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Does anyone know where to find audio files of modern Japanese music online? I'm trying to make some CDs to use with an old Discman I bought.

Plan is to stop using my smartphone and replace all of its functions with individual devices (a watch, notepad, flip phone etc) and live like it's 1990. Already bought some albums by Yakushimaru Etsuko second-hand from Japan, but it's too expensive to buy all my favourites at once so I'm making bootlegs and then replacing them as I get more money.

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Looked into it, looks like it requires an invite? The whole torrent tracking thing is new to me, I'll need to have a better look into it. Thanks!

Holy shit this is it, lossless formats and everything. Thank you so much!

My transition to 80s/90s technology will be smooth thanks to this :)

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Looked into it, seems that I need an invite? Torrent tracking is pretty new to me so I'll have to learn about it a bit more, thanks for the suggestion!

Holy shit this is absolutely it, so many friendly users and lossless formats to boot. Thank you so much! My transition to 80s/90s tech will be smooth as butter thanks to this :)

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>live like it's 1990
With a CD player and not cassette tapes?

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the Discman was invented in 1984

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Where's my NES CD then?

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What do you mean by friendly users? I've been interested in Soulseek for a while but never got around to using it.

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It has a chat function and some people are actually willing to help.

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Don't forgot to get a pager and a radar detector.

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