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Let's keep free of intellectual rape. Umineko, Higurashi, Higanbana, Rose Guns Days

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Who is the character on the left?

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KnowNoMore was kidnapped by Ryukishi and tortured until he promised to never speak of the truth again.

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Keiichi "I shoot lolis and stop chairs with my face" Maebara

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Rose Guns Days stage play seems to be amazing from what I've heard.

I wonder if we'll ever get a filmed release of it.

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it's higurashi from no naku koro ni

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about to finish umineko. where can i download tsubasa and hane, and what is the proper format to read our confession? it can't be the wikia page, can it?

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WTC5 info when?

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>Let's keep free of intellectual rape
Never happening

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RUN, you will be raped by that anon!

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just read the manga for tsubasa and look up a video for the arcs not translated

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He also contracted Pixiv Artist Syndrome. In his last video, he said that he'd take down all his previous videos forever in a few days and delete them permanently.

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The one on the left canonically has a hairy asshole. Lewd!

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The bunny girls are only good for lewds.

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Reminds me of that time when Ushiromiya Angste was forced to read out loud an embarrassing letter, admitting that she's a worthless shit.

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Fuck off Yasu.

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Higanbana is too edgy
I bet ryukishi was into edgy western shows when he was writing it

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Speaking of too edgy, apparently the PS4 port of Iwaihime has new scenes. Here's one of them

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>the shitty translation
I hope you didn't really play the whole thing with that version.

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What the fuck is going on there?

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What's the appeal of the Chiester sisters or the seven stakes of purgatory. They've got about as much personality as a body pillow.

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Women don't need personality, they just need to have a nice body

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>Nice body
There are far better franchises if you want that, my favourites are monogatari or Yuri Kuma arashi

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It was just a image from internet, but what shitty translation? i read with the witch hunt the first time and now im reading it on steam.

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i want to know what is happening, but no one is translating Iwaihime right ;_;?

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There's another translation done by the people who made the PS3 port.

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>>the shitty translation
You're thinking of the full PS3 port. The one in the image is the PS3 graphics patch for the Steam version, which actually has the best translation

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They need just enough personality to be able to experience shame and humiliation.

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The last three chapters of the Twilight of the Golden Witch manga is called Confession of the Golden Witch. It's not the same as Our Confession, but it's the same basic idea.

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It's an image from a terrible translation made by the people behind the ugly PS3 port. You know, the one where the sprites constantly move their lips, every time the music changes its title appears in a corner breaking the immersion and there are even fucking pointless achievements that pop up in the middle of the story.

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It's not. It's the PS3 patch for the Steam version which only has the PS3 sprites, backgrounds and voices. It doesn't have any of the things you mentioned

The easiest way to tell them apart is that the full port has a small textbox at the bottom, while the Steam patch has text covering the whole screen, like in the image you quoted. They also have different fonts. The PS3 port with the bad translation looks like this

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for what reason the made a new translation? it's really that bad? just curious.

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PS3 port features the best russian translation of the game (better than WH translation I read some years ago for sure) so this is one particular case when I'm very happy to be slav.

>You know, the one where the sprites constantly move their lips, every time the music changes its title appears in a corner breaking the immersion and there are even fucking pointless achievements that pop up in the middle of the story.
You can turn those off. Although track titles feature is quite practical for a sound novel.

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>The last three chapters
It's not the last three, it's in the middle. The Twilight manga has 9 volumes, Confession of the Golden Witch is in volume 6

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It's not really that bad a translation. Witch Hunt's is just better. As for why they made it in the first place, your guess is as good as mine. Personally, I think it would be ideal to get the graphics and features of the PS3 port with the translation of the Steam version

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Are you that one guy that hates everything about the PS3 version?

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t. Erika

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But Erika herself is a woman with a strong personality and without a sexy body.

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I don't understand why they felt the need to ruin the translation in the PS3 port. Every time Battler says 'it's no goddam good', it ruins my immersion.

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Have you ever used the chessboard thinking technique, /07th/?

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Erika lewd herself, she is for witch abuse.

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Shaft-tier neck.

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Here's their translation notes:

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What the actual fuck is happening here

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translation fucking when?

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RGD anime soon, I can feel it

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I can imagine it getting a anime adaptation of it. Japanese twitter seem to go apeshit over how good it is.

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tfw all the good umineko lpers are finishing soonish
I guess there's Jokrono still.

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I wish some bigger lper would give Umineko a try.

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Fuck that. I don't want some nico-tier person taking the piss on umineko.

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You don't know that they'd dislike it. Personally I think a Nico LP would be fun.

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He'd skip half the text like a certain someone. Normies have a very short attention span, especially youtubers because they don't want to "bore" the audience by stopping for a second to think about the story.

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Have you actually seen any of his videos? He stops to think and go off on tangents all the times.

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Ah, thank you for correcting me!

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Made by Deen right?

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Of course. DEEN has the rights to all 07th expansion works.

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The only truly good umineko LP was Narnith's, Sobata is fake as fuck and Newt pretends he is very smart and has figured otu everything on his own
Time axis so far is okay, even if he thinks magic is real at times

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Oh, really?

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holy sour grapes

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Magic is real.

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Prove it.

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Magic was a mistake

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Are you truly ready anon?

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Not really, it's just that they are the only ones in the industry who doesn't have any prejudices with doujin or chinese originated anime, thus being our only option to go to when it comes to Ryukishi's works.

If 07th Expansion were to become a company like TypeMoon did, you can be sure there will be Ufotable going for his stuff immediately, or at least his new stuff as a company.

In any case, I'm not bothered with Deen as long as they treat his next works like they treated Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu.

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>If 07th Expansion were to become a company like TypeMoon did

I don't want them to. Ryukishi's art doesn't need corporate production values as he showed us again and again, and today's market conditions for indie artists are as friendly as they have ever been.

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>tfw you will never have Umineko's meta storytelling adapted in the same way they did Rakugo's

Why even live...

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Ryukishi prob won't do it

He already said himself he writes for love and for readers to read and challenge themselves.

He may be successful, but so far he seems like not giving a fuck about fame or money.

Too bad imo. He could be much bigger than what he is now. Passion only gets you so far in life. But yeah, as long as you yourself is satisfied with it.

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this kinzo fellow seems nice

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Cute and sexy, or?

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I just hope they don't get Chiaki Kon to direct it again. I think DEEN can do just fine with a different director

Also, Ufotable actually made a Touhou OVA so I don't think they have a problem with adapting doujins either

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Very cute!

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>Also, Ufotable actually made a Touhou OVA so I don't think they have a problem with adapting doujins either
That's different. That's Touhou.

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did they...?

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Ange is pork meat righ? she looks cute!

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Fuck? maybe

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A while ago, somebody did a sheet for the boardgame Tragedy Looper ( heavily inspired by WTC). The game's fun and I wondered if there was an updated sheet.
pic related : the old one

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>you will never literally beat the shit out of Ange as opposed to figuratively
Why live?

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Its normie tier music but god dammit why is it so good

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To the anon (or anons) that has Higurashi in book form - how did you do it?

I was thinking of doing the same with Umineko to give to someone who is even more tech-impaired than me and would not enjoy the visual novel format (and is not a fan of manga).

