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Not your favourite waifu, but your fave design. Yukari is not my favourite, but I really like her main outfit's blend of east and west. It is very dynamic and eccentric and overal memorable

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(and/or your least fave)

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Taken direct inspiration from a single painting and fused it with some mythology to create two original characters. Brilliant.

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The Frida on the left cut open her heart to represent the pain and misery in her life.

While Koishi on the right closed off her heart to avoid the pain and misery in her life.

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>your favourite waifu

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Saki is the best thing in the new games, Marisa overall, MoF is best.

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I really like Tenshi

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thats genuinly really cool
based ZUN

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I like Sanae’s color scheme of white, green and blue

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Based on what?

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Okuu is pretty nice.
Kasen is an entirely different flavor of choice though. She’s not a character I spent much time admiring but she has some good art in the hands of the right person.

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she's absolutely majestic

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plz post pics aswell

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Going on a bit of a tangent, Touhou has the great distinction that almost every character is well designed and why fanartists flock to it. You can't find any like 2hu characters pretty much anywhere else (especially post pc-98 when ZUN dialed down heavily on copying from older designs) because ZUN makes what he wants without any care.
Meanwhile due to how taking it safe many of the designs of gacha and other otaku-related characters are, they tend to look samey and boring. I can't tell you how many times I see a character fanart and mistake it for someone else or an OC. This never happens to 2hu characters.
tldr 2hus are good

Anyways, Kokoro would be my pick. The floating masks, the blue fire aesthetic, and her puffed pumpkin-looking skirt are very memorable to me.
runner ups include Byakuren, Koishi, and FS!Aya

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I'm going with Komachi Onozuka. Red and blue provide vivid contrast, making her eyes and hair stand out like vibrant flames. Scythe reminds us of her status as a shinigami, its odd wavy design reminds her that she's a ferryman, not a reaper and keeps her unique. Corset-like obi accentuates everything and adds femininity. Coin declares her memorable danmaku type. Hair in pigtails resembles wandering phantoms, the spirits she deals with. Tall geta make her imposing. Enormous dress stands out but doesn't take the coward's way of giving her an extra long dress so you don't have to draw her legs.
All with a graceful simplicity without being overdesigned, leaving her a beautiful, elegant woman who radiates power and taste.
Unfortunately the exact image I wanted to post is too large for 4chan and I don't want to recompress it.

Feel free to call my tastes basic or whatever.

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Can't think of much, but the Tsukumo sisters are probably one of the worst ones for me. Not only are the musician combo niche already filled out, but they look really plain for Touhou characters.
Nemuno's also one. Very mountain-hag look and fits the character, but doesn't really stand out outside of the big butcher knife.

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Tenshi has a pretty simple but all around very appealing color scheme which I've always loved. The rainbow diamonds on her apron are especially cool and help make her stand out. I also love her cute black hat.

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ZUN has created a lot of memorable desings.

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There is nothing plain about Benben, and if she was a normal single boss, she’d be reasonably popular.

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Utsuho is just incredible. I don't think there's another girl as carefully and creatively designed as her.

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Although Clownpiece certainly comes close. Smug, winged, colorful, long-haired blonde loli and a pierrot girl mixed with a statue of liberty. Goddamn ZUN.

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Design is very subjective anon. Some may like the simplicity of someone like kogasa or cirno, or someone like how complex the design of okina or hecatia is. Its whatever floats your boat

Mine is eiki since favorite, but shes a mix of being simple with some nice touches

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File: 240 KB, 1000x1319, __hata_no_kokoro_puyopuyo_fever_and_etc_drawn_by_pcs_shousa__bddf57bd1244d38096e6012e2b99e1b0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The masks also are fun because they show how she is feeling. Allows for a lot of creativity

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Why yes but of course Doremy Sweet!
Honorable mention goes to:
Touhou 11 peaked at a lot of things for me personally.

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Now thats lewd!

