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Getting ready for Gaki no Tsukai New Year Batsu Treasure Hunters 24 hours

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It's going to be below par again.
I wish they'd either stop or start from scratch.

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welp not many good memes for nippon i guess,
will there be live translation on stream this year?

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What did he mean by this?

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Bus segment
Blue vs Red segment
Two rival teams segment
"Scary" segment
All the "guess which celebrity will show up next" segments
Even the Chouno and thai kick segments are stale by now

It's soulless.

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Last good one was detectives. Scientists was okay, nothing original. American police was awkward and repetitive. The cheaters segments, the Hosei segments, the shit segment and the Matsumoto slap segment were just painful to watch. I'm hoping it's just teething problems from having a new production crew last year, but I doubt it, they all just looked so tired. The other anon is right, it is best that they just end it or think of something new, like what Matsumoto is doing for Prime.

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Was Matsumoto's Documental show ripped and uploaded somewhere?

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it's on nyaa

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You forgot the at least hour long Oni segment.

I'm in it for god Egashira and the random surprises.

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no jimmy onishi = shit

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Anyone else planning on doing a drinking game? It's morning here but who cares

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Interesting that they are no longer do a pre-show before the batsu any more. I guess even Japan is tired of it now.

Take a shot every time Cocorico does a fake laugh to be polite.
Take a shot every time someone gets away with a laugh.
Take a shot every time Matsumoto repeats a joke someone else's did first, either from this batsu or from a previous year.

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stream where?
gakiteam's is laggy as fuck right now

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Welp turns out they are doing a preshow, never mind.

Really? I'm finding that it's actually a couple of minutes ahead of the mov3 site I normally use.

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If you want to watch something else you can always switch over to asahi and watch Yoiko's survival island instead. It starts at 6, so you can at least watch the opening half an hour instead of this recycled shit.

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found a better stream nevermind

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Which one

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Would also know this magical stream.

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If only forjoy TV still accessible.

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What if this year Hosei slaps Chono instead

>> No.20527880

Forjoy died last New Years too, these events always kill streaming services.

I'm pissed that the one decent stream I know is showing some fucking kids show because they're waiting for Fate.

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Do you think those staff will think about that? No creativity left on those people.

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Seems to be working great

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Imagine if chono slaps someone else this time
Imagine if someone else gets thai kicked


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Well, last time that girl got thai kicked and it was probably the best moment of the show.

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>Take a shot every time Matsumoto repeats a joke someone else's did first, either from this batsu or from a previous year.
Why are you trying to kill anons?

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>that girl
Why are you even here?

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pretty good so far

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>they addressed the black face controversy

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>fucking niggers gonna shoot us if we continue

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Pretty funny so far.

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I'm giving up on decent streams, and switching back to the one that's a solid 3 minutes or so behind.

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teamgaki crashed god damm
im using youtube live

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I like these two, they have potential.

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Bus was actually pretty good this year.

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That fucking jiji.

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>Blue vs Red segment

I hate those so much

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black army punishing in how many rows now?

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Is anyone streaming the TV Asahi Arino desert island special? Mov is 504ing.

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Is this retard really streaming on his real account?

That IKKO impression from Hamada was stunning.

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I'm pretty sure it's pai.

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I think he's just retarded. Her tits weren't even that great.

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Oh yeah, just noticed it said パイ.

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You shouldn't really bother talking to "people" who can't even read kana.

This is easily my favorite of the recent segment additions.

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Nevermind, didn't realize they were padded until the next segment with the three of them.

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I'm saving that for later. I'd rather watch it in HD.

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Did you see the lineup? I'm hardly surprised, plus they are pushing the whole twitter angle a lot more with voting for your favourite team.

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>When we just had him earlier today

>> No.20528263

This cont is easily the most unfunny shit that made it big this year. I still can't fathom it at all, it's the kind of gag that would only amuse 5 year olds.

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>p-please watch arino desert with me....

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top 10 anime betrayals

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do people still watch kohaku?

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Thai kick time!

>> No.20528295

If they're over 80.

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Literally Kaiji.

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>tfw they brought in a magician just to fuck with Tanaka

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Please do not bully Hyokkorihan.

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THEME: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ch0ACDFffNk

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BAGAAAAAAAAAAAA is funnier and more MAD worthy.

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Daigo always shows up on bullshit shows like Monitoring, so they'll just be feeding Thai kicker the correct cards through an earpiece or something.

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It looks like he actually practiced the trick though.

>> No.20528327

What the actual fuck

>> No.20528329

They're trying to make it look convincing, idiot. It's just magic.

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File: 2.97 MB, 640x360, Monster Hamada attacks more innocent comedians.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


At least I can post these somewhere safely now.

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>thai kick sama places his card first

>> No.20528335

>practiced the trick
>it's just magic
You're literally retarded.

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Hamada heckling him is the best part.

>> No.20528345

50/50 now, I think he will get kicked from this one.

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Wow. There has to be a trap somewhere.

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>> No.20528357

It really kinda sucks being ahead of everyone...

>> No.20528364

They redo it is the trap. THERE IS NO ESCAPE.

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How did tanaka win again? I just missed it

>> No.20528380

They really want to thai kick him.

>> No.20528382

Thai kick has got serious now!

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You read my fucking mind anon lol.

>> No.20528389

>so they'll just be feeding Thai kicker the correct cards through an earpiece or something.
Yeah, but you'll never notice.

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your point?

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>not even hiding the earpiece

>> No.20528398

True, earpiece technology these days is so advanced you'd never spot it.

>> No.20528401

>thai kick-san trying not to laugh

>> No.20528407

I think they're actually using trick glasses that show up hidden marks on the back of the cards. Super low-tech.

