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don’t forget to check the guide

and make sure to fix your assblasted dopamine receptors

前スレ >>22036111

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Today marks the 600th day since I started learning japanese

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I told myself I would learn Japanese 5 years ago. I will finally start learning next year.

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I'm playing a Super Robot Wars game and looking up literally every word or term I don't know. Then I take some of the words and sometimes entire sentences and shove them into Anki. Is this okay or am I wasting my time? I'm interested in SRW and am familiar with many of the characters, so it makes it easy to stay motivated.

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do it for her

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shes not even cute at all, she looks aged and androgynous

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if you're doubting it now then you know what happens later

Not gonna happen

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that pic is so good u are defective as hell

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wish she'd buy me a gorigori

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Finished Core 100K, time to struggle through Yotsuba.

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lol, did someone screen cap that dude?

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lucky for me i know what im doing

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So, Matt can say his ideas can change and his old ideas are irrelevant now yet says AJATT is what Khatz originally said and it can never change despite Khatz having new ideas? lmao

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If QM has been learning for 2.5 years, there's no way he's as good as people think.

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Original AJATT is better without the later changes.
Matt clearly doesn't want to discredit a man who deserted the internet a long time ago, he said that for practical purposes to make it clear that he is inspired by the original version of AJATT.

TL;DR You're a retard whats the point of your post

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you all make me want to learn Japanese imma start now

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Lol it aint that simple, see you in a couple hours when you give up and have an existential crisis

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Let me give an example. Matt supported MCDs, I can find the screenshot where he says it. That was years ago and he now hates them. So, MCDs are not part of his model of how you should learn Japanese. But, in his recent video with Yoga where they talk about AJATT, they always bring up old AJATT as if that's Khatz current idea (Khatz still posts online occasionally). To Matt, it's as if Khatz's old model is still the current one because Khatz said it.

That's clearly hypocritical. Matt recently removed mentions of meditation from his site and has an updated version of his timeline, so his old one is not recommended anymore. He's only applying that logic to himself but not to others in order to make them look bad and make himself look good.

He's done this before, saying on his site that Yoga is fluent in Portuguese but he's changing his definition of "fluent" since if someone was at that level in Japanese, he would not call that person fluent. Yoga has said he's not fluent in Portuguese so clearly it's just Matt trying to boost himself and MIA.

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Hmm, with those examples I guess you're right
Im sorry for calling you a retard.

But what all of this comes down to is keeping in mind that Matt is a little bit of a bad person and a liar, that's something we need to keep in mind at all times because he is very persuasive

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It's really not that difficult. If you care enough, you can learn and memorize the hirigana and katakana alphabet in a couple of weeks tops. The hard part is the kanji and putting together coherent sentences trying to learn all of the language's rules and bullshit

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>memorize the hirigana and katakana alphabet in a couple of weeks
>trying to learn all of the language's rules
not gonna make it

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tell that to him not me

also >>22044243

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> hirigana and katakana alphabet
they're not an alphabet. an alphabet is a type of writing system.

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I don't know about the other guy but I'm determined enough to learn it. It's hard but it isn't impossible. Sadly a lot of people give up on their goals when they see it's harder than they thought.

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I doubt you have it but at least you say you do.
Now imagine the rest of 4channers, do you think they built have any discipline at all in their entire lives?

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I think I have it well enough, I've already memorized hiragana and katakana, and I'm trying to study the basics of kanji. I understand the sentence structures and particles, I just gotta learn some more words.
I don't know about the rest of 4channers or their discipline, but if they really do care to learn it then they can. All you need is some willpower my guy, the brain is a beautiful thing

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Why do you talk about people if you just barely did basics? Anyone can learn the kana in a few hours shut the fuck up and go back to study

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Well yeah I just said it was pretty easy to learn the kana, so if someone really gives a shit to learn the language, they can move on to the harder parts. If they drop it then obviously they don't care too much to begin with. It isn't the hardest thing in the world man, anyone can do it if they want to.

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dude anime cards

>> No.22044299

why not, some people are intrinsically above average

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actually talking more about learning japanese than consuming actual japanese content is a big indicator for ASD

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i don't think he's that good though

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the hard part about learning japanese is it takes 10 years to actually be good and not fake good like QM

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The kana is NOTHING

Not really, matt is actually autistic and look at him

>> No.22044332

Atrial Septal Defect?

>> No.22044337

>Not really, matt is actually autistic and look at him
the guy who talks about learning japanese more than anyone? you sure proved him wrong

>> No.22044345

autism spectrum disorder. anki this if you will because this is how autism in general is most commonly called in japanese lol

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he's better than anyone in the community

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matt's a cute guy

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wish people wouldnt just disappear from djt upon graduating from beginnerdom because this place has produced more perfectly capable JSLs than what immediately meets the eye

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spending 7 years learning 1 language will bring results

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that is technically correct as the equivalent to the narrow significance of english "autism", but english also uses "autism" indiscriminately in lay discourse whereas japanese generally does use the term ASD to signify ASD, covering that which in english is thus generally called autism regardless of whether autism disorder or autism SPECTRUM disorder is being meant

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I'm going to start learning Japanese starting today

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well yeah >>22041074

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lol you cant make this shit up, the dude who created anime cards can't even listen to shows

>> No.22044435

before looking it up i will guess 露呈 means to expose or openly show something

>> No.22044441

how many VNs has he read? books? he admits he doesn't even consume japanese now because he hates anime

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>you can learn and memorize the hirigana and katakana alphabet in a couple of weeks tops.
make that a couple of hours

>The hard part is the kanji and putting together coherent sentences trying to learn all of the language's rules and bullshit
that's not the hard part, the hard part is spending months busting your ass on japanese content you don't really understand until you get good enough to actually enjoy it and doing it every single day without losing motivation

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of course he can't. why would you expect someone who spends the majority of their japanese consumption time watching anime with subtitles to be good at listening? everyone knows you have to spend thousands of hours listening without subs to have good ears for this language

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Reminds me of how this was already said https://warosu.org/jp/thread/S21814529#p21820182

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Then lets listen to you big guy, whats your method

>> No.22044477

read like big river

>> No.22044479

when did i say anything about his method? i said he spends more time talking about learning japanese (it's basically his job) than consuming japanese. nothing to do with anything he says

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https://warosu.org/jp/thread/S21814529#p21823050 was that guy the ultimate rtk chad i wonder

>> No.22044485

the ultimate rtk chad is that guy who said he can read as fast as a native but when pressed on it he said he doesn't actually know how to pronounce the words he just reads based on the kanji

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feels weird not doing any new cards.

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lol imagine learning readings lmao
yeah i love to eat longetivity boss

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i remember mining 鮨 from one of matts vids where he had worn a tshirt with this kanji on it

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me too

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whats wrong with eating some longevity boss if it makes you feel like youre captain octogenarian whilst non-longevity-boss-eaters are set off to drop like flies at forty

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>it's a "author suddenly changes POV mid-chapter and you're confused as fuck" episode

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I'm at 2 years and he's a lot better than me.

I've taken a few breaks here and there and haven't done much at all in the past 6 months or so though, so I might not be the best subject of comparison.

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>Matt clearly doesn't want to discredit a man who deserted the internet a long time ago
Nah, Matt doesn't care about that. He highlights how Khatz basically turned into a conman in his video about using the AJATT site and in one of his Patreon videos which someone linked here he said a lot of unflattering things about Khatz.

Here you go.

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Should I drop 2k/6k after a certain point? I'm considering it because people say it's what your supposed to do but I feel like it's something I'm going to regret, especially when I'm trying to read something with a ton of unfamiliar words.

>> No.22044619

Unless you're specifically reading newspapers or traning for the GayLPT, don't believe that keeping on reviewing core will be better than making a mining devk.

>> No.22044629

>especially when I'm trying to read something with a ton of unfamiliar words
core2k/6k are from newspapers, many words are not found in normal media. just sentence mine from daiweeb

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Reminder that Jamal is a spy from Matt's cult sent here to sabotage DJT's efforts to learn Japanese so that Matt and MIA will look better by comparison.

>> No.22044632

it's great time to start making jav cards guys, they are getting innovative!

>> No.22044638

>DJT's efforts to learn Japanese

>> No.22044639

wtf? JAV is so cringe my dude.
If there's one thing worse than 3D, it's 3D trying to be 2D.

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>> No.22044643

So for a mining deck do I just make a card for any unfamiliar words I find when reading/listening?
Also when dropping 2k/6k should I keep the cards I have already learned or just delete the whole lot?

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Any words that are actually common are words you'll see often enough while reading and listening to stuff. If you don't see them every day, it's because they're not actually that common,

>> No.22044661

shut your mouth virgin. it's only normal for women to launch off from your dick while making the ahegao face and squirting everywhere.
but what do you know, you haven't even fucked a girl in a missionary position

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i fuckin knew it

>> No.22044733

i mean this does look disgusting in 3D but i wonder what is the word you'd learn from these animated pictures?

>> No.22044738

he's probably just trying to promote nofap and antiporn by showing how obnoxious people who are into pornographic material and show it off are.

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>> No.22044742

the first one doesn't even have the 糸を引く moment

>> No.22044747

just, why

>> No.22044816

What the fuck is this ? What the fuck are they even doing? is this a thing

>> No.22044838

how come you never seen this one on sad panda? time to think about your priorities my tomotachi.

>> No.22044841

I dropped it after 1k. Attempting reading, textbooks, or listening practice is a more valuable use of your time. It's good to get a decent starting vocabulary, but don't feel like you get a medal for finishing it. You'll naturally pick up more vocabulary in context.

>> No.22044850

absolutely unbased and bluepilled, unless it's scans of textbooks used by actual japanese schoolchildren, in which case it's based and redpilled

>> No.22044854

have you guys seen that one vid of qm driving a truck at the age of 8?

>> No.22044857

no and i don't care to

>> No.22044861


>> No.22044867

have you seen that one video of 5yo jamal complaining to his dad because the neighbors stole his transformers action figures?

>> No.22044868

knew all of these

>> No.22044872

btw my nazo from >>19093179 is solved. it never ever means the latter it always means the former. (after reading enough of eroge)

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i really hate jamal

>> No.22044890

It's minna so it's as Japanese as you can get. The whole damn thing is in Japanese and it's written by Japanese.

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Guys, could you help me out? I'm not sure about that とかいう part in the middle.

>> No.22044898

if it's not written FOR nihonjins, then that's where the problem lies

>> No.22044900

bless this post it's the first thing i've ever read in japanese

>> No.22044901

to completion (@qm)

>> No.22044905

A ton of Japanese know who Mike Miller is, so someone in Japan is reading this shit.

>> No.22044914

"that earthling called リト or something like that"
とか 言う

>> No.22044916

native english speakers know about "English as She is Spoken" too, but that doesn't mean we approve of it either

>> No.22044919

>That Earthling, Rito or whatever he's called
Could have a disparaging tone but I haven't read this series so I'm not sure if it does in this case.

>> No.22044920

literally who

>> No.22044923

Just getting my grammar points and moving on my man. Also reading NHK easy when I can.

>> No.22044927


>> No.22044928

>native english speakers know about "English as She is Spoken" too
I've never heard of this.

>> No.22044933

your average japanese native isn't gonna know the minna no nihongo textbook either lmao

>> No.22044934

some do, others don't

>> No.22044945

which japanese twitters does djt follow

>> No.22044948

Awesome stuff man, hopefully it will be the same for me.