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Tenshi is an example of great design: memorable, not overdone and not too simplistic, with each element significant in its own way. There are elements showing her otherwordly nature (blue hair, cloud pattern skirt, apron pattern), her aggressiveness (red eyes, high boots, sword), her cuteness (frilly shirt and ribbon), She combines traits of two mythological characters (Son Goku and Takemikazuchi) and shows it in her design (golden circlets on her shirt cuffs being Son Goku's circlet, for example), while being an original character completely distinct from both. The hat is also a nice touch, connecting her with mythological devas of which she is supposed to be one by being her flower crown (except it's some peaches and leaves, which is memorable and funny and connects to certain other aspects of her character). Her characterization is also great, ZUN basically created a character that would have normally been a boring Mary Sue (a celestial being from Heaven, super powerful, immortal, nearly indestructible, wielding the coolest ever sword, incredibly lucky, basically better than you in every single way) and then gave her a personality that makes it all interesting and funny instead.

In other words, pretty much a textbook case of perfect character design, in my opinion.

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File: 228 KB, 1000x1000, __hinanawi_tenshi_patalliro_and_etc_drawn_by_batta_ijigen_debris__68b4b1e3b28fa7f142552b44d5ec273a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also development from her first appearance which was in SWR, to the mangas where we can see here character change. Its a nice touch as well, and there is good merit to why a LOT of people like tenshi

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I wouldn't say Tenshi as a character (as a person, if you wish) changed since SWR. I prefer to think of it as showcasing the sides of her that were not immediately obvious before, because there was no opportunity to show them. People just took her in SWR at face value, even though she was explicitly roleplaying a villain (just like she is roleplaying a hero in the Kasen incident).

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Okina's design is an excellent adaptation of the various gods she is designed off of, and a good adaptation of that old painting of Matarajin. The colors contrast well, and I think it all blends together better than say, Koishi, but that's just my opinion.

Don't know what there's to say otherwise. I like that ZUN added the drum, as Matarajin is all about music, and is literally seduced by singing.

I think the same goes for Satono and Mai.

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I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he meant "your favorite, or if a character is your wife"

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>Which touhou girls has the best character design
>Not your favourite waifu, but your fave design
Which, OP? Best or personal favorite? They can be different things.

Though in my case they're the same. It's Suika. Suika not only has one of the most striking and WHOA designs out there, you can see who she is just from her silhouette. She has one incredibly unique feature in her rather strange, branch-like horns that, seriously, NO other character or creature IRL has, and these are just a few surface level, immediate traits.

Getting deeper, Suika's design tells you everything about Suika very quickly without being obnoxiously meaningful. It isn't a design that tries hard or seems like something nobody would ever wear. The only peculiar thing, really, is her sphere, pyramid, and cube, and if anything because they are singularly strange they command attention. Looking into their meaning tells you more about her character, showing you that beyond the surface she's surprisingly cultured and philosophical. Which is true! She is, in fact, one of the wisest characters in Touhou, despite common portrayal.

Suika's sleeves are torn off = she's a roughhouser
Suika's shirt is button-up = she minds her horns (more importantly, ZUN thought about it)
Suika's horns are sloppily decorated = she's cute, but slapdash about it. She's definitely a GIRL, not just a macho oni.
Suika's chains = she is exceptionally free. The chains are bound to nothing that holds her in place. They're also cumbersome, but that is counterbalanced by
Suika's long, flowing dress which = the idea that she's physically loose, light, and airy. Chains? What chains. Who cares about them? It's like they aren't even there. She's strong enough that they don't matter, and with that her design largely evokes "flowing". This is helped also by her very, very long hair.
Last but not least, once again, those fucking horns = she is *ANCIENT*, she doesn't groom them, and they are IMMENSE. She's clearly EXCEPTIONALLY proud of what she is, and those horns tell fucking HISTORY just by looking at them. They SHOUT "I AM AN ONI! LOOK, BITCH" I adore her horns. I have to repeat, it's awesome how messed up and weird they look. They really do look like "I let these grow for a thousand years and groomed them exactly 0 times". They're like, misshapen, bent, look like they're probably been scarred at several points. It's awesome, and one of her features that's not actually "cute", meaning seriously, they stick out.

And of course, she has the gourd. She loves to drink, just loves it.

Even her strange binding on her ponytail, that bar wrapped with cloth, is primitive-looking. Character detail!

So, to summarize, every part of Suika's design tells you something about her while also not seeming forced. Nothing about it seems like it's weird to wear, but it's also extremely unique. On top of everything, she's just pleasant to look at. This is the design I measure all other designs against.

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If you had half a brain, you’d know what they look like.

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Good thread.

There's so many great characters it's hard to pick a favorite design. Every 2hu look trully unique, even for the ones who are meant to look similar (the Prismrivers, the three fairies...).

