my "greatest shits" collection


>> No.22053623

what do you mean its really cool haha what more do u want other than pleasing to the ears? and cool writing system

>> No.22053641

just mind ur business and that shit ain't no problem

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What's the Japanese equivalent to meymey xddd
I want to talk tooo my reddit ,ともだち (tomodashi means friends xdddd UwU) 7v7

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u think i didnt see that u skipped 1


while i will admit in doing so u have outshitted me in this 1 u have 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yB2g22359Fg were still a long ways away from the end of this game of chicken

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*reaches thru monitor and grabs u by the shirt collar*

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>> No.22053774

u guys are wearing shirts?

>> No.22053788

if u dont dress for success how can u ever expect to have success

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content loudness -11.2dB

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Don't try to memorize anything, try to feel, if you think you know what a word means that is enough. If you think you've never seen it before then press again. Also seeing a sentence with a word is easier, learning sentences and then invidual words is fine too. Anki sucks so try to make the best of it maybe even take a look at anime cards

>> No.22053812

>i just don't have any talent for learning languages
it's not about talent the same way learning how to walk is not a talent
if you can learn the language typed that message you can learn anything else if you just read

>> No.22053819

i was gonna say nice blast from the past but that dudes still fuckin at it holy moley

>> No.22053859

The appearance being shit was one of the main criticisms levelled at Yomichan by those forced to switch to it from Rikaisama a year or two ago.

Even just looking at the objective side of things, Yomichan's pop-up is extremely inefficient in terms of its use of space, and the user is given very few options to do anything about it. User customisation of Yomichan's appearance in general is next to non-existent.

>> No.22053879

I read it once but I can't recall it well. What a huge pain in the ass it is to have a bad memory.
In any kind of complex sentence, yes. I can feel the japanese in very simple sentences but that's not even good enough for anime.

>> No.22053888

Why don't you read according to your level? Of course if i read a science publication in Japanese i would miss all of them.
That being said, I don't like djt general suggestion of "learn until something sticks"

>> No.22053889

it does not take "years" to start enjoying things, day 1 any person after skimming a grammar guide can watch anime on daiweeb with nip subtitles

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I say this yesterday,have you tried this approach?

>> No.22053912

wow that hxh remake is so bad

why is there a fantasy metal ed ??

>> No.22053922

me existing in the first place is crazy enough, learning a language when the random african already know 7 is not

>> No.22053923

i dare you to say this sounds bad

>> No.22053925

this is awful

>> No.22053949

me i get to decide whats bad im the 決め手

>> No.22053952

>I feel like if I only need to remember the pronunciation instead pronunciation and meaning it would be far easier. What do you think?
i do this, you can get the meaning of the words by just seeing them enough while consuming media
not sure how it work as a beginner though

>> No.22053955

anki for readings only is fine
hate to be the bearer of bad news but if u want to know nihongo ur gonna have to get over ur fear of reading nihongo

>> No.22053997

>You guys are all geniuses with being able to stick with it effortlessly.
nobody is doing it effortlessly lol

>> No.22054035

i tried reading yotsubato but i dont recognise a lot of the words i think i need to finish core10k instead of 8k. anyone got a link?

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pls no

>> No.22054044

>i think i need to finish core10k instead of 8k
that is not the problem

>> No.22054088

the girl in the op is ugly who chose that crap

>> No.22054111

so stop being a pussy and beat ur dads ass ?

anyway its better if they get divorced and split up now before they let the ltitle girl group up in a dysfunctional house imo

>> No.22054121

i hope i finish in time for kimagure temptation lmfao

>> No.22054123

>I am an artist that gave up
I just started drawing literally a few days ago. Any tips you can give?

I've watched all the videos in this playlist and for now I'm just practising the techniques by trying to copy pictures I like:

>> No.22054132

Aesthetically pleasing to write the characters, spelling is easy when you know spa+eng, it's also fun to speak I guess. Engrish>>>>>>>Spanglish

>> No.22054133

seconding this

>> No.22054141

Both yomi and naze are inferior to rikaisama in terms of dictionary availability anyways. So I don't use either.

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he tells u right in his comments

>> No.22054153

i don't read 'em, they ain't in japanese bro. wtf is this HUB, a gayjin hunter club or something?

>> No.22054168

>literally snorts cocaine in his videos
does he know how long nips put you in the slammer for that shit

>> No.22054186

How did he get a job in japan

>> No.22054191


Aren't you in your 20s? How do you have such an age gap between you and your sister?

You have my sympathy anyhow. My parents divorced and it was a real shitty experience. There was no abusiveness or anything like that involved in my case, but my house became a living hell for a long time after because of how my mother reacted to my dad leaving (she hated his guts, I didn't... maybe you can fill in the blanks for yourself).

>> No.22054194

russian mafia

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Stupid question
Is teens anime (ie random flavor of the month anime with teen audiences) much complicated vocabulary/grammar wise than kids anime (card collecting and uh... Random shonen stuff) ?
I am learning more yugioh's dorraw than actual Japanese.

>> No.22054208

I wasn't sure to what extent you "gave up". I figured maybe you just tried to go commercial but couldn't land enough work and had to give up on the idea.

I didn't realise you meant "gave up" in the sense of "became traumatised for life".

>> No.22054283

if im being completely honest i prefer u not shit up my thread

>> No.22054286

haha holy shit

>> No.22054290

Are you over 23?

>> No.22054308

he got owned so hard all he can say now are question marks lmao

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>> No.22054317

shaking much?

>> No.22054320

how do you say "dirty talk" in nipponese? can't find it on google and need it for research purposes

>> No.22054328

this isn't what i personally would consider a good time but props to this dude for enjoying himself lol

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>> No.22054331

idk why jamal wont post his MAL link so we can further our friendship

>> No.22054334


>> No.22054338

add me on mal ksesef4

>> No.22054341

Kill yourself.