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That was funny as fuck.

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Man, trying to watch the actual Sasuke broadcast is boring as fuck, there's just way too many cut-aways and commercials. It's even worse than the burger broadcast of the Olympics. Better to watch a recap later of the actual runs.

>> No.20528429

I thought the pattern on the card was just different, but thai-kick-kun just needed glasses. I was actually expecting the card to have an obvious difference as well, like a different color or something.

>> No.20528433

Holy shit is that Reel Big Fish?

>> No.20528452

Oh god, this unfunny shit again.

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>red vs blue
Time to look up porn instead

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This is literally the best part.

>> No.20528482

Goddammit Tanaka is so lame even at thinking up insults.

>> No.20528484

It's not very fun for EOPs, anon. Be more sensitive.

>> No.20528496

How can anyone hate this segment? It's funny as fuck.

>> No.20528505

Gaki no Tsukai New Year Batsu Treasure Hunters 24 hours

>> No.20528507

Except the best part is actually the airing out dirty laundry part.

>> No.20528511

I don't even know how EOPs can enjoy this show when all they can understand is the slapstick.

>> No.20528517

He's such a nice guy anon, he just can't think of insulting anyone.

>> No.20528521

Who are you replying to?

>> No.20528530

I'm watching Kouhaku this year, will wait for subs for the Gaki.
Have fun guys

>> No.20528534

That was a pretty good throw-down.

>> No.20528535

They can read some dudes give bad/awkward translations a few minutes later on a way behind steam. :^)

>> No.20528544

last years ガキ使 isn't even translated yet. how can eops live with that lol

>> No.20528550

Don't worry, they can wait half a year instead to get poorly explained references that are literally the definition of "you had to be there".

>> No.20528567

It actually is but they take longer to sub it each year. I expect people to wait 8 months this year if not more.

>> No.20528571

learn japanese already geez

>> No.20528572

I love this game, we should have it in every school.

>> No.20528577

B-But watching it is the only thing that matters, please don't bully EOPkun

>> No.20528582

if protein lose that then he has to seppuku

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File: 2.92 MB, 640x360, Yamasaki embraces his inner woman.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Probably has something to do with the donations they want to keep coming in.

>> No.20528586

What the hell are Matsumoto's muscles for?

>> No.20528589

Oh man, this is gonna be embarrasing if Matsumoto doesnt pull his weight

>> No.20528592

I've got bad news for you, anon.

>> No.20528603

Matsumoto can bench 3 plates for FUCKS sake. This is rigged.

>> No.20528613

It looks like the rope goes behind the curtain, so...

>> No.20528616

or the others aren't pulling their weight. Notice they are wearing socks too so pretty hard to get a good grip.

>> No.20528617

Yeah, but it's clear he skips leg day.

>> No.20528623

Kasuga was an actual athlete in his school days though, that's a lot more important than being the kind of retard who can only lift.

People don't realise, but tug of war isn't really about the weight you can move, it's about how well you can retain your balance and move in sync with your team.

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File: 108 KB, 1136x640, dou53zgf3e701.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20528631

He should've been at the back since he had the most mass. Since he's at the front they got fucked.

>> No.20528641

Sasuga Kasuga.

>> No.20528651

>Hamada's finger spaghetti

>> No.20528652

is Kasuga gay?

>> No.20528664

How can he even stand properly from being so top-heavy?

>> No.20528665

I reckon squat and deadlift would've helped.

>> No.20528668

>Nah, bro, it's that electric shock's fault!

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File: 2.91 MB, 746x420, Hosei the wildcard.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Guys, I just hope there's no wrestling slap this year.

>> No.20528694

Roll the reverse rock-paper-scissors footage

>> No.20528702

I was actually able to to this adding one better than the gun and circle one last year.

>> No.20528717

>get all examples right
>fuck up almost all of the one gorilla & protein get

>> No.20528721

Isn't it still early for kusoge CMs?

>> No.20528741

This one has been pretty good so far, but I feel like I felt the same way last year at the same point. It's towards the end that it always falls apart.

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>no wrestling slap this year
where do you think you are?

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>tfw people are laughing at this but this is really what old age does to your brain
Poor guys.

>> No.20528750

Speaking of, it's been a while since Ariyoshi has been on a batsu hasn't it?

>> No.20528752

I like how this has turned into rifujin Downtown.

>> No.20528753

Everyone knows the worst parts are the game show, the loincloth losers and the scary part at the end. The best stuff is the incidental stuff with the gang.

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Chono's segment is the highlight of the show

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>That part during Scientists were Matsumoto started tearing up because Hamada couldn't figure out some mascot even with hints from everyone in the room
>Housei saying, "No, no, this isn't good... we have to stop this..." in the background

>> No.20528770

And thus, Tanaka became a shota-con.

>> No.20528772

>tfw 1995年 was 40 years ago

>> No.20528773

Absolutely savage.

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>> No.20528776

There was a guy on /t/ from TeamGaki a while ago. Said there's no communication between the team members. If someone fucks off for an unknown reason no one wants to take over their part either. There are Korean 1h long shows which are basically just talking and they get subbed in a day or two by fansubbers, not the companies that sub the more popular shows. TG even shut down the chat on their site because they got shat on by everyone and moved to discord where they can ban anyone who criticises them. Also remember how they went silent for over a month with the only message "we're still working on the subs :^)" when you can check the status page and see that no work is being done. Then there was a person who wanted to gather his own group of people to sub the batsu but the TG cult told him to fuck off and that TG got it so there's no need for another group to compete with them What a fucking shitshow.

