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>Information for live shows and viewings
SNS, concerts, and schedule: https://pastebin.com/MURwrjk2
Previous thread:

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(3/24) Aina Kusuda: Tanpopo Matsuri 2018 @ Alternative Theater
(3/24) Akari Kitou: AnimeJapan 2018 WHITE Stage / Record of Grancrest War special stage
(3/24) Aina Suzuki & Miyu Kubota: AnimeJapan 2018 GREEN Stage / Anime Guild 2018 Broadcast Announcement special stage
(3/24) Miyu Kubota: AnimeJapan 2018 BLUE Stage / Kiratto Puri-chan stage event
(3/24) Suzuko Mimori: AnimeJapan 2018 Pony Canyon Booth / Revue Starlight stage event
(3/25) Tomori Kusunoki: AnimeJapan 2018 RED Stage / Sword Art Online Alternative "Gun Gale Online" stage event
(3/25) Aina Suzuki: AnimeJapan 2018 WHITE Stage / TV Anime Mahou Shoujo Site event
(3/25) Niji 1st Years: AnimeJapan 2018 KLabGames Stage / SIF special stage
(3/25) Aqours: 3rd Tour ~Wonderful Stories~ Osaka Day 1 Lottery application deadline
(3/28) µ's: Love Live! Solo Live! collection Memorial Box III release
(3/29) Rikako Aida: Weekly Young Jump No 17 release
(3/30) Suzuko Mimori: Young Animal No 8 release
(3/30) Aya Uchida: "Pretty&Loud years" Photobook release
(3/31-4/04) Aqours: 3rd Tour ~Wonderful Stories~ Osaka Day 1 lottery results and payment deadline

(4/01) Pile: FANJ Premium Live 2018 @ Kyoto FANJ
(4/01) Kaori Maeda: Badminton Girls Announcement event @ 3331 Arts Chiyoda
(4/07) Aya Uchida & Sora Tokui: Magical Ucchi vol 10 DVD release event @ Nissho Hall
(4/10) Shuka Saito: May SeiAni release
(4/11) Aina Suzuki: Mahou Shoujo Site talk and meeting event @ Akihabara GAMERS
(4/14) Kanako Takatsuki: BORDER BREAK Joint fan event @ Belle salle Akihabara
(4/15) Anju Inami: Le merveilleux VOYAGE @ Shinagawa THE GRAND HALL
(4/15) Riho Iida: "RIHO IIDA 2017 THANKS LIVE [rippi CARNIVAL]" DVD release
(4/15) Sora Tokui: Bushiroad store one day manager event
(4/17) Mayu Sagara: Birthday
(4/20) Yurika Kubo: May Photo Technique Digital release
(4/21) Aya Uchida & Kusuda Aina: Aniwara special in Okinawa
(4/24) Aqours: Love Live! Sunshine!! Blu-ray Vol. 5 w/ 3rd Tour Fukuoka Day 1 ticket ballots release
(4/25) Kaori Maeda: 22nd birthday
(4/25) Aina Kusuda: 1st Single "Happy Thinking!" release
(4/25) Aqours: Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours 2nd LoveLive! HAPPY PARTY TRAIN Blu-ray release
(4/28) Pile: Sapporo Collection 2018 Live Artist
(4/29-5/05) Pile: Pile Birthday Party !!! 2018 @ various venues

(5/02) Pile: 30th birthday
(5/02) Pile: 8th Single "BJ" release
(5/02) Aguri Oonishi: 21st birthday
(5/03) Rikako Aida: Marugoto Rikako Event @ Tokyo Hitotsubashi Hall
(5/03) Aina Kusuda: Koncheki AR public recording event @ Mt. Rainier Hall Shibuya Pleasure Pleasure
(5/09) Aya Uchida: 2nd Single "So Happy" release
(5/19) Yurika Kubo: 29th birthday
(5/20) Aina Kusuda: Washizaki Jungle Episode 8 event @ Sapporo NORBESA 3rd floor event hall
(5/20) Guilty Kiss+SIF Trio: SIF Thanksgiving Festival 2018 @ Osaka International Exhibition Center
(5/25) Aqours: Love Live! Sunshine!! Blu-ray Vol. 6 w/ 3rd Tour Fukuoka Day 2 ticket ballots release
(5/27) Suzuko Mimori: YuukiYuuna Public Recording event @ Tokyo Hitotsubashi Hall

(6/09-6/10) Aqours: 3rd Live Tour ~Wonderful Stories~ @ Saitama Metlife Dome
(6/16-6/17) Aqours: 3rd Live Tour ~Wonderful Stories~ @ Osaka-jo Hall
(6/28) Suzuko Mimori: 32nd birthday

(7/07-7/08) Aqours: 3rd Live Tour ~Wonderful Stories~ @ Fukuoka Marine Messe
(7/12) Yoshino Nanjo: 34th birthday
(7/15) Azalea+Famitsu Trio: SIF Thanksgiving Festival 2018 @ Numazu Plaza Verde
(7/21) Arisa Komiya: 5th Fan Meeting
(7/23) Aya Uchida: 32nd birthday
(7/23) Aina Suzuki: 23rd birthday

(8/04) CYaRon!!+Dengeki Trio: SIF Thanksgiving Festival 2018 @ Tokyo Big Sight
(8/05) Aqours+Nijigasaki: SIF Thanksgiving Festival 2018 @ Tokyo Big Sight

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>(3/25) Tomori Kusunoki: AnimeJapan 2018 RED Stage / Sword Art Online Alternative "Gun Gale Online" stage event


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Reminder that we are talking about Aqours and PDP who are the active groups of the franchise. If you want to talk about seiyuus of the old group there is a Seiyuu General where you can do just that, otherwise don't disturb this thread.

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Fuck off.

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Yikes she looks way older in the span of 3 months.

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Reminder to not listen to that anon.

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Don't listen to anon with inferior video playing software.

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Let's talk about Shuka.

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I really like her tummy.

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Does she have a six pack?

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She's Godess' lover.

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Not really. But she does have a well-defined and toned belly. I remember King having a nice one as well. I wish I had decent pictures of them.

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Don't bring shipping shit there.

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What do you mean?

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please don't post her...
please... don't

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She has a magazine coming out in about 2 weeks and a photo book sometime in the future.

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no matter what you do, post her at all costs

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she is so dumb imagine what agugu is saying of her ;_;

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>(3/25) Aqours: 3rd Tour ~Wonderful Stories~ Osaka Day 1 Lottery application deadline
Holy fuck, thank you, anon. Almost forgot about this.

>> No.18682977

Post winning result

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File: 408 KB, 2216x698, スクリーンショット 2018-03-25 9.14.04.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Still pending, obviously. Results will be posted next Saturday.

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What do we think of Anchan?

