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Died and Rose Again Edition

Old: >>20771401

>New? Start here:


>E+ Changelogs:

>Elona Custom Release Thread:

>Elona+ Custom-G Release Thread:

>Omake Overhaul English Release Thread:

>Current Version:
Elona+ 1.87 (2019-02-17)
Elona Omake Overhaul EN (2018-12-14)
>Latest Custom:
E+C 1.87.1 (2019-02-12)
Elona+ Custom-G (2019-02-17)
Omake Overhaul EN Hack final release (2018-12-14)

Errors? Set the compatibility of the .exe to WINDOWS 7.
Using GIMP to create a sprite or PCC? Select "do not write color space" and save it as a 24-bit BMP.

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I dreamed I was in North Tyris and someone had planted the atomic bomb in Palmia, so I tried to get as far away as possible.
I woke up feeling good and my potential improved.

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>Level 30
>Find giraffe in my farm
>Oh shit son I'm going to ride you
>No ball with high enough level
>Get carpentry to 20
>Over the course of hours check every shop for dimensional mirror
>Finally get one
>wtf why do I need an api nut
>go in to the woods and find one
>level 42 ball first try
>run back to the farm
>beat its ass with knockout
>genuine sense of accomplishment because JRPG injecting dopamine in to my brain
>T is for throw
>look for ball
>it's not there
>I didn't pick it up after I crafted it in the woods
>genuine anger now
Actually fucking kill me

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>wtf why do I need an api nut

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>tfw not even inner gods gave her any AP whatsoever

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So I know to invest in magic shops to at least rank 100 for fairly frequent potions of potential. And have done that.
But should I bother to bless them?
I don't have any blessed water on hand. And that holy well thing seems to be limited to once every other month.

Also, it was terrible loading into my old save and seeing how I was doing things. Like no elemental resistances equipped whatsoever, most potentials at 20-40%, not a single weapon proficiency above 30 at combat level 30 due to switching around and letting potentials fall to jack squat. By golly.
Much better start than dealing with early game again though.

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>holy well
just drop a bottle of water on your god's altar

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Oh. That's a thing? Neat.
I had searched for how to bless things and the first thing I found was a strategy on how to bless hermies that said to use the holy well for some reason.

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>12 cm pocket Shinobu

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Btw what did you do? Gene-engineered multiple hands? Blessed pots of pot? Herb-in food only? Genuinely curious on how to raise pets like yours.

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Tender loving care,hero cheeses and big filling herbed meals of course anon! dont be silly

I invited all 8 gods to my castle home,closed them in a 3x3 space sorrounded by water tiles (so i could flee the instant my pet aggroed them),sent pet in and ran as fast as i can while the gods aggroed each other and abused the shit out of savescumming until i got the desired result of inner kumiromi dead as his weapon provides a huge CON boost,lulwy and ehekatl died as well during that setup thats a bonus

after that i bough a cabin so i could pick the dropped inner god weapons (dying in the process of course) and put them on my pet so she had a chance to 1v1 the others

finally bough a big castle deed again to have enough space and lured the remaining gods one by one,inner opatos weapon weapon was uber useful increasing her DPS despite the ragnarok trigger i just cheered and used heal kits on her when she was gonna lose

tl:dr savescumming in its most filthy form

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Is there any equipment that'll make it so I don't have to eat, ever again, hunger gone? Cause I got anorexia and I'm too fast to get sleepy, but I keep getting hungry, snow alone makes it so my char pees itself all the time, or is it fine to just keep drinking snow and pissing until my anorexia is gone? Does it cause vomitting?

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>It's real
Jesus christ. I've never played beyond early level 20, this game is truly insane.

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Why were you eating things that made you puke often enough to get anorexia? Usually for early game you'd eat as many herbs as possible. Then move onto infused food later.

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He must have just been unlucky and ate a lot of unidentified food, and ate a shit ton of cursed food

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I'll just say I had a bad day and maybe drank 50 different alcohols in one go and then gulped it down each time I got hungry with whatever I could find in my inventory.

The issue of anorexia still stands, I guess I'll just pee myself for the next 3-4 elona days until I get healthy again.

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Ahahaha holy shit yes, apparently just eating snow all day, pissing yourself, then drinking that piss satisfies your daily food needs, and all I had to do was sleep once and luckily I am no longer anorexic! Wahoo!

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Funny that. Most people who play modern + tend to go with +CG which disables the piss mechanic entirely. Nice that it seems to have helped you.
Honestly, I want it as a toggle in the Tweaks menu or something. But for fetish purposes, not gameplay.

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Same, when I decided to update from 1.70 I think to the latest just recently cause I got back into the game since then, the piss and drinking mechanic really threw me off guard, I think it's unnecessary.

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Well if you want to just disable it outright, along with disabling a couple other nerfs throughout the years, then just copy +CG's files into your directory. Preferably after making a backup, like with EVERYTHING else.

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Is it somehow possible to get hold of the games source code? I want to make a prototype elona game but 3D in unity. Dont care how long it takes.

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File: 324 KB, 1120x2849, An Idiot's Guide to Compiling Elona+ Custom in Six Easy Steps.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Vanilla Elona open sourced a long time ago. Should be easy to find that somewhere.
Elona+ sources are included with +Custom and +CustomG, at the very least. Along with this silly little image about compiling it.
Not sure about other forks.

There's also a Vanilla rewrite in progress, to C++ and Lua I think, for cross platform and eventual modding capabilities; ElonaFoobar. Though a guy last thread was having trouble compiling it, and I've only seen one clip of it running (Awkwardly), which was for Android.

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I don't think it would work too well in 3D, honestly. Most of what gives it charm and makes it playable/moddable is how simple it is. The more complex it gets to make assets,

If you'd make it ONLY graphically 3D, kind of like Etrian Mystery Dungeon for a fair example, then it only benefits from looks, that's it.
Using sprites as usual for all characters is one option to make content creation still easy. But then there's even less of a point in going 3D in the first place.
Making the field automatically generated in 3D, like some modes of NotEye (IMAGE), is another option to make it easy for content creation. But again, that gives it even less point.
If you'd give it rotatable camera and require directional controls to approximate based on camera angle, that could easily introduce problems and make it kind of confusing.
If you wouldn't, then again, being 3D matters a lot less.
If you introduce multiple levels of height to give some gameplay relevance to 3D, then that's a lot more to consider, for content creation, random generation, graphical display, and of course how the game is played.

So like, the more you make it into 3D the harder things get to make, the more confusing things get to use, and the more problems are likely to occur.
For just a little looks.
Doesn't sound worth it to me. The novelty would wear off fairly quickly.

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>[News] The homo has discovered the blessed transparent engagement amulet <Gay Justice> in Jail.
Discovery of Jailed homo gayness. That's some good shit right there.

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Go for it.

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Custom and its derivatives are the only ones with source code available. For anything else, including vanilla Elona, you'll need to email some weirdo and beg them to send you a copy.
I vaguely remember reading somewhere that Noa said he wouldn't mind if vanilla's source was posted online, but he doesn't have it himself anymore.

>> No.20877011

>he doesn't have it himself anymore.
It's ridiculous how bad Japs are with this. They never keep the source code for anything.

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You can't use blessed water vials directly on potions of potential? That kind of sucks.

>> No.20877469

Nevermind, it just wasn't showing up in the list when mixing for some reason, totally works.

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What's the best way to get lots of water?

>> No.20878221

pot for fusion's distillation recipe
alchemy/buy salt solution, find wood piece in wilderness, buy rod of fire wall

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Hi newfren here from /v/ gimme tips please.

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Read the pastebin in the OP. Eat shoes. Don't forget to feed your little girl.

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What does the gravity control feat actually do?

>> No.20878505

It grants special actions. Some of them you only gain if you level up with sufficiently high stats.

>> No.20878723

Yeah sorry, I should've been more specific. Gravity sphere is the only one I found info on, I was wondering what the other two(?) special actions do.

>> No.20878745

...and nevermind. I'm a dummy, I was looking at the wrong wiki page.

>> No.20878790

No problem. Although, if memory serves, Gravity Accel lets you float over traps even if you have the Gravity status, and that apparently isn't mentioned on the wiki. Not a big deal in most situations, but if you're exploring Awoken Nefia it can save your bacon on gravity floors.

>> No.20878994

I didn't find it last time I checked but now it says:
>Makes targets float indefinitely and applies Gravity status (Gravity status has no effect in this context).
which seems pretty strong in addition to its attack/defense/speed buff.

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>a guy last thread was having trouble compiling it
It took me hours of messing with stuff to figure out what was wrong, but it turned out that all I needed to do to fix the linker errors was to open /src/elona/CMakeLists.txt and append the line:
>target_link_libraries(elona util snail)
...At least I'm pretty sure that's what fixed everything.

>> No.20879887

I hope i find it then because >>20877007 said its hard to find. I would like the vanilla version really. Though if i have some difficulty i would use custom.
Im imagining your pic related but with really 3d things. Like 3d models and stuff. Not flat 2d. Like if they attack an enemy they would do an attack animation and face or lookat the enemy while doing it. Though animations can be skipped to be a fast combat thing too.

>> No.20880079

Post your pets, preferably custom sprites like >>20873797

>> No.20880175

>Im imagining your pic related but with really 3d things. Like 3d models and stuff. Not flat 2d
Well like I said, the (IMAGE) example is just an automatic option option to try to mitigate the problem of content creation difficulty. So that you could still have the same amount of characters without a shit TON of work on each in modelling at the very least.
>Like if they attack an enemy they would do an attack animation and face or lookat the enemy while doing it.
Well that's even worse of an issue. Because then you have to animate everything on top of model creation. Then balance speed around that, so that it doesn't become horrifyingly slow and always disabled by users, thus a massive waste of time to even create.

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>race metal

>> No.20880469

its in the filename anon


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And somebody had already solved the linking problem two months ago.
All my work was for nothing. The problem with hashed enums was just because my software was outdated. The linking problem was solved months ago, they just didn't bother implementing the fix.

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>still looking out for elin updates

>> No.20881826

Holy shit, paralysis is so broken in oomsest
An enemy with paralysis can literally perma paralyze you until you starve to death

>> No.20881932

I will start playing this again, Did something important change from the 1.69?

>> No.20881937

What's the best way to level gene engineering at very low levels? Just mashing together cheap dudes from the slave trader?

>> No.20881945


>> No.20882063

Currently leveling a living weapon, do enchantments such as "it deals fire damage" and "it deals magic damage" stack?