>> No.22054347

shut the fuck up bro thats my friend and you cant say that

>> No.22054348

i haven't watched enough shows to bother making a mal or anilist

>> No.22054354

kill yourself reddit

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>> No.22054358

foid subhuman

>> No.22054362


>> No.22054372

are u a fuckin clicker

>> No.22054373

can u guys chill

>> No.22054374

post that on int subhuman

>> No.22054377

hahhaa what the fuck is that dumb shit
why the definition on the front

>> No.22054378

well nows the best time to make one then before you've seen so much that you cant keep track anymore

>> No.22054379


>> No.22054380

didnt read

>> No.22054382

qm on suicide watch while the mousou girl method is taking over djt by storm

>> No.22054384


>> No.22054387

its called an actual effective flashcard (you wouldnt know about that)

>> No.22054389

ok waiting for moso cards guide now

>> No.22054392

feels bad when someone gives out 9 yous for free and u only get 1

>> No.22054393

i wish she was musou girl instead

>> No.22054396

>tfw want to read helter skelter in japanese but can't find it online

>> No.22054405


>> No.22054406

are you the jamal impersonator second in command

>> No.22054409

might try musou girls method for a few hundred cards looks way more effective than hayai guys dumb shit

>> No.22054413

imagining hayai guys house full of german domestic violence while hes in his room with the door closed with headphones on watching logh as loud as he fuckign can lmao

>> No.22054414

Link to musou

>> No.22054416

am i

>> No.22054417

where can i follow you on twitter

>> No.22054421

wanna fuck meisou girl so fuckin bad dude

>> No.22054422

thats too far
but maybe thats why he has no friends

>> No.22054436

u tell me im going too far while u actually insult him like that

>> No.22054441

did u get ur new pussy rubber toy yet hows it been workin out

>> No.22054456

meisou transitor is assuming a lot by thinking shes the only one with a pussy in this thread

>> No.22054458


>> No.22054460

no doubt *lifts up skirt*

>> No.22054476 [DELETED] 

shudder at the thought of nigger pussy

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>> No.22054493

u can though ?
line was crossed cant undo it now

>> No.22054497

ill be ur friend

>> No.22054515

qm wins since he has the guide written, expect nothing from meiso

>> No.22054521

mousou has a pussy so she wins by default sorry quizlet

>> No.22054542


>> No.22054558

So you read the definition each time before trying to answer the card? Or do you only read it when you need a clue to help you recall the reading?

Anyway, I'd hesitate from making a judgement on this (or any other kind of) format until you've got a decent amount of matures racked up. Mature retention stat is very important since it shows whether or not any of this stuff is actually making it to your long-term memory.

>> No.22054579

ultimately theres no way to tell if it's 'working' because she's never honest about anything wrt japanese studies. she'll just say "oh yeah i remember all the words easily" and the stats dont mean anything because it has the meaning on the front

>> No.22054587

>and the stats dont mean anything because it has the meaning on the front
They'd show if she's actually remembering the readings at least.

>> No.22054666



>> No.22054712

you're always lying about how good you are and shit so nothing you say can be taken seriously

>> No.22054725

nobody will ever prove how good they are/n't
someone post the toradora page

>> No.22054744

going to smoke some manga lads

>> No.22054748
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I fucked up by writing however the fuck i wanted kata and hiragana not really following stroke order, and 7 months in i cannot break the habit, any tips?

>> No.22054753

rip a fat one

>> No.22054758

watch this on repeat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRc3RTHE75E

>> No.22054791

Clarify me something about kanjis anons
Every time lets say 日 is interpreted as 'sun' is it the same pronunciation? Or is it different pronunciations for the same meaning?

>> No.22054794


>> No.22054797

i cant believe ud joke about burning literature

>> No.22054808

From what I know of Japanese, they just fucking make it up.

>> No.22054844

uppercasers really are something

>> No.22054847

>any tips?
yeah practice writing them correctly idiot

>> No.22054852

For the sun sense ひ or its variant び occupy nearly the entirety of the usage of 日. Exceptions include the etymology of the country name 日本. "Day" is distributed across all readings.

>> No.22054854

no the pronunciation simply depends on the word

>> No.22054866


日光/sunlight has a different reading than just 日/sun

you just have to know the word

and actually in some cases there can be two words with exactly the same kanji so in those cases you just have to know from context

>> No.22054869

日曜日 niti for sun bi for day
旭日 jitu for sun
its very uncommon

>> No.22054883

when u fuck somethin up and u know u fucked it up write it the right way after

>> No.22054895

are you on the discord chat? who are you

>> No.22054896

t>fw no qt3.14meditationgf
i wonder how many jap girls actually meditate

>> No.22054982

thinkin about tryin to meditate

>> No.22054991

gonna watch two more anime episodes and then read one novel chapter

>> No.22054999

>no word i've ever repped in anki has lasted more than 2 or 3 months before i deleted the deck and started fresh or just took a break from anki altogether for a while
I'm in the same boat, except my decks usually don't even last a week before I purge them. I don't think I've at any point managed to rep a deck long enough to do a single mature review lol.

In my case, it's not that I have any inherent anti-Anki bias or I'm choosing to leave things to my input; I'm just too much of a perfectionist nitpicker. Inevitably something doesn't sit right with me about the deck I've made, be it the card formatting, the exact words I've added to the deck, or even just the stain of having simply missed a day's reviews, and I end up deleting it and starting over, rinse and repeat until I get sick of making new decks and decide to take a break from Anki altogether.

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>> No.22055031

they're his real sisters?

>> No.22055032

not as bad as the lack of nipples

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>> No.22055049

if I watch ff3 does it count as immersion time?

>> No.22055050

was really at the edge of my seat there wondering if you thought the scenario was too degenerate or not degenerate enough

thanks for clearing it up

>> No.22055054

Glad to be of help for your meaningless existence; let me know if you need anything further.


>> No.22055060

how to end up being in a situation like this?

>> No.22055072

now I'm left here wondering wether you consider sibling love degenerate or not degenerate.

>> No.22055120

>my imouto is garbage

>> No.22055155

this is the name of my new manga.

>> No.22055161

the quote or the whole post ?

>> No.22055163

lately my imouto is garbage

>> No.22055169


>> No.22055178

you ever wonder how autistic and kinda fucked up a girl has to be to lurk here let alone actively post

>> No.22055184

whats the difference between that and when u do it

>> No.22055189

well technically there's nothing wrong with a man having a hobby like sewing but in reality he's gonna be a weirdo freak faggot

>> No.22055191
File: 190 KB, 960x1280, EBf4GDyUIAAyLZM.jpg:orig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is the imouto

>> No.22055196

theres def somethin wrong with u if ur here

>> No.22055213

yea but it's even more true for women who are here since this is a largely male interest

>> No.22055222

are those jlpt tango n5 and n4 decks that nuke made worth it? asking since his fucked up core 2k decks are driving me crazy with their order.

>> No.22055224

ur tryin too hard when there are easier reasons to laugh at mousou girl

>> No.22055228

it's a dude. he's just trolling.

>> No.22055233

You can fuck better than that for 10,000 yen in Yokohama with the bonus of not having her stalk you afterwards.

