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Satoggo wa

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For bullying.

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satako is just a good guy

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I want to break her heart again.

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The buttass public nudity of Satoko, a developing human girl who is self-conscious about her body!

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Fuck man. I just lost an image.

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Just how many pubes does Satoko have?

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zero (0)

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She cute

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Like 20 or so. She's 11, right?

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it's not saddogo, it's Sad D Ogo

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Calm your tits, Satoko.

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Satoko is! She is!

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Back up your stuff, your hard drive may be failing.

t. /g/

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She is!!!

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>ywn see Satoko cagando
Why live?

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Who are you quoting?

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how so?

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I frequent /g/ but strayed away as of frequent times. I think it'll become another one of the boards that I'll end up rangebanned from even though I probably make at max 20 posts total every 6 months or so.
>Back up your stuff
I doubt that's possible now. At a range of 10,000 images, I am possibly missing ~800 at max including the ones I had deleted because they were lost in the first place. I port images every once in a while and I know what the problem is. I just can't fix it; Since it still works, I will continue to use it for convenience purposes.

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>I frequent /g/ but strayed away as of recent times.
I frequent /g/ but strayed away as of recent times.
Don't know how I missed it.

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you should still back it up. saving 9,200 images is still better than slowly losing them all

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Dude, what the fuck. It takes 5 minutes to back up all that shit. Just do it.

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