Thanks a lot, that makes sense. Random kana instead of kanji trips me up so much and I always feel like it's some grammar structure I haven't learned about yet.
>Could have a disparaging tone
Would fit, he doesn't hold Rito in high regard.

>> No.22044956

I like how when I say ‘depending on the show I don’t catch everything without Japanese subtitles’ you turn it to ‘qm doesn’t understand anything without Japanese subtitles’, apparently talking about your flaws as a learner is not ok
it’s like you are trying to justify how much you suck ass in Japanese yourself, it’s one epic cope
considering I have listened to hundreds of hours of pure audio actively I can listen just fine

>> No.22044963

>Random kana instead of kanji trips me up so much and I always feel like it's some grammar structure I haven't learned about yet.
It's basically という but with か inserted after と to create a sense of uncertainty.

>> No.22044966

how does hundreds of hours of listening turn into 'i can listen just fine'. jamal says you need a lot more listening input than that. not doubting your skills but maybe you aren't telling us how much you actually listened to in total?

>> No.22044972

I have no clue how much I listened in total and I have no way of counting
don’t care what jamal says he isn’t known for his great and accurate learning advice

>> No.22044974

there's prolly some wrestling term for that in japanese that doesn't quite seem to enter my mind right now

>> No.22044998

word of the day: 豐滿

>> No.22044999

You're always going get jealous people who are mad that you're better at Japanese than them who look for any way they can to undermine you so they can feel better about their own miserable level of ability. Look at all the time people here dedicate to laughing at Matt despite being way, way worse than him.

It's easier to put other people down than it is to elevate yourself.

Jamal also says you need to watch 10000 hours of English subbed anime before you start learning.

>> No.22045003

nice get

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>> No.22045116

Confess /djt/.
How much time per day do you spend here and how much do you spend on actually learning Japanese?

For me it's around 2h here and 5h learning.

>> No.22045158

1.5h max per day on reading and almost 0 here

>> No.22045162

haha no thanks im sticking to my 5 new words a day

>> No.22045166


>> No.22045175

less than 30 min here, 8+ hours a day on anki, reading, and media, I've been doing this for the past 13 months embracing my neetum

>> No.22045177

Drop it after 6k words

>> No.22045188

Forgetting words is fine, and you never forget them completely, and knowing them in anki isnt really knowing them anyways. If you plan on consuming japanese for years you'll see the top 20k words enough you probably don't need to even rep any of them that long. Just always keep in mind people have gotten fluent without srs for centuries. It can only hold you back if not used properly.

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>> No.22045260

thats why ill make raw anime cards
ill show u all
holy hsit
never close the thread u weakling

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what are these nips up to, is this a secret message?

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File: 102 KB, 681x323, chin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]







>> No.22045331

their daily english thread has 7 words of the day and we rarely even get 1 wtf

>> No.22045339

Japanese Word of the Day: 旅行者下痢

>> No.22045366


>> No.22045402

where are the other 6 u asshole

>> No.22045412

Here's 3 more, just for you:

>> No.22045450

thinkin about watchin some painters so i can learn my colors

>> No.22045465

Japanese word of the day: おめちん

>> No.22045514


>> No.22045537

Quote of the day: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yasutaka_Tsutsui#Controversies

>> No.22045610

I downloaded all of the dictionaries for yomi, but which one has the frequency?

>> No.22045615

There was a YouTube series of talk radio segments that I wanted to watch, but can't find anymore. Maybe you can help me out. It looked similar to good morning America but it's 3 or four older Japanese men talking about news and politics.

>> No.22045622

The last one.

>> No.22045626

the worst one

>> No.22045630

グーグル トイレット
タクシー ゴー ホテル
セブンイレブン ミルク
バス ビール

>> No.22045633

Also, you use all of them together.

>> No.22045655

ahh ok got it

>> No.22045656

do you mean this?

>> No.22045670

Yes. Thanks!

>> No.22045681

This is the result of using subtitles with Kanji.

>> No.22045688

aren't khatz' articles recommending MCDs still up, whereas matt updates his site and uploads new videos explaining how his own recommendations are changing? there is no hypocrisy here you retard.

>> No.22045699

matts videos where he recommends meditation are still up too

>> No.22045706

5% of Japanese learning is figuring out how you're going to do it.
95% is actually doing the work.
Stop worrying about optimization and just fucking learn the language.

>> No.22045712

You seem to have completely misunderstood the conversation. I advise re-reading the reply chain and then deleting your post in embarrassment before any more people see it.

>> No.22045713


>> No.22045734

it's それ
usually they say それな

>> No.22045743

because he thinks meditation is a good idea. but he took it down from the MIA site.
i already did. what are khatz' new ideas that supersede his MCD recommendations for example?

>> No.22045749

stop worrying about fucking learning the langauge and consume more compelling content

>> No.22045757

isnt the mcd shit just one of many alternatives for different learners just like how matts got his standard path and perfectionist path : )

>> No.22045766

matt removed the perfectionist path (updated his site for the better). MCDs are still on the AJATT site.

>> No.22045769

? why does every1 steal bits and pieces of me first quizler now matto this is unacceptable

>> No.22045775

Here's my top of very common Japanese words that you also must not forget how to write from memory by hand.

>> No.22045782

well why did he do that the whole point of all krashnerism derivatives is its choose ur own adventure but as long as ur consuming nihongo media ur definitely one of my cultists and i can claim u as a success story of the breakthrough idea of consuming nihongo media aka matts immersion approach

>> No.22045790

nvm false alarm its just this guy lmao https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HLOmG_K9cE

>> No.22045791

nice damage control why dont u prove right now ur not phantom madman

>> No.22045798

look at the thumbnail of this vid >>22045790

tjat anime is fuckign zoomer garbage

>> No.22045806

It's still suspicious that you ended up being a living advertisement for the matt's 'please pay me money to talk to me' website.

>> No.22045807

post bangers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3h-vH8ph6QM

>> No.22045809
File: 7 KB, 540x173, キャプチャ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

mia success stories all right

>> No.22045812

he was pissed that chris/blaze got attention from matt and decided to upload this video soon after

>> No.22045818

when ur talkin about success stories of a task that is literally impossible u have to celebrate small victories

>> No.22045820

i mean its not my fault u guys were the ones that named me jamal in the 1st place u have to take ur share of the responsibility

>> No.22045822

shut the fuck up tripfag nobody cares about you

>> No.22045825

Friendly reminder that the dude who wrote RTK didn't know Japanese. Do KLC.

>> No.22045828


>> No.22045838

i guess if u get ppl to believe that japanese is impossible then they will keep paying forever i mena look at george hes releasing his kansaiben from zero or whatever series ahahaaHAahah


>> No.22045846

what method did u use

>> No.22045850

the "have fun enjoying all types of media as a youthful inquisitive lad before the internet ruins ur fUCkign brain" method

>> No.22045859

is the internet ruining ur brain why its all over now

>> No.22045868

how old were you

>> No.22045875

nice method

>> No.22045877

sinjitu no tobira ga hirakuuuuu

>> No.22045910

are you this guy?

>> No.22045925

i approve this method, i used it for learning english

>> No.22045926

I saw videos about that dude, is he legit?

>> No.22045927

no moe is

>> No.22045929

awkwardly natural sounding thing

that sounds like some mia success story testimonial right there

>> No.22045932

It is an ajatt testimonial.

Also how old were you when you started learning jp

>> No.22045935

mind BLown

>> No.22045939

I'm brain dead right now, whats a mcd?

>> No.22045944

cloze deletion sentence card

>> No.22045946

nihongo word of the day:

>> No.22045950

That should be more like 0.5% and 99.5% after you've been doing it a while

>> No.22045951
File: 806 KB, 1011x1086, 1545155065900.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22045956

like 12 or 13 dude the same age as those cartoon children u jack off to thats why i believe very strongly if u start after puberty theres just no chance

my body physically grew and developed while ingraining japanese ftw

>> No.22045960

then nobody can learn japanese desu

>> No.22045961

shut up

>> No.22045967

if ur watchin anime while ur goin through puberty thats how u end up like moe

>> No.22045975

epic, i watched the most anime in my life when i was 12-14yo

>> No.22045976

khatzs started at 21

>> No.22045981

>chris has been living in Japan for six years
>barely keeps up in beginner's japanese class
>considering taking N1 next year
Don't be a youtuber, get a real job.

>> No.22045984

watched my first anime at age 20

>> No.22045985

chris who? send link

>> No.22045998

just read 長江 as ちょうえ dont think im gonna make it at this rate

>> No.22045999

big if true keep in mind im exposed to 99.99% failures around these parts (not specifically u guys just the aids u fuckin link in here of the "japanese learning community")

but like ajatt vs my have fun enjoying all types of media as a youthful inquisitive lad before the internet ruins ur fUCkign brain method is ajatt assumes u want to learn japanese already consciously whereas the have fun enjoying all types of media as a youthful inquisitive lad before the internet ruins ur fUCkign brain assumes u actually dont care about learning japanese so much as forging ur way through this new frontier to get enjoyment out of what ur doing which is also natural and unconscious thats why u have to be a normally inquisitive lad like a baby who puts things in their mouth without a second thought to get a feel for them

>> No.22046003


>> No.22046009

yeah I get it nigga you dont need to explain it

>> No.22046014

Yeah, but first year or so requires a larger bit of research to get started.

>> No.22046021

Man I grew up in japan till I was 9, watched anime my whole life (never ever dub'd), had dozens of japanese friends in the states, watched mostly japanese channel, and I'm still shit at japanese.. I'm now in my 30's and this past year by actually trying to get good I'm finally getting good. Effort is essential.

>> No.22046026

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfk0d6l2Jgk#t=224 lmfao

>> No.22046031

you sound like a redditor

>> No.22046034

4chan to the bone my dude

>> No.22046038

how many visual novels have u played

>> No.22046043

define played

>> No.22046046

started 5, never finished one, I know I should probably do this though

>> No.22046047

damn why did he spill the spaghetti like that?
He got red as fuck for no reason around some shitty gaijins like a fucking schoolgirl

>> No.22046050

after the 若いなー im really surprised no one just choke slammed this stupdi fuckign brit through 1 of those tables

>> No.22046054

how old are you?

>> No.22046057

think jamal is just abnormal and his advice is of no use to anyone except jamal fan who is likewise abnormal

>> No.22046060
File: 1.91 MB, 1280x720, yuno for idiots 19.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its almost over

>> No.22046063

yah i realzied after the fact i left the door open for what well call adolf quizler syndrome

just turned 69 this toshi

>> No.22046069
File: 1.93 MB, 1280x720, yuno for idiots 20.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hangin out with the boys

>> No.22046070

true, j*mal filtered
anyways whats up with that name, why do black people learn japanese lol

>> No.22046075

btw where is jamal fan i havent seen him in months or have u meant me this whole time lmfao

>> No.22046078

i accepted a long time ago that tryin to uncrinkle the paper that is yalls brains by being here is just completely in vain but im like yu-no

>> No.22046080

shut up dumbass.

>> No.22046089

i asked u a question

>> No.22046090

its so fuckign offensive dude

>> No.22046091

your japanese skills have been proven to be non-existent time and time again you have nothing to help new ppl with

>> No.22046101

probably accurate, silly to assume the best way will be the same for any of us really

>> No.22046112

u know whats offensive is takuya in the middle of searchin for his daughter sayin hooo chounenseki now i can go back and save kanna

>> No.22046119

watched a minute of this and now i'm crippled

>> No.22046133

and then he makes kanna lmfao at least his heart was in the right place

>> No.22046147

his advice obviously works
it's literally, care about the japanese content, try to understand it and keep consuming it
in the long term you'll get good doing this, there's no question about it

>> No.22046155

lot of newfags in these threads lately

>> No.22046161

alright gonna knock my 3 episodes of anime out today. only problem is i ran into this line in fireforce and couldn't hear it but i could read it:
今 君と話してる暇はないんだすまないね
and it pissed me off so much that i tabbed to here.