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Just ZTS. He made some some good music before Umineko too, stuff like "like stars".

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That's a pretty good idea0

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i finished everything. i feel so empty

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is that the collection of tips? someone told me that the other day, and that it's contained in the manga, but is there a VN version of it as well?

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>it's contained in the manga
It has a separate manga adaptation. And yes, there is a VN version, but it's only partially translated

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Play Witches & Woodlands.

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The public humiliation of Ushiromiya Ange! She will always be known as the girl who shit herself in front of the bullies! Lewd!

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A new Twitter from 07th expansion (i wish i knew japanese)

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Forgot the image

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If you really want to learn quickly, there is a wonderful trick that nobody will ever tell you about... It's simply amazing how fast I improved in the language and how easily I memorized all the new kanji and words I encountered.

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Nohing important. He's going to watch the rehearsal for the Rose Guns Days Season 3 stage play

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>perfectly fine 140 trance in the style of previous decade is normie-tier
Excuse me?

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That's fair.

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Instead of wasting hours jacking off to translated doujins every day, waste hours jacking off to untranslated doujins every day and try to memorize every single new word/kanji you encounter. Turn your daily waste of time into something useful that will improve and complement your regular study of the language.

Not only will it be time well spent, you will also learn everything more easily. With just a little effort, everything will remain in your long term memory. I'm completely serious. Sex is an incredibly powerful drive that can really help you learn new stuff. It's not just motivator, it actually puts you in the perfect state of mind to learn. Other than actually living in Japan and being forced to use the language in real life, it's the best way of creating memorable situations, which is essential for language learning.

This is assuming that you are either gifted, autistic, a mindblowing-tier pervert or all of those combined. If you are just a regular, dead inside normie, I can't guarantee the effectiveness of my method. But it REALLY helped me. I passed the JLPT N2 in two and a half years of serious study. It was definitely harder than English, which I mastered without even trying in roughly the same amount of time, but it's not that hard.

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I would only argue that R07 should try something larger scale because it’d be a neat goddamn story

If he hates fame, he could just ghost write - maybe get a stand in. In fact, I think you need proxies to pull off something cool.

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Anyone have the Trianthology soundtrack? I know someone did a couple of months ago, but he said to buy it.

I can't find any site that has the OST in stock, so could someone please upload it, or link me a site that has it for sale?

>> No.18560869

There was an upload of the music from the game files when the game was released, but I don't have the link anymore

If you mean the actual soundtrack CD then good luck. It was never uploaded, and it looks like they've stopped selling it, which means we'll never get the full opening

>> No.18560941

Speaking of obscure soundtracks, someone finally uploaded the vocal version of Axelle Ratio


>> No.18560980


Well, someone has it but they don't wanna share

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>it looks like they've stopped selling it, which means we'll never get the full opening
And people wonder why piracy exists. How are we supposed to preserve art if it stops being sold at some point? How the fuck are 20 year old loli scat netorare doujins with a very niche audience supposed to be preserved "legally" if they are not being printed anymore? Digital preservation of manga should be something official and even mandatory, not the illegal effort of a bunch of otakus that got their hands on an old copy with wrinkles and cum stains and scanned it.

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I hate how they are albums I want like the Umineko concert album but it doesn't shit outside of Japan. Like I want to give people money but they don't want MY money.

>> No.18561223

Don't remind me of the Wani purge in exhentai. Fuck it all to hell.

>> No.18561249

Thankfully, most new manga get digital versions on Amazon Kindle and similar sites, but it really is a problem for older stuff and doujins. Makes me sad that a lot of it will probably never be scanned and will just disappear someday

>> No.18561379

I feel your pain

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>the Daicon III and IV original films are rotting away in a warehouse
>Gainax will never give them the HD treatment before they are damaged beyond repair because the whole thing is a massive copyright infringement
>they won't even release it for free on the internet to avoid the copyright crap, even though it wouldn't take too much effort because it's like 5 minutes long
>episode 16 of Evangelion was lost forever and looks like crap compared to the others
>the Bluray releases of Gunbuster removed Noriko's pubic hair for no reason and they probably got rid of the original film because they don't need it anymore, meaning that the bush has no chance of being re-added in a future release
God damn it.

>> No.18561443

the gunbuster one sure sounds very important to you

>> No.18561460

Did you even watch it? Fanservice is a very important part of Gunbuster. It's full of gratuitous nudity and bouncing tits, so removing the bush was a terrible decision. It may be just a single frame, but it added to the eroticism. Seriously, why? What's the point of censoring that?

>> No.18561486

Japanese laws and such

They had to take that off if they didn't want to get a R-18 like the Berserk films

>> No.18561556

The series is already 18+, though, if I'm not mistaken. It's full of naked tits, a few butts and there is also some blood. How would some pubes increase the rating when it's already 18+? I guess the pubes would technically make it an actual hentai OVA, but... isn't that what R18 means anyway? What's the difference?

As far as I know, the censorship law was created by American during the occupation period. It's completely illegal to show genitals unless you" cover" them with a tiny, almost invisible transparent censor bar. It's such a bullshit law. It serves no purpose and everyone hates it, but no politician wants to burn his hands discussing that law because he'd look like a pervert.

But hentai doujins show pubes all the time. Is it because doujin works don't technically have to follow the law because it's the equivalent of drawing something for your friend and having him pay you for it? Or does the censorship law not include pubic hair after all? Then why is it absent from most modern anime and removed from re-releases of old anime?

>> No.18561610

Noriko is super cute and that's a huge part of the appeal of the series. On top of being incredibly cute and having a beautiful late 80s anime face, she is one of the few anime characters with a canon hairy pussy, so having it taken away feels like a punch in the gut if you have a fetish for that. And even without being particularly fond of hairy pussies, it feels bad when your waifu has a lewd scene like that, where her body hair is shown in all its glory, and then it's shortened or removed in what is supposed to be a remaster. It's terrible.

>> No.18561675

I heard somewhere that Anno removed it (even though I believe he isn't working for Gainax anymore, so it sounds like bullshit) because he thought that having Noriko's massive 80s bush in your face, even for a single frame, kind of detracts from the emotions conveyed by the previous scene and puts you in a lewd state of mind for a few minutes. I think it's a bad excuse to retroactively censor his own work. There is never a good reason to do that. Artists should leave their old works as they are and focus on their future works.

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The bush wasn't really that massive anyway. I miss the nipples even more. The new ones are pretty bland looking.

>> No.18561797

>(even though I believe he isn't working for Gainax anymore, so it sounds like bullshit)
The pubic hair is only in the VHS and Laser Disc releases. It has been censored in every release since the first DVD version in 2001. Anno didn't leave Gainax until 2007 so it was probably his decision, at least to some extent

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I have finished reading the Twilight of the Golden Witch manga, anons hold me because I am a fucking emotional wreck right now.

I hadn't touched anything about Umineko since I finished it in 2011 and I'm gonna cry.
I'd say that, not considering the BGM, the manga was even better than the VN in some parts
All the composition of the scenes add a lot more than just sprites and text, and there were some really freaking good artists for like Episode 8, Episode 6 and Episode 5. Also just having characters have such a range of different expressions... Goddammit, Confessions of the Golden Witch hit me hard. Almost everything of Episode 8 hit me hard.

