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Anyone else get sad when they see people sexualising 2hus? Feel like I need to take a long break from /jp/ when it happens

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Do you have any examples?

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Yes. But I know I can't change what people whack their willy to, so I just ignore them and enjoy 2hu's how I want to.

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faggots think that anti-sexual idols is pure cancer, but they get overprotective over chinese cartoons? never will understood otakus freaks

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People should sexualize them more.

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Tohos only get sad when they aren't sexual enough

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I just hide those kinds of threads and i'll hide this one as well.

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shizuha is way better! way sexier! be prouder! we love shizuha!

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Touhou is only 15-20% sexualized.
Those are rookie numbers, we need to bring them up.

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Kasen must be crying herself to sleep every night

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We just had this thread.

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I'm bothered by all the stupid fetishes. All the fathu/boobhu/mommy/Yuuka foot fetish threads make me hate the fans of those characters and associates those characters with being irritated. I'm sort of sad because I like Yuuka and Ran design wise, but I can hardly even even look at them because of faggots on /jp/.

I also wish these retarded newfags would stop saying onahole this and onahole that. They completely ruined the joke.

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yuukafag needs to put on a trip so I can filter him

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Pro tip: if you don't like sexualising 2hus on /jp/, don't fucking visit it.

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i really like that remi pic!

i like to imagine i just showed her my disgusting adult cock and she's too innocent and scared to handle it

too bad remi! because its going inside of you next!!!!!!!!

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Is it fine if I only sexualize the lolis?
I want to violently mating press each of the Light Fairies and have the other two masturbate while they wait their turn, I want to mate with Tewi until I pass out and then keep fucking like animals as soon as I wake up, I want to fuck Cirno in public and make her regain her tan from spending too much time naked outside, I want to chokerape Satorin while she struggles and tries to push me away, I want Suwako to use her huge tongue to clean my cock and then hop on it, I want to rip Clownpiece's pants and impale her on my cock while I stand up and her feet dangle nowhere neat the floor, I want to fuck Rumia's throat and have her savour my semen again and again until she gets addicted, I want to kidnap Chen by offering her candy and molest her all day, I want to impregnate Wriggle and make sure no one ever mistakes her for a boy again, I want to get a double blowjob from Remilia and Flandre and have fill their tiny wombs with my semen and then have them lick each other's cunny clean.

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and now my peepee is hard again, god damnit, i just finished cleaning it up

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I try to avoid lewding 2hus all the time but the temptation only gets stronger the more I resist.

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I wish I could gas these people >>20684615 >>20684886, OP. But I have to deal with them every time I visit jaypee. I think you should follow my example and gaman because these nuisance won't escape us.

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>t. yuuka feet smeller

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I don't know who you're quoting but there's nothing wrong with feet, or any body part for that matter.

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feet stink!

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GOOD natural stink. Especially touhou stink.

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Who's the stinkiest?

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It sucks when your 2hu is constantly overshadowed by her tit subordinate

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This post is more than fine.

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Use the fire ver. 1 extinguisher to douse that conflagiration before it hits the curtains.

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People won't stop saying lewd things about her.
I have to constantly hug her to sleep every night, not that I'm complaining of course. She smells pretty and is very soft despite her strength.

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This pasta is now protected /jp/ heritage

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>gets triggered over a non-existent character being fucked
what a retard

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File: 188 KB, 850x1201, __flandre_scarlet_and_remilia_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_gishiko_kog_0130__sample-c4ba2a51940a44995cdd29f4be5b3a5c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I disagree but still felt the need to get you this picture.

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That's retarded.

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I know how you feel, OP. All I can tell you is that it's best to just get away from where people do all this and enjoy it on your own in your own ways, even better if you can find people who enjoy it in the same ways you do. A rule to keep in mind is that fandoms are to be avoided otherwise you'll just be reminded of why you hated it so much in the first place.

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Yet you post ZUN.
The one person who gets his jimmies rustled the most at one of his adorable Touhous being lewded in any shape or form.

