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There isn't as much Touhou porn as there is non-porn.
In fact, Touhou is overwhelmingly non-h in comparison to the majority of series.

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Very popular series with cute girls has porn, more at 11.
Also this >>22029277.

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Touhou used to be the only thing in jap internet community, besides Vocaloid and [email protected]
Of course there'd be lots of porn, and even then it's not even 50% of overall Touhou contents which is mostly SFW.

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It'd be more surprising if there was less porn. And Japs need something to jack off to considering how sexually repressed their society is.

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To expand on this, if I didn't fuck up, currently only 7% of 2hu fanart in pixiv is porn. In comparison, Fate has around 12% porn. That's almost double the percentage Touhou has.

An article from way back then also says something like this.
This is doujinshi manga, mind you. Ultra numerous doujinshi filled with cute girls only being 16% porn is something to behold, and this was way back when gacha and Kancolle didn't exist. With many fans and creators only there for the ero being more interested in fanservice filled gacha, the gap has likely widened even more today.
All of this not counting numbers like the fact that Touhou probably has the most arranged music and fangames (the VAST majority of which being non-ero) in the world, and you can see how 2hu fanwork is pure.

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So why is /jp/ so lewd?

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Western fanbase

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We are all /a/ rejects consist of pathetic, lonely and unproductive NEETs

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a thread died for this

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Becaue lolis are too sexy, and as males, it's hard to resist them.

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As the saying goes, it was probably equally shitty, if not worse

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>We are all /a/ rejects

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otakus are disgusting pigs

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lol you're so wrong

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There's nothing wrong with that.

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Wait, aren't they supposed to be pur sexually liberal democratic allies in the east?

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How are you able to say just that

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games are hard. getting good is hard. need a release for all the hard.

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