>> No.22055238

reorder with morpman every day after you do your reps. problem solved.

>> No.22055239

the stalking is a bonus.

>> No.22055242
File: 120 KB, 700x319, tfw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22055243

>with the bonus of not having her stalk you afterwards.
thats a big step down

>> No.22055244
File: 1.88 MB, 1920x1080, 1543292927371.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22055250
File: 557 KB, 640x720, itsuki.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22055255
File: 162 KB, 768x1024, ECzcsRMVAAA1oYE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no this is the imouto

>> No.22055258

wtf are you talking about? it's just a fact what's there to try

>> No.22055260
File: 433 KB, 1024x568, 1241252636347.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22055263

woah you almost tricked me into thinking it's a good anime.

>> No.22055265

and shes not garbage shes the fuckin best look at that u cant even dispute it

>> No.22055270

garbage can be cute you dolt.

>> No.22055279

then why arent u cute ?

>> No.22055286

cuz I'm not garbage?

>> No.22055291

it's an excellent anime

qm agrees with me

>> No.22055306
File: 32 KB, 220x157, 8922.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>but i’m friend
Holy SHIT why the fuck are YOU namefagging here holy shit hahahahaa how is this real

>> No.22055310

whats the problem

>> No.22055311

you're gonna trust your dick in something that cost only $100 to fuck? 2d is so much safer my friend.

>> No.22055322

just think it's hilarious how nobody who actually knows Japanese will ever pop up here every one is a pretender a shitter lol

>> No.22055325

use a condom and dont have any open wounds and ur fine dude

>> No.22055331


>> No.22055334

How bad is meditation tranny at Japanese?

>> No.22055337

except for yourself of course :^)

>> No.22055361

can't read a shit ton of common words and jouyou kanji

well yeah I'm honest about where I stand which is that I can read a lot and do basic communication but don't really care about communication which is why I'm not that good in that area as I could be just in terms of understanding I'm probably around 300 J-CAT now if that gives you an idea

>> No.22055368

S(he) knows a bit of stuff, but, like many others, is severely overconfident in the amount of stuff they have a good hold on.
The only people who actually know Japanese on this thread are makopi and imoutoposter.

>> No.22055370

also i'm using audio cards so this is a sure thing.

>> No.22055378

just give up now, it’s not worth it

>> No.22055379

cant wait to think i have perfect comprehension when im still shit

>> No.22055401

>N2 kanji
That's part of Heisig vol. 1

>> No.22055409


>> No.22055429

remember that mousou girl claims fluency

>> No.22055430

how many years did it take you to get good enough to do that?

>> No.22055439

Who are YOU talking to?

>> No.22055441

guys theres no reason to get mad at quiztard hes from a failed family its not his fault that hes this way

big if true more like 空想 girl hhaah

>> No.22055445

you're gonna learn all those words anyways who cares in what order they're in

>> No.22055446
File: 39 KB, 246x364, meisoup.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

me when there's a grill in the thread

>> No.22055456

if any of the ladies of djt want to escape all this toxic masculinity my vip discords doors are always open

>> No.22055458

is 瞑想ガール the girl thats in kyoto? if so, hows it going out there?

>> No.22055466

I mean, you guys can just quit japanese already.

>> No.22055467

stop talking about my friends that way

>> No.22055469

yea but you suck too, you're just slightly less sucky, so no need for the elitist shtick

>> No.22055470

bet you thought this was funny

>> No.22055471


>> No.22055474

counter point


u cant even do this cuz u dont know even a little japanese

>> No.22055481

btw b4 u ask yes im white knightingh

>> No.22055501

face it adolf u are just the textbook example of toxicity in the japanese learning community

>> No.22055514

i mean matt is toxic and quizler is toxic but med tranny is just obnoxious theres a huge difference

or did i miss the post where she makes fun of every1s japanese while boasting how good she is

>> No.22055515

Don't know what you are trying to achieve by repeatedly pointing out that I come from a poor immigrant family and had a hard life
probably not so different from if I called you 'nigger' all the time

>> No.22055525

i never said poor or immigrant i just said failed cuz u can be poor and immigrants but not be a failure of a family steeped in domestic violence

u should talk to ur dad and ask him why hes not protecting the most valuable thing a man can have - his family

>> No.22055538

minna genki?

>> No.22055550
File: 10 KB, 484x111, firefox_dON0nO4QoB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

most were short so its not very impressive

>> No.22055552

being good or bad at japanese has no necessary correlation with being toxic, but then again this is the djt, not the daily holier than thou thread, so it really shouldn't matter who is more righteous.
if eroge is what keeps people on the track to learning japanese, then people should be encouraged to use that.
if it's anime cards, then anime cards it should be.
anything's fine as long as it's not something that nuke has touched.

>> No.22055554
File: 136 KB, 500x477, 1566616196966.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>most valuable thing a man can have - his family

>> No.22055555


>> No.22055582

just cuz ur comfortable expressing urself doesnt mean every1 else is comfortable putting up with said expression 空想ガールさん

>> No.22055598

>anyone can look at your quiz history
the absolute state of the quiz
next thing u know qm is gonna dox his patrons
is toxic worse than obnoxious mousou girl makes me wonder

>> No.22055617

gonna watch some aidoru bangumi see ya later nerds

>> No.22055625

idk i think toxic is worse but ur just more accustomed to toxicity so it bugs u less

>> No.22055643

I remember checking into discord briefly and people were shittalking moetard saying that he isn't even N3.

Is it true?

>> No.22055646

honestly i'm pretty cool after all, but i guess i could always be little more cool

>> No.22055648

>his domineering personality and insistence on always being right and absolute incapability of admitting a single flaw makes it impossible to give him advice

>> No.22055652

lmao imagining moe tard getting destroyed on discord every day

>> No.22055654

yeah he is somewhere around that level
maybe n3

>> No.22055655

im accustomed to qm
how fucked up is that

>> No.22055667

low iq poster

>> No.22055669

did u not read my post ? i was asking to see the very post u are asking to see which i dont think exists

>> No.22055671

i think youre misreading jamal's post he said that's something you don't do but worded it so that if anyone could prove you do it they should show the post

>> No.22055673

id never join ur discord cuz im prob worse than moe and qm would search my quiz history every time i shitpost

>> No.22055674

If you drink his beer, he can't drink it.
Checkmate, dad.