>> No.22046164

no, just me

>> No.22046167

i recall him saying he was leaving so id guess he left us for nihongoland in the end

>> No.22046172
File: 63 KB, 1160x382, キャプチャ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dont worry theres other ppl out there who realize this is not ok

? またこんな話か


>> No.22046173

till new years, when this place gets flooded with people so new they think kana is hard

>> No.22046198

the old resolutioners are still fuckign here tho

>> No.22046201

the worst thing is every time i read the title i hear this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ni9fSo_fd_M&t=80

>> No.22046209

oh god and the new ones come here in just 3 months we're gonna be flooded with new resos

>> No.22046216

except that jamal fan aka makopi neither followed his advice nor is below him in Japanese knowledge merely putting on the name for fun

>> No.22046217

dang i coulda went w.o having to physically cringe fUck u

the best part is most ops and eds are equally cringe these days

>> No.22046222

Quizmaster, what do you think about J*mal

>> No.22046230

u want some oshiri penpen today as well ?

assume the position

>> No.22046241

was that makopi lmfao

>> No.22046247
File: 76 KB, 1280x720, berserk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

quizmaster has tried his hardest to destroy jamal but jamal just laughs at him every time

btw which one of these is jamal and which is quiz

>> No.22046256

jamal has white hair

>> No.22046259


>> No.22046274

open the tobira

actually its more like this


trunks: 「quizzleerrrrrrr」

>> No.22046275
File: 89 KB, 231x359, LittleGirlLetsGo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Elona has finally pushed me to try to learn to read Japanese.
Or at least a super basic grasp of the grammar so I can tell how badly machine translation is fucking with me, and then try to use a dictionary to attempt to fix it.
Wish me luck.

>> No.22046283


>> No.22046284

nice this is nice this is the shit dreams are made of

>> No.22046290

can someone explain to me why this dude is filming his TV from his webcam or some shit instead of just torrenting DBZ?

are japs that backwards?

>> No.22046295

i think the video frame is jumping around to avoid yt autocopyright

>> No.22046300

possibly but the description says it's from "youtube capture" which i think means it's straight from a recording device like a phone or webcam

>> No.22046313

What site is this?

>> No.22046326

he actually fuckin posted about elin
thanks for makin me check

>> No.22046330

the video and sound quality are too good for it to be a external device capturing both its prolly jsut some bonzaibuddy noobtier ezmode program to make a clip

>> No.22046347

Thank you for your confidence anons.
Truly you are shining lights in a world of pessimism.
Either way I'll come back after I make any progress with these guides or not at all if I become another statistic in learning the language glorious nipon.

Not the 'original' elin, but more of his take on a Dwarf Fortress I think? Either way if hr actually makes it I am excited to give it a shot.

>> No.22046355
File: 12 KB, 360x270, キャプチャ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

heres todays nihongo mission

figure out how to find the page from that image by googling in japanese

>> No.22046358

wait what? sorry I just joined this convo and recognized dwarf fortress. what's going on?

>> No.22046360

its video stabilization i think

>> No.22046373

Noa, the original creator of elona is working on a gnomaria/dwarf fortress like game based around elona called Elin's Inn that he plans to put on steam.

>> No.22046380
File: 1.79 MB, 1197x795, Elins_Inn.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22046403

Is there a test release date?

>> No.22046409

he needs to put his updates in one place lol
ill definitely check it out if it happens

>> No.22046547

>highest rated show of the season is 女子高生の無駄づかい (with only 70 points)
>Dr.STONE is only 4 points higher than ありふれた

Japs have some weird taste.

>> No.22046566

i found it but i wish you had just linked it to save me the trouble of typing all that shit.

>> No.22046585

should i switch to sentence cards for a month to satiate my curiosity.

>> No.22046594

the fact u call it trouble is what troubles me and so thats why i did it

>> No.22046596

I know most of those words, even though I don't know how to spell those kanji.

>> No.22046599

i just haven't gotten enough input yet but i'm still making progress. typing in that shit didn't help me.

>> No.22046613


>> No.22046630
File: 349 KB, 1280x720, 1563847549413.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

arifureta is carried by one thing

>> No.22046637

this was the first kyoku i could rap along with

>> No.22046640

7-9h here and 2h learning

>> No.22046668

>normal studying is busting your ass
Everyone here acts like they’ve never been to school before
Welcome to reality, studying takes time, but quit acting like its so obscenely hard that it requires Olympian willpower to overcome such overwhelming hardship

>> No.22046707

started working on level 5 today

>> No.22046710

i never had to study in school to get good grades. i know that probably changes in university.

>> No.22046716

To be fair, if that anon is American you never have to study a day in your life. The educational system is structured around getting you out the door as quickly as possible.
Source: am American and never made below an A- skimming the notes 5 minutes before any exam.

>> No.22046723

the educational system offers more to students who actually want to and can benefit from it, but the majority of people are stupid.

>> No.22046725

I mean, I failed N4 today.

>> No.22046750

Once at the college level sure. I might have drew the short straw thanks to what part of the country I was raised, but even the 'AP' courses I took were piss easy and any attempts to ask my teachers for more details the few times I was interested got me a reply of 'That isn't relevant to the test, so it would be a waste of my time to go over it.'
We don't even do a good job of our own fucking history, we just repeated the same material of Revolution to World War 2 for 3 years.
And yes I am still pissed off about those 12 years of wasted time.

>> No.22046762

i'm deeply saddened, now that ジョージ told me to stop masturbating and keep my dopamine levels in check.
i'm afraid that my and jamals nihongoland sex tourism trip isn't going to happen.

>> No.22046772

it's fine if you're not busting your load using vids/pics loaded with a high speed internet connection

>> No.22046790

it's not fine just masturbating at all ruins your dopamine receptors highspeed porn just makes it worse

>> No.22046792

at episode 3 of fire force and so far it's more interesting than anything that happened in 23 episodes of demon slayer but it's also more goofy. the only part of demon slayer that made me excited for a second was the cliffhanger with michael jackson having a human wife and daughter.

>> No.22046808

optimize ur dopamine flood timing
masturbate to reward urself for a good day of nihongo

>> No.22046809

I'm studying Japanese at Daigaku reberu

>> No.22046817

i'm audio mining words i don't need to like 火力 so i can listen to the sentence.

>> No.22046837

speaking of audio mining don’t forget to use the audio mining guide https://www.animecards.site/

>> No.22046840
File: 358 KB, 564x1600, quiz guide.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i think i already set it up properly based on a guide you made that i saved months ago. maybe it was this one.

>> No.22046842

Are you studying university subjects in Japanese, or are you taking Japanese language classes for non-Japanese speakers at a university?

>> No.22046848

a lot of people had trouble figuring out anime mining with that as it’s missing a lot so I wrote a more complete guide accessible through the link
there is also some extra stuff like subtitle resync so check it out

>> No.22046854

fake and gay. nips cannot tell aoi and midori apart

>> No.22046864

murasabi musasabi??? (i know i have this one anki'ed but cannot tell how to pronounce it)
rakutaku ?????

>> No.22046866

imagine missing the point this hard lmao

>> No.22046873

has matt prodded you for any more tips and tricks

>> No.22046878

respectable and relatable post

>> No.22046885

holy fuck i've been thinking of 鼯鼠 (むささび) but it's clearly りす
pls don't laugh at my bad attempt

>> No.22046890

he hasn’t responded after I notified him of my new patreon stretch goal, he was kind of passive aggressive through the exchange when he saw my site he went “I’m sure this will help a lot of Japanese learners :) “ lol

>> No.22046897

u know matts readin my posts now : )

>> No.22046909

I think there was a communicational error somewhere here not sure what you are trying to say

>> No.22046914

cant even type that shit from musasabi on my phone lol

>> No.22046915
File: 163 KB, 906x853, 81826782.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

look can we at least agree matt is prolly more handsome than quizmaster

>> No.22046925

well qm, will we ever see anything revealed in here? maybe start with some nice feet shots first?

>> No.22046930

my outer appearance I am pretty confident in lol but I doubt I’ll share anything

>> No.22046935

tfw i have to mine shit like 梘水 because i failed to correctly read the list above

>> No.22046938

i guessed the reading for this but had no idea what it meant.

>> No.22046940

how much sake do you need to 呷る before opening up to us? tell me i'm 奢るing today

>> No.22046944

just read that as みみず should i commit suicide now

>> No.22046945

The point very clearly was that learning japanese is super-dee-duper hard and that you’re a mega special big boy for being so hecking smart that you were able to decipher the ancient texts allowing you to unlock the mythic-rare power of nihon-speech

>> No.22046947

In the last two years I drank like three glasses of wine
really don’t drink alcohol

>> No.22046965
File: 510 KB, 698x768, european languages are ez.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it is super duper hard and you are a genius if you're able to learn it. people try to downplay the achievement because they hate the "i'm so unique" behavior but the behavior is justified. we are all very special people for doing this.

actually i'm a genius for even attempting to tackle this. so is everyone else in this thread. deal with it kid.

>> No.22046967

nihongo word of the day:

>> No.22046971

>really don’t drink alcohol
i wonder how much this affected you when you became the #1 itt

>> No.22046977

8 of these are free

>> No.22046992

I mean, you could’ve spent those 12 years doing your own outside studying

>> No.22047001

stop saying i mean

>> No.22047024



>> No.22047035

nihongo word of the day

>> No.22047037

toshabutsu iirc
based list

>> No.22047039


>> No.22047046

lmao these posts just supplied me with 22 new cards gg guys see you in two days

>> No.22047052

when he finally haaku it's at https://youtu.be/VJ-WBkcS018?t=1213

>> No.22047055

Where can I find Dogen's stuff online?

>> No.22047070


>> No.22047072

German is actually more difficult than Japanese.

>> No.22047074


>> No.22047075

>my native language is yellow
No wonder learning English is so difficult.

>> No.22047088

thats not haaku thats solidly confirming zero comprehension

>> No.22047090
File: 18 KB, 200x251, 200px-Hodler_Holzfäller.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

where the f is the anon playing ゼルダの伝説 トワイライトプリンセス? I wanna rec you to play botw next. You'll learn stuff like 樵

>> No.22047100

Not for a native english speaker

>> No.22047101

i wanna see a native japanese guy struggle with the german articles lol

>> No.22047107

german sounds like fucking shit

>> No.22047108

that would be funny

>> No.22047109

He'd quit and go learning a language without articles.

>> No.22047110

not even close consult the chart

>> No.22047115

I'm a native English speaker, but I was never able to memorize articles or conjugations, nor did I find it easy to get the hang of German uses for an, ab, um, zu, or any of those prepositions.

>> No.22047123 [DELETED] 

um german zu verstehen muß du ab und zu lesen

>> No.22047131

do you know japanese

>> No.22047132

damn yea german must be so much harder than japanese if you have to memorize all that stuff

like when a jap seems fluent in english but still hasn't gotten a sense for the difference between a and the. in fact his comprehension is actually 0%. profound insight thanks dude

>> No.22047147

mine this

>> No.22047151

too much makeup

>> No.22047152

mine this *pulls pants down*

>> No.22047155

people really find this game 面白い?