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Down to her last cell, she's my ideal girl. Also a great singer and actress. I wish one day I can repay her somehow for all the energy and emotions I got from her. For now, it's only the flowers, when I can organize for it and flower stands when I can't.

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agugu has competition ;__;

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Remember not to go too overboard with it anon. Girls get uncomfortable when strangers give them an excessive amount of attention in material form.

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That's quite some powerful padding.

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File: 152 KB, 1200x672, DQ7ewihVoAA6TFH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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I know, trying to keep that in mind.

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She is a gift to Love Live. Her voice should be accompanied by Harps under the best conductors.

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Let that anon express his love for the literal God.

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File: 1.01 MB, 914x1300, Weekly Young Jump 2017 No 51 4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hypnotizing almost.

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File: 83 KB, 836x1200, Ultra Jump April 2018 22.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The absolute cutest.

>> No.18683372

It pleasure to give downvotes to this degeneracy.

>> No.18683418

I knew I could count on you guys for some scans/pics.

>> No.18683431

Thank the chinks, as usual.

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Will you idol ever do this for you

>> No.18683739

Live in 4 hours

>> No.18683799

This is just really sad overall, I hope I don't get this obsessed with Love Live.

>> No.18683827

I will only watch if KasuKasu grows back her hair.

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File: 354 KB, 2048x1538, DWzaNGOVAAAlV4_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh come on, girls are doing their best now and they are preparing

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>> No.18684251

My shiny onna.

>> No.18684267

Any more?

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>> No.18684328

One step closer until full bikini gravure.

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File: 144 KB, 836x1200, Ultra Jump April 2018 28.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Guilty fap.

>> No.18684406

>98. What kind of moment makes you think “This is Guilty”?
>Recently, Rikako started tickling Aina, but she keeps it a secret as to when and where she does it. That’s Guilty.

>> No.18684515

>Rikako started tickling Aina
brb. gonna slam the door on my dick and beat it like it owes me money.

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File: 149 KB, 1024x741, DZGemZYW4AM2-kP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tomori-chan no!

Also Tomori is going to be at AnimeJapan so maybe she'll meet up with the first years presenting today

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Ogino Yuka

>> No.18684633 [DELETED] 

t-that's a toy, right? ;__;

>> No.18684670

Is that motherfucking Danny Trejo in the middle?

>> No.18684675

Wah! What are they going to do on that bed?

>> No.18684695

That window reminds me of that place with that pool

>> No.18684697

Fucking lies, this picture itself was not in UJ. Only the lead-up ones.

>> No.18684709
File: 165 KB, 836x1200, Ultra Jump April 2018 6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I took them from the UJ scans so it's in there.

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File: 113 KB, 1000x1000, 66962955_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For magnets.

>> No.18685035

get out

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>/jp/ - Otaku Culture

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Eli 45,150
Kotori 43,327
Nico 40,100
Maki 39,988
Yoshiko 38,827
Rin 38,298
Kanan 38,053
Nozomi 37,699
You 37,759
Hanayo 37,430
Umi 36,514
Dia 36,067
Mari 35,461
Honoka 35,353
Riko 33,925
Hanamaru 33,819
Chika 33,278
Ruby 32,717

lmao and anchan shitters actually thought she was popular, aikyan blew her the fuck out

>> No.18685096

are you literally retarded?

>> No.18685129

How is Rin more popular than my Umi??

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File: 171 KB, 900x1200, DBTd4WPUMAEPtWc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18685153

The fuck is this, pixiv entry count?
How more desperate can people get?

Maybe it was a store extra as I don’t have it, neither in the booklet nor the magazine itself.

>> No.18685175

Why can you ignore, dude? why do you feed??
Just why??

>> No.18685186

signed neso campaign
anshit is second to last lmao

>> No.18685223

Yeah, Suwawa is totally more popular then Mimorin.

>> No.18685289

So your fucking ? button gets broken.

>> No.18685292

They're so lucky to stand so close to Kasumi...

>> No.18685304

Anchan != Chika you mongoloid

>> No.18685309

it's signed by anchan you mongoloid

>> No.18685334 [DELETED] 

Looks like a vgshitter is here again.

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File: 461 KB, 1280x901, 8JCo1Dg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18685394 [DELETED] 

>muh vg boogeyman
dumb anshitter

>> No.18685401

Chika > Honoka

>> No.18685421

>muh x boogeyman
>dumb y
You ARE from /vg/
Why are you even pretending?

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File: 1.49 MB, 1263x704, 1521960270980.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>2 hags
Just give us PDP already. Nobody cares about muse or aquors

>> No.18685444
File: 109 KB, 600x593, DZHWsdcVQAAic4G.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

get those hags away from tomori-chan!! >:|

>> No.18685454

suck on Setsuna and Nico's tummies

>> No.18685463

They already recorded it?

>> No.18685472

gonna be scripted as fuck

>> No.18685481

What the fuck are you talking about?

>> No.18685485
File: 37 KB, 320x198, WARNING.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i get it i get it, they really really want me to kym

>> No.18685486

I'm convinced there's only one PDP fan that spends all day posting in this thread because every PDP post looks like it was written by a third grader

>> No.18685492

That's how these things work, yes.

>> No.18685494 [DELETED] 
File: 32 KB, 541x621, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f6734484147796b5f69534b4b4e673d3d2d3130392e313465343834393761313538363763613933373534313434313332362e6a7067.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

solo cállate idiota!

>> No.18685512

Adult-chan so lucky to hang out at these cross-gen events

>> No.18685520

all of them were lucky as hell to dance and sing alongside smol-chan...

>> No.18685529

other way around! hags lucky to be with smol-chan....

>> No.18685541

What would be your dream team anons? Mine would be:

>> No.18685550

only PDP and anchan!! no other hags!

>> No.18685573
File: 32 KB, 700x525, DR4z0BQUQAA_ox0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

congratulating smol-chan for another hard work day~

ganbatte for more!!

>> No.18685580
File: 151 KB, 1200x998, DZHbR0_VQAE2RJu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The future of Love Live is looking good. Hopefully they'll recover from all the the losses by µ's and Aqours.

>> No.18685581

>signed neso campaign
So, what does this number mean? Doubt it number of people who they need to sign neso for.

>> No.18685586

But Kasumi's hair's future doesn't look good.

>> No.18685591

>no other hags!
Shut the fuck up

>> No.18685596

why are you angry?

>> No.18685597

>befriend and touch
>hold hands and marry
>do some weird fetishist shit

my babies,,,

>> No.18685598

It'd be the number of people who entered on social media.

>> No.18685600

ikr?? i love them!!!

>> No.18685624

Am I the only one who's ready for PDP to come full force? Muse and Aqours need to yield to the new grills.

>> No.18685644

i really cant wait!!!
i feel warm and hot for PDP!!!