>> No.20528801

what a cute loli

>> No.20528809

That's It!? They only did two segments with the kid. It was actually pretty good. Does it feel like there are WAY more commercial breaks and cuts this year?

>> No.20528811

kokoro is a girl

>> No.20528819

Anyone who wasn't a pure idea guy could go and do the whole show by himself in a week, you don't need a fucking "team" for this shit.

The reality is that nobody really gives a shit. Gaki is one of the few nip shows that even gets subtitles.

>> No.20528821

>Does it feel like there are WAY more commercial breaks and cuts this year?
Same as always, bro.

>> No.20528823

Is there a clip for that? Which segment was it on

>> No.20528838

I don't remember, it was just them messing around in the room with some molecule model. Maybe that's why it seemingly upset him, he was just trying to be funny with his partner and it wasn't working.

>> No.20528846

That is...fucking shitty. If that's how they are then I'll take any live or truncated translation like the guys live subbing it right now then wait till august for TG to finish the shit. I can understand school and work getting in the way but goddamn what's the excuse for not having it done before summer? Also I remember some of the last few Batsus having the first three parts done by the end of February which makes their slowdown after that very suspect.

>> No.20528849

True. Even TG or should I say one of the members whose name I forget did it all by himself in 1.5 month during freetime. IIRC it was EDF. I'm surprised that no one really subs Gaki though.

>> No.20528850

It was when they were in the room doing different experiments, receiving gags, etc. Towards the middleish I wanna say.

>> No.20528873

I think there are a few groups that still sub Gaki. Like one group i think is regularly trying to sub all of wednesdays Downtown and Tofu Panda still does stuff every now and then.

>> No.20528878

>I'm surprised that no one really subs Gaki though.
If you knew Japanese, you really wouldn't. It's one tiny 30 minute show that's more regularly subtitled than 99% of other shows out there.

Junichi will absolutely be up for this one, he's been on Matsuko's show a few times now.

>> No.20528882

It took me 6 months from knowing zero japanese to passing N3. By that time I understood gaki more than shitty live translations. There's really no excuse to not learn japanese either.

>> No.20528886

>I'm surprised that no one really subs Gaki though.
Why? Watching subbed Gaki seems like the height of dumb weebery to be desu. Even with sub-titles, most people aren't likely to 'get' anything more than the really obvious stuff and slapstick.

>> No.20528888

Hello /v/irgin refugees

I knew they were incompetent but not this fucking incompetent. What a shame.

>> No.20528892


>> No.20528904

>commercials every 10 minutes
How fucking annoying. Bundle them all up and space more or something

>> No.20528911

>but not this fucking incompetent.
They take 8 months to sub something that should take a week, what did you expect?

>> No.20528922

I don't know, I don't know anything about all the personalities they have on the show, but I enjoy it for the style of Japanese comedy and Matsumoto's sense of humor. A lot of it is closer to classic, mid-20th century American comedy than modern American comedy is, so it really scratches an itch for me.

>> No.20528923

Actors doing netas will never get old.

>> No.20528929

Wednesday Downtown Project became really slow. They released like 1 ep every month for 3-4 months then came to a crawl. TofuPanda is another shitshow group that I could rant about. They subbed 5 episodes in a year. They took over a year to sub okonomiyaki part 2, they still have the same episodes they had 3 years ago on their status page which are being "worked on". Also Wednesday Downtown Project is being managed by the same guy who's a part of TofuPanda.

>> No.20528937

>That completely smooth slide into whispered line in ear
My fucking sides

How did you learn? I've been taking a language class at my college, and I'm aware that this is a poor method of learning. I'm studying at Sophia this Spring, and I really want to make the most of my time there. Right now I'm doing Anki and finishing my shitty textbook, but I don't know what the best listening and speaking practice is honestly.

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File: 2.86 MB, 640x360, A bomb.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The scary part is definitely the absolute worst part of it all. I don't understand why they blow a bunch of money on the ridiculous props and pyrotechnics when it's so incredibly boring. Tanaka can only fall over so much at the littlest things before it becomes irritating. Hell, the Suga bit at the closing is usually the best part of that half hour.

>> No.20528945

Imagine thinking you deserve translations, be glad they're releasing anything at all.

Go learn Japanese already.

>> No.20528957

I don't pay attention to subs anymore, but did they actually release episodes every 3 months? I figured the best you'd get would be 15 minute 説s.

It's funny to see EOPs getting so mad about a show they didn't even know about a year ago. You wouldn't have even heard of it if the "shitshow" groups you complain about didn't tell you about it.

>> No.20528963

>. A lot of it is closer to classic, mid-20th century American comedy than modern American comedy is, so it really scratches an itch for me.
So much this. I prefer this style of humour compared to the vulgar and political shit that dominates TV today, it reminds me of the old variety hall acts.

>> No.20528964

And this is why I don't like talking about subbing groups. Because faggots like you start getting mad that someone is criticising the fansub groups. I'll do whatever I like though. Go cry about it on the TeamGaki discord.

>> No.20528976

You dislike talking about subbing groups, yet you do it anyways despite knowing people like me will show up.

You're being an entitled faggot and you're trying to find excuses.

>> No.20528978

No way

>> No.20528985

I've heard about Gaki in 2009 or 2010. There was a guy subbing the episodes on his blog. He quit the scene a long time ago though. So no, I wasn't introduced to Gaki by the shitshow fansub group that I'm complaining about.

>> No.20528987

>leddit spacing
fuck off nigger

>> No.20528988

I was surprised when I showed it to my dad, who's a comedy writer and huge fan of classic American comedy, and he loved it. Actually asked me out of the blue if I had any more of it, lol. He hated Documental though. Although my younger brother doesn't really like Gaki and loves Documental, so I don't know what that says.