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File: 544 KB, 722x463, ElonaCG_2019-02-23_04-38-02_Elona+_Custom-G_1.87.1.1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really, really love this shit. The way it is written is glorious.

>> No.20882418

how do I pull off the pale green gauge

>> No.20882542

Yeah. Fire damage isn't very good though. Most go with pure magic damage, but lightning is good if you're willing to throw a potion at your enemies before attacking.

Become a power ranger

>> No.20882730

>Fire damage isn't very good though
Ah that's fine
I'm just having fire element on my weapon for rp purposes

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>go home after just finishing a dungeon
>maid tells me i have a guest
>its one of the top adventurers in North Tyris with 180k fame
>he's giving me a new year's gift
>"oh wow, i wonder what's inside"
>open the gift
>bunch of high level monsters pops out and one of them oneshots me

>> No.20883018

Loving tyris hospitality anon?

>> No.20883037


>> No.20883202

It's just a prank, bro.

>> No.20883655


>> No.20883821

Yeah, you have to have their relationship actually high to get anything but pranks. Monsters, curses, and explosions are pretty much all you'll get otherwise.
Pretty sure New Year's gift contents are checked on getting them so stocking them up for later when you might have higher relationship probably isn't worthwhile either.

>> No.20883841

Does herbed-up food's stat-training effectiveness depend on the qualities of the original food or is it independent? I went and gutted a forest dungeon for a shitton of acorns as an emergency food source and wonder if I can batch-herb those as stat training fodder or if its lackluster nutritional characteristics make it a poor choice.

>> No.20883873

>Over the course of hours check every shop for dimensional mirror
I don't know if the furnishings are randomized in each game or not, but everytime I go to the Adventurer's Seminar there's a 4d mirror in the little bundle of rooms immediately to the right of the entrance. Stealing it has become a regular detour for me.

>> No.20884118

I usually just buy balls from shops I've heavily invested in for early level things. Highest so far as been a level 47 ball by total level 30, before even starting carpentry.
Think it's general stores that sell em? At around 100 shop rank, so like 250-350k gold by rank50+ing at early game investment levels. Not very frequently though.

>> No.20885433

I wonder if it might be worth buying a rod of domination early on? That was standard procedure back in vanilla.

>> No.20885570

My understanding is that you get the original food's nutrition added to the bonus nutrition for herbed food. But herbed food's stat boosts are overwhelmingly better than anything else, to the point where the difference between herbed steak and herbed kitchen refuse is negligible.

>> No.20885842

Do fighter's guild quests count pet kills or does the PC have to land the kill?

>> No.20886062

Pet kills are fine

>> No.20886256

what happened with that game in the end?

>> No.20886279

Are you guys gonna get annoyed if I keep asking newfag questions? Because I'm a newfag with lots of questions.
How long does nefia fever last?
Do scrolls of inferior material ever start showing up in shops?
Is there a trick to getting ranch shades to imitate other creatures? All but one that I've gotten so far have just left shade corpses/parts.
Why does knockout miss so much more than regular attacks, and can I do anything other than increase dex to fix it?
Can artifacts spawn with etherstorm protection?

>> No.20886293

A couple days
Yes, invest in them for higher chances
No, it's random
I think so?

>> No.20886385

>Are you guys gonna get annoyed if I keep asking newfag questions?
It's alright. Information can be hard to come by. The wiki covers a lot of stuff, but it's not perfect, and some details go undocumented or end up hidden in the changelogs.
>Can artifacts spawn with etherstorm protection?
Each type of enchantment is limited to appearing on specific equipment types, as set by *item_encInit. Ether resistance can only appear on back items, so a randart cloak or wing might have it. (And of course, vindale cloaks always come with ether resistance.)

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File: 350 KB, 800x599, suck my fat nuts you dog asshole I have a catgoddess now.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm a GOD
That was the hardest fight of my life and I had to use my prayer to survive it. I haven't prayed for Jure in months.

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>> No.20886877

Noa released a very early demo and then nothing else.

>> No.20886885

>Why does knockout miss so much more than regular attacks, and can I do anything other than increase dex to fix it?
This isn't exclusive to knockout, but first hit the target with hypnotism, then with knockout. Hypnotism does a bit of damage so be careful not to accidentally kill them.

>> No.20887036

The online chat still works? what happened with that? any server?

>> No.20887114

>Become a power ranger
In most games I would assume this is a joke but I'm really not sure in this case.

>> No.20887151
File: 173 KB, 1177x1300, 30590734-skeleton-warrior-vector-clip-art-illustration-with-simple-gradients-all-in-a-single-layer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can you guys give me some tips on playing this game? I'm a new player and I'm stuck at the dungeon of Lesimas. There is a room filled with skeleton warriors and they're really hard to kill for some reason, plus there are several attacking me at once when I enter the room via stairs. Also I am playing as a warrior, the wiki said they are weak to fire are there fire weapons? My character isn't very good at casting spells should I get him to learn magic?

>> No.20887230


>> No.20887239

Fire weapons are magical / artifacts, so most are randomly generated. Your best bet for now is to farm some gold and tell the blacksmiths in towns "I want to harden my equipment" Get everything you wear to +3 or +5, that'll help quite a bit.

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File: 81 KB, 573x127, ElonaCG_2019-02-24_00-28-50_Elona+_Custom-G_1.87.1.1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ecchi as HELL.

>> No.20887373

What's that pulse animation, like from a heartbeat tracking medical machine, when killing things? It only happens when the monster is higher level or something. I remember it being somewhat important.

>> No.20887410
File: 59 KB, 212x176, 2019-02-24_01-00-10.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Made a webm of it because screencapping such a quick thing is gay and trimming video is easier.

>> No.20887425

That's an AP gain sign I do believe


>> No.20887426

Wasn't that an AP thing?

>> No.20887466

Oh sweet.
Seems it's only really useful on PCs for limited skills, as there's a limited total AP gain and stats/Feats can be gotten elsewhere. But might be worth avoiding lower level dungeons for.

>> No.20887468

convince me not to start a new character and waste the next six months of my life, and instead swear off elona for good

>> No.20887488

I did that like 4 years ago and the past couple weeks I've been grinding non-stop so, I'm sorry to tell you, but you're here forever.

>> No.20887495

What's y'alls endgames? Killing a god? Completing act three?

>> No.20887527

I will make the strongest waifu

>> No.20887528

Not those guys, but so far my goal is "leave the early game for once." I found a hew herbs but my cooking is too low to make good with them to correct my awful potentials. Is there any other reliable way to raise them?

>> No.20887531
File: 582 KB, 698x396, 20190223_2340.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot pic.

>> No.20887545

My go to for potential early is just making Herb In meals and Large Picnic baskets using the Pot for Fusion.
I'm also new and might be ignorant to better ways.

>> No.20887553

Do everything.

>> No.20887637

I've tried hardening my equipment but I noticed they went into negatives for some reason? Is it because I died? Do weapons degrade over time or if you keep dying? Also What are some best methods of getting money?

>> No.20887643

Early on I'd just farm a lot of herbs and eat some of them as is while training cooking passively to 30. Works well enough because they do trait attributes normally, just not as crazy.
That way you're not struggling to keep gains up with your total levellups for a fair chunk of the early game.
Heck, herbs alone are honestly good enough until at least level 100, if you're just wanting to dungeon crawl and farm. You don't really need herb infused food, it's just really nice.

>> No.20887730

Gonna start this game up again after like 3 years. Does anyone have an updated version of the monstergirl sprite sheet?

>> No.20887735

Do either safe town quests or low level dungeons. I always pick up the riding skill early on because speed is the most important stat and riding is the only good way to raise it at low levels. You can buy horses in yowyn and better ones will unlock over time. Take the hypnotism feat asap (strings assassin is an ok alternative in plus) and use that to get around your poor initial accuracy. There's no need to rush lesimas, you won't be finishing it until you're much stronger. The best way to improve your fighting ability in low levels is with better equipment. You especially want to increase your PV (ie armor). Enchanting your equipment and changing your body armor's material are good ways to get a high PV score early on.

>> No.20887750

AP is very useful for all PCs and most pets. You don't need to worry about avoiding low level stuff though, you'll be raking in the AP once you beat Zeome.

Your equipment is being damaged by acid. Stepping into acid pools and attacking slimes are the most common causes. If you mix (push B) an acidproof liquid with your item, it will become immune to acid damage. Some materials are naturally immune to acid.

>> No.20887756

The only thing I've seen so far that degrades equipment is acid damage. I'm pretty new though.

>> No.20887877

Eventually you'll want everything you wear to be acidproof, but in the short term you can do two things to resolve 95% of the problem. First, always wear some kind of equipment that gives you float status. The wings commonly sold by general stores are the easiest source. Second, when fighting acid slimes and similar enemies, attack with a ranged weapon or magic.

>> No.20887940

Do all wings give floating effect?

>> No.20887948

Also I've noticed sometimes my equipped items with disappear for some reason. I had wings before but for some reason they vanished why?

>> No.20887950

Another thing you can do early on, on top of attacking from a distance, is boost speed some way like with speed potions and kite those mobs. Like, move away and attack faster than they can get close.
You have to know the field around you for that though. Otherwise you'll get sandwiched.

To get acidproof potions, the fastest way would probably be investing in magic shops. Particularly Lumiest in my experience, for whatever reason.
That's useful anyway regardless of build, for things like scrolls of flying and superior material, or potions of potential.

>> No.20887988

Yeah. The possible exception is if you convert a cloak into wings. Push x to examine an item's properties and it'll say "it floats you" near the bottom if it grants levitation.

Possibly fire or ice damage? Potions shatter from cold, and lots of things can burn. Always carry fireproof and coldproof blankets and prioritize fire, ice, and magic over other elemental resists.

>> No.20888020

>Always carry fireproof and coldproof blankets and prioritize fire
You can mostly forget about fire once you have great resistances, like at least Superb #####.
Just doing that Vesta dragon dungeons or whatever, the one around Derphy, will give gloves that are amazing for that and a corpse that increases intrinsic fire resistance rather than normal food stuff that would wear off on death. Should cover that almost completely, and it's easily doable around level 20 if you keep potentials up right.
After that you can keep some fireblankets on you for a bit, but once you reach the point where after several firemob dungeons worth of attacks don't drain a single charge, you're pretty much good.
Though by that point you'd probably have fireproof on all primary equipment.

>> No.20888029

Fuck blinking brainwashing blinding imps damn it. What a massive pain in my ASS.

