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This might be the saddest I've been today! What a depressing thought.

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thanks you??

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Where is the flan? I miss her!

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I want flan to say nothing to me.

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Don't post anything

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She was busy.

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where boobie

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...... ......

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oh god remi what is happening to you???

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/jp/ in two years

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It's my birthday. I'm turning 25 and joining the 25 year old + virgin club.
I invited my friends to come for a birthday party. They all cancelled.
What kind of life am I living. A dead end job. No reliable friends, no one wants to date me. I'm truly alone. I had a chance 2 years ago. Someone I truly connected with. She grew as a person and I didn't. My life had gone deeply wrong.

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Happy birthday anon! /jp/'s always here for you.

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happy birthday man!
(its actually my bday too)

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T-Take it easy

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Happy Birthday anon!

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no one actually posts like that since you autistic potatoes white knight the faggot mod
eat shit

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Happy birthday Anon. Remember that age is just a number in that case. You're still young, don't be sad because you don't fit in what society defines as "normal". Nobody is.

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Happy Birthday anon! I hope that you can find good fortune and happiness in the future, whether that be through love or other endeavors. Things like romance and sex aren't everything.

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Happy birthday.

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