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Ah yes, the "I'm just going to ignore everything I've established so far in this doujin for a throwaway edgy joke/panel near the end" artist. I've read his works. They sucked.

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This thread again?

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Shitty retarded overrated edgelord.

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best landscape artist
best writer
most provocative themes
nothing but consistency

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I don't like this cause it's just silly that sakyuun's got a wooden leg

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It was an interesting realization of the compromise that Sakuya and Remi had to make with their conflicting desires, Sakuya wanting to remain a human and Remi wanting Sakuya to remain by her side forever.

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I would gladly give Nazrin my body to feast on as fuel to search for treasure.

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It was fuel not for a search of treasure, but to search for someone she lost.

actual spoilers: In summary, there was once a princess in a desert kingdom, named Nazrin, with the strange ability to find gold from where it was thought not to exist. The truth of this ability is that she was able to talk to a mouse, who would bring her all sorts of gems as appreciation for talking to it. She would exchange the gems for gold with a spirit who called herself "Esther", who came to her room every night that the moon and the stars are the brightest.

The kingdom that Nazrin belonged to was pluinged into chaos, as invaders slaughtered every man, woman, and child. They killed everyone except for Nazrin, whose abilities the invaders were aware of.

Nazrin withered away in the confines of her cell. She waited and waited, but Esther never came to visit again. One day, having grown sick of her confinement, Nazrin made a request to the mouse:

Eat her body, and carry her soul eastwards, towards a shining star.
There, she would meet Esther again.

The death and destruction left by the invaders spread east, but the mouse never forgot its duty. It ran and ran, carrying Nazrin's flesh, her soul, until it reached a place where the strife that had plagued them both hadn't reached yet. Over time, the mouse took on the form of its long dead friend which it had consumed the whole way.

In this land, which later came to be Japan, Nazrin met Esther again. The end.
Just like with any dark Zounose story: there's always light at the end of the tunnel.

The story has some references to middle-eastern and buddhist mythology. Esther could be a reference to Ishtar, who was inspired by Durga, from which Shou's tiger design may have come from (Bishamonten doesn't seem to be associated with them). Nazrin mentions that she knew about Shou's location from a god named Kubera, which shares some characteristics with Bishamonten.

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He's good at drawing nonetheless.

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Sekibanki book. In short:
1) The entire book is about the body looking for its heads, which are shown consistently to be numerous and disposable.
2) Final page reverses the situation, making it seem like there's only one head, and Sekibanki can "find as many bodies" as she likes - for no reason but a cheap gore shot of the severed neck.

It doesn't help that the overall tone of the book is mostly lighthearted and comedic. But Zounose can't help himself and just has to draw something gory, no matter how inappropriate or nonsensical it is.

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I play a mouse
I like to eat human

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Can't write a likeable character to save his life. Frequently ignores canon to make the story "darker".

Good art though.

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It was mostly just Remilia being incredibly petty and sociopathic. Which, it's not what she is actually like in canon.

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I like his unique headcanon.
Especially his Suwako.

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Your only complaint is "2edgy4me" desu

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>the body looking for its heads
You fell for the bait. Which was supposed to be a setup for the twist at the end, but you won't let go of the bait. For all we know, the body could have just been under the control of the one sane Banki head.

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>he didn't get it

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boring writer

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Yes, that's exactly my complaint. Edgy bullshit for the sake of being edgy, even when it goes against the established setting or common sense. Good job catching it.

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>the established setting
>common sense

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Did you miss the "or"?

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I don't know. His doujins are fun to read.

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did you miss the source material? my word, silly secondaries

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>source material
We're talking about a doujin artist and his series. They have their own internal rules, whether you like it or no, which he himself establishes in each individual work, and he has the annoying habit of breaking them completely just to have an unnecessary "shocking" panel or line.

Canon doesn't play into this.

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you call that an argument?

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Do you?

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Nope. lol

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>But Zounose can't help himself and just has to draw something gory, no matter how inappropriate or nonsensical it is.
Define inappropriate.

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I like that Kanako came really close to calling her "weird shirt girl" here. Like mother like adopted daughter, I guess.

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I really like that doujin where everyone gets written out if existence

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Hoe noose

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Really loved this 2-pager.