>> No.18685652

Now she could be since waifufags got btfo by her swole wrestler bf

>> No.18685672
File: 40 KB, 419x381, 1517406045426.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

warm and hot :3

>> No.18685680

Can’t wait for sekrit club 2018.

>> No.18685683

strangle me open mouth-chan!!!!

>> No.18685725

>literal whos

>> No.18685737

How the hell does anybody give a shit about PDP when they don't even have any songs out yet? Serious question.

>> No.18685743

youll be begging for forgiveness soon... :)

>> No.18685746

>Now she could be
>Fucking Mimo
This thread.

>> No.18685757

>only jumping in when they have songs
That's selfish as fuck

>> No.18685761

Filthy casual.

>> No.18685762

I don't know. I still have no idea what the fuck are they doing with this project.

>> No.18685766

Leave Mimorin alone

>> No.18685771

>let's just spoil everything the surprise!!!!
you people have no sense of fun...

>> No.18685775

By liking... the girs?? that's some real good science right there

>> No.18685776

They are just gonna use them to promote the new phone game.

>> No.18685784

we know, p-san

>> No.18685894

>the seiyuus are some legit qts
gee anon, IDK, maybe some people actually follow the goddamn franchise?

>> No.18685905

They are all pure maidens, right?

>> No.18685927

μ's and Aqours are the franchise. PDP is just a sideshow.

>> No.18685932

hahaha nobody tell him

>> No.18685941

>seiyuu thread

>> No.18685943

yeah anon, whatever excuse suits your stupidity

>> No.18685949

Ucchi, Aikyan and maybe Tomorin because she's cool.

>> No.18685956

No one ever said that Anchan popular in Japan.

>> No.18685972
File: 121 KB, 500x631, 1521967823910.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anchan makes me fall in love with Chika.

>> No.18685985

what a huge Mikan.

>> No.18686032

cyaron's pirate outfits are the best stage costumes LL has ever had, prove me wrong

>> No.18686233
File: 34 KB, 720x400, IMG_20180325_131739.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you like Anchan?

>> No.18686294

Stupid question that already was answered, no one likes her, she's even less popular than Emi

>> No.18686333

Why does Aikyan seem like she doesn't want to be there?
Soramaru seems happy and she has more experience dealing with other seiyuus different from her group. PDP girl seems excited to spend time with her senpai, but Aikyan seems like she is used to only dealing with her group that she feels out of place, could that be it?

>> No.18686337 [DELETED] 

you're so fucking stupid, kill yourself

>> No.18686349 [DELETED] 

fuck off

>> No.18686354

>no one likes her
Nonsense. Also, don't compare her to a javwhore.

>> No.18686361 [DELETED] 

So that's just her normal face, what do they call it...her dog face?

>> No.18686362


>> No.18686371 [DELETED] 

fuck off vg

>> No.18686379

She probably prefer Ucchi but I'm sure she's atleast happy to see that she met one of the member of muse.

>> No.18686382

Looks like /vg/'s hag brigade is here.

>> No.18686388

Aikyan is like where's muh favorite chun chun?

>> No.18686399

Less people wanted to met her and get her sign compared to the Emi. >>18685087

>> No.18686434

What is that shit list anyway? Pixiv search results?
Don't forget e*i was somewhat liked before she decided to whore out.

>> No.18686463
File: 323 KB, 1280x1788, 1521976478234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We love Anchan!
I love Anchan!

>> No.18686493

It's probably amount of reposts on neso giveaway by Love Live staff. Which is stupid since a lot people deleted their RT after it's ended.

>> No.18686522
File: 603 KB, 2048x2026, F807C56C-242B-4FE8-8038-F3B20493B3DC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Posting Kussun

>> No.18686523
File: 1.42 MB, 1920x1080, 01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For those of you who need subs, if you haven't seen it already, 3rd Year's Teku Teku Aqours is up on nyaa.

Also, the first part of Cyaron + Saint Snow livestream is on Youtube.

>> No.18686561

don't post her

>> No.18686583
File: 323 KB, 567x351, 1519516984524.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Posting Anchan.

>> No.18686589
File: 103 KB, 1002x1406, DbDZX6n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

keep it up!

>> No.18686594


>> No.18686700

>hag posting hour

>> No.18686703
File: 203 KB, 1280x901, B8B36D3F-A5C0-4A23-9D6D-40C3D4C1D2E8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imo, kussun got the best looking legs out of all muse

>> No.18686732
File: 53 KB, 771x736, 124586548.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

debatable, but I can see your point

let's actually make it a thing

>> No.18686747
File: 88 KB, 768x1024, 1521696573512.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let's not.

>> No.18686748
File: 207 KB, 836x1200, 1520746044437.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Best feet.

>> No.18686750

they never learn, do they? that haircut is so ugly

>> No.18686793
File: 194 KB, 1639x922, A8CB1C35-DFD7-480A-AF61-39517680D4E7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18686811

That's torture.

>> No.18686933

Looks like an offering to me

>> No.18687034

I beg your pardon?

>> No.18687061
File: 58 KB, 779x657, 1520927346836.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18687062
File: 57 KB, 513x355, don't reply you idiot..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He said that haircut is so ugly

>> No.18687068

Ainya's face is it up as if sww just grabbed her tit.

>> No.18687084
File: 2.97 MB, 970x720, 1501254845215.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope you have this.

>> No.18687140

Posting Anchan webms without her angelic voice feels so off.

>> No.18687159

since day 1

>> No.18687168

Seconding what >>18687140 said: needs audio, where was that posted?

>> No.18687183
File: 108 KB, 836x1200, Ultra Jump April 2018 31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The magazine should have it because I downloaded a full rip of April's ultra jump and it was in there. You must have a defective copy or you're blind.

>> No.18687198

Everyone should hear her angelic voice.

>> No.18687237

I just shifted though it again. Is it supposed to be in the magazine or the separate booklet? Either I'm fucking blind or not sure what's going on.

>> No.18687275

Also whoever you fucks are that keep linking this thread to /vg/, stop. We don't need anymore of their retards here.

>> No.18687308

That anon has bad taste in women i suppose. Kussun looks great and sexy

>> No.18687385

Not that anon, but being into grannies isn't a good thing either.

>> No.18687388

Ok, what the fuck. I just downloaded the scan and it has 15+ pages of colored content at the beginning while mine has 4 or 5 plus the separate book that is not even in the scan

>> No.18687476

she looked great with long hair

>> No.18687511
File: 84 KB, 646x712, 392.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you guys enjoy always being miserable and angry?

>> No.18687562

Miranchuk betrayed you, right?

>> No.18687693
File: 131 KB, 836x1200, Ultra Jump April 2018 8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where did you find your original copy? I've pretty much learned that unless you can somehow find a full copy of a magazine or buy it yourself that you'll have missing pictures in whatever scans you do manage to find online.