Well I'm gonna cry

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Seems neat so far.

>> No.18561935

get out of the thread before you get spoiled, and use the original sprites

>> No.18562003

Maria is actually a boy. "Her" real name is Will. An older Maria, who actually looks masculine, is the protagonist of the final episode. He saves everyone and slices the evil Lambdadelta in half. Rosa (with Kinzo as an accomplice) is the real culprit who killed everyone on Rokkenjima. Beatrice is a real witch, but only pretends that she committed the crimes that Rosa did. Objectively the best scene in the novel is the one in EP4 where Jessica and Shannon both hide from the culprit (Rosa) in a closet, causing Shannon's boobs to press against Jessica.

>> No.18562019

What this anon said but use PS3 sprites.

>> No.18562021

8/10 I want to know more

>> No.18562033

What the fuck anon, why did you have to go ahead and ruin the experience to anon-kun?

>> No.18562045

Then why did Rosa take off Jessica's shirt and lick Jessica's navel till she had an orgasm and revealed her dick? Your Maria theory is dumb!

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>> No.18562071

This isn't about which is better so don't answer with that in mind. My friend wants to get into Umineko and since I am biased with my choice, I wanted to ask which would be preferably/better for a brand new player: original everything, PS3 sprites or PS3 sprites with voice acting?

>> No.18562072

In my humble opinion the asslicking scene from episode 7 is better.

>> No.18562079

original everything

>> No.18562093

I like the PS3 sprites, what's wrong with using them?

>> No.18562100

Old geezers here will tell you that original translation with original sprites low-res sprites and without voice acting is better for "immersion", but from my experience it's easier to introduce newfriends to Umineko with new sprites and voices.

>> No.18562104

A few losers in 4chan who read umineko when it was ongoing will tell you have shit taste because they missed the opportunity to enjoy the novel properly. i.e. decent art and voices.

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My biases are towards original 100%, that is why I need a second opinion from others.

>> No.18562129

Some people hate them because they aren't drawn by Ryukishi and because they look like generic anime. It's actually just nostaliga, but they get mad if you say that

>> No.18562130

I read Umineko exactly a month ago with original everything and prefer it that way

>> No.18562135

Read Umineko in 2016. Prefer original.

>> No.18562138

The bush is modestly if you ask me.
For my taste it can be much bigger.
Hairless/bald is boring for me. (it fits only good for lolis...)

>> No.18562139

But you are a flamming faggot with shit taste so your opinion doesn't count.

>> No.18562144

I like them both but you will have better success with refreshed art. Original sprites grow on them eventually as well.

>> No.18562204

>sexualizing lolis
I hope you get staked.

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>This talk again

>> No.18562347

It looks strange they have a bush down there.
By the way I am not a big loli fan (mature girls are more my taste) and relax, this is just 2D.

>> No.18562381

I read it with the original sprites and the charm of them grew on me but I can understand why it would be off-putting for people. The voice acting is top notch but it forces you to read at a certain pace instead of your own, which may not be ideal for a new player. Maybe let your friend decide between the two character sprites, and make sure your friend is aware that even though Umineko is a visual novel, it's (originally) a story first and that its strong points are the story and music rather than the art.

>> No.18562646

The chad PS3 Umineko vs the virgin Ryukishi

>> No.18562685

>new sprites
They are garbage, use the originals. Seriously, just do it. You'll be glad by the end of the story.

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>> No.18562703

The voices definitely ruin the atmosphere in Higurashi. Or maybe not, but it does make it worse. I feel bad for any fool who didn't get to experience the creepy atmosphere properly during their first read.

>> No.18562715

I love Ryu artstyle but there are more chances with the PS3 version, it's really cool with the VA and stuff.

>> No.18562733

I cannot imagine playing Higurashi with voices.

>> No.18562749

Same here. Bushes went extinct because porn popularized the absolutely unfappable bald look and because most people are pedos in denial. Instead of appreciating the good qualities of lolis and older girls, normies convince themselves that lolis are unappealing and unconsciously search for prepubescent features in legal girls. That's why porn went to shit. Thankfully, Japanese people are still mostly sane. Their women have giant fucking bushes and loli hentai is legal. I hope the Olympics don't fuck up anything.

>> No.18563010

isn't ange so cute flat?

>> No.18563122

Do Bern and Lambda actually eat pussy or are all the lesbian innuendos just a joke?

>> No.18563125

Brofist to the max! Are you my soulmate?

>> No.18563259

Those were no innuendos man, they were clearly in bed.

>> No.18563320

The Chad Alchemist vs Virgin Ryukishi

>> No.18563355

If Bern is so evil, why didn't she strip meta Ange naked during EP4? She has control over Ange because she's her piece. So why not do to her what Beato did to Battler in EP2?

Either Bern isn't as bad as she seems or she doesn't really enjoy seeing naked girls, which is doubtful.

>> No.18563375

The Umineko concert album is still available for shipping outside Japan on CDJapan under the name "Music Collection From "Umineko When They Cry" For Clarinet Quintet And Piano".

>> No.18563388

what about that drama cd/musical thing that was supossed to tie into the next WTC

Was that ever uploaded and/or translated?

>> No.18563523

Double standards. A man being stripped naked and forced to walk on all fours with a chain around his neck can be funny or sad. If the same thing happens to a girl, it's lewd instead.

Even if it's the climax of a long and serious story where the female MC has been developed as a character, has established deep relationships with other characters and has become so endearing that the audience wants her to succeed and feels terrible when something bad happens to her. Even in that case, a scene where the girl is humiliated and broken so thoroughly will lose a lot of its emotional impact in favor of lewd thoughts. It's unavoidable unless the viewer/reader is a typical woman with low libido or a man so incredibly brainwashed by social justice that he barely qualifies as a human being.

In the same way, a scene like that played for laughs will also fail. It can be funny, but the male audience will find it very hard to view it as a joke. It's still a girl being stripped naked and humiliated. It's hard not to think of it as something super lewd, so the humor is lost under the lewdness.

>> No.18563624

On the other hand, Ryukishi DID write a very dramatic scene in Higurashi where the normally sassy, cheeky and proud loli character loses her fucking mind in fear and runs away completely naked. And it's not just text; the player gets to see her budding breasts and bald pussy.

I think it was a pretty brave move. The scene could have easily lost its emotional impact by filling the reader's mind with lewd thoughts (assuming that the reader is a perfectly sane human being who gets turned on by lolis and humiliation, which is sadly pretty rare these days). Especially when the character we see in her birthday suit is the proudest of them all. But the scene is so well written and the story so far as been so compelling, that none of the emotional impact is lost. You may fap to it later on after processing everything and cooling down, but the scene itself is devastating and doesn't lead to any lewd thoughts. It's really sad to see how far gone she is.

Still, there is a small flaw. If you are the type of person to think things like "how would this character as we know her (their usual self) react if she could see herself like this? This idea can either make the situation sadder or lead to incredibly lewd thoughts. The latter can really take away or cheapen the intended emotional impact of the scene. So people with this type of thinking may not enjoy this scene to the fullest.