>> No.22055675

I think you are misinterpreting a lot if that is perceive me like that, as I do admit flaws and the things I do insist on I do with good reason
not to mention my desire to learn and self improve

>> No.22055678


is 空想girl a esl also ?? fuck i cant white knight a esl sorry

>> No.22055679

watched like 8 episodes of anime today think thats a record for me

>> No.22055680

persecution complex is affecting ur reading ability

>> No.22055681

I think she's the ALT who was bragging here a while back but I'm not entirely sure.

>> No.22055688

shes obv american dude shes just black from georgia or smth so its similar

>> No.22055690

guys pls don't scare away my 女友達

>> No.22055695

i watched 9 episodes today and i think 11 episodes yesterday

o shit look at the date lol

>> No.22055699

ill go ahead and squash this one for u right now

by responding to this post >>22055514 where i very clearly stated "med tranny" they have finally admitted cleanly that they are transsexual

where is ur god now

>> No.22055702

>you also have to consider that them being immigrants they don't have any German friends and the language barrier makes it impossible for them to actually achieve anything that would enable them to live non miserable lives
I will never understand people who move to a country and then don't even bother to learn the language.

It's nothing to do with them being immigrants. There are plenty of immigrants in every country who manage to integrate just fine. It's all a matter of whether or not they bother to make the effort.

>> No.22055703

She's a girl (male)

>> No.22055705
File: 238 KB, 977x1038, 1423119614887.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

jeez this thread has gone to shit

>> No.22055707

I agree with you

>> No.22055709

i already got her on that technicality like 10 times breh she's conditioned pavlonialiy to respond to tranny now

>> No.22055712

u cant hide from my posts : )

>> No.22055718

now that is an american way to spell pavlovian if i ever saw one

>> No.22055739

makes sense, but where's the japanese involved in this?

>> No.22055742

it's funny how there was like a month back when i first started that i was watching 9 episodes of anime per day but it did literally nothing for me. now that i can hear at least a few words here and there i can't stomach more than 3 episodes per day.

>> No.22055749

it's actually a typing on my phone without proofreading way

>> No.22055750

Subconscious is a meme. I doesn't exist.

>> No.22055754

It's Noto Sans. I used to use IPAGothic before but it breaks when you have kanji with many strokes written in bold (like 曇る).

reminds me of a tree from RTK (桐)

>> No.22055759

>im just pretending to be retarded
the thread

>> No.22055760

their gdp per capita was about the same as china's throughout most of history but started diverging by 1870 due to the meiji restoration.

>> No.22055761

>I doesn't exist.

Fuck this ポンコツ keyboard. I really need to buy a new one.

>> No.22055762

but thats the fun in it all thats why i do it how i do

>> No.22055772

but i'm not basing it off of my characteristics. it's just a given the behavior in these threads and the notoriety this site has. it takes a certain kind of autist to find their way here, let alone participate in discussion. this is a pattern you could find in literally any niche activity.

>> No.22055774

durgod k320 is a good one. Recently bought it.

>> No.22055780


>> No.22055785

i didnt read both of your posts how about that

>> No.22055793

yep, this one is going into my https://streamable.com/z00b9

>> No.22055795

yeah i can only watch this much now that my listening is really good from VNs and shit my iq isn't low enough to enjoy watching anime without dialogue

>> No.22055802

being lectured english by kuso girl as a japanese boy would be traumatizing

>> No.22055803

u better not have

>> No.22055805

Who is that?

>> No.22055806
File: 11 KB, 324x470, 1469022280971.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have it installed as well. It's actually all in one package on arch linux. Though I don't see any improvements when font weight is bold.
first - noto sans
second - IPAexGothic
third - IPAGothic

>> No.22055815

some guy who hates black people

>> No.22055816

i bet japanese people always try to touch mousou girls nappy hair and ask if she was born from an egg or some shit

>> No.22055818

The top isn't Noto Sans, unless you mean Noto Sans CJK JP. Noto Sans doesn't contain Japanese glpyhs.

>> No.22055821

congrats on one of the most autistic posts ever made in djt that's a tough one

>> No.22055831

wtf don't post shit like that. i'm trying to watch my dopamine spikes

>> No.22055832

>you’ll never catch me watching legend of galactic ojisans or w/e for example
why not? it's a great story i'm sure you could appreciate it. just give it a chance.

>> No.22055838

here's a question you'll probably refuse to answer: how many years have you been studying?

>> No.22055839

this threads getting a little too feud-y for me.
should i become a namefag?

>> No.22055851

ur nihongo text isnt sans though

>> No.22055853

i will if you will

>> No.22055864

like the good old days

>> No.22055870
File: 2 KB, 124x144, 1554312812240.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's what I get w

< Noto CJK JP

>> No.22055874

nihongo word of the day: 年寄

>> No.22055877
File: 2 KB, 121x103, 1557847501052.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22055880
File: 2 KB, 115x102, 1551840193482.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22055882

jamal will die in your lifetime...

>> No.22055884
File: 3 KB, 124x140, 1545447562664.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've recently taken a liking to Meiryo, even though I used to not think much of it.

Here's 曇る in bold Meiryo, btw.

>> No.22055887

doubtful since im definitely gonna jump off a building in the next 3 years

>> No.22055892

rip all the gains

>> No.22055893
File: 168 KB, 2127x721, IMG_20190911_224932~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I liked how they came out, just wanted to show.
How big should these be in a real scenario? Like a school notebook? I did these in 1/2cm squares. I think they will be unreadable when i start doing complex kanji

>> No.22055899

what is so wrong with the year 2023 why are you trying to leave the game before it

>> No.22055902

decided im gonna kill myself at 30 2 years from now so prob not desu

>> No.22055903

just how my life's going nothing to do with the year. only got a few years left in me

>> No.22055904

>I need to find out why.
cuz we need to burn all the software and start over without tainted knowledge

>> No.22055907

your shit is all jacked up. you need to learn how to write み properly

>> No.22055910

>Doesn't look right. My first guess is that you didn't install or configure the font.
It's installed. Also, that configuration does nothing besides:
>specifies a default font for the Japanese locale (ja_JP) and keeps western style fonts for Latin letters.
Totally unrelated.

>> No.22055922

figure out what change in your life could make you not want to off yourself and then try to slowly work towards it even if it will take a long time

>> No.22055926
File: 659 KB, 591x595, 1531066471486.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just try to find something fun to do bro.

>> No.22055927

dunno. everything was in bitmap for me until I used that config.

>> No.22055928

The problem is that it just becomes a mess of text having sentences one under the other of such tiny characters

>> No.22055934

what are some games or anime or whatever that you appreciated a lot more upon rewatching/replaying them after you learned japanese?