>> No.18687774
File: 160 KB, 708x566, 065.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18687926

I simply bought it in Gamers Akiba.

>> No.18687927
File: 102 KB, 958x1278, IMG_20180325_125412.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

smol female...

>> No.18688032
File: 42 KB, 203x553, 1521672888586.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18688261
File: 132 KB, 632x1024, IMG_20180325_200340.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon, say: "I love you, my queen."

>> No.18688287
File: 59 KB, 600x450, DTOopCqVwAEVVov.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oooh what's this agutastic thing

>> No.18688321
File: 386 KB, 1536x2048, DZGRf0TVwAEggZI.jpg-large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My queen doesn't want me to repeat that all the time. She knows.

>> No.18688345

Best girl, best seiyuu.

>> No.18688353
File: 1.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180324-143624.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18688366


>> No.18688468


>> No.18688494
File: 199 KB, 1108x1476, CxOUQpCUsAAOiCV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a goo

>> No.18688522
File: 387 KB, 511x628, jav.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh agugu what are you doing ;_;

>> No.18688544

God Natsumi is so ugly

>> No.18688552
File: 61 KB, 1023x577, 28-20180318_041321-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Feed Anchan.

>> No.18688586
File: 145 KB, 640x960, murakami_001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

your soul is ugly

>> No.18688664

don't post her

>> No.18688728

post her

>> No.18688818
File: 1.22 MB, 1280x720, 977484767246434304.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18688882
File: 715 KB, 1280x2877, Aiai sucks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seriously, what the FUCK is wrong with her?
I love her so much.

>> No.18688899
File: 309 KB, 1536x2048, DLhBZffUIAAeQwu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It must be all the time she spent watching JAV.

>> No.18688906


>> No.18688941

I want to buy porn with Aiai. I want to spend hours with Aiai reading porn, and when we're done wear each others' juicy wet underthings an ride the train home stewing in each others juices.

>> No.18688955

Do you think she watches LL and LL related porn?

>> No.18689027

Aqours sorted from most to least likely to enjoy LL porn:

>> No.18689031

she's probably drawn her own RubyLeah doujin

>> No.18689036

Why does everyone think Ainya is a closet hypersexual.

>> No.18689051

Even in Aqours everybody thinks she's a dirty ojisan in a legal loli's body

>> No.18689056

Aiai's a thirsty girl. She can easily rival Emi in her lust for cocks and I bet she enjoyed her trip to LA to the fullest.

>> No.18689065

Have you seen how embarrassed she gets when anything gay happens? That's the face of a girl in the middle of soaking her panties.

>> No.18689085


>> No.18689091

Don't take this away from me.

>> No.18689092
File: 134 KB, 720x1280, DGoQGs6V0AYCuDR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't think it's closet. She probably plays up her reactions but she definitely enjoys gay shit.

>> No.18689106
File: 28 KB, 225x350, 44123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

for wetting

>> No.18689115
File: 81 KB, 898x750, 1521024258861.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For canon.

>> No.18689195

>all these open mouths

>> No.18689207
File: 383 KB, 2048x1536, DTJGk36VwAAcEXt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18689223
File: 41 KB, 399x631, DZH1bAEV4AAYt3O.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

for __

>> No.18689239
File: 93 KB, 1000x751, 151000160705.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18689328


>> No.18689347

What's your favorite Anchan ship?

>> No.18689353

my cock x anchan

>> No.18689386

Let's not.

>> No.18689395
File: 78 KB, 1280x720, DZIPXv0VwAAWalr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18689403 [SPOILER] 
File: 284 KB, 690x938, 1522010264851.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18689406
File: 111 KB, 923x1453, C9iFnHLXYAAK8uL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a goo x goo

>> No.18689412 [DELETED] 

kowaiii high school-chan ;__;

>> No.18689445

what is that hair

>> No.18689447

Don't ruin Anchan's beauty with a disgusting JAV beside her.

>> No.18689462

she was looking kind of dumb with her finger and her thumb in the shape on an L

>> No.18689465
File: 108 KB, 1000x562, 1509380162194.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18689474
File: 54 KB, 640x480, 1520101232151.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18689485
File: 115 KB, 953x1271, 1514043156234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18689489
File: 71 KB, 967x726, 151012523511.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

do you like her fashion mate?

>> No.18689508
File: 101 KB, 1080x1278, heh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18689514
File: 764 KB, 1280x960, 1511300202898.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

has been a while since the last time you lot posted something decent.

>> No.18689522
File: 154 KB, 1107x1107, hehe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

guess who.

>> No.18689529

>hagfags flooding

>> No.18689530

>you lot

>> No.18689532
File: 96 KB, 1352x625, bangs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18689538

Where is this from, anon?

>> No.18689546
File: 81 KB, 768x1024, img1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18689555

did you like Pile's last concert?

>> No.18689557
File: 225 KB, 2048x1538, hehe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18689560
File: 48 KB, 537x596, DKOD70zUQAAgi3L.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the super fashionable 70s style

>> No.18689570
File: 78 KB, 640x640, 1511298878863.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18689578
File: 111 KB, 875x1176, 15145.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18689583


>> No.18689585
File: 152 KB, 1075x959, CYcmOhsVAAAKYac.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Their first stage event.

>> No.18689599
File: 172 KB, 1206x1080, 213.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

perhaps my biggest regret is getting into this franchise too late.

>> No.18689624

She does love her character unlike the rest of her teammates

>> No.18689629
File: 119 KB, 1214x678, 2133.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18689638
File: 854 KB, 1000x563, 765xmuse.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

speaking of dream collabs.

>> No.18689643

What a fucking geek.

>> No.18689645

>Silent Tonight
>HonoMaki loveless world
sure why not, a shame they have to cut everything LL related in the BD

>> No.18689663

at least we had ''Melody'' with Emitsun. sometimes I envy that Nip blogger you have and pity him for his unused? opportunities.

>> No.18689683
File: 353 KB, 1438x1227, 123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18689699

we need more geeks

she'll save the industry

>> No.18689707

Might be just nervousness. Rkk has some awkward as fuck smiles too, but we know she's kind of a moody girl.

>> No.18689729
File: 422 KB, 2048x1538, 151258948754.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who would you take anons?

>> No.18689737
File: 530 KB, 1280x720, VIXL_209.Title1.mp4_snapshot_02.12.38_[2018.03.26_00.31.08].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18689762



>> No.18689805


>> No.18689807
File: 170 KB, 1000x750, sweaty .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18689820

9 Goddesses.

>> No.18689826
File: 434 KB, 2048x1885, DJqPhEJU8AAXENL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck it's hard to choose. Either Anchan or Rikyako, although Shuka is damn lovely herself.