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imagine convincing remilia your blood has aids and she needs to suck your dick to cure it

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If that was true he wouldn't work with some of the artists he's worked with officially, nor would he be officially okay with the avalanche of yearly porn this series gets.

Like really, what are you talking about? Has he ever said that? Sure he doesn't really pervert canon, but that's not the same as being rustled by them being lewded at all.

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That literally never happened and I don't know why are people for some reason is constantly mentioning it.

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Remilia is old enough to know that's bullshit.

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I get sad when I don't see 2hus getting impaled on cock.

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someone stupid says it on one thread, someone stupid reads it, posts it in another
could be the same idiot though

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If HIV is cured in the outside world, does that mean it would enter Gensokyo?

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Sanae too

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No I don't know what it's like to have autism, OP.

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He admitted publicly he would visit an onsen with Marisa so he could violently mating press her.

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I don't like sexualizing 2hus but sometimes I pretend I do.
It makes a good joke sometimes, I guess.

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Why does it have to be an onsen? Can't he mating press her in a bedroom or something?

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I get angry anytime I see a 2hu with a shota. It triggers me for some random reason I cannot explain.

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That's because shotas are shit and shotacons are the most annoying people in the world.

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You do realize the percentage of footfags and masochists is statistically higher among Yuukafags than in the general population, don't you?

Also, Yuuka's feet don't smell, fuck off, you or whoever wrote that post with a quote of unknown origin.

He did say he was pleased at some "dislikeable artists" or whatever leaving Touhou for boatsluts.

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God shut the fuck up and fuck off to /h/. You're part of the problem you colossal circlejerking headcanon faggot.

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but he did admit it at a western con

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so sad my dick cries

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>He did say he was pleased at some "dislikeable artists" or whatever leaving Touhou for boatsluts.
That's not anything to do with porn, but yeah, who likes a trend hopper?

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Porn can be cute, though.

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Sanae is for a grown man, not a boy.

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Did you mean to respond to the faggot above me? Yuuka's feet probably smell heavenly. I'd just like to fliter that faggot yuukafag that does indeed hang about like a bad smell in her threads.

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>> faggot above me
Don't know whom yer talking about. The spoiler refers to >>20686151 and >>20686183. As for the "faggot yuukafag," I also don't know whom you're referring to, but I'm the translator/drawfag who posts MMDs, fumos, Twitter images, and original content of Yuukarin, making up at least a third of the posts in each Yuuka thread, so it's likely that you're referring to me, as it doesn't seem that you're bothered by the POV feet pictures that are usually posted by others. In that case, too bad for you.

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What POV feet shots? I don't look at yuuka threads since you shit them up.

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File: 2.44 MB, 1680x2040, __kazami_yuuka_touhou_drawn_by_panpa__3602110c2fdaffb7ba8ef74476f2a4c3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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So you were talking about me, huh. Geez. I wonder what's that based on, but considering you're not even giving her the respect of spelling her name with a capital letter, I don't think I should care.
But anyway, pics like the one posted just beneath your post.

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me too anon, its gotten to the point it makes me feel almost as sick as mind control

>> No.20697002

I like cute and wholesome
People are very sexual by nature so most people will just want sex
But I just want to see them smile and happy

>> No.20697916

stfu cheers

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luv u 2 hunny <3

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You're cute anon.

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Sanae is for 5-15 grown men at the same time.

>> No.20699343

How is that gonna work out? Is she gonna grow a bunch of tentacles?

>> No.20699406

She can take 7 guys at once, so I assume 14 guys keep taking turns until everyone is depleted of semen, while one (Sanae's bf) just watches and masturbates.

>> No.20699521

Is it wrong that I want to see her take 7 other 2hus at once instead?

>> No.20699586

No? Seeing a 2hu get gangbanged by dudes is a lot shitter than seeing a 2hu get gangbanged by 2hus obviously.

>> No.20699679

is this fan art or official?