>> No.22055948

what if it's learning japanese

>> No.22055951

2023 seems like a good year but if anon wants to ascend before everyone else then more power to em i guess

>> No.22055952

i just dont enjoy life or have any desires so there's nothing to work towards. there's no way im going to suffer as a wagecuck just to keep existing

>> No.22055955

its been a little while since weve linked my boy in the thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-suKH0GJno
if ur a huge fuckin nerd hes got a lot for u

>> No.22055958

you can't learn a language. you can only acquire it

>> No.22055960

everything because everything you like is much better in japanese

>> No.22055961

tripmaster ??

>> No.22055964

i've heard that translations can sometimes be better than the original though. i've heard that about yu yu hakusho for example.

>> No.22055966

i feel u

>> No.22055968

only people who don't know japanese say that

>> No.22055974

eh you're right. they can only compare the english subs to the dub. that was a bad example.

>> No.22055976

>implying memories don’t pass on to the afterlife

>> No.22055986

>implying theres an afterlife

>> No.22055999

30 is mada wakai zo. hakujin ha 40dai nakaba made wakamono atukai da. toriaezu soko made jinsei wo yatte mite kara ha dou darou ka

>> No.22056001

imagine not having already achieved the level of 菩薩

>> No.22056004

yeah i did imply that bcus there obviously is haven’t u ever had encounters with the spirits oh wait oh no don’t tell me ur a loser...

>> No.22056006
File: 11 KB, 451x337, 1505570486814.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

become a monk

>> No.22056011


>> No.22056019

id rather be reincarnated as an immortal 2d loli vampire than ur spirit shit

>> No.22056022

no reason to stick around for more than 2 more years let alone 12. i don't care about getting wakamono atsukai my whole life's been kuzu atsukai wakai or not

>> No.22056026

yeah and i want to have sex with a million virgins what ur point

>> No.22056027
File: 52 KB, 1647x206, 1550688726221.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Figured out the problem.

Anki (where I was testing) seems to have some sort of font rendering issue. In other applications, Noto does indeed show up like in your image.

>> No.22056031
File: 52 KB, 1647x206, 1537904977330.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22056045

if im gonna play pretend itd better be a good fantasy

>> No.22056047
File: 53 KB, 1647x208, 1556648321276.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22056049

im saying you look like a half human half monkey hybrid because you're black, nothing to do with the length of your hair

>> No.22056054

no ones playing pretend this is real this game we’re playing

>> No.22056067


>> No.22056085
File: 63 KB, 1647x207, 1567223688661.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For the sake of completeness, some serif (mincho) fonts too.

< Noto Serif CJK JP

>> No.22056087
File: 62 KB, 1647x206, 1567119456565.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22056093
File: 62 KB, 1647x206, 1564156488005.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yu Mincho

This is my favourite serif (mincho) font. For sans (gothic), I like Meiryo, as I mentioned earlier.

>> No.22056109

my vision is poor as shit i see kanji as half-detailed blemishes and i read by their general outline and context which seems to work btw

>> No.22056110

anki haters will hate this but it's pretty cool

>> No.22056128

Anyone else here watch literally the 100th or so video/stream from Kaufmann knowing he's gonna say the same old shit he always does because you'd rather do that than learn Japanese?

>> No.22056138

>anki haters will hate this
i use anki every day
that's fucking retarded
>That is, it also includes very popular Chinese and Korean names (for example, 金 has included as キム, and 張 has チャン, as well as 北京 for Peking/Beijing).

>> No.22056142

but those names are ranked in order of frequency. and you can still suspend them if you want. your critique is characteristic of someone who doesn't use anki.

>> No.22056146

>your critique is characteristic of someone who doesn't use anki.
the critique has nothing to do with anki, what are you even talking about

>> No.22056148

>anki haters will hate this
ah yes 1万語 tango cant want to grind out them all this is the 神髄 of japanese study let me say it now 日 to the 本 to the 語 to the 勉 to the 強 IM LEARNDING

>> No.22056155

>Noto Serif CJK JP
this one is the best. Stick with it. My second favorite is Yu Mincho.

>> No.22056156

Trying to memorise words you've never seen before absent of any context is retarded and doesn't work.

>> No.22056161

enjoy memorizing thousands of locations and names uve never seen before just in case

>> No.22056162

once you're fluent that's not really true

>> No.22056173

>uve never seen before
they're the most frequent common nouns so you'll see them a lot if you enjoy reading about history and geography

>> No.22056175

No thanks.

Noto is actually my least favourite of the lot. IPA only looks bad here because of the bold issue, which is virtually never a problem in practice since how often do you really run into bold text anyway?

>> No.22056179

If you were fluent, you wouldn't need a premade deck of the most common nouns in the language.

>> No.22056187


>> No.22056188
File: 562 KB, 794x518, 1430557983928.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you understand what 'そんなに強くつぶったら余計入るぞ?' means? It just doesn't make sense. Like, 'if you close your eyes to tight, superfluous [something] will enter.'

>> No.22056192

when i say fluent i mean understanding like 99% of what you encounter in the media you enjoy. at that point you will not have memorized the 10k most frequent common nouns and you can go through the deck and suspend ones you already know.

>> No.22056215

I mark i+1 words in anki bold. It's more of a habit than necessity but it helps to concentrate on the word I have the least grasp on.

>> No.22056218
File: 91 KB, 610x838, matt destroys hater.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

matt whenever someone here talks shit about him

>> No.22056221

hes just telling her to close her eyes less tightly 'cause it only makes it worse (余計なのが入る, 余計 is what u dont want)

>> No.22056233

if u see them a lot u can mine them then

>> No.22056252

i kinda see how it works now. thanks.
It's his brother actually, according to the plot.

>> No.22056313


>> No.22056351

i wanna be a cool colored man like jamal when i'm 40 years old.

>> No.22056368

debating where to throw my cum tissues while I am here if I throw it into the normal thrash it’ll probably stink up the room and if I throw it into the toilet it can clog

>> No.22056388

yo, i just realized the average djter is a boring autistic loser just like me.
everybody here has a waifu because they could never get real friends or anything like that, and make fun of matt/redditors or post は and が shit because they're just as uncreative and unfunny as me. they spend all day reading vns and reviewing anki decks because they see fiction & language learning as an escape from real life.
all of 4chan is like this, but only certain people are willing to uncompromisingly accept this.

>> No.22056396

u fucked up
>everybody here has a waifu
afraid of commitment

>> No.22056400

u plannin on doin anythin bout it, or u gonna go back to doin the usual shit?

