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What Touhou Character do you think he created while being drunk

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Satori and her short ass arms

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All of them.

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Please don't taint ZUN's image with shitty facebook memes

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He came up with the entire series while drunk and playing Gradius

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I know. I just searched a photo of him drinking beer and saw that one

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All of them but Saki must be something he came up when he was the most sober.

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ZUN exists in a state of perpetual drunkenness.

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More like he came up with her when he was feeling extra adventurous and decided to try something western

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a horse but the horse is also the cowboy

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I'm amazed he's even still alive, if I am to believe he drinks on a regular basis

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I want to send zun some packs of VB, where is his address

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He does, we know he does and has been doing this for literal decades now. The man clearly gives not a singular shit about his liver.

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ZUN's idea of a dystopian future is one where drinking alcohol doesn't get you wasted anymore.

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it's merely beer

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I bet he created Suika while he was sober and regretting his life decisions.

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How is he not fat if he's supposedly drinking beer so much?

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I think it's easier and a much shorter list to name which ones he made while sober.

All those beer energy goes to his brain.

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Entire cast of touhou 17.

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Definitely drunk when he created her.
Also, Urumi and Clownpiece.

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this one for sure

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Isami Asama. Technically not a 2hu but close enough.

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Does he really drink so much or is it just a joke? I can't imagine him drinking beer literally every day, let alone tons of beer every day.
That's only what alcoholics do and they get fucked up after a couple decades.

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well, this one is just kogasa with more menace and funky wings. Urumi he probably was buzzed while making, but saki had to be another one of his drunken creations

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If you've been here long enough you know that it was all of them, but sometimes he gets slightly less drunk and that's when Touhoes on the boring side happen.

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The crazy ones like Hecatia and Clownpiece are when he's fully sober
When he's drunk he probably starts drawing without even thinking and a Yatsuhashi pops out

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Speaking of character design, I think ZUN is obsessed with blonde girls recently. There’s 4 blonde newhus in WBaWC.

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His obsession with blonde hair was quite obvious in the PC-98 games and EoSD.

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There are 4 blonde newhus in PCB too.

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He's said he likes to design the games while he has a beer in his hand
Otherwise, he does just really like beer and does try as many kinds as he can, he's not literally drinking it every second of the day

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He has good taste

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