>> No.18689827
File: 110 KB, 640x870, 30018.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18689834

Anchan all day long.

>> No.18689840


>> No.18689850
File: 53 KB, 640x480, honks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hope you picked up Honks' concert as well.

>> No.18689859

Who do you think was taking the pic?

>> No.18689861
File: 815 KB, 1280x1622, 150156485232.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18689863
File: 125 KB, 1200x675, DRkg1HTVAAAPMy-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if you're a man then it's obvious

>> No.18689867
File: 602 KB, 207x320, 134.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18689869

at their prime
they're never going to look any better

>> No.18689872

No thank you I don't need JAV dvds.

>> No.18689884


>> No.18689886
File: 93 KB, 799x999, 4324.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>they're never going to look any better
actually Emi somehow did.

>> No.18689897

The laughing guy, who else?

>> No.18689900

pile is a biitchi stacy and i am sure i saw very staci pics befofe

>> No.18689905
File: 76 KB, 466x749, 1564.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i hope you are looking forward to her new album.

>> No.18689909


>> No.18689910


>> No.18689916

damm that's hot
altho i prefer

miyu > rkk < pile

>> No.18689931


>> No.18689943 [DELETED] 

She's releasing new JAV tape In May?

>> No.18689944

Anchan did. look at the placement of hats and bows compared to >>18689585 , the image is flipped many of their selfies.

>> No.18689969
File: 366 KB, 1280x720, 1802130100_【エムオン!HD】イロドリミドリ ライブ特番▼【テレビ初・独占放送】イロドリミドリ LIVE'17.ts_snapshot_00.03.28_[2018.03.26_01.09.38].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how nice of Emitsun to help other unknown idol franchises.

>> No.18689978
File: 413 KB, 1280x720, 1802130100_【エムオン!HD】イロドリミドリ ライブ特番▼【テレビ初・独占放送】イロドリミドリ LIVE'17.ts_snapshot_00.41.58_[2018.03.26_01.11.27].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18689991

>help other unknown idol franchises.
you think she did it for free?

>> No.18690019

think her notoriety is not worth it?

>> No.18690043
File: 2.93 MB, 1280x720, 1506041097558.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guess who participates in a very well know franchise now.

>> No.18690058

>think her notoriety is not worth it?
Having javslut on your "idol" team is like digging yourself a grave.

>> No.18690068
File: 86 KB, 800x1000, 29095704_179616589428755_6612624381560487936_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stupid sexy Emitsun

>> No.18690100
File: 162 KB, 1000x750, IMG_20180324_193624.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18690106
File: 75 KB, 572x691, __kousaka_honoka_and_yazawa_nico_love_live_and_love_live_school_idol_project_drawn_by_kotarou_rakugaki_shirushi__565fa7d7c5c809396353ce3fb02a8232.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18690117
File: 71 KB, 1136x640, IMG_20180325_010750.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18690122
File: 143 KB, 1280x616, 1511300449792.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18690143
File: 65 KB, 1064x1258, 27573745_201745823901369_283987953485611008_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18690161
File: 96 KB, 472x750, 15538746_224034584712930_6002512027916959744_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

abducting you in my closet muh cute little chuuni baby

>> No.18690170
File: 532 KB, 1280x720, [VCB-Studio] μ's 2nd New Year LoveLive! 2013[Hi10p_1080p][x264_flac].mkv_snapshot_01.31.00_[2018.03.26_01.36.43].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

who Printemps here?

>> No.18690177

Fuck off, hagshitter.

>> No.18690178

Getting wet with Aiai!

>> No.18690184

cute 80s-chan

>> No.18690260
File: 2.95 MB, 1280x720, [VCB-Studio] μ's 3rd Anniversary LoveLive! [Hi10p_1080p][x264_flac].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18690281
File: 475 KB, 1280x720, 4456.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18690304
File: 617 KB, 1280x720, 2415.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

those were the golden days.

>> No.18690307

*hag days

>> No.18690319
File: 532 KB, 1280x720, 45.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18690348
File: 662 KB, 1280x720, 478.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18690356

haha rippiboi

>> No.18690360

i think we will have these kinds of threads once in a while.

>> No.18690377
File: 487 KB, 1280x720, 5445.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

they should've went with exposed navels.

>> No.18690392
File: 268 KB, 1280x720, 47.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18690443
File: 615 KB, 1280x720, 78.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here's your sneak peak at May Mai outfits.

>> No.18690459
File: 425 KB, 1538x2048, 789.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18690469
File: 1.12 MB, 1080x1352, 564.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here you go. ''hags'' improved your thread a little bit.

>> No.18690472

that's nice, Musefriend

>> No.18690476

Don't spam next time.

>> No.18690478
File: 243 KB, 1232x1011, 5EC68309-0A88-4C3C-8C43-FAA089BF41E1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can someone send me full scan of this?

>> No.18690489

Wait a few days. It isn't supposed to come out until Thursday and I'm not sure how someone got a copy that early.

>> No.18690491
File: 97 KB, 1270x714, 4654.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18690504

No seriously. There's no reason to passive aggressively spam images. Just post like a normal person.

>> No.18690512
File: 127 KB, 944x718, DWpeVx3VwAAOem8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thought she was summer-chan for a sec lol

>> No.18690522

yeah, fuck you. it is impossible to talk about Muse when all you fags start shitting with your sarcastic remarks.

>> No.18690527

>fight shitposts with shitposts
hagfags, everyone.

>> No.18690536

who are you quoting?

>> No.18690540

Alternatively you can just learn to ignore the shitposters.

>> No.18690547

>using that old beaten to death "who are you quoting" meme

>> No.18690559
File: 2.12 MB, 1280x720, 789.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we can have more pictures if you like.

>> No.18690564

who said that?

>> No.18690577

Too bad janny deleted this post. >>18682396

>> No.18690603
File: 448 KB, 1476x1110, ECAA730D-15E5-4043-A87D-324974DFB439.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Posting goofy Mimorin

>> No.18690610

Do you want to talk about Mimorin? What sex positions she and Okada like best?
What do you think of javitsun's JAV?
Does Shikaco still hates her fans?

>> No.18690611

just post the cringy mimo dance goddammit

>> No.18690617

is it true that she wants to move to Singapore?

>> No.18690619

This kind of discussion is why i hate you fucking Aqours fanboy faggots. I love both groups and i want to post Muse, but fuck you and your dumb fuck questions.

>> No.18690630

honestly, we need segregation, otherwise it just isn't working.

>> No.18690632

>hagfag cant handle the bantz

>> No.18690639

We really don't. You guys just need to ignore shitposters and discuss what you want to discuss.

>> No.18690647

I want to know how many of you like black nipples.

>> No.18690650

Are you looking forward to Olympics?

