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obey your desires

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You listed ass twice.

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I always do though.

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What are Seiga's ten desires?

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I shall not!

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My desire is to suck on Seiga's nipples

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My desire is to not obey my desires.

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Sex with Seiga Nyan Nyan!

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Seigas huge nipples

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Seiga titty fuck sex cum sex fuck

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What is this meme?

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You tell us, it's your worn down rewind game.

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Post that one seiga pic. You know the one.

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Who gives a s*** about that though?

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I don't think that's something you should be saying to a lolicon.

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I give a stic about that

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i think you are confusing pedophilia and lolicon there lad

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It's the same thing for the japs.

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"Nyan Nyan"

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Thanh Nga nương nương rất dễ thương.

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i refuse

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Fuck off Abe. I'm not procreating.

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My desire is to nyan nyan those seigas

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0s4JmannDqA desire desire desire desire desire desire desire desire desire desire

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Desire drive is underrated beyond belief. Seiga needs more love, both as a character and porn wise. Maybe even put her in the next fighting game

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Hey man, it's on you.

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>Desire drive is underrated beyond belief.
Very true.

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we can be in desert years

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Di di di di di desired


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Do you Desire?

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heck yeah i do

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OK, that's good. Keep it up now, always.

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My desire is to get fucked by ara ara touhou hag

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she's not a hag but seiga can ara ara with the best of them

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How her 8 on top of her head stays still

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That isn't 8, that is ∞

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wow, look at seiga's amazing butte!

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it is indeed quite a notable derriere

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I'm not sure, this one monk told me to abandon my desires.
I think she was buddhist or something

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I have it from a good source that Buddhists will steal your pets and shit on your lawn when you're not looking. That doesn't sound trustworthy, right?

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I want this trustworthy taoist hermit to steal my cherry

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Will Seiga nyan-nyan lure /jp/ to taoism using her charm?

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Is it bad if I want her to sit on my face?

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Meiling, Seiga, and Junko together in a room, speaking Chinese language of different time periods to each other. That is my desire.

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Not even Seiga would do something so despicable

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If that's your desire, then it is only natural.

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This artist is great
Nhưng tại sao lại đăng bằng tiếng việt?

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>Desire is to united the Human Villages under one leader.
>Desire is to spread the Human Village out into several Human Villages throughout Gensokoyo and have them fight against each other.
>Desire is to complete cloud the Human Village in White Phosphorus as everyone sleeps just to see what happens.
Which desire should I follow?

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Do you guys have internet in vietnam

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I met Seiga at a school in a dream. After I left Yuukarin's classroom because it was too crowded I saw Seigs walking into the neighbouring classroom with 4 or 5 kids trailing behind her. I made myself invisible and phased into the classroom, though she might've been able to see me because I think she smiled at me. I locked the kids out before they could follow her in and put a seal on the door so Seiga couldn't open it, whispering that using her hairpick was cheating, but she cut a hole with it after a bit and gave a kiss(pretty sure just on the cheek) to the one kid who was still trying to get in and carved her name(maybe) in the door. After this I felt defeated or something since I just slowly floated back to Yuukarin's room, saying that that kid was the luckiest kid in the world for that little moment.

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thats cool
i saw seiga in line at a movie theatre once in a dream
i said "hi"

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This is internet for $10 in Vietnam.

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Tfw the second world has better internet speed than my shitty satilite internet.

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Mind sharing more details about Yuukarin's classrom and the reason you're mentioning it?

Here's my $12 USD equivalent for 60 GB at full speed, then limited to some 10 Mbps at day, tested on a server that's 40 miles away. For reference, it's a town with $400 average monthly salary and living costs of $200 for a single person, including the internet, which, when I mentioned it on another board, was deemed a good reason to call my country a third world one. It's also the provider with the highest prices (of the three available options) but the best reputation.

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To be fair, there's an internet exchange right on top of Ho Chi Minh City, and 10$ in Vietnam is not cheap. Still, it's above average internet for its cost.

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No more details, I was probably only in there a second at first and woke up before I got back there. Just mentioned it since it segues in and out of Seiga's part.

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obey your desires more and more

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Why shitholes have better speed than 1st world countries?

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Because you don't live in the right 1st world country

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Because Seiga-sama is also a citizen of a shithole country.

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gensokyo is paradise though

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>more and more

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Nice try Wei but Gensokyo isn't country.

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yeah it is

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But Gensokyo isn't Japan, Liu Xun.

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uh oh

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fuck why is seiga such a cutie

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Big bebe need hermit milk.

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old man makes it look weird but the last one is objectively best

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That old man is me irl

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I love Vivienne!

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Desire what?

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Please explain love

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I do now and then. I dont release in preteen girls much these days.

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What does it mean to desire desire?

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Beating the crap out of Seiga!

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hermits dont make poop though

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Communism out.

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File: 473 KB, 888x580, __chen_inaba_tewi_and_kaku_seiga_touhou_drawn_by_furukawa_yomawari__c1c282bf3e70e9ecdc0f9b81652901f6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seiga is young and fresh!

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Those are both chinese...............................................................

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eazy duz it

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How powerful is Seiga-dono?

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She'll take a chisel to your knackers

>> No.19676087

in the realm of touhou, probably on the weakest side of things
she's good at escaping but not much else

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seiga is very hot

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(*construct more pylons*)

>> No.19681838

It has been written that she could became god but she cannot since her personality

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My desire is for a mating press.

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I desire hermit boobs.

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But with who?

>> No.19696319

Release inside preteen girls!

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America is a fucking joke

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Are you sure about that, Seiga?

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