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One of the best fucking songs in the last ten years. Impressive, ZUN.

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A thread died for this.

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Sound like a bunch of tracks from old Touhou combined together.

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Yes, and?

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Epic template thread

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Daily reminder that threads you don't like aren't necessarily "template" threads.

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Feels less like boss theme that's supposed to fit her character and rather just some general climactic boss music.

Not sure what vibes Keiki's music is trying to convey while Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom and Septette for the Dead Princess are fairly obvious.

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Just listened again, seem like the theme uses some old melodies from old tracks. Still good though, I give you that.

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I hope it was idolshit.

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It was a LN thread moved from /a/

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It is definitely less of a character theme than usual.

That said it's really obvious if you listen with headphones.It's a "Gensokyo vs. Another World" theme. The Theme of Eastern Story is regularly, like, fighting to get through in that song, as you are in the fight. It starts off as a low, background bit around 54 seconds, and that's not even getting into how that fast piano bit on top at the very start is reminiscent of the main theme. Think of it as a struggle of the heroes against a force that should've been beyond them, which it is.

It's a very cool theme, and it incorporates leitmotif awesomely.

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>It starts off as a low, background bit around 54 seconds
oh and about this, I truly love it because you can only BARELY notice it. It's just one tiny iconic phrase that you can just barely hear, but Keiki's part of the song is overpowering at that point. Of course, throughout your part (Eastern Story) becomes more obvious until it's right there alongside her theme

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This entire time I've been a bit confused about those parts but I never thought about it that way. Makes a lot of sense.

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yeah, makes even more sense when you're actually playing it and struggling against her, and the spirits come in after your goast hypes you up, which is why the climax of the song is side by side eastern story and Idolatrize World. Like "this is it"

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Characterwise Keiki's part is awe-inspiring but also fairly serene and melancholic, in contrast to the full on hostility of Mayumi's or the creepy vibes of Yatchie's

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Too many keiki threads

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She's the new girl around, let her be

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Don’t spoil it for me kudasai.

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Exactly, thats why its so good.

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It also has its own share of originality.

Anon... the game has been out for a few weeks....

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