>> No.22047156

you probably suck dick at every language you think you know so what's your point here

>> No.22047158

fucking hell

I think the protip here is to learn russian:
- no particles
- simple tenses
- neat alphabet
- written almost exactly as it sounds
- no dialects
- you already know thousands of russian words through common roots (latin, greek, french borrowings)
- and much more

>> No.22047161

not sure, there's too many blacks for my taste

>> No.22047163

My rikai is somewhere around intermediate level, but my perepera nouryoku is kinda low.

>> No.22047166

I know all these languages :)

>> No.22047169

yea but 2 are native and the other is the easiest language in the world for a european to learn

>> No.22047175

я изи убивает тебя

>> No.22047182

german is much easier for an english speaker to learn than russian because german is more closely related.

>> No.22047186

why is cyrillic so ugly not even memeing

>> No.22047188

this sounds like some overgeneralizing shit

>> No.22047190

dont forget compelling content

>> No.22047232

How can you be this wrong

>> No.22047246

the worst 5 written languages in order:
burmese > kannada > cyrillic > ogham > arabic

>> No.22047248

This thread reads like a schizophrenic discord circlejerk with all the pseudosubcelebrity gossiping and dick sucking. Not sure why you're still here filling captchas, just make your own discord server already.

>> No.22047250

Man the Japanese people in the comments being so happy about this dub are adorable.

>> No.22047252

i don't like discord but i like 4chan

>> No.22047259


>> No.22047261
File: 100 KB, 369x92, lmfao.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>filling captchas

>> No.22047262

whose suckin whose dick

>> No.22047266

I had to consult a dictionary for this word.

>> No.22047268

Fuck off jamal

>> No.22047293

only chumps fill out captchas

>> No.22047310

discord is filled with zoomers. we have a matrix.org chat for high iq circlejerks.

>> No.22047319


>> No.22047322

why do people think that discord is like, a certain group of people? the only people on a server are the people you invite, it's not a forum. how out of touch can you be

>> No.22047324

>You're always going get jealous people who are mad that you're better at Japanese than them who look for any way they can to undermine you so they can feel better about their own miserable level of ability. Look at all the time people here dedicate to laughing at Matt despite being way, way worse than him.
>It's easier to put other people down than it is to elevate yourself.
wow, truest post on djt history no sarcasm

>> No.22047332

wow why did it take so long for someone to pick up on that post. i earnestly agree with both of u

>> No.22047333

not gonna flash the pass

>> No.22047339

Why not just using irc, shitflake

>> No.22047347

japanese girls singing in english is pretty cool and cute

>> No.22047349

what if u dont give a shit about who knows nihongo and who doesnt know nihongo or how u compare to anyone on nihongo level
u should try chillin out and havin a laugh when somethins funny to u
aint nothin more to it than that

>> No.22047350

What's the best J -> J dictionary?

>> No.22047351

More like pretty cringe lmao

>> No.22047353

me=(you)>matto>qm> https://streamable.com/55uig

>> No.22047354

: ( ?

>> No.22047356

Listen to literally any Japanese band with a female vocalist and you'll get to hear plenty of this.

>> No.22047359

> a certain group of people
A certain demographic more or less. I assume that only zoomers would install malware on their computers.

>> No.22047360

go to >>>/int/djt for serious questions

>> No.22047369

i'm really interested. can you /r/ some?

>> No.22047373

>The Discord communications system requires running a nonfree client program. That alone is reason to refuse to use it.
why am i laffin at this so much?

>> No.22047374

>barely keeps up in beginner's japanese class
>considering taking N1 next year
how is that even remotely a good idea at his level

>> No.22047386

>I'm still shit at japanese
be fucking specific
you can't read? you don't know words? you can't speak naturally? what

>> No.22047388

Based and freedom pilled.

>> No.22047390

Not filling out any captchas man

>> No.22047393

The vocalist of advantage Lucy sings in English a lot.

>> No.22047394


>> No.22047407
File: 39 KB, 747x337, Screenshot_2019-09-10 現代自動車4,000台積んだ貨物船が転覆 - YouTube.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

do you check Trending videos for Japan on YT?

this is pretty entertaining; just when will 韓国犬 stop causing havoc in the world?!

>> No.22047408


>> No.22047416

>in the long term
no one wants to wait 20 years before they can feel like they're getting somewhere

>> No.22047417

>do you check Trending videos for Japan on YT?
What page do you find that on?

>> No.22047432

then spend more time on it and you'll get there faster lol

>> No.22047437

I only watch far right Japanese Youtubers talking shit about dirty koreans all day

>> No.22047446

idc about all that gay shit the ppl who let that kinda stuff occupy their minds can stay in their pit

>> No.22047447

you need to change your 国 on YT and then go to the trending videos

>> No.22047457

Can you do that w/o an account?

>> No.22047458

for me it's weblio.jp

>> No.22047462

i'd kiss you if i could. thank you for this.

>> No.22047469

That's badass man I can't wait until my comprehension is good enough for that I love some good ol unabashed (justified) racism.

>> No.22047489

woah this anime looks so good. i haven't been this genuinely excited for an anime in a while. this looks innovative, fresh, real


>> No.22047505

wtf her mom ain't a VIRGIN!?

>> No.22047513

important to keep track of which races are racist

>> No.22047514

*posts bored looking girl getting fucked from behind.jpg*

>> No.22047524

fuck you stop playing with my dopamine, it's basically rape

>> No.22047529

thats just the feel of watchin anime

>> No.22047540

not all anime just all new shows except a couple

>> No.22047542

its more like 'wow ive never considered the fact my mother fucks before, thats kind of jarring'

>> No.22047545

japan really loves makin u think about ur moms vagina

>> No.22047557

why does he tell people to watch thousands of hours of anime with english subtitles. how does that help the process

>> No.22047565

cuz telling ppl 10000 hours will immediately filter out the retards who dont understand the greater message

>> No.22047570

lets face it not every1 was born to make it and not only do i wanna help those who can make it make it i want to help those who were not born to make it give up faster so they waste less time fighting against futility

>> No.22047571

based redditor doesnt give a f*ck

>> No.22047574

i like 2d affairs dude 3d can blow a fat dick as far as im concerned

>> No.22047592


>> No.22047595

affairs of the 2次元 ftw

>> No.22047600

I'd jump watching it right now if it wasn't toxic input.

>> No.22047603


>> No.22047604

lol how is it toxic

>> No.22047607
File: 4 KB, 344x91, キャプチャ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22047608

Do you watched the based 90 year old Boomers from sakuraso?

>> No.22047612

Toxic input is when you're a male and you watch a show with many female characters. If you do this, you risk picking up 女言葉 expressions and permanently crippling your japanese.

>> No.22047613
File: 293 KB, 516x565, 1547835207168.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was discussing with a friend
He says is pronounced

>> No.22047614

imagine caring about this shit just watch the animes lmao

>> No.22047618


>> No.22047619

are you both fucking retarded?

>> No.22047620
File: 53 KB, 500x375, 12125566676.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22047621


>> No.22047623

lmfao it's obviously pronounced benkyousheemas

>> No.22047625

look up the goddamn ipa transcription for it instead of pointlessly speculating about it

>> No.22047632

this is the kind of post you make at /int/

>> No.22047636

what's his evidence that people who were going to learn japanese see "toxicity" or "competitiveness" and decide to nope out? it's just some dude whining about behavior he dislikes under the guise of wanting to prevent dekinais from quitting. all so he can get some upvotes. this is why reddit sucks dick compared to djt

>> No.22047645

>it's just some dude whining about behavior he dislikes
what is there to like about it?

>> No.22047647

At least they actually talk about Japanese language there

>> No.22047649


>> No.22047650

ideally nobody would be doing anything but compelling content (be it eroge, eromanga, jav, or buddhist sutras), and nobody would ask others shit like how many words do others know or whether or not they understand something properly. unfortunately, it seems like everybody likes to look for others' approval too much.

>> No.22047653

wow this thread is getting really toxic guys

can a janitor please do something about this

i'm really concerned the toxic atmosphere in here might be offputting to new learners

>> No.22047654

why not just explain yourself instead of talking in circles around it? everyone i know of who's 'made it' says anime with english subs is pointless and won't help. why should anyone just take your word for it when you say the opposite

>> No.22047657

ye, but it's because they're so fucking retared that they need to ask for help on extremely basic shit

>> No.22047660

who are you

>> No.22047668

a based lolicon who's got more manga cards than u

>> No.22047669

What the fuck is that shit you hipster asshole

>> No.22047670

there's no new learners here, everyones at least "N3" on that stupid meme scale.
there's only that one N-99 guy who did/does RTK for 8 months or something and never started reading

>> No.22047671

anime with english subs is the greatest gift you can give to yourself

>> No.22047674

theres not much to explain its where i began and im not 1 of those guys thats gonna tell ppl to do what i didnt do

>> No.22047675

that's a pretty japanese way of introducing yourself actually welldone

>> No.22047678

dont really do manga cards right now

>> No.22047682

there are plenty of new learners on int bruh

>> No.22047685


>> No.22047690

Oh shit, you're right

>> No.22047691
File: 14 KB, 137x299, wtf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

does anyone know what this pose means? i've seen it in multiple anime now

>> No.22047693


>> No.22047695

it's the alt right 卍 pose

>> No.22047698

conjugate this いる

>> No.22047699


>> No.22047701

i laughed

>> No.22047703

just feel it out

>> No.22047704


>> No.22047706




>> No.22047709

help me bros

>> No.22047711


>> No.22047714


>> No.22047717


>> No.22047719


>> No.22047724


>> No.22047726


>> No.22047729

anyone know if youtube or websites exist but for japanese people

please help

>> No.22047731 [DELETED] 


>> No.22047732

No Kanji?

>> No.22047734

just go back to r*ddit instead of posting their trash here

>> No.22047735

we got a live one boys hes finally snapped once again

>> No.22047742

wow these look like shit

>> No.22047745


>> No.22047751

Would you 入らない your 海綿 into your 弟's 穴?

>> No.22047753


>> No.22047757

I have been studying this language for more than two years now and I'm still not sure what 掛ける means

>> No.22047762

hope this helps

>> No.22047763

take it to int r*dditor

>> No.22047772

why are u posting a billion reddit links dude

>> No.22047773

to hang or leave on a shelf

>> No.22047774

u mad lmao

>> No.22047777

no just wondering like casually whats up

>> No.22047779 [DELETED] 


>> No.22047790


>> No.22047795


>> No.22047796

id 射よう some 精 at お姉ちゃん's 顔面 and おしり but 姉なんて いないんだ

>> No.22047798

take it to int redditor

>> No.22047808

reddit.com/r/learningjapanese/ifoundajapanesegirlandshetoldme犬をファクしたいanyhelpundersranding the meaning of this

>> No.22047810

https://www.reddit.com/r/LearnJapanese/comments/d1y557/ever_met_a_word_you_didnt_like/ BRUHHHHHHH

>> No.22047813

i think he's mad that someone posted a reddit link a couple times so now he's trying to be funny in his condemnation of it or he thinks he can get it permanently banned but that won't happen lol

>> No.22047814

>Generally just the misogynistic ones.

>> No.22047815

>redditor doesn't like 女子力
color me surprised

>> No.22047816

time to keep watching kimetsu no yaiba. 5 episodes in and im still enjoying it.