>> No.22056412

>everybody here has a waifu
no i don't that shit is stupid

>> No.22056419


>> No.22056440

waifuism is neither stupid nor non-stupid.
it's escapism.

>> No.22056441

watch it

>> No.22056445 [SPOILER] 
File: 3.69 MB, 1625x1625, 1568259662337.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i dont have a waifu

>> No.22056461

man George, he just doesn't give a fuck about not being able to read a children's game

>> No.22056520

berserk is ending "soon"
how many years

>> No.22056524


>> No.22056527
File: 559 KB, 1024x718, non_non_biyori-112-1024x718.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.22056544


>> No.22056553

on one hand no way on the other hand considering the latest chapter with casca and everything i can see the series rapidly closing in on the ultimate showdown between guts and griffith. but i feel like there's more miura can do especially with the god hand.

>> No.22056555

i think it's probably hard for anyone who doesn't know flower names to understand. it's not like everyone in japan knows them, right? eventually you probably just go "oh okay that's the flower they're on about rn"

>> No.22056582

>It's his brother actually
I wasn't interested personally, my dick wanted to know

>> No.22056603

is djt gonna throw a party for me if i finish all 10 volumes of kino’s journey

>> No.22056609

how many characters are per volume

>> No.22056611

ill throw u a pizza and ice cream party if u do that

>> No.22056613

nvm just checked real fast using that html page and ctrl+c and it's about 100k characters

>> No.22056614

i personally will. i actually just read a chapter of volume 4 a little while ago, hadn't picked the series up in a while.
how far are you? do you have a particular chapter that you really liked? did any make you feel sick to your stomach?
incidentally, there's like 20-something volumes in total, they're just not all on the library.

>> No.22056645

oh that html page quiz links on his site is better than the reddit one since you can delete cruft you accidentally copy over

>> No.22056695

mary, fuck off and die

>> No.22056698

stop that's super offensive

>> No.22056722

im on volume 3 my favorite part so far is the chapter about the country that didn’t care about anything besides reading books

>> No.22056761

oh, i loved that one. i think my favorite so far is probably country of magic users.

>> No.22056768




>> No.22056800

was like 1.5 years ago when i read that chapter and i don't remember any of it :(

need to reread it

>> No.22056816

why wont she ever look my way

>> No.22056820

cool imo

>> No.22056823

wait unless that was the chapter about the person who built the airplane then i do remmeber it

>> No.22056830


>> No.22056897

yeah it was.

>> No.22056924

what's the difference between こぞう and がき

>> No.22056926

nice u did all the normie shit that is ideal for learning a foreign language and its working out for u

ive said a lot of the same shit but its pointless ppl just wanna stay shut in and learn japanese in a bubble haha

>> No.22056940


>> No.22056968





>> No.22056995





>> No.22057008

thats cool thats actually a chapter ive read twice because i stopped reading kino after that one so when i got back to it i read it again

>> No.22057016


>> No.22057017

kinda nifty huh. honestly kino is still one of my favorites. i liked it as a beginner especially because you could read a full story and get a sense of completion even from just one chapter.

>> No.22057019


>> No.22057021


>> No.22057024

came across 二十歳 in my book and it points out furigana for 歳 as さい

>> No.22057025


>> No.22057031


>> No.22057048


>> No.22057051


Why didn't he say 小僧 here?

>> No.22057053


>> No.22057054

damn qm's site is pretty legit, nice tutorial/resource not gonna lie

>> No.22057055


>> No.22057065


>> No.22057089

wondering what moetard thinks about qm's diss from earlier

>> No.22057101


>> No.22057141

I've been thinking in Japanese lately, and when I have to say something in English, I sound like a country cowboy ranch hand, to myself. Actually I think my American accent has exaugurated from underutilization.

>> No.22057149


>> No.22057155


>> No.22057168


>> No.22057180


>> No.22057202



>> No.22057261

good night i

love you guys

>> No.22057273



>> No.22057437


>> No.22057450

>The animecards guide is much better than the main djt guide, mostly because it doesn't tell people to fuck around with dumb textbooks or to avoid watching anime just because they have unknown words
The guide doesn't say that at all. Why are you making up shit? That's right, because you need to use the work of others for your own promotion, because nothing you have is original or of enough value to stand on its own.
That is worse than the ajatt patreon shitters because they at least created their own community instead of latching onto others for attention. Those other morons don't need to spend hours every day in a thread on 4chan, samefagging and discrediting others to promote an illusion of wider agreement.
Everything you do is manipulative and in bad faith, driven by an insecure narcissistic need to promote a sense of self superiority. I hope you fuck with the wrong person one day and find how the real world works in the most painful way possible, you repugnent pseudo-tripfag.

>> No.22057512

when westerners have 女の赤ちゃん printed on their tshirts with the additional text of "baby girl"

>> No.22057523

I want to read good manga, but I hate looking up every word I don't know with the radical builder in jisho.
There has to be a better way or am I just limited to manga with furigana?

>> No.22057525
File: 42 KB, 301x450, w600h450.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.22057541

OCR or drawing in Google Translate.

>> No.22057558

what OCR program should I use if I'm on mac?

>> No.22057563

I could reduce my answering time too if I pressed the green button more often

>> No.22057565
File: 160 KB, 919x1024, 1FC13E40-1011-49D0-9E58-4F4B4DB4B73B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

chatting with chinks lol wtf

>> No.22057589

My biggest problem with anime cards is that the only shows I can find subs for are old af and I'd rather watch current shows

>> No.22057595

did you check kitsunekko? it has a lot of new shows

>> No.22057600

Damn that's amazing, thanks god

>> No.22057620

What's currently the best "hover over japanese" browser addon available?

>> No.22057679
File: 276 KB, 754x1067, 1556529727419.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck Anime Cards

>> No.22057682

Third day of learning !
Katakana here i come !

>> No.22057711


>> No.22057718

quizler every morning

>> No.22057725

i have woke up. probably going to make few cool posts today. stay tuned guys

>> No.22057726

what kind of subtitle-file do I need to have so that I don't get an error message every time?
I'm talking about this website https://video.fluentcards.com/

>> No.22057740

>level 15 in wanikani
>you need to get 90% of the level's kanji consistently to unlock the level 16 content
>33 kanji in level 15
>meaning you need to consistently recall all but 3 of those kanji to unlock the next level
>7 """radicals""" at level 15 which need to gotten correct consistently to unlock a number of kanji of that level
>takes 3.5 days minimum to get a radical/kanji up to the required level
>some of wk's "radicals" are just previously (or subsequently) learned kanji
>level 15 has 丈 as one of its "radicals" as well as one of its kanji
>it's literally the only kanji that contains this "radical"
>this also happens to bring the number of kanji that require you to grind radicals of that level up to 4, bringing the minimum time to progress to the next level from 3.5 to 7 days
yes i know i deserve this

>> No.22057750

srt or ass if the sub doesn’t work convert in subtitle edit if the video doesn’t work download something other tgan h265 and use chrome

>> No.22057753


>> No.22057858

Alright, the problem might be that I use Opera, but it worked with a different sub-file now.