>> No.20888062

How do you cure mutations? What happens if you get too many?

>> No.20888109

Regular mutations, both positive and negative, can all be cured with cure mutation potions. Mostly indiscriminately.
I prefer to avoid savescumming for things like that, so just blocking mutations outright with fairy/dunce hats is preferable to me.

I don't think there's a penalty for having too many normal mutations.
Though there certainly is a speed penalty for having too many limbs from the mutant race [F]eat. More than 13 of something, for sure. Not sure if that's extra limbs total, or extra limbs of one type.

Ether corruptions are another issue. [q]uaff down those cure corruption potions, however expensive they may seem. Leaving corruptions there, or using Ether equipment, let's it get worse. And it will bite you in the ass eventually.

>> No.20888142

Is there an easier way to find npcs after you complete a job for them? I tend to have a hard time finding them even though they have the note thing above their heads.

>> No.20888148

Most jobs will place you right next to them afterwards. Rarely will they wander more than a few squares.
You can also pay attention to their name and profession beforehand, while accepting the job.

>> No.20888232

I love G's SP reductions for things that I'd just num5 wait on. Like cooking and fishing. So much more convenient, less wasting of in game time.
It never made that much sense for SP usage of things not balanced around tight timing to be so high. Like, if you're safe enough to wait your SP back up to full then there's no point in making you do that.
I understand it was probably an anti-grind mechanic, to try and prevent players from stocking up and doing a bunch of cooking/fishing in a row without pause. So as to make those things into distractions and diversions spaced between other gameplay. But that's dumb as HELL, in my personal opinion.

What I really wish for, though, is for toggles for all these balance changes.
That way if someone disagrees with rebalances they could just disable them. Or so if I feel like playing a little fetishy for a bit I could turn back on thirst/pissing.
I'd also like a mode independent XP modifier, so as to get overdose or higher speed with excessive permadeath memes for a more classic roguelike experience. Or even just to skip extreme grinds if it ever gets to the point it feels like that.

>> No.20888325

Where do I buy a house/farm/etc? For a beginner which should I buy first?

>> No.20888351

Followed through the instructions in installing E+C Latest, but its still not working. Put compatibility at 7, XP SP2. Im using 8.1. Japanese locale. Any anons here that use 8.1 too? If so what version?

>> No.20888353

Easiest and fastest place is probably the embassy, just north of Palmia.
I always start with the smallest basic house because the cave is gay as FUCK, and a farm because farming herbs is a must as soon as possible for most playstyles. Then storehouses for extra items.
Sometimes I bother upgrading to higher houses, building shops and ranches. But they're not really necessary. At least for a long time.

>> No.20888400

I don't have W8.1, but that's likely not the issue since it works fairly fine on W7 and W10(7compatibility).

What part of it is not working? How far does it get to before failing, and how does it fail? Is there an error message?
And just for posterity, did you make sure to install it correctly?
>Extract Elona+ to a folder
>Extract Elona+ Custom of a matching version (1.87.1 for 1.87) into that existing folder, overriding everything available
>Launch with ElonaC.exe rather than elonaplus.exe

>> No.20888417

>>20888353 >>20888325
Yowyn, the farming town, also has a shop for deeds. Northwest corner of town, southwest of the general store.
Which is convenient because you probably want to do a lot of farming jobs there and set up a farm near there. At least at the start.

>> No.20888442

Crashes after the story line in waking up in the cave. Yes, I overrided the whole Custom folder to the E+ Folder. And i did launch ElonaC. elonaplus.exe doesnt work too. Still crashes at that part.

>> No.20888444

Do you later explore different regions besides North Tyris? How do you do that?

>> No.20888487

Okay, so it does boot. And it just crashes without any relevant error message?

I believe that's about the time of the first save. So the first thing that comes to mind is folder permissions. Like it might not have permissions to write the save to the folder.
>Right click the folder, hit properties
>Uncheck Read-only
>If there is an "Allow" button or similar, that says it's from another computer, hit that.
>Go to the Security tab
>Hit Edit...
>Select Users (Computername\Users), or your individual user if it's a shared computer
>Check full control, which should check everything
>Hit OK
PREFERABLY make sure it's not in Program Files while doing this.
It's generally recommended to make a dedicated C:\games\ or E:\games\ or similar folder for games, especially those made for WinXP and earlier. So as to avoid permissions issues without needing to run as admin.
In rare cases, not that I've ever seen it with Elona in particular at all, you may also need to Take Ownership of all relevant folders and files. Mostly for old programs that have their own installers designed for <=XP.

Running as admin is also a last ditch option. One that would avoid the need for this stuff, but is certainly a security hazard.

>> No.20888650 [SPOILER] 
File: 630 KB, 883x1318, 1551012457525.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tfw spending over 5 hours finding custom portraits, lore-friendly quotes, sprites, and more for a custom npc

this semen demon better have been worth it

>> No.20888669

>Crashes after the story line in waking up in the cave.
Crashes when you leave the cave, or crashes when the furniture items are generated?

>> No.20888721

Is the Little Girl worth evolving with an evo heart?

If not, who should I save it for?

>> No.20888747

Dude, if you play like 5 hours in a row and do dungeons you'll get like 4-5 evo hearts so don't worry too much about it.

>> No.20888796

Doesnt she also have an adult form?

>> No.20888802

Why would you want the adult form?

>> No.20888819

Nope like the really start of the game.
Dont worry. Its fine now thanks to >>20888487
Probably it was the run as admin stuff. Also i think it was "blocked" somehow. Since it came from another computer.
I'll be probably running a farmer run since im quite tired of fairy pianist + farming runs.

>> No.20888842

>Also i think it was "blocked" somehow. Since it came from another computer.
I'm not really sure what all that limits in particular. Might not even cause issues in some cases.
The main issue is file probably permissions, needing to be able to read/write/modify files in its folder.

Since XP had people running admin by default, that mostly allowed all files to modify everything, regardless of where they were, and programs were designed around that. Which isn't really a problem, if they have permissions for the folders they need to access.
The real cause of problems is that Program Files is limited to require admin permissions to modify anything there. The idea being that only executables and standard libraries are supposed to go there, while saves are supposed to go in AppData, ProgramData, or Documents. But that's terribly inconvenient and spreads programs' files all over the place, making backups a pain.

Glad to hear that worked though. Nice.

>> No.20888868
File: 20 KB, 377x516, explorer_2019-02-24_21-58-14.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nope. When i checked it it had full perms.
pic related The "block" thing im talking about.
It was my first time seeing something like this on the properties.

>> No.20888926

Oh, interesting. I actually wasn't sure exactly what that was for.
Google says it's Zone Information for Alternate Streams in NTFS. Basically a flag in the filesystem that says the file is foreign.
What a weird thing to do; accepting foreign files as foreign and keeping them marked for it, rather than just acting on permissions alone.

Apparently that getting set is an issue when using old versions of IE (<=8, no penis intended) and/or strict systemwide Internet Options. And it happened in some versions of Firefox between 40 and 52 too.
That functionality can be disabled completely, systemwide, in gpedit.msc. User config, admin templates, windows comps, attachment manager, "Do not..." to enabled.
But just pressing the button every time you download a new program that needs it works too.

>> No.20889036

Ranches are really easy to make a lot of money on. It'll pay for itself pretty quickly, and pay for your other buildings before long. Put something that breeds quickly there, like a rabbit or a chicken.

Little girls are middling pets, but evolution hearts aren't very rare either. If you're going to use a little girl you might as well evolve her.

>> No.20889351
File: 274 KB, 602x400, ElonaCG_2019-02-24_10-53-54_Elona+_Custom-G_1.87.1.1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So this stone "evokes Holy Veil. [###]" My question is, when?
Can I just leave it in a melee hand slot and have it automatically Holy Veil me while ranging?
Would it only work when attacking with it? If so that's useless as stones usually are.

>> No.20889400

Nevermind, tested it a bit and yeah it needs to be actually attacked with to benefit anything. Oh well.
Back to the other weapon for Magic+Poison resistance #####.

>> No.20889423

Just use whatever until you get a good living wep or something.

>> No.20889475

Oh I know it's not worth worrying about early on at all.
More curious about how it works, rather than trying to optimize things autistically yet.

>> No.20889551

I'm too lazy to work in a farm in E+ and I want to start a new char in the new version
Will potential potions avoid that part of the game or will I need to submit myself to Kumiromi again?

>> No.20889559

E+CG I mean, don't know if there's any difference about that

>> No.20889820

Which equip slots are best to go for on nonhumanoid pets?

>> No.20889933

How do you get animals for your farm? Do you have to catch it with a monster ball in the wilderness? How do you use a monster ball?

>> No.20889953

>How do you get animals for your farm?
>Ranches can set one pet as a breeder.

>How do you use a monster ball?

>> No.20890087
File: 117 KB, 640x480, 80_vgirl_st13.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, but do you think anyone would draw fanart of that?

>> No.20890250

So I'm starting the game from scratch, should I just use a little girl pet and map it over with Vampire Girl, try to find a Young Lady and map it over that, or just actually make my own custom npc?

>> No.20890438

Does spending platinum to increase a skill's potential before putting skill points into it improve the amount you gain?

>> No.20891027

The wording on the wiki is a little uncleae about how herbed food works. Does it increase attribute potential by 1% and 40% for the rare herb's main stats, or is the 40% only if you eat the herb on its own?

>> No.20891121

40% for the herb's two state when taken by itself I believe, I doubt it tracks what herb was used in the food since any of them can be used in the recipe.

>> No.20891203

I prefer hands, an extra shield or maybe a nice weapon always do the trick for my pets

>> No.20891208


>> No.20892132

I usually just gene fairies and dragons on my pets so they have all the common slots

>> No.20892137

Speaking about shields,are they gonna get buffed someday? its literally the most useless equip in the game beside maybe throwing weapons

>> No.20892972

I'd just map it over the little girl so you don't have to randomly "find" her like with a young lady or custom NPC

>> No.20892999

Potential potions only train the potential of your stats, while herbs train the stats themselves.

>> No.20893138

As long as you keep potentials up you don't really NEED to obsess over herbs.
Just training any skills, like Weight Lifting and Evasion, also trains base attributes, like STR and DEX. That would be fast enough to not frustrate the hell out of you at least.

However, they are still quite helpful. It is indeed worthwhile to get herbs and make herb infused food.
Especially with potential potions, because they have great synergy together.
Quaff the potion first to skyrocket potentials, eat the food(herb) or herb/s to use a chunk of those potentials instantly, then still be pretty well off in potentials afterwards to use while playing normally.

