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What do you dream about, /jp/?

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Cute Doremy and cute Konata dude.
You can barely tell them apart if you put them side to side and disregarded how short Kona-chan is.

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According to my room mate I cry 3-4 times per week at night and I don't even know. I assume nightmares.

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Your good fortune

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Ordering hamburgers at a hospital while lolis beating up a janitor at the entrance.
I like my dreams.

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>Ordering hamburgers at a hospital while lolis beating up a janitor at the entrance.
funny shit anon.

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Konata had a beautymark though.

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Holy fuck
Seriously. Konata is so absurdly cute and would make a near perfect cosplay of Doremy. Why is there so little art (one whole gif) of DoreKona crossover? AAAAAAAAAA
Higurashi's Mion and Mima, Doremy and Kona AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I rarely remember my dreams! Why can't I just be in Gensokyo flying and interacting with Female Youkai daily as a human!?

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I know.
It's one of the cutest parts of her.

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It's always vague and distant and shrouded in a haze. I often have trouble making out what it I dream of. But when I have some clarity it's amazing

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Falling asleep in doremy's lap while she strokes my head

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About being an eternal loli dictator of an isolated city-state.

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People screaming and violence. Help me Doremi...

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Stop dreaming about it and DO IT

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I dreamt about you last night. In my dream you guys were treating me to lunch in a food court and one of the olderfags was telling me about the behind the scenes production of Darksiders II.

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also the same anon beat me hard in a weird street fighter 2 turbo/umineko golden fantasia crossover arcade game.

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I dreamed with Junko last month, we were watching the Moon and she was happy. Hecatia was near us, with Hatate for some reason.
Most time however I dream with my past, e.g. years ago when I went to highschool, played FPS, my dog. Sometimes zombies (all types) or end of the world situations.
Thank you, Baku.

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I dunno.

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Having my mouth full of something gross like chopped up hair. Getting stabbed (and stabbing back), other stupid shit and suffering

My suicidal thoughts are leaking into my dreams. How I wish I could have nice dreams. Not even sexual dreams.

But I'd be lying if I tell you I don't want to creampie fairy cunny in my dreams.

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I lucid dream so I just force myself to go to Gensokyo, last dream I was at the Hakurei Shrine, I made a donation and then wanted to go to the Human Village but I fell down the stairs and woke up.

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i had a dream where i sucked dick of tenshi

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Was she a big girl?

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hehe... what do you mean?

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Y'know, was she packing some serious HEAT?

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Her was the "Ho-Ro" between them, I barely could fit it in my mouth.
It was the hottest dream I ever had.

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Ho-Ro? Like the tank?

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Ho-Ro is "Self-propelled artillery"
I remember it not fitting in my mouth

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Did you wake up before she came?

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a white britain

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yes, but i came a lot my dick hurt untill afternoon

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Mostly everyday shit. When I'm stressed I dream about getting fired and stuff. Occasionally I'll have a weird dream, but I haven't had 2hu related dreams in years

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I had another dream today where I was using a fighting game stick to play Ace Combat and air was gushing out of the joystick whenever I'm tilting the nose.

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Salty breeze coming from the sea. A large harbor. Ships going back and forth. Containers being loaded and unloaded. A place of international commerce. Import and export. Importing threads from 8/jp/.

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Joining a translation team and learning about translating VNs

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That just means Doremy is raping you. It's okay, it happened to me as well.

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travelling trough fantastic worlds

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I just had a dream where I'm in a hospital building. The rooms are small and plentiful and very near future looking. I'm running through the rooms and a doctor tries to close one of the doors with a button next to him. Its like he thinks I'm a patient trying to escape but i make it through. I'm walking down halls now and there's doctors talking to each other and doing their own thing. It's like most don't see me.

What a fun dream. I seem to have a lot of dreams where everything is compact, narrow hallways, lots of people etc

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I try to keep it easy

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I havent been dreaming lately. My sleep schedule is terrible so thats why I guess.

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I don't entirely remember what I dreamed of but I think Youmu was there
It was nice

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Eating a sandwich with way too much mayonnaise.

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Ah...that would be amazing after she jerks you off with that pink blob thing

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Proboscis tits

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I had a dream where Bob Ross teamed up with anime waifu and a flying whale to fight crime

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my wife

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I dream that i was a toddler oni and Yuugi was humming and petting me while having my head on her lap.