>> No.22057867

Don't forget guys, having fun is one of the most important aspects of learning a language or else you'll never make it.
Reflect and think about if you're really having fun doing textbooks, RTK or some other stupid shit.

>> No.22057869

I'm gonna cook now.
Give me something cool to listen while I'm cooking. 30min length or so.

>> No.22057917
File: 22 KB, 319x329, 1560698506512.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22057926

tfw u lose ur way

>> No.22057991

>getting high lol
This explains the meditation obsession. You have fucked your brain with illegal drugs just like Matt.

What a shame.

>> No.22058031

What's up with all the trips and name dropping?

>> No.22058055


>> No.22058156

Is there a way to automatically add on and kunyomi to all the kanji I add in anki?

>> No.22058196

To specify, I know you can add kun and onyomi to kanji cards but I want to use it in term cards.

>> No.22058223

for what reason

>> No.22058250

The show the on and kunyomi of each kanji in entire words.

>> No.22058256

i know you don't want to hear this but this is pointless

>> No.22058260

for what reason

>> No.22058264

If it gets added automatically there is literally no lose even if I will only use it very rarely. But I see now that no one here has the technical knowledge to do it anyway so the question is pointless.

>> No.22058267


>> No.22058273

go back to learning arabic

>> No.22058280

good job anon, after katakana start reading

>> No.22058283

The truth hurts. You have no skills of value.

>> No.22058291

i really wasted 3 months doing rtk when i should’ve been reading instead :(

>> No.22058423

reading only works if you do it all day, rtk was the right path

>> No.22058432

i read every day for pretty much a year and then went 2 days without reading and all of my gains instantly disappeared. don't do what i did. do rtk. you'll be glad you did.

>> No.22058441

You can do both, retards.

>> No.22058446

RTK is fine at the start. KLC or pretty much any other Kanji learning method is much better if you're already invested in the language.

>> No.22058452

reading takes away valuable time from rtk dumbass.

>> No.22058455

What's the difference?

>> No.22058472

If you do more than 10 kanji a day you are not even giving every kanji the love and attention it needs. There are always brainlets who rush RTK and other kanji learning methods instead of taking time and doing it properly while reading source material along with it. And then they wonder "b-but why didn't it help".

>> No.22058481
File: 32 KB, 633x195, enlightened RTK furry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if you do less than 25 then you're demonstrating that you're not actually committed to learning japanese and you're going to get bored by your lack of progress and quit within 6 months guaranteed. and 25 is a low ball, you should be doing 50 a day and if you're doing rtk properly it should take you about 5+ hours to do your reps and learn new kanji.

>> No.22058506

Yeah yeah that's nice and all but manga isn't reading.

rtk more like rtGAY!

>> No.22058509

Yea this is true for everything. I could have been in legendary status by now but I kept adding too many words and then got overloaded and eventually deleted decks which is a terrible habbit. You can probably get away with a lot of mistakes like that in the beginning because frequent stuff will bombard you anyways, but the further you go the more you better learn some patience and dedication. I got the hang of it around 10k vocab which I think worked out.

>> No.22058511

I know you're baiting but I hate the times we live in. Not only do we get twitter screencap threads but now people reply with individual "literally who" screencaps.

>> No.22058516

what a stupid and completely unimportant thing to complain about.

>> No.22058521

>he doesn't know nihaomeow

>> No.22058525
File: 678 KB, 1920x1080, 1568293712-dp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what's going on with character spacing, this doesn't look normal

>> No.22058619

reps all done, time for 12 hours of anime and shit posting here

>> No.22058647

RTK is building blocks. Because of this, it can take a good long while before everyday Kanji comes up. KLC focuses more on getting you started with more useful Kanji and getting you used to differintiating differenences. Both work, but I think KLC is better for 90% of people.

>> No.22058667

>read manga
>get bored after 15 pages and have to push myself

>read ero doujin
>read 70+ pages in one go

>> No.22058694

>>read manga

>> No.22058706

Turns out people use very basic vocabulary/grammar during sex. Who knew?

>> No.22058708

Doujins are extremely easy to read as they use an extremely limited vocabulary.

>> No.22058723

Has anyone tried Wareya's OCR image viewer? Is it any good?

I'd give it a go but the build instructions for Linux on the GitHub page read:
>rewrite compile-freebsd.sh. It's out of date.
>Good luck.

>> No.22058733

wareya has an ocr image viewer ?
why are u on linux if u cant write a compile script

>> No.22058767

Yeah, but I don't know what sort of state it's in. He hasn't updated it in 2 years, by the looks of it.
> nezuyomi
>an ocr manga reader / image viewer

>why are u on linux if u cant write a compile script
There are more reasons to use Linux than just "I'm a programmer". You don't have to know anything about programming just to use the OS, and most users, like me, probably don't.

>> No.22058793

>but you can't really change it to look as good as yomichan.
I just checked Wareya's twitter and it looks like he must've been lurking this thread.

>> No.22058798

alright that's pretty cool.

>> No.22058804
File: 1 KB, 40x34, Screenshot_2019-09-12_06-57-57.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you look up kanji you dont know? For example this

>> No.22058813

>Yeah, but I don't know what sort of state it's in.
the whole thing looks real small and the build scripts are one line
run it and see what goes wrong is an ez strategy for something that small if u have enough knowledge or confidence to google and play with shit until it works
>You don't have to know anything about programming just to use the OS
yeah but ur gonna run into this kind of shit

>> No.22058823

Get a dictionary app that let's you draw it and go from there.

>> No.22058827

draw it in google translate and copy it to jisho
or look up by radical

>> No.22058856

@wareya can you add an option for some kind of indicator to see if you've already mined a word onto the main UI like in yomichan instead of having to try to mine it again before it says it's a duplicate. i sometimes attempt to remine words i already know cause im retarded or accidentally click the top part without mining and don't realise i havent actually mined the word

>> No.22058890

Smudge it up in photoshop and challenge djt to guess what it is

>> No.22058901

>japanese dub
wtf nintendo

>> No.22058915

I only watch SUBBED American commercials
They're far superior !