>> No.20528993

Good comeback faggot, you sure got me there. Fucking pathetic.

>> No.20528994

Why don't you two get a room?

>> No.20529000


>> No.20529003

Does your uni have a conversation time or Japanese student union or some such? Speaking practice can be hard, but I know mine used to do a couple hours where they switched back and forth between English and Japanese in twenty minutes intervals. That way the foreign exchange students could practice their English and the language students got practical experience. Was pretty fun. Used to go for the great snacks and to wingman for my buddy who had a thing for the group's treasurer. I've heard from others about similar shit. If there's not, maybe try to start one?

>> No.20529005

isn't this bitch from boys over flower season 2?

>> No.20529007

Go back.

>> No.20529021

>Not even denying it
lmao just fucking leave already.

>> No.20529023

I was talking about Suiyoubi, dude. Unless you're really dumb enough it's somehow related to Gaki because they're both Downtown vehicles, which is a real, terrifying possibility.

>> No.20529025

i think esls and eops wont get this segment

>> No.20529027

>Ranbo 2

>> No.20529036

Makes sense because documental is not as gentle and a lot more vulgar one guy literally tried to take a shit on the table ffs.. I agree with your father, Fujimoto was probably my favourite participant because of his style of comedy.

>> No.20529040

Hnnngh Hanachan

>> No.20529050


>> No.20529056

ok this was ok

>> No.20529058

My mistake then. Still, I knew about it for a while as well, so my point still stands that I wasn't introduced to it by them. There were also other people subbing them every now and then before that group showed up. I have no complaints about others, only TG and TofuPanda because it's mostly the same people. So there's barely any difference between them.

>> No.20529068

Tanaka is lame! LAME!

>> No.20529070

I think they offer conversation practice, actually. The problem is I'll be out of the country until late January, so I'll have to wait until then, meet someone I can practice with in person, or practice online with someone. I think the truth is that I'm shy so it's difficult for me to commit to this shit. I know a Japanese exchange student through a former professor, so I should definitely talk to them. That format - switching - sounds very productive though. When I've done speaking practice in the past, I have a bad habit of explaining myself in English right after I say anything tough, lol.
The girl who represents the conversation clinic at my school is a qt, I was too nervous to go lol.

>> No.20529117

Yes, and?

>> No.20529119

oh shit are they going to lock matsumoto up this year too?!?

>> No.20529129

>this year too
Matsumoto is always locked up.

>> No.20529132

Why would treasure hunters need to rescue hostages

>> No.20529133

He had an injured hip, it's to be expected isn't it?

>> No.20529136

Tag time, yay.

>> No.20529142

Because it's partially an Indy Jones thing and that nigga rescued bitches all the time?

>> No.20529145

While exploring ruins, Matsumoto becomes locked behind a trap door intended to dissuade grave robbers, obviously. This is clearly a training exercise.

>> No.20529149

Tin cans and 101 dalmations were my favorite, hope they do something worse to Housei this year

>> No.20529151

Damnsels in distress?

>> No.20529153

matsumoto slid down when a hole opened up in the floor so now they need to go rescue him

>> No.20529160


>> No.20529165

Ice skater that slaps Tanaka was great.

>> No.20529177

>Hamada uses Tanaka as shield
>Hamada gets smacked instead.

>> No.20529182

I'm laughing more at Matsumoto than the others here

>> No.20529186
File: 2.99 MB, 640x360, Being Tanaka is suffering.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20529198

I love the comfy school building they take them to for this shit, just nestled in the green hills... Something very calming and pleasant about it despite all the chinko-slapping going on.

>> No.20529200

matsumoto being a grade-A asshole in his box is the best part of this

>> No.20529218

>hora hora hora
>are are are
>anoo anoo

>> No.20529219

It sucks to hear, 'Suck it up, and tough it out,' when you're shy, but you know what you gotta do, bro. That format was really helpful for a lot of reasons. Short bursts make it easier to manage and think you can get through it, then you get to relax when it switches to your native language and just help the others along. Made it really fun and supportive. Also, it was a group thing, which I think is usually better than one on one or private meetings a lot of time. You get to talk to different people and different things and the stronger folks can help the weaker ones. Also easier to keep from cheating when you've got others 'policing' so to speak. I know none of this helps with your current situation, but hopefully it's some encouragement to try it out when you can.

>> No.20529226

Even better than that was seeing the dumb twat get kicked. I don't care if it didn't really hurt or if she knew about it in advance. It was cathartic.

>> No.20529233

you'd think Tommy Lee Jones would be more well-known to him due to the whole commercial series

>> No.20529240

He just couldn't remember the name

>> No.20529243

I appreciate the advice, thanks. I guess it's a little nonsensical of me to both want to and not want to talk, after all. But I'm not going to lie, I end up drenched with sweat every time I leave class in the morning if I'm not on top of that day's grammar. I think the other issue is just vocabulary. I often can't say what I want to even though I have good grammar.

>> No.20529244

>girl moaning about matsumoto while biking
>commercial for tampons
hol up

>> No.20529248

I'm embarrassed, I've actually done worse than Matsumoto in remembering the names.

>> No.20529249

Sucks to see downtown increasingly senile each year.

>> No.20529271

And it's going to happen to you too!

>> No.20529272

almost 30 years. but yeah they look really old now

>> No.20529282

Thank you, friend.

>> No.20529284

I'll be dead at 40

>> No.20529291
File: 2.86 MB, 568x320, Being Becky is also suffering.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Becky's kick was hilarious due to how unexpected it all was. Completely caught me off guard, and her response to the kick at the end was even funnier.