>> No.20893392

Any way to get elochat working again?

>> No.20894311
File: 340 KB, 706x437, ElonaCG_2019-02-25_08-35-07_Elona+_Custom-G_1.87.1.1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I waste a lot of time optimizing things early on as I see the options to.
Though doing that is a waste of time objectively, I find it fascinating enough to give it the OK.

Like I found this godly bolt at level 40 something with a bunch of ammo options but shitty material. So I rerolled the material then enchanted it to +10. Feels good, even though the difference in material is like 5% hit chance and 12 min damage at most.
Crossbows are my favorite weapons. And the magic/pierce/explosion options give it some more utility for specific few monsters between town visits.

>> No.20894475
File: 323 KB, 698x429, ElonaCG_2019-02-25_09-38-16_Elona+_Custom-G_1.87.1.1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Speaking of which. The first Miracle tier crossbow I've gotten so far on this file (Horrid luck) invokes Ice Bolt. It's a low as heck chance to invoke. But the chance of destroying items and hurting pets on top of that makes it a no no.
I really wish there would be an ice magatama.

>> No.20894559

What the fuck, I created a new character and at level 5, I droped my first ever lightsabre from an archer yeek. Meanwhile in my previous save, I had over 130 hours of playtime and completed Act 1, yet I haven't seen a single lightsabre yet.

>> No.20894601

>I had over 130 hours of playtime and completed Act 1, yet I haven't seen a single lightsabre yet.

>> No.20894844

So the only way to deal with brainwashing is to have a high relationship pet with me?
They're all so fragile against elements without high resistance armours. And I don't have many of those spare, beyond what I have on myself.

So far brainwashing hasn't been a deadly issue. But by golly it's annoying. Like most things of that sort, I cast Speed and Lulwy's Trick and just try to outhit them. Then heal up if necessary if my weapons/ammo are removed. But I really wish for a better solution.

>> No.20895014
File: 27 KB, 1725x33, ElonaCG_2019-02-25_12-16-17_Elona+_Custom-G_1.87.1.1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

From testing a little bit, it seems the food used in herb infused food recipe gives its normal benefits as eaten on top of the base attribute stuff.
Like 4-leaf clovers give luck, and ice ents give ice resistance, for example.
Doesn't seem boosted at all, just normal.

>> No.20895519
File: 514 KB, 810x810, 1536541311827.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Oomsest crashes every time when casting wizard's harvest
No small medals for me I guess.

>> No.20896083

Found 4 in a shop in south tyris after 70 hours of not looking for them

>> No.20896147
File: 497 KB, 200x200, i don't get it.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>keep getting cargos of manboo from rogue boss ambushes
>finally decide to look it up
huh okay then

>> No.20896226
File: 1.08 MB, 1520x1188, manbō.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20896871
File: 47 KB, 1136x640, uygr936d6rk01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20897364

Well, that's clearly what it's supposed to be, but given their spelling, weight and general weeby weirdness of the game, I'm choosing to headcanon that I'm delivering brandname internet and manga cafe cubicles to the poor children of Noyel.

>> No.20897398

I thought this was the Rika nipah thread for a minute. (>>20834312)

>> No.20897417

>Don't bother with pets because I hate micromanaging useless goobers who'll just die in 2 seconds anyway
>Still getting shittons of Gene Engineering XP with a current level of 30

Where on earth's all this crap coming from?

>> No.20897446


>> No.20897641

What are some good items for drinking? I use the cargo food for eating is there something similar for thirst? What beverages work best?

>> No.20897683
File: 79 KB, 751x598, b2c4c92ffdfb81b0bf76294c2afdfe5de1ec5407834066c58feb0f33b8df6f12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>eating food that gives zero exp
>not removing the thirst system

>> No.20897697

I'm new to the game, what do you mean by removing the thirst system?

>> No.20897703

Custom-G. It's in the OP.

>> No.20897716

ok but why remove Hydration ?

>> No.20897773
File: 198 KB, 412x810, 9e4adfc647059c08.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

have fun with your golden showers and waterworks fetish

>> No.20897803

again I'm new to the game, is the hydration mechanic shitty or something?

>> No.20897972

It's a relatively recent addition for the sole purpose of letting you drink loli piss.

>> No.20898069


>> No.20898301

So a comment in the Fishing/Technical page says that you generally want you fishing skill to be twice that of the fish difficulty.
Is this correct? I can't seem to find any equation for fishing like I can for say riding or gardening.

>> No.20898562

That sounds desirable, and I would love to toggle it on for fun every now and then. Especially with other fetishy stuff like children's swan shaped potties or diapers.
But by default, and while playing normally, it's SHIT. So interruptive, so annoying.

>> No.20898827
File: 129 KB, 532x254, Escaped Loss.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm pretty new, so I can't really tell if this is as good as I feel like it is. It's the first time I've seen the god-killer enchant.

>> No.20898906

Does DV help prevent status effects from hitting? Trying to decide on whether to change material for some of my armour to balance out resistances or just go full evasion. Got like 30 scrolls of change material stocked up for now.
Chaos, in particular, is being quite annoying. I haven't had any equipment that blocks that inherently yet.

>> No.20899060

Is there any way to undye equipment? Like changing the material or applying the same dye again?
Like I don't think I'll want to, but knowing would be better.

>> No.20899419

If you're a spellcaster, the spell damage boost could be nice. Otherwise it's vendor trash.

>> No.20899429
File: 418 KB, 550x690, bfdd470e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So at what hand-to-hand level should i stop using the tonfas to get the multihit bonus?

do fists really outdo every weapon in the game eventually?

>> No.20899575
File: 366 KB, 1920x768, ElonaCG_2019-02-26_08-12-36_Elona+_Custom-G_1.87.1.1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Harvest Time jobs in Noyel are comfy as heck.

>> No.20899626

DV is pretty shit, except when you already have high PV and just want to be extra invulnerable. problem is that plenty of attacks will bypass DV occasionally, and if you go all in on DV that's enough to instagib you.

>> No.20899704
File: 760 KB, 703x663, ElonaCG_2019-02-26_08-37-44_Elona+_Custom-G_1.87.1.1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All in would be stupid yeah. I try to keep them fairly balanced.
Physical attacks in dungeons around my level plus about 20% have been practically ignorable outside of mass spawns surrounding me. So that's fine.
It's just various special element attacks like chaos, sanity/mind, and effects like brainwashing, and binding that really get me on the higher end.
So I was wondering if focusing on DV or effect resistances would help more there.

For now I'm at least aiming for ##-### minimum.
Everything else is fine.
Like cold ### is enough to make cold not dangerous. It just still requires blankets to avoid item loss. Though I'd do that anyway since there's no coldproof. Just like there's no cold magatama. So yeah.

>> No.20899792
File: 730 KB, 1280x751, What.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Excuse me? when was the 'hive of scum and villanity" changed?

>> No.20899803

you need the enchantments that grant specific immunities. having very high resistances in elements also grant immunity some of the time.

I have 6+ stars in fire and ice, and I haven't noticed a charge decrease in my fire/ice blankets in a very long time, so I suppose high resists help there too.

>> No.20899823

Yeah, I know. I haven't had much luck in finding equipment with those specific immunities. Outside of a few with drastic downside like attracting monsters, inhibiting growth, bringing about doom, etc. Same with equipment with inherent high resistances.
So what I can change right now is material, which can easily give up to ## in those elements, but not while also giving high DV/PV, requiring quite a tradeoff for safety there.
Does DV actually matter for special attacks at all, or only physical?

Also derp. I just realised I could change the material of my rings which don't give much/any DV/PV anyway. That's nice.

>> No.20899840

That's usable in the early game if you don't have anything better, but if you have or can get the Rankis then you should use that instead. In plus it loses hard to any living weapon. The massive damage to gods enchantment isn't worth caring about. The spell enhancement boost is good if you're a wizard.

It's more a matter of when you have enough extra attack equipment to get 8 hits and when you don't need the enchantments from the equipment anymore. Even without the multihit bonus martial arts will beat out any weapon, if you keep the tonfas forever you'll still be far from gimped.

PV, elemental resists, and status immunities are all absolutely necessary while DV is just kind of nice to have. You should basically never sacrifice any of those things for the sake of DV.

>> No.20899898
File: 19 KB, 210x240, 3446392613.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20900050

That change was made a long time ago. It might be my single favorite thing plus ever did.

>> No.20900058

>You should basically never sacrifice any of those things for the sake of DV.
Well that does answer the practical question yeah. Thanks. Guess I won't worry about the technical for a while.

>> No.20900969

Just started playing as a Claymore, is it viable mid-late game or should I class change ASAP?

>> No.20901234

Class feats really aren't important, and that's the only difference in the long run. While Thief and Warmage (maybe also predator) get the best class feats, Claymore is totally usable and I wouldn't consider it worth worrying over.

>> No.20901301

Does material make a difference for the results of using utility items? What about blessing? Like, should I bother blessing my cooking tools or my happy bed or using material scrolls on them?
Also, is there such a thing as artifact furniture?

>> No.20901481

No, but certain materials can make them lighter and increase their value.
There's certain furnitures that count as precious items, like the <Stradavarius>, Gene Machine, and Tax Collector's Box, but there's nothing like the artifact system with weapons.

>> No.20902774

Do sprite packs that's actually usable with vanilla parts exist? I've tried several one, but they are usually scaled wrongly and such. it's quite frustrating.

>> No.20903106

kill kill piano?

>> No.20903252

As far as I'm aware, blessing, normal, cursing, furniture does nothing, save for increasing/decreasing their gold value. Same with material.

>> No.20904072

Material only affects base weight for furniture as far as I know. It's pretty common to turn stuff paper so it's easy to carry around. Dunno about blessing stuff. I always do, but I guess it's basically superstition.

>> No.20904969

What's best practice when it comes to moving through the pantheon? It seems like ending with Lulwy is the way to go, but should I plan to do every god for their feats and weapons? I've done Opatos and I'm almost done with Kumiromi, and I'm not sure where I should go from there.

>> No.20905010

I went Opatos, Kumi, Ekhetal, Yach, Mani currently on Jure, plan on going for izt and ending on Lulway before going back to Farm Boy

>> No.20905027

Do you go out of your way to grind favor for whoever you're on, or just take it as it's convenient? What do you do with all the extra pets?