>> No.22058924

this shit is wild wtf

>> No.22058931

i really like the cloud design in vns, i must admit.

>> No.22058932

>not 宀

>> No.22058960

impressed they're not ready to abandon the "get your family to watch you looking like a retard in the front room" marketing thing yet

>> No.22058962

take that back one of the rarest kanji in my anki deck are from doujin.

>> No.22058970

i dont give a fuck about that
its faster and less error prone to not be blind
⺉ and 宀 narrows it down to 1 option immediately

>> No.22058972

>the author doesn't know how to set up Japanese fonts
>uses bilingual dictionaries
Tells you a lot about his addon.

>> No.22058981

how do you know he uses bilingual dictionaries

>> No.22058984

lets see it

>> No.22058990


>> No.22058996

hardly rare. its probably in vncore1250

>> No.22058998

its not even in rtk3 so u watch urself

>> No.22059010

rtk3 doesnt have a shitload of common kanji. stuff like 佇

>> No.22059017

I looked at the screenshots.
Lots of common kanji are missing in rtk. A better criteria would be if a kanji is present at any level of kanken.

>> No.22059022

i only have 9 non kanken kanji words in my deck

>> No.22059032

Alright, I'm not reading any ero doujins anymore.
I'm starting nofap right now!

>> No.22059037

but those screenshots are for demonstrative purposes

>> No.22059045

idk if my listening has improved a bit in the past month or if i'm just tricking myself since i mostly read the subs.

>> No.22059048

turn the subs off then

>> No.22059062

Watch 10 000 hours of jav
lol ok

>> No.22059066

developers trying to give off any air of competence generally dont use demonstration screenshots using their personal config

>> No.22059070

watching 10'000 hours of jav is actually possible, not like watching 10'000 hours of anime.

>> No.22059073

how much do you understand with subs

>> No.22059079

5%, 1% without

>> No.22059081

thinking of installing tv screens all over the walls of my room like in the shitty matrix movies and playing different anime on all of them for immersion

>> No.22059087

good idea

>> No.22059088

how can i figure out exactly what % of something i understand like those mia guys?

>> No.22059094
File: 145 KB, 2280x1330, more_fixed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if you even have to task then you're screwed. right side of the line and you'll just know.

>> No.22059097

if you dont understand 100% you should keep learning japanese

>> No.22059105

meisou girl said even natives cant understand 100% of what they hear in anime though. that's why she watches with english subs

>> No.22059106

if u watch more jav than anime ur fucked
worry about knowing some nihongo before u worry about ur listening being shit

>> No.22059112

>worry about knowing some nihongo before u worry about ur listening being shit
no i'm not letting my listening lag far behind my reading i've let that go on for too long.

>> No.22059113

lets say they might find a new word once every couple anime so they understand 99.99%+

>> No.22059115

it doesnt seem very far behind

>> No.22059116

did you not see the numbers my reading is 5x better than my listening idiot.

>> No.22059122

but you understand like 5 lines of every 100 reading and 1 line of every 100 listening. you're only missing a few lines due to your listening skill

>> No.22059132

and those lines are gonna take a year to fill in.

>> No.22059138
File: 204 KB, 2280x1330, bell curve.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the worst thing about this shit is the only name u put in the right place is anime godfather
my chart was useful and informative

>> No.22059139

probably a few years

>> No.22059140

exactly so why is that idiot pretending 4 more lines per 100 isn't a huge gap

>> No.22059141

Probably because Heisig was too much of a cuck to include such kanji instead of the general rarity of it.

>> No.22059142

Can we stop with the constant comments like "retard", "idiot", etc. Really lowers the quality the place and we're better than that.

>> No.22059147

do u think heisig was even based enough to read dojin
i think heisig was in the no fap forever wave

>> No.22059151

anyone have jap subs for 天気の子?
there are none on kitsunekko.

>> No.22059161

If you think swearing is a bigger problem on here than passive aggressiveness than you're the problem.

>> No.22059172

one of the mia cultists should make one of those anki simulators that lets u enter in ur masturbation cycle and the peak focus boost and focus drain of nofap and kenjataimu and postfap so they can optimize their wanking just like they optimized their interval modifier

>> No.22059184

the interval modifier thing is pretty cool but not actually created by matto

>> No.22059188

i said cultists also isnt it fuckin broken as shit

>> No.22059192

never mind i dont know what that is i was thinking of something else

>> No.22059196

That Anki simulator doesn't even work. It just spits out the same answer every time and half the settings don't even seem to do anything.

>> No.22059204

doesnt matter i just want an anki fap cycle optimizer to exist even if its that fucked

>> No.22059212

Does someone know where I can watch South Park in japanese?

>> No.22059238

that other guy wasn't me:
the kanji i thought about was 頚 like in 頚管粘液

>> No.22059240

no but i know where you can get the dub of the office

>> No.22059248

>idiot, retard
Lul do zoomers really think those are swear words?

>> No.22059255

I'm a big boy so I only watch anime and cartoons.

>> No.22059282

u'll need to take care of your micros and macros before you can even dare to optimize your anki fap cycle

>> No.22059310

ur microimmersion through passive listening and ur sharex macros ?

>> No.22059328

how can I be actively aggressive in this thread?

>> No.22059331

study qms posts

>> No.22059332

no i'm talking about nutrition prolly the most important thing to maximize your fap (=nihongo gaines) sessions and minimize your 不応期

>> No.22059335

Call someone a retard.

>> No.22059343

can nutrition really make me 連続射精 my way to fluency

>> No.22059351

quizlet said that though

>> No.22059352

I mean if you do sport in addition to that it could happen but we all know you won't do that

>> No.22059366

maybe they both said it because she definitely did. either way quizlet has never spoken to a japanese person in his life, unlike meisou girl who lives in japan. his opinion is irrelevant

>> No.22059389

i mean most people in this thread dont want to speak to japs either

thats why everyone pretends like you have to watch 100k hours of anime first before even attempting to speak the language

>> No.22059393

why would you want to speak to japs? I just want to consume their media

>> No.22059403

why are you posting about something unrelated to the discussion? we're talking about whether or not natives can comprehend 100% of anime (ie consumption of media), speaking to japs is just a way of finding that info out. learn english

>> No.22059406

why do people who wanna socialize with nips get so mad that people who don't wanna socialize with nips think their goals are stupid and gay

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