>> No.18690662
File: 279 KB, 2048x1536, 118345083120.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Goddess will save this thread.

>> No.18690679

what a giant dummy

>> No.18690689

What's your favorite thing about her?

>> No.18690692

Haven't you asked this before already?

>> No.18690696

The answer is always tongue.

>> No.18690702

Voice, looks, personality, her taste in fashion, her taste in food, her habits and her group.

>> No.18690707

Shall we make new less cancerous thread?

>> No.18690714

>somehow get into LL
>occasionally browse /vg/ & /jp/
>begin to hate the entire franchise
Bros, it wasn't supposed to be like that ;___;

>> No.18690716

Nah, we should ban anfags

>> No.18690729

Anchan did nothing wrong, what are you talking about?

>> No.18690734
File: 49 KB, 689x749, 1519584403172.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

agugu will brighten your day

>> No.18690737

Anfags, learn to read properly atleast you tard

>> No.18690747

You are talking like as if we were responsible for this flood.

>> No.18690753

This is still on page 3. Wait until page 10 before making a new thread.

>> No.18690759

You were responsible for anchan webpage 20 pics flood threads ago, duh.
Flood isn't the problem but the retarded feedback. Hag posters can't have confy fun with you around.
I pity their sanity

Learn to put away your ego and see the bigger picture for once

>> No.18690774
File: 167 KB, 960x960, 23A9C652-F3AB-446D-99C4-AE6DE25B527C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’m 99% sure the fag who always complains about muse is a falseflagger retard only here to incite gen wars.

>> No.18690777

>Hag posters can't have confy fun with you around.
I haven't said a thing while that retard spammed his screenshots.

>> No.18690781

You partially are. Maybe not you personally but the few of you that hold Anchan higher than everyone else while simultaneously shitting on other girls like in >>18689447 rubs people the wrong way.
The blame for this obviously goes to the musefag that took it a little too personally and decided to spam the thread but don't give them cause to shitpost.

>> No.18690782

Probably @fag or bang dream shill.

>> No.18690796

>"I pity their sanity"
Try to guess what that sentence means for a second.
Many factors push people to their actions

Bigger picture, again, try to work your head a little more
well, I'm being a little harsh. Anfags aren't all cancerous aqoursfags, but you get the idea

>> No.18690801
File: 1.07 MB, 853x480, 1521468879952.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let's post cute idols again.

>> No.18690808

This /jp/ drama is worse than S1 ending and enteriety of LLSS S2 combined.

>> No.18690827

I still don't understand what's happening here

>> No.18690843

Me neither.

>> No.18690848

That part of Daydream Warrior is fucking amazing.

>> No.18690850

there was a full(er) video with sound i think it was a dance battle.

>> No.18690862

who ''Eien Friends'' here?

>> No.18690882
File: 64 KB, 336x544, hnng.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18690912


>> No.18690953

Me and PDP poster.

>> No.18691032
File: 395 KB, 1280x720, 【2018_03_25】みんなでぴょんぴょん♪でかスクフェス with 虹ヶ咲学園スクールアイドル同好会.mp4_snapshot_07.28_[2018.03.25_20.35.16].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18691039

What happens here?

>> No.18691122

>What happens here?
grown ups' talk.

>> No.18691141
File: 109 KB, 836x1200, Ultra Jump April 2018 26.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18691191

...it is... it is pink...


>> No.18691243

You're the only one who still cares about that, my dear OrcTaku.

>> No.18691245

on my way to steal ur gf

>> No.18691250

Why aren't Aqours' and PDP's skirts as short as theirs?

>> No.18691253


>> No.18691262

You can keep pretty up to date on LL shit with just Twitter and /r/lovelive[/spoilers] if you can't handle anon's retardation.

>> No.18691272

Fuck. Case in point.

>> No.18691286


>> No.18691328

Well, she is getting put down by everybody. I think her fans are used to it.

>> No.18691343

It's one falseflagger who has nothing better to do than stir the shit pot all day.

>> No.18691409
File: 133 KB, 1568x1044, DWYmALWUQAASJ7g.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wait, so this is her??

omg she is not being any gentle at all ;__;

>> No.18691411

She isn't though. She seems to have a very positive reception among fans.
The falseflagger accusation can only go so far. There are a few people here that treat Anchan like some supreme being so it's not hard to say it may have gotten to their head.

>> No.18691525

Around chans she's pretty much dead and support on twitter and whatnots is kind of given.
Personally, I like the fact how much butthurt she and her character have caused.

>> No.18691547

I'm glad Tomori gets to work on another project so soon, so then she doesn't get dragged down by how bad Märchen Mädchen was

>> No.18691562
File: 41 KB, 348x444, faito.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

go away you toxic fag

>> No.18691565
File: 87 KB, 640x960, 1507256521935.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We need more Ainya in this thread.

>> No.18691570

I didn't follow anything from this season at all but I caught a thread on /a/ for it yesterday and wew that shit looked bad.

>> No.18691640
File: 72 KB, 1200x675, MIRACLE OF THE UNIVERSE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can almost hear every image of her

>> No.18691649

I'm too busy looking at her legs.

>> No.18691663
File: 19 KB, 159x471, protecc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ow yes

>> No.18691686

A man of taste as well

>> No.18691688

Which raibu is the most overrated/underrated here?

>> No.18691694

Overrated: Anchan
Underrated: Ainya

>> No.18691695


>> No.18691697

Does she have Twitter?

>> No.18691702

My nigga.

>> No.18691703


>> No.18691706

I believe so.

>> No.18691711

Got a link? I couldn't stop staring at her while watching the stream yesterday

>> No.18691729

Check the pastebin. I don't have it offhand.

>> No.18691739

smol-chan? the cutest one

the other one??

>> No.18691747
File: 123 KB, 738x623, 1521502245913.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

agupon is sweetest and most underrated girl. she tries her best all the time ;_;

>> No.18691755
File: 75 KB, 768x1024, Cjn0kk1UoAYRe5j.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18691778


>> No.18691780

What's going on?

>> No.18691793

datte pa-ti owaranai

>> No.18691794
File: 14 KB, 213x314, 1521503571505.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what a stupid agugu why can't she stop?? ;__;

>> No.18691802

she hates unerage-chan ;____;

>> No.18691803
File: 150 KB, 958x1278, E6D87F6D-0954-4CAB-B27C-75251392846A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kaori such a cutie

>> No.18691829


>> No.18691861
File: 95 KB, 399x605, riru.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

e-eew deleting agugu from my friendlist

>> No.18691908
File: 303 KB, 900x1280, Komiya Arisa No.211 Hikari to Kage ni Idakarete 15.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18691922


>> No.18691929

Wheres the ass pic?

>> No.18691935

I can finally appreciate her gravure now that they're getting creative with the photos instead of ass pic number 500.

