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Let's go.

Post some of our esteemed female counterparts.

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They wish to the large man. You don't want them.

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She doesn't look like a Fuoshi.
She looks like a girl in scrubs in a laboratory.

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I've never liked you, but now that you've become a camwhore, I have no choice but to tell you how much I absolutely despise you. I wish I could hate you bald. Fuck off, attention whore.

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Seconded. This is why 'Fujoshi's need to eat shit and die.

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Are you pretending to be trolled or stupid as fuck?

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And women wonder why we never take them seriously. You were always a shitposter, but now you've crossed the line.

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Are you an internet white knight or a tripcode-lover?

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Fuck off white knight. Remilia is a manhating bulldyke anyway, so she's not going to care if you defend her.

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>Remilia is a manhating bulldyke
>claiming Remilia is female
( ≖‿≖)

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Trolls trolling trolls who are trolling trolls. Do you people seriously have nothing better to do?

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Last time I checked people don't take pictures of themselves in their underwear just to "troll"

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This. Attention whoring =/= trolling.

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Remilia is a fucking troll.
And you are so stupid that falls so easily to her trolling.

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That's not a fujoshi ಠ_ಠ

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She's an attention whore, not a troll. Quit trying to glamorize her obvious bullshit.

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I find this oddly attractive.

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You sure about that? It looks a lot like you, actually.

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oh sorry that should have been in my OL folder.

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>an attention whore, not a troll
But, all trolls are attention whores.

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Not even close. A troll wants people to be pissed off at them. An attention whore wants people to like them (usually because they're female).

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all circles are ellipses, not all ellipses are circles.

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There are lots of girlbros in /jp/, and Remilia is one of them. I don't why anyone should be getting upset.


Obviously the same weekend newfriend.

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What? No. Attention whores crave any attention, be it positive or negative. Drama queens, trolls, camwhores. These are all attention whores, the only difference between them is that they seek to gain it in different ways.

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There are lots of girlbros in /jp/, and Remilia is one of them. I don't see why anyone should be getting upset.


Obviously the same weekend newfriend.

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Not exactly. Some trolls sow chaos for chaos' sake.

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An attention whore will do almost anything for attention. A troll will do only particular things for attention. Neither cares much what kind of attention they get.

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It's not her being a girl that pisses us off, it's the blatant attention whoring. Though someone like you who uses /jp/ as his blog probably doesn't mind, the rest of us do.

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Wrong, internet white knight tripfag. I'm >>2120777 and >>2120821 .

And yes, everyone knows females are all the fuck over 4chan. Just as I don't say "guy here" and post a picture of my cock every time I post, respectable female anons don't bring up their gender.

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There are like 5 non-troll posts in this thread.

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remi post your pic

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*posts random picture found on internet, is now a girl*

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Why is this shit still here

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It'll get deleted.

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Excuse me sir, but you don't seem to understand the definition of trolling. Trolls are looking for a NEGATIVE reaction. If the person doesn't get angry over what they posted, then the troll has failed.

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You said you had brown hair!

>> No.2120955

Look, that must be Remilia because surely someone could not post a picture of someone else on the internet. Damn, Remilia. You are cute, want to go out?

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a troll knows enough about the target group to know what ticks it off
an attention whore isn't necessarily that educated

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That isn't even me.

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This isn't even a person. It's a figurine.

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Whether Remilia is a troll or an attention whore, she's still a shitposter and should be reviled for the disgusting slut she is.

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The true remilia

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post your pic then

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OP here.

Fuck you all for ruining what could have been a good imagedump.

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that's me not remi you heartless fuck

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Don't be a fucking liar, you made this thread to troll. Be happy it was successful.

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Since everyone is posting their pics, I figured I'd attention whore too.

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I don't know Anon, you have a history of being quite the liar.

Sorry, but I'm going to believe the words of our /jp/ triptouhous over yours.

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I want to fuck remi so badly I'd cum in his ass twice

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I'm out of fujoshi pics ;_;

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You're Christian? That's pretty cool.

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Tripfags are the minority here, fucktard.

Why don't you head back to /a/ where you belong?

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>Why don't you head back to /a/ where you belong?
>to ZUN!bar


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Jesus Christ, why did the janitors just delete the thread?

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>I'm going to believe the words of our /jp/ triptouhous

Stupidest thing I've heard all day.

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Get the fuck out to Poolshmer. You guys are always an eyesore.

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you probably don't read your posts

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Hey guys, this is me. I'm too shy to post my face though. Yeah, I like to cosplay sometimes.

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Having a tripcode doesn't make you 'socially accepted' or 'cool', nor does it mean you contribute anything remotely worthwhile to the board.

ZUN and Remilia fail to realize this. They just assume that a tripcode gives them some sort of 'god' status on the board, when in reality, they're a couple of faggots that nobody here likes.

tl;dr: Fuck you.

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Hurr funny joke faggot. Ur reel clever.

Also, this is another reason why people use tripcodes. So they can samefag without looking like a samefag.

>> No.2121033

Hey don't be mean to my princess Remilia sama

>> No.2121037

>why didn't

>> No.2121040

Hmmmmmmmmm I think you're a little....mad maybe?

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>> No.2121047

Stop doing that, it makes you look like an imbecile.

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Please, just report and ignore.

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Why is there a totem pole next to her computer?

