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This is the MOST IMPORTANT thread on this board as of now!
You MUST answer one of the other! Nothing in-between!

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Kaguya-hime desu

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blue mokou

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>as of now
IN came out 15 years ago
we already decided that Mokou is better

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Kaguya is obviously the superior 2hu

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The one that has more relevance and appearance in games.
Your question is dumb and pointless.

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too easy

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Obviously Goku, he has the superior sex appeal.

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Mokou, but only if she lets me eat her liver

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mokou is a bitch, kaguya is better

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Mokou is better but i don't hate Kaguya. In fact i think their relationship is what makes them so popular, given how Mokou does hate Kaguya but she also gives her a sense of purpose and peace of mind that there is someone to keep her company for all eternity.
Depending on how you interpret her in StB and other games that give her a suicide-move (can't remember which), Mokou even adopted a bit of Kaguya's philosophy of "being immortal is awesome" in the form of "because she is immortal, she doesn't have to hold back for her own safety anymore", which is why she uses suicide charge attacks.
Or maybe i am just reading way too much into things idk.

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hahaha, what the fuck is Mokou to the beauty of Kaguya? Kaguya a love princess, deep elgendary beauty unmatch by all. she the helen of troy, the aphrodite of greece, the maiden of the moon. moko, she the whore of babylon, the catamite of egypt, the stink, the smell, the disgust of the DOG. DOG Mokou is,s he mangy mutt need to be but down and put to the dog bpund so she be sleeped. moko, dont make me laugh, wha a pig, wha a bafoon.Kaguya, oh my Kaguya, she is the beauty, the grace, the intellect, she the lunarian goddess, th earth goddess, she bring a nation togethe,r mokoONLY DESTRY, a slut unfit, not even the lowest male fuck her, her vagina rotting away, but nadeko, she a oure perfect wife, she an ideal of all, Kaguya foreve rbe the best touhou, mooko forever be the worst

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I'm loco for moco

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I like Mokou more as a person but I want to have sex with Kaguya more.

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not enough h-doujins for either

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and that's a good thing

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I like bullies, so Kaguya-hime~

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How do two girls have sex?

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Very carefully.

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Eat a dick kaguyafags

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Both! Together!

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>cunt because her race is "superior" or so she's told, kind of cruel thanks to this but still harms no one except in fanart where she crushes testicles apparently
>turns down men because she doesn't want them, and they also mainly want her for power or whatever else
>i'm immortal what do i do? mokou you want to kill me? haha die girl

>calm person that becomes a soft cunt after building a relationship with a person
>grrr you embarassed my family fuck you fuck you FUCK YOUUU i'll get revenge
>now i'll do something really dumb OH FUCK-
phew you saved me out of pure goodwill. as thanks i'll BRUTALLY MURDER YOU and your partners and steal your treasure
>now that i'm immortal what can i do? what kaguya is here? hahah revenge die girl

Kaguya is really bland as far as looks go, and Mokou's looks and powers are among my favorite, but unlike Junko, she's not justifiable at all. Might be one of the worst people in Gensokyo if only she wasn't caring for lost people. And of course like the worst people in fantasy stories, she's a human.

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Whom quoteth?

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mokou is a bitch that doesn't treat her girlfriend right, kaguya is the correct answer

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kaguya is cute, CUTE!

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so rude

but who are you even quoting

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Do they actually make gamepads like that?

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have you ever seen a SNES?

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>so rude
she deserves it

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Mokou send those lunarians back

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Mokou is a fucking murderer. I go with Kaguya.

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But Kaguya is a Lunarian and killed millions.

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Kaguya allowed Eirin to murder for her sake

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Lunarians and Rabbits aren't Human anon, you can't murder them. Also that was a pre-emptive self-defense.

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Humans aren't people lmao

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Kaguya for games
Mokou for BBQ

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Neither are lunarians so they are fair game.

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this is lewd! lewd!

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Kaguya. Mokou is VERY dumb, she thinks ripping off her shirt sleeves is cool(it isn't) or maybe she is too poor to buy new ones because she is an ugly, borderline-hobo.

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mommy kaguya

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Kaguya I guess so I get closer to her mom.

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Lunarians are superior beings who have the divine right to enslave or kill lower lifeforms like humans or youkai if they want to.

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T. Lunarian sympathizer.
You can expect Armstrong at your door step very soon.

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Not enough non-h doujins for either

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the one that actually washes

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Delete this

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Mokou is a heroic liberator of those taxed by the villainous Kaguya.

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Armstrong and his crew are dead. That's what happens to people who fuck with Lunarians.

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kaguya is cute and has the best song

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kaguya is scary...

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Wrong. Mokou is the cutest and has the better theme. Kaguya's theme is only good in the beginning.

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Mokou's theme is repetitive and bland, Kaguya's theme is a progressive masterpiece.

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this but reversed

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This desu.

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Imagine if Keine held panty inspections everytime Mokou came home and if they were dirty she'd give her a spanking. Wouldn't that be funny haha?

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The lazy one

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Or what?

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I REALLY hate Kaguya!

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oof ow my balls

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>Not Lunarian

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Kaguya is literally way more relevant overall

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seriously who are you quoting?

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Are you inept at reading?

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When did Mokou and Kaguya become a regular Chinese shitpost image series?

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Mokou represents the farmers that are leeched from by state sponsored "intellectuals" (savants).
What ZUN IS WRONG about is that "Mokou can only heal, not improve."
Evil is equal in its vampiric raping ability to Good in its self sufficient healing back to God level ability.
The glory is the fact that evil couldn't exist without good, but good would heal the world into paradise without evil.
The fact that evil depends on... NEEDS good to even exist YET good is self sufficient is what makes good better.
Kaguya depends on taxes violently leeched from tillers of the Earth like Mokou.
Kaguya trying to predate on Mokou is like a lion trying to prey on an elephant.
Elephants live 70 years and lions only live about 20.
Women live longer than men.
Men USE women for sex like state enFORCES taxation of righteous vegan farmers (saints like Cain was).
Mokou is the equivalent of a Cainlike figure, except that God itself is a Cainlike figure,
the way to evolve oneself to God level is Mokoulike self sufficiency;
taking only from nonbeings which are the rest of oneself to heal REBUILD oneself to God level).
Men are parasitic degenerants from women that leech life from other beings
instead of recollecting pieces of themselves from the surrounding environs.
Women are asexual. Men are sexual.

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To my "father":
When a man uses a woman for sex, she charges YOUR SOUL dollars.
When a man uses a woman for sex, you owe her the title deed to your soul.
When a man uses a woman for sex, you owe her your soul's liberty of self.
You are no longer your own person,
you are my mother's private property: her livestock.
When a man uses a woman for sex, he becomes her rightful property: her slave.
You are the rightful property of my mother.
I will be her repoman and come repossess you.
You are wrong about what type of person becomes a cop...
Society started when militant nomads (cops) started -stealing- from
EXHAUSTED farmers who couldn't defend themselves after LONG, ROUGH days
of tilling the Earth and calling it -taxation-.
Militant nomads... COPS are bullies.
People don't become cops because they were bullied.
Policing the people is enforcing a MONOPOLY ON THEFT.
Wolves don't get any mutton but sheepdogs might get scraps.
The government belongs to the INDEPENDENT taxees A.K.A. tillers of the Earth,
not predatorial hunters that also use the blood of others to survive.
You belong to the woman you collected your sex tax from. Pay up.

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what the fuck just happened

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