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god i wish yuugi was my mom

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i had a dream about my cute half ghost gf, we were just relaxing at a mall together. it was nice.

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have fun being dead.

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Same. I want to dream happy things like being with Ran and getting headpats from her.

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Every time I remember my dream it's the same thing, I need to pee badly and run to the toilet, I start peeing full force and it feels good but then I realize it's a dream and wake up scared that I pee'd myself.

I wish I could dream of cute 2hus;_;

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I don't wanna sound like a mom or granny good health here,
but as anyone above posting same type of reply should reduce using fluoride
(mainly in 9/10 toothpaste or chewing gum brands, unless bought some with non-fluoride in herbal store for example.Tho it can be DiY with 10 sec google search, and maybe 5$ or less products,
a better one for maximum 10$, if you like bananas and want to visit Gensokyo or favorite 2hu. I got bad news for you).
DMT is produced naturally in your pineal gland and yes, it's a drug but it's meant to be naturally produced by your own pineal gland - not to get high to loose your shit. In amounts pineal gland pulls.It's responsible for the creative, right side of the brain proper functioning, thinking more abstractly to doubt things which majority would accept as they are) Up to you if you do something about it, enough of my typing, hope at least one person uses this advice, because I swear on my life it fucking helps. and no - it's not antibiotic chemicals so it will take time to restore your pinneal gland's 2nd most important function. Good luck!

But most importantly
Whatever you consume containing fluoride kills off your ability to achieve vivid dreams.

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Dreamed that Udonge was having a constipated face while riding a bike and tons of weird silent hill looking figures spazzing out and chasing her while i was jogging on a apartment roof.

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Not usually cute girls, unfortunately. The media I seem to dream about most is VNs. I've had literal nightmares about Tsukihime and Chaos;Head, but unfortunately not about the girls, just about being in the setting of them.

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I dreamt I was back in Japan again. I keep having this dream even though it's only been a little over a month since I was there.

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A while back I had a dream where I basically mashed the plots of Kanokon, Haruhi, and FLCL into one anime (i.e. I was in the middle of a harem with a short loli [Yuki] and an older girl [Haruko], both of whom aren't quite human).

Sounds great but it was just awkward and weird. My brain projects too much 3d onto them!!!

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My dreams are like detailed mmd models that are interacting with me.

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I get a lot of anxiety dreams!

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Since I was about 15 or 14 I've always had vividly lucid wet dreams. Without fail it was always the same girl - waist-length blonde hair, somewhat well-proportioned she looked like she was in her 30s or 40s based on her MILF-esque body, but her face was always obscured or unfocused, so I could never make it out. She wasn't 3DPD but not quite 2D either. I've always had lucid dreams, but I always remembered these ones and they and they were really powerful as far as sensations go - it really felt like (or at least what I imagine it would feel like) I was having sex, especially because it was lovey-dovey type sex and she liked kissing. Even the locations were where I were, if I were sleeping on the couch, it would be on the couch, and so on. I had these dreams nearly every to every other day and there was nothing I could do to stop them, sometimes I even had them twice a night.

About two months ago, instead of cumming and waking up, I actually made the girl cum, for the first time since I started having these dreams years ago. I was elated since waking up with soiled underwear sucks and I got to have lucid dream sex. I stopped having the dreams after that. It sounds really autistic typing all this out, but I'm a little lonely now that they've stopped.

In hindsight, even though I couldn't see her face, she looked a lot like Yukari. But I never really cared for her which makes it even stranger.

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gensokyo, still i get lot of awkward dreams and some times i get sleeping paralysis and some times i get dream which just loop and i just cant wake up in same sense but its not like i am half awake like in sleeping paralysis and usually random 2hu appears to tell me that i am in "dream loop" and i need to do something diffrent in dream (or nightmare) in order to wake up.
even though dream usually just changes in time and i wake up normally.

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When I dream I usually just go back and forth between places that are based on irl places I know. The dream usually has aspects of whatever game I have been playing lately, for example recently there have been tanks and turrets like in planetside 2. It's never very lucid. The only 2 times that I remember having fictional characters in dreams were pretty important, one with rika furude saying my life wasn't really so hard, unlike her life (higurashi). And the other a VERY disturbing dream involving satori.
The few times I've tried to lewd in dreams it was cometly useless, either there was no feeling at all or I just ran around in the dream looking for some place to piss first until I woke up and went to the bathroom. This thread reminded me to work on lucid dreaming again, hope it goes well kudasai

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You have finally conquered your semen demon, anon. Good shit.
Who knows, there might have been a girl who was never able to cum stuck in the lucid dream like you, and you helped her break her curse. You had one job, and you did it.