>> No.18563766

There is very short scene in Umineko where Ryukishi kinda dropped the ball. It's the scene after Ange reads the book of the single truth. She appears in her classroom and all her bullies have goat heads. The goats start eating Ange's clothes, licking every part of her naked body and chewing her to bits as she cries and sobs.

She was so determined and defiant right before opening the book, so calm and collected. A complete badass. And now she's butt naked, having every nook and cranny of her body licked roughly and violently by goat tongues, drenched in sweat and saliva, her face covered in tears and snot as she screams in agony. She has lost her dignity as a human being. As the goats chew her to pieces, the pain makes her lose her sanity and she turns into a mindless animal that can do nothing but scream and piss herself. And the worst part is that the scene begins with "maybe they didn't like the taste of my clothes". Ange herself is narrating her own humiliation, as if she's resigned to her fate but deep down is still terrified of what's about to happen. We get to see how she feels during the whole thing.

I know it's meant to symbolize her despair after learning the ugly truth, but it was still a bit too lewd.

>this will never get a doujin adaptation by Guglielmo
Literally. Zero. Reasons. To. Live. As opposed to figuratively.

>> No.18563931

It may have been intentional. I mean, Ryukishi is very aware of how fetishes work and how a scene like this can accidentally turn into fetish fuel. Anyone who denies this has obviously never read Higurashi. K1 explains it clearly. He is almost a Featherine-tier author self-insert during those scenes.

So, while the emotional part of the goat scene is pretty sad, the physical part may have been intentional fetish fuel planted there by Ryukishi. K1's (Ryukishi's) own philosophy states that humans are only human while they wear clothes, and that if you find girls attractive when they are 100% naked (not even socks), you can't be considered human. You are no better than a furry or a goat-fucker. This is reinforced by some of Takano's flashbacks later on, where she states that Dr. Hifumi "gave her back the right to wear clothes" and, as a consequence of that, she was "born again as a human being". Shortly after that, it's revealed that the orphanage workers punished her by stripping her naked and submerging her in literal shit water inside a child-sized cage.

In short, Ryukishi wanted us to be slightly aroused by the idea of that goats scene. And he wanted us to look at ourselves and reflect upon our twisted fetishes. It is not right for a human to find Ange arousing in this scene. Not when she's been reduced to a mindless piece of meat covered in sweat, saliva, piss, shit and pubic hair. That thing is not a human. That is why he put so much emphasis on the fact that the goats ate her clothes before actually eating her. Since Ange is no longer wearing any piece of clothing, she is not human. She's furniture.

>> No.18563977

Your ramblings are insane and yet somehow amazing. I don't know what to think...

>> No.18564177

Everyone on /jp/ is either a gifted autistic mindblowing-tier pervert or a crossboarder.

>> No.18564235

Does Ryukishi tell his wife not to strip when they fuck?

>> No.18564272

I wish you would stop.

>> No.18564304
File: 161 KB, 500x481, engye.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stop Ange ushiromiya bullying!

>> No.18564342
File: 117 KB, 397x392, Erika's suggestion.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In that case-

>> No.18564355


>> No.18564707

Masturbation is wrong.

>> No.18564786
File: 189 KB, 715x1000, __frederica_bernkastel_furudo_erika_lambdadelta_and_ushiromiya_ange_umineko_no_naku_koro_ni_drawn_by_kamaboko_red__99ccdf41167813a68921ac4b4bf2c91f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Masturbation is fun.

>> No.18565219

What would Ange think if she knew how far pervert anon is willing to go to degrade her?

>> No.18565336

>old japan
>women are good only to cook, keep the house pretty and have their wombs borrowed

How this is exactly bad again?

>> No.18565359

No femdom. I wanna get milked dry by my waifu.

>> No.18565394

Why the actual fuck didn't Takano use her money and influence to take revenge on the orphanage psychopaths? They literally killed one of her friends by having a bunch of chickens peck out her eyes, clit and nipples. That's a fucked up thing to do IRL.

Also, is it possible that Lambda was indeed born out of Takano but not in a literal sense? As in, she's not Takano in the same way that Bern kind of is a version of Rika, but she manifested as the concept of "god" when Miyoko asked God to kill her with lightning. And this "god" granted her the power of certainty in a metaphorical sense when she swore to work hard to achieve her goals. So Lambda is neither an imaginary friend like Beatrice nor a meta persona like Bernkastel. She is just a concept. That's why she can adopt different personalities when it suits her (she basically became a Satoko clone to get along with Bern in Umineko). Also, remember that Higurashi has fantasy elements even in the real world itself. It's not that far-fetched.

It's hinted at that Bern's logic error wasn't a literal logic error like Battler's, which makes sense because a true logic error can't possibly be fixed. You are eventually forced to give up, admit to your logic error and get destroyed along with your gameboard. The "error" Bern was trapped in by her master was actually a game without a goal. Either there was no way for Rika to save herself without a miracle or the real culprit of the story hadn't even been decided by Featherine. So Rika and Hanyu were trapped in an endless game with no solution for a long time.

If that's the case, it's possible that Lambda's hell (which she calls a logic error but isn't a literal one) was being locked up in a cage, submerged in shit and forced to lick the dirty ass toilets clean with her tongue (implied by the manga). Or maybe it's the entire orphanage story. As Beatrice said, any amount of time can be considered a thousand years if it's shitty enough.

In short, I don't think Lambda'd past is supposed to be unexplained. While Ryukishi said that Lambda's appearance is a red herring, he is probably referring to the fact that she is NOT Takano in any way, shape or form. But that doesn't mean that she has no connection with Takano. She wasn't just a passing witch that metaphorically helped Takano, she was literally created at that moment along with her entire backstory and memories of being some ancient witch. Not consciously by Takano, but by the situation itself.

>> No.18565466


>> No.18565481

>bad guy is explaining his plan with an evil laugh
>the situation seems hopeless
>suddenly, the screen turns black
>cheesy one-liner out nowhere
>"y-you! Who the fuck are youuu?!"
>Leo appears and saves the day
I fucking love this shit. There is more to his character than being a cockblocker for villains, but this is my favorite thing about Leo. It's hilarious.

>> No.18565532

I saw a good theory explaining that Rika and Featherine represented witches' side in the game and they won, therefore we see the world where magic and Hanyu undoubtedly exist. The logic error is impossible presence of Hanyuu in Rika's head which had been solved when she got manifested on the game board as an actual person. Something like that.

>> No.18565556

You're fucking insane. You sound like a psychopath just waiting to be locked up or at the very least put on a sex offender list.

>> No.18565584

She's a loli too. :^)

>> No.18565863

Ah, at least you have some kind of taste remaining, huh

>> No.18566154

My patrician taste overflows in bounds, friend.

>> No.18566230

>Ange is old enough that she needs to shave her armpits regularly
L-Lewd! Mindblowing even!

>> No.18566280

I can't believe I haven't heard this song before, this song is 11/10 jesus christ.

>> No.18566646

Why have the threads devolved into "I want to fuck Ange" and creepy, pedo-tastic "Naked humans aren't humans" rants?

Especially that last one, like what. What kind of bizarro logic is that? Are you all secretly mormons wearing magic pajamas?