>> No.18691946

No, i want more of Arisha's ass.

>> No.18691952
File: 248 KB, 900x1280, Komiya Arisa No.211 Hikari to Kage ni Idakarete 36.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Arisha's ass makes the world go round.

>> No.18691954
File: 335 KB, 1536x2048, QIGa9xz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Weren't they always there?? if you aren't searching digging for more...

>> No.18691957

WOW. Amazing ass.

If I tell Arisha that her ass is great, will she shrug me off or say buu buu desu wa?

>> No.18691976

She'll let you touch if you're a female.

>> No.18691977
File: 256 KB, 900x1280, Komiya Arisa No.211 Hikari to Kage ni Idakarete 64.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sure she would like to hear much more from a fan than just nice ass. Tell her how much you enjoy acting as well.

>> No.18692011
File: 117 KB, 231x263, please.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18692012

Does Miyu show her legs yet?

>> No.18692035

She's shown her legs plenty of times in iRis.

>> No.18692063
File: 174 KB, 768x1024, 1519403126823.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There was a good one but I don't feel like digging through archives.

>> No.18692091
File: 2.02 MB, 1280x720, michu-chan.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18692133

Reminder that Pile has a niconama tonight as do Sora and Rippi.

>> No.18692272
File: 116 KB, 640x960, 1521582179489.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18692721


>> No.18692764

When did this happen?

>> No.18692787

last day of the fan meeting tour

>> No.18692811

It was so beautiful. I’m not a singer type but I just had to.

>> No.18693094

>Anchan fighting through the tears to nail that last note with all her might

>> No.18693122
File: 16 KB, 400x267, IMG_20180326_122245.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Daily Anchan.

>> No.18693344
File: 310 KB, 1920x1080, cyr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wub sharon

>> No.18693372

I want to slap it.

>> No.18693377

Aiai is big baby.

>> No.18693385

Arisa's ass has to be the greatest thing LL have ever created.

>> No.18693395


>> No.18693423

Strike from the God.

>> No.18693431

She has a cute butt.

>> No.18693456
File: 2.58 MB, 640x427, 3434563743.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Second greatest after Shikaco's jubblies.

>> No.18693458


>> No.18693460
File: 67 KB, 1000x751, IMG_20180326_135827.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18693481


>> No.18693500
File: 207 KB, 697x947, A5942842-D292-4D66-9535-EE40C26CF66A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rippi’s ass is great too

>> No.18693516
File: 49 KB, 330x541, 1522018254123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that's right. she knows it's funny.

>> No.18693520


>> No.18693524

Now post the best thighs.

>> No.18693526
File: 122 KB, 933x1400, 7DE54E28-2C69-4674-AE47-29FB398D86EC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More Rippi’s ass

>> No.18693527

Shame she doesn't seem to have much interest in going back into gravure.

>> No.18693534
File: 64 KB, 693x960, 26001348_1477565802292184_7011194155636153168_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rippi has a great body, definitely underappreciated imo.

>> No.18693549
File: 128 KB, 577x867, 1514054927548.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

for murder.

>> No.18693556
File: 230 KB, 960x1280, 958AF8C0-4091-4169-A60F-193418E0E570.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I agree anon.

>> No.18693557


>> No.18693562

Is it another flood?

>> No.18693567

Yes. The ass thread is back once again. Now that we are talking about it, any nice shots of Shikaco’s?

>> No.18693576
File: 228 KB, 1670x2048, 15645.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

posting μ's != flood

>> No.18693578
File: 1.77 MB, 2448x3264, T71a7Dn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I submit Ucchi for consideration

>> No.18693582


>> No.18693586
File: 168 KB, 682x1024, ob_5c8487_yurika-kubo01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's not much to see I'm afraid

>> No.18693590
File: 99 KB, 800x1164, 1235456256.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ask and you shall be given

>> No.18693591
File: 270 KB, 1920x1080, 2193CC8C-EF15-4065-866E-935467092188.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ucchi on the couch

>> No.18693593


>> No.18693598

Damn. Pretty good there Shikaco. Perfect.

>> No.18693602

Liking this thread already! Keep it coming my bros

>> No.18693627

That's just too slutty.

>> No.18693634
File: 188 KB, 1200x900, 28947787_1608916972524787_1935590208420928390_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ainya obviously.

>> No.18693640

She's just powerwashing it with her ass Keijo!!!!!!!! style.

>> No.18693653
File: 26 KB, 358x500, 125495248965.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok, my Shikaco folder is almost endless. Here, have some sideboob!

>> No.18693656
File: 120 KB, 1200x750, 49045544dcdea1e374547d6165410b3a1c23610e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rkk on the couch!

>> No.18693683
File: 1.28 MB, 640x360, ll4.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Emi's fight theater temporary comeback episode when?

>> No.18693704
File: 78 KB, 1024x575, 1520991558978.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cutest queen.

>> No.18693713

Never. They ain't returning for Niconamas, radio show is just an exception.

>> No.18693720
File: 60 KB, 960x540, 1519585485781.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cute o3p.

>> No.18693768
File: 330 KB, 1920x1280, 1512010307594.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18693772
File: 59 KB, 350x525, afcd0e16af99d56c8f745b2fd7c26c07_f637c02c50625ae2fa1e0c11c49f73b7-700x525.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

for agugu feminine soft little body which i love and hnng

>> No.18693778
File: 44 KB, 960x540, 151957985415.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What gifts would you buy her?

>> No.18693787

imagine being anchan and feel aiai's small but perky mounds pressing against your back

>> No.18693790

I think it's time to agree that Aqours are ten times more cuter and funnier than the predecessors.

>> No.18693825

Ir was kind of a known fact already.

>> No.18693827

i hate Nanjo now

>> No.18693841

they feel more unnatural, but whatever.

>> No.18693844 [DELETED] 

i love nanjo!!!! mahal na mahal din kita nanjo-sama!!!!

>> No.18693885 [DELETED] 

>hagfags are flips

>> No.18693905 [DELETED] 

bakit? anong problema kung flip ako? gago ka ah!

>> No.18693918 [DELETED] 

por favor hermano

>> No.18693928 [DELETED] 

we friends okay?

>> No.18693940 [DELETED] 

Who's your favorite rabu?

>> No.18693948 [DELETED] 


>> No.18693957 [DELETED] 

Jog on then.

>> No.18693959 [DELETED] 

wtf that means?

>> No.18693975 [DELETED] 
File: 5 KB, 235x147, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18693986 [DELETED] 

wtf? that's so mean!

>> No.18693992
File: 283 KB, 578x341, 1520385616587.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18694111 [DELETED] 

Gago mo rin :)

>> No.18694117


>> No.18694126 [DELETED] 

I hope Duterte raids your shacks.