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why is yuuka always showing her feet?

>> No.20699717

Because they're the perfect feet of a dominatrix-type alluring woman and, as such, tend to attract perverts.

>> No.20699727

Sometimes. I think in general it is a kind of puritanism that should be overcome. It's a notable strength of Japanese culture that they don't suffer from it as much as we do in the West. I find this something to aspire.

>> No.20699731

something to aspire to*

>> No.20699737

i aspire to lick yuuka's feet

>> No.20699762

You are free to offer a source.

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File: 787 KB, 1119x884, __flandre_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_reddverse__51b7c535dc101a88d544798affb587a0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is one of the most creative posts of the year so far.

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WELL aschkually, lets think about this.
1 in mouth
1 in vag
2 in ass
2 in hands
2 guys armpitfucking her
2 guys getting footjobs
1 guy could be fucking her hair
For the last four guys, she uses an innovative technique of squeezing the dick in her elbow or the back of her knee and giving a pseudo-handjob.

>> No.20706146

And here I was looking forward to seeing a thread with a genuinely awful OP made by an underaged normalfag get bumped off the board.

>> No.20706164

But did you like my idea of the elbowjob?

>> No.20706194

>You remind me of a giant alien woman///?

>> No.20706202

Not one paizuri? Come on

>> No.20706220

Imagine being so much of a homolord that you get mad at porn. At porn that's constantly being produced, too.

>> No.20706961

Remilia's been in Gensokyo long enough to not know what AIDS is.

>> No.20707002

Bullshit meaning Remilia knows that doing anything to anon to cure him of an STD he got from Sanny is complete bullshit because not even medicine can cure that shit. Not I don't mean Medicine either. She'd probably hit you with something worse.

>> No.20707151

Good luck finding a way for all these bodies to fit in.

I made some "scientific research" to find out how many guys can a MMD model with realistic proportions take at once. 7 was the highest number, and that's with a footjob for one person but excluding the hair. So, 9 at best unless her hair is absurdly long. There is just no space for the armpit fucking.

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If you get sad when people sexualize touhous, would you be sad if all the touhous came to the real world without their powers but had to be second class citizens because women having rights is a disaster? would you spend time comforting these female troublemakers while trying to explain that women are afraid of even a few bullets strung together, let alone thousands, and used their rights to ban the 2hus lost past time?

>> No.20707877

could be a couple reason
If regular people with shotas trigger you, you hate pedophiles
if just 2hus, then you have cute aggression

>> No.20709764

Brb, gotta research some more.

>> No.20710234

onahole was a joke?

>> No.20710874

Let me guess, you are christian or a follower of an abrahamic faith.

>> No.20710903

What makes you guess so?

>> No.20710928

Your general sense of puritanism and thinking that sexualisation is evil and contaminating.

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If the 2hus didn't want to be sexualized, they wouldn't be so sexy.

>> No.20711865

>you're part of 50% of the world's population
Damn! Nice guess.

>> No.20712251

Not him but it is contaminating. To the gene pool. (sarcasm- I know you'll reply seriously.)
Take your childhood crush and turn them into an "innocent little angel" now imagine that very same girl as a slut. There are still people who wouldn't marry her as a slut and those sorry enough of a pitiful existence that will, not on the basis of genuine love but rather because it made their dick hard for 4 minutes or they are approaching old age or wizardry and need, not want to marry because who wants to be 20 levels past the Wizard barrier and single. with absolutely no offspring or descendants of your own. Not even the "one night stands." People have ideal mates and the more contaminated the pool of potentials becomes, the less and less inclination and incentive there is to become intimate because it will be shortlived and mostly baseless infatuation.
Purityfags will exist in all platforms regardless. Complaining because OP has purityfag tendencies but little reason to voice his general feeling on the subject is really just opinion based-- Religion plays a huge part in it but is far from important when debating these things since it is merely personal preference.