>> No.18566653
File: 352 KB, 980x1400, 1508387166716.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18566657
File: 328 KB, 990x1400, 1508387199430.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18566658
File: 103 KB, 1040x768, Erika.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't forget, you're here forever

>> No.18566683

Watch the damedame subs right now anon

>> No.18566686

We are simply discussing themes that Higurashi brought up. Isn't that what these threads are all about?

>> No.18566715

You guys scare me, your imagination is quite a thing, holy crap.

In any case, don't take fanservice scenes from Higu too seriously.

>> No.18566749

I wish that one disgusting anon would leave already.

>> No.18566783

for how much people wanted it I expected better
The original is better because what makes the song great is how it keeps getting faster and faster for 2 entire minutes

>> No.18566856

Are the castrato tracks from EP7 really that bad? I've heard people call them shit more than once.

>> No.18566959

I love them, Bore al was my favorite song in Ep 7

>> No.18567600

Would Battler get aroused by the sight of his sister in a sexy Miko outfit?

>> No.18567668

Battler is a siscon

>> No.18567813

>listening to goats

EP7 has a massively underrated soundtrack

>> No.18567958
File: 289 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-02-yyyyyyy27-20-36-58.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Battler doesn't want to fuck Ange, he's into mutilated traps. Ange is the one who has the hots for him.

Just like Hikari from Digimon. Her creator, Mamoru Hosoda, revealed in an interview that she was in love with her brother as a second grader and is still attracted to him in 02. It was a glorious day for incestfags.

>> No.18568142
File: 295 KB, 447x1236, Incestual undertones.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ange is the one who has the hots for him.
I'm sure it's platonic.

>> No.18568194

Kill yourself why did you have to ruin the fun

>> No.18568350 [SPOILER] 
File: 158 KB, 1024x823, 1520540927381.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For some reason, Hikari is the only Mary Sue I can tolerate. She has always been my perfect 2D lolifu. I don't know what makes her perfection appealing while every other Mary Sue in fiction is a garbage character. But holy fuck, she is the best.

Not only is she a Mary Sue done right, she also has two forms. One is a sick young loli with a cold and the other is a preteen lewdite. They are both massive fucking Mary Sues in different ways and I love them equally. 10/10 designs and personalities.

Also, based Hosoda made her even better with the incest reveal. Although people usually take it as if they've been fucking or something, while it's probably something far more innocent than that.

>> No.18568380

Why are there so many pedophiles in these threads?

>> No.18568443
File: 155 KB, 368x299, 14903576117100.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that's /jp/ for you

>> No.18568510

Just because most people aren't autistic enough to talk about their loli fantasies IRL doesn't mean that you don't personally know at least 5 pedos. You just think they are non-pedo normies because they won't tell you about their 2D or 3D waifus.

Also, it's quite common for social outcasts to have good taste and enjoy semi-obscure stuff like R07's works. Being naturally intelligent often makes you a social outcast and being naturally a social outcast almost always makes you smarter. Either way, you end up posting about lewd lolis in a 07thExpansion thread.

>> No.18568587

I discovered Umineko in 2016 with original everything, by fear of screwing up. I actually wanted to do original visuals and add voices but in the end that didn't bother me. Umineko doesn't rely much on visuals nor voices

>> No.18568711

I'm not pedo because I love adult women with mature body shape and curves, big breasts and big bush.

>> No.18568727

>implying the loliposting isn't shitpost to keep dumb normalfags away

>> No.18568731

It does rely on visuals to convey emotions. You are not supposed to be staring at the scenery or the sprites, they are only there to convey emotions through their facial expressions. That's all they need to do. You are only supposed to look at them when they change and then go back to the actual TEXT.

And that's why the original sprites and backgrounds are much better. They are unintrusive, leave enough to the imagination and have FAR superior expressions. And the facial expressions are subtle enough that the same face can be used to portray very different emotions. And Ryukishi does in fact take this into account when writing the scenes, which is why the updated sprites don't work nearly as well as the originals. The subtlety thing is even more important in Higurashi. The updated sprites make a lot of Higurashi scenes worse because their faces lack the subtlety that the originals had, especially when it comes to Rena. There are MANY scenes where Ryukishi used her original "cute face" to convey a very different emotion. And it just doesn't work with the new sprites because it's too exaggerated.

I already explained in a past thread why the original backgrounds are much better than the PS3 ones, for both series. And why the voices ruin the pacing and create awkward situations where the music loops too many times. Look it up on Warosu.

I'm not saying that the PS3 assets RUIN Umineko. It's still amazing. But they certainly make it noticeably worse and you have pretty shit taste if you don't realize it.

P.S.: The voice acting is not perfect either. Berune in the keyring scene and Kanon in the guest house scene (early in EP6) sound grating as fuck. It makes me want to strangle them. Also, when Battler resurrects in EP5 and cries because Beato is dead, he sounds like he's got a bad case of diarrhea. Cringy as fuck.

>> No.18568751

I love them too, but I still like lolis a little bit more. What does that make me? A perfectly healthy human male, I believe. I pity the normies, they are practically brainwashed and have unreasonable taboos. Hell, they don't even like pubic hair. What the fuck is wrong with society?

>> No.18568768

Why do you keep replying to yourself?

>> No.18568772

Here it is:


Prove me wrong.

>> No.18568777

>implying you are not me

>> No.18568838

They didn't really shave Noriko's pussy. You just can't see it anymore because the scene was redrawn to end a second sooner. She is still canonically hairy down there and that's a wonderful thing. It even implies that Rei and Asuka also have cute bushes down there. Well, at least Asuka. Rei is a weird clone thing that may not have body hair at all. The tits are just the result of her body being cloned, but she isn't really in puberty.

>> No.18568852

Can you stop replying to yourself? This doesn't even have anything to do with 07th expansion.

>> No.18568871

Discussions about themes and aspects of a work often venture into discussions about how other works pulled off the same things.

Bitching about how everyone here needs to stop replying to themselves when you know it's not true (or at least you should) just makes you look hysterical.

>> No.18568872

Samefag. But I agree, let's stop this farce.

>> No.18568893

Dude, stop wasting posts complaining about other people and telling them to kill themselves. You are the one shitting up the threads with your samefag paranoia.

If you want to talk about 07thExpansion works, just do it. Nobody is preventing anyone from talking about Umineko or replying to posts that have to do with Umineko. You are the one filling up the thread with personal attacks and useless crap.

>> No.18568919

How am I supposed to reply to that anon's question when I don't know him/her in real life? You sound like a feminazi bitch and have no right to force me to ignore earlier posts. I'll reply to whoever the fuck I want.

>> No.18568946

If I had known the ending to Umineko I would've told my younger self not to read it.

>> No.18568959

pretty much

>> No.18569155


>> No.18569175


>> No.18569184

the ending of Umineko could not have possibly been better
Some parts of Chiru are questionable but the ending was perfect

>> No.18569214

What I mean is the resolution and explanation of the mystery behind the murders. Knowing what I know about the intended answer, I'd prefer not to play the game. Great story until Ryukishi confirmed the truth he intended.

>> No.18569368

I just realized that 410 is also a lesbian. EP4 makes it clear that she was in love with the dead rabbit.