>> No.20905047

Not him, but going out of my way to grind offerings to gods would not be useful to me. Altars in cities (Palmia, Noyel afaik) tend to be unattached, thus you get a favor bonus for converting them. See an altar in a city? Make an offering then reduce it to ashes with fire wall. Panic/Challenge quest in the city? Make an offering and finish the quest. You'll organically max out favor in short order.

I've got a cooler and 4D pocket full of heavy corpses I can't use because I'm capped on favor.

>> No.20905264

Just get the pets/feats/items/weapons you want to have. Some are definitely more useful than others. Jure's pet is probably the best of the bunch. I think Ehekatl's feat and Kumiromi's treasure are both solid. Which god is best to stick with long-term for worship benefits depends on your character, but Kumiromi is very useful for pretty much any character in any version of the game. Lulwy's benefits are good early but taper off pretty hard later on.

>> No.20905558

bros how the fuck do you die on jp lmao it gets 1 post every 3 years

>> No.20905575

Kumiromi is the best god in both + and OO. + for the QoL stamina shit and being the strongest early game god and easy to level. Less so in G since stamina was made to not suck actual literal penis in it.
In OO for his busted passive and being one of only 2 gods with all stat boosting blessed food, basically forcing you to woshop, the fox or temporarily worship them to convert a food shop to them.

>> No.20906797

we are having fun playing the game and shitposting later

>> No.20906803

How much easier is + than OO based fork/s?
What specifically makes it easier?

>> No.20906877

I found OO to be easier, if the difficulty is simply winning, as it both ends sooner and frontloads you with tons of power via the up to 100% bonus damage talents. The game was not balanced around these so they break it.
Its slower, more tedious (as an example, you can't just dump coins in your shop pet to raise its training like in +) and actually MORE pet bias (as its blessed food, closest thing it has to + blessed pots, are broken for pets and shit for you). But its not harder. Unless your goal is to grind post-game content, of which it has very little anyways, which is much slower because of its increased base pp cost, higher cap on costs, lower potential for PP invested (I remember reading it balances this by going down slower; it does not. It just looks like it does because in + you are higher more and it goes down faster when higher because you level faster; raise both to like 150, fight the same enemies, they go down at the same rate), blessed food only raisaing all stat potential for 2 of the gods, only doing if if you are actually hungry and sucking ass when it does and no stupid ap hyperscaling speed bullshit

>> No.20906919

Oh. So it's only harder in the endurance of tedium and time then. That makes sense.
I was reading an argument with a guy that insisted + is a casual easy mode fork and claimed that OO is a better more faithful continuance to his glorified vanilla. Which didn't exactly sound right.
But I haven't actually gotten much past ACT1 in + to give any input on the matter, and got curious.
>no stupid ap hyperscaling speed bullshit
Does that affect enemies as well as pets?
Do pets get homogenised to the point where race speed benefits don't actually matter later on due to AP gain overriding it? Like allowing you to use pretty much any pet without strategy at all.

>> No.20906920
File: 71 KB, 750x750, 9bb0f9b0bb30416f068cc683843592fe27720765fb8e9e80839829d0a79126e3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know, if you don't like AP, you can always edit it out of your copy of Custom. Just one of the benefits of being open-source.

>> No.20907058

>just edit the game to make it as good as vanilla bro
no thx ill just play vanilla

>> No.20907078

>Does that affect enemies as well as pets?
>Do pets get homogenised to the point where race speed benefits don't actually matter later on due to AP gain overriding it? Like allowing you to use pretty much any pet without strategy at all.
Dunno about pets, I don't use them.

It effects enemies because the enemies in act 2 and on are balanced around you using this homogenizing ap bullshit. Which means the only statistical advantage with any real meaning is mana. HP and speed all reach the same easy ap cap anyways. So if you don't care about the few passives not able to be gained via equips (dim immune, mutant higher limb count, faster resource gathering), lich is straight up better than all other races statistically shortely into act 2

>> No.20907085
File: 38 KB, 496x383, BF50F43A0B33E4AB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20907136

Does carrying more cargo affect the rate of rogue boss counters or not? The wiki article says yes, but a very authoritative-sounding guy in the comments says no.
Also, how do I know my max cargo weight? I could've sworn I could see it at the beginning, but after upgrading the cart I can't anymore. Maybe I'm remembering wrong and I couldn't see it before.

>> No.20907163

>plevel = limit(cdata(CDATA_LEVEL, CHARA_PLAYER) * 10, 1, 500)
>if ( rnd(220 + plevel - limit(gdata(GDATA_CARGO_WEIGHT) * 150 / (gdata(GDATA_CARGO_LIMIT) + 1), 0, 210 + plevel)) == 0 ) {
(encounter a rogue boss)

>> No.20907180

Herbed food seems to increase all stat EXP (including Speed, excluding Luck) by the same amount, as if taking all the different herbs at the same time, with an added SPD boost. It also gives the exp that the food would normally give without the herb bit.

>> No.20907200
File: 733 KB, 1280x771, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I fix the younger sister's custom AI so that she can do ranged attacks and not get stuck all the time like in pic related?

>> No.20907219

Make the last line in your program "Target Distance > 1: Move (Forward)". That way if she's not close enough to do anything else, she'll move toward the enemy and get into range.
Also, if you haven't already, you should read this:

>> No.20907226

sell her.

>> No.20907268

April my dude

>> No.20907290

Thanks! She still won't do anything whenever I'm not targetting an enemy though... Any way to make her select her own target, or attack any enemy on sight?

>> No.20907347

Also, she only attacks when there's a single enemy in sight aggressive to me. If there's two enemies in sight she'll do nothing until I start attacking one of them.

>> No.20907402

I don't understand this entirely. Am I correct that it means that the closer my current cargo is to the maximum I can carry, the more likely I'll be ambushed by a rogue boss?

>> No.20907454

Hey I just found about this game yesterday. I'm curious, is it possible to make this game as lewd and degenerate as an hgame?

>> No.20907542

>(including Speed, excluding Luck)
It's funny to use 4 leaf clovers as food so it boosts everything. Though that requires blowing time mining out forest maps.

>> No.20907582
File: 1.51 MB, 491x750, 1507240651690.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes: you can hug your waifu, kiss her, pat her head, and have loving, consensual sex in the missionary position with her. You can also raise a family with her; Plus uses vanilla's "gene file" system where future characters are your children, Omake allows you to have children as in-game NPCs.

>> No.20907793

>blowing time mining out forest maps
Is the return on that worthwhile? I tried it for a little while and never found any clovers, and just one golden acorn before I gave up. My mining skill is still pretty low, though.

>> No.20907838

>Oh. So it's only harder in the endurance of tedium and time then. That makes sense.
Elona is a grind game in every incarnation. That's basically the only way it can be harder.

OO is a more faithful continuation of vanilla because it feels and functions more like vanilla in every way. Whether that's a good thing or not is up to you. AP can increase any pet's speed up to 800, which is fairly high but some pets start with more. The popular bells of termination start out with 2000, for example. But yes, AP means most pets have about the same potential and pets with unique abilities and traits, such as defenders and bells, tend to be better than pets with good stats.

In OO and oomsest your cargo and your cargo limit severely, undeniably affect the rogue boss encounter rate. If I remember right, in vanilla a higher cargo rate increased encounters and in omake variants it's cargo value instead. Haven't played plus in a while so I'm not sure there. Your cargo weight and capacity are both listed on your character sheet (press c).

>> No.20908238

Pets with shields, are they okay?

>> No.20908284

Shields are never good, in any situation, they're so poorly designed

>> No.20908319

what music pack do you use, if any

the EO+gbf one looks pretty nice, but I've never really listened to the vanilla pack outside of the first act

>> No.20908330

I haven't seen this before. Or haven't noticed it, at least. What's it mean?

>> No.20908333
File: 387 KB, 1284x770, clover.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgot pic

>> No.20908366

In that case, if they're using a light weapon, should I just make them go dual wield?

Nothing much, just flavor text if your offering is above and below a certain amount.

>> No.20908387

Can creatures born on a ranch drop their special items? Could I farm cupids for happy beds or rogues for blue capsules?

>> No.20908481

yes, duel wield=op. give them continuous attacks in act 2. most busted anything in the game.

>> No.20908636

I don't know if it's actually worthwhile. I just like randomly completely clearing floors including all of their walls, for no real reason. Getting a collection of acorns, golden acorns, and 4leaf clovers is just a nice bonus.
Once you get to the point in the mining skill where you're not resting every few seconds it's pretty neat.
That's a lot easier to reach in +CG due to drastic reductions of SP costs for things that don't need balanced around turn count, so as to avoid the tedium of action->rest->action->rest gameplay. For better or worse.
I mostly did it long before switching to that version though. Like back around 1.50.1+C. It got less tedious there around about 80 mining, I think. While you could probably get away with 20-40 in +CG.

Supposedly luck mostly affects equipment quality rolls more than anything else. Which, if the difference is great enough, could make the entire early to middle game a lot easier by rolling more Miracle/Godly stuff, giving more chances they'll have useful benefits to go along with their stats.
So that's -potentially- quite useful until you unlock artifact fusion for armours and find decent living weapons, at least.
But if you don't enjoy mining shit out for its own sake I certainly wouldn't bother.

>> No.20908716

Man, I don't know how people can stand to have more than 1 or 2 pets, at least early on.
Managing resistances for all of them or watching them die within a few turns the second you go into a dungeon higher level than you that happens to have elemental mobs is not fun or pleasant. Hoping the enemies die fast enough due to being sheerly outnumbered is no real solution.
How do you handle it?

>> No.20908738

So is it like lewdness that I have to use my imagination for? Or is it possible for something more substantial to be experienced in the game?

>> No.20908750

How does rapid stat growth work? Does it mean that stat potential gets temporarily raised to 400%? Or does it add a multiplier to EXP gain for the particular stat?

>> No.20908770

It's possible, and easy, to mod dialogue and graphics in even without recompiling anything. Then Custom and Vanilla, at least, are open source and reasonably editable to such a degree you could give it pretty much anything you want.
But by default, yes, it's mostly implicit and imagination.
Obvious prostitution, bestiality, the fact that ANY pet can be married, benefits from sleeping with allies/pets that have high affinity, rubbing/squeezing to buff allies/pets, all of those things are true, but not explicitly erotic in any way.

If you're looking for explicit and substantial, then you should probably look elsewhere. Unless you already love the game and have a desire to mod it into existence.