>> No.20529296

Dude they always play Children of Bodom on these shows


>> No.20529317

I knew I recognized it.
Was thinking of In Flames at first though, since they're apparently pretty big in Japan.

>> No.20529334

Man, Hosei looks f*a*b*u*l*o*u*s!

>> No.20529336

>Pirates of the Caribbean theme intensifies

>> No.20529338

scary shit

>> No.20529341

The hell?!

>> No.20529348

I feel like it would have had to have been pre-approved if it happened in the west, but Japan also does whatever the fuck the want, so maybe they really didn't tell her? Who knows. It was great and made 2018 the better for it.

>> No.20529357
File: 2.99 MB, 640x360, Hentai Kamen is the true hero of mankind.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20529372

Tanaka looks like he actually enjoyed that.

>> No.20529381

Honestly, it was sort of fitting for him. Comfy.

>> No.20529397

I hate this fat bitch.

>> No.20529410

poor tanaka...

>> No.20529413

He was crying.

>> No.20529435

Hurrah Matsumoto is safe.

>> No.20529469

>inb4 they only show that commercial today.

>> No.20529475

uh oh! problematic!

>> No.20529480
File: 2.83 MB, 1280x720, The best part of every year.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20529485

matsumoto making himself laugh will always be the best moments

>> No.20529493


>> No.20529509

my laugh count prediction
matsumoto > yamada > hamada > tanaka > endo

>> No.20529524

>tanaka is save from a thai kick
what magic is this

>> No.20529548

no way he got that

>> No.20529558

Tanaka is never safe, friend.

>> No.20529579

yeah, i'm just waiting for them to screw him over

>> No.20529589

Of course, but it's the way he so smoothly fails that's so funny.

>> No.20529612

>TL making fun of Americans as a sidenote

>> No.20529615

RIP old men's hand-eye coordination

>> No.20529633

It's great that Endo occasionally has an opportunity to show off his talent every once in a while.

>> No.20529640

ESLs making fun of natives will never stop being hilarious. Nobody's laughing with them, though.

>> No.20529647
File: 2.83 MB, 854x480, Grandpa Matsumoto can't handle Chono.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20529653

These are my favorite segments desu. When it's just the five of them making each other laugh. Some of the classic shit is fun, too, but the random celebs are always hit or miss.

>> No.20529654

does it really hurt that much?

>> No.20529657


>> No.20529688

No, but the Japanese are trained since childhood to comically overrate to any amount of pain. Even if some flicks you, you should grab your arm and cry "っててて~" while wincing.

>> No.20529691

they play it up, but if given the chance, I think they'd prefer not to get hit/kicked. After a whole day of this I'm pretty sure you can feel it.

>> No.20529701

Overreact. Sorry, I've been drinking.

>> No.20529728
File: 383 KB, 609x515, batsu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20529755

Here it comes, the dressing up and making Hosei butthurt time!

>> No.20529772

>tanaka doesnt even finish it after finding out its strawberry flavored
>no one else tries to eat it
But why though

>> No.20529788

It's just strawberry ice-cream in a mold dude, they all know what ice-cream tastes like.

>> No.20529797

Does Hosei have a Hitler moustache right now?

>> No.20529803

It's cause Tanaka's a fag. He could have
pretended like it was gross to get some laughs, and then gotten more when they made the next person try.

>> No.20529812

Thing that gets Housei slapped this year?

>> No.20529815

Been watching live for 8 years now but this is the first time I feel really burned out. They got so set in their ways. They hardly introduce anything new anymore.

>> No.20529817

Hitler's fascination with ancient Egypt is pretty well known.

>> No.20529844
File: 3.48 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_20181231_222129.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Two bombs not being enough.

>> No.20529850

True but Hosei getting slapped really hard while he wears a pharaoh hat and Hitler mustache just now made me laugh

>> No.20529852

Should have put it facedown into his ass. Though gently rubbing Hamada's brains on his ass was still funny.

>> No.20529858

The great thing is when it's Yamada bully time the whole cast always laugh.

>> No.20529862
File: 2.84 MB, 746x420, Another year, another slap.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20529876

I never knew we had live watches is this still live?

>> No.20529880
File: 303 KB, 488x288, thumbs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Matsu uses frozen Hamada head to cool off slapped Housei ass

>> No.20529883

is she hafa
she must have signed some shit

>> No.20529888

why is the tripfag posting random clips from last year?

>> No.20529899

We've been watching it live for years. The fuck you've been? And of course it's still live.

>> No.20529915

Moose is alright. Isn't annoying as most other tripfags and helps people out. One of the two tripfags that I can tolerate.

>> No.20529921

who is the other

>> No.20529932

Youtube is pretty impressively lax with this stuff, 50k+ people watching and the stream still hasn't gone down.

>> No.20529933

Aceman because he mostly just dumps pics of anime/vidya girls.

>> No.20529934

welp I already feel like dying and losing hair as bonus

>> No.20529949
File: 1.54 MB, 253x246, Hosei-Thumbs-Up.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I had a bunch of timestamps to make webms of when watching after it got subbed and never found a place to drop all the webms since I only saw a couple threads on /wsg/ that were always full of other years' stuff and the couple threads I saw here were usually just having discussions of the weekly stuff so I didn't want to impose. I'm done now, thank you for dealing with me and happy new year.

>> No.20529952
File: 1.34 MB, 1281x648, Batsu2018.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20529957

>endo, you do have a birthday right
that was good

>> No.20529961

do japs dont have tvs they watch it there

>> No.20529965

The onus is probably with the TV company; some Kouhaku streams got shut down.

>> No.20529979

This whole Housei scene plus the slap will probably save this Batsu of boredom.