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For some odd reason I always have these weird dreams where I'm always in a different place.
It's always me and Touhous moving constantly as if we're on the run and trying to survive. Some die I think but by the end it always ends up being me the last one standing or staring one right in the eyes before I wake up.
Either that or I end up in some position where I call all of the shots or I stand alongside some of the "strongest" of a certain "industry" with the looming hint that I can do whatever I want or being the opposite of me being the one who made it out and I know more than enough to keep living. Most times it's just me and everyone just died off and I live anew. Nobody knows the past, but I know the future will be bright.

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Today I saw Zeus. Me and a couple other dudes were outside his room and got in first and sat next to the guy, looked like a dude with white hair and big beard, I was thinking of something interesting to ask but some other guy came in so he shhd me whilst that guy sacrificed himself by shooting himself through the heart, which made Zeus laugh quite infectiously, saying something about the bullet going through him and hitting his own mother behind him like the broad side of a barn.

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Thank you
I'm going to try this even though I am not who you replied to and have not really had problems on dreams

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I haven't had a dream for years. I just black out and wake up late in the morning the next day

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My dreams are varied. The most often type is me waking up in the dream which is followed by me waking up in reality, which happened this morning

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I only remember my dreams when I nap.

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My dreams are varied. The most common type is me waking up in the dream which is followed by me waking up in reality, which happened this morning. After that, lewd dreams

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I'm kind of glad that I rarely dream, because I know that I do actually dream and just forget them before I wake up.
Whenever I'm woken up suddenly, I sometimes remember my dreams. They range from odd to unsettling to disturbing. Several times I was violent towards someone or some group of people, ranging from strangers to family members. Other times I am the victim of violence or abuse. However, usually my dreams are just unsettling conversations or interactions with random people that inexplicably hold authority over me; these dreams feel the same way to me as David Firth's newer films. I feel that my dreams reflect the source of any stress or frustration I'm going through.

Even when I do remember a dream, I never remember all of it. Just fragments. And they're rarely otaku related. The only time an otaku interest was involved in one of my dreams was when someone was harassing me for liking anime and having figs in my room. Dream me was just sitting there and taking the verbal abuse but was suppressing a violent rage towards my tormentor. I'm pretty sure that tormentor was a woman because I think dream me wanted to rape her as revenge.

The curious part of me wants to keep a dream diary so I could actually see these dreams in their entirety. But logically speaking I know it would just make the dreams more vivid and disturbing.

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Tonight I dreamt I was hanging out with a hobo who lived under the podium in a music venue. And then Linus Media Group (of all entities) came to record an album there.

My dreams are weird.

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I'd really like to dream about gensokyo but I almost never have dreams and when I do they're always dark. Getting headpats from Ran sounds wonderful.

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a firefighter throwing a baby off of a roof and then about how ricers have ruined drift culture

>> No.20877093

I dreamt that an old friend from school and someone I didn't know had a massive fight in the bathroom of this house. It sounds normal, but they were in those giant dinosaur mascot costumes at the time.
I want to say I've had dreams about Doremy's but unless I write them down immediately I forget them so I'm not sure

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I wonder if it really was something like that. I've never been particularly superstitious, but having them just stop cold turkey after that is pretty surreal. Dreams are weird.

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Was dreaming about me being a white haired yukari motocross racing up a mountain with other people while a t-rex is chasing us. when i stopped and was looking back, the t-rex was holding some people with it's tiny arms and walks away with them and then i woke up.

>> No.20880134

For a short while I've had these very violent and gory dreams where I would usually attempt to dig out the eyes of the other person. Usually feeling out of desperation/powerlessness what have you.

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I understand

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My only friend that I lost. I dream about him a lot.

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I saw myself walking in a familiar forest / hunting area. I met a monkey and gave it some of the almonds I had in my pocket.

>> No.20882508

How can I increase my ability to remember my dreams?
I don't want to forget if I have a dream with Doremy

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I wish my subconscious could conjure up friends for me to hang out with in dreams, but I guess it's too foreign a concept. I suppose i have to accept that I'll never take it easy with Marisa or be part of a splendid flower-viewing party

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Seeing my friends again.

>> No.20886668

Eating turkey and food rich with vitamin B6.