The older girls become the less attractive over time. Once they become cakes, it's downhill from there. 30 is just the beginning of denial. 40 and onward is why bother dealing with them and just look for someone else better zone.

>> No.20712329

>There are still people who wouldn't marry her as a slut
Why would you knowingly marry a slut? Do you WANT to end up paying alimony and child support for kids that probably aren't even yours?
>once they become cakes, it's downhill from there
Oh so not only are you a retarded cuck but you have shit taste too?

>> No.20712390

That is not written in first person.
>Why would you knowingly marry a slut? Do you WANT to end up paying alimony and child support for kids that probably aren't even yours?
I wouldn't go near a slut let alone one of the flirty girls that eveyone "knows"
>shit taste
Sorry dude. I didn't know you like crazy wrinkly hags past their prime at the age of 99.

>> No.20712417

>first person
what? are you ESL or are you drunk?

>> No.20712597

No you retarded son of a bitch. I didn't write this in a sense that I am the one who would do that.
I gave context on what could happen. not what I would do.
If anything, you're the drunk if you actually think that /jp/ has function members of society. I live in my fucking house 24/7 you mong. I have no reason to go outside or speak with sluts.

>> No.20712645

Rico, please. Take a look at this sentence.
>There are still people who wouldn't marry her as a slut and those sorry enough of a pitiful existence that will, not on the basis of genuine love but rather because it made their dick hard for 4 minutes or they are approaching old age or wizardry and need, not want to marry because who wants to be 20 levels past the Wizard barrier and single.
I have no clue what this is supposed to convey. It's completely incoherent. I cannot even begin to comprehend what you were trying to tell us with this. And it's getting even more confusing now that you've retroactively added the idea of first and third person to this sentence, because that is not how point of view works.

>> No.20712730

read >>20712251 again and read the part after the second sentence.
Let me dumb it down for your punk ass.

>There are still people who wouldn't marry her as a slut and those sorry enough of a pitiful existence that will
There are people who would not marry the slutty childhood friend.
There are also people who would, but not because of genuine love but rather any of the following

1. they saw her, got a hard on and wanted to fuck her and confuse wanting to fuck someone with wanting to marry them because their brain has been melted down because of the excessive porn intake

2. or they are approaching old age or are nearing 30 years old and are hugless, kissless and fuckless and will settle down with low tier, bottom of the barrel trash because who wants to grow up to be 50 years old and with no children, no wife, no grandchildren and most importantly a fucking failure that could not reproduce.

The older you get the harder it is to find someone that meets your standards without being rejected because of outward appearances. You won't find some 18 year old marrying a 60 year old unless money is involved. There are some that do but they are so fucking rare that you will never hear about it. This however is debatable at any age range when you tone it down from 18 and 30 while working your way up or down the list.

>> No.20712771

Calm down Rico. Have you tried Anki? Its an app that's very good for memorizing vocabulary. You could get a Portuguese to English vocab deck and brush up on your studies.
mmm Rico learn English fast :) zoom zoom faster than a birdie

>> No.20712780

No argument.
Opinion discarded.

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File: 103 KB, 820x974, 1547353123822.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Go back. /jp/ is for friendship not fighting.

>> No.20712893

Rico, you've just made a big mistake, but don't worry because it's very common among English learners and even some native English speakers are guilty of it!
You see, what you just wrote is called a "sentence fragment". A sentence fragment is when someone says or writes a sentence without a complete independent clause, here are some examples.
>"Mice eat cheese."
That would be a full sentence because it has a subject and a verb.
>"Mice eat."
This is also technically a full sentence because just a noun and a verb are enough to form an independent clause.
>"Eat cheese."
This however, would not be a complete sentence but rather, a sentence fragment. You need to have subject noun before the verb to make it into a full sentence. Otherwise the listener/reader won't know WHO or WHAT is eating the cheese.
Now let's take what we've learned there and apply it to your post.
>"No argument."
We need to fix this sentence by adding both a noun and a verb. For example "Rico has no argument" or "You have no argument". Those would both be complete sentences.
Good luck with English, Rico!