Tanaka thai kick was actually pretty innovative

>> No.20529984

seems like there's no gossip segment this year

>> No.20529985

Happy Holidays

>> No.20530000

There's still 80 minutes left and the gossip segment is usually only 10 minutes long. Plenty of time.

>> No.20530001

eeew, is Japan even progressive enough to air that

>> No.20530007

110 minutes I think. It ends at 12:30 AM JST if I'm not mistaken.

>> No.20530010

yay hopefully

>> No.20530011

the kiss maybe, but THIS?

>> No.20530022

No cute Tomo-chan in this year's Happy Boy segment?

>> No.20530025

happy boy shouldn't be funny but I dunno why I always crack up

>> No.20530050
File: 1.06 MB, 1279x645, Happy-boy-2018.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20530070

Is Endo demonstrating what he is like during sex?

>> No.20530078

slap time

>> No.20530124

Strange how this year seems to be more about magic than treasure hunting. They keep doing this for some reason. I bet next year's theme will be magicians too!

>> No.20530147

>Harry Potter ad right after this was posted
Clearly it's sign.

>> No.20530149

what has been magic so far?
all I can think of is that escape element (you can make a pretty far stretch to relate it to treasure hunting) and hosei's drag queen outfit

>> No.20530152

New MAD material.

>> No.20530164

She's baaaaack.

>> No.20530168

finally something new but it's with lola...

>> No.20530170

The thai-kick card trick as well.

>> No.20530171

Rola being Rola as usual.

>> No.20530172

First Thai kick segment was based around a card trick, that counts.

>> No.20530182

>fortune teller segment
this post didn't age well lmao

>> No.20530186

Hamada sticking his hand in that guillotine. Luna walking into the box and Ega-chan appearing.

>> No.20530193


>> No.20530196

>She can't stand serious lmao

>> No.20530198

why is rola being bad always so funny to me?

I'm dying here.

>> No.20530203

She's hot, so it's okay.

>> No.20530210
File: 1.13 MB, 1266x648, Cant-reach.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20530211

Laughing at a cute girl being dumb(whether she's acting or not) will never not be funny, anon.

>> No.20530214


>> No.20530217

wtf that's a tall bitch

>> No.20530231

Here's Tomo! Man, she's a cute milf.

>> No.20530232

You can watch Kacho Arino eating roasted fish live instead,


>> No.20530234


>> No.20530243

that was good


>> No.20530271

Wtf there's an official live stream? Is this the same as the TV broadcast?

>> No.20530276

No, Youtube one is an official live stream running at the same time as the TV Asahi one.

>> No.20530310

>Housei slap
Oh shit, here we go

>> No.20530342

Hosei is actually a really admirable guy. Part of me thinks he's suffered enough. But in my heart, I know he must be bullied.

>> No.20530347

nightmare fuel

>> No.20530348

Remember when Gakitsuka was new and exciting, and watching an episode kept you interested in what would happen next?
Remember when every year they would have new corners and gags, and would feel like a whole new experience every time?
Remember when they didn't just take any corner that garnered any semblance of success and then repeated it ad nauseam for the following years?
Remember when every iteration of the show for an entire decade wasn't just (in abolutely guaranteed order):
・Costume gag (Hamada's being different)
・Long bus drive (B-rate comedian cameos)
・Idle chatter in front of the Gasu/Heipo statue
・Drawers gag (Tanaka focused DVD, Endou Gossip, Hamada/Matsumoto Figure, Onishi DVD)
・Keys for numbered lockers (Three takes on one joke in different ones)
・"Movie set" visit
・Red vs Blue
・Onigokko (Flavor of the year celebrity cameo)
・Drawers reset (2 more DVD plus a food-related gag)
・Gossip room
・Mameshibori (Eating hot udon then some pain-related gags)
・Endou and Yamazaki get kidnapped
・Tanaka falls a lot
・Gotta rescue Fujiwara
・Escape from an explosion on a 5-person bicycle

Is it fate for everything that gets too popular to just turn into shit?

>> No.20530359

Is it just me, or are the ads happening more often?

>> No.20530361

That's basically which funny face's Hosei likes to do though.

>> No.20530366


>> No.20530368

Ain't it about the same every single years?

>> No.20530382

Right? He's such a hack and they bring him back for the same schtick every time, it's too good.

>> No.20530387

Eh. Regular episodes are still ok every now and then.

>> No.20530402

I think it's how self-aware he seems to be that his act sucks.
It's like he's the only Japanese comedian who's aware of how shit the "LOL I SCREAM IT'S FUNNY" brand of comedy is.

>> No.20530407

The point is to make pro comedians laugh. The lamer comedy works a lot better against them.

>> No.20530412

If you don't enjoy it any more maybe stop watching and spare us your hipster contrarian faggotry?

>> No.20530422

I know your feel and I guess that also shows the dropping in ratings throughout the years as well, people enjoy the tradition but they need to improvise way better for the next Batsus.

>> No.20530427
File: 503 KB, 1297x1080, 1539568613190.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>literally the most widely held opinion about the show in both haters and lovers
>hipster contrarian

>> No.20530430

Yes. And the closer we get to midnight, the more frequent they pop up. It's nothing new, but people say the same every year.

>> No.20530435

I cant believe this idiot literally spilled everything lmao

>> No.20530437

guys, it happens once for year, it's not so critical to round up different segments than to maybe stress what already worked some more

>> No.20530441

Thanks to the guy that made the thread on /v/,

Almost forgot about this. Haven't been much on /jp/ lately.

>> No.20530446

This is why I'm watching Kacho, Hamaguchi and his waifu, and mad man Nasu D instead right now.