>> No.22047821

Take your blogshit to discord teen

>> No.22047823

stop permanently crippling me by quoting redditors

>> No.22047825

It's about as good as the worst Hunter x Hunter arc so you'll probably enjoy all of it.

>> No.22047831


>> No.22047832

How tf are you gonna ignore all the reddit links and be mad at this guy specifically cmon son

>> No.22047833


>> No.22047836

i dropped hunter x hunter after 5 episodes though. it's way better than that so far.

>> No.22047842 [DELETED] 


>> No.22047848

I clicked on the fucking link. what the fuck did i read

>> No.22047850

I would agree with that but what I said is still correct.

>> No.22047855


>> No.22047858

what's the difference between 手 and 腕?

>> No.22047863


>> No.22047866


>> No.22047867


>> No.22047869

everything you need to know to be 邦人:

>> No.22047870


>> No.22047873

the first one is mimizawari according to this BBA >>22047869

>> No.22047875


>> No.22047877

I remember I learnt the word 掛ける from one song in Beck.
that was a good anime.

>> No.22047882

How do I say "m'nigga?" in Nihongo?

>> No.22047883

watashi no penis o kakete

>> No.22047888

tfw ur listening to some old 日本の音楽 and accidentally find out koji kondo was a hack


>> No.22047892

wtf i hate koji kondo now

>> No.22047895

jamal wheres the tf2 video u just bouncin out on 100 buck or what

>> No.22047897
File: 399 KB, 1080x1524, Screenshot_20190910-180834~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know we are in the middle of shit posting but, a friend suggested this app called musixmatch, on it shows the lyrics over Spotify and stuff.
Beats searching the lyrics separately.
The translations are shit tier tho

>> No.22047899

what am i supposed to be recognizing in this?

>> No.22047901

what about tsugi?

>> No.22047903

astonished that yui (k-on) has chitose's (yuruyuri) voice

>> No.22047904

that is trash tho
this is a banger : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3f2Fe4jcLLY

>> No.22047907


>> No.22047908


>> No.22047910

i don't hear it lol

>> No.22047915


>> No.22047917

lmao japanese people just steal from each other left and right

>> No.22047918


>> No.22047919


>> No.22047924


>> No.22047925

i have tf2 installed but i didnt launch it once cuz classic wow ddos stopped shortly after

plus i think the deal was i couldnt do it after 2 weeks or practicing and i said ill do it my first session which i totally will

if blizz doesnt get ddossed to shit again ill prolly have to wait till i hit 60 (51 atm)

>> No.22047926

10 pts if you can tell what this is from and what ripped it off

>> No.22047931

i hope you're reading all the q-logs and stuff because power leveling is for ADHD kids

>> No.22047932

Man that's a dynamic mix. I can hear actual dynamics on my tablet speakers, it must rock on a real system. Listen to those drums!

>> No.22047934

Toyosaki Aki was pretty big at the beginning of the decade. She also voiced Nako in Hanasaku Iroha, Uiharu in Railgun, Tomo in Seikon no Qwaser, Iori in Kokoro Connect, amongst lots of other roles.

>> No.22047938

when i say it there are two greater messages
one is that u havent even watched 100 hours of eng subbed anime u dont even know u want to learn nihongo and ur prob gonna be one of those dudes that goes ive been studyin nihongo for 3 years and i dont like any japanese media anymore
the other is that if u get a feel for what zenging sounds like before u start learning nihongo u have a lower chance of permanently crippling urself
what if this was actually imouto can u imagine

>> No.22047939

nge? i really recognize this but i cannot find the right answer

>> No.22047942

I thought slavery was abolished? lol

>> No.22047950

leveling up fast to have a unfair advantage in world pvp is so much win tho i can help all my friends whenever they need emergency backup from ganks and i can just run up and down stv slaying boomers or hillsbrad its so mcuh win

>> No.22047956

if that really be tha case, why is wageslavery still a thing? why can't i stay in my room all day long learning nihongo?

>> No.22047959

u can u just have to figure out how to get money

>> No.22047961

>reading the same shit you've already done a thousand times
you're the only kid here.

>> No.22047967

gatekeeping the secret

>> No.22047968

scamming dumb zoomers and ironic weebs by promising fluency in exchange for using my magic study plan?

>> No.22047971

not optimal but its a living

>> No.22047977


if u can pay the bills and do u thing why not

>> No.22047980

yo i just learned about kunrei shiki
so like katsu is katu
but thats hilarious because katu is spanish for cat

>> No.22047983

No, that's gato

>> No.22047989


>> No.22047994

nah i give up i'd have to rewatch all the shows i watched as a kid to find the answer. i'll yuzuru the pts to someone else

>> No.22047995

What about my aunt?

>> No.22048003
File: 133 KB, 580x78, より.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah gonna make an anime card out of that より

>> No.22048006

what the fuck videobook isnt displaying subtitles anymore randomly

>> No.22048017

how do u know thats not よい

>> No.22048019


>> No.22048020

fuck i need to start the whole anime over

>> No.22048023
File: 326 KB, 612x526, 1560463173492.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The only thing i don't understand is why everyone tries so hard to recommend non traditional ways of learning, i have studied different languages such as Arabic and in no point of my learning experience i was told "don't early output", "read 10 books first" ,etc.
I understand that a traditional learning approach might not be useful in the mid to late vocabulary, sure,asking for a teacher to explain the stroke order of 2000+ kanji is a waste of time and money.
But stuff like basic grammar, verbs conjugation and interrogatives? Cmon
Whats the point of Knowing something like ココロ if i cannot apply it to any sentence?

>> No.22048029

d00d look at what happens when babies try to output early? it doesn't work

>> No.22048030

what exactly are you asking

>> No.22048037

>The only thing i don't understand is why everyone tries so hard to recommend non traditional ways of learning,
the """""traditional""""" ways of learning have a 99.99999% failure rate

>> No.22048039

fuck off

>> No.22048043

real chit chat with u though why does り look so much better than い
except when its connected in the middle then it drops down pretty low in the kana rankings
when uve seen as many poor kids not make it as the regulars u just want to keep someone from sacrificin their nihongo career
memorization is not acquisition btw

>> No.22048044


>> No.22048045

>Whats the point of Knowing something like ココロ if i cannot apply it to any sentence?
there would be no point
that's why you consume lots of japanese and suddenly you'll know :)

>> No.22048056

case in point

>> No.22048061

you'll find the newb djter when he replies with stuff like this when you copy paste something you heard from an actual show lol

>> No.22048069

tfw have to zoom the thread just to be able to read high stroke count kanji

this is soooo ableist against japs and weebs

it's 2019

>> No.22048079

it's only ableist against dekinai. if you cant read this without zooming ur a noob 鬻ぐ

>> No.22048082
File: 143 KB, 713x380, 9F85C2AF34DF4F9A8FB6CACF5258F6D7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sure man. I get it
Whats the point of Knowing
X は Y です。if you have no vocabulary to fill it with .
But you gotta be able to understand to understand easier grammar structures first.

Why we demonize early output and traditional learning methods

Sure ,they might not be the best bang for your time, but don't pretend like everybody that enters a language learning school doesn't come out being able to output anything, they would be all closed by now lol

>> No.22048083

what if u cant read it after zooming in

>> No.22048084

>Whats the point of Knowing something like ココロ if i cannot apply it to any sentence?
If you're having to think of grammar rules when applying ココロ to a sentence then you're never going to be able to use it in a natural context anyway.

A native speaker isn't going to stand around waiting while you thumb through your textbook and wrack your brain trying to figure out what the grammatically correct way to say whatever it is you want to say is.

>i have studied different languages such as Arabic
Interesting how you didn't say "I am fluent in several different languages".

>> No.22048088

I think the views on pace of learning is the biggest problem with djt. Most of the people who are the most active itt seem to be at a high level and say things like “N5 isn’t even a goal” and “you can get N4 easily in six months.”

I think that’s true for a very small percentage of people. I’m living in Japan and study every day but I’m still not quite at N4 after over a year. I haven’t met many people who have been here the same amount of time as me and have gotten to a higher level. I feel like I’m progressing steadily and I’ve certainly come a long way from when I started, but when I visit this thread I feel like I must be particularly stupid to not be at a much higher level.

>> No.22048091


>> No.22048094

just mine this 春を鬻ぐ if you're really going to

>> No.22048096

if you are in japan then why aren't you conversing with cute 邦人s right now?

>> No.22048098

>but don't pretend like everybody that enters a language learning school doesn't come out being able to output anything, they would be all closed by now
yeah they can say kore wa pen desu and pretend they are itiban tuyoi gajin lol

>> No.22048100

i love buying springtime if you know what i mean :^)

>> No.22048101

you are stupid though. you probably just read textbooks and shit

>> No.22048102

sexual implication

>> No.22048103

>study every day
what does your study consist of

>> No.22048107

i'll mine the verb and the phrase separately thanks

>> No.22048110

>study every day but I’m still not quite at N4 after over a year.
>when I visit this thread I feel like I must be particularly stupid to not be at a much higher level.
that's because if you had just read and listened for a year instead of ""studying"" (whatever that means) you'd be at a much higher level

>> No.22048121

>but don't pretend like everybody that enters a language learning school doesn't come out being able to output anything
You shouldn't take everything literally anon. Being able to ask for directions and introduce yourself in a quirky polite way isn't much. It's basically nothing compared to time spent.

>> No.22048125

i really hope this isn't a 茜dit post

>> No.22048134

basically its cuz the vast majority of learning noobs are trapped by language classes thinking it will take them to the end goal when its only teaching you whats in tae kim

>> No.22048138

the most fucked kids are the ones who drill a bunch of rules and template phrases and come up with this formulaic image of the language without ever hearing natural speech and havin an opportunity to correct their misunderstandings

>> No.22048139

so what if someone discovers that after their first year or two and starts inputting? by the time they hit the three year mark they’ll still be high N3 at best if they’re a normal non-neet. those people don’t deserve to be shit on. they’re still on the right path it just took them a bit longer.

>> No.22048144

why does いふ look so cute compared to ゆう and いう?

>> No.22048152

the most fucked up kid is spreadsheet twink

>> No.22048157

The 1.29 Manchu Update will release on Tuesday the 17th of September.

the day i can finally quit japanese.

>> No.22048160
File: 646 KB, 400x225, 1527419200209.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fluent in 3, I can write arabic, but not fluent enough for a business conversation.i consider fluent being able to maintain a conversation in general situations.
True, i don't believe a classroom with 10 students is going to go at a fast speed at all. But let's say, spending 100 hours studying with let's say a genki book is better than spending those 100 hours is in reading.

Sure, i learned more English outside of the classroom than inside,yet those basic language pillars shouldn't be something developed by half guesses and assumptions, easier to correct a bad pronunciation of じゃ earlier than later

In my personal experience, the two months i spent with a Japanese native teacher, with constant output and input, both written and verbal has been more useful and satisfactory short term than when i just followed the methodologies you guys usually push

>> No.22048166

You can reach N3 in 3 months if you do at least an hour and a half of reading every day. There's no secret or magic to it.

>> No.22048170

lol no you can't

>> No.22048171

i'll never understand the talk about fluency and outputting. i've been at it for a little longer than qm but i'm in no shape or form able to produce anything in written or vocal form. i do however 堪能 2d manko on the daily.

