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Hi /jp/, it's >>19671580 again. This time, I've put together a collection of all the visual resources from TH17, nicely organized and consolidated for easy viewing and searching. This one follows all the same conventions as the original.



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One neat change in this game compared to previous ones is that enemy portraits now use a faceless "base" for the defeated portrait, instead of one static portrait with a fixed expression, allowing all the usual expressions from the pre-fight dialogue to be used post-fight as well.

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And as usual, there are some cool spell card backgrounds. This one from stage 5 is a nice little tiling pattern that would be pretty easy to vector up.

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God bless you anon. You're doing a great service.

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I mean I am surprised that ZUN didn't do this earlier. Lots of VNs and dating sims used this technique quite early on. Saves a lot of work for just a bit more complicated programming to position facial features. You can also break up the portrait/sprite in quadrants or smaller sections and you can have a small variety in poses too and you just redraw the quadrant/section for what you need to do. Art isn't ZUN's strong suite so optimizing it is the right thing to do.


Looks nice, but I bet ZUN generated it himself via a third party program or something he wrote himself.

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Thank you, anon.
It looks like 山文甲 (an ancient Chinese armor) which fits the armed newhu.

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Is there anyone who got all the achievements yet?

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Cute image, knew I wouldn't be the only one to make the Sukune connection

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It was pretty simple to do by hand, actually.

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The salaryman thanks you for your hard work.

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Thanks. Do you know where I'd look for stuff from the fighting games?

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You are so darling, OP.

Seriously, I have used your rips quite a lot, and find them invaluable. A sincere thank you to you.

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Hey OP, did you ever do a rip for AoCF? 15.5 is the only one I haven't got, though I am pretty sure what I have for 1-15 was from you

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hm, nevermind, this readme says you haven't got those. I wonder where I got them from before? Ah well

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I haven't compiled packs for any of the fighters, but now that you mention it, there's no longer any reason not to.
Back when I first did this around four years ago, my main motivation and the vast majority of the work was ripping the resources from the PC-98 games. There were no tools to do any such thing automatically, and not even any documentation on most of the file formats used, so I had to solve all sorts of puzzles and work out everything from scratch. After going through that, using the Touhou Toolkit to rip the Windows sprites and then consolidating them into nice archives was mostly an afterthought, done for the sake of completeness.
At the time, I wasn't aware of any tools that could do something similar for all the fighters. I did look into doing the ones not supported by extractor tools by hand, but after getting burnt out working on the PC-98 games, I decided against it. And so rather than just have some of the fighters missing, I decided to draw the line at "only ZUN's games", and just not deal with any of them.
But checking today, it seems the Touhou Super Extractor now supports ripping sprites from all the fighters, and outputting them directly to PNGs, so there's absolutely no excuse not to do them. Look forward to that some time, probably not too soon.
While I'm at it, I might go back and improve some aspects of the existing Windows packs as well.

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