>> No.20530456
File: 72 KB, 500x743, 1417790509042.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

almost the end, hope everyone could enjoy 2018 and let's keep 2019 up

>> No.20530457

If at least they only recycled MOST of the material, as opposed to all of it, it'd be fine.
Having like 70% of the show being recurring stuff and a 30% left to experiment with new stuff would be fine.

But 99% of every year is exactly the same.
Any Gakitsuka in the last 5 years is indistinguishable from the others.
If you had a way of digitally swapping their costumes, you'd have no way of knowing which year a certain segment came from.

>> No.20530459

Yeah. Didn't he make a joke one year about needing to get booked again for the paycheck?

>> No.20530471

I found it funny he moderates shows for JAV. saw him in few vids

>> No.20530479


>> No.20530481

happy boy ? More like blue-balled boy

>> No.20530483

Ah ok I see. First time watching live, thought I was going mad.

>> No.20530489

>Newfag mods keep deleting the threads
>Meanwhile rampant console war shitposting and other off topic garbage is fine

>> No.20530494

>dropping in ratings
Isn't that due to the overall decreased TV audience?

There is literally nothing on TV that I'd be interested in, so I watch the stuff I'm interested in on the web/net (actually mostly legally).
Don't think that's any different in Japan.

>> No.20530497

I still love it tho
fuck the newfag jannies, batsu game on /v/ is older than they are

>> No.20530504

Go back to /v/ and stay there you piece of garbage.

>> No.20530511

We'd prefer that

>> No.20530518

Here comes the absolute worst corner of every year's Gaki

>> No.20530535

No. I'm here to watch this and talk about it.

>> No.20530539

I don't think I've laughed a single time from a mameshibori segment since they had the godawful idea of including them.

>> No.20530540

I think it's still pretty good.

>> No.20530545

No Kuro-chan.

>> No.20530546
File: 1.36 MB, 1282x829, yoiko_live.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Watching Kacho Arino doing Yurucamp live is more entertaining.

>> No.20530550

>>literally the most widely held opinion about the show in both haters and lovers
Amongst faggots that want to say the same thing every year. Even when they do introduce something new or do it differently anons say it's shit and moan about the past. Most of the people that watch it in Japan watch it because it's familiar and fun. You either really want to see it or it's New Year's background noise. The people that dislike it have long since stopped watching, so watching just to bitch about it is pretty damn contrarian, yeah.
Remember when Gaki was ''''''good'''''?

>> No.20530552

at least this time they're not going to do the gas arm wrestling

>> No.20530557

I still think the haunted stuff is the most boring one, except Tanaka autism scare

>> No.20530563

You obviously haven't been following him. It's minecraft live.

>> No.20530570

Watching this live for the first time.

It's 23:48 in Japan. Do they do anything special at midnight?

>> No.20530591

There is cooking in Minecraft?

>> No.20530594

I love how the Japanese chat keeps calling him Kacho and mentioning GCCX while ignoring his partner entirely.

>> No.20530596


>> No.20530609


>> No.20530616

Dude just failed the final stage of Sasuke with maybe a foot left to go before timing out. Bit of a bummer.

>> No.20530637
File: 1.90 MB, 384x216, 1535572498561.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

where can i get any translated sasukes? i have all the old ninja warrior ones from g4tv, but havent seen any since then

>> No.20530652


>> No.20530668


>> No.20530677
File: 57 KB, 465x619, 1278023921196.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20530683

No idea, anon, sorry. I can into moon, but I think it's probably popular enough that you could find something with some digging.

>> No.20530700

the airport one was good for that pulling shit out of hotpot

>> No.20530703

Hamaguchi is more popular among casuals I guess.

>> No.20530708

>Remember when Gaki was ''''''good'''''?

Police one?

>> No.20530712
File: 93 KB, 812x609, 1543504091460.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20530716


>> No.20530722

thank god

>> No.20530723

If replacing the fart arm wrestling with balls tug of war isn't the innovation everyone's been asking for, then I don't know what is.

>> No.20530731

It's a pity they couldn't hold the laugh in and all just started singing one after the other.

>> No.20530735

happy newyear japs

>> No.20530736

Happy New Year /jp/

>> No.20530738

It's New Year in Japan now. Happy New Year.

>> No.20530741

Happy New Year to anyone in Japan

>> No.20530765

happy new year japan

>> No.20530773

Cheers, anons. Happy New Year whenever it rolls around to you.

>> No.20530786

Ake ome

>> No.20530795

Tanaka scare autism begins

>> No.20530799
File: 59 KB, 800x540, new-year-in-japanese.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Happy New Year Japan!

>> No.20530804

It started weak but i'm enjoying it so far.

>> No.20530814

Wow, is it really not happening? The gossip segment is one of my favourite parts, sad that it's not going to be in the main show this year.

>> No.20530821

>new year in japanese

>> No.20530822

Happy New Year jp.

>> No.20530839

akeome japanese anons!

>> No.20530843

I dunno why but heipos scare autism I find hilarious while tanakas just irritates me

>> No.20530846

>Japan literally is one year ahead of us

What feels weird, is that I rarely ever see any discussion about what the name of the new era will be.
Is that something the emperor's household decides upon without any influence from the outside?

>> No.20530854

Will probably show up in deleted scenes. Just like singing for food. I've noticed these past few years they've been really cutting a lot of stuff out. Like one year they skipped 30 minutes or so of Oni tag. Even skipped the drawers several times.

>> No.20530856

Thats me, I do it every year and have been for 8 years but this year and last year are sad. Also i think there was one australian anon that showed up every year.