Why does Umineko have so many faggots? Nobody in Higurashi was a prancing faggot. Except Satoko because she wore a skirt at school and skirts are hella faggy.

>> No.18569384

The final chapter of Hotarubi is out


>> No.18569407

>the final

>> No.18569733

Thank you.

It's been known for at least a month.

>> No.18569968

Did Bern/Lambda ever show up in any way?

>> No.18570348

I like the mangagamer sprites for Umineko.

>> No.18570359

Haven't read it yet, is it any good?
I tend to be wary of any none 07th Expansion works by Ryuukishi07.

>> No.18570377

It's not that unrelated. Takano shows up.

>> No.18570397

Isn't she the MC?
By this point Ryukishi has written so many female MCs it wouldn't surprise me if the female ryukishi conspiracy theory was real

>> No.18570575
File: 94 KB, 600x390, Hachijo Ikokou.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That is the only conspiracy theory I'm willing t believe, I see no other reason for Ikokou's subplot to be included.

>> No.18570581

it is real.

>> No.18570585

wait what!? The lewd anon and the anti-lewd/loli anon are the same human!?

>> No.18570619

Maybe BT was a woman and he hid the fact because reasons.

>> No.18570622

Wait, are you saying that puritan anon is a loli? That explains everything. Girls that age are very self conscious and get very upset if you say something that could embarrass them. It's no wonder that lewd anon's rantings made her have a tantrum.

I'm still not entirely convinced, though. Lolis are supposed to have shit grammar and punctuation. Puritan anon's shitposts are poorly written, but they are much more coherent than anything your average loli could come up with.

>> No.18570623

BT = BeaTrice

>> No.18570625

Ryuukishi = dragon knight = fighter = Battler


>> No.18570628
File: 13 KB, 208x199, 1511906606546.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18570642

This gives Chiru a whole new meaning

>> No.18570647
File: 748 KB, 693x984, 63697234_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would you say Battler and Keiichi are MCs with proper development?
I think that compared to the female counterparts of their stories(Takano/Rena/Shion and Rosa/Ange/Beato) they were very 1-dimensional
Also the one who got the most development in RGD was Rose by far and females and their intuition were mentioned a lot of times, the Higanbana MCs are both female and Trianthology seems to have a female MC
Is the meme actually real?

>> No.18570661

Battler is a little more fuzzy because we don't meet Battler!Prime until late in the game, and his character is so often an allegory for something else. K1, however, I think develops well over the course of Higurashi.

>> No.18570806
File: 62 KB, 1130x611, IMG_20180202_025046.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18570854

K1's development comes off as a poor man's Rena

>> No.18571708
File: 788 KB, 900x3384, Ikuko and Tohya bonding.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please, the real truth is.
Ryukishi = Ikuko
BT = Tohya

>> No.18571739

>can impossibly call

>> No.18571794

That's even more depressing for Ryukishi then.

>> No.18571861

Yeah there are errors, but it's still a good enough translation overall.

>Tohya continues to age while Ikuko remains eternally youthful.
>Ikuko will outlive Tohya just like Ryukishi did BT

>> No.18572243

Ryukishi can't write good male mc, maybe keiichi and that's it
But he can write some good walking womb instead, but they usually are pretty much fucked up I've lost my shit with Rena and aliens, that was so fun, kek

>> No.18572505

Ooishi is his best male character by far. The anime completely slaughtered his character and made it shit, though. The same happened to Irie and Akasaka.

>> No.18572521

I disagree. Battler and Keiichi both have more interesting and in-depth personalities than most male MCs. George is more like your typical MC.

>> No.18572625

Are you kidding? George is a petty, passive-aggressive faggot and that's really entertaining. You just don't notice it the first time around and take everything he says with his foggy glasses at face value.

He is also the culprit behind the candy mystery in the pre-island parts of the first few episodes.

>> No.18572643

What kind of loser is unmarried at 65 and wants to retire to live with his mom?

>> No.18572659

I'm replaying Umineko right now, and I'm horrified that Yasu would have married this guy.

>> No.18572728

A guy who's to busy with work to find a partner, and who wants to look after his mother and keep her company during her last years.

>> No.18572755

Why did Ange and Kasai randomly get cancer? Is there a witch of cancer somewhere?

Also, how the fuck is Ooishi still alive in the future when the guy spends 12 hours a day smoking?

>> No.18572813

Would it be possible to create a tool to make Umineko episodes in Onscripter? Janpoo wrote the fantastic Witches and Woodlands, but I'm sure that shit took a lot of programming knowledge and was a pain in the ass to make. I'm talking about a tool that would let you select the sprites you want to use, where to place them, what page turn will trigger an "animation" like that one where Nanjo's sprite falls into a pit... And of course, the music.

Something like that would give new life to the Umineko fandom, as everyone and their grandma would be able to add new forgeries to the catbox without necessarily knowing how to deal with Onscripter. I'm sure that there are many talented writers in the community that just don't know shit about programming.

>> No.18572864

simple, ooishi is the witch of cancer

>> No.18573225

I think she is a great villain. I don't know why some people find her motives stupid or unrelatable.

>> No.18573286
File: 11 KB, 411x286, 1464213034048.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>George is a petty, passive-aggressive faggot and that's really entertaining
Someone is unironically praising Geroge here?

>> No.18573460
File: 16 KB, 451x358, 1508330574699.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

George is an ok guy, not the best but not the worst.

>> No.18573490

>and I'm horrified that Yasu would have married this guy
But George was by far the one who would have made Yasu the happiest?
Just because he tipped his fedora when he was a teenager doesn't mean he is worse than Jessica or Battler who completely forgot about Yasu and wouldn't have accepted him

>> No.18573530

how is hotarubi connected to ryukishi, it says the manga was written by someone else?

>> No.18573533

Jessica seriously wants dick. She wouldn't be happy with Kanon, especially if he is her first boyfriend. She'd end up cheating on him. There's no way she'd spend her entire life without taking a dick.

>> No.18573542

It's short as hell, read it. I wouldn't want to spoil anything.

>> No.18573544

I don't get the irrational hate of George. I think it only comes from the fact he is the one with Yasu and they blame George existing as the reason why Yasu and Battler aren't together and not Yasu or Battler being idiots.

>> No.18573548

It's because they see themselves in him and don't like it.

>> No.18573549


is that a full download where I can start reading from 01.rar, or are those just the final chapter?

>> No.18573554

I wish I saw myself in George, being successful, smart, in a relationship and having great but overbearing parents.

>> No.18573593

>you'll never drink juice and watch anime for 5 year olds with Maria while your normie cousins drink alcohol and interact with the rest of the family
Why live?

>> No.18573611

I doubt that. George is extremely self centered, even after he thinks he has manned up. Their entire relationship is just very uneven. All their conversations are always about George. George's past, what George wants for the future, his dreams about a family, what George would do to stay with Shannon, etc. He never takes a moment to ask what Shannon wants, or to try to actually get to know her on a deeper level. Don't even get me started on his (disturbing) reaction to her furniture complex. I'm pretty sure that the fact that your girlfriend calls herself "furniture" and thinks of herself as less than human should normally ring some kind of warning bell. Even the unsentivie Jessica, who is just desperate for a boyfriend, tries to console Kanon. To George, Shannon is just a trophy to show off that he's supposedly a better person than he was during his fedora phase.