>> No.20908795

I don't know, I just walk around and cheer or use gravity accel occasionally and stuff just dies. If things look iffy for anyone I either charge in or send them to town and handle it myself. Plus I'm glad to have something to do with all the produce from my farm/ranch, although managing inventory and feeding everyone can be a pain in the ass sometimes. But as you see, I'm not very far into the game yet, and I'm new, so I imagine the pitfalls of this playstyle will bite me in the ass before too long.

>> No.20908825
File: 2.68 MB, 3504x2336, f2dafefa521da9617db46d502637ccb58ed59fe5be9c8e66f185c8e316444094.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>open source
There isn't any website you can download it from. It has not been made available to the general public. "A friend of the author might email you a copy if you beg him for it" is NOT "open source".

>> No.20908826

>If things look iffy for anyone I either charge in or send them to town and handle it myself
Ah, that's the difference. I don't like changing my immediate playstyle mid-dungeon or limiting myself to what my pets can handle.
Soloing dungeons +20-50% my level (Or up to 2x my level once about level 50 due to silly scaling of skills versus total) using gear with proper resistances is feasible, and sometimes even easy as hell.
But going in with pets, even those that are +20% my level themselves, is a random off and on death sentence for them in general.
WITH giving them bunches of herbed food to eat and gems to sell. I can't trust going in any dungeon above my level with them.
>But as you see, I'm not very far into the game yet, and I'm new, so I imagine the pitfalls of this playstyle will bite me in the ass before too long.
It's more of a problem early on rather than later on.
Once you have enough shit to give to pets to keep their resistances fairly high it's all good. Though that gets a lot more difficult to reach the more pets you use.
Pretty sure at some point you can comfortably just gene engineer or artifact fuse the issue away. But I've never gotten that far while actually using pets.

>> No.20908847

Oh yeah, that's an issue. Well, there's that ElonaFoobar C++/Lua transpilation which is basically full Vanilla. Surely that's good enough, and intended to be crossplatform to even mobileshit.

>> No.20908877
File: 639 KB, 711x409, ElonaCG_2019-02-27_17-59-01_Elona+_Custom-G_1.87.1.2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It certainly does not set stat potential to 400%.
On the [c]haracter page, it should say at the bottom how much of a % boost you're getting from the highlighted buff/debuff. Pressing arrows/numpad should switch between them.

>> No.20908898

Y'know, I tried modding ElonaFoobar the other day. I wanted to try adding the Dojo, to see how hard it'd be to mod Plus stuff into it bit by bit. But I couldn't figure out how to add locations to the map. I tried editing the "core" mod's location file to add a place just south of Yowyn, but nothing showed up.

>> No.20908916

Well, it's definitely not as easy then. But still possible, surely. Worth hoping for and looking into at least.

>> No.20909184
File: 654 B, 48x48, C917-Grass-dancer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

FUCK. Brainwashing and mind damage together with that speed bonus? By golly I am not prepared for this. It took me a total of 3 turns to die, at a level equal to the monster, 49, in a dungeon barely level 50.
I seriously need to get more mind protection.

>> No.20909232
File: 382 KB, 614x444, ElonaCG_2019-02-27_19-08-33_Elona+_Custom-G_1.87.1.2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And just as I say that I get this. A real shame it doesn't float me. Avoiding traps and pools is nice. Bringing it as a switch should be fine for now at least.

>> No.20909406

To clarify, I meant having a floating item as a switch, as resistances are more important. So yeah. Woohoo.

>> No.20909472

Is there any way to speed up the hunger clock other than puking a lot?

>> No.20909497


>> No.20909533

Damn nice. The float property isn't exclusive to wings and feathers, so just keep an eye out for it. Floating isn't an absolute necessity though, and it's certainly nowhere near as good as those resists and immunities.

>> No.20909574
File: 359 KB, 727x231, ElonaCG_2019-02-27_20-14-18_Elona+_Custom-G_1.87.1.2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, I'll keep an eye out and only really use float for silly things like trap jobs instead for now. Pools aren't a massive danger anymore like earlyearlygame.
Just have to shuffle around some materials and I'll have Strong to Superb+ on everything. Feels SWEET.

>> No.20909578
File: 234 KB, 531x668, one day.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My goal is to become immune to everything at the same time

>> No.20909618

What does taking the "I'm out" option in blackjack do? I see that it reduces your bet, but what effect does that have?

>> No.20909628

>1 chip will be deducted from your bet, but you will keep your win streak. The quality of prizes won will also be reduced correspondingly by 1 chip, but it can be worth it since 1 win has a larger effect on the prizes received than 1 chip.

>> No.20909642
File: 293 KB, 740x311, ElonaCG_2019-02-27_20-22-10_Elona+_Custom-G_1.87.1.2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm quite jealous of some of those, like stops time and absorbing stamina/MP.
Then again I much prefer crossbows over any other combat so far. And finding those on that probably isn't going to be very likely.

>> No.20909681


>> No.20910767

It's not a matter of easy or hard, can't rate something that doesn't exist yet.
From what I can tell, there's only 2 people actively contributing code. Modding will get there when they get to it.

>> No.20910984

Of course, silly. It's a matter of rating how hard it is currently to add content to an open source game as is, rather than rating the future modding capabilities and support.

>> No.20911026
File: 245 KB, 500x480, kanikama 36.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

post your name fagit

>> No.20911043

he's a shy boy

>> No.20911052
File: 24 KB, 131x83, Bean.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh boy are we posting out shitpost character names now?
Rolled green hair and was inspired to go green.

>> No.20911099

Cool beans

>> No.20911106

Just discovered a neat little exploit for quickly gaining Lulwy favor.
If you trade an adventurer for their ammo they'll spawn new low tier ammo indefinitely, which they will continue to trade for garbage items of comparable value. So far it's worked with both arrows and bolts, I haven't come across one using bullets or energy cells to try it with yet. If someone with high pickpocket would see if it works with stealing the ammo as well that would be cool, I'm nowhere near slick enough to try.

>> No.20911246

Is pet AI broken? I tried using the elona custom system, but it refuses to listen to my commands and just defaults to the default AI, even when I toggle it to custom.

>> No.20911402

Did you change your pet from Onslaught to Intercept? It needs to be Onslaught.

>> No.20911412

Nope, setting it now, thanks.

>> No.20911421

I'm shy, yeah. And I use the name everywhere else.

>> No.20911497
File: 62 KB, 1280x720, 1531851367113.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>random adventurer had a spellbook of wishing

ok guys, how do I not screw this up

>> No.20911875
File: 768 KB, 800x1123, __hk416_girls_frontline_drawn_by_lanshirong__9bd810e4fbdea0aad0fc6d07deabec9b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are there any sprites for Girls Frontline or GBF somewhere available?

>> No.20911945

Yep, I've done this, in fact it's funny you mention pickpocket. Been a long time since I played but I vaguely remember that you can't steal ammo. I then thought "collect junk, make storage next to Palmia, get "I WANT IT" quests". Now I am rolling in favor while getting some plat/gold. EZ altar access, plenty "I WANT IT" quests". Shit was cash.

>> No.20912098

Wish for Lulwy and tell her she's cute

>> No.20912343

is Exile that good of a pet? mine seems to get oneshotted by literally anything even at Lv21 with semi-decent gear for its level

>> No.20912404

>I vaguely remember that you can't steal ammo
Seems you're right. I've tried a few times against nonadventurer randos and gotten "this item is in use" like when you try to steal a bard's harmonica while he's playing it.

>> No.20912476

Ya, I recall now. It was to prevent "abuse". Swiped ammo = passive npc. This game is broken in so many ways BUT ammo theft can't be allowed!

>> No.20913085

they're noteworthy for being the only caster better than you at casting the spells they triple cast, since casting is the one thing you aren't disgustingly outclassed by pets in

>> No.20914176
File: 250 KB, 591x390, voletta.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is she dead or something? she's been there for over a week now
she isn't at the graveyard near Lumiest

>> No.20914370

So I haven't played Elona in a couple years and now I see there's a variant I haven't seen called Omake Overhaul. Is it any good / should I switch to it from E+C which I'm used to?

>> No.20914395

It's different from Plus; closer to vanilla. I'd say try it. If you don't like it, you might want to go with Custom-G instead of just Custom.

>> No.20914488
File: 49 KB, 1160x75, suicidal.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>do normal hunting missions
>see weird bird monster similar to a parrot or parakeet
>get near him
>the bird explodes

>> No.20914682


>> No.20914732

There's also a bird who will launch tactical missiles at you.

>> No.20914799
File: 727 KB, 787x830, unknown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Adventurers don't die, they just leave the country if you bully them too hard.

>> No.20914904
File: 22 KB, 1027x263, firefox_2019-02-28_17-57-48_Terrorism_squirrel__Elona_Wiki__FANDOM_powered_b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And in + there's several silly monsters like that Terrorism Squirrel or whatever.

>> No.20914950

What's the longest that an Etherwind storm can go on for? I've been stuck at home for weeks because of back to back Etherwind storms.

>> No.20915034
File: 52 KB, 1280x49, ElonaCG_2019-02-28_18-18-00_Elona+_Custom-G_1.87.1.2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I find it ironic that the solution to potion addiction is to quaff a potion.

>> No.20915197
File: 381 KB, 601x383, ElonaCG_2019-02-28_18-50-09_Elona+_Custom-G_1.87.1.2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That face is nice.

>> No.20915204

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i want to her
i want her

>> No.20915492

>all these people talking about sexing their pets
>mine only uses voracity fang to kill me if i am low hp

>> No.20915556

Is there a mod or setting that will tell me the enchantment values of items in terms of skill or ressistence while holding the object of heart so I don't have to plug the enchant values in to the "EncPow/50 + 1" and such?

>> No.20915580

Huh, that's weird. I can only think of two explanations off the top of my head:
1. You accidentally set that line of your waifu's custom AI to "player" and enabled "preserve entity as target". (Unlikely, but physically possible.)
2. Voracity Fang is your waifu's emergency action and she's using it on you because she's low on health, and also not in combat if you gave her a custom AI. (Didn't know that could happen with actions other than Uncontrol.) If this is the problem, you can solve it by giving her a stack of first aid kits.

>> No.20915588

I vividly remember we just finished one of those late game "teleport" main quest missions where you take damage on the way in amd way out,on the way out we were both at 1 hp

then karata proceed to voracity fang my ass,sending me to hell

>> No.20915641

>When Below 25% HP: Voracity Fang
That'd do it. No enemies around and HP below 25%, so the default AI was active and it targeted you by default. I had figured that Uncontrol's "Swarm can even hit allies" effect was necessary for you to be attacked, but apparently not.
Definitely need to keep a stack of first aid kits on him at all times, then. That overrides the default emergency action with a fairly decent self-heal.