>> No.20712897

Gentlemen, I have performed the necessary research after collecting a sufficient number of test subjects. It turns out, Sanae (Yukari agreed to be a substitute) can plausibly service as many as 13 young boys who have achieved puberty:
3 people get to stuff their benis inside
2 people get handjobs

+ something that's more of an assisted masturbation:
4 people can play with her lower legs
3 people get to fuck her tits at once
And there is still enough space for one to stuff it right into her hair. Or an eyesocket, but let's pretend such an idea doesn't even exist.

If you're interested in documentary proof, you can find it here:

>> No.20712911

Tell that to dick cheese over there for inciting a /pol/ tier argument with spic shit.

I recognize that posting style too damn well from encountering the same shit on other boards when I need a cool down from /jp/ and a resupply on filters.

>> No.20712929

nice line breaks, crossboarder

>> No.20712940




>> No.20712950


>> No.20713085

Vile human.
How dare you steal what is reserved for the fairies. You best pay me back in supplies to make it stronger and more plentiful to pay them back.

>> No.20713972

I am the person you replied to. You seem to confuse sexuality with promiscuity. I come from a culture where chastity is cherished, so Im kind of a purityfag myself. However this was not about being pure or slut at all. This is the problem with abrahamic religions, you are not allowed to acknowledge sexuality exists, which is an integral part of who we are.

>> No.20714277

please kill yourself, faggot

>> No.20715167

>This is the problem with abrahamic religions, you are not allowed to acknowledge sexuality exists, which is an integral part of who we are.
Clearly you've never read the texts, since Song of Songs is a blatant celebration of sexuality.

>> No.20715784

Irrelevant. What may be there isn't necessarily what is taught, nor what is believed by followers of these shitty religions.

>> No.20715976

No u.

>> No.20716166

pls kys kudasai onegai

>> No.20716194

Y tho senpai nanodesu?

>> No.20716232
File: 1.56 MB, 1254x1771, e1ed6f940f2a1802639a0740bdf8fbeb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's a far greater problem and that is the lack of bbc porn, touhous are literally for bbc and yet there is barely any 2hu bbc out there, for how big the fanart scene is it's really a shame

>> No.20716329

don't reply to him, it's a bait

>> No.20716368
File: 251 KB, 1171x1323, DnTBK7GVYAARrex.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, I think Aya could substitute for BBC. The quality of their articles is comparable. And there are loads of porn with this lewd birb.

>> No.20717513

BBCfags are spammers and have a 100% rate of ruining boards if left unattended.
Rember to shut them down on sight. You cannot just ignore them like footfags. They are to be delt with if you wish to preserve the already declining quality.

>> No.20718674

D-do you wanna be my friend?

>> No.20718843

>2500 year old religious text is irrelevant to religions that have it as canon
You're a fucking idiot. You being surrounded by puritans that faint at the sight of tits has nothing to do with the a canonized book celebrating explicit sexual romance being in every one of their houses.

>> No.20718936

Shh, dumbass. I'm not the person you're originally arguing with. I agree with him that a great deal of christcucks and abrafags are puritanical pussies. These people might have a book that celebrates sex but they sure themselves don't. Now go take your a canonized book and shove it up your anus.

>> No.20718975

Both of your problems aren't with the religions, but with some people who say they practice them. If you were less retarded you'd realize that's a cultural problem.

>> No.20719087

>both your problems
Two problems? Where? I don't even have one problem! Nor did I say that these religions are shitty because a large amount of their followers are retards(just like you, sweet thing). Acting like the religion is oh-so-separate from its followers is also quite idiotic. Well then, please hit me up with some more of those hot, steamy, assumptions if you'd please.

>> No.20719626

>Two problems? Where?
Not two problems you dingus. You and the other anon, ESLfag

>> No.20719640

Huh, are you going on about your fantasy collection of grievances again author de la miserable?
Heya /a/, still looking for her?

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