>> No.22048173

ur right
>But let's say, spending 100 hours studying with let's say a genki book is better than spending those 100 hours is in reading.
this is what i just tried to warn u against
>easier to correct a bad pronunciation of じゃ earlier than later
have u considered 10000 hours of eng subbed anime before u try to learn nihongo

>> No.22048176

>But let's say, spending 100 hours studying with let's say a genki book is better than spending those 100 hours is in reading.
you are insane lol

>> No.22048177

matt said he was able to output well when he tried it after 3 years of AJATT but that's like 5-10x the input you've probably gotten in that time frame.

>> No.22048179

>fluent being able to maintain a conversation in general situations.
That's conversationally working, not fluent.
Fluent means being able to read as much as an average native speaker could, express literally anything you could think of in your native language, have absolutely no problems processing people's speech in real time, etc.
Your standards for fluency are ridiculously low.

>> No.22048197

>In my personal experience, the two months i spent with a Japanese native teacher, with constant output and input, both written and verbal has been more useful and satisfactory short term than when i just followed the methodologies you guys usually push
you don't think it's weird that basically anyone who has read or listened a lot for a couple years is better than you'll ever be or

>> No.22048200

that's most likely true

>> No.22048201

Language is not something you learn, it's something you get used to.

>> No.22048211

just read more feel it out and acquire the language bros

>> No.22048215

djt basically takes the most successful in the shortest amount of time outliers (mostly NEETs who do japanese nonstop every day, or high functioning autists who absorb words by reading dictionaries), and makes them the standard for everyone who’s learning the language. very unrealistic and damaging mentality. i still agree that compelling input beats textbooks and duolingo and shit any day. but geez, give people some fucking wiggle room.

>> No.22048216

based moeben

>> No.22048217

i mean that's how i learned english so i guess it works

>> No.22048222
File: 19 KB, 562x91, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22048223

wiggle this
*puts out nani*

>> No.22048226

it does, because that's how i learned english too and i'm not a native speaker of european language

>> No.22048227

>You can reach N3 in 3 months if you do at least an hour and a half of reading every day.
stop sayin retarded shit like this. you’re probably the guy who thinks he can read 1000 characters per minute after studying for a year

>> No.22048229

>djt basically takes everyone who reads and listens a lot and uses them as evidence that reading and listening a lot works

wow you don't say

>> No.22048230
File: 51 KB, 800x600, guide.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>give people some fucking wiggle room.
the official djt guide is full of wiggle room

>> No.22048232

what is your problem dude
nobody is saying that you *have* to be at a particular level at a particular point in time
just that it's possible to make good progress if you just stick to it and don't waste your time on stupid shit, i'm not sure what's wrong with pointing that out

>> No.22048235

i'm really enjoying the current flow itt bois brings me back to 2017

>> No.22048236

so toxic

>> No.22048237

oh god, i forgot this fucker is in japan

>> No.22048240

imagine this guy waddling around in 2019 akiba


>> No.22048242


>> No.22048247

imagining anime tardfather going into a maido cafe and ogling the ladies whilst breathing heavily through his mouth lol

>> No.22048249

i really wish i could have footage of that man conversing with a nip lol

>> No.22048251

kanji fucks up the process. if it was all kana or something maybe it could work like english in that way. with kanji it requires some degree of rote memorization.
another thing is that most people who got good at english that way have been at it for 6 to 10 years or more. that’s far from the standard for japanese being pushed on djt. it’s really backwards when you think about it

>> No.22048255
File: 836 KB, 717x397, 1535544652352.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck it hurts, i bet he manages to be more cringe than the nips themselves

>> No.22048259

u just need to fill in ur template sentences and ull ace flawless formal nihongo every time
nan ga dess ka ?

>> No.22048262

what does he mean by this? (serious)

>> No.22048263

that’s not what you do though. you use the amount of years it took them to get good as the standard for EVERYONE who is learning as if everyone is willing to read and listen 6 hours a day or more and spend all their free time on japanese like they did. that’s ridiculous. people live different lives and not everyone is a neet like you

>> No.22048267

who is this imaginary person you're arguing with

>> No.22048269

dont @ my posts and say shit like nips dude ive ignored this shit lately but it seems like its time to start correcting the bad behavior of the boys

no idea like the gap between his 40iq and literally anyone elses is so big that its just completely impossible to understand him in any way

>> No.22048275

can i say japs

>> No.22048277

also completely impossible to understand him in any language

>> No.22048282

lmao at people thinking they're magically going to be able to 'output' at a native level after 'inputting' enough content

brb visiting every art gallery to level up my painting skills

>> No.22048283

wtf is wrong with word nips

>> No.22048289

N3 covers ~ 2k words, the vast majority of which are extremely common in anime, manga, light novels, visual novels. That's less than 1/5 of the +10k words required to pass N1. Anybody can get through tae kim's guide, be able to get thorugh all of core2k, and finish at least 1 or 2 eroge in 3 months to prepare for N3.
JLPT even test production skills, so it should be necessary to have nothing more than a proper comprehension of lower-intermediate level texts.
I've been studying for about 8 months, and I can read approximately 150-200 characters per minute. That's way under the mythical 1000 characters per minute you're talking about.

>> No.22048290

no u cannot

racial slurs are not cool dude dont say them

>> No.22048291

I think you've got reddit syndrome.

>> No.22048293

90% of you in djt

>> No.22048295 [DELETED] 

>racial slurs
shut it you nig

>> No.22048296

ur too blue pilled to understand j

>> No.22048297

its really really informal to drop the subject marker ga from the subject nan

>> No.22048299

>even test
*doesn't even test on

>> No.22048302

has somebody linked my site to anime godfather yet

>> No.22048303

i feel like i could read at 1k chars per min if i tried but it would be really taxing

>> No.22048306

and you wouldn’t comprehend shit

>> No.22048307

>cringey polbab tries to @ jamal abt nihongo
this is gonna be good

>> No.22048308

another argument not made by anyone we've all seen the miapproacher output vids

>> No.22048310

no he's too busy constantly fucking all the cute girls in japan

>> No.22048315

i feel like i could read at 1k chars per min if i tried but i wouldn't understand anything

>> No.22048317

2-2.5x quicker than the average japanese person?

>> No.22048319

what's a polbab my tomogaki

>> No.22048320

>people thinking they're magically going to be able to 'output' at a native level after 'inputting' enough content
nobody said this
inputting lots will allow you to correct yourself more easily when you try to start outputting because you'll notice when you sound like shit
you still have to practice outputting to get to a "native level", obviously

>brb visiting every art gallery to level up my painting skills
false equivalence
but visiting an art gallery and looking at lots of paintings might helps you develop a sense for what you enjoy in paintings and so when you start painting yourself you can more easily create something that pleases you

>> No.22048323

I'm a busy college student who has to dedicate nearly 9 hours a day to classes+homework, yet I still get enough time per day to do other stuff, like browsing djt or spending about 1 1/2 hrs reading visual novels.

>> No.22048326

I think you’ve got 脛齧り syndrome.

>> No.22048327

dang this post is really on the same wavelength with me good shit dude

the good news is when ppl get their feet on the ground they can usually start runnin pretty easy

he was makin a reference to tardfather calling djt bluepilled lol he wasnt tryin to fuck with me ?

>> No.22048332

yea ezpz

i know this phrase

>> No.22048335

i feel like i could just read at my own pace and just feel it out

>> No.22048337

im gonna output with some nips tomorrow after being in the hyperbolic time chamber for a year so ill find out the truth of the matter

>> No.22048338

>2-2.5x quicker than the average japanese person?
some of these guys are so delusional

>> No.22048341

lmao i did this one time in my dreams

>> No.22048344

guys pls just calm down for a minute. i feel like theres a shit ton of noise in my head

>> No.22048349

cope meditate dilate

>> No.22048350


>> No.22048352

they can't even understand japanese spoken at ~200 characters per second as is typical pace of speech but somehow their brain processes japanese 4x faster when reading

>> No.22048357

*smacks u upside the head*

>> No.22048360

>but visiting an art gallery and looking at lots of paintings might helps you develop a sense for what you enjoy in paintings and so when you start painting yourself you can more easily create something that pleases you
yeah and you'll be unable to create shit compared with if you practiced painting from day 0 in parallel with 'inputting'

literally no one in any language tells you to wait until you've been reading x amount of material for x amount of years before trying to speak the language, so either they're wrong and if you want to learn french you should really read 10 novels before saying a word or japanese is just fundamentally different from every other language

people in here seem to think if you start making mistakes speaking early on or whatever they're going to be burned into your brain forever or something

>> No.22048361

sorry i meant nihonjin im not racist

>> No.22048363

this guy understands me ヒャクパーセント

>> No.22048364

i don't know bro, i feel it in my 'sahasrara'

>> No.22048368

new guide:
day 1: learn kana, write each character 8 million times
days 2-3: learn kanji. It's hard to do all in one sitting so do half on the first day and half on the second.
day 4: drill DoJG. the first book after breakfast, second after lunch and third after dinner.
day 5: at this point an average learner should be able to read gatari and understand 99,9% of words there. the slowest autists should at least be able to read manga. You can do everything if you simply want to succeed. The method works, confirmed by 私 (means I in japanese).

>> No.22048370

>people in here seem to think if you start making mistakes speaking early on
the problem is not necessarily making mistakes but the fact is any noob who doesnt have enough input is just relying on making up japanese through their knowledge of grammatical rules like it's some modular shit, and then that becomes the way your brain thinks about outputting so it never comes naturally to you. you need to let the output flow without any thought given and that requires tons of input

>> No.22048371

i don't get your point man
where does "djt" say how good you HAVE to be after a certain amount of time
it boils down to read/listen every day and the more you do it the better you'll be in a shorter amount of time
if you're mad that people called you bad for spending a year on japanese without reaching n4, that's probably because even 30 minutes of reading every day would have gotten you there lol

>> No.22048372
File: 2.14 MB, 1697x2541, yosh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22048374

and yet you’re on djt. still proves my point, some people want to do other shit with their free time and not spend all or most of it on japanese. why is that a crime?

>> No.22048378

stfu pussy

>> No.22048381

i'm getting real moe feelings this is a really good thread unfortunately i have to go nennne so good bye for now

>> No.22048383

>able to read manga
this guide is fucked

>> No.22048387

we were doing so good too and then this asshole had to ruin it

>> No.22048389

>where does "djt" say how good you HAVE to be after a certain amount of time
are you fuckin kidding lol either you’re playing dumb or you just got here a week ago. anyone who says they got N2 or N1 in anything longer than two years is shit on

>> No.22048391

i'm mad so i'm here to ruin shit

>> No.22048397

u can do whatever u want to with manga if u set ur mind to it
u can eat it u can read it u can even emerse in it
theyre getting shit on for taking jlpt lol

>> No.22048399

lol you’re N4 level man. if anything you should be on my side

>> No.22048400

it took me 7 years to get n1

>> No.22048401

>yeah and you'll be unable to create shit compared with if you practiced painting from day 0 in parallel with 'inputting'
i'm aware, that's because language learning isn't a mechanical skill like painting is and why it's a false equivalence

>literally no one in any language tells you to-
don't really care man, the vast, vast majority of language learners never amount to anything, in any language

>> No.22048409

he's got motivation and loli manko to fap to, and you don't, so fuck off. your argument is invalid

>> No.22048411

im the chosen one of nihongo and i cannot sympathize with peasants whining about muh community

>> No.22048413

imagine yoga saying the yogamatt emersion capsule

>> No.22048419

gonna open a gaybar and call it that

>> No.22048420


>> No.22048446

>he's got motivation and loli manko to fap to, and you don't
you don’t know shit about what i do lol i can guarantee i know more than him though

>> No.22048456

what did you last spill your seed to?

