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Can ANYTHING stop a pissed off Yukari? Maybe a hug?

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No, Yukari can't get pissed off, she's ascended.

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Nothing much, that's for sure.
And hooray for Eighth Yakumo Thread!

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Well yeah, she has an 8 on her hat.

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No. Not even Allah.

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>Maybe a hug?
Definitely a hug

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Yukari IS Allah.

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Please don't insult our holy eldritch goddess, 'kudasai'

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Good dicking

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Manly spirit

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Falcon Punch

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wtf I'm Muslim now???

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a kiss from

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Not this time

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怒って ないよ

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muhdara uchiwawa

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No lewds!

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I want to be Yukari in that akward situation!

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Yukari is for cutes, not Lewds!

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Yukari's pretty much omnipotent in a 4-dimensional (maybe fifth as well) space, limited only by her lack of omniscience and the motivation she's willing to devote to a problem (which is a lot, if you manage to piss her off), since she's quite lazy.

She could be stopped, but only by a transcendental/6+ dimensional being that operates entirely above/outside the purview of her powers. Capital G Christian God and Demonbane, off the top of my head, but I'm sure there are others (probably some of the Lovecraftian horrors, at a guess).

Not even The Dick can defeat her, since she can turn you into a cute twink by manipulating your boundaries of Male/Female, Dom/Sub, and/or Master/Slave.

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>Capital G Christian God and Demonbane, off the top of my head, but I'm sure there are others (probably some of the Lovecraftian horrors, at a guess).
Those are just Yukari's aliases.

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Yukari is a giant robot piloted by a poorfag and a book loli?!

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Among other things, like a giant bearded man in the sky (not Unzan)

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Wrong god, try something more eldritch.

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To be fair, even the Biblical angels were depicted as pretty eldritch beings. YHWH may very well be Outer God like Azathoth or Yog-Sothoth levels of eldritch.

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What a strange looking Yukarin

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Yog-Sothoth wouldn't even wipe his ass with the christian "god."

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Anyone worth a salt from The Dark Tower series or SMT would rape the entirety of Gensokyo, get over it 2hufags.

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My mum could rape the entirety of the The Dark Tower Series or SMT, get over it nerdo.

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Your mum couldn't rape me or the entirety of my family, get over it faggo.

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How did this dissolve into rape threats?

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The dragon god and maybe the watatsukis

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Same here anon. I can only imagine swallowing up all the aged, stored-up cum of lonely /jp/sie as Yukari.

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Yes she could fagoo

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That doujin was pretty good

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Reminder Yukari's powers aren't even powerful enough to remove one magic keystone from the ground.

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Unironically Mr. Handwave man

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I think ZUN really needs to make his mind up about Yukari's power, heck the only thing that she might be able to manipulate is just what her opponents experience, and maybe some barrier building power (we're not even sure if she built the barrier by herself)

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—-> >>18635417

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That poor man’s dick is somewhere unmentionably painful.

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Finally someone who understand.

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That was dickish.

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Mommy Eirin

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Eirin, who got scared over a bottle of sake?

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Rumia can

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But exactly what Tenshit deserves.

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Yeah, the watatsukis

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That sinsack got what he deserved.

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Yes, he was an Eirinfag.

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That is hardly fair though.

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Why are they trying to determine their identities through underwear inspection?

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Yes Renko wears briefs and Yukari wears a garterbelt

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Is this what Yukari looks like IRL?

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A door.

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"Hamon gave me a little trouble a century ago"
t. DIO

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