>> No.20915656

dont worry i replaced him with a bell of termination every single file after that

>> No.20915989

Haven't played + since about version 1.60. What would you say are the biggest changes since then?

>> No.20916466
File: 164 KB, 1280x720, heyhey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sseth sent me.

>> No.20916545

Same for a lot of people recently

>> No.20916608

She's not dead. If an adventurer "dies" they either stay at a hospital until they recover or they retire from adventuring.

When the game says an adventurer is at any location other than a city, they won't actually show up there. Omake Overhaul and its descendents change this so you can run into adventurers in dungeons and such.

It's good but oomsest is a better, later version of omake overhaul so grab that instead. There's a lot of room for reasonable disagreement as to whether plus or omake variants are better so I say try both.

Now your character gets thirsty and needs to drink potions and piss every so often.

>> No.20916633

Now you too can live out your dreams as a member of the Merchant's Guild partaking in STDs, waifu pillows, and nuclear cleansing.

>> No.20916656
File: 109 KB, 482x221, Chinchilla Origin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My first living weapon. Did I do good?

>> No.20916670

you do you

>> No.20916784

Build it up.

>> No.20916986
File: 208 KB, 580x496, kanikama 8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Raise it like your own imouto.

>> No.20917150

Some QoL changes with AP. Some features for extra roleplaying if you're into that sort of thing. Generally easier gameplay curves. Thirst mechanic wasn't exactly welcome, but it also doesn't really make a substantial difference to any of the grinding loops outside of very hardcore grind cycles that needed quaffing to be abused (like reset loops).

>> No.20917231

>I wish I could ease

>not "I want to take it easy".

one job, guys.

>> No.20917235

I wish I could ease is short for
"I wish I could ease my way into Shena's panties"

>> No.20917238

I'm not really sure, but I think that was only machine translated. It used to be untranslated and it took till +CG to have anything but a placeholder message for such things in English.
Personally I'd rather it just leave untranslated dialogue raw, in Japanese. Because I can read it somewhat, slowly. But that must be unfeasible for some reason.

>> No.20917249
File: 30 KB, 579x345, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This happened and the saves died. Any easy fixes or do I have to/get to start again?

>> No.20917267
File: 49 KB, 889x886, notepad++_2019-03-01_05-01-29_EGameRLElonaelonaplus1.87elonaCG.ahk_-_Note.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did you forget to have a backup script running, or at least manually backup saves, for the entirety of your playtime?
I hope it wasn't too long, dude.

Does it completely not load? Even in earlier versions or maybe EloSnack?

>> No.20917312

pretty much me, watched Sseth's review because I was looking for a nice little SP game to play

now I'm hooked on this shit

>> No.20917316

>backing up saves
ehhhhhhhhhhhh, I'll update to the current version, may aswell.

>> No.20917360
File: 7 KB, 255x272, explorer_2019-03-01_05-29-13_Elona.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, unless you're playing on overdose chances are you'll shove a lot of time into every save. It would be a shame to lose that.

Also, when updating versions I still keep all old versions, with saves and settings left alone, installed exactly where they were. Only installing the new one right next to it and copying over saves/settings. Though I really should name those folders to be more accurate, it's whatever.
That way so that I always have an install that is almost guaranteed to work the way it did when I last used it, completely in stasis and easy to get back to.

>> No.20917443

I lost a fair bit of time but the early game is always fun. I'll remember to manually backup my saves in future because theres no way I'm messing around with stuff like >>20917267

>> No.20917488

I'd disagree, personally. The early game is painfully boring grind trying to get things to a state you can continue on without going back to towns for jobs for PP/potential constantly.
The mid game is my favorite. Just hopping from dungeon to dungeon to dungeon and enjoying lucky roles of equipment, building up resistances and immunities, occasionally buying or making potions of potential and herbin/food, and just progressing like mad. THAT is some good shit.

>> No.20917533

Thats fair, I like to remember how weak I am when I start, its puts the result of all that grinding into perspective. The struggle animates me desu.

>> No.20917697

What is the unit used for weight in Elona

>> No.20917791

Stones (~6.3kg)
(Although it makes no sense sometimes, it really should be something like kgs)

>> No.20918386

Looks good. Raise magic damage every time it levels, use a material kit to make it rubynus or admantium or something, convert it into a lightsaber, use a craft material kit on it, and you've got your endgame weapon.

>Stones (~6.3kg)
Is that really how much it's supposed to be? That's absurd. Weapon weights make sense if 1 stone = 1 pound.

>> No.20918892

>She's not dead
Oh, thank you. It just seems weird that it's been several weeks and she's still there.

>> No.20918993
File: 38 KB, 595x389, lol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pero qué cabrón eres

>> No.20919062

Does what herb you put in really matter when you've got hundreds of rice balls and multiple types of herbs since they all stack together in one stack of herbed rice balls, or do they kind of just mix up and randomly pull out a stat potential training effect from a pool depending on how you infuse herbs?

>> No.20919087

"(Herb)" is a bitflag. It's either 1 or 0.

>> No.20919224

I heard you can make cheese or yogurt with milk. How do you do that?

>> No.20919286

Blend in a Pot for Fusion. You can get one in dungeons or occasionally in goods shop. Cheese is useless except for selling, but yogurt is great since it trains Constitution when eaten.

>> No.20919297

It's a pot for fusion recipe. You'll also need a broken vase for it, and you get butter, cheese and yogurt.

>> No.20919315

milk + broken vase + 20 turns + 2 hours = cheese + yogurt + butter

Also, if you don't feel like throwing butter at bosses:
worthless fake gold bar + bottle of dirty water + dead fish + butter + 1 turn = worthless fake gold bar + bottle of dirty water + dead fish + broken vase

>> No.20919326

>Cheese is useless
If you're using +milk milked from a ranch animal, cheese will inherit the milk's enhancement, which means it'll train your Speed when you eat it.

>> No.20919369

Oh, I didn't know about that. Does it train SPD a lot or is it better to sell it off? I don't bother milking ranch pets since I use them for egg production only.

>> No.20919423

>cheese is useless except for selling
Well that was my goal since I have a farm full of milk

>> No.20919689

>convert it into a lightsaber
How do you do that? I followed you on the rest of the stuff.
>magic damage every level
Really? Nothing else worth getting? No crit chance, no invokes, no other damage types? Maybe stamina drain? Just stacking one damage type seems so boring for a weapon that has so many options. Also I read on the wiki that you get diminishing returns from stacking the same enchants.
Or was that reply a "lol yeah it would be great if it was a completely different thing dumb noob" and it just went over my head? I am a dumb noob so help me out here.

>> No.20919748

Not the other guy but I believe it was genuinely good advice. To convert it to a lightsaber, you'll need a pot for fusion and do the Sharp/Hard equip update, for which you'll need a couple of stuff that you can find on the wiki along with the required skills. Also, few things have resistance to magic, and while you do get diminishing returns, it's still more magic damage. Although I would also include crit chance.
As for the invoke, I'm not quite sure you can get those on your weapon with level ups unless you initially rolled one into it. I could be wrong too.

>> No.20919907

a few threads back, an anon had either found the code to remove skill limits to go beyond 2000, or was looking for it. Does anyone remember where the code was in the source? I think line 29928 of gsource is the right line, but I'm not entirely sure.

I replaced the 0, 2000 in line 29928 with 0, 9999, but that didn't work. I know there are more lines like that after, but I can't figure out what they correspond to other than a few like the weapons skills, and unless I'm retarded looking for SKILL_ATTR, or even a specific attribute like SKILL_ATTR_SPD didn't show any line of code that would let me change the limit or entirely remove it.

>> No.20920033

Magic damage is just the easiest and safest bet to get more damage.
Lightning damage is good if you build around it via elemental scar/wet. Fire too but applying oil is awkward.
Resistances are great if you need them and you don't plan on using the weapon directly. This is probably the easiest way to get high resistances before artifiact infusion.
Skill bonuses are extremely good early on. Some people like to make living weapons for things like cooking specifically so they can get lots of high quality food early in the game, which is good for money and stats.
Specific attribute bonuses can be good if you're building around them. Obviously spell damage can be good if you're using magic, although there are better artifacts for it later in the game. If you're building around breath attacks then you'll definitely want to build bonus to breath attacks.
Bonus damage to enemy types might be useful, but I'm not 100% sure on the math to be honest. If you wanted to make a dedicated godslayer weapon it might be worth it. (Maybe people who like to bully gods might be able to give better input on this).
Crit chance and absolute pierce are potentially good, although it'd work better on a stat stick than your dedicated weapon. Absolute pierce only works on melee attacks, but if you aren't using a light saber which pierces anyways it might be worth it, although you'd have to dedicate to it hard. I might be wrong, but I believe 5000 pierce gives you a 100% chance to pierce on hit last time I checked? Stacking critical hit would mostly be good if you have accuracy problems.

>> No.20920193

Hmm, okay I did find out that line 29928 does work (I just forgot to rename the new compiled file) but the speed (And possibly other attributes) does not like to go above 2400. I had a bunch of blessed hermes blood and speed uppers that I wanted to use, but going above 2400 makes it go into the negatives, which brings my speed down to 10. I don't know what it would do to the other attributes or skills (Oh god, my gardening skill in the negatives!) and I don't know if there's anything I can do to fix that so it doesn't collapse into the negatives.

>> No.20920221

>Lightning damage is good if you build around it via elemental scar/wet.
I was already thinking about that since I've got a young lady pet tossing potions around. I was also considering putting elemental scar on a pet with the custom ai. Is there a variant of that spell that works with other elements?

>> No.20920230


>> No.20920233

Magic or lightning elemental damage is the best option for raw DPS. Unless you lean on the Continuous Attacks action, since it doesn't do elemental damage.

The Megid Flame action can inflict Element Scar. Probably the best pet with it is the baby fire dragon.

>> No.20920244

>other elements
Sorry, should've read your post a bit more closely.
If you don't want to grind Nightmare up so you can teach it personally, you can give your pet the Tactical Curse AP purchase. It can be refunded to get the 500 AP back anytime, so there's no loss if you manage to get Nightmare up to L50 later.

>> No.20920245

I have heard many times giving a shuriken to a very fast pet early breaks act 1,why is this? what makes the shuriken so good early compared to other weapons?

