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Yukari comes up to you and gives you an offer: You can be turned into any 2hu you want, no questions asked, and get their memories without your identity being subsumed (although it may be changed) and their powers, although you remain in this world. The price for this is your bodies become theirs, no matter what, including sex and gender and all, no headcanons but general canon.

Do you accept? If you do, which 2hu will you choose?

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Make me komachi and no regrets afterwards

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No. giff Okina.

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Oh fuck, forgot to add: What do you do?

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Sorry Yukari, but I would rather have mating sex with you than become a 2hu.

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But if me become little girl, how impregnate?

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That's the point of this hypothetical

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Power Move: Become Yukari

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I mean you won't be her-her, but i guess if you become her you'll be her but not her-her?

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But that’s defying logic. You’d just be maribel

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an offer like this means she clearly has some kind of ulterior motive
i cant imagine how i could be so stupid as to trust that being granted this kind of potential choice and power is going to result in anything but total gain for her and some kind of horrible fate for myself
making a deal with the gap youkai is a fools gambit

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Maximum Move: Become Renko
>this is officer Usami local Hand of Kane division
>reports of domestic abuse called in by some young boys
>probably a prank sir
>please step outside and let me see your Hero's registration for a minute
>nice ring, 0h you've been together for a few years?
>I hardly keep up with the mutant community here on Earth but congratulations
>Oh me? Well, there's someone for everyone - long distance you know?

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>although you remain in this world
>get their memories
The objectively correct answer is Yumemi Okazaki. Most youkai run into the problem of not having a Gensokyo to go to in order to sustain their existence, and most youkai also run into the problem of not giving you access to the Grand Unified Theory of Everything to allow you to do almost anything you want.
Checkmate, Yukari. I'm onto your games.

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Remilia. I want to take it easy and be comfy.

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Okay, how bout this: you can sustain your existence even if you're a youkai since Yukari makes it so.

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Become ZUN

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ZUN doesn't count

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What are you after today Saotome?

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What if Super Fighting ZUN bot WLN -**** cyberdyne systems, S----net?

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Turn down that vulgar thunderstorm warning you're giving off could ya?

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become Rinnosuke

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I guess that's fair

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>•Become Rinnosukes conscience in physical form.

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Become rinnosuke but have the cock to take over gensokyo

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Become Rinnosukes self insert version of the Legendary Colonel Sanders and serve Doremy and the Getsu sisters(and Yuukas group)

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You stay in this world remember

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alternate route: cock yukari

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Normal route you mean

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Hurry already.

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no idea what you mean by that

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Step 1: if that imbibement is fermented grain, now is sleepy bye go to bed hour no buts. 0

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But what if I refuse the offer? what happen than?

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No. I want to be me.
Me, Me, Me, Me , Me ME!

Its no fair If I can't be ME with my 2hu.

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I'd rather we had some Dennis Leary that drunk assault Cowboys... Oh wait what I meantbbybthat- >https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lX4hN2KAaww

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>and I don't think I've ever seen a soul so in deep despair so if you want to talk...

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Maybe Marisa so she could fuck Alice as a man. I'd also have the satisfaction of knowing that Alice is getting sexed by my original body.

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I meant it like you turn into them and get their bodies and genders, not that the original gets your body and gender

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Blackjack and Streetwalkers bump

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