No wonder Yasu blew up the island.

>> No.18573617

He may be successful now, but he wasted the best years of his life being a bullied beta nerd. He'll never get a chance to date a cute loli classmate and enjoy his school life to the fullest. Literally why live indeed. Btw, his waifu is a creepy eunuch who likes Jessica more than him.

>> No.18573635

Shanon was more optimistic than Kanon and got over the furniture part in the end, and since it is canon George would have given up his dreams of children for Yasu all those selfish scenes can be forgiven

So the anti-george poster was the autistic loliposter huh
No wonder he came off as autistic

>> No.18573676

>chads can date lolis in elementary and middle school and there is no problem with it
>if a beta male regrets missing out on that, he's an autist that should just stop crying over it
Don't be an asshole, dude. This is a serious problem that leads to depression.

>> No.18573683

>Shanon was more optimistic than Kanon and got over the furniture part in the end
They are the same fucking person. Shannon doesn't really exist, she's just a fragment of the real person. Jooji's waifu is still struggling with the fact that she's a creepy eunuch that may or may not desire to live as a dude and have Jessica as his girlfriend.

>> No.18573703

>Shanon was more optimistic than Kanon and got over the furniture part in the end
Yeah, she "got over it", if you can call it that, because she was planning on blowing up the island, and locking it up in her catbox. Once everyone is dead, and all the evidence is blown up, no one would ever be able to deny that she was human. Kanon was less optimistic, because deep down, a part of Yasu knew that what she was about to do is messed up. Yasu never got over the furniture complex. Even in EP2, when Shannon tells Beatrice that she is no longer furniture, she's also saying that she's resigning to fate, i.e. she's blowing up the island if no one manages to stop it in time.

Even if George gave up on having children, would anyone other than George really be truly happy in that relationship? They have very little in common, and George doesn't care about getting to know his fiancée. Being with George would mean killing all her other "selves" that aren't Shannon.

>> No.18573705

Real people suck, you are better off fantasizing about anime lolis. Real girls are fucking morons and the novelty wears off pretty damn fast. I've never heard of a preteen couple lasting more than a month. A really awkward month because neither of them know what the hell they really want.

>> No.18573886

There's something lewd about Ange's terrible bullying problem.

>> No.18573992


Nailed it.

The hilarious Battler/Sayo shippers like to blame George for the misfortune. After all, Sayo is their baby girl who did nothing wrong, and Battler is this flawless guy who can do no wrong.

Seems like the easiest thing to do is to shift the blame on SOMEONE, despite the fact that George and Shannon had things in common, and George did everything to accommodate Shannon and would have accepted her regardless of her inability to have children.

tl;dr George haters are morons and shouldn't be taken seriously.

>> No.18574023

George only likes Shannon because she's the first girl that showed interest in him. As soon as a real girl seduces him, he'll be tempted to betray Shannon.

>> No.18574042
File: 91 KB, 771x1100, 1520196885283.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to sexually betray Shannon!

>> No.18574052

>you'll never take part in Ange's bullying
>you'll never train her to strip on command
Why even keep going?

>> No.18574147

This prologue:

>> No.18574163

They are brainlets

>> No.18574354

For some reason, many people take her words at face value and see her as a crazy person that believes that she can literally become a deity on par with God.

>> No.18574721

I wonder why good doujin artists never parody Umineko or Higurashi. Isn't Higurashi pretty popular?

I'd kill for a fucked up Takotsuboya doujin. 10/10 plots and realistic bodies. It's something that Higurashi doujins in general are missing.

>> No.18574893

It is written by Ryukishi. Maybe you're looking at the artists name or something

It's the whole manga

>> No.18574923

Authors: Midorikawa, Yuki (Story & Art)

>> No.18574954
File: 278 KB, 350x499, hotarubi ryukishi07.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's the cover for the first volume.

>> No.18574959

That's a different Hotarubi. We're talking about Hotarubi no Tomoru Koro ni

>> No.18574968

How can there be two of them? And how is Ryukishi involved in both?

>> No.18574988
File: 225 KB, 802x700, 1468290178043.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18575010
File: 401 KB, 600x406, Erika_bullying_Maria.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just how cute is Maria, you ask? I'll tell you: Maria is hecka cute!

>> No.18575183
File: 699 KB, 600x2019, 1490119496291.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18575194


>> No.18575314
File: 281 KB, 490x350, magic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18575324

The fact that Maria is on the spectrum is pretty lewd. She's such a cute girl, and yet she's mentally impaired. Humiliating!

>> No.18575341

Maria is such an autist that she wears shoes and socks straight out of a Sakura Cardcaptor cosplay to the family conference.

>> No.18575381

But Rosa is the one who picked out her clothes.

>> No.18575551

The fact that your 10/10 perfect loli classmate has flaws! Embarrassing! Lewd! Mindblowing! She's seems so perfect, but she is actually a pathetic human being like anyone else!

>> No.18575965
File: 240 KB, 662x540, 1519620615199.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

W-what just happened!?

>> No.18576378

>Yasu is a girl
Can we stop this meme?

No womb = No girl

>> No.18576520

It's in the fucking cover and even in the publication notes of every single volume of Monthly Action Magazine that it's written by Ryukishi and drawn by Koike Nokuto, are you being serious, anon?

Hotarubi no Mori e =/= Hotarubi no Tomoru Koro ni

At least read the whole name...
Also how the hell did you came up with Ryukishi being involved in Hotarubi no Mori e i the first place

>> No.18576556
File: 30 KB, 853x480, , (64).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the person referred to it as hotarubi in the original post, not using the full name, so that's what i searched. an honest mistake

>> No.18576578

desu, I was kinda harsh

bad day, sorry there anon, we all make mistakes. anyway

>> No.18576603
File: 461 KB, 640x480, , (39).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you can take your frustration out on me if it makes your bad day a little easier
hope things take a turn for the better, and thanks for the full title

>> No.18576663

>How can there be two of them?
The similar titles is just a coincidence. Hotarubi means "firefly light"

>> No.18577094
File: 955 KB, 960x2667, 1491491371304.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18577115

damedame is fucking hilarious

>> No.18577537
File: 303 KB, 372x543, Erika Ep 6 manga wedding dress.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Erika is stacked.

>> No.18577585

I'm rereading Episode One, and I'm pretty sure that Eva is an accomplice. I'm at the scene in the parlor between the first and second twilights. She's singing like a guilty canary and revealing all kinds of shit that someone privy to the truth would know. I knew Hideyoshi was one because he lied about Shannon's body, but Eva surprised me on my second readthrough. She's displaying a level of intelligence and competence that wasn't seen from her prior to this scene.

>> No.18577586

i want to mind break her.

>> No.18577612
File: 255 KB, 1069x1196, 1516997636832.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Natsuhi is a miracle of the universe!

>> No.18577892

Was the aspect ratio always like this? or did damedame make a really good encode?

>> No.18578086

the power of the .mp5 format

>> No.18578090
File: 550 KB, 667x780, Kinzo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Kinzo "arranged" for Genji's family to flee to Japan
Is Genji an illegal immigrant?