>> No.22048457

it's not and most people here don't spend all their free time on japanese so i don't get what you're whining about

>> No.22048470


>> No.22048483
File: 89 KB, 1280x720, check.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>to become fine (of fabric)

>I was fine fabric from the start...
Anyone know what this means? Must be some sort of saying.

>> No.22048487

have you considered looking at any of the other definitions for that word you noob

>> No.22048495

you have to be 18 to post here

>> No.22048497

oh i just saw the filename. vile troll.

>> No.22048498

I meant to include a
after fabric.

>> No.22048499
File: 1.17 MB, 591x692, 1535544652321.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22048504

im almost 29

>> No.22048513


>> No.22048518


>> No.22048546
File: 940 KB, 2288x1800, 1502339450734.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22048561

havin a moderate "lets goooooo" moment realizing i can p much read kino on my phone w so little need for dictionary that it isnt a pain in the butt

>> No.22048577

why does krashner get 1 class ability but everyone else gets 2 or 3

>> No.22048581

his ability is the most powerful one

>> No.22048633

yoooosh time to read

>> No.22048648

Why do people on DJT hate manga so much?

>> No.22048657

djt likes reading
manga isn't reading

>> No.22048674

manga is sick and u should read it

>> No.22048690

It's a meme that was religiously pushed by one dumbass for a few years. Newshits parrot it to try fitting in.

>> No.22048707

manga is reading. anything that involves processing written language is obviously reading. it just has pictures as well, and a lower density of text which focuses more on dialogue than descriptive language (in manga the the images replace the descriptive language found in novels). manga is actually the best input used to get good at conversation since it’s mostly 口語 rather than 文語 which novels are chock full of.

as a person who reads both, the people who say manga isn’t reading are nothing but annoying elitists who lack the ability to think in nuanced ways. try talking like they do in novels and you’re just going to sound like a pretentious gaijin (but i guess that’s what the “manga isn’t reading” trolls are anyway)

>> No.22048714

oh nononono

>> No.22048721


>> No.22048732

i don't, i ingest manga every day it's pretty fun actually
but i also like to say manga isn't reading because it invites posts like >>22048707

>> No.22048743

>nooooo, stop using abbreviations!!! don't you know some americans used them in a war that happened 75 years ago!!!

>> No.22048766

yall retarded post ranobe or narou vocaroos before continuing to argue or fuck off and go read more

>> No.22048771

>im gAYyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.22048773

>Newshits parrot it to try fitting in.
found one

>> No.22048780


>> No.22048784

hey nothin wrong w that pick a diff insult jamal

>> No.22048872

lollllll tht was easy!!!

>> No.22048887

i was greentexting myself

>> No.22048895

planning to read 300000 characters tomorrow

>> No.22048910

it'll take you more time to keep count of them than to read them.

>> No.22048913

planning to read 3000 characters tomorrow

>> No.22048914

>he doesn't know

>> No.22048917

but it counts automatically

>> No.22048918

I don’t say nips like Americans (with a hard i) but like japs say nippon nips

>> No.22048922

Figured out there was 100k characters left in the route I'm on and I'm bored and don't wanna take a month to read through all of that so I might finally start reading LNs.

>> No.22048925

americans don't say nips with a hard i you retard

>> No.22048934

speaking about reading i playing clannad and i am near the end of the baseball route, can someone link me a good guide in japanese

>> No.22048935

no clue what the fuck a hard i is lol I just wanted to make an allusion to a ‘hard r’ nigger

>> No.22048943
File: 11 KB, 330x310, FB_IMG_1568159644561.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If i want to ask at what time the concert is, can i do this?

>> No.22048947

that’d be ‘are you the concert?’

>> No.22048951

concerto itu?

>> No.22048959

By the way, a female complimented me today.

>> No.22048965


>> No.22048967


>> No.22048976

I just had 毎日何時に寝ますか。as an example and just played around with it.

>> No.22048977


>> No.22048985

are you studying off one of those shitty textbooks like genki or minna no nihongo?
if so, throw that shit away and open up yotubato or hanahira.

>> No.22048988

she said I'm cute

>> No.22048989
File: 43 KB, 638x479, stages.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

for non-anki users. getting a word to stage 4 can take anywhere from 5 to 20 lookups per word. enjoy

>> No.22048993

and honestly even though I do have nice eyes and jawline it caught me by surprise.

>> No.22048995
File: 142 KB, 480x632, 20150705_1317801.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wtf don't you know the latest /djt/ meta? yotsuba is now fucking terrible for beginners.

>> No.22049001

imagine saying neeps
howd u respond to this unusual situation
i think u meant stage 3

>> No.22049004

the average djter/erogamer will easily get to stage 3 solely through reading without being able to identify a word when spoken out loud. as a matter of fact, most of the people here unintentionally force premature output by throwing japanese words around in english sentences.

>> No.22049015

i don't get it
why would she read 止 as まる

>> No.22049019

well to be quite honest without going into too much detail I expressed my wishes to pursue her further

>> No.22049024

i look better than you but i'm much worse at japanese

>> No.22049030

u cant refuse to go into detail and then say somethin like that

>> No.22049031

I'm gonna maybe show her my anki deck

>> No.22049032

see, this is what I'm talking about.

>> No.22049037
File: 784 KB, 949x575, why.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this show is probably better than demon slayer but why does she look so derp.

>> No.22049060

Anime noses are usually a short line or a dot, the mouth is a bit too high for this angle.

Those could be some reasons why.

>> No.22049064

no all the females always look derp.

>> No.22049087

sugoi qm
but theres so much useless fluff coverin up the meat
have u considered trimming

>> No.22049100


anyway I just think it will make me look smart (which females are attracted to). actually I might just tell her I developed the app itself.

>> No.22049116

finished my 2nd volume of light novel, have i read more than qm?

>> No.22049118

was my post not esl friendly i worked real hard on it

>> No.22049121

lmao nisemono qm is best

>> No.22049141

? cuz u dont know shit about anime

>> No.22049145

imagining quizler sliding up to the bar next to a girl and awkwardly pulling his deck of cards out of his pants pocket

>> No.22049147
File: 265 KB, 1920x1080, 1565982195649.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

she is beautiful : )

>> No.22049151

what show is that im gonna watch it

>> No.22049153

dr stone

>> No.22049157

i havent given dr stone a shot yet maybe its time to see if its got the goods

>> No.22049166

it's kind of gay honestly but it wasn't hyped up to be a great show like demon slayer was so i'm not that disappointed with it.

>> No.22049169

imagine having ur enjoyment of somethin affected by what other people say about it lmfao

>> No.22049172

From the vocab perspective it's a good show. Lots of 物理学的 words.

>> No.22049174

i wouldn't have liked demon slayer no matter what because it's all style no substance.

>> No.22049179

i dont really think thats fair ppl really expect too much from shit these days

>> No.22049192

if i had to choose between watching what's typically considered an 8/10 show and browsing 4chan i would choose 4chan.

>> No.22049203

thats just cuz ur brains fucked up

also post ur anime list

>> No.22049213

>thats just cuz ur brains fucked up
>also post ur anime list
Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin

>> No.22049221

wantingto send jamal a MAL friend request

>> No.22049230

>easily get to stage 3 solely through reading
and looking up in a dictionary. at least 3 to 10 times.

>> No.22049237

when she finds out how shit your personality is she’ll dump you like a fat うんこ

>> No.22049245

I finished core over a year ago yet still have 100 reviews a day of the exact same cards i havent been able to remember since day . What do?

>> No.22049251

your point is being

>> No.22049256

are you not reading or something?

>> No.22049261

from what i’ve seen more than half of those posts use the words correctly. excluding moetard who used 空気を読む wrong

>> No.22049266

they just seem to be news words mostly but desu i only read moe gag stuff so it doesnt really help me

>> No.22049269

delete the deck

>> No.22049273

enjoy looking up the same word 10 times

>> No.22049276
File: 30 KB, 114x242, 1426313230216.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>start reading for the first time
>look up an english translation of よつばと! to check if I'm understanding correctly
>金曜日 blatantly mistranslated as "Tuesday"
This makes me doubt the authenticity of every English translation I've ever read.

>> No.22049277

imagine not looking up the same word 10 times

>> No.22049287


>> No.22049382

guys, genki is $20 cheaper when you order it from amazon

>> No.22049400

and my dick n balls are free

>> No.22049401

looks like you're about ready to start making your own scanlations

>> No.22049414

in the words of a wise japanese philosopher on learning: 楽しいは楽しいだよ

>> No.22049438

nice powerful quote

>> No.22049439

i would tell yall about how i never even once looked up a lot of the words i know but some of u aint ready to hear about that

>> No.22049451

once you know enough japanese you’ll easily notice the many subtle and not so subtle ways translators butcher meanings

it’s not all that bad though. 80 to 90 percent of the time they’re pretty accurate

>> No.22049464

Do you read anime too then?

>> No.22049481


>> No.22049515

might drop an anime 5 mins in because of a girls voice

>> No.22049519

im going to bed, i'll shitpost more. good night my best friends :^)

>> No.22049542

today I learned japanese people put お before certain words the same way we do in English, e.g. "oh Christmas tree"

>> No.22049546

reading some reviews of an ero game in japanese for the first time and its really striking me that the reviewers are actually giving scores that are lower than 7/10 with decent explanations as to why and the 50s range meaning "decent, acceptable, not bad" rather than "pure fucking shit"

>> No.22049563

shampoo bottles and candy wrappers are reading too if they've got nihongo text printed on them

>> No.22049576

I rest my case.

>> No.22049579

I'd say it works more like the Greek vocative case, but maybe that's just my dumb opinion as a weeb who spent 3 days learning Greek till he dropped it for the sake of erogengo.

>> No.22049723

I'm starting the core2k deck with the eventual goal of being able to read light novels.

>10 years of watching anime with English subs
>memorized the kana over the summer
>the usual weird and lopsided spoken vocabulary you'd expect form someone who's watched a decade of anime
>recognize all 80 N5 kanji, but need practice on jukago
>a smattering of other kanji

>> No.22049736

japs are fuckin brutal when it comes to rating shit

>> No.22049753

cool man, but if you wanna be able to read light novels you need to start learning Japanese. The sooner the better as it takes quite some time

>> No.22049763

I've picked up a textbook with the intent of getting serious about reading.

>> No.22049777

What does that have to do with learning japanese??

>> No.22049867


>> No.22049920

Second day of learning !
I've worked through 25 hiragana !
Only 21 to go !

>> No.22049921
File: 450 KB, 820x663, himawari9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i like isono but sometimes scenes with him are frustrating because i can't tell if he's making an actual joke that i'm missing, or if the joke he's telling just isn't funny to me, or if he's just saying stupid shit and then laughing.

>> No.22049939

Good luck man, I'm almost 2 years in and they still all look like # to me

>> No.22049979

its important to note when hes labeled セピア haha

>> No.22049985


>> No.22049990

i think that's 99% of the time but i'll pay more attention to that

>> No.22050019

I HATE VIRTUAL YOUTUBERS just be a normal fucking person and either show nothing or show your face you shy pieces of shit but ALWAYS use your real voice

>> No.22050029

the monolingual transition

the eng subs > jap subs > no subs transition

the meditation transition

what other transitions in the japanese learning journey?

