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Suppose that I can make a top-quality miniature of a touhou girl, around 30mm height, posted from Russia. What girl would you possibly buy and why?

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Komachi. She knows how to take it easy.

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Make miniature versions of Hatater’s drawings.

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Maybe she would look cool in a boat, actually.
But the boat itself will cost quite a bit of money to produce due to its size

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Someone like Aya?

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Reisen, because guns are badass.
Russians like guns, right? I know I do

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But there will be fingers instead of guns...
Or you mean that my 3d modeller could just give her an AK or M4 or something?

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Luna Child, because I love her.
Patcho and Orin are also pretty good.

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It can't? Just give her a pistol or something and I'm sold

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I'll consider this as an option after my other releases
Btw expect her to be of the same quality as picrelated

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How much are you asking for them, though?

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Basically 12 bucks + buyer covers shipping

I suppose I could ask less if the overall costs of one creation wasn't around 200$, which is kind of a lot, at least for me

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You're selling $200 figures for $12+shipping? Am I reading this right?

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I assume he means the creation of the model, after which he will 3D print as many copies as he likes.

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In rubles, please. Something like 800?

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I would try an Okuu one if the shipping wasn't too much, it was cute, and good quality+detailed.

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That would be kind of ridiculous, right?
It's not as bad. I have a 3d modeller, that asks around 80+ bucks for creation of one model, I have 3d printer person that makes a top-quality SLA master-model out of this model, after that the casts are made out of master model and the rest is magic and smooth cast. The initial price of polyurethane copy is around 5$, so I simply have to cover previous costs and give some royalties to 3d modeller so that he continues working on other models. That's it.

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750 rubles a copy
But i REALLY need to know that there will be a demand for miniatures, or it will be a lost cause

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No worries, I'll buy your entire stock if you make a Reisen one

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My touhoufag friend also suggested Okuu
I'm thinking of her as an option

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Although her boat is her signature, she could easily fit in anything that has her slacking off. I'd gladly buy one. I'd love to buy anything a /jp/sie had a hand in making though.

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Depends. Can you make quality breasts?

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I'd buy one for 750 if its any good.
Ты из какого города?

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Москва, если тебе нужно больше инфы

Найди в вк паблик "Всякая Атмта"

Sorry for russian moonlight speak jp bros, it's nothing serious

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Is that a request to make a miniature of Yukari?

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Out off all boobnites you picked Yukari? I sense obvious favorite here.

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I actually wrote "Yuyuko" first but decided that it won't be right to push my favourite

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>it won't be right to push my favourite
Here on jay? An absolute heresy.

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Marisa from 15

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I kind of wanted to go the meme way

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WaHH-style Tenshi.

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Would purchase on the spot

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Here's the real question: Are you going to paint these, or are they going to arrive unpainted?

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any 2hu if they are like links related



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Two reasons - where is a reason why people like to paint miniatures themselves
Second - there is a reason why a nicely painted miniature costs more than a miniature itself

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I would buy Junko, because she's cute, pretty, elegant and has no physical merchandise.

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Meiling. Possibly in a fighting pose.
Do that and I'll buy it in a second.

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based on what?

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In what pose, I wonder?

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I would love a SDM set to use for my Warhammer vampire army.

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probably Seiga, because there's not enough merchandise out there for her as-is

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Something similar to her ZUN pose but without the gigantic deformed hands.

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I think Marisa, because I really like Marisa's design in any pose she's in.

For others, dunno

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yeah Shion would be alright

Akyuu too. Actually hell yeah I'd want an Akyuu (though not necessarily in this pose or anything). Forget miniatures, are there even any official Akyuu FIGURES? I think there aren't any because ZUN stole the design

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Ibuki Suika, because why not.

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Op here.
I was thinking of ways to implement that weird "cape" that nuclear crow has on her wings.
Probably I can ask modeller to somehow make the cape an option, that will be glued after, personally you can paint it however you like.

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Blessed taste

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>Найди в вк паблик "Всякая Атмта"
VKdditors, go away, fucking cunts

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Maybe you go away?
Cry on reddit or something?

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I would buy an unpainted but badass Reisen figure

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Na sosach/vk bydlo

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Доебался, пизданутый.

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and what should I do?
I just say go back when someone mentions and promotes (buy stuff. only 750 rubles. check pinned post in VK public group) their cargo cultists cancerous shit
So, do not come to jp.

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A plump big belly Patcho. Because I don't think there are many figurines like that at all and I love Fatcho

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>around 30mm height
nigga are you going to play her as chaos lord with combiplasma in 40k or what

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Parsee because she is my favorite.

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seconded, hatater is The russian 2hu artist

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but make her 3mm height

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I think Doremy would be nice. Easy to paint and not that many small accessories that you have to fiddle with.
Also she's cute!

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Thirding. Make a Hatate based on Hater's version of her.

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That would be the coolest shit if he does

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And make sure to include a big hung black guy next to her while she makes a peace sign

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Hatate has the most pitiful and pathetic fans out of all 2hus.

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More likely lord of change, because you know, crows. A really small lord of change

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>the most
The most wretched, miserable, servile, pathetic trash

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Cirno. I've found her model to be pretty versatile for all sorts of things.

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>he went away with this

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back to /trash/

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kill yourself out of /jp/

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Yes, Yukari please! I'll even buy multiple cause I don't know how to paint minatures.

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Actually why not?

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do you have example of your sold miniatures? Touhou or not. Need to know your skill first.

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Sure, why not

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Don't want to ruin your dream but I don't think there's a market for that. You have the 20cm sized standard fully painted anime figures on one side and if you want smol you have Nendos and a gazillion chibi gacha minatures on the other and to make things worse it's all extremely cheap but good quality with free shipping from china.

I really wouldn't invest any significant amount of money into that unless I had a larger plan like creating an entire line of collectibles but that would require an even bigger investment and again you would be competing with a niche product against the chinese manufacturers.

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It could work if it was wargame-scaled so if someone wanted to someone could make a 2hu army. Unpainted, modifiable miniatures for the end-user to assemble to their needs.

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You're not ruining my dreams, thanks for honest response, you are very kind. I simply want to give something of decent quality that hasn't been already produced. Darkest Dungeon minis are something that I'm working on right now, but I guess 2hu girls can work, because of the fact the people simply love girls. Overall I'm not planning ever on profiting much, just enough to keep on making one after another.

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>20cm sized standard fully painted anime figures

>if you want smol you have Nendos
Nendos are 100mm and petite ones are 65mm

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Oh wait, I misread 20cm as 20mm. In any case, his minis are smaller than commonly available.

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it will be cool Reisen with an akms

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bump for update?

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