>> No.18578121

damn it, I want more of Genji's and Hide's past
please Ryu!

>> No.18578256
File: 1.06 MB, 955x1262, Kinzo Genji friendship.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If Genji really is an illegal immigrant then that just makes me love his relationship with Kinzo all the more. Just imagining how it all played out.

Kinzo saw his childhood friend suffering as a war tore apart his homeland, leaving him with nowhere left to turn. Deciding to help his old friend, Kinzo invited Genji into his own home under the guise of servitude, offering the man shelter and giving him a new place where he could belong, even going so far as having him wear the Ushiromiya crest to show that he had been welcomed as a part of the family. In the years following the end of the war, Genji probably could have applied for full citizenship and left the island whenever he wanted, but he chose not to, opting instead to devote the rest of his life to repaying his dear friend and serving his new family.

Truly beautiful. Say what you want about Kinzo as a father, but he was a splendid friend to Genji.

>> No.18578377

>even going so far as having him wear the Ushiromiya crest to show that he had been welcomed as a part of the family
I haven't thought about it that way, I figured it was just because he was the head of the servants. Now I also wish I could learn a little more of their past and relationship.

>> No.18578436

I didn't think of it either until reading that part in the manga about "the one-winged eagle you wear is proof". It's an interesting possibility, since Genji in all likelihood was the first servant to be given such permission.

>> No.18578535

>Say what you want about Kinzo as a father, but he was a splendid friend to Genji.
And he probably was a splendid lover to Beatrice Castiglioni, her death really fucked everything up

>> No.18578954

I'm sure that the recipe she puts on Kinzo's door in EP1 and EP5 is also part of creepy eunuch の plan.

>> No.18579015

Gohdatrice confirmed.

>> No.18579379

True enough, assuming his account can be believed and she really did love him.

>> No.18579555

Why do people assume that Kinzo's story is fake after the red guts scene? I think that whole scene is meant to symbolize how Yasu felt about Kinzo after finding a bunch of corpses in the underground room and being told that he fucked his daughter.

It's impossible for Kinzo (or any other human for that matter) to make himself genuinely believe a fake story that he made up to paint himself as a hero. The story we are shown may not be exactly as it happened, but it really is what Kinzo remembers.

Also, all those red scenes come from Beatrice's guts, since she represents the gameboard itself. How the actual fuck would Yasu KNOW for sure what Kinzo did 60 years before she was born? It's not meant to be a plot twist reveals Kinzo's story to be a lie, it's just what Yasu believes.

>> No.18579594
File: 403 KB, 1920x1440, ubc1449266713861.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18579625

There is a lot of nice yuri fanart here that I never see posted in /jp/. What gives?


That picture of Erika dominating Shannon should be posted more often.

>> No.18579630

Fair point, but the fact that it's mixed together with two other scenes depicting events that actually happened suggests that it's something that did in fact occur and not just Yasu's interpretation. Maybe it's just a misunderstanding taken out of context, but it still raises the possibility that Kinzo's account may have been somewhat subjective.

Personally I think the truth is somewhere in the middle, like maybe Kinzo did make the suggestion to steal the Italian's gold, but there was some other reason for him doing so than just greed.

>> No.18579654

>some other reason for him doing so than just greed
There is a difference between unreasonable greed and wanting to get your hands on ten tons of gold that can potentially give you and every descendant you'll ever meet a happy life free of worries. I'd totally go for the gold.

>> No.18579679
File: 17 KB, 574x90, oryoun3u1k5nmLS1qhu0z2o2_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why didn't this badass ever get a sprite?

>> No.18580250
File: 127 KB, 850x961, 1502992014883.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Personally Ange x Mammon is my favorite.

>> No.18580300

Pls gib me damedame umineko
I can't find it to download

>> No.18580423
File: 746 KB, 750x1000, Erika dlanor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I prefer Erika x Dlanor.

>> No.18580576

>candy mystery

Sorry, I’m drawimg a blank here, what was that about?

>> No.18580614
File: 41 KB, 384x288, 1516831810581.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I deal with the fact that I'm a massive turbogoat who never figured Umineko out on my own who still absolutely loves Umineko?

It's like I'm living with an abusive husband. I just really love him but he makes me feel like shit.

I think that the vast majority of goats hate Umineko (like this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TK-jDMzAghk), but I just can't do that. I'm so fucking stupid and I hate myself, the best theory I could come up with was that "rosa did it".

>> No.18580693

There is nothing wrong with it at all anon, don't beat yourself up.

>> No.18580775

Hideyoshi wants some candy for the plane ride, but Eva can't find it. It's mentioned a few more times after that. In the next episode, it's revealed that George stole it without telling his mother so he could eat it all or use them to seduce Maria.

>> No.18580878 [DELETED] 
File: 72 KB, 230x219, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>post yfw you will never watch umineko chiru with damedame subjavascript:;

>> No.18580893


I didn't even theorize about anything, I just read because the battles were fun
Chiru wasn't that good for battles, the good one was the battle of the golden land only

>> No.18580918

What about Battler's comeback?

>> No.18581000

On episode 5? It was good but nothing exceptional

>> No.18581098


>> No.18581179

I wonder why they stopped at episode 10? I really wanted to watch all of Umineko Anime

>> No.18581316
File: 144 KB, 303x303, , (38).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

does anyone have the full image of erika washed up on a beach?

>> No.18581466

She probably took far too long to learn to wipe her butt by herself. No wonder Rosa is so fed up with her.

>> No.18581502


>> No.18581990

No, because she safely washed up at my home this time.

>> No.18582084

how funny are the other anime subbed by damedame? are they as good as umineko?

>> No.18583640
File: 13 KB, 480x360, 0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18583789

I wonder in what horrible way creepy eunuch would kill Ange's loli ass if she came to the family conference.

>> No.18584017

Maria is a kid, what a loser!

>> No.18584058

Is Ange's ass hairy?

>> No.18584101

>Ushiromiya Angsty is 18, so she can legally do porn despite being a confused, immature teenager
Super lewd! Even Ange wouldn't be stupid enough to jump off a building without first trying to find meaning in her life through a porn career

>> No.18584129

I wonder about that. Either way, she's a pathetic human girl. Even if she shaves her asshole for her non-existent boyfriend, that's still pathetic. It would mean that she had literally shaved her ass at least once between her jump from the building and her meeting with Kawabata. That makes pre-jump Ange a pathetic creature that will eventually bend over in front of a mirror trying to shave her ass. And it makes Rokkenjima Ange a pathetic creature that did that shameful thing a mere few days ago. Even though she's so proud and defiant! Her cool attitude and pride are completely unfounded, baseless, worthless!

>> No.18584177

JAV ange!

>> No.18584280
File: 418 KB, 510x1155, 84evaobasan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ange is more furniture than Sayo, lame!

>> No.18584482



Erika. My fetish is mindbreaking bratty girls.

>> No.18585060

410 (i love bunny girls)
Erika or Bern ( fuck bern)
Natsuhi, she is the purest.

>> No.18585896

Nothing wrong with that, Umineko is and always be a very controversial story.

>> No.18586157

You will eventually realise it doesn't matter who the culprit is

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