>> No.20920256

Bleeding damage is even more reliable than magic damage.

>> No.20920311

What, you can teach spells to your pets?
Well shit, how is this done?

>> No.20920322

>Speak to pet
>Customize AI
>Teach Spell or Ability
Of course, this requires you changing their custom AI to try to use that ability as well, and it takes them a LONG time to learn

>> No.20920351

Alright so what I make out of this is that I need to grind the spell I wanna teach up to a certain level, right? Since there's only some few options showing up.

>> No.20920357

50, I believe, yes.

>> No.20920475

Oh cool. I was thinking of turning my cute fairy and/or black angel into a dedicated debuffer. Which will justify my irrational desire to make a magic/lightning/sound weapon.

>> No.20920479

>train your Speed
Unless something has changed since I last played a lot, just farming dungeons in + will get you all the speed uppers you'll ever need and max the stat completely in fair time. Faster if you blow small medals on hermes' blood. Faster still if you only ever eat herbin food.
So I wouldn't worry about that at least, personally.

>> No.20920500

Going into negatives is usually an overflow unless it's specifically coded in weirdness. Changing the datatype of whatever variable it uses is usually the fix for that, but can take a LOT of fixing and debugging almost everything that interacts with it. Which for skills is probably a lot of the game.
I wouldn't do it for balance reasons anyway, but the option would be fun I guess.

>> No.20920527

What's the best way to get Potions of Potential? Just buying them through high-level magic shops? Or making them through alchemy? I find that pet cooking and sleeping isn't really effective for fast potential recovery...

>> No.20920551

Investing in magic shops is a good bet. In my experience, at about rank 100-120ish they'll appear every couple visits, at 150-170ish they'll appear about half the time.
Alchemy can cover what that doesn't.

>> No.20920574

Wait,pets can train their speed this way? i always though they had a static value

>> No.20920586

Pretty sure food can train them, yeah. Pet speed is definitely not static.
Speed uppers, hermes' blood, and AP definitely can, to the point that's bound to max in fair time as well.

>> No.20920603

Fuck,i always though only AP could raise it,thats the very reason i only use pets that come with 2000 speed naturally and nothing else

>> No.20920622
File: 45 KB, 1075x385, firefox_2019-03-01_17-19-06_Potions__Elona_Wiki__FANDOM_powered_by_Wikia_-_M.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Blessed hermes is even more overpowered for pets, giving 20 each.
That is DEFINITELY a valid complaint against +. In that it does make pet choice based on speed, which is a valid racial feature to differentiate things with, fairly irrelevant in the end. Even though it does take some time to get there.

>> No.20920668

Do i just put it in the pet inventory or mix with food or what?

>> No.20920686

Give it to em just like with love potion memes.
Can't mix em into food.
Throwing it on them almost definitely doesn't work, but I never cared to try and am currently playing a mostly solo no-pets file.

>> No.20920692

Straight into the inventory. You can also let them drink blessed potions of restore body/spirit for bonus stats

>> No.20920693

alright i will try! there is probably hope for karata to compete with the bell of termination after all,gotta check his INI and see if he can get AP unlike the bell

>> No.20920702

If not, you could always take him to Castle Oblivion and have his stats lowered.

>> No.20920741

I know the player can lose food-born resists from bad dreams, but can pets lose them?

>> No.20920895

On a related note, where the hell do I get a bell of termination? I've been scouring dungeon after dungeon (of about lv 100 each) to no success. Seems like hunting quests' monsters won't reach up to level 100 either. Any tips?

>> No.20920922

convert to ehekatl,its purely luck or savescumming before you enter a floor

>> No.20920959

Fuck I thought so. Thanks anyways lil nigga.

>> No.20921254

>the only popular male god is kumi
>all female gods got some fanbase because waifu
>opatos,mani and izpalt forever forgotten
also opatos pet make no fucking sense,why would a buff brown warrior god hand out blue eyed hot blondes (and his city is full of them)

>> No.20921257

that's because girls and le ebic traps get all the fanart

>> No.20921273

Leold is disappointed in you

>> No.20921284

his fault for making ehekatl have some screws loose

>> No.20921361

So does guide info made in the 1.5x era still apply nowadays? Like unarmed is tedious, magic is a pain the butt, and two-hand is still better than dual wield?

>> No.20921507

Most builds no longer matter in E+ because of how easy the game has gotten. If you're playing vanilla or Omake variants, the builds vary dramatically.

>> No.20921536

>the builds vary dramatically
Yeah, I suppose you could say that. Specifically, some builds in Omake give you absurd damage bonuses that make you nearly unstoppable, while others just straight-up wouldn't work (e.g. focusing on certain weapon types that actually can't be used with the smithing skill), although you'd only learn that hours in.
And there's almost no documentation for any of Omake's features anywhere. And the source code is unavailable. Good luck!

>> No.20921548

I don't know what you mean by documentation, but most people that play Omake know sufficient Japanese to search for info in Japanese, and it isn't that hard to find information that way. Omake basically has minimal English support because the author never intended for English folks to even find it.

>> No.20921559
File: 11 KB, 480x360, 4C6E46134E414E00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dude you've been in the last two or three threads making omake and everyone who likes it look bad
just stop, okay

>> No.20921566

what kind of crack are you smoking? Is this some kind of new gen VRL that you versionfags decided to come up with with whatever variant people cooked up now?

>> No.20921567
File: 43 KB, 439x401, 153d5be2480cfeb1caaedde14f3bfd91d325d8184e118fd3fff70d29a6afe9a9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>search for info in Japanese

>> No.20921575
File: 85 KB, 468x895, wtf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20921584

When in doubt, assume projection. So, we've got a crack addict who hates E+ for whatever reason, and he's posting while high.

>> No.20921616

That doesn't add up, considering the VRL he's talking about is something that only works in E+ because of how Omake's potential recovery system works. It's pretty much the only part of the old grind that stayed intact because the devs don't have a way to remove it without breaking the game, unlike the other nerfs they've implemented.

>> No.20921642

I've been playing Elona since back when vanilla was still actively being developed, and I've never seen the tem "VRL" used before in my entire life. What the heck are you talking about?

>> No.20921663

You've never heard of reset looping? It's literally been in the game since day one. Several years back around the time that Kai finished up his experiments with music tickets, people used to discuss which places you could abuse the reset loop until people realized that it was stupidly broken since you could hit end game stats in E+ with it without even finishing act one. Most of the easiest places to abuse reset looping were in Act 1.

It doesn't work properly in Omake or Vanilla because your potential drops too quickly and you can't restore it, but in E+ it basically lets you turn any mode into Overdose.

>> No.20921671

The area reset if you use backspace on the world map? Yeah, but that's a debug tool, same as wizard mode.
Anyway, that doesn't explain what "VRL" is supposed to mean. There's no "v" in "reset loop".

>> No.20921694

>playing on overdose is as bad as room resetting
o-okay then

>> No.20921721

During the discussion on how reset looping could be used to break the game, several notable locations became first picks because of how easy they were.

The Graveyard was the easiest place in terms of location for money and speed while being the "least" broken. The Pyramid was the easiest place for skill growth because of guaranteed platinum drops and Bells could slaughter the entire map with minimal set up. With a little bit of work, Vernis ended up being the most broken because it was a zero risk herb grind.

At that point no one really cared whether reset looping was "legit" or not anymore, it was more of an experiment of which maps would end up being the most exploitable. To date there still aren't really any maps that match those in terms of ease and return. Arguably there's the desert run in Act 2 for completing the card quest, but that's really about it.

>> No.20921736

No one cares if you room reset, just as no one cares if you play on Overdose. It isn't that much different from starting as a Bell of Termination in Omake using custom race. It's a single player game, do what makes the game fun for you. It's not like we'll get Moon Gates to work again anyways.

We literally ran these experiments because after hundreds of hours and going through multiple characters, the "fun" in the game came from exploring what ways there were to break it or what stupid combinations could work based on ridiculous bs.

>> No.20921768
File: 242 KB, 847x720, 307477DAC2AC686E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

okay, so why was the crack addict who thinks e+ is katawa shoujo talking about getting herbs from vernis?

>> No.20921831

Fucked if I know? The old guard of this general probably remember old Moon Gate exploits back when they still worked, and puritans back in those days were pretty common.

>> No.20921848
File: 14 KB, 306x335, 5bbb56b03fe254923c5ff883098f63ef9d76b4df0871c535bb4c613fdb183324.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw bashing open a kitty bank in japanese guy's house gets you 5m gp

>> No.20921875

Easiest way to beat the game by literally visiting someone else's house and getting their god killer to help you out.

Then it turns out you didn't know what the fuck you pressed and one of his "pets" shows up in monster dungeons and slaughters you.

>> No.20921935

Is it possible to get sleep share with multiple pets in a single sleep?

>> No.20921936

its kinda scary knowing your pet is way stronger than you eventually,mine could easily mince me before i get a turn

>> No.20922015

Anyone that has ever decked out a Bell knows the horrifying feeling of "what the fuck happens if Brainwashing made my pet attack me?".

Then again, anyone who has ever bothered with incarnation and monster balls knows the horrible feeling of when you realize your monster ball five head god spews breath indiscriminately and your starting levels of control magic if you even have it are so pitiful that you just accept defeat.

>> No.20922056
File: 782 KB, 540x306, 01d7e05c6bb17ac911dd998cbb6ee23b175f53b1_hq.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>time to go to lost irva
>have to travel through ether-infused tunnel
>meshera waifu taking steady damage
>super regen only does so much
>waifu gradually using up her supply of first aid kits
>if she runs out she'll go berserk and pound me to a pulp in the blink of an eye

>> No.20922154

Could've just used the cheapass teleport. Teleport is a lifesaver spell once you start encountering Death Manekis in Awakened.

>> No.20922199

any anons have dreams about elona?

>> No.20922226
File: 282 KB, 800x601, oh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>death manekis

>*record scratch*
>yup, that's me
>you're probably wondering how I got into this mess

and yes, teleport, or teleport scrolls, are invaluable

>> No.20922287

In the worst case scenario, since Death Manekis can have infinite range, you can end up being teleported back to back when you run into multiple spawns, and not have a clue if any of them managed to activate their death words. It gets even more ridiculous once their health gets buffed past the normal values, and even 1m - 2m hits just seem to tickle them.

>> No.20922290

How do you catch werewolves in cities? Do you just keep talking to random npcs?

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