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epic thread

This can take a few seconds...
Checking if the thread exists: >>2120738
The thread has been found, continue processing.

Thanks for your request.
It has been added to our database and the thread will be archived as soon as enough request for that thread have been made.
This thread has been requested 1 times now.

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Gee, the reactions in this thread are so overwhelmingly POSITIVE! amirite?

4chan LOVES camwhores, amirite?

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Wow just wow get the fuck back to /a/

>> No.2121074

agreed, names and tripcodes are pointless and detrimental
who's behind the posts aren't important, what's said in them might be though

>> No.2121079

back to /b/

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Reported for useless report.

>> No.2121085

No one is worthwhile on 4chan.

I enjoy the challenge of a tripcode, though. Especially when it comes to dealing with mods/janitors.

>> No.2121089

I wish each individual thread gave posters unique ID codes like 2ch though. Would cut down on a lot of dumb shit.

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I wonder how fat Remilia Scarlet is.

>> No.2121120

He used it right. "You are a little mad" You're an idiot, by the way.

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this is one of the oldest trolls in the book

>> No.2121133

Do you faggots even LOOK at the IPs before you yell 'samefag' all over the place?

I'm sorry that it takes so much intelligence to look at a fucking number.

>> No.2121137

I don't think he's fat at all. I imagine he's probably attractive, if a little wimpy. He secretly wishes he was a girl, but with that also comes a form self-hatred so he pretends he's only trolling.

>> No.2121142

I did, the entire thread is you arguing with yourself welp

>> No.2121143

/r/ing more remilia ass

>> No.2121147

>LOOK at the IPs

>> No.2121151

Oh yeah, I forgot. We're all mods.

>> No.2121156

Haven't you ever heard of 'sage goes in all fields', newfag?

>> No.2121164

silly bi0tch your sages cannot harm me *flexes muscles and bumps thread with a single hand*

>> No.2121171

Do you honestly think only mods can see IPs?

Wait, nevermind. I'm talking to a troll.

>> No.2121180

yes we can newfag

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>incorrect use of sage
>ur a newfag!
>lol i troll u!


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ITT: /b/-level "trolling".

Please go back there in order to resume fooling 12 year old kids into believing whatever you make them believe these days.

>> No.2121207

we just needed some /a/ faggot using a animes reaction face to make it worse

>> No.2121219

guise how do i see ips

>> No.2121238

▲ ▲

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>incorrect use of sage

>> No.2121263

Why this shit was not reported?

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>This entire fucking thread

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lol someone saved my pic i made for /a/ before the split.

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>> No.2121398

Who was "camwhoring?"

>> No.2121429

The master troll of /jp/

>> No.2121455

It's probably an old photo that Remilia and Ponpo love reposting.

>> No.2121459

Remilia deleted her own post to troll.

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Was it just this?

>> No.2121469

Fuck i remember that thread...

>> No.2121476


>> No.2121479

We all do ;_;

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Oh I remember that... Rachel was it?

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Because epic thread is epic!
liek omgz!

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Why is Tatari even talking about cam whoring when he posted his picture?

Also how does a random picture of a gross looking fat ass = cam whoring OR remilia scarlet?

>> No.2121836

It's as if every troll on /jp was caught off guard by this opportunity, and they've all whipped out their most reliable material in a sort of Mexican stand off with one another. This thread is rather dizzying to read.

>> No.2121840

Holy fuck, I'm sick of seeing this shit on the front page.

>> No.2121841

Where's athens?

>> No.2121842

I don't see Haruhi1994

>> No.2121843

In before 139 posts and 35 image replies

Oh wait.

>> No.2121845

Hi, Haruhi1994.

>> No.2121847

I'm pretty sure that's Sion, actual- Oh wait.

>> No.2121850

I wish I had a cute avatar and a high postcount

>> No.2121873

Fuck. Just fuck.

>> No.2121896

I wouldn't be surprised if he's OP. He's made exactly the same thread before in the past.

>> No.2121940

I wish girls were allowed to be here.

>> No.2122009

Me too, sis.

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>> No.2122009,3 [INTERNAL] 

Someone mentioned this thread on the main board. I wanted to see Zun white knighting.

>> No.2122009,4 [INTERNAL] 

|    \
|     ヽ
|____|__||_| ))
|□━□ )
|  J  |)
| ∀ ノ   Shiki can kill femanons. Discuss.
|  - ′    
|  )

>> No.2122009,5 [INTERNAL] 

Bill Gates?
Is that you, motherfucker!?

>> No.2122009,6 [INTERNAL] 

|    \
|     ヽ
|____|__||_| ))
|□━□ )
|  J  |)
| Д ノ   Fuck no, >>2122009,5 , you faggot.
|  - ′    I'll show you what it means to sage threads!
|  )

>> No.2122009,7 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.2122009,8 [INTERNAL] 

Go back to permadimission, nerd bitch.

>> No.2122009,9 [INTERNAL] 

|    \
|     ヽ
|____|__||_| ))   Your search -
permadimission - did not match any documents.
|□━□ )  
|  J  |)  
| Д ノ   * Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
|  - ′    * Try different keywords.
|  )      * Try more general keywords.

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>> No.2122009,11 [INTERNAL] 

Ger almente não se usa "e" e "mas" no início das frases.

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