>> No.18694138
File: 246 KB, 1059x1884, DR5WJ9IVAAEgvGo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

smol santa because why not

>> No.18694147

hat is drawn

>> No.18694153


>> No.18694171 [DELETED] 

I bet you fap to nanjo.

>> No.18694201 [DELETED] 

hoy! haha sino raibu mo?

>> No.18694203

2d or 3d?

>> No.18694207

2d and 3d

>> No.18694212

Yoshiko / Aikyan

>> No.18694216


>> No.18694222
File: 572 KB, 1280x1888, 5CDD7C42-8DDE-4F18-BD93-60750E54CCC4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did somebody say Nanjou?

>> No.18694224


>> No.18694227
File: 740 KB, 960x1080, 1522019233106.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18694235
File: 129 KB, 850x1137, __kunikida_hanamaru_and_tsushima_yoshiko_love_live_and_love_live_sunshine_drawn_by_2c_galore__sample-2d952327cd11b290cf227cb5938dacff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18694243
File: 51 KB, 544x328, 1520998547896.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18694246


>> No.18694251

Great. This place needed these retarded yoshitmaru flips.

>> No.18694258

cute canon

>> No.18694274

dont be angry and racist please!

>> No.18694298

No shipping shit please.

>> No.18694309

but its still love live! why not? this IS the love live general after all!!

>> No.18694310

Nuke this thread.

>> No.18694331


>> No.18694340
File: 57 KB, 709x960, 684791566215.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The original Smol-chan

>> No.18694346
File: 104 KB, 1200x800, 15094666390304.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just don't argue with the canon.

>> No.18694355

Cute bros.

>> No.18694364
File: 110 KB, 1334x750, 1512012654897.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18694365

Post more Nanjou

>> No.18694374
File: 822 KB, 1700x1877, 1518857519622.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More sunshine.

>> No.18694389
File: 40 KB, 664x960, 54986546845146.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18694512 [DELETED] 


>> No.18694517

u could already tell which one's her from the thumbnail

>> No.18694534 [DELETED] 


>> No.18694785

post her

>> No.18694790
File: 1.71 MB, 1280x720, maido.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18694839


>> No.18694942
File: 89 KB, 1200x675, 1501864581572.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

animal video

>> No.18695100

>fancy stockings
knowing the story of her legs takes away the sexy

>> No.18695115

I guess she saw Requiem for a Dream

>> No.18695124
File: 98 KB, 727x729, DUjGPSmUQAAMNFu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ippo ippo!

>> No.18695182
File: 192 KB, 1437x1078, DZOGGrVVMAAkZKN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Love them

>> No.18695271

Does Nanjo wear boring functional granny panties or does she wear cutie panties?

>> No.18695292
File: 98 KB, 560x891, IMG_20180326_134738.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18695399
File: 142 KB, 1080x1440, DZOGGrUV4AA7JXf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why are the first year seiyuus always so fun

>> No.18695407

that haircut isn't fun...

>> No.18695418

Their characters are meant as comedic reliefs, so seiyuus are tasked to act like them.

>> No.18695431

>my lovely Shizuku becoming Hanamaru 2.0
please no

>> No.18695434

Adult diapers.

>> No.18695443

I'm on the same boat as you.

>> No.18695459
File: 214 KB, 1355x2048, DU4K-u7VwAAjtmb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wanna touch

>> No.18695469

who is animal?

>> No.18695477
File: 24 KB, 512x512, 6i8QngTH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18695481

soft and silky but a little too short

>> No.18695483

Is she actually incapable of closing her mouth?

>> No.18695493


>> No.18695500
File: 490 KB, 1280x720, 20170930.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The cutest.

>> No.18695533

They were old before they were old.

>> No.18695570

Nice pun

>> No.18695576

Are you actually complaining?

>> No.18695584

djt help.

>> No.18695612
File: 124 KB, 649x607, ai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18695671
File: 244 KB, 1017x1372, CthRdKXVYAUrT-o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

she has been working hard ;__;

>> No.18695752
File: 61 KB, 1024x768, DZNdjf_VoAARvr3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18695979
File: 86 KB, 860x1200, 20180326_023316-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18695981

She looks like she's forcing herself to keep her mouth closed.

>> No.18696020
File: 93 KB, 1024x768, DZNfQKsV4AAaaXr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18696021
File: 232 KB, 1063x1500, IMG_20180326_120245.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cute cleave

>> No.18696031

Why is she so best?

>> No.18696045
File: 162 KB, 719x907, 1521029752271.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

cute suicide bait

>> No.18696047

Aida-san i...

>> No.18696054

She just is, anon. Believe in your God.

>> No.18696127
File: 54 KB, 750x1000, DUjU7wLVQAEipDQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we need more maria

I feel like she is a pet

>> No.18696136

I love her 5 years old voice

>> No.18696156

Need more animals

>> No.18696171
File: 24 KB, 471x332, DVH17wQUMAE2_y1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wanna do illegal things to make her cry

take it

>> No.18696190

Need more animal videos

>> No.18696228
File: 137 KB, 1050x1286, Cpv0AD2UkAAmlln.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and i need more agugu company


>> No.18696274
File: 132 KB, 900x1125, 28156881_1901710406825740_2114119225353175040_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

more animals.

>> No.18696513

We have a few videos of this animal mating.

>> No.18696575

I only ever saw one, are there more?

>> No.18696633

At least 3.

>> No.18696822

I want to lick Shuka’s feet

>> No.18697050
File: 66 KB, 768x1024, DZNdjf2UQAArXr2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18697053

what the sandoichis were they even doing lol

>> No.18697379
File: 155 KB, 1395x1080, DZOGGrUV4AEJ55o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

their rubesty

>> No.18697471

already missing them...

>> No.18697581
File: 31 KB, 305x499, ~.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a fabulous goo

>> No.18697593

she's not pretty and probably stinks

>> No.18697635
File: 51 KB, 551x605, pyon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hard work > stink < sweat


>> No.18697637
File: 99 KB, 1246x1080, 1522109175855.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Funny King!!!

>> No.18697655

imagine her lovemaking with Aikyan!!!

>> No.18697683
File: 1.15 MB, 1536x2034, 1522109480398.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18697695

>he gets to eat this every night

>> No.18697700

that look. agupon really despises smol-chan ;_;

>> No.18697715

Kyan would break.

>> No.18697729
File: 137 KB, 626x1072, 1522109918338.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now you fucked up...

>> No.18697731
File: 847 KB, 430x432, kuchibiru.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

agugu breaking bones-chan when

>> No.18697845
File: 37 KB, 600x400, download_20180104_115820.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18698139

Aikyan would faint. Kinchan is too much for her (energy and size) She needs someone like me. Everybody stay away from Kinchan.

>> No.18698288

What's her Stand's name?

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