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This is Kasen. Kasen the not Oni.

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Of course not. She's my loving wife.

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Kasen is a Oni.

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B-BLASPHEMY! ZUN's words are non-canon!

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no where does he say she's an oni, he just thinks it would be cool IF she was an oni, hypothetically speaking.

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If Kasen's not a human, how come she's breeding with humans all the time, huh?

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She's not.

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If Kasen is not an oni then I vote to evict her from her personal pocket dimension and make her move in with the other hermits. She's taking up real estate.

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>Kasen dressed up as best girl
I wish Kasen would buttpunch me in the face and obliterate every micrometer of my face from the sheer force of her strike.

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Wrong. Kasen is the oni.

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I want to reincarnate as an ant in Gensokyo and be stepped on by Kasen.

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>Scared of beans
>When Reimu found Kasen's arm it was labled as an Oni arm
>Unnaturally high alcohol tolerance
>Literally says "It takes an Oni to know an Oni" when talking about Suika who she personally knows
>Her comic is called Wild and HORNED Hermit
She's an Oni bros

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>Wild and HORNED Hermit
The real horns were the friends she made along the way.

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Do /jp/ posters call her a slut? Lewd, sure, but slutty?

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sorry to tell you this, but Kasen is pregnant with my child

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Please stop making thread OPs with hammer's illustrations. You could have chosen any other artist.

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No matter how look at it, that hermit's an oni.

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If she's an oni how come she could she possibly fit her horns under those cute little buns on her head?

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Why would you trust a tanooki though? Especially mamizou who's one of the 3 biggest tanooki, that just makes her craftier then the already crafty pranksters that her species is.

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Because she's not saying that to anyone, that's what she believes herself to be the truth.

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Remind me again what's her job as a sage?

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We don't know.

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sucking dicks

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Ah roki making my dick go doki once again

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To become a cum dumpster

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Pink lewd oni.

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Wild and HORNY Hermit

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She left that club when they realized they were actually post timeskip shounen villains.

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It would be just like a Mamizou to trick even herself.

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Kasen is pretty and cute

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ZUN was obviously being ironical. Why are Kasen=Oni posters so idiot?

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probably because she has tiny girly horns
or maybe she sawed them off leaving only stumps

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Kasen the LEWD PINK!

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>because she has tiny girly horns
It'd be funny if everyone in Gensokyo was wrong and Kasen was actually an amanojaku instead of an oni. Would make sense too because people tend to call amanojaku oni anyway despite them being two separate types of youkai.

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To keep all the posts in Gensokyo from being on the front page of Aya's paper.
(Similarly, human farmers sprinkle sage in all the fields; it keeps any posts they make from rising out of the ground.)

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Will you take care of the child,anon?

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Why does she wear those tiny Remilia hats, anyways?

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Style. Arn't they cute?

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Literally me.

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you aren't cute or sexy

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she’s insecure about her tiny horns

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Someone should tell her that size doesn't matter.

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Kasen stop shitposting on IBs.

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Slutty hermit

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no u

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Tiny budding horns can be cute too!

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I want to breed with this not-Oni

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A daughter!
Kasen is having a daaghter! My daughter!
Congratulate me /jp/! Please!

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this is making me horny beyond belief, especially when thinking about Kasen

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What's wrong with being an oni?

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Two tiny remilias did a fusion dance, and lewd pink is the end result

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Next you'll be trying to convince us that maribel is actually yukari

Damn conspiracy theorists

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kasen the not slut

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She only got the job because of diversity hire

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>No matter how you look at it, that hermit is a getter robo.
wakai inochi ga makka ni moete~

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>No matter how you look at it, that hermit is a getter robo.
wakai inochi ga makka ni moete~

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More like Kasen the slut.

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Kasen the one-chan.

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Sakuya is not a JoJo

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When was next chapter of Kasen's manga supposed to get released?

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Nevermind, it's actually supposed to be tomorrow

>発売日:2018/12/13 発売

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