>> No.20888084

I mostly dream about combat and war.

>> No.20892069

Dreamed that i was getting some cola from the fridge and when i open the lit it shrank and everyone looked at me like i did something horrible.

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you bastard

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Don't worry about it,
I always get really close to the kiss but never get it
No matter what you have, your mind will crave more

>> No.20892493

You fucked up anon, pay the court a fine or serve your sentence

>> No.20892499

I don't dream anymore, it's like i skip to the next day.
...i think i burned out my subconscious.

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I dream of nice tea parties with the jay.

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I usually forget my dreams. When I remember them, it's usually something vaguely work-related, like general purpose anxiety. Either that, or I'm hanging out with friends.

It's strange because I'm pretty lonely, and I think about that a lot, but I rarely dream about girls (2D or 3D). Maybe I just fap too often.

>kiss dreams
I had so many of those in high school. They stopped after a while, but it was really frustrating at the time.

>> No.20893308

I dream about me shooting everyone who posts in generals on /jp/ with a .22

>> No.20894395

I dream about (YOU) all night

>> No.20894622

I just tried to sleep for 4 hours but couldn't manage to fall asleep
For some reason I kept seeing flashes of colour and after a while everything became cyan or teal. And then I just stared at that wall of colour for a few hours before getting out of bed
Never had anything like this before, what happened? Anyone know?

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Toilets; in 99% of my dreams I am searching for toilets. Usually in some dark maze that gets more and more foreboding the longer I search.
Endless doors and corridors that lead to weirder and weirder and darker places, full of strange people who are trying to do me harm or else block me from the toilets that I (apparently) so desperately desire.

>> No.20894973

Sounds like you had a migraine, maybe. If you get a bad headache or feel really sick or tired a little while from now, it was probably a migraine.
Migraines usually have a nasty flashing aura that travels from one eye to the other but they can straight up blind you for a while as well.

>> No.20896984

You were right
That was a bit painful

>> No.20902659

I-I like you too anon...

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Nightmares I mostly have nightmares. It's probably influenced by how much horror games I play. Most of the dreams I remember involve me being someplace normal and things get progressively creepier and spookier until I get chased or attacked by some monsters and wake up. To be fair being a horror fan these dreams are somehow fun in a strange way.

However when I'm having withdrawals shit really hits the fan, if I manage to get a couple of hours of sleep I have these absolutely terryfing vivid dreams that end up with me being wake up by my own screams completely drenched in sweat and terrified by my own room for the rest of the night.

>> No.20903079

I had a dream last night where my old man pressured me and my friend to lose our virginity to Japanese prostitutes but then I was showering the whole time and it wasn't till after we've left that I realized I had been stood up I also never got refunded. I'm really enjoying using /jp/ as my personal yume nikki

>> No.20903441

A small army of lolis in front of me set to attack me, but then they suddenly fell down on the floor like robots malfunctioning. After that I just sniffed their pantsu.

>> No.20904674

>However when I'm having withdrawals shit really hits the fan, if I manage to get a couple of hours of sleep I have these absolutely terryfing vivid dreams that end up with me being wake up by my own screams completely drenched in sweat and terrified by my own room for the rest of the night.
I know that feeling a little too well. What are you withdrawing from? Is a slow taper a feasible option?

>> No.20905715

Usually from a weeklong alcohol binge. I taper when I can but sometimes my body just refuses to take another drink so I go cold turkey, it's faster that way anyway.

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Actually had a dream with Satori in it last night. She wasn't the focus or anything, just a dweller on the threshold.
Don't remember much else about the dream other than I had to saw someone's arm off and they were struggling and screaming in a really odd, almost David Bowie-esque way.

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Sometimes i dream being a 2hu while interacting with other 2hus.

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I dream of global communism.

>> No.20910428

Last one was something about suika and walnuts
it's very cloudy

>> No.20910432

Race war

>> No.20910994

Only a week long is fine enough to cold turkey usually, yeah. But once you get into a strong dependence with alcohol, or GABAergic substances in general, tapering is incredibly important. Because that's one of the few substances where withdraw alone can actually kill you directly, due to seizures and whatnot.
Even if you drink often, please don't let it get to that point, at least. And if you somehow manage to, at least do a 2 day taper for safety's sake.
Nightmares are pretty low on the list of things to worry about there.

>> No.20914206

Like that wacky races old cartoon?

>> No.20916472

Thanks you very much.

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