>> No.20530860

more like 30

>> No.20530900

that's also me
had to reset IP to create new thread after I got banned & missed the cup segment, but luckily made it in time for the slap

>> No.20530909

Nice. I tried making a few threads last year but got a 1 month vacation for it. Made one this year as well and it got autosaged just like the other thread. Oh well, at least there's always /jp/.

>> No.20530914

Lmao Heipo and Tanaka, this reminds that episode where they went to the woods by themselves and Heipo was shitting every time while Tanaka was actually calmer than him

>> No.20530933

>the ceiling jiggles

>> No.20530958

I'm honestly surprised at how much japanese stuff I've been getting into in the past year. Started off with toku stuff, then recently found a channel that uploads compilations of japanese commercials, and now I"m watching my first live batsu game.

>> No.20530976

This is sad

>> No.20530980

you finally took the jappill

>> No.20530981

I can't remember, is the extras shown tomorrow or next Sunday?

>> No.20530988

Should be on Sunday.

>> No.20530990

>giant Emperor face

>> No.20531007

There, explosions and end of the show.

>> No.20531012

Pity it will never be translated.

>> No.20531015

I have been here on /jp/ ever since the split happened but only for a year and a half. It kinda turned into something completely different over the years compared to what it initially was. All those "Which touhou would you xyz" and saging every reply made me stop coming here.

I hope I didn't offend any /jp/ friends. I still check out the trainstation threads.

>> No.20531029
File: 342 KB, 277x567, 52247b1d664184b79a162befbc39cb12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

repostan best part of the Batsu so far which was Nami's tits from the One Piece x Indeed ad

>> No.20531048

was another nice year
see you guys next time
hopefully next year mods will be less of a cunt

>> No.20531060

And hopefully batsu will be better

>> No.20531062

Don't know how much you know, but it's switching over May 1st. They could delay announcing it as late as early April, but they could do it as early as the Jubilee celebrations in January-February. Last I read say they want to delay it as long as reasonably possible to keep the focus on the current Emperor(this will be his 30th anniversary). Barring a leak, I'm expecting closer to April than not. I believe it's actually decided by the government with input from "respected scholars and other persons of high discernment". There's a law with several regulations that they used last time that says it should be two kanji, easy to read, and some other stuff. I don't know if it's decided just by the people the Prime Minister appoints to the cabinet or not, but obviously the more people involved the more likely it'll leak before they want.

>> No.20531066

>Matsumoto 271

lmao, ass champion

>> No.20531070

You too anon.
I doubt it sadly.

>> No.20531075

Hahaha. I wondered if anyone else caught those.

>> No.20531084

What is this song?
It's used in a ton of mashups I've heard, but I don't know the title or the origin

>> No.20531092

How long has the current era lasted? What's the reason for the switch assuming it's not annual?

>> No.20531093

Do not put any high hope on it. Just enjoy the good ol' ride.

>> No.20531094

They won't. See you, anon.

>> No.20531095

The kaiji card game thai kick and hamadas monkey brain being splattered on the floor were really good compared to everything. And housei getting really excited to get rid of the curse after spilling most of the water in his second try was pretty funny as well.

>> No.20531098

NHK breaking news says Apr 1

>> No.20531099

Yep, though no idea how much farther I will end up going, but it probably won't be here. Not a big of touhou.

>> No.20531109


>> No.20531119

you will be soon

>> No.20531120
File: 93 KB, 1000x560, DvwTnyvVAAEMdDs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck, forgot pic.

>> No.20531121

big fan of touhou*

>> No.20531135

was that an advertisement saying excluive content on hulu or some shit?

>> No.20531143

This. I never understood the autistic nitpicking on everything. Just enjoy the (lighthearted) comedy.

>> No.20531149

>April Fool's Day

>> No.20531154

Uhhh, name?

>> No.20531161

I like this year's more than last year's despite being almost exactly the same. Thanks everyone and happy new year.

>> No.20531168

Unseen footage will air in Saturday.

>> No.20531169

Same. See you fucks in a year.
Unless I get back into virtual youtubers.

>> No.20531170
File: 1.28 MB, 1280x721, yoiko_live2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now waiting for the replay.

And the full 8 hours of Yoiko show being posted somewhere. I watched mad man Nasu D doing mad man things last year and it was great. Can't wait to see the whole thing this year again.

>> No.20531174

No idea. Don't much about Indeed beside it having something to do with employment stuff

>> No.20531176

It's also the start of the Japanese financial year, but maybe you can read Japanese better than me,

>> No.20531197

>How long has the current era lasted?
30 years come January 8th.
>What's the reason for the switch assuming it's not annual?
Era names change when the ruling emperor changes. Previously this was done when the emperor died and his son took the throne, but the current emperor has decided to abdicate, so there's more talk and discussion over it.

>> No.20531283

Thanks a lot for your post.
>There's a law with several regulations that they used last time that says it should be two kanji, easy to read, and some other stuff.
Okay, will look in that direction then.
>I don't know if it's decided just by the people the Prime Minister appoints to the cabinet or not...
Oh, so it's politicians, and not the nobility making the decision?

>> No.20531360

>Oh, so it's politicians, and not the nobility making the decision?
The Imperial Household Council likely plays some part as they're the ones deciding all the stuff leading up to the abdication and dates and such, but even that is mostly comprised of various politicians. The imperial family might have a representative among those "persons of high discernment" but it ultimately falls to the prime minister and his government.

>> No.20532191

reminder Tanaka was so poor he was eating only bread crusts for 2 years because he could not afford anything else

>> No.20532203



>> No.20539911

>Shinzo Abe(nomics) gets to decide on the name for the new era

What could possibly go wrong?

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