So I'll just say that I really love how Eternity looks.

Although she's not a major character, her outfit is just so well done. From bottom to top, her dress looks like a caterpillar, then becomes a chrysalis, and then the rest of her body is the butterfly getting out of it with those huge wings. And her head is a caterpillar again because why not.

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Its a shame that TH16 is pretty much the black sheep of the modern games. TD is shit and all, but at least the cast was memorable

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Do oni horns get longer as they age?

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no they are not like rams

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Hecatia hits virtually every mark for me. The shoulderless shirt has made her one of my favorite designs since the day LoLK released

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Demonstrably, perhaps no perhaps yes.

Kasen and Yuugi have horns that are not near as impressive as Suika's. That said Suika herself plainly has one obviously old pair of horns.

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Yoogi just has one horn to assert her dominance

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Based on existing characters.

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ZUN is based on an existing character?

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Youmu's design is so God tier even AAA vidya and anime studios stole it.

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rip nishikinomiya anna

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ew, don't post western shit please

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You mean realismfags that don’t exaggerate features

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nah, i mean actual western shit with tumblr noses

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based on what?

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my cock

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Can’t unsee.

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Everything about her design is perfect. She doesn't need any more or any less

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patchouli is based on your cock??

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the boing girl because heterochromia

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I like how despite Sanae's miko appearance there is this little broche that indicates her childish character and bond to outside world. Whitch is also contrasts with all this occult stuff that surrounds her

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I rather like her mom.

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Nue... Don't even know why I like her... Must have been the wings.

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Perhaps it was the thigh highs?
Or maybe the little black dress that is too short to be anything but naughty

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Mokou has the coolest design definitely

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To me, Cirno has perhaps one of the most iconic designs of any character, all represented in simple, iconic tricolor. Going into the Suika-poster's example, it also tells you a lot about her character simply by looking at her attire:

Cirno is either barefoot or wearing white socks: this tells you that she spends the majority of her time flying, rarely touching down to the ground level to walk. It also ties into how close she lives next to bodies of water, as shoes would quickly become waterlogged walking next to the lakeside to catch frogs!

Furthermore, the fact that these socks are pure white, and that Cirno is able to dress in and maintain whites like her undershirt and the base of her dress tells you she's actually a bit on the neat side in spite of her tomboyish nature, which is later confirmed in Touhou Sangetsusei when we see the austere interior of her home.

The fact she wears a bow and dress alongside a red ribbon suggests that she's definitely on the girlier end of tomboy, as confirmed by her discussions in Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red where she tries to obfuscate her girlishness behind a screen of exaggerated bravado.

That she's willing to include seemingly superfluous ribbons tells you she keeps a certain amount of pride in her appearance in spite, or perhaps accentuating the ridiculousness of the scenario she constantly finds herself in, which is fighting against threats far in excess of her prowess. She wants the goddesses to know she's not pulling their legs when she claims she's the strongest, so she's wearing her best ribbon everywhere.

Her entire outfit is simplistic and relatively easy to maintain, referring to the limited resources she's allotted, living in an igloo in the woods.

Finally, her wings might not seem significant beyond her being an ice fairy, but their unique, symbolic design tells you several things about her from a gameplay perspective, if your first exposure was EoSD: She has six of them, which informs you she's at a higher level then all of those other fairies you faced before, and furthermore, they're unique to her; no other fairy in Touhou has the same wing design, symbolizing her status as seemingly sole ice fairy.

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She's still my favorite

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Nah it's the wings, just catch my attention because it's different from the bird's wings. Think of it like Flandre's wings

>> No.22082957

>living in an igloo in the woods
When you put that way, fairies in Gensokyo sound a lot like hobos or bums.

>> No.22085064

I appreciate your passion, anon. I can tell you like Cirno a whole lot.

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Page 9 for Cir9

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She rushes into situations and looks like a fool when she tries to salvage the situations.

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If i remember well Tenshi wasn't designed by ZUN but even ZUN love her a lot.

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File: 2.10 MB, 960x1800, __konpaku_youmu_konpaku_youmu_and_yorha_no_2_type_b_nier_series_and_etc_drawn_by_danraz0r__0b8ca9f6747825f08319363732617390.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

heres a better one anon

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>literally a maid suit for both
>wow it's plagiarism

what the fuck

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Who are you quoting?

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She was.

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But this never ever happened?

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you know who

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