>> No.22050041

lol how is that possible
just watch english subbed anime forever, watching raw anime is a meme

>> No.22050047

transition from heteroge to geige

>> No.22050049

accidently told my prideful friend who majored in japanese that kino's journey would be a good novel for him since it's "beginner level" now he hates me what do

>> No.22050055

tell him his being prideful is just contributing to the ongoing toxicity of the japanese learning community

>> No.22050056


>> No.22050067

tell him he can get pissed off at you for calling him a beginner only after he's tried to read it and failed to finish a single chapter in under 6 hours

moderately big lol

>> No.22050075

have him read it see how much he understands

>> No.22050076

励む just came up in my anime immersion -- pretty cool

>> No.22050088

I have never watched an English language movie without English subtitles because I miss things in every language occasionally without subtitles lol Japanese subtitles are going to be more comprehensive no matter how good you are and if you cared more about enjoying the work rather than reaching some kind of vague undefined degree of listening proficiency that is apparently unrelated to Japanese knowledge you are fucked lol

>> No.22050146



>> No.22050156

I'll be trying out your deck method somewhere in the coming month, thanks for making animecards.site I think the listening part is really important but I'm working on half the VN core 1250 right now.

I'll probably alter the method or create one of my own to suit my needs and wishes.

>> No.22050203

Can't lie, her happy mask salesman face is putting me off

>> No.22050225

what’s cool about it

>> No.22050289


>> No.22050329



>> No.22050549

VNCore is great. reading/watching anything on the side while you're working through that?

>> No.22050560

I only watch anime with subs when I'm high.
I don't know of any live action shows and how I can download them well (probably on nyaa.si) and my vocab is too low for that too I think.

It's definitely hard to understand normal everyday japanese speech because it goes so damn fast and it's uneasy to understand compared to anime speech.

I'm planning to read some after VNcore something like graded readers would be nice.

>> No.22050568

Yeah speech is crazy hard at the start. Definitely start with some nice easy manga like yotsuba or takagisan

>> No.22050570

watch anime or you're gay

>> No.22050580

Graded readers with furigana should be easier. I forgot if I needed to do tae kim after the vocab.

I'm never hitting that target of the half of VNcore in one month as I already skipped 5 days as I couldn't keep up with the workload.

I had to do like 120 cards a day and the last 20 just wouldn't stick each day.

Some of those answers I need to give are also fucking long.

>> No.22050610

You don't have to memorize the entire back of the card. Just learn the reading and the general meaning (usually the first one listed). Definitely do tae kim before reading. Don't sweat doing all 600 cards. Graded readers will be really easy but also really short and boring but so whatever interests you, no one hear can tell you what you're interested in and curious about

>> No.22050621

Well, I obviously don't learn the entire back of a card but some like 筈 and 等 on VNcore have a pretty long answer and I type out my answers.

I have one type field for the kana reading and one type field for the meaning.
So for these sort of cards I almost have to remember an entire sentence, but maybe I should loosen that a bit to judge on my own discretion.

Still it got a bit too much for me but I'm relearning the deck quite easily so it's probably no big deal.

>> No.22050631

Those words are best learned through context. You shouldn't be typing answers into Anki, it's a waste of time. And typing meanings is just going to engrain really bad habits into your brain since the English definitions are just general approximations of the meaning (you can only truly learn the meaning from reading a bunch)

>> No.22050649

Yes, in school we had to type in the answers with the market leading word learning tool. I like this approach as I can just type comfortably.

But if I have mastered half of the VNcore I'll probably make some code so I can tag the ones I no longer have to type in. It's quite a waste of time if these words have already matured but for new words I still like this strategy, however I try and apply it not to every deck I do.

For JLPT tango for example I don't really think it makes that much sense (to prevent confusion I'm not currently doing that deck, might start with it today I think it's a good way to learn Japanese).

>> No.22050687

woah first time i've kind of agreed with qm

>> No.22050708


>> No.22050812

i wish anime with japanese subs were as easy to find and plentiful as anime with english subs

>> No.22050816

theres enough to watch a ton before making the no subs transition

>> No.22050833

Thats nothing. Atleast you can turn off the subs and watch raw.
I wish raw properly scanned manga was as easy to find as scanlated manga

>> No.22050868

got a lot done today considering i slept in and got out of class at 5:30

>> No.22050874

it's impossible to translate "chairs" into japanese

>> No.22050898




>> No.22050903


>> No.22050918


>> No.22051032

You really don't need to defend yourself on this one quiz, you know four fucking languages compared to this thread's average of 1.2
Go enjoy your life, enjoy media, and stop even engaging with people who shit on you for anything
The only thing people might argue with you over that's worth discussion is the efficacy of your anime cards, and that's kinda pointless since your usage of SRS should be tailored to what works best individually anyway.

>> No.22051088

It just depends on the phonology of your language. I have no problems hearing japanese because of my native language. The only problem I experience is with Chinese loan vocab.

>> No.22051094

*phonology of your mother tongue

>> No.22051146

Judge not, that ye be not judged.
For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.
And why beholdest thou the mistake that is in thy brother's Japanese, but considerest not the error that is in thine own?
Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me fix the mistake in thine Japanese; and, behold, an error is in thine own?
Thou hypocrite, first fix the error in thine own Japanese; and then shalt thou see clearly to fix the mistake in thy brother's.

>> No.22051156


>> No.22051165

a hearty kek

>> No.22051168

I'm a native English speaker and I use English subs most of the time. I don't know if it's the sound mixing in movies that is just shit or if it's lazy directors not pulling actors up when they mumble their lines, but when I try watching English-language movies there are inevitably lines that come up which I can't make any sense of, even after replaying them several times and trying earnestly to figure out what the fuck the character in question is saying.

Watching with subs on fixes the problem so I almost always opt to just do that. The moment I hear some character even slightly mutter a line in a remotely difficult to understand way, the subs come on and stay on for the rest of the movie.

>> No.22051170

put your name back on quiz

>> No.22051177

Hollywood actors don't enunciate words properly like a theater actor. This is done deliberately for the dialogue delivery to seem "real"

>> No.22051192

this is the pinnacle of idiocy
anime is very clearly enunciated most of the time and the frequency of lines that you don't understand would be much, much higher compared to an english movie, that's because you're shit at listening to japanese and the way to fix that is by listening without subtitles
to justify your mediocrity with that one line you didn't understand in an english movie once is a stupid cope

>> No.22051196

try listening with something other than your $2 headphones

>> No.22051199

agreed but i'm loling really hard at these posts

>> No.22051208 [DELETED] 

these words are for the birds except for the last one

>> No.22051212

I liked おっとり刀, 後の祭り, 大見得を切る, とばっちり from today's study. I only tend to like pure Japanese expressions.

>> No.22051214

knew that one because it's the name of an album by ポルカドットスティングレイ

>> No.22051221

this is a really cool phrase

>> No.22051235

not him but being able to focus on the art without needing to look at the bottom of the screen all the time would prolly increase my enjoyment as a slow reader

>> No.22051251

Yeah and the mental Image of おっとり刀 is just a funny. What I observed is that pure Japanese expressions creates a good mental image unlike Chinese loan words.

>> No.22051253

because that's what what's her name is doing in the previous panel

>> No.22051262

piss off 妄想 girl

>> No.22051264


>> No.22051270

My headphones are decent. I've owned $100 pairs before and it changed nothing.

>> No.22051281

there's no subs irl. don't pretend you can understand everything you hear in your daily life lol

>> No.22051289

it's a joke, stupid cunt

>> No.22051304


>> No.22051309


>> No.22051315

Otaku media is my 気薬

>> No.22051320


>> No.22051380

>were the however many hundred (or thousand?) hours of watching raw anime that it took to be able to understand everything perfectly, worth it to you? like now that you can watch any anime you want raw
Wait a minute, you don't think this guy actually knows Japanese, do you?

I hate to break it to you, but this thread is just one big case of the dekinai leading the dekinai. 99% of the posts you see speaking authoritatively about how to learn Japanese here are made by people who don't know Japanese.

>> No.22051456
File: 47 KB, 706x349, anki_ujCDIZQlD6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i can finish anki so quickly if i just force myself to answer cards within 4 seconds and accept that i'll fail more cards this way

>> No.22051491


>> No.22051537

excuse me

>> No.22051544

are you one of those RTK friends?

>> No.22051547

no, it's more that the kanji readings make just as little sense as the meaning

>> No.22051550

how does 'produce of the land' not make sense as 'souvenir'

>> No.22051557

because i'm not bringing a carrot or an onion home as a souvenir

>> No.22051567

>because i'm not bringing a carrot or an onion home as a souvenir
why not

>> No.22051572

fuck off zoomer

>> No.22051576

you might bring a 東京バナナ though

>> No.22051584

和語 aren't made by fusing kanji, retard. 漢字 were retroactively added to vaguely represent the meaning of an already existent 和語.

>> No.22051672




>> No.22051677


>> No.22051679

People that attempt to learn via apps are the worst. You can't learn a language via multiple choice and fill in the blank. You just can't.

>> No.22051708

I kinda agree with this, but I don't agree with just saying "you can't", since there's no argument or reasoning backing it.

>> No.22051727

七日、雪間の若菜摘み、青やかにて、例はさしもさるもの目近からぬ所にもて騒ぎたるこそ、をかしけれ。白馬見にとて、里人は、車 清げにしたてて見に行く。中の御門の閾 引き過ぐるほど、頭、一 所にゆるぎあひ、刺櫛も落ち、用意せねば折れなどして笑ふも、またをかし。左衛門の陣のもとに、殿 上 人などあまた立ちて、舎人の弓ども取りて、馬ども驚かし笑ふを、はつかに見入れたれば、立 蔀などの見ゆるに、主殿 司・女 官などの行き違ひたるこそ、をかしけれ。いかばかりなる人、九 重を馴らすらむ、など思ひやらるるに、内裏にも見るは、いと狭きほどにて、舎人の顔のきぬにあらはれ、まことに黒きに、白きものいきつかぬ所は、雪のむらむら消え残りたる心地していと見苦しく、馬のあがり騒ぐなどもいと恐ろしう見ゆれば、引き入られてよくも見えず。

>> No.22051762

why does someone knowing 4 languages because they're native speakers of 2 and given a freebie with english mean that relying on subs for listening is a good thing

>> No.22051787

dont post school reading here

>> No.22051796

Vocabulary and Kanji practice. Sure. But these all in one apps like Duolingo and Lingo Deer are built to drag as long as possible.

>> No.22051811

just read 黒猫 as こくびょう dont know why i still bother with this language

>> No.22051817

>freebie with english
This meme must die already. English was ridiculously difficult. I couldn't understand most of what I was trying to watch and read until I was 20. And I had English since 5th grade. Once I started immersing a lot mostly through YouTube and anime with eng subs, my comprehension quickly improved though. I also rarely see people from my country with strong English ability, almost all of them suck and can't do anything with it.

>> No.22051839

are you that iranian anon

>> No.22051850

Nope. I'm russian.

>> No.22051852

quiz is german so obviously it's easier for him than you. you must be some slavic or native in some more distantly related indo european language.

>> No.22051855

I sometimes just breeze through text reading everything in Kunyomi

>> No.22051860

Happens to me too. I tend to read kunyomi words as onyomi but I think it's because I memorized onyomi in isolation when I did Kanjidamage. Your case is interesting if you didn't.

>> No.22051865

Makes sense. My native language is also morpho-syntactically similar to Russian and I find English to be hard and boring language.

>> No.22051872

you ever consider how you only interact online with europeans and other foreigners who are smart/competent enough to learn english. like if you had to interact with the average russian online he would probably be a real dumb piece of shit.

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