I remember asking Zounose on twitter whether or not Reimu's hair was whitening or turning green when she was still with Akyuu, and he said it was turning white. I really thought it was a sign of Sanae's soul being inside her, just like how the accessories represented the two other gods.

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Is there any correct order to read his translated books or are they unrelated?

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They're mostly unrelated, only a few minor details are recurring / retconned.

For the longest time, Sakuya's leg after VINTAGE was always drawn obscured, up until MOMIZI ROLL, where it was confirmed that there's continuity.
Momiji continues to wear the bone necklace she made after Souku no Kiba.
Sanae's accessories disappeared at the end of Kaminare, but it reappears later on.

This is for the translated works. Zounose's compilation bonuses (around 60 pages each) only have two scanned, none translated. They're all based on the previous works included in the compilation, and understanding their plots sometimes relies on having read those previous works.

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That's probably my favorite of his books, which is saying quite a bit. Good mystery, real page-turner.

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Wolf Tengu A is a real cutie.

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Going against the established tone or realities of the setting. Alternatively, something that seems odd or out of place to the reader. An unintended violation of suspension of disbelief. A mistake or shift in the narrative that breaks the reader's immersion.

I could go on. Should I? Or are you going to ask me to define "immersion" or "suspension of disbelief" now?

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you just forgot about the "switch" part of bait and switch

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I just want to know what the meaning behind his name is. Is it based on anything?

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I asked him about what "Mugamubiru" and "Yakumi Sarai" means a few months back, but forgot to ask about his artist name.

He claims that "Mugamubiru" sounds like a middle-eastern word that meant "a person that uses spices excessively". He and I couldn't find this word again after trying to google it.

"Yakumi Sarai" is just from him liking spices and condiments, "Yakumi".

"Zounose", which I haven't confirmed, sounds like "zou no se", which means elephant's back.

His art has gotten so much more 3D feel to it now, but this flatter, unrefined art style from his early days is something I miss. It's really unique.

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>"Zounose", which I haven't confirmed, sounds like "zou no se", which means elephant's back.
If you're right, that's a strange name to pick for an alias, the fact that it's spelled in katakana is what throws me off though, unless it's just to sound cool.

I feel like some artist's actually get "worse" over time. Their art itself gets better, but they drift into a more generic style as they try to improve, they lose their personality. Reminds me of the old 2hu 4koma's Setz used to draw a long time ago, that janky style he used to have was really endearing.

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>Going against the established tone or realities of the setting.
No. That's not inappropriate when the mangaka is very well aware of when he's going against the established tone, there is a name for that but i forgot.

>Alternatively, something that seems odd or out of place to the reader.
Subjective feelings.

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also, I wish Marisa, Alice, and Patche kept remnants of the chains they had in Kodoku no Mahou. Just as a slight nod that they remembered what happened that incident, though I'm not sure if they do in the first place.

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I see. What about Sanae ascending to being a god? Her hair ornaments cracked but in later books she has them again. I guess Reimu being able to channel her indicates that she ate that human meat.

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yeah I mentioned that (Kaminare). It's even worse, since the ornaments reappear at the afterword gag panel.
I wish doujin artists did a lot more continuity. Some of them got careers long enough to make it really interesting.
I also wish more of them did the "Reimu can channel Sanae" thing. It's an interesting synergy between the two of them.

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the man that should illustrate the next touhou manga after Ibarakasen is finally done.

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What's your point?

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uuu... I really wanna talk to zounose about the latest Ibarakasen... he just posted about it... do you think he will reply to me?

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ZUN's nose! atleast that's how I alwaysread it everytime I see this thread

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>Sanae's accessories disappeared at the end of Kaminare, but it reappears later on.
Maybe she just got normal ones later since she liked them for fashion

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Why the HECK did she get a cut.

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I like that explanation.

character development.

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She looks like Moon Heck.

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Hey just wanted to let you know that you are correct and the other anon is floundering embarrassingly.

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good to know the tripfaggot's not on my side lol
now go back

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This shit was absolutely intense

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retarded tripfag

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This, is without a doubt, the prettiest Alice picture that I've seen. No other picture even comes close.

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Not with those skelly fingers.

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I don't know what to tell you. That's how actual hands look like. If you were to inspect yours for a while you'd start to feel that your fingers are freakishly long.

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Mine are more sturdy looking